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  CYPRICIL New to the UK, Koi and Goldfish Medication

Description: CYPRICIL against skin and gill flukes and tapeworms (cestodes) specifically for koi, goldfish and other coldwater fish species

CYPRICIL has been specifically designed for treating of skin and gill flukes, as well as by trematodes in the intestines of diseased cold water ornamental fish. CYPRICIL builds upon the same, successful mechanism of action as BILOCIL ® on of manaus-aquarium. CYPRICIL eradicated (complete elimination of a pathogen) trematodes and cestodes ,

CYPRICIL has a different viscosity as BILOCIL ® and is a new development of manaus-aquarium with the active compounds: N- [3-chloro-4- (4-chlorophenoxy) phenyl] -2-hydroxy-3,5-diiodobenzamide, ( RS ) -2- (cyclohexylcarbonyl) - 2,3,4,6,7,11b-hexahydro-1 H -pyrazino [2,1-a] isoquinolin-4-one and N, N-dimethyl-4- [p, p'-bis (dimethylamino) diphenylmethylene] -2,5-cyclohexadienyliden ammonium chloride to the successful treatment of monogeneans (skin and gill flukes) diseased koi and goldfish species.

CYPRICIL freed the fish effectively from oviparous Dactylogyrus species and viviparous Gyrodactylus species, flukes in the intestines of the fish, and tapeworms (cestodes).

According to our investigations the wholesale and retail Koi, Goldfish breeds shapes like lion's head and veil tails, strong skin worms (Gyrodactylus spp.) Are often attacked. These parasitic infections are untreated responsible for a slow go away of animals to death. Juveniles and small fish die in a massive attack after a short time the parasites.

Skin and gill flukes are still a major problem at importers, distributors and breeders of ornamental fish.

The preparation is characterized by a rapid therapeutic response and particularly good compatibility.
CYPRICIL is free of polymeric solubilizers .
CYPRICIL not discolored and turbid (bacterial bloom) is not the treatment of water.

Packing units: 100ml for 2000 liters of water

Selling price for 100ml Package: £21.45, 500ml package £96.95

download CYPRICIL leaflet to download

download CYPRICIL Informatie in het Nederlands

Image of a healthy Koikarpfens
healthy Koi
Skin worm a veil tail under the microscope
skin worm (Gyrodactylus spp.), when held in the pond goldfish (Goldfischart)

Symptoms of the fish:

From skin worms infested fish provide food intake and become sluggish in their movements and die. Often observed rocking movements on the spot just below the water surface.

Big fish shoot typically at a rapid pace through the storage tanks and scrub on the side walls and the bottom of the pool. The animals try in vain the worms of their skin to remove.

Unique signs of disease in fish with a gill worm infestation is the Vorstülpen of the mouth, a würgeähnlichen behavior. The fish-ver looking to rid themselves in this way without success of the parasite. The worms cause mucilage of gills and a concomitant reduced oxygen consumption of the fish. In the long run it is untreated in the affected animals to a downfall and disintegration of the gill tissue (necrosis).

When we studied lions' heads (gold fish breeding form) from a pond system we found extremely infested animals with skin flukes.

In order to properly diagnose these parasites are microscopic easily detectable. With the naked eye (macroscopic) are not seeing the worms, but due to the size you can see the parasites (transparent, moving transparent threads on the fish skin) often seen with a strong magnifying glass.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Manaus Aquarium UK
Telephone: 07808585405
Town: Aberdeen
County: Aberdeenshire
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