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Home :: Malawi, Tanganyikan & Victorian Cichlids
1. Malawi fry : Hi I have malawi fry for sale these are yellow labs red orb zebras and hybrid mbuna they are now 8 weeks old and roughly 1 -1 1/2 inches. Th ... 12/03/17
2. placidochromis jalo reef group of 5 juvies : I have a group of 5 young jalo reef that I have bred from my group, I think its 2 males and 3 females, the pic is of one of the males that h ... 12/03/17
3. MALAWI CICHLIDS IN STOCK AT THE AQUATIC STORE BRISTOL 24.03.17 : We now have 33 tanks dedicated to Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids.. Offering Aulonocara, Haplochromine's and Rock Dwelling Mbuna, all areas ... 12/03/17
4. Malawi Mixed Cichlids for sale : A mix of large and small cichlids, about 25-35 in total. I've had them for three years and want a change of set up. Needs to be in a big tan ... 11/03/17
5. malawi cichlids 4 for 10 : Malawi cichlids 4 to 5 cm + 4 for 10 I have Lombardi and red top zebras around 44 also have ones about 2cm in size bumbees mphanga and Lom ... 10/03/17
6. Placidochromis phenochilus lupingu f1 group for sale. : Hi i have a young adult group of f1 placidochromis phenochilus lupingu for sale. 3 male 4 female. Amazing condition males just starting t ... 10/03/17
7. Adult Aulonocara Firefish female. Doncaster : Free to good home.Nice pinky orange female around 10 cm in size. Collection from DN2. For more info call Vic on 07411413635. 10/03/17
8. Wild caught Tropheus Ikola group for sale : Very nice group consisting 2 males,4 females 10-12 cm in size plus one juvenile. One of the females holding at the moment. They have been br ... 10/03/17
9. Frontosa Burundi group for sale : Reluctantly I'm looking to move on my group of Burundi. There is eight in total and are now getting to big for the tank. They have breed thr ... 09/03/17
10. Mbuna for sale : F1 tropheops yellow yellow gallireya reef 3 pairs 2-3" 10 per pair or all for 20 Tb cyanerhabdos maingano fry/juvies 1cm to 4cm 2 e ... 09/03/17
11. frontosa : frontosa 3 inches 15 () 09/03/17
15. WANTED Labeotropheus trewavasae zimbawe rock : I'm looking for Labeotropheus trewavasae zimbawe rock, the best F1 or F2. 08/03/17
16. frontosa : frontosa moba zaire blues f`1s 10 of 5-10" lovely fish want to go back to mbunas 275 collection only 05/03/17
17. Fossochromis : I have a group of 9 Fossochromis Rostratus for sale Between 6 and 9",1 Dominant male,1 sub dominant male and at least 5 females Are showin ... 04/03/17
18. Wanted malawi : Hi I'm after male dragon blood firefish, male venustus, female yellow labs any sp44 and jalo reef, will travel within reason, I also have so ... 02/03/17
19. Malawi Cichlids 2 inches - 3.5 inches Aulonocara peacocks African cichlids : Over 400 beautiful stunning fish, I have videos whatsapp me and i can send you some... 07956 948 123 Fed on quality foods and no issues, ... 02/03/17
20. Ps Acei Yellow tail (Cambridge) : Pseudotropheus Acei Yellow Tail 2.5cm 8 for 10, 4 for 7 1.5cm 10 for 9, 20 for 17, 40 for 30, or 1 each. Pictured is the fath ... 01/03/17
21. White labs,zebra oblique,blue lip Williamsi : 1" long white labs 5 ea Zebras an blue lips 2.50each 10 for 5 Plz text only 01/03/17
22. Zebra Cichlid Maylandia (Pseudotropheus) zebra mbuna : i have a tank full of these and they just keep breeding. so i need to thin out the numbers a bit. the tank is 5 ft and well established and ... 01/03/17
23. Fish for sale 2 pounds each : Lake Malawi cichlids young for sale 2 pound each 07487788937 fish are on average 3cm growing fast collection from beckton East London paren ... 28/02/17
24. Malawi for sale : Collection from Beckton East London Albino socolofi 4-5cm 5 Protemelas Steveni Taiwan reef 3-4 cm 5 Red top hongi 3-4 cm 4 Red zebras ... 28/02/17
25. FRONTOSA Burundi : Have 10 young Burundi frontosa left at 1" size 5 each pics of fry an dad 28/02/17
26. F1 Tropheus inches Moorii inches Kasakalwe for sale : I have the above for sale bred from my wild caught group, all young are in super health and growing fast . Size wise they average out at 4 ... 28/02/17
27. Frontosa fry : ******Reduced******Selling some frontosa fry, approx 1-2inch growing lovely Will need bags to collect. 8 each reduced now 5 each. Messa ... 27/02/17
28. Various African Mbuna Cardiff : For sale quality Malawi Mbuna species, the list below is what is currently available Pseudotropheus saulosi TB from F2, Pseudotropheus ... 26/02/17
29. Malawi cichlids - approx 60x (tank shut down) : Approx 60x Malawis, mostly peaceful mbuna and some aulonocara. Would prefer them to all go together for 250 but will split to 6 per fish. ... 26/02/17
30. Collection of african malawi mbuna Cichlids in 180ltr jewl rio setup : There are around 20-25 fish ranging from 2 - 4.5 inches. Demasoni Lombardoi(kenyi) Yellow labs Red zebra Bumblebee Electric blue soco ... 26/02/17
31. TROPHEUS BRICHARDI ULWILE : Hello to all my fellow aquarists! I have for sale about 3 inches tropheus brichardi ulwile fries. 9 each, 10 for 80. 12 for 100. Maybe s ... 25/02/17
32. Kigoma frontosa 7 inches 30 : A beautiful kigoma 7 striped frontosa 25/02/17
34. Eretmodus kigoma orange f1 : Hi I have some eretmodus kigoma orange f1 for sale. From my wild pair. Around 1" in size. 6.00 each Picture of the parent's ... 24/02/17
35. 3 Malawi cichlid SOLD SOLD : I have 3 Malawi cichlid for sale Nimbochromis venustus, 3 inch female electric blue ahli, 3 inch male Male peacock, 1.5 inch male ... 24/02/17
36. Mixed Malawi, pair of duals and cats and pleks : 10 Malawi 2 dual 2 upside down cats 2 other cats Sun spot cat Golden nugget plek 1 louch Well looked after fish contact if yo ... 24/02/17
37. 20 malawi for sale : 20 mixed malawi for sale will sell separtley are all together 5.00 pounds each or 65.00 for the lot. 24/02/17
38. 2 full Tang set ups with fish for sale : I have 2 different set ups for sale. Both tanks are the same with the same stand. They come set up with heaters and filters One tank Is ... 24/02/17
39. Tropheus murago Tanzania f1 : I have for sale the last of the tropheus murago Tanzania f1. 15 pcs 25 each or 325 the group. Pick up Bridgend south Wales Ca ... 23/02/17
40. Trio of f1 zebra gold kwanga : Trio of zebra gold kwanga these are nearly fully grown 1male2female 30 pounds willing to swap for hongi juvies can sent pics for some reason ... 23/02/17
41. Mbuna Cichlids : Reducing my stock, I have yellow labs, hongi, saulosi OB and others that I don't remember the names, 5 each all adult size Please text me ... 22/02/17
42. 5 adult red zebras : 5 adult red zebra cichlids for sale need gone asap as need space for other fish will not hold first come first served and can deliver locall ... 22/02/17
43. Tropheus Ilangi : Small group of 5 Ilangi. One is 4" in length, the other four are around 2.5". Sold as a group. 60. Pick up only and bring your own containe ... 21/02/17
44. Wanted Female Tembwe Frontosa : wanted female Tembwe ideally 6 inch plus. Willing to offer a very good price and travel within reason to collect from Devon 21/02/17
45. 16x Cyathopharynx furcifer Kigoma F1 and F2 cichlids breeding adults : Cyathopharynx furcifer Kigoma cichlids for sale. 9 fish in total 6 are F1, 3 are F2 (also 7x F2 fry included). Vary from 4" up to 6" plus. ... 21/02/17
46. Tropheus : Anyone selling any tropheus pls text or email 19/02/17
47. Tanganyikan Cichlids - Breeding Pair and individuals : Young breeding pair of Julidochromis Transcriptus 10.00 Young adult Julidochromis Transcriptus 3.00 each Young female Neolamprologus ... 19/02/17
48. Lethrinops and phenochilous young : Lethrinops marginatus redfin young and placidochromis phenochilous about 1.25in good quality young healthy fish collect only 10 for 5 18/02/17
49. Tropheus canary cheeks : Excellent quality tank bred Tropheus Canary cheeks F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. They a ... 17/02/17
50. Altolamprologus compressiceps gold head : Excellent quality tank bred altolamprologus compressiceps gold head F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems ... 17/02/17
51. Bumblebee Malawi cichlid fry for sale : Fry for sale. 2.50 each or 10 20. Size 3cm, 4 months old. African cichlids are best kept over stocked in a larger aquarium. Always make su ... 17/02/17
52. Wanted Cyprochromis : Looking for a small group of Cyps, in the east Anglia Essex areas. No silly shop prices please. 17/02/17
53. SOLD 2 x occellatus gold females - 5 each : I have for sale two home-bred gold Lamprologus ocellatus shelldwellers, coming up to 1", female. Buyer collects from London E1. 16/02/17
54. SOLD 5 x S petricola @ 40 : I have 5 Synodontis petricola for sale, not all siblings so could become a good breeding group. These are gregarious and active dwarf Tang c ... 16/02/17
55. PUNDAMILIA NYERERE MKOBE ISLAND PARE : pair of pundamilla male is around 3 inch female slightly smaller please bring a bucket cash on collection 16/02/17
56. Hap and alunacara pairs wanted : If anyone is selling any nice hap or alunacara pairs let me know what you have got if they are something a little different I could defo be ... 15/02/17
57. Tropheus red rainbow : Tropheus red rainbow approx 4 inch 15/02/17
58. Tanganyika cichlids : Neolamprologus brichardi fry for sale 2 each. Is around 20 of them. They are 2cm, around 3months old. 15/02/17
59. SOLD Paracyprichromis nigripinnis neon x 5 : I have a breeding group of five paracyps, two are wild caught fish bought from Mike's Rifts. 2 males, 2 females and one younger, unrelated f ... 15/02/17
60. PETROTALPIA PALINGNATHOS CHIZUMULU MALE 15 : petrotilapia palingnathos chizumulu 5-6 inch male for sale or swap for Malawi fry 14/02/17
61. Malawi Juveniles for sale : Malawi juvenile fish ready to go now. Need the space in the grow on tank. Pseudotropheus Elongatus Mpanga size 1 inch 2 each (about ... 14/02/17
62. Simmochromis diagramma x7 young 25 : Young group simmochromis diagramma. X7 in group. Just under an inch.these go well with tropheus.as same diet.from f1 parents which i no long ... 14/02/17
63. taiwan reef wanted : hi im looking for some taiwan reef cichlids female or fry please text me thank you 14/02/17
64. Large beautiful frontosa : 15-18 cm blue and black colouring very beautiful frontosa. Has outgrown current home. 60 or near offer 13/02/17
65. Tropheus Red Ndole : As I do not have the tank space I am splitting up a breeding group of 26 F1 Tropheus Red Ndole. There will be 12 for sale the ratio is to b ... 13/02/17
66. Neolamprologus Tretocephalus x5 : 5 adult fish just coming to breeding age and starting to pair off. 30 for the 5 Collection only (great Sutton) Contact 0754582607 ... 13/02/17
67. haps & peacocks plus tank REDUCED : anyone looking for haps im selling up large male copadichromis borleyi red fin adult female n 3 smaller females 2 pairs f1 protomelas spilon ... 13/02/17
68. SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS, Aquarium hoods and vivarium manufacturer : Southdown Aquatics Building Vivariums for over 8years under the Southdown name manufacturing to suit all types of reptile and exotic an ... 13/02/17
69. Over 20 malawis for sale : Am selling over 20 malawis sizes ranging from 1 inch up to 5 inches. 12/02/17
70. F1 frontosas for sale Bristol : 4 x F1 Tembwe frontosas for sale. Fantastic looking fish, reluctant sale due to moving house. Photos don't do them justice. Alpha male - 10 ... 12/02/17
71. Julidochromis marlieri for sale Bristol : Julidochromis marlieri for sale Bristol Plenty to choose from ranging from 1 inch - 4 inch approx. Open to offers and a deal. Reluctant sa ... 12/02/17
72. Wanted Tropheus colony adults or juveniles : Is anyone selling Tropheus in the Essex area looking to buy a colony would prefer duboisi maswa but and willing to look at any other colonie ... 12/02/17
73. Hap and alunacara pairs wanted : If anyone is selling any nice hap or alunacara pairs let me know what you have got if they are something a little different I could defo be ... 12/02/17
74. Haps and Aulonocara for sale : Selling my group of all male haps and aulonocara all sourced from European breeders and around 2 years old.This is a nice settled group and ... 12/02/17
75. PETROTALPIA PALINGNATHOS CHIZUMULU MALE 15 : petrotilapia palingnathos chizumulu 5-6 inch male for sale or swap for Malawi fry 12/02/17
76. Williamsi Blue Lips and Membe Deep Cichlids For Sale : For Sale are the following fish, which we are selling due to closing down our tank: Membe Deep x 8 (3 Male and 5 Female) at 3.5" William ... 11/02/17
77. Zebra gold kawanga, msobo magunga : For sale Metraclima Kawanga gold F1 3 (1m, 2OB female) 6 inch-30 Metraclima Msobo Magunga F1 4 females 4inch-20 09/02/17
78. Assorted peacocks/ Alunocara : I am selling my Alunocara as I always swapping to a hap only tank. I have 18 peacocks for sale 250 for the lot. Mainly all males Includes ... 09/02/17
79. Rare Tropheus Brichardi Kalemie : Excellent quality tank bred Tropheus-brichardi-(kalemie)-F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. ... 09/02/17
80. Tropheus bulu point : Excellent quality tank bred Tropheus bulu point F1. these fish have been fed on OSI spirulina from birth so no problems with diet. They are ... 09/02/17
81. Wild Caught Tanganyika Cichlids available to order. : Wild Caught Tanganyika cichlid availability list. Fish from this list can be ordered in on our next shipment. Please contact me if you hav ... 08/02/17
82. FRONTOSA KIGOMA : Frontosa Kigoma (7bar) All around 2 inch in size 10 Each Collection only from Jarrow 07874307005 08/02/17
83. Tanyganika/Malawi cichlids for sale Leeds : My fish start to grow so unfortunately I have to sell some of them or exchange(let me know what you have).Please see below: 30 x Alunocar ... 07/02/17
84. Yellow Labidochromis. : I've got 10 Yellow Labidochromis left for sale. They're now 2/4cm and ready to go. Must be able to collect from Penwortham, Preston. 3.50 ... 06/02/17
85. Neolamprologus hecqui fry : Neolamprologus hecqui fry for sale from my wc breeding pair These are shell dwellers females grow to 3.5" and males 5" fry are around 2 ... 05/02/17
86. Cyprichromis leptosoma fry : 3 cyprichromis leptosoma fry around 2" from wc breeding group 5each also will have some cyprichromis jumbo kitumba for sale when g ... 04/02/17
87. Wild Synodontus Granulosus : Due to time waster back up for sale Wild genuine synodontus granulosus 15cm ,this fish is in excellent condition and is feeding on krill, ... 04/02/17
88. Breeding trio of stunning wild met hajomaylandi : Reluctant sale of a stunning wild trio of met hajomaylandi stunning fish have young I'm holding back from them only selling as downing 1 ma ... 04/02/17
89. juwel Trigon 350 Frontosa complete setup 450 : 450 Ito sell this weekend 8 large Frontosa, regular breeding Houused ini Complete Juwel 350 setup (Black) T5 lighting FX5 Filter ... 04/02/17
90. tanganykan cichlids : Wild caught pair Eretmodus 30 also breeding trio of multifaciatus Male and 2 females F1 currently with fry 25.Selling as I want to concent ... 04/02/17
91. Malawi cichlids breeding pairs 200 job lot : Up for sale is my breeding groups pairs of Malawi cichlids all grade a Red empress trio finidge is perfect stunning example female is h ... 03/02/17
92. MALAWI CICHLIDS LONDON/ESSEX : Good quality afcrian Cichlids New aquarium shop open 125 Rose Lane Romford Rm6 5nr Monday Thursday 10am - 6pm Friday and Sa ... 03/02/17
93. Frontosa WANTED Preferably Burundi... : Looking for 2-3 Frontosa, preferably Burundi and no more than 1 Male. Local to Birmingham B37/Solihull area. Thanks. 03/02/17
94. Synadontis Petricola juveniles. : FOR SALE, another batch of young petricola around 1"+, feeding well, & very lively. I could not get a decent picture of young, so pictures ... 02/02/17
95. F1 Pseudotropheus elongatus chewere: 4 each or 3 for 10 : I currently have 30 F1 chewere for sale. They are 5cm. The male and female from which they are bred are both wild caught. My male ... 02/02/17
96. Tropheus Tanzania murago,kapembwe,chituta f1 for sale : Hi some tropheus i have available. Tropheus Tanzania murago f1 25 each Tropheus kapembwe f1 12 each Tropheus chituta bay f1 12 ... 02/02/17
97. Convict Cichlid Malavi Fish : Convict Cichlid malawi fishes most of them are 4-5cm long. 10 fishes available 1 fish for 4.00 3 fishes for 10 5 Fishes for 15 It is ... 28/01/17
98. fromfry.co.uk. Supplier of quality, tank raised, freshwater fish, specialising i ... : We are a family run business, proud to supply good, healthy fish to our customers. Although we mainly breed and grow on our own fish, we do ... 28/01/17
99. Tropheus Firecracker F1 Adults 14cm : X20 Tropheus Firecracker F1 Adults 14cm Breeding group and currently holding All feeding well All showing great colours Please ... 26/01/17
100. Pair Giselli : Unusual fish, pair for sale to go together. 3 inches in size. Buyer to bring transport 20 25/01/17

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