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1. PSEUDOTROPHEUS SOCOLOFI : I have sexed pair of Pseudotropheus socolofi male and female for sale just only for 15. Male size 9 to 12cm and female 6cm to 7cm. Sellin ... 26/03/15
2. Closing Down Tank Bargain : For sale I have about 25-30 fish. They are beautiful fish and colouring very nicely, fish will make a beautiful addition to all tanks. They ... 26/03/15
3. Lake Malawi cichlids for sale : Labidochromis Caerueleus (nice and bright yellow) from 2" starting @ 2 each SOLD Labidochromis Mbamba Bay 2" 4 each (SOLD) Pseudotrophe ... 26/03/15
4. MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR SALE FULLY LICENCED KEEPERS 2 MINS OF J35 M6 : Aulonocara Maylandi L 11.00 Aulonocara Maleri M 5.50 Aulonocara Mamelela L 12.00 Aulonocara sp. Stuartgranti "Ngara" M/L 8.5 ... 26/03/15
5. S ALHI : 7 CM Stunning S Alhi 1 male & 4 females actually breading only 20. 26/03/15
6. Adult malawi : male zebra ice blue red top Adult White tail acei unsure of sex Adult Yellow tail acei unsure of sex Adult male greshakei 25 colle ... 26/03/15
7. Protemelas Taeniolatus (Red Empress) : Hi I have about 80 Red Empress fry growing very well on spectrum and Malawi flake. Sizes at the moment are 3 cm. Stunning father as you can ... 26/03/15
8. Placidochromis phenochilus Tanzania wanted adult males please : Placidochromis phenochilus Tanzania adult males wanted. Willing to travel a reasonable distance from the West Midlands for right fish.. Or ... 25/03/15
9. Greshekai malawi cichlids : Greshekai cichlids 50p each. Approximately 50 in total. Willing to deal on large groups 1 inch plus. Collection Amesbury. Text for direction ... 25/03/15
10. Quality Malawi Cichlids - Wild, F1 and Tank Bred Groups : Latest Import price list - Available 4/4/2015 Aulonocara stuartgranti Usisya 26.00 Cynotilapia zebroides Nkhatabay 16.00 Cynotilapia ... 25/03/15
11. Malawi For Sale : Malawi For Sale All Around 2" 4 Each Or 3 For 10 Venustus Yellow Tail Acie Auratus Dolphins Afra Cobue Borylie Red Fin Pe ... 25/03/15
12. wanted Pseudotropheus acei Itungi : WANTED Pseudotropheus Acei Itungi / Tanzania Black Acei.. maybe someone has them for sale? many thanks! 25/03/15
13. RIFT VALLY CICHLIDS FOR SALE (nr Newmarket) : Altolamprologus compresiceps crocodile rocks f2 sub adults that are breeding 4 each callachromis pluerospilus f2 2-3cm 3 each lampro ... 25/03/15
14. EAST ANGLIAN CICHLID AUCTION : A great chance to buy and sell rift cichlids A great day out for any cichlid keepers and there is always plenty of Malawi and tanganyikan ... 25/03/15
15. Female Auloncara : Dragon bloods & Tangerine or Calico all trying to breed now just 50p each. All 2-3". 25/03/15
16. CHOICE CICHLIDS FOR SALE : MALAWI CICHLIDS AULONOCARA BLUE NEON 5.5-7 CM 5.00 EA AULONOCARA OB FIRE 6-7 CM 9.00 ea FROM rheinhard's [aulonocara specialist br ... 24/03/15
18. Wanted Malawi Cichlids Neon Spot, Acei etc (N. Derbyshire, S. Yorks areas) : Hi there I am looking for Malawi Cichlids, Mbunas preferably, especially aceis, will travel up to 30 miles from Chesterfield in North Derbys ... 24/03/15
19. Malawis -FISH HOUSE CLOSE DOWN - Maidstone (tanks and equipment too ) : Adult fish / sizes / Total Fish / Sale price Aulonocara Fire fish 2m/6f * TB 8 120 Aulonocara OB firefish 3/7 TB 10 150 Aulonocara R ... 24/03/15
20. F1 Abactochromis Labrosus : Young adults 3" - 4" in lenght from my wild caught parents imported via Germany. Formerly Melanochromis Labrosus this peaceful cichlid from ... 24/03/15
21. GROUP OF C CHINYANKWAZI : Nine in total 6" size 8 each or 45 for all nine. Beautiful Mbuna a credit to any collection. 24/03/15
22. BARGIN PLEASE SEE Cynotilapia sp. hara gallireya reef and other bits : Hi all closing down tank as im immigrating I have 7 cynotilapia sp. hara gallireya reef for sale 2M & 5F which 1 is holding. there ar ... 24/03/15
23. Cynotilapia Hara Galileya Reef , Labidochromis sp. Hongi inches (SRT) : Cynotilapia Hara Galileya Reef 3-5 cm Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" (SRT) 3-5 cm The Hara are from F2 parents 4 each Photos of males p ... 24/03/15
24. Breeding fossorochromis rostratus trio. 40 : Moving on this rostratus trio.male showing great colours.both females have held but not full term.(the bigger female has a deformed dorsal f ... 24/03/15
25. Frontosa Burundi : I have for sale approx 10 F2 Burundi from my breeding group. Fish range in size from 1" to 5" sex not known, all healthy and feeding well. ... 23/03/15
26. F2 Aulonocara stuartgranti inches Ngara Flametail inches Fry 4 for 10 : Babies from my Stunning F1 male from Germany Amongst the best looking Malawi These grow to 5 inches See pic for adult Fry are ar ... 23/03/15
27. Large group of tropheus duboisi maswa 45 fish in total will split SOLD : Have 25 f1 duboisi maswa breeding regular Also 10 sub adult young loosing spots Also 5 young Females holding now 350 or swap for troph ... 23/03/15
28. Malawi Haps : Fossochromis 1" body size rare hap from lake Malawi bargain at 4 for 10 (Limited numbers only) Collection great Barr b43 Birmingham 22/03/15
29. F1 Tropheus Ulwile : I have the following young tropheus for sale, bred from my wild group. size 3 to 4cm 6.50 each collection only or can deliver on a 10 ... 22/03/15
30. Tropheus and Tanganyikan cichlids : Hi I have the following tangs for sale, F1 Tropheus Red Rainbow 3-4cm 6.50 each F1 Tropheus Brichardi Ulwile 3-5cm 6.50 each 10X ... 22/03/15
31. Malawi Fry : Hi I have a selection of Malawi fry for sale yellow Labs,young Borley Kadango, and a large batch of fry Father is stunning Large Blue fish v ... 22/03/15
32. Gresheki, Albino Gresheki, Kenyi : 40+ malawi cichlids for sale all true bred and about 3cm in size 2 each Collection Arnold, Nottingham 22/03/15
33. For Sale Breeding group Red Zebra Cichlids : I'm selling my Red Zebra breeding group due to wanting a tank swap around I believe the group consists of its hard to get an exact count ... 22/03/15
34. F1 Zaire blue moba frontosa & F2 gold head compressiceps, common bn plecs : I have for sale the following 1 x F1 juvie Zaire blue moba frontosa 2 1/2" unsexed 25 F2 gold head compressiceps 1/2-1" 4 each ... 22/03/15
35. tanganyikans : 6 wild triglachromis otostigma for sale 50 ring or text 07921710807 cheers pete 22/03/15
36. Wanted Tropheus Duboisi Maswa (yellow band) females : Im after adding some more females to my group. If anyone is selling some or knows where I can get hold of some it would be appreciated. 22/03/15
37. Breeding Trio Psuedotropheus Red Top Ndumbi s 25.00 Female Holding : Hello all I have a young breeding trio of Red Top Ndumbi's Fish 2"+ One Female currently holding Loads of other Malawi, Tanganyikan ... 21/03/15
38. Tanganyikan cichlids - Tank bred calvus black pearl for sale : I have some tank bred calvus for sale, stunning fish about one inch long. 4 each or 6 for 20 Collection only, staplehurst, kent 21/03/15
39. Mbuna juvies : Ready now: Elongatus neon spot @ 1" 3 each SRT hongi @ 1" 4 each Cynotilapia zebroides jalo reef @ 1" 4 each Growing on: Pseud ... 21/03/15
40. Breeding group of syno multipunctatus cuckoo cat fish 70 : Have for sale a group of 4 syno multipunctatus Cuckoo catfish There is a group of 4 These have had lots and lots of young There's Y ... 20/03/15
41. Victorian big mouths Pyxichromis (rare) : Got a spare pair of Pyxichromis Orthostoma unusual predatory Victorian 25 20/03/15
42. Adult mbuna wanted : Im after any adult mbuna malawi must be local to clay cross chesterfield as i dont drive 20/03/15
43. Malawi breeding pairs and groups. Victorians + : I am selling up my Malawi's and can offer the following breeding groups and pairs. Mdoka white lips >6" 120 breeding group x7 Protome ... 20/03/15
44. baby yellow labs 12 for 10 sheerness : as above around an inch 12 for 10 collect sheerness 20/03/15
45. Lethrinops for sale, Somerset : Lethrinops Micrentodon Makokola from F1 parents 6 months old 5 each or 5 for 20 Pick up only Based in Somerset, just off A303 ... 19/03/15
46. Malawi cichlids breeding group 50 ono : Alounocara fire fish blue morph these wher fry I raised on from my alounocara Fire fish the free blue morphs wich all fire fish produce ther ... 19/03/15
47. Tropheus Moorii Kasanga (Red Rainbow) : Colony of 26 Kasanga for sale consisting of 15 F0 adults and 11 F1. Buyer must collect 300 no offers 01522 805106. 19/03/15
49. Frontosa group- collect from London Sw area : 3 frontosa for sale 30 - all around 3" Please txt number given thanks Also have a 3" yellow lab that I can give for free with sale 18/03/15
50. Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids Quality Tank-Bred Fish At In-expensive Prices. : I am based in the North-West of England, and have been keeping and breeding fish as a hobby for over 40 years. ####### Delivery Only #### ... 18/03/15
51. breeding pairs/groups of lake malawi cichlids : Due to tank closure I have the following for sale all feeding greedily on sera flora and kept in tap water with regular water changes P. ... 18/03/15
52. Malawi . : Malawi for sale. Pseudotropheus Polit 5 each Pseudotropheus saulosi 3 each Pseudotropheus Flavus.4 each Afra hara Gallireya Reef 2 ... 18/03/15
53. Kent rift cichlids new arrivals from Cichlidenstadl Germany : Kent rift cichlids new arrivals Malawi Tank bred Aulonocara rostratum 6-7cm 11 Aulonocara saulosi 7-8cm 15 nice Aulonocara ste ... 18/03/15
54. kent rift cichlids new arrivals from Germany : Malawi Aulonocara guentheri 6-8cm 15 Aulonocara baenchi benga 10-12cm 20 Aulonocara stuartgranti Ngara 8-10cm 20 Buccochromis. Lept ... 18/03/15
55. F1 Frontosa(moba) young 4-6 inch : im selling 10 moba f1 young! The young of from difrent wild males! Iv got the adults! these are size from 4-6 inch! looking at 40 ea ... 17/03/15
56. Melanochromis auratus : Melanochromis auratus fry all well over 1". 2.50p each. Sheerness. 17/03/15
57. WANTED Malawi Red Top Ice Blue : WANTED Malawi adult female red top ice blue (Greshakei). I've already got two males and desperate for a female Cheers Rob 07967 483555 17/03/15
58. 50 F1 Tropheus Duboisi Maswa 225 SOLD PENDING COLLECTION : I have for sale a large group of juvenile T.Duboisi Maswa. These are the more sort after yellow banded type. They are currently approx. 1 in ... 17/03/15
59. Synodontis Hybrids : 8 each collection maidstone Kent 17/03/15
60. zebras red and blue : Juveniles around 60 fish come have a look �10 for 5 red or blue zebras will take �100 for all 17/03/15
61. Wild female Julidochromis marlieri Kasanga : A large wild female Julidochromis marlieri "Kasanga" for sale. 5.5" long. She is quite peaceful to all but Julie males (she has killed two). ... 16/03/15
62. f1 Afra Hara Gallireya Reef For Sale Malawi Mbuna : F1 Afra Hara Gallireya Reef. About 2 inch (dominent males bigger) stunning fish. Both wild parents can be seen in my tank. Picture is of dad ... 16/03/15
63. Malawi fry (mpanga) : Quid each about an inch Dad is of good quality Steve 07876476683 Burton 16/03/15
64. TROPHEUS MOORI ILLANGI 2 inches ONLY 12.95 EACH OR 5 FOR 60 : We have a good few Tropheu Moori Illangu in stock now at 2" size. Only 12.95each or 5 for 60 Be quick they wont be here long at this ... 16/03/15
65. mbuna groups and singles : i have a few surplus fish/groups I need to move on 2 pairs of f1 metriaclima barlowi mbenji 2m/2f,males getting on for 3 inch and females ... 16/03/15
66. EXTRA LARGE 10inch MALE FRONTOSA TANGANYIKAN CICHLID Loddon Norwich : Extra large approx 10 inch male FRONTOSA CICHLID. Reluctant sale as changed set up. Requires 300 litre or larger aquarium. Peaceful ... 16/03/15
67. Malawi, Tanganyikan Cichlids,catfish for sale Dundee Scotland : SPEND 200 ON FISH AND GET 2KG OF HAGEN FLAKE FREE ( only one 2kg left ) Eheim 2213 classic plus external filter never used 65 ... 16/03/15
70. Several large Aulonocara Peacocks - only 2 each - need room : I have several large adult Aulonocara for sale. These are nice healthy strong fish. Few females, mostly males. Some firefish types (albinos) ... 16/03/15
71. Wanted Msobo Magunga Merseyside area : I'm looking for a group of Msobo Magunga and will take any singles pairs of groups Wanted in the Merseyside or surrounding area Cheers ... 15/03/15
72. Red Zebra and SP44s - Maidstone Kent : RED ZEBRA --------- 5 each 3" mostly males left.. SP44s: ------ 6 each for larger ones 4 each for 2" ones. C ... 15/03/15
73. 2.5" Blue Dolphins available- Maidstone Kent : lots available. also available in a smaller size (1") 5 each Collection Maidstone Kent. 15/03/15
74. 12x Placidochromis Phenuchilus Tanzanian group : 2 males 10 females. F1s and from 3 different bloodlines 180 for the group or will split the group into 2 groups for 90 each collecti ... 15/03/15
75. various Malawi cichlids for sale : Hi I'm thinning out my tanks so various Malawi for sale mainly mubuna but few others definitely 3 male kingsizei others not sure Of but loca ... 15/03/15
76. Pseudotropheus crabro, pair. : Hello. Got a pair of Crabro. 1 male 1 Female. Need re homing. 10 to whoever can collect. Or id swap for other Malawi ? Please get in touch ... 15/03/15
77. auratus breeding group : breeding group of auratus, 1 male 2 females, about 4" in size both females have produced fry. breed regular, 1 female holding, 15. 15/03/15
78. malawi for sale : i habve about 60 malawi for sale price from 5 to 45 pound i cant add pictures just ask if you want no offer 15/03/15
79. Pseudotropheus Flavus for sale- 2.00 each : (15 left) New batch of 26 flavus for sale. They are around 4cm currently. They are bred from the male in the picture. I think he is a good e ... 15/03/15
80. Acei Ngara for sale- 2.00 each : (20 left) New batch of 40 acei ngara for sale. They are around 4cm currently. They are all bred from the male in the picture. I think he is ... 15/03/15
81. red lava rock, oyster shells (crushed filter medium) and large shells for sale : large red lava rocks with lovely holes (5 each and I have more than in pictures) oyster shells for filter big shells (10 for a bagfull o ... 14/03/15
82. wc frontosa mikula : i have 14 WC male mikula frontosa for sale.Why you ask.i am the owner of the largest blue frontosa colony in england of 34 wc mikula.i am se ... 14/03/15
83. x2 f1 male tropheus firecrackers : I have 2 f1 male firecrackers for sale need to thin out group 10 each roughly around 4 , 5 cm ive had these since fry 14/03/15
84. ADULT CARRUELLEUS/MAINGANO AND RED ZEBRAS PLUS MASSIVE SHIPMENT OF RIFTS IN STOC ... : We have some full adult Carrueleus , Maingano and Red Zebras in stock as well as having a massive shipment of Rifts in today. The Adult f ... 14/03/15
85. Red Empress Cichlids : Hi, I'm selling the last of my tank bred/raised Red Empress Cichlids. The adult coloured male is the father and not for sale but gives y ... 14/03/15
86. For sale yellow leleupi : 7x yellow leleupi all feeding well and all good size, 20 for them all. Collection only. 13/03/15
87. male greskie and melanchoromis maingano : Pair of cichlids, would prefer them to go together as been together for a while. 15 for the pair if gone this weekend as moving. heathly ... 13/03/15
88. Tanganyikans & Malawis in Rena aqualife 5 foot full setup : for sale: 6 frontosas 3 inch to 12 inch Tropheous dubias Female calvas 6 or 7 mixed Malawi 2 fire tropheous 1 dolphin 1 large p ... 12/03/15
89. F1 Metriclima Barlowi Mbenji Island : F1 Metriclima Barlowi Mbenji Island. About 2 inch (dominent males bigger) stunning fish. Both wild parents can be seen in my tank. Picture i ... 12/03/15
90. Blue Zaire kapampa : 2 groups of 7 f1 kapampa frontosa size range 11 inch to 5 inch males and females 2 years old 250 ovno per group 12/03/15
91. WANTED Malawi Cichlids adult or fry (Chesterfield area) : I'm looking for any Malawis preferably Mbunas, can home adults and fry. Within range of Chesterfield area 12/03/15
92. Rare granulosus catfish F1, reduced to 65 each. 1 left : I have for sale two Rare granulosus catfish F1,3 inch viewing welcome in east London collection only 110 each 07947408950 11/03/15
93. Tropheus bamba (F1) 1-2 inch : I have for sale 20 f1 tropheus bamba Size 1-2 inch 10.00 each collection only from east london 07947408950 11/03/15
94. F1 Kigoma Frontosa plus Burundi stunning : hello all im thinking of selling my group of stunning F1 Kigoma Frontosa a group of 12 plus 4 stunning Burundi picture can be sent on reques ... 11/03/15
95. Malawi cichlids kawanga mcat fainzilberi dolphin manda membe deep : Kawanga mcat F2-75 Met dwarf manda trio+mcat females ob all wild-100 Met fainzilberi lundo wild 2 pairs females ob-60 Met fainzilberi ... 11/03/15
96. 2 Males Cyprichromis leptosoma approx 4 inches-Leeds : im changing one of my tanks so these are for sale. Very healthy,excellent eaters. Impresive when they move as a shoal. Incredible to watc ... 11/03/15
97. Malawi blue dolphin : Large 5inch male Malawi blue dolphin ready to breed can sell by himself or with 2 females,10for the male or all 3 for 25 ifinterested call ... 10/03/15
98. Group of f1 Tropheus Bulu Point : ALL GONE TO GOOD HOME THANKS These rarely come up for sale anywhere. I have a group of 10+/- Tropheus Bulu Point for sale. Average siz ... 10/03/15
99. Ps Williamsi North Blue Lips male wanted : Ps Williamsi North Blue Lips male wanted. Preferably 3" plus. Either to buy or swap for my 3" male (want to mix bloodlines as he is the brot ... 10/03/15
100. Malawis (Cambridge) : F1 Metriaclima Estherae (Chiofu) males 4-5cm 5 Pink Peacock female 7cm Tank Bred (TB) 2 Pseudotropheus Perspicax Orange Cap (Red To ... 10/03/15

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