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1. Captive bred H. barbouri seahorse - Zebra snout seahorse, Only 4 pairs left : Captive bred barbouri seahorses. Eating frozen mysis. Should be kept in a species tank (no stinging corals, no tangs etc). About 4i ... 18/02/18
2. Captive bred H. abdominalis - pot bellied seahorse : Captive bred, eating frozen mysis. About 4inch in size. These are a temperate seahorse, they should not be kept in a tropical tank. ... 18/02/18
5. Free Chaeto : hi, anyone wanting to collect some free chaeto algae from Rotherham get in touch. cheers 18/02/18
6. Coral frags, high end zoas, sun corals, xenia and many more : Pulsing xenia frags £5 to small colonies £20 High end zoas devil's armour 5 polyps £20, should be £10 p.o. Fairy dust colony 10 plus polyp ... 17/02/18
7. Pulsing Xenia for swap : Pulsing Xenia for swaps anything marine considered! Small or large amounts available. Text or email your swaps. 17/02/18
8. Reduced Niger Trigger : Amazing character, hand feeds everytime,eats everything.reduced price £30.cost me £59 07377679617. 17/02/18
9. Full marine setup for sale £500 : Aqua one 275 in black full setup for sale pair of clowns,algae blennie,midas blennie, 2 x chromis,flash back gramma,6 line wrasse,live rock, ... 17/02/18
10. Marine tangs sold sold sold : Yellow tang 4 inch £50 Regal tang 4 inch £40 Orange shoulder tang £35 17/02/18
11. Red bubbletip anemone : In good healthy condition & great colour. £20 - collection only. 17/02/18
12. Fish for sale, Tank Break down : Hi, I have a few fish for sale due to a tank break down. I am selling loads of equipment (12month old) on ebay under samphillips11 check ... 16/02/18
13. Blue Cheek Goby : I have a lovely Blue Cheek Goby for sale! Due to unforeseen circumstances, i'm shutting down my marine tank, hence the sale. This little ... 16/02/18
14. Valentini puffer fish : Hi there, I have a lovely Valentini puffer fish for sale! Due to unforeseen circumstances, i'm shutting down my marine tank, hence t ... 16/02/18
15. Coral Beauty for sale : Hi there, I have a lovely Coral beauty for sale! Due to unforeseen circumstances, i'm shutting down my marine tank, hence the sale. ... 16/02/18
16. Live rock : 35kg of good quality purple live rock for £125. 16/02/18
17. Marine fish : Small clown fish pair £30 Flame scallop £10 small silver spot tang. Needs abit of feeding up after tank breakdown and not feeding very ... 16/02/18
18. Live corals, inverts, fish in Marine tank Red Sea max 250 with sump £450 Ono : I've decided to sell my tank. It's a Red Sea max 250 with sump, approx 280 litres. Two jebao power heads, eheim heater, return pump and v2 ... 15/02/18
19. Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral : Leather coral @ £20 I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. The frag (junior) comes from a 17" by 13" host m ... 15/02/18
20. Lamarcks Angelfish : Lamarck's Angelfish around 3 inch lovely fish nice and fat eats everything also reef safe £30 collection from Forest Gate East London. N ... 15/02/18
21. Marine livestock : Yellow tang, regal tang, maroon clown , black and white clown a damsel a urchin, royal grammer, fire shrimp, wreck fish, turbo snails, hermi ... 15/02/18
22. Captive bred zosterae seahorse.- alll gone, but more growing quickly. : Captive bred. Need live food for life! Very small. Need a nano/pico tank on there own. £150 a pair. 15/02/18
23. Bright yellow kuda seahorses : Captive bred seahorses. Eating frozen mysis. Lovely bright yellow. £100 a pair. Collection in Hampshire but shipping possible. 15/02/18
24. Baby saddle back clowns : After a reasonable breeding experiment I have two clown fish nearing shop bought size and itís time to say goodbye. Free to a good home mayb ... 15/02/18
25. Achilles tang wanted : Looking to buy nice Achilles tang, any for sale ? 14/02/18
26. MARINE FISH @@ selling separate @@ : For sale are my marine fish,due to health reasons. I have spent thousands on equipment and my hobby over the last 5 years and Iím gutted to ... 14/02/18
27. Red Sea 170 reefer : Red Sea 170 v2 lumanire bubble Magnus skimmer ,return pump ,ozone generator sump and all stock in picture Liverpool area collection only ... 14/02/18
28. Kenya tree coral frags 4" : Kenya tree coral frags on plugs, 4" tall and have been growing very quickly being fed Reef Roids weekly. They provide great flowing mov ... 13/02/18
29. marine fish wanted : Wanted marine fish anything considered ...also marine set up with or without livestock . 13/02/18
30. Marine fish : Wanted, complete marine set up,looking for livestock, marine fish, soft corals, anemone, inverts ,live rock etc or just tank set up ...anyt ... 13/02/18
31. Coral for sale £15 : Metallic green star polyps for sale £15 Thanks James 13/02/18
32. LIVE ROCK.. : I have closed an aquarium down for a friend. He has a 220 ltr barrel full of live rock heater and power head to keep it live. There are ... 12/02/18
33. Male Scribble angelfish £320. In non copper system. : About 4 inches size. Cash only. Collection only. 12/02/18
34. Achilles tang £365. In non copper system. : About 4 inches size. Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. Cash only. Collection only. 12/02/18
35. Cross hatch trigger £600. In non copper system. : About 6 inches size. Cash only. Collection only. 12/02/18
36. Mature Live Rock & Reef Bones £5/Kg, Live Sand £2/Kg Offers Accepted : Final stage of 1000Ltr tank being shut down. Lots of rock, sand and reef bones. Discount of bulk purchase >10Kg Collection only. Please ... 12/02/18
37. MAKE ME AN OFFER MARINE FISH, LIVE ROCK, CORALS SEE NEW PICS : Live rock, Soft corals and Marine fish in several tanks as follows: NO HOLES DRILLED IN TANKS! FOR SALE 6ftx2ft x2ft aquarium ... 12/02/18
38. Fuzzy dwarf lionfish : A good 3 to 4 Inc healthy and eating very well on frozen and live food£60 07973 529939 11/02/18
39. 5kgs Live Rock very mature £30 : 5kgs of live rock from a tank im braking down. Pink coraline on some. £30 located in Worthing West Sussex. Please message me to ... 11/02/18
40. Java Red Discosoma Mushrooms : I currently have red discosoma mushrooms for sale. Look great when colony has grown and under blues. £7 for one or two for £12. 11/02/18
41. Bargain frags. SPS, LPS. Farnborough, Hants. : From Triton run healthy system with GHL lighting Pink seriotopora hystrix birdsnest. 1 x 3" - £12 Montipora Setosa. Bright orange / pi ... 10/02/18
42. corals , cheato , phyto : xenia frags on real live rock £5-£8 kenya frags on real live rock £5-£10 rare green kenya frags £10-£15 clove polyps frags £5-£10 ... 10/02/18
43. 25kg bucket tropic Marin bio actif reef salt. : For sale £70 bucket of tropic Marin bio actif...£50 buys it or spend an extra £20-£30 trying to find it elsewhere. Thanks 09/02/18
44. Coral beauty for sale : Perfectly healthy coral beauty. Bought at unknown age for Fish Alive Durham. Had for 12 months. Started eating corals so I want To find ... 09/02/18
45. Phytoplankton : Phyto is a natural Food for your tank good for feeding feather dusters clams soft corals .pods and rotifers l make my own and have spare £5 ... 09/02/18
46. Live rotifers : I have rotifers excellent for feeding clown fry and corals on .text for a price 09/02/18
47. FREE Green bird wrasse : I have a lovely Green bird wrasse that im giving away for free iv had it about a year, it about 6" long. Im letting it go because im changi ... 09/02/18
48. 9 rose bubble tip anemones, BTA, marine : Hi I have about 9 rose bubble tip anemones for sale. Various sizes: Small £15 Medium £20 5 LEFT, 4 SOLD Not seen many of this ... 09/02/18
49. Ecotech frag kit : Ecotech frag kit for sale in good condition open to offers For more information 07784156262 08/02/18
50. Live rock £350 : Live rock for sale, I weighed it at the weekend itís 120kg. Iím looking for £350. In my local fish shop itís £12.99 a kilo so that would be ... 08/02/18
51. Marine fish and Aqua Medic Anthias 120 marine setip : Aqua Medic Anthias 120 (112 Gallons approx 509 Liters) for sale. Measures 56" x 78" x 28" for the tank alone, plus original stand. (136 c ... 08/02/18
52. Sun corals, Pulsing Xenia, Trumpet corals for sale. Bedfordshire : Sun corals from £15.00 Candy cane trumpets from £4 per head. Blue / grey trumpets from £4.50 per head Pulsing Xenia from £5 per frag to ... 07/02/18
53. Clarion Angelfish for sale : I put out for sale this amazing and very ostentatious fish. I regret letting it go but must have to. She is in perfect health. Email if you ... 07/02/18
55. corals for sale : sps millipora frags £8 -£15 poccilopora frags £8 -£15 forest fire digi £8 - £20 bubble gum digi £8 -20 green digi frags £8 lps lar ... 06/02/18
56. Price reduced after a quick sale : Right folks. If you dream of owning a large tank then this is the one for you. I'm selling my 96" x 28" x 30" (around 1300 litres) As you ... 06/02/18
57. Wanted marine fish : I am looking for any marine fish must be able to deliver in wigan area money waiting 06/02/18
58. Live marine Tonga branch and marine rock : I have for sale 9kg of live tonga branch rock £50 for it all Also have live rock with some great plate rock pieces at £4 PER KG 05/02/18
59. 2 beautiful Black and White Clownfish : I have a male and a beautiful female Black and White Clownfish. The female is about 3 inches and the male is 2 inches. The female has a beau ... 05/02/18
60. Clown fish (ocellaris) £50 : 2 clown fish breeding pair they have been together for nearly 2 years and are still laying eggs. Very happy pair of fish. 04/02/18
61. Pair of MisBar Clownfish + Rose bubble tip anemone : Hi there, I have a lovely pair of Mis-Bar Clownfish + a Rose bubble tip anemone for sale! Due to unforeseen circumstances, i'm shutt ... 04/02/18
62. Hippocampus Hippocampus pair : one pair of captive bred Hippocampus Hippocampus for sale. £300 without delivery, £335 with delivery. uk mainland only, payment via paypal. 04/02/18
63. Kenya colony unicorn yellow tang and some live rock : Hi for sell is a very large nice Kenya tree coral colony on a nice large bit of rock its nice gold brown colour and very bushy. My large uni ... 04/02/18
64. Live rock and sand for Sale : Live rock and sand for sale Live rock £4.50 per Kg Live Sand £30 Ė there is enough to cover the bottom of an 8Ē tank. Will do a deal ... 02/02/18
65. 2 Yellow Tangs : Been in captivity for approx 1 year, approx 4 inches in size £45 each or both for £80 02/02/18
66. Sponge on live rock : Two pieces on live rock £30 other one lose £10 02/02/18
67. Asternia starfish : If anybody wants any Asternia starfish,great if running low for,your Harlequin shrimp.50 for £10 needs collecting though. 02/02/18
68. Kenyon tree marine Coral : I have 3 Kenyon trees for sale about 3" toll very healthy £5 each for more information and pictures contact me on 07711166607 pick up Oldh ... 31/01/18
69. Wanted mexican turbo snails : Hi any one selling turbo snails thanks or any other clean up crew 31/01/18
70. LIVE ROCK : 10kg of live rock rubble. Has been dry stored for 6 months. Collection only unless you live nearby. Iím in the Caterham area. Usually £12 pe ... 31/01/18
71. Adult Goldflake angelfish £675. In non copper system. : About 6 inches size. Cash on only. Collection only. 31/01/18
72. Griffis angelfish £720. In non copper system. : About 4 inches size. Collection only. Cash only. 31/01/18
74. 200L marine tank for sale : I have for sale a 200l sumped marine tank for sale Its sumped in the back of the tank not underneath its currently running as it has rock ... 30/01/18
75. Clown Trigger Fish £145 : Hi I am selling my 6 inch adult clown trigger fish. It's eat really well. When you give food it's pick up from your hand. Very intelligent ... 30/01/18
76. RO water and SALTED water : I HAVE RO WATER 15p A LITRE. tds 0.00 and salted £6 for 25 LITRES. pleaes bring own container. CONTACT MICHAEL LICHFIELD 07956444789 CA ... 29/01/18
77. Premium Black Ice Clownfish Pair For Sale : Selling my Black Ice clowns which Iíve had for 2 years now. They are regularly laying eggs in my tank and are in perfect condition. The ... 29/01/18
78. CORAL COLONIES AND FRAGS FOR SALE : All the following Corals for sale Please text Paul on 07487 681660 Collection only from Chesterfield 1 mile from jct 29 M1 , Derbyshire ... 29/01/18
79. Frags & Colonies For Sale : Ultra Green Candy Cane (Trumpet) Various sizes.Frags from £5.00 ,Small colonies From £15.00 to XXL @ £40.00 Please text Paul on 07487 ... 29/01/18
80. wanted marine live rock & equipment for new set up : wanted marine live rock /25 litre containers bucket of salt salinity meter chemicals testing kits lighting antything marine conside ... 28/01/18
81. Tri colour bubbletip anemones £30 : Hi I have some bubbletip anemones for sale. Tank splits. These are nicely coloured. They don't get over 6 " and they split readily. Any qu ... 28/01/18
82. Green Montipora Plate : Hi,I have a large piece of green Montipora Plate,5-6in, good colour, £20 Collection only, ps bring you own container please 28/01/18
83. Red Montipora Digitata Frags : Hi, I have some nice red Montipora Digitata sps frags, nice, £12 each, willing to do deals, collection only Ps, please bring your own conta ... 28/01/18
84. Green Hystrix Frags : Hi, I have some nice Green Hystrix sps frags (Seriatopora Guttatus) for sale, nice healthy frags, fast growing, £12 each,willing to do deals ... 28/01/18
85. Live rock, Live sand, in Marine fish tank : 4 foot marine fish tank for sale selling due to ill health think its a betta space tank comes with approx 50 kilos of live rock live sand bu ... 27/01/18
86. Angelfish Adults and Juveniles : Angel Fish for sale Adult Blue Ring angel 100,00 Majestic Angel 90 Regal Angel (Maldives) 80.00 Rock Beauty Angel Adult 80.00 Blue Fa ... 26/01/18
87. XL Snowflake Eel : Huge Snowflake Eel for sale over 2ft and the thickness of an average persons wrist selling due to tank breakdown ive had for over a year wit ... 26/01/18
88. 40kg live rock wanted : Just setting up a new tank on a budget (disabled) so was looking for a good price on a decent amount of live rock thanks in advance &#12 ... 25/01/18
89. MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... : Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best pr ... 24/01/18
90. Mantis : Wanted peacock mantis shrimp huddersfield area 24/01/18
91. Marine fish and corals wanted : Within 50 miles of West sussex, complete setups considered bit mainly looking for corals and smaller fish. 24/01/18
92. Blue Throat Triggers : After a pair of blue throat triggers, can collect West Midlands area tel 07757379950 23/01/18
93. Complete marine set up, everything must go : I have a 6ft 6 marine set up with queen and flame angel, 4 clowns and red shrimp. Live rock, skimmer, internal and external filter plus powe ... 21/01/18
94. Marine Live Rock £5 per kg : I have approximately 50+ kg of live rock for sale following a house move & rescape. Selling for £5 per kg. 20/01/18
95. Marine Aquarium Full Set Up With Coral : 60 ltr Marine Aquarium. full set up including:Stretch LEDs x2 Skimmer,Filters x2 Power head, Live Rock, Leather Corals and snails £90 ono 20/01/18
96. Wanted marine fish and corals : Hi I'm after marine fish and corals in Burnley Lancashire. Area or can pay petrol to drop off please 18/01/18
97. WANTED : breeding pair of orange clownfish £100 : Wanted breeding pair orange ocellaris clowns can pay up to £100. Email photo of eggs. Can collect. 18/01/18
98. Wanted : Clown trigger, Emporer Angel, Marine rays, what you got????? 15/01/18
99. Wanted marine fish : Wanted marine fish, large fish out grown your tank Will take all sizes and all types 15/01/18
100. Marine fish tank : hi i have for sale a marine fish tank 36"x 36" x 20" built in wire box sump stand and pipe work £250 15/01/18

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