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1. Marine fish and corals : Hi I have some marine fish for sale they are Mated pair of maroon clowns sold Large regal tang Sold Yellow tang £70 Eblis angel Sold ... 05/04/20
2. Achilles Tang £350. In non copper system. SOLD.SOLD.SOLD : Achilles tang About 5 inches size. Had about 6 month in my shop Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. No offers. Cash only. ... 05/04/20
3. Euphyllia corals : Torch 2 heads Frogspawn 2 heads Octospawn 2 heads Hammer 2 heads £100 due to the virus it has to be PayPal or bank transfer no cas ... 05/04/20
4. Wanted: Sohal Tang / Clown Tang : Wanted sohal tang medium to large or clown tang medium to large. Prefer to collect if possible Doncaster, south yorkshire area. please pho ... 04/04/20
5. Coral, Frag, Zoa, Marine : utter chaos 1p+ frags £6-20 Rastas 9p frag £35 Sonic flare’s 1p frag, £15 Purple Hornets 6p Frags £35 Scrambled Egg 1p 2p 3P upto 10p Fr ... 04/04/20
6. Red lobo : Hi I’m after a red lobo with turquoise centre 03/04/20
7. Blue Ring Angelfish £195. In non copper system. : About 6-7 inches size. Had about 8 month in my shop Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. No offers. Cash only. Collection o ... 03/04/20
8. Scribble Angelfish £265. In non copper system. : About 5 inches size. Had about 3 month in my shop Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. No offers. Cash only. Collection onl ... 03/04/20
9. Marine dry rock : I have for sell around 15kg marine dry rocks. Very nice shape. Free standing. Price £50. 03/04/20
10. Wanted Clown Fish, 6 line wrasse, small convict tang : Due to CV needs to be very close to Maidenhead WHYG? 03/04/20
11. Live Coral : Wanting live coral any size this includes anemone, frags and LPS also Marine Fish if available. Please contact me. Thanks 02/04/20
12. Maroon clown x2 : 2x maroon clown fish for sale £20 each or £30 the pair need gone asap will swap for wreck fish or zoas Durham 02/04/20
13. Marks Aquatics Coral... : Hi I've load of Australian sps hard coral,zoas and soft corals for sale. Please message me as for some reason messages are going to junk ma ... 01/04/20
14. SOHAL TANG WANTED : Am after large sohal tang or large sailfin tang anyone have any for sale can contact me on 07855399926 thanks 01/04/20
15. LARGE PAIR MATED MAROON CLOWN FISH : Marine large pair maroon fish fat and healthy for sale or may px with other fish £60 07855399926 01/04/20
16. Looking for marine fish : Is there any marine fish for sale to go in a 8x2x2 with my yellow head eel and marmalade shark looking to liven the tank up. Must be west mi ... 31/03/20
17. Leather soft coral, marine coral big size. : Nice big size leather coral. It is getting too big and like you can see my anemone is also getting too big so I need to make some space for ... 30/03/20
18. Harlequin Tusk For Sale : 6” Tusk for sale Immaculate condition £150 28/03/20
19. Clown Tang For Sale : 6” Clown Tang for sale Immaculate condition £100 28/03/20
20. Banana Moray Eel for sale : 1 x 20” Banana Moray Eel for sale Immaculate condition WhatsApp for more pics London 07765254141 27/03/20
21. RO water : Hi looking for some RO in the Crawley area Any one willing to sell me some water at a reasonable price Looking as supplier is now shut Al ... 23/03/20
22. Wanted storm clowns or frost bite clowns : Please let me know what you have may consider other designer clowns. Regards 22/03/20
23. 4 head duncan for sale : Hi im selling this 4 head duncan its healthy just making some room for more corals £25 22/03/20
24. Orange Shoulder Tang : Wanted, Orange Shoulder Tang Can Collect West Mids Area 07757 379950 20/03/20
25. Orchid dottyback : Orchid Dottyback for sale, currently sumped as was picking on my jawfish and I like the jawfish more. Eats well and is healthy and active. P ... 19/03/20
26. Purple Firefish, Orange Spot Goby, Wrasse : Purple Firefish £30 Orange Spot Goby £20 Unknown Female Red Wrasse £20 Collection only 19/03/20
27. Wanted Alage Blenny : Hi any one wanting to get rid of a Algae blenny Willing to pay cash and travel Also any type of algae eating fish or invert Please ca ... 18/03/20
28. Yellow Tang for sale : Hi, I have a single Yellow Tang for sale Currently approximately 4-4.5 inches and still growing. He's feeding very well on a mixture ... 18/03/20
29. 1x Thunder Clownfish MARINE : Hi, I have a single Thunder Clownfish for sale Currently approximately 3 inches and still growing. He's feeding very well on a mixtur ... 18/03/20
30. Black tang £685. In non copper system. : Jet black longnose tang (true Hawaiian) About 3 inches size. Had about 3 years in my shop Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen ... 18/03/20
31. Wanted marine fish : Looking for any marine fish, big or small Reef safe or not, what have you got. 17/03/20
32. Horseshoe tang : Very large horseshoe tang, stunning fish £60 17/03/20
33. Ultra Rock Flower Anemone : Stunning ultra rock flower anemone £55 each or £160 for 4 16/03/20
34. Coral for Sale : Large Trumpet/ Melon Candy Cane coral Over 100 heads on each coral. Selling 2 of them as out growing aquarium. Open to sensible offers ... 15/03/20
35. Kenya tree and red mushrooms coral : Hi I have a nice size piece of Kenya tree Coral attached to a small piece of live rock The rock also has to nice bright red mushrooms on a ... 14/03/20
36. Magnificent Foxface : Sadly selling my foxface i will be moving home, it is about 4/5 inches long I am based in Farnborough, Hampshire Collection Only Please ... 14/03/20
37. Marmalade sharks for sale : 2 x 15” marmalade sharks for sale Immaculate condition WhatsApp for more pics London 07765254141 12/03/20
38. Banded Bamboo sharks for sale : 2 x 24” Banded Bamboo sharks for sale Immaculate condition WhatsApp for more pics London 07765254141 12/03/20
39. Candy Cane Coral : Hi, I have some beautiful Candy Cane Coral frags. These corals are really easy to look after and should be at least fed 3 times a week wi ... 11/03/20
40. Regal Tang & Clarkii Clowns : I have a fat healthy Regal Tang 4-5" hand feeds. Looking for £40. Also a pair of Clarkii Clowns 1-2" £25 for the pair. Can deliver ... 11/03/20
41. Marine Livestock in Full marine setup : Aqua one 300 series 2 aquarium Dimensions tanks: D 52cm x W 102 x H 73cm Cabinet Dimensions: D 52cm x W 102cm x H 88cm aquamai lighting ... 11/03/20
42. Free panther grouper 9”+ to a good home , WEST LONDON : Hey, Im giving away my panther grouper due to it being oversized for my aquarium , normally people like free fish etc but im giving this on ... 09/03/20
43. Turquoise & green Discosoma mushrooms : Ideal starter coral that spreads over live rock to form a beautiful natural background. I have several small pieces of live rock with at ... 09/03/20
44. LPS Torch frags : Dark stems with white tips on these beautiful Torch frags. One frag has a single large head, the other frag has 2 smaller heads £20 ea ... 09/03/20
45. Montipora Digitata & more : 3" chunk of Montipora Digitata, multiple growth points and great colouration £15 Collection only Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9** Lots of o ... 09/03/20
46. Corals : Nice, good size pulse xenia price start from £10 07/03/20
47. ARMAGEDDON zoas : Armageddon zoas these are a nice bright red zoa 2 polyps on a frag plug £15 3 polyps £20 4 polyps £25 Call or message graham on ... 07/03/20
48. Duncan coral frags : Duncan coral frags I have single head £10 Double head £15 Or five head £25 (five head sold now) Collection from Havant Call or messag ... 07/03/20
49. Aquarium : For sale is my corner aquarium, with sump and pipe work, excellent condition ,comes with cabinet which has been sanded down and protected . ... 07/03/20
50. Yellow Dottyback For Sale (Marine Fish) : Very healthy, selling due to having a change around in the tank Size: between 3 to 3 1/2 inches Currently in a Fish only With Live Ro ... 05/03/20
51. Big Pieces of Branching Rock and Plate high quality : Due to a tank build that is not going ahead now I have some large 10-20KG pieces of Indo reef branches for sale and some nice pukani plates. ... 04/03/20
52. Pipe clover : 2 different colour pipe clover £8 04/03/20
53. Marine Livestock in Marine tank : x4 green toadstool leathers X2 pulsing xenia X2 I think they are mushroom corals not sure X2 black and white clowns X2 banana wrasse ... 03/03/20
54. Magnifica Anenome : Magnifica Anenome the clown fishes prefered host. 6-8” in size £60 posted or pick up Wakefield 02/03/20
55. Purple Carpet Anenome : Purple Carpet Anenome 6-8” in size, rarely seen, £150 posted or pick up Wakefield 02/03/20
56. Green tip Bubble Anenome : Neon Green tip Anenome, approx 3-4" in size, £35 posted. Or pick up Wakefield 02/03/20
57. Coral Frags - various Montis plus Kenya trees - Crawley : Monti Stellata £5/£10 Monti Digitata Green £10 Monti Plate Green £5 Kenya Tree £5/£10 Paly Rock £10 Collection only. Crawley 02/03/20
58. Anthias Wanted : hi, anyone have a shoal of Anthias for sale, able to deliver to Rotherham, S Yorks ? Thanks 02/03/20
59. Marine content only all for £300 : Selling up my marine as I just don't have the time for it any more only selling the stock all rock some corals and all fish 1* porcupin ... 01/03/20
60. Breaking down my Aqua one 400 : i am breaking down and selling my aqua one 400 it is a 4 year old system,live stock 2 Bangia cardinals flame angel yellow tang various snail ... 29/02/20
61. Pink anthelia coral : Easy soft coral.£7 collection uttoxeter. 28/02/20
62. Marine fish rescue/swaps in Kent : I have a number of large Marine tanks and can accommodate Marine fish that have outgrown your tanks. I am able to pay cash or swap for small ... 28/02/20
63. Achillies Yellow and Purple Tangs For Sale : 2 Available all 4-5 inch, well rested and feeding really well. £275 Each. Collection only Rainham, Kent. Yellows Large £75 Each Purples L ... 28/02/20
64. Live rock : Hi.here I have in total 50kg l137ive rock.£5kg, or can do a deal for the lot?cheers. Bodie 07702911137 26/02/20
65. Marine fish for sale : Have a stunning medium sized yellow tang, pair of large maroon clownfish & a silver bellied yellow wrasse, all fat & healthy & eat anything ... 26/02/20
66. Wanted reef safe fish / inverts : Wanted reef safe fish / inverts / corals if you have any of the ubove for sale txt me on 07561425205 or on whatsapp I wil get straight back ... 25/02/20
67. Red Sea Max Nano Marine Reefer Aquarium, Massive setup : Description Red Sea Reefer Tank, Cabinet & Equipment For Sale Used only for six months approximately Aquarium: w17.3/4 ‘’ x 17.3/4’’ ... 25/02/20
68. Wanted corals : Hi looking for some free off cut off pulsing xenia Bolton area. Or any little coral just to get me going if anyone has some would be appreci ... 25/02/20
69. JUVENILE PAIRS OF CLOWNFISH FOR SALE : Hi...I am selling some juvenile pairs of captive bred clownfish which will be collection only from Sutton Coldfield. Pairs include Wyoming W ... 24/02/20
70. Zoa colony : Thinking of moving this rock on, 200 + Green Bay packers and 75+ rastas , £200 Ono , sent me a message if you want to know more, Portsmou ... 23/02/20
71. 4 lovely seahorses for sale : Few months old, healthy and strong, from reputable breeder. Have to go for personal reasons. They are X between Reidi and Erectus, so steril ... 23/02/20
72. Orange plating montipora coral & purple stylophora : Orange plating montipora frags on plug £6 each Purple stylophora frags on plugs good growth £8 each Collection Havant Call or message ... 23/02/20
73. Live rock : Over £100 kilos of live rock for sale including some beautifull Tongan branches. Currently kept wet but may need re- seeding hence £200 for ... 22/02/20
74. One Spot Foxface : A healthy and beautiful One Spot Foxface Make me an offer, collection only 22/02/20
75. Sulphur Goby : A shy little Sulphur Goby, who's quite beautiful when he makes an appearance. Unfortunately so far this has not been when the camera is aim ... 22/02/20
76. Pincushion Urchin : A healthy and curious Pincushion Urchin Make me an offer, collection only 22/02/20
77. Baby Snow Flake clown fish for sale. Macclesfield area : Baby snow flake clown fish for sell. 6 months old over 40 to choose from. £40 for 1. £35 each for two or more. Collection only From Maccles ... 21/02/20
78. Bubble tip anemone : I have a bunch of small bubble tip anemones that have split from my main one. Will sell for £10 each. 17/02/20
79. 18no F1 Frontosa & Large Brundee Frontosa £200 : 16nr 2.5 inch - 3.5inch F1 Frontosa 2nr 4.5inch - 5inch Male and Female Frontosa 1nr Large 12inch Blue Brundee Male 07535656954 ... 16/02/20
80. WANTED.... soft corals : Hi, I am after soft corals, frags or colonys. I live between Dover and Canterbury and happy to come and collect if not too far. 15/02/20
81. Dwarf lion and starry blenny for sale reduced : I need to lighten my bio load so reluctantly selling my beautiful fuzzy dwarf lion (Dendrochirus brachypterus) £20 and Xl starry blenny £20 ... 15/02/20
82. Live rock : Hi looking for about 3 to 4kg of live rock in or around the Oxfordshire area willing to travel 14/02/20
83. MATA TANG for sale : We have a 10"+ Mata Tang for sale. We have had him since a baby but unfortunately he needs to be rehomed as he is starting to bite our ... 13/02/20
84. Juvenile snowflake eel free to a good home : I have a small snowflake eel which needs a new home, the eel is about 10 inch long and still quite thin, readily accepts raw food from tweez ... 13/02/20
85. Dwarf seahorses : Looking to purchase dwarf seahorses ( hippocampus zosterae) please , if anyone can point me in the right direction or have any for sale , I’ ... 11/02/20
86. 3 head Rainbow Polyps : Rainbow polyps on eBay £10 for 1 polyp plus 3 for £15 10/02/20
87. RED SEA REEFER 250 FULL MARINE SET UP FOR SALE : Red sea reefer 250 V2 iluminair 900 lights 2 x jacod rw4 wavemakers Return pump Heater Reefskim 300 pro skimmer Live rock Corals. ... 10/02/20
88. Kinda garden rocks Frags over 20 Different corals : Different corals from £4 under white light discount when you have 4 Frags also 10 different Kinda garden rocks different frags on other r ... 10/02/20
89. Mushroom Coral : Pretty Mushroom Coral (with attached Live-Rock) Make me an offer, collection only 09/02/20
90. Gold Rush Tang : A healthy and beautiful Gold Rush Tang Make me an offer, collection only 09/02/20
91. Short Tentacle Plate Coral : A beautiful Short Tentacle Plate Coral Make me an offer, collection only 09/02/20
92. Red Acan Coral : A beautiful Red Acan Coral Make me an offer, collection only 09/02/20
93. Brown Button Polyp Coral (with attached live rock) : A pleasant little Brown Button Polyp Coral Make me an offer, collection only 09/02/20
94. Ultra Green Candy Cane Coral : Ultra Green Candy Cane Coral Make me an offer, collection only 09/02/20
95. Pair of Common Clown Fish (Tank Bred) : A pair of healthy and beautiful Common Clown Fish (Tank Bred) Make me an offer, collection only 09/02/20
96. Neon green acropora coral SPS : Hi I have three neon green acroporas For sale they are on plugs but are larger than frags They have nice growth. See pictures Smaller ... 09/02/20
97. Live rock £3kg : Fully mature live rock been running in my tank for years only selling as I have upgraded my scape to aquaroach £3 kg some stunning ... 09/02/20
98. Rose bubbletip anemones : Rose Bubble tip Anemone. Beautiful colours under different lights. Selling multiple anemones with prices varying depending on size. Smal ... 09/02/20
99. Clover and zoas : Clover and high end zoas £15 under white light 09/02/20
100. Red Sea Reef Energy / Foundation & Heater : Red Sea Coral Foundation x 3 bottles (500ml each bottle new) Red Sea Reef Energy x 2 Bottles (500ml each bottle new) 1 x Seawater refracto ... 08/02/20

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