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Home :: Malawi, Tanganyikan & Victorian Cichlids
1. Malawi cichlids breeding pairs 200 job lot : Up for sale is my breeding groups pairs of Malawi cichlids all grade a Red empress trio finidge is perfect stunning example female is h ... 03/02/17
2. MALAWI CICHLIDS LONDON/ESSEX : Good quality afcrian Cichlids New aquarium shop open 125 Rose Lane Romford Rm6 5nr Monday Thursday 10am - 6pm Friday and Sa ... 03/02/17
3. Frontosa WANTED Preferably Burundi... : Looking for 2-3 Frontosa, preferably Burundi and no more than 1 Male. Local to Birmingham B37/Solihull area. Thanks. 03/02/17
4. Synadontis Petricola juveniles. : FOR SALE, another batch of young petricola around 1"+, feeding well, & very lively. I could not get a decent picture of young, so pictures ... 02/02/17
5. F1 Pseudotropheus elongatus chewere: 4 each or 3 for 10 : I currently have 30 F1 chewere for sale. They are 5cm. The male and female from which they are bred are both wild caught. My male ... 02/02/17
6. Tropheus Tanzania murago,kapembwe,chituta f1 for sale : Hi some tropheus i have available. Tropheus Tanzania murago f1 25 each Tropheus kapembwe f1 12 each Tropheus chituta bay f1 12 ... 02/02/17
7. Baby Malawi Cichlids for sale - Rugby, Warwickshire : For sale - Schieanochromis Fryeri 2-4cm Placidichromis Electra 2-4cm Nimbochromis Venustus 2cm Red Red Zebras 2cm All 1 each H ... 01/02/17
8. LARGE HAP. VENUSTUS IN STOCK NOW AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have a good stock of large Hap. Venustus Sexable fish. Venustus 15.00 each COLLECTION ONLY We are the Norths African cichlid sp ... 29/01/17
9. Tropheus F1 Adults - Duboisi Maswa 10 each : Have 20-25 adults for sale all 4-5in Youngsters from 5 each Collection only from Milton Keynes MK11 Will not post or deliver ... 29/01/17
10. Petricola Group of 7 100 : Have a group of 7 Petricola 3in size Collection from Stony Stratford MK11 29/01/17
11. Tropheus Bemba : 1-2 Inch, Red banded Tropheus Bemba Tanganyikan Cichlids, Very active fish so they are difficult to photograph. From 6/ Please call 01302 3 ... 28/01/17
12. Julidochromis Dickfeldi and Ornatus : 1 to 3 inch size, Priced from 6 each. Please contact 01302 354041/07713 154 980, DN6 Doncaster area 28/01/17
13. Convict Cichlid Malavi Fish : Convict Cichlid malawi fishes most of them are 4-5cm long. 10 fishes available 1 fish for 4.00 3 fishes for 10 5 Fishes for 15 It is ... 28/01/17
14. Yellow Labs (Labidochromis Caeruleus) for sale : Yellow labs for sale. Sizes from 6-8cm, 2-3 each or a deal on a larger quantity. Happy to swap for similar sized juvenile Malawi's. Buyer ... 28/01/17
15. malawi young : malawi's for sale I have Perlmut and red top zebras from half inch upwards from f1 stock From 2 28/01/17
16. fromfry.co.uk. Supplier of quality, tank raised, freshwater fish, specialising i ... : We are a family run business, proud to supply good, healthy fish to our customers. Although we mainly breed and grow on our own fish, we do ... 28/01/17
17. Lake Victoria Cichlids : Pundamilia, Rock Kribensis, SP44.8 each. For more information please call 01302 354041.Doncaster DN6 area 28/01/17
18. Quality f1 mbuna groups. : Sub adult fish from 2.5 inches. Callinos cobalt blue group. Ps salousi group And others. Tuffa and ocean rock. Fibre rocks (rare) 5 big ... 27/01/17
19. Quality Malawi Cichlids Leicester : I have Hongi Sweeden and Labeotropheus Trewavasae ( mcat) around 1" to 2" price starts from 2 Adult groups some females holding several ... 27/01/17
20. Tropheus Firecracker F1 Adults 14cm : X20 Tropheus Firecracker F1 Adults 14cm Breeding group and currently holding All feeding well All showing great colours Please ... 26/01/17
21. Pair Giselli : Unusual fish, pair for sale to go together. 3 inches in size. Buyer to bring transport 20 25/01/17
22. Vc10s : Pair of 3inch Vc10's, closing down my tank so other fish for sale. Buyer to bring transport 25/01/17
23. Large group Venustus : Large group mixed males and females, have had various pairs breed in this group of 12, fry already been sold. Closing down tank so please se ... 25/01/17
24. Protomelas Taiwan reef albino cichlid : I am looking to buy 4 at the minimum. Maybe more later but cannot find anyone who has these. Or if anyone can put me in the right direction ... 24/01/17
25. Yellow lab cichlids fry : 13 Ready to collect 5 each now bring your own bags or containers. I cannot post to anyone collection only. 24/01/17
26. Malawi cichlid fry : 1 inch+ dolphin cichlids 4ea (3 for 10) 1 inch+ peacocks 4ea (3 for 10) Just under 1 inch VENUSTUS 3 (4 for 10) Text only plz (in ... 22/01/17
27. Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale. Updated list : Going over to marine so the following fish must go 4 x Leleupi 4 x Cylindricus Approx 15 x Julidochromis Marlieri 1 F1 Zaire Blue Fr ... 22/01/17
28. Malawi fish : Lethrinops albus kande 9 for sale 8 each also Lethrinops chilingali 6 for sale 7 each.collection only. 20/01/17
29. Dubois : For sale smalll Dubois , 22 pieces, 123456 20/01/17
30. Jung Tropheus Dubois , : For sale jung Tropheus Dubois , 19/01/17
31. brundi frontosa : i have 20 brundi frontosa for sale they vairy in size from 2-3 inchs in size they are 12 each or i can do deals on multi buys. i can delive ... 18/01/17
32. Siaenochromis Ahli chimwalani (REAL AHLI NOT FRYERI WRONGLY NAMED AS AHLI) see v ... : As far as I know I have the ONLY wild caught group of Real Ahli in the United Kingdom. I don't know of anyone that has F1 or TB either. I ha ... 16/01/17
33. Copadichromis virginalis (fire-crest) see video : Copadichromis virginalis firecrest!!!!! X5 for 80 X10 for 150 Collection from Colchester Essex CO2 **TEXT** 07963479755 new number 16/01/17
34. Mbuna / Malawi wanted : Hi. New to keeping African cichlids and would like some fish to stock my tank. I have a few already but need to up the amount. Preferably f ... 16/01/17
35. wanted adult female blue zaire moba frontosa gibberosa for swap : Wanted..does any one have any adult female blue zaire moba frontosa gibberosa for swap with my adult f1 males ? I have a group and im wantin ... 15/01/17
36. Wild group of synodontis multipunctatus : As above , 2-3 inches in size, 6 in total. 60 .07748221747 15/01/17
37. tropheus : i am selling a complete breeding set up of tropheus imported from Burundi these were in the last shipment form brichard imported last july. ... 15/01/17
38. Buying & rehoming all African Chiclids : Will buy African chiclid adult and fry. Must be local in East Sussex for collection. Thanks, KK 14/01/17
39. Wanted variabilichromis moorii isanga : As any one got variabilichromis moorii isanga for sale thanks 14/01/17
40. Red fin compressiceps : 3 x f1 compressiceps Red Fin 2" size 15 each 40 for all 3 Lovely looking fish starting to show great colour fed on flake. 1 x g ... 12/01/17
41. Mbuna for sale Portsmouth : i have the following Mbuna for sale all getting on great growing nicely, young adults with a nice mix of male and female. all top quality fi ... 12/01/17
42. Tropheus for sale. : Hi i have the following Tropheus for sale. Pick up Bridgend South Wales Email mattmunchkin@hotmail.com for pics. Fast reply text/c ... 11/01/17
43. FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 100 from Tonys African Cichlids : FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 100... excluding N.Ireland and Scottish Highlands. If you live here then contact us for a delivery pri ... 11/01/17
44. ALL FISH FOR SALE : Please click on the link below to see all available fish,prices and sizes. Delivery service available @ 15.00 per order. Thanks for l ... 11/01/17
45. F1Tropheus dubosi 😕sorry all now sold : Sorry 😕all now sold Feeding well on spirulina. Bread from my established Colony. So if interested please contact me by ... 10/01/17
46. Mpanga / Afra Cobue / Socolofi / Saulosi ( London ) : I am a London based (hobby) breeder of various Malawi cichlids who cares greatly for looking after fish I am now looking to sell the last fi ... 09/01/17
47. Neolamprologus boulengeri : 3 x 1" Neolamprologus boulengeri shell dwellers! Beautiful examples purchased from wharf aqautics. Beleived to be wild, if not f1 ... 09/01/17
48. For Sale: Stunning Six-banded Distichodus Distichodus Sexfasciatus : Hi All, I have a Six-banded Distichodus Distichodus Sexfasciatus for sale @ 25 quid. It is roughly 3 inches and is in stunning conditio ... 08/01/17
49. Malawi group of approximately 25 : Hi I'm changing my set up selling all my fish you would get around 25 fish 1 chocolate plec 1 cat fish ,sand and ocean rock tel 07943238972 ... 07/01/17
50. TROPHEUSLAND - WC & F1-Golden Kalambo,Ilangi,Murago Tanzania,Yellow Murago,Gold ... : I have the following Tropheus for sale: WILD CAUGHT (WC) WC Tropheus Chikonde WC Tropheus Kalambo WC Tropheus katoto WC Tropheus ... 06/01/17
51. Malawi cichlids : Hi, as anyone got any f1 malawi cichlids that there selling adults pairs or even fry in and around leicester area !!! 06/01/17
52. MPIMBE BLUE FRONTOSA 3 TO 4 inches ONLY 35.00 EACH : We have some stunning Mpimbe blue frontosa in stock at 3 to 4". These are sexable and can be paired off. Only 35.00 per fish. COLLECTIO ... 06/01/17
53. Seachem Cichlid Lake Salts (Malawi & Tanganyika), Reeflowers Malawi & Tanganyika ... : Closed down all my Malawi tanks so i have the following for sale: Half 500g tub of Seachem cichlid lake salt (250g), only 5! Reeflowe ... 05/01/17
54. Large Proven Breeding Group of Sp. Hara Gallireya Reef for Sale : I have up for grabs a stunning group of Sp. Hara Gallireya Reef either 9 or 10 in total made up of Wild and F1 prodiminetly F1 they breed li ... 04/01/17
55. Tropheus Kiriza Gold (25 each) : I have 7 tropheus kiriza gold for sale 2-4 cm 25.00 each collection only from east london 07947408950 03/01/17
56. Wanted frontosa Moba : 1 male and 2 wild caught moba. I already have a group of moba that came from the best so looking for quality 07484302438 02/01/17
57. Haplochromis livingstoni For Sale 10 : Incorrectly bought by my wife as I have SA Cichlids. I have only had him for 5 days, but he will need moving to a tank that suits him. Not ... 02/01/17
60. Tropheus murago Tanzania very rare : Excellent quality tank bred Tropheus murago Tanzania F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. The ... 30/12/16
61. F1 TROPHEUS ILANGI : Excellent quality tank bred tropheus ilangi F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. They are 2-3 ... 30/12/16
62. Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. : I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. DELIVERIES SUSPENDED DUE TO COLD WEATH ... 29/12/16
63. Stunning Breeding group of 6 F1 Adult Ps Saulosi - 40 : I'm selling an absolutely stunning group of 6 Ps Saulosi Malawi Cichlids. All pics are of the actual fish, (see link for pics as can't ... 27/12/16
64. F1 Lentrinops Redcap Itungi : Selling my Proven F1 breeding Lentrinops Redcap Itungi group, There is 2 male and 4 female ranging from 3ins-5ins Fully proven stunning fis ... 27/12/16
65. Wanted : Hi I'm looking for nice peacocks. dolphins.and couple of fronts around the Runcorn cheshire area others wanted let me know what you have tha ... 26/12/16
66. Pundmelia Nyeri African cichlids : Have a no available of males and Females 2in Males 5 each or trio 1M 2F 10 Also have unsexed 1in 2 each or 6 for 10 Collectio ... 25/12/16
67. 3 Wild caught and 9 f1s Zaire blue Moba Frontosa and 6 petro trews ALL SOLD : I have 3 wild caught and 9 f1s for sale. The fish are healthy, and since I am leaving the hobby I want these gone ASAP. There are 7 petr ... 24/12/16
68. Frontosas for Sale : I have four Frontosa's for sale, largest one approximately 9-10 inches and the smallest one above 6inches, the other two are between 7-8 inc ... 23/12/16
69. Neolamprologus Brichardi and Leleupi : Brichardi and Brichardi Fairy 1-2 inch, Yellow and Orange Leleupi 1-2 inch. Starting from 6. Please contact 01302 354041/07713 154 980 23/12/16
70. 2 red zebras & 1 pearl zebra : I am selling 2 adult red zebras one male one female. They are a breeding pair and the male is a stunning fish. The pearl zebra is a male ... 22/12/16
71. SP44s in Elsecar Barnsley : SP44's for sale. Approx 35-40. 2cm to 4cm in length. These are from two unrelated pairs. 5 each, buy four and get a fifth one free. Call p ... 22/12/16
72. Mixed Mbuna : I have around 20 mixed malawi mbuna's to give. Happy to swap with tropical or quick sale. Thanks. Ranj 22/12/16
73. Trophues ikola illangi chimba 25 pair : About 40 for sale all adults breeding groups breeding regularly any ? 07900580313 22/12/16
74. Tropheus Moori for sale : HI.I have the following Tropheus for sale; F1 Tropheus Kiriza Gold 4-5cm 25/each (40 available) 10 for 230 20 for 400 Tropheus ... 20/12/16
75. ENFIELD TROPHEUS RED MOORII : I have for sale a established breeding group of red tropheus breed like flys I sell them very regularly there are also babies in the tank ... 20/12/16
76. Rare wild Malawi cichlids : Hi there I'm letting go of a couple of pairs of my rare malawis all eating/breeding. All well established and doing very well with me. All w ... 20/12/16
77. Tropheus Green Murago : Tropheus Green Murago F1 FOR SALE.25/each(80available) 10 for 250 20 for 450 Collection from Kettering or I Can post same day de ... 20/12/16
78. Cyphotilapia Gibberosa ( Frontosa ) Kitumba ( 2m / 5f ) Wild caught SOLD SOLD SO ... : I have the above for sale , any further information needed please get in touch thanks 400 no offers , I'm willing to deliver at an arra ... 20/12/16
79. Breeding groups available (supplied by the best importers and breeders in the co ... : Due to closing down most of my tanks and keeping just one big tank, I am now moving on some of the best quality breeding adult groups availa ... 19/12/16
80. SERA FLORA : Sera Flora flake food for Malawi and all herbivorous fish USED BY THE TOP BREEDERS WORLD WIDE! available in a 20g sample bag for 1.99 50 ... 17/12/16
81. Adult tropheus brichadi kalemie wanted : Adult tropheus kalemie wanted willing to travel a reasonable distance message Wes on 07805477218 or email wes131k@yahoo.co.uk Thanks.. 17/12/16
82. TOP QUALITY-MALAWI CICHLIDS - NORTH LONDON N22 , : *** SPECIAL DEAL :- YOU CAN HAVE 30 Various Young Cichlids ( Between 2- 3 cm each ) for Only 80 *** STUNNING 5 Inch COBUE MALES ... 17/12/16
83. Mbuna wanted Liverpool : Hi anyone looking to move any mbuna on before Christmas I'm looking to add some more to my mother in laws tank Labs Cyno's Tropheops ... 16/12/16
84. Wanted Malawi Mbuna : Hello I am looking to stock up my tank with Mbuna I can pick up. Text or ring me on 07881286733 15/12/16
85. WANTED Cynotilapia sp. Hara gallireya reef : Looking for these cynotilapia fish in the cornwall area. 15/12/16
86. N. Multifaciatus Colony for sale : Good sized colony, about 15 adults and countless young of different sizes. Will include around 70 shells. 10 for the lot, but could spl ... 14/12/16
87. WANTED WANTED WANTED TROPHEUS IKOLA/KIRIZA BREEDING GROUP : Hi I'm looking for a breeding group of tropheus ikola , kiriza or bemba f1 or tank bred Ideally 15 to 20 fish must be a good ratio female ... 13/12/16
88. Synodontis granulosus : Collection of Malawi peacocks and haps . Also Synodontis petricola, Angelicus and granulosus 12/12/16
89. Various Malawis : Various Malaws for sale 4 each 3 for 10 or 7 for 20 12/12/16
90. Tonys African Cichlids - Most diverse range of qualityUK bred Malawi Cichlids De ... : Disclaimer - All photos are OUR photos of OUR fish taken by US. :) The most diverse range of Malawi Cichlids in the UK which have been br ... 12/12/16
91. Tropheus for different groups : Hi I have four different types of Tropheus for so all top quality fish from Mike hi I have four different types of Tropheus for sale all to ... 11/12/16
92. Im looking for a wild group of tropheus : Message me what you are sellingand where you come from . I live in bournemouth dorset 07464 679406 11/12/16
93. Wanted Tropheus ilangi : Im after some ilangi messaged me what u got for sale . 07464 679406 11/12/16
94. Free male red empress. Needs some tlc. Please read : Free to good home. Got bullied in main tank and lost all colour. In my sons small aquarium at the minute. Has sunken belly so may need furth ... 11/12/16
95. rutunga tropheus : I have 25 _30 redbelly rutungas 1 12" to 2" all feeding well starting to change colours want 5 pounds each also breeding group of 11 3" p ... 11/12/16
96. Tropheus sp. inches black inches Ikola Kaiser : I have 6 of these fish - they are quite large and have really strong black and yellow colours. Please note they are wild. I have managed t ... 10/12/16
97. Tropheus Chipimbi : These are lovely fish - the photo really doesn't do them justice as their colours have developed and show some lovely reds. I have about 17 ... 10/12/16
98. ALBINO BRISTLENOSE +YELLOW MALAWI CICHLIDS : For sale I have 30 yellow bristlenose none less than 1 inch some a bit bigger (red eyes) 20.00 also 4 3" yellow Malawi cichlids 10. ... 10/12/16
99. F1 Metriclima Msobo Magunga : F1 Metriclima Msobo Magunga from wild caught parents. Mix from two females and same male. Fry fed on tropical malawi flake and kept in pr ... 09/12/16
100. F1 Metriclima Mbenji & tank bred Trewavasae Thumbi West : F1 Metriclima Mbenji from wild caught parents. Approx 5-6cm. 3.50 each or 3 for 10 Tank Bred Trewavasae Thumbi West. Approx 6-7cm. ... 09/12/16

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