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1. Marine livestock in Full marine aquarium setup for sale : LPS including large hammerheads, large Frogspawns, beautiful 30+ head lime green Duncan, 2 bushes of green starburst polyps and lots of xeni ... 18/10/19
2. Marine corals for sale : I知 selling some of my lps corals which includes: Extra large metallic green hammer heads 」50 each A 30 head lime green Duncan 」150 Fr ... 18/10/19
3. Wanted Berghia Nudibranch : as above after 3 or 6 Berghia Nudibranch if anyone has any cheers jon 18/10/19
4. Marine fish (blue eye female Lyretail Anthias) : Unbeatable price and the best colour Lyrtail Anthias available These are beautiful bright orange blue eye female Lyretail Anthias from Sri- ... 18/10/19
5. Marine fish(This is a beautiful small juvenile Emperor angelfish ) : This is a beautiful This is a beautiful small juvenile Emperor angelfish around 3 inches feeding on all foods 」44.99 collection from Southam ... 18/10/19
6. Marine fish (20kg box of live rock) : This is for a 20kg box of live rock which has been dried out perfect for starting a marine tank at a great price 」120.00 for the box. Collec ... 18/10/19
7. Green montipora plating coral : Green plating montipora frag mounted on a fungia skeleton. Approx size is 3"x 3". What you see is what you get. 」10.00 Collection only ... 18/10/19
8. Kinda garden rocks Frags over 20 Different corals : Different corals from 」4 under white light discount when you have 4 Frags also 10 different Kinda garden rocks different frags on other r ... 17/10/19
9. Marine fish sale... : Hi I am selling my very active healthy marine angel and tangs. Listed are below. 1. French angel. Show size. 7-8" 」200 2. Black grey an ... 16/10/19
10. Live rock : I have about 100kg of live rock for sale 」5 per kilo 16/10/19
11. Mushrooms : Hi after some red mushrooms please in the north wales/chester/Wirral area? 16/10/19
12. Pulsing Xenia Marine Coral Frag 」5 : Pulsing Xenia frags for sale. Approximately 7 available Fragged onto small rocks Great to watch Very easy to look after and great for ... 15/10/19
13. GSP Coral for sale 」10 each : Got 3 pieces of Green Star Polyps for sale. They are around 2 square inches in size and growing quickly. These are long and people always ... 15/10/19
14. H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK : H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse 」55 each we also have adult pairs at 」150 a pair.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock com ... 15/10/19
15. H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ... 15/10/19
16. for sale falcula butterfly : 3 inch falcula butterfly fish 」 30.00 Tel 07917363117 14/10/19
17. Mark s Aquatics Coral... : Hi I've load of Australian sps hard coral and soft corals for sale. Please message as for some reason messages are going to junk mail if int ... 14/10/19
18. Extremely rare Mauritian flasher wrasse : One of the rarest wrasse in the marine trade, only a handful of these have entered the UK. Collection from Grays, Essex 」1000 13/10/19
19. Sea Hare Needed : Anyone selling or renting a sea hare in or near stevenage area thank you Barry 07879 456461 13/10/19
20. Bubbletip Anemones and fish : Foxface - 」35 approx 4.5 inches Vampire tang 」35 Regal tang 」35 Melanarus Wrasse 」30 Breeding clowns 」45 Red Bubbletip anemone 」25 Dun ... 13/10/19
21. Tank shutdown - whole setup for sale : 4x Pyjama cardinal fish - 」25 Gold Rush tang - 」50 Potters Dwarf Angel fish - 」80 Japanese Bella Goby - 」50 Misbar and Darwin Clownfish ... 13/10/19
22. Full set up marine fish tank 520l : Hi have for sale full set up marine fish tank: included, filjter, 35 kg live rock, fishes, extra lamps, fish tank 520l. For more info pleas ... 13/10/19
23. Reef Livestock in 4x2x2 full marine set up for sale : Selling my marine setup complete, it includes... 3 yellow tangs 1 powder blue tang Male swallowtail angel 3 chromis yellow tail damse ... 12/10/19
24. Reef Aquarium contents - fish, coral, inverts, live rock, live sand, marine alga ... : House sale forces the sale of the contents of my loved 4x2x2 reef aquarium. Sale will include liverock, live sand, fish, inverts, mixture of ... 12/10/19
25. Hammer coral : Wanted Hammer coral in London Message me if you are looking to sell 12/10/19
26. Tank breakdown & all equipment : Tank is a sea bray 5x2x2.5 black gloss with a three stage sump with 150 to 200 kg of live rock 」400 ono Equipment: Two ecotech MP40w ... 11/10/19
27. RBT Anemones for sale, Small to Larger ones all 」5 - 」10 Each : RBT Anemones for sale, Collection - North Swindon Area Have 40-50 in 1 basket 10/10/19
28. Kenya tree coral : We have several pieces of Kenya tree coral for sale attached to various pieces of rock. Prices rang from 」5 to 」20 depending on how many bra ... 10/10/19
29. SPS Corals : Raspberry Lemonade & Red Planet 」65 Delivered 10/10/19
30. liverock : 25kg+ of newly cycled liverock using the Seachem Stability solution, some lovely large pieces, includes coral sand, 2 wavemakers, 1 with a p ... 09/10/19
31. Marine fish rescue/swaps in Kent : I have a number of large Marine tanks and can accommodate Marine fish that have outgrown your tanks. I am able to pay cash or swap for small ... 09/10/19
32. Large Selection of Marine fish and corals for sale Rainham Kent : I have over 200 corals and over 100 various Marine fish up for grabs between 」5 and 」60 each. Come and have a look any evening. Rainham Kent ... 09/10/19
33. Marine fish, live rock, corals, in complete marine tank set up : For sale bicolor angel fish, lemon damsel and blue tail damsel with live rock, mushrooms. In my juwel rio 180 with stand marine setup. Th ... 07/10/19
34. Stylophora milka SPS coral : Hi I have a stylophora milka sps on a frag plug About 4 to 5cm good growth 」8 Collection Havant please Call or message graham o ... 07/10/19
35. Neon green acropora coral SPS : Hi I have three neon green acroporas For sale they are on plugs but are larger than frags They have nice growth. See pictures Smaller ... 07/10/19
36. Marine setup/ stock : Due to having to redo my flooring soon and decorate I might be selling my marine setup or stock not sure which yet or prices IV spent a smal ... 06/10/19
37. Marine fish rock and anemones in Complete set up : Hi im selling my marine set up as not having time for it, it comes with fish rock and anemones plus everything in pics. it has two mp40 wav ... 05/10/19
38. GOLD torch coral very rare : 3 head gold torch Quick sale for this price make me offer 03/10/19
39. Leather coral : Large leather coral around 12 inch. 」40 Pick up from huddersfield 01/10/19
40. 80-100kgs live rock : 80-100kgs live rock some big plates and Fiji mix, teaming with life some corals crabs etc also available if wanted loads of live sand . Need ... 01/10/19
41. Coral large leather coral : I am selling a very large beautiful large leather coral.great if you would like to make frag out of it 」100.00 Call me on 07970130586 29/09/19
42. Wanted Mini red carpet anemone, Rock flowers, mini maxi. : Hi I'm looking to buy mini red carpet anemone or mini maxi nems, and any other mini nems. Thanks for looking and get in touch with what yo ... 29/09/19
43. Marine rock : I have for sale some Fiji rock also some Lava rock about 25 pounds in weight,」20 collection only 29/09/19
44. Wanted cleaner shrimps : Hi I知 after some cleaner shrimps, I can稚 afford shop prices so please keep it real! I can offer them a great home in my Redsea tank! Get i ... 28/09/19
45. 3 head Rainbow Polyps : Rainbow polyps on eBay 」10 for 1 polyp plus post 3 for 」20 27/09/19
46. marine tank breakdown- everything must go - livestock, zoas, live rock, sps : ALl livestock and corals must be sold first before i can sell the equipment. Full list as follows. Located in Blackwood, South Wales ... 27/09/19
47. Wanted Hammer coral and torches wanted : Hi guys, I'm after hammer head and torch corals for my marine set up. Please call/text or WhatsApp me with what you have. Cash waiting ... 27/09/19
48. Dry live rock : For sale loads of dry live rock removed from tank about 4 weeks ago. 」2per kg collection from basingstoke 26/09/19
49. Hydnophora LPS coral for sale or swap : As above covering a rock around 4inches maybe more. I'm only interested in keeping softies now is reason for selling, Can potentially fight ... 26/09/19
50. Pink Gorgonian frags : For sale - 10cm Pink Gorgonian frags. Fast growing and beautiful small polyps. Great for Seahorse tank or adding height in a reef tank ... 22/09/19
51. Coral Mushroom Frag Pack X4 : Florida Mushroom Blue Discosoma Green Discosoma Superman Rhodactis 」50 Delivered 22/09/19
52. Coral Frag Pack X4 : Turquoise Staghorn John Deere Leptastrea Afterburner Chalice Gold Finger Chalice 」80 Delivered 22/09/19
53. SPS and LPS corals for sale with livestock : Large number of SPS corals and LPS corals plus fish Want to sell as one package Contact me for more details 425.0 20/09/19
54. Harlequin Shrimp for Asterina starfish : Hi For sale the asteriina starfish terminator Done his job and now needs a new challenge Paid 30.0 Happy to sell for 10.0 Cash only and ... 20/09/19
55. Marine Aquarium - EA Reef Pro 1800 - Ultra Glass Metallic Antracite : Aquarium - EA Reef Pro 1800 - Ultra Glass Metallic Antracite only 1 year old in excellent condition selling with the following stock & equi ... 19/09/19
57. 2 ft cube tank 2 ft high stunning with stand looks great 」60paid 」350 : 2 ft cube tank for sale with stand, currently used for marine. Bargain low price....originally cost 」400...」60 need the space... 18/09/19
58. Rhinopias frondosa REDUCED PAID 」350 WILL TAKE 」200very rare WEEDY SCORPION FISH ... : Reduced ....Rhinopias frondosa very rare WEEDY scorpion fish ULTRA rare hard to obtain stunning example of this bizarre fascinating species. ... 18/09/19
60. Brazilian Reidi : In search for Brazilian Reidi able to travel 16/09/19
61. Clown Trigger Fish 」140 colourfull. Pay cash card paypal. : Hi I am selling my lovely clown trigger fish. Nice and healthy very fat, also really colour full. Almost 4 to 5 inches. Nice and calm .Eat ... 16/09/19
62. Golden heart trigger fish 」230. Pay cash, paypal, card. : Hi I am selling my golden heart trigger rare fish. Nice and healthy very fat. Almost 5 inches plus. Nice and calm .Eat from your hand ve ... 16/09/19
63. 10KG REAL LIFE ROCK PLATES 」100 : 2x big real life rock plates I brought it for my new tank and i have scaped it and not used them. They cost me 」140. WILL SELL FOR 」100 ... 15/09/19
64. Kenya Tree Frag for sale. 」5 per frag : Kenya Tree frags for sale Collection Tooting Broadway 13/09/19
65. Live Rock for Sale - 」8 a Kg : I have ca. 40 Kg of live rock for sale after having to leave the hobby after 4 years. This rock is top quality live rock (bought at 」12-15 a ... 12/09/19
66. Marine Live Rock, over 50kg : Here is around 50 kg of live rock. I have closed my marine tank down and this is my rock which is well established. It is currently kept at ... 12/09/19
67. Corals & marine equipment for sale or swap : Bubble magus reactors 」25 each or pair for 」40 one base has a repair but does not affect usage Vecton v2 600 uv sterilizer 」50 new bulb a ... 11/09/19
68. Rainbow acans available : I have a few Acan Frags available. Delivery is just 」10, discount of 10% given on three or more frags purchased. WYSIWYG picture. Single ... 10/09/19
69. Fish for Sale : I have a number of marine fish for sale as I知 planning for n moving and have a few hundred gallon tank to relocate. These include: Po ... 10/09/19
70. MATURE LIVE ROCK FOR SALE 」6kg : CLOSING DOWN MY TANK AND THERE IS 150KG OF MATURE LIVE ROCK LOOKING FOR 」6 per kilo there are some very large pieces huge branch effect Tong ... 09/09/19
71. Soft corals : Soft coral frags Fluorescent green capnella 」15 each Gorgorians x 2 different 」10 Finger corals 」10 each Cabbage coral 」5 each Leather ... 09/09/19
72. Mint green Kenya tree coral frags and ricordea : Hi, I have about 12 mint green Kenya tree coral frags around 2" pics are under blues and purples whites, also the parent tree. Can post at ... 08/09/19
73. Marine Aquarium - Fish - Live Rock Equipment : Hello I am breaking down my marine aquarium... Aquariums 4 Life custom-built tank 52" x 27" 24 with a 4ft sump 60ltr ATO Met ... 06/09/19
74. Live rock, corals, marine fish, in Full marine set up : paired clown fish canary wrasse chalk goby mandarin fish Loads of corals and live rock, in Red Sea reefer 170 comes with AI hydra 26hd two p ... 05/09/19
75. SPS CORAL COLONIES FOR SALE : Tank breakdown I have some large accro colonies for sale msg me for photos 07890393464 04/09/19
76. Chaeto or other macro algae wanted around Crawley area : Hi as above says. Let me. Know what you have thanks. 04/09/19
77. 4 Rose Bubble tip anemone with rare green base Swindon : Selling each or all 」 Collection only....Swindon Rose Bubble Tip Anemone for Marine Aquarium These are from my own tank raised stock .. ... 02/09/19
78. Live Marine Corals & Fish in Marine Aquarium : FOR SALE - my pride and joy! Selling the whole lot including coral and fish. rather name all contents please look at pictures and video o ... 01/09/19
79. corals : hi, I have a large piece of rock with x/l kenya tree on it about 5 inches tall with several smaller ones growing. Nice large and bushy coral ... 01/09/19
80. Wanted Angels : hi, looking for pairs of Bellus Angels and Watanebei Angels, able to deliver to Rotherham, s yorks. cheers 01/09/19
81. Leather finger corals wanted : Hi I知 after some leather finger corals if anyone has any within my area. Thanks in advance 01/09/19
82. Fish or corals for good home? : Based in Wigan and looking for corals and fish for tank mates. Established tank with minimal fish and corals looking for help to build up aq ... 31/08/19
83. 」35 - Large Live Rock With Lots Of Kenya Tree & Xenia Coral, Aquarium, Marine. : Listing is for a large piece of live rock with lots of Kenya tree coral on it. There are also 2 additional smaller rocks with more Kenya tre ... 30/08/19
84. Live corals etc in Full set up marine reef tank : Fish include: 2 clown fish, 2 yellow tail damsels, 3 blue/green chromis, fireball tang, polka dot cardinal, fox face and yellow fin tang. ... 28/08/19
85. Marine fish and rock : I have for sale a banana wrasse a watchman goby and a clownfish. I am also selling about 4 to 5 kg of rock. 26/08/19
86. Circus Bounce Mushroom : Circus Bounce mushrooms 」20 Superman rhodactis red and blue 」10 Small toadstool 」5 Gsp bright green Gsp brown lashes green centre Gree ... 26/08/19
87. Marine corals : Marine corals on the two kilos rock. Ther is 12 different corals and frags . Rock size 23 cm high 23fm with . Collection from Haywards Heath ... 22/08/19
89. High end zoas : Loads of zoas for sale viewing is welcome cash on collection only will offer deals on multiple buys Apologies for pictures quality. Upd ... 19/08/19
90. Finger leather coral : Nice finger coral at the moment hosting clown opens nice On small live rock. Selling due to going more sps . Collect only. 」25.00 16/08/19
91. Toadstool : Hi I have a very nice green toadstool 12 inches across and in fantastic condition. Selling due to moving over to sps set up. You don稚 see ... 16/08/19
92. Cortez Angelfish For Sale : Hi! I have a Cortez Angelfish for sale. I only bought it yesterday from Shepparton Aquatic Emporium as I wanted a pair of them. I bought ... 15/08/19
93. SPS Coral Frags Acro - Monti + more : Hi All, I have some coral frags for sale collection from Hockliffe Bedfordshire LU7 Postage - might be available next week - just need ... 12/08/19
94. Flasher wrasse : Breaking tank down so have this lovely wrasse for sale 」20 12/08/19
95. Live rock and coral : Last remaining rock from tank break down. Has some green mushrooms and palys on. 」45 12/08/19
96. FREE Lionfish : Have an antenna lionfish free to good home 11/08/19
97. Fish for sale,marine : Koran Angel(5 inches) regal tang(4 inches) coral beauty(3 inches) scopas tang(3 inches) racoon butterfly(3 inches) antenna lionfish(4 ... 09/08/19
98. Live rock WANTED(2019) Lancashire area : I need around 40-50kg of live rock for a new tank I知 setting up I will travel to pick it up Reasonable prices please Cash in hand 07/08/19
99. Clownfish 」15 ea and Green Chromis 」7.50 ea at Fishcove, Warrington : Clownfish 」15 ea and Green Chromis 」7.50 ea at Fishcove, Warrington. Fishcove, Unit 3 St Peters way Warrington, Ches. WA27BT. 05/08/19
100. Large leather finger coral s for sale : Collection only. 」15 each 10 available have to many in tank need to move some easy begginer coral 05/08/19

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