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Home :: Malawi, Tanganyikan & Victorian Cichlids
1. 12x yellow labs £25 malawi cichlids mbuna tropical fish juveniles fry : Hi For sale: 8 yellow lab young adults 4-6cm £39 30x yellow lab juveniles at 8-11 months old around 3-3.5cm £3 each 12 for £25 A ... 20/10/17
2. reluctant clear out of all cichlids : due to work commitments i am having to sell up all of my cichlid stock after 23 years of keeping them....gutted, but i can no longer give th ... 19/10/17
3. Group of 10 to 12 yellow band tropheus, some possibly wild caught : Tropheus £140 for a group 11 to 12 currently spawning, most of them are WC I strongly suspect, one largest about 5 inch is plain grey, one i ... 19/10/17
4. Aulonocara peacock juvies : Various Aulonocara peacock juvies £1.00 each. Fish available are Aulonocara Stuartgranti Blue Neon Hai Reef Aulonocara Stuartgranti Aulo ... 17/10/17
5. Aulonocara peacocks : Aulonocara Stuartgranti Blue Neon Hai Reef 4-6cm Trio's £ 20.00 Aulonocara Stuartgranti 3-5cm Trio's £20.00 Breeding every 4-6 weeks Pic ... 17/10/17
6. African Mix Malawi Cichlids ( East London ) : Beautiful African Cichlids ready to go, they are well fed and healthy with great personalities From 2" to 3" inches Prices starting ... 17/10/17
7. Two tanganyiki elipserfer eels : Two eels for sale I bought these as a pair but then done abit off research and it says that it's never been proven Ones about a foot and t ... 16/10/17
8. swap for Malawi : Hi i have good size frontosa would be willing to sell him or swap him for some Malawi Newcastle under lyme or stoke on trent for the swaps. ... 16/10/17
9. Small Firefish for sale : I've got a few 1 inch Firefish for sale. Picture shows the male from my group. £2 each collection only. 14/10/17
10. Malawi zebra : Malawi zebras, all large tank bred and very hardy adult fish up to five and half inch £5 each or 10 for £35 One female flower horn £25 9 ... 14/10/17
11. Large Frontosa for sale : Large Frontosa for sale not sure of sex collection from stoke on trent . 07920224695 14/10/17
12. Tropheus red rainbows : 8 tropheus red rainbows size 4 to 5 inch not sure how many males to females they are they do show signs of breeding buyer must bring bag or ... 14/10/17
13. Synodontis brichardi WANTED : Cash waiting for good quality Synodontis brichardi in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, price and area for collect ... 13/10/17
14. Various species of Mbuna for sale... : I have various Adult mbuna for sale as below... Maingano (makes and females available) White top afra males and females available) Salo ... 12/10/17
15. TROPHEUS MOORI BEMBA ORANGE BAND ONLY £12.95 EACH OR 5 FOR £60 : We have some stunning Tropheus Bemba in stock. Only £12.95 each or 5 for £60 COLLECTION ONLY 11/10/17
16. 6 albino dolphins females : 6 females albino dolphins aldults very rare to find £200 offers around 11/10/17
17. SHELL DWELLERS : Here i have some of my Lake Tanganyikan Shellies For Sale £2 Each or eight for £10 They come with a shell for there home. Sorry COLLECTIO ... 10/10/17
18. For sale Tropheus Bulu Point F1 10 for £55. : Tropheus sp.black Bulu Point (cherry spot) babies. They are first generation after wild fishes and they are the offspring of my wild caugh ... 09/10/17
19. Mbuna + Haps + Peacocks + Catfish + Convicts : Malawi for sale Look at ads below for price and sizes Others will be going up soon. include: pics not showing so sp44 (1") venust ... 07/10/17
20. Tropheus murago Tanzania f1 sub adult group : Hi i have my very own kept back group up for sale. The quality and blood lines is this group is 2nd to none. Very female heavy hence pric ... 07/10/17
21. Wild tropheus sp.lunatus maswa (only true group in the uk) : Hi up for sale tropheus lunatus maswa.wow what a fish.just amazing. Ratio is 4-13 breed great. Cost me £35 per fish Will sell the ... 07/10/17
22. Wild Tropheus chituta bay group : Wild Tropheus chituta bay 19 available. Ratio 5-14 £450 the group. F1 Tropheus chituta bay £10 each or 10 for £90 Pickup Bridge ... 07/10/17
23. Tanganyikans - Enantiopus melanogenys kilesa : FOR SALE 4 lamprologus ocellatus gold 2 adults 2 juvenile with 8 shells £10 A breeding group of F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu 2 male ... 07/10/17
24. Kasalakawi f1 and Tropheus Rutungas f1 : I have 2groups 1" 12 2" rutunga and kasalakawi all feeding we'll and excellent colours £5 £6 each 06/10/17
25. Copadichromis chrysonotus,chilotilapia rhodessi,aulunocara mbenji. : shutting down tank so moving on the following. aulonocara koningsi(f1) mbenji.x 2 males 1 female and approx 8/10 young. £50. chilotilapia ... 05/10/17
26. X6 Yellow Labs for Sale Adult & Young : Selling some of our Yellow Labs as we have too many in our tank now. 2 adult males and 1 female available. 4 young Labs also. Collection at ... 04/10/17
27. Oreochromis Tanganicae : Sexed pair around 5 inches female a little asmaller £20 collection only Blackburn Lancs 04/10/17
28. Coral Rock 12kg 12 pieces £15 new not used : As per title, Some interesting pieces not been used so clean and no algae on them. £15 for 12kg 02/10/17
29. ADULT HAP MOORI AND TROPHEUS DUBOSI NEW IN AT CHILTON AQUATICS : Moori Blue dolphins breeding size £25 each Jumbo adult dubosi £25 each COLLECTION ONLY 01/10/17
30. CHEAP African Cichlid Juveniles : Selling some top quality juvenile peacock cichlids that were born in my tank. I have 2 varieties available *pictures of how they will turn o ... 30/09/17
31. Haps, Peacocks, Mbuna (Cambridge) : Pseudotropheus Acei Yellow Tail 6cm 3 for £12, 6 for £18 3-4cm 20 for £18, 8 for £10, 4 for £7 Pictured is father of the fish Cryt ... 30/09/17
32. Closing down tank : Malawi Cichlids†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Msobo Magunga Elongatus Mpanga Elongatus gold bar Pseudotropheus saulosi Zebra L ... 25/09/17
33. Wanted - Acei Tanzanian Black/ Itungi : Hi, can't seem to find these anywhere. I'm looking for the black bodied yellow tail please not white tail. Interested in a group of adults o ... 24/09/17
34. Tropheus kapembwe wild group (purple rainbow) : Hi i am selling my group of tropheus kapembwe purple rainbow wild. I think there is 36pc Ratio 1/3 Bargin price of £550 the gr ... 24/09/17
35. 30 Assorted Malawi for sale : Approx 3 to 4" mainly , however a few are a tad smaller. Lots of different ones in there M Cats , Jalo Reef , Auratus , etc Loo ... 23/09/17
36. AULONACARA FIREFISH ADULTS NOW IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. : We have some massive Males and female Firefish in stock as well as plenty of other peacocks in great colours. Massive range of African Cich ... 23/09/17
37. F1 Fainzilberi zebra maison reef , tropheops sp.gome yellow . : Maison reef are 1 inch Tropheops are 1.5inches £5 each or a deal on a group. 22/09/17
38. Malawi cichlids for sale : 2 large male flavas 1 male Higga reef 1 gallereya reef 1afra hara all males 40 pound tel 01200 428247 all in brilliant condition 22/09/17
39. limnochromis staneri F1 Pair full grown £40 : Hi I have a Pair of limnochromis staneri, looking for a sensible offer. My phone number is 07922865109 i live in Addlestone surrey 22/09/17
40. Tropheus Chaitika (Blue Rainbow) : Tropheus Blue Rainbow F1 5-8cm £13/each. I can deliver to your door for fuel costs. 22/09/17
41. African Cichlid : I have the following for sale: 2 large Male Red Dragon peacocks (both about 14cm and hold good colour) £10.00 each 1 large male fryeri ... 20/09/17
42. tropheus moorii kalindi reds : Wild caught tropheus moorii kalindi reds x 17 these were bought as 12 females and 6 males but one passed away. I am not sure if it was a ma ... 19/09/17
43. Malawis & Victorians in Complete 4ft malawi set up : 20 or so fish different types of malawi and Victorian cichlids plus 3 bristlenose plecs Selling my malawi set up which is 4ft has; many r ... 18/09/17
44. Dragon blood peacock : Dragon blood peacock, adult size male Collect from Stevenage £15 18/09/17
45. Tropheus duboisi maswa (SOLD) : Breeding group of 12 tropheus adults females and males. 10-12cm in size Collection only from Stevenage. Bring your own bags/bucket £ ... 18/09/17
46. ALL MY FISH MUST GO : Changing over to marine so all fish have to go These are mainly African cichlids. Frontosa x 1 Nyrere x 1 OB peacock x 2 borellyi kan ... 16/09/17
47. golden kazumba x23 adults breeding group : golden kazumba x 23 adults good m/f ratio 15/09/17
48. RIFT CICHLIDS FOR SALE : For sale MALAWI Lethrinops yellow collar massimbwe f2 2-3 cm 4x£10 Otopharynx tetrastigma 2cm 4x£10 Oreochromis shiranus chilwa ... 12/09/17
49. Malawi cichlids and equipment for sale : 1 Met. Chillumba male 1 Cyn. Afra Jalo reef 2 Lab. Super redtop hongi males 1 Aul. firefish Pair Estherae red/red 1 Estherae Chiofu male (bl ... 11/09/17
50. Malawi Blue Dolphin - Cyrtocara moorii - (ALL SOLD) : Hi I have 16 Dolphins to sell. These are really beautiful and lively fish. I bought these fish with the aim to breed them but they don't m ... 11/09/17
51. Super Red Top Hongi : Super Red Top Hongi of various sizes £2 each. Buy 5 and get one free. 10/09/17
52. Julidochromis Ornatus F1 : For sale Julidochromis Ornatus F1 over 40 fish £4.00 each or £100 for the lot can deliver locally for cost of fuel or collection from Northa ... 10/09/17
53. JOB LOT pumdamilia nyererei : Hi i have a job lot of pundamilia nyererei juvies and some fry for sale. Ideally id like them to all sell in one go as the tanks are being c ... 10/09/17
54. Tropheus sp.black Bulu point (cherry spot) : Tropheus Bulu point F1 5-6cm £12/each (12 for £120) I can deliver for fuel diesel costs. 09/09/17
55. Tropheus Golden Kazumba : Tropheus Golden Kazumba F1 6 - 8cm £13/each.(10 for £130) I can deliver to your door for fue ... 09/09/17
56. Haplochromis sp flamebacks for sale : Hello, I have 6 male flamebacks for sale all around 5 inches and chunky. All feeding well on pellets and mussels, as they are all males they ... 08/09/17
57. For sale blue zaire moba frontosa gibberosa for sale with or without tank : adult blue zaire moba frontosa gibberosa for sale. I have a group of 10 adults males and females for sale,and im wanting to sell the tank wi ... 08/09/17
58. Tropheus Bemba : I have a quantity of young T.Bemba available for sale. They have been bred by myself from my F1 group, they are approximately 2-4cms and gro ... 08/09/17
59. Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids : Neolamprologus Brichardi,Leleupi and Cylindricus all at £5 each. Julidochromis Dickfeldi and Ornatus, adults and juveniles all at £5. Malawi ... 07/09/17
60. Malawi cichlids : Malawi cichlids wanted in Wirral area 07/09/17
61. Fish and aquarium for sale £600 : Complete fresh water aquarium for sale This tank is predominantly tanganyika cichlids. A fantastic tank and well established. All fish ... 06/09/17
62. black pearl calvus : large black pearl calvus, very active and in perfect condition. £25 collection only. 06/09/17
63. breeding pair of blue ahli : large healthy blue male ahli for sale £30 a very good pair the female is always holding and rears her own young without any issues. i will n ... 06/09/17
64. red dragon OB alunocara : hi for sale is a make ob red dragon alunocara malawi chichlid, the male is very dominant and is constantly breeding with his females i have ... 06/09/17
65. LARGE HAP. VENUSTUS IN STOCK NOW AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have a good stock of large Hap. Venustus Sexable fish. Venustus £15.00 each COLLECTION ONLY 05/09/17
66. Over 100 Cichlids for Sale in Ilford : I have some great Mbuna and other Malawi Cichlids for sale all getting on great growing nicely, young adults with a mix of male and female ( ... 03/09/17
67. Wanted Male Buccochromis : buccochromis atritaeniatus buccochromis nototaenia and buccochromis spectabilis what you got? MALES only please 03/09/17
68. Malawi Cichlids - on ebay. : Due to thinning out stocks, I have some adult sized Mbuna Malawi cichlids, about about 15 of them, mostly zebra and afra types, for peanuts ... 02/09/17
69. MBUNA wanted to add to 450 litre set up : Only mbuna wanted please not to small breeding groups or singles. Please contact with details sheffield and surrounding are only please. 02/09/17
70. MURAGO TANZANIAN & YELLOW TROPHEUS PRICE DROP : For sale I have: 3 x Male sub abult 3" approx Murago Tanzania f1 4 x unsexed 1" approx murago yellow f1 £80 for the lot. Absolute barga ... 02/09/17
71. Red Top Ice Blue - Free to a good home : I have a red top ice blue that was the 'top dog' but the younger male has now turned into the dominant one making his life less than pleasan ... 01/09/17
72. Malawi fish for sale : Malawis for sale intrested in selling as a lot some .holding eggs . Accurate ph levels . Please no time waisters £5-£10 each depending on s ... 01/09/17
73. Fry albino dolphins : Albino dolphins 31/08/17
74. Tanganyikans wanted for a school tank project : I am looking for young Tanganyikan community fish for a large school tank. I already have a few shell dwellers but need more fish to stock ... 31/08/17
75. Albino dolphins : At half a inch 30/08/17
76. for sale : young ELECTIC YELLOW.chichlids.up to 20 available possibly more.i have not counted.£6.00 each.REDCAR 01642483311 30/08/17
77. Troupheus : Have im having to sell all of my fish personal reasons ive got 15 maybe more f1 tropheus lemon spot a wild pair of gobies and 5wild cyprichr ... 30/08/17
78. Tropheus Golden Kiriza : Tropheus Golden Kiriza F1 5-7cm £13/each. I can deliver to your door for fuel cost. 27/08/17
79. BLACK WIDOW Frontosa £40 or SWAP Mpimbwe Blue Moba or Gibberosa Blue Zaire : Black Widow Frontosa only one F1 6-8 cm for sale £40/each or swap Frontosa Gibberosa Blue Zaire or Frontosa Mpimbwe Blue Moba. ... 27/08/17
80. Neolamprologus brichardi breeding trio : Trio of non stop breeders. Every 2 weeks another brood is introduced to the tank. Their largest fry are included in a photo. Will swa ... 27/08/17
81. Burundi frontosa : Here I have beautiful baby's frontosa about 1inch big if not bigger have about 30 to sell at just £6 each parents can be seen if you would ... 27/08/17
82. Petrochromis Sp. Giant ( fulwe rocks ) : For sale is my group of F1 Petrochromis Sp Giant , I imported this group myself in September last year and have grown steadily ever since . ... 27/08/17
83. Oreochromis Tanganicae for sale : I have 6 pond bred adults ( 3/3 ) with 70 young adults ncluded with the sale , if you require a video of the fish please text me and I will ... 27/08/17
84. Peacock copadichromis borleyi : Copadichromis borleyi Peacock Very large Copadichromis borleyi Around 8/9inches long. Biggest I have seen £15 or swap for othe ... 22/08/17
85. Various Malawi : 4inch Male JALO REEF - stunner @ £20 juvenile demasoni, jalo reef and hara @ 3 for a tenner. burton upon trent 22/08/17
86. Wild and F1 malawis in Complete 600 litre Malawi set up : Large Malawi set up set for sale. Complete package, 5'6" x 2'x 2' ND tank Custom 3d background with LOADS of hidey holes Custom built oak ... 21/08/17
87. Placidochromis phenochilus Tanzania : Group of 12 phenochilus Tanzania ranging from 3inch to 4inch+ with 12 youngsters 4cm+ bred by the group. Looking for £200 for all. Collect ... 21/08/17
88. pseudotropheus galanos : Juveniles up to 2" still available but will need to close this ad soon.I am putting no value on these but would appreciate a donation towar ... 21/08/17
89. For sale baby frontosa : Baby frontosa for sale asking 10 pounds a fish have 26 for sale would sell as job lot for 150 for all need gone about 2 to 3 inches in size 20/08/17
90. £30 : Breeding group of 9 blue malawi cichlids £30 Collection Only 19/08/17
91. Malawi mbuna ranging from 3 to 5+half inch : Loads of Malawi mbuna for sale.. Ranging from 3-5" £6 each. Mostly pairs but their are some groups.. More than welcome to come and ... 19/08/17
92. MALAWI CICHLIDS LONDON/ESSEX : Good quality afcrian Cichlids New aquarium shop open 125 Rose Lane Romford Rm6 5nr Monday Thursday 10am - 6pm Friday and Sa ... 16/08/17
93. Oreochromis Tanganicae young £1 each : I have the above for sale from my breeding group , 1-2 cm and growing fast . Any info needed please get in touch , I can also send a video o ... 16/08/17
94. Nimbochromis linni : K&C Rift Valley Cichlids NorthWest have 2 pairs of Nimbochromis Linni up for grabs 13-16cm £75 per pair 14/08/17
95. Blue Dolghin for sale or swap : I have 3 blue dolphin size 1/6" 2/5" sale £25ea or swap Altolamprologus compressiceps or flowehorn Thanks 13/08/17
96. Altolamprologus compressiceps gold head : Excellent quality tank bred altolamprologus compressiceps gold head F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems ... 12/08/17
97. Tropheus murago Tanzania very rare : Excellent quality tank bred Tropheus murago Tanzania F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. The ... 12/08/17
98. Tropheus moori Kasanga Red Rainbow F1 x9 SOLD SOLD SOLD : Small group of 9 F1 Red Rainbows for sale, approaching a year old, 2-3 inches, largest developing some lovely markings. Only selling due ... 11/08/17
99. duboisi : Tropheus duboisi 7large 4 to 5in for sale £70 collection only bromley kent They are also on ebay with pictuers tell 07932040162 11/08/17
100. for sale Malawi s mbuna : 3 inch to adult fish collection only bring cash and there yours all blue in colour can do deals on bigger amounts bought you will not be ... 09/08/17

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