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1. SRT Hongi : As above, I have some stunning SRT Hongi fry. Truly stunning dad. 51 available at 3 each or 4 for 10 If interested let me know and I ... 15/10/14
2. yellow labs malawi cichlids : Hi, For sale Yellow Labs: breeding trio 2 large females and 1 male 15 9x juveniles (3-6cm)20 16x juveniles (2-6cm) 35 cichli ... 15/10/14
3. Ad konings malawi cichlids in their natural habitat 4th edition : Hi, is anyone have for sale this book? 15/10/14
4. Malawi Cichlids Scotland : Here is our current malawi, synodontis and pleco stocklist Mbuna Cynotilapia Afra Edwardi 5-6- 7 Cynotilapia Afra Red Top Likoma 7-8 - ... 14/10/14
5. Following haps for sale : As above i have the following haps for sale Cyrtocara moori breeding pair male bout 6inch 30 pounds Auloncara Rubin reds male bout 4inch a ... 14/10/14
6. Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbabwe Rock FRY all sold : I have for sale some Otopharynx Lithobates Zimbabwe Rock FRY, These are bred from unrelated German bred parents, pic 1 is the male parent pi ... 14/10/14
7. Protomelas sp. Steveni Taiwan Reef FRY : I have for sale some Protomelas sp. steveni Taiwan Reef Fry pic 1 is of the male parent pic 2 is my mixed fry tank containing the fish for s ... 14/10/14
8. Numerous Types Mbuna : Cichlids, African malawi, Mbuna. For Sale All 5 EACH Labidochromis caeruleus - ( Electric Yellow Lab) 2 inches. Labidochromis sp. ... 14/10/14
10. breading pair of calvus-swap for Malawi : Hi, I have a nice breading pair of calvus that i want to swap for some malawi cichlids.if interested please text m. Wimbledon, London, sw19 ... 13/10/14
11. Fairy @ : Fairy cichlids 4 left 1.50ea 13/10/14
12. Malawi Cichlids for sale - quality at low prices - Maidstone, Kent : MBUNA JUVENILES: Red Zebra - Metriaclima Estherae 2" to 2.5" - 4 each Melanochromis Auratus: 2" - 5 each Labidochromis Mbamba ... 13/10/14
13. Malawi group of 7 (open to any offer) KENT : Hello there, I've had this group of 7 for about 6 months I don\'t know what any of them are as I am not into Malawis as much as other cichli ... 13/10/14
14. Breeding groups and young. : Due to alterations and restocking our fish room we have the following for sale . Breeding groups Cynolitapia Afra Jalo Reef 1m 3f. Offe ... 13/10/14
16. Malawis x14 100 for all or sell seperate : Malawis for sale 100. 2x Ob peacocks 10 each, 2x sp44 male n female 10 each, 3x venustas male n 2 female 35 for all, 2x hongi Sweden 15 ... 12/10/14
17. Venustus : Female venustus for sale 6inch long 15 12/10/14
18. African cichlids : African cichlid s for sale very nice looking fish 4-6 inch long 12 each 12/10/14
19. Wild caught male leptosoma : Hi I have a stunning wild caught male leptosoma for sale very healthy and eating well fully coloured only selling due to to many males in ta ... 12/10/14
20. 4 x STUNNING MALES VERY CHEAP TO CLEAR/SOLD SOLD : I HAVE 4 STUNNING MALES FOR SALE 1 X 14cm F1 Aulonocara Blue neon Hai reef 15. 1 X Firefish 14cm 15. 1 X F1 Placidochromis Jalo 15cm 15 1 ... 12/10/14
21. F2 Cyno. Afra jalo reef fry : As above, I have some F2 afra jalo reef fry for sale. Again, Dad is a real stunner. 5 each or 5 for 20 Thanks 12/10/14
22. fish for sale : 5 elongatus chalousie 2m 3f 2.5"-3" 15 12/10/14
23. WANTED: Wild or F1 Metriaclima Zebra Chilumba Luwino Reef : I'm after a pair/ single male or a trio of these. I'm in Essex, willing to travel with in reason if can not post. Please text if you can ... 11/10/14
24. Wanted: Julidochromis ornatus or transcriptus : I am looking for any julidochromis transcriptus or ornatus. Young fish or adults in the Ayrshire or Glasgow areas. Get in touch if you ca ... 11/10/14
25. wanted cichlids lincoln area : Wanted chichlids in the lincoln area 11/10/14
26. Wild female Julidochromis marlieri Kasanga : A large wild female Julidochromis marlieri "Kasanga" for sale. 5.5" long. She is quite peaceful to all but Julie males (she has killed two). ... 11/10/14
27. Adult wild caught male moba frontosa large : As title Excellent fish aprox 12" 60 bargain 11/10/14
28. 3-4 male yellow labs 15 Ono Manchester : 3 males and 1 white male Great solid colour 15 or Swap for large live aquarium plant Collection only from M30 Eccles Manch ... 11/10/14
29. Tanganyikans For Sale In Scotland : Cyprichromis leptosoma jumbo kitumba 2 5 each Enantiopus kilesa 2 7.50 each Xenotilapia sima 25 each Xenotilapia flavippinis cape ... 11/10/14
30. Tanganyikan cichlids : Looking for Tanganyikan Cichlids to add to a large community set up in the Mid Glamorgan area. Anything considered Thank you 11/10/14
31. Malawi demosoni dwarf cichlids for sale in crich Matlock : Here are some young from my demosoni f1 group of 15 these fish are eating well and colours are stunning also these fish cost about 10 each ... 11/10/14
32. Fish rooms Tour VIDEO 2013 @ Tonys African cichlids : We have made this video so the people that cannot make the journey in person to us can see around our place and give them a good idea what i ... 11/10/14
33. Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids Quality Tank-Bred Fish At In-expensive Prices. : I am based in the North-West of England, and have been keeping and breeding fish as a hobby for over 40 years. ####### Delivery Only #### ... 11/10/14
34. malawi cichlids : i have about 25 to 30 malawi fish ranging from 3 to 10inchs including 3 catfish, 1 plec,these fish are only suitable for a big tank. i als ... 11/10/14
35. Male Cynotilapia Afra Cobue & Melanochromic Auratus : 1x Male Melanochromis Auratus 3" 5 1x Male Cynotilapia Afra Cobue 3.5" 7.50 Also happy to do swaps 11/10/14
36. Victorian cichlids Devon : i have the following up for sale. Pick up from Newton Abbot, weekends only please. Considering postage with APC Pseudotropheus saulosi ... 11/10/14
37. Malawi cichlid mbuna (Auratus) : Malawi cichlid. Auratus,average about 2cm, showing full colour. Fed on spirulina. Growing fast. 1 each (minimum order is 10 fish) text. 077 ... 10/10/14
38. Tanganyikan cichlids wanted in kent/Sussex area : I am looking for anyone with eretmodus, enantiopus, cyatopharynx, opthalmotilapia or benthochromis for sale in the kent/Sussex area. 10/10/14
39. Neolamprologus Buescheri : Wanted A genuine pair of Buescheri or 6 x juveniles to grow on 10/10/14
40. Malawi for sale : I have 4 hajomaylandi(2 pairs) 3 Hongi Sweden and a trio of Mbenji 1 male 2 ob females for sale 50 for them all. Hongi Sweden are around 1. ... 10/10/14
41. Yellow tail acei 1-1.5 inches for sale, Epsom, Surrey : Yellow tail acei (pseudotropheus sp. acei) for sale 1-2" 2.50 each or 5 for 10. Beautiful purple bodied fish with bright yellow fins. Coll ... 10/10/14
42. MALAWIS IN POOLE DORSET : I have the following Malawis for sale all tank bred some pairs. ALUNOCARA Fire fish 4cm - 5cm some pairs Chilumba 4cm - 5cm some pairs ... 10/10/14
43. Labeotropheus Trewavasae OB and Labeotropheus Trewavasae Lions Cove PAIRS : Have both Labeotropheus Trewavasae OB and Trewavasae Lions Cove Pairs available. Males are 7-9cm females just a touch smaller. Pictures ... 10/10/14
44. for sale Malawi haps : Malawi dolphins and nimbochromis venustus over 1 inch from wild and f1 parents over 100 open to offers tel 07963500501 10/10/14
45. Malawi dolphins for sale : Malawi dolphins for sale 1 inch in size from wild and f1 parents 5 for 10 also nimbochromis venustus 1 inch 5 for 10 tel 07963500501 10/10/14
46. malawi cichlids for sale romford. : For sale I have 12 malawi cichlids all in good health pics can be sent if requested lookong for 70 ono can deliver locally if needed. Call ... 09/10/14
47. Frontosa FOR SALE : Male frontosa for sale 5" 10. More fish for sale. Red empress 3.00 Trewavasae 2.50 Yellow labs 1.00 1 male Arautus 5.00 D ... 09/10/14
48. FOR SALE BURUNDI FRONTOSA MALE : Burundi Frontosa for sale. 6 inches. Surplus stock . 10. Have other fish for sale. Male arautus . 5\" 5 Hybrid peacocks 2 1/2 \" s ... 09/10/14
49. Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***NEW tank bred Malawi and Tanganyikan stocks*** New tank bred stocks added to the stock list. www.riftvalleycichlids.com https://ww ... 09/10/14
50. FOR SALE F1 Labeotropheus trewavasae : 1 inch labeotropheus trewavasae and 1cm Fry for sale. 1. 50 - 2.50 each. Discounts on multiple buys. O7474511241 09/10/14
51. Wild Trewavasae higga reef male : Wild caught Trewavasae higga reef 6 inch stunner eating well just not getting on with the other trio I got paid 26 a few moths ago. Offers ... 09/10/14
53. acei yellow tail : acei yellow tail 3-4 cm,nice color,looking 2 ] each,put picture parents 09/10/14
55. Adult Labidochromis Caeruleus (Yellow Labs) From F1 stock last few larger fish : Last few yellow labs left for sale from unrelated F1 parents good size 5cm/2inches. Good colour no barring, great price, why pay more? Fe ... 09/10/14
56. Malawi fry for sale in Birmingham : I have few of the following Malawi fry for sale: * Yellow labs (Labidochromis caeruleus) * Aulonocara baeschi benga * Pseudotropheus de ... 09/10/14
57. Fry Cynotilapia afra jalo reef for sale in Birmingham : I have few fry of Cynotilapia afra jalo reef for sale: Fish's sizes around 2.5 cm. They are for sale at 3 each or 4 for 10. Fry's parent ... 09/10/14
58. African tank thinning : I am thinning out by show tank to make room so i have the folkowing for sale Male lithobates zimbabwe rock 3"+ stunning fish 7 Br ... 08/10/14
59. rock : Due to going back to American cichlids I now have this rock for sale message me if interested 08/10/14
60. Malawi Cichlid Fry for sale 2 each : I have several fry for sale all 1 1/2 inch in size 2 each Worcester Area all feeding well on crushed flake 08/10/14
61. Yellow Labs : Ok we have decided to add different purchase options on these Yellow Labs to make them easily affordable to different people. Buy in grou ... 08/10/14
62. MIXED MALAWIS white top afra hara, super red top ndumbi, demasoni, sp44 s and ot ... : malawi's for sale 1" all heathly and feeding well on newly hatched brine shimp for the best start in life and crushed flake they are colle ... 08/10/14
63. WANTED MALAWI FRY ANY SIZE : hi im wanting maliwi fry doesn't matter how small because im wanting to put them into my fry tank please txt me with details and prices of ... 07/10/14
64. petrochomis red bulu point wanted : Hi im lookind for oetro.red bulu point group for buy text 075 06145743 Thank s 07/10/14
65. RARE CHANCE ADULT XLARGE MOORI DOLPHIN only 20 or swap.Babeies avail too : Hard to find people willing to sell large Dolphins in good health. My adult is surplus to requirements as Over 6 inches, full bodied ... 07/10/14
66. Malawi fish for sale : Hi I have and number of young, Red Top/Rubin Reds and Bumble Bee all doing fine, would only sell when of a good size so about 3 week. you ca ... 07/10/14
67. Malawi for sale : Malawi fry for sale all at around an inch of over, some of the parents pictured Afra Cobue 3 each SOLD OUT Firefish 1.50 each Eureka C ... 07/10/14
68. altolamprologus calvus young "zaire blacks" : young calvus over an inch from F1 parents 3 each only about 12/15 left. collect from saltburn pics are of actual parents and young for sale ... 06/10/14
69. Malawi cichlid breeding groups : Small-large Cichlids and plec for sale Collection b43 Birmingham may swop for rock , 1mm coral sand or other cichlids/bristlenose Pl ... 06/10/14
70. beutiful african cichlids/malawi ob fryeri ob peacocks : 1 x fryeri iceburg female proven breeder 10 1 pair of alunocara ob peacocks 1 male 1 female 20 the pair 2 x Sciaenochromis fryeri OB Blu ... 06/10/14
71. VARIOUS MALAWI CICHLIDS FOR SALE : For sale- F1 Labeotropheus trewavasae fry 2.50 each Protomelus taeniolatus fry 3 each Yellow lab fry 1.50 each Yellow lab juvi 2 ea ... 06/10/14
72. Pseudotropheus Polit (sold sold) : For sale stunning Ps Polit 1cm size, 2.50 each or 15 available collections London sw99af Beautiful colour! 07543664965 Mat will have m ... 06/10/14
73. Venutus ( giraffe cichlid) fry : Few cm these are going for up to 10 in shop same size 2 each also red top hongi 2\" 3 06/10/14
74. WANTED Large Yellow Labs : Hi Im looking for some Large Yellow Labs in Merseyside area. I will also look at anything else but needs to 4 inch plus. Cheers ... 06/10/14
75. Cichlids Wanted : I have a 5 x 2 x 2 tank that i am just setting up. Have about 20 Cichlids going in straight away, but looking for more stock. Happy to give ... 06/10/14
76. Yellow Labs - Young Malawi cichlids for sale : I have around 50 young Malawi cichlids for sale, most are around 1cm. They are mostly all Yellow labs 1 each, 12 for 10 Located in Har ... 05/10/14
77. Protomelas sp. Steveni Taiwan inches (Taiwan Reef) Pair SOLD : Hi I am selling on a pair of Taiwan Reef a male and a female, Raised from an unrelated German bred F1 group. As you can see the male is s ... 05/10/14
78. WANTED: Frontosa, Haps or Peacocks : Hi I am looking for some young frontosa's or some decent size haps/peacocks. ideally near Dudley area. thanks 05/10/14
79. F1 tropheus red rainbow kasanga Fry : I have 21 tropheus F1 red rainbow kasanaga, which I have breed from my wild caught tropheus. 10 per fish, collection only from Stamford, 07 ... 05/10/14
80. Spare male wild mbuna for sale : I'm switching from all male tank so have these last few spare males for sale metriaclima zebra chilumba luwino reef 15 Metricalima mbenji ... 05/10/14
81. daffodil brichardi wanted : any one have any daffodil brichardi please email/ phone 07747 714529 with prices / location, as i live in cambridgeshire. breeding pair or ... 05/10/14
82. Young cyprichromis for sale : Cyprichromis utinta young 1.5 inch 3 each 10 for 25 Viewing welcome. Pics are my own adults and young that are for sale Local deli ... 05/10/14
83. OB zebra fry : Lots of OB zebra fry 50p each deals on more than 5, 2-3 cm and growing fast! Text if interested need to of load them asap collect from G ... 05/10/14
84. Pseudotropheus elongatus chewere F1 & F2 For Free : Hi all, I have some 2 inch to 4-5 inch Pseudotropheus elongatus chewere which I am giving away as my tank is to full. A small donation would ... 04/10/14
85. alberti haplochromus Breeding group : For sale is my breeding group of alberti haplochromus there is 1m 4f 2 holding but all 4 normally holding all the time had many fry from the ... 04/10/14
86. TROPHEUS FOR SALE (MIKE BONNICK) : I am a specialist breeder of wild caught cichlids from both Lake Malawi and Tanganyika. I am based in West Wickham, Kent and have a purpose ... 04/10/14
87. frontosa : frontosa kapampa adults wanted Bromley kent 04/10/14
88. 15 Malawi Mbuna Cichlids for sale : A mix of 15 mbuna cichlids for sale. taken from my main tank as waiting for new fish. 35 takes the lot. Collection lancing. sorry haven\'t ... 04/10/14
89. One f1 mpimbwe blue front, : 1 german f1 mpimbwe front 20- stunner to good home. Photos of fish. cheers Leicester. pickup. 04/10/14
90. for sale : Are 8x f1 blue zaire moba frontosa's sizes ranging from 2.5 inch to 6 inch. Collection only.20 each and 25 for the big male. 04/10/14
91. Fire fish for sale average size 4.75 inch : These are stunners that's the best word for them 10 each 3 for 25 Collection from Thetford 04/10/14
92. Yellow Labidochromis Juveniles for sale : Yellow lab juveniles for sale 1" - 1.5" , all healthy and eating well. Both parents in pictures. 2 each or 3 for 5 Would deliver if loca ... 03/10/14
93. Pseudotropheus Elongatus mpanga : Hi, I have about 100 plus Pseudotropheus Elongatus mpanga for sale all growing well at 2-3.5 cm 5 for 10 or discount on bulk buy. Pare ... 03/10/14
94. tropheus duboisi maswra for sale f1 group : group of 9 f1 maswra adults have bred collection peterborough area offers? or swap for quality african mbuna 03/10/14
95. 40-50 mixed malawi fry : Around 40-50 mixed Malawi fry including yellow labs and a range and variety of Aulonocara Peacocks including Fire Fish, Maylandi Sulphurhead ... 03/10/14
96. Wild caught Zaire blue Moba Frontosa pair for 100 : Hello, I have for sale a pair of wild caught moba frontosa. The male is around 10inch and female around 7 inch, if not more. I have price ... 03/10/14
97. Wanted: Neolamprologus brevis : Description: Dear all , I am after any Neolamprologus brevis fry/sub adult/ adult fish that are in around Gloucestershire/Herefordshire/ Wo ... 02/10/14
98. Wanted: Julidochromis ornatus : Description: Dear all , I am after any Julidochromis ornatus fry/sub adult/ adult fish in the Gloucestershire Herefordshire/ Worcestershir ... 02/10/14
99. Wanted: Eretmodus cyanostictus Kipili : Dear all , I am after any Eretmodus cyanostictus Kipili fry/sub adult/ adult fish that are in around Gloucestershire/Herefordshire/ Worcest ... 02/10/14
100. malawi a nd victorian cichlids bradford : 25-30 yellow tailed acei 2-3 inch 5 each or all for 35 ,labeotropheus travwassae chilumba around 3 inch 3 males 2 females f1 12 per pair ... 02/10/14

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