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1. Marine Fish for sale : Radiant Wrasse £30 2 x Juvenile Purcula Clown Fish £7.50 each 2 x Purcula Clowns (pair) 2 to 2.5 inches £30 2 x red fire fish £14 each C ... 24/06/19
3. 2 ft cube tank 2 ft high stunning with stand looks great.£95 paid £350 : 2 ft cube tank for sale with stand, currently used for marine. Bargain low price....originally cost £400...£95 24/06/19
4. Rhinopias frondosa REDUCED very rare WEEDY SCORPION FISH AMAZING BIZARRE reduced : Reduced ....Rhinopias frondosa very rare WEEDY scorpion fish ULTRA rare hard to obtain stunning example of this bizarre fascinating species. ... 24/06/19
5. tank shut down : hi i am leaving the hobby so i have the following items for sale. 12.5 kg live rock.£30 Yes £30. 1 3ftx2ftx18" tank with ... 24/06/19
6. Marine livestock in Fluval 125 set up : Powder blue tang 2x clowns several inverts 11kg live rock, coral gravel I have a Fluval 125 tank and stand with Kent marine prskimmer ... 24/06/19
7. Soft coral for sale : Nice size Kenya tree on a nice piece of live rock, the rock also has two fuzzy green mushrooms on as can see in photo £20 Collection ... 23/06/19
8. Designer Clownfish : I have for sale the list below of designer clownfish these are priced for pairs collection stoke on trent or i can post for 16,00 a bo ... 23/06/19
9. Orange and White Storm Clownfish Pair : I have for sale a pair of deisgner Storm clownfish, these are orange and white eating frozen and copepods 249.99 postage is 16.00 23/06/19
10. Looking for a marine eel snowflake or other in Merseyside area : Please let me know if you have one available thanks 23/06/19
11. Marine Livestock in 6ft fish tank : live rock, soft corals, live sand, 1 clown tang, 2 engineering godys, 1 fire shrimp 6x2x18 full marine set up on rosewood cabinet include ... 23/06/19
12. Reduced 8 hammer heads 5” Tall : 8 hammer heads coral £50 or double head £18 2 double head left or 2 for £30 Duncan Corals £10 23/06/19
13. Kinda garden rocks Frags over 20 Different corals : Different corals from £4 under white light discount when you have 4 Frags also Kinda garden rocks different frags on other rocks 23/06/19
14. Emperor angel : Hi, reluctantly I have to move on my beautiful emperor angel she is 6inch long and in a 7ft tank at present and would recommend a big tank f ... 23/06/19
15. Marine Tangs sale : Hi I am selling my few marine fishes.. Lovely colour nice and fat. Eat almost everything. .round face tangs. £100 Large size .scopas ta ... 22/06/19
16. Wanted - Marine Inverts in the Hertfordshire area : Currently looking for any marine invertebrates people may be wanting to sell, particularly any hermit crabs, shrimp snails etc. I'm in t ... 22/06/19
17. Live Marine Rock - £4 per kg : Selling for £4kg, I have approx 100kg remaining of mature live marine rock, perfect for any marine aquarium. The rock is still in aquarium ... 22/06/19
18. Niger Trigger and 3 x chromis £10 : 1 x Niger Trigger (approx 4 inch) 3 x chromis (approx 1.5 inch each) £10 for all four fish, collection needed ASAP Must bring ap ... 21/06/19
19. Ultra High End Zoa Hallucination 1p : This stunning Zoa is very rare and a must for any collector many more available please contact for details. 21/06/19
20. Fluval Evo 13.5 Saltwater Aquarium : Fish included: Pair of Percula Clown Fish Yellow Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp Pair Coral Included: Torch coral Hammer coral Dunca ... 19/06/19
21. Regal tang 4-5inch : Here’s my regal tang he’s 4-5 inch and I have a magnificent fox face that need new homes the fox face has taken a liking to my eleglance cor ... 18/06/19
22. Candy Cane Hogfish / Hawkfish / Filefish / Bicolor Blenny : Powder Blue Tang SOLD Candy Cane Hogfish £80.00 RARE! Longnose Hawkfish £35.00 Aiptasia Eating Filefish £15.00 Mandarin Dragonet SOLD B ... 18/06/19
23. Corals and Marine Fish in Complete marine set up SPS system : Large number of SPS corals and LPS corals plus fish Can be sold with fish and corals or as one complete set up minus live stock Complete ... 18/06/19
24. Kenya Tree Frag for sale. £5 per frag : Kenya Tree frags for sale Collection Shepards bush area 17/06/19
25. Pulsing Xenia Marine Coral Frag £5 : Pulsing Xenia frags for sale. Approximately 7 available Fragged onto small rocks Great to watch Very easy to look after and great for ... 17/06/19
26. Wanted : On the look out for a good size coral grouper miniatus and a good size nice specimen with tail streamers of niger blue trigger or a big Pica ... 17/06/19
27. live rock to give away : I am trying to thin out my mature tank, about 3 kg of live rock and rubble to give away. collection only from SE5 0HU. 16/06/19
28. Marine Fish from 8ft tank breakdown : Collection from Bromley Kent Job lot £900 X1 Arc eye hawk fish£45 X1 coral hawk fish £45 X9 carberryi Anthias £145 X2 wild clowns... ... 16/06/19
29. Corals & Fish in full marine tank set up : Full tank set up includes fish, corals, lights, tank etc 8 tube dimmable light deltec skimmer deltec reacher and dosing pumps ... 16/06/19
30. Live rock for sale essex : I have about 10/15 kilos of live rock for sale. Will take £50 for the whole lot. Collection from Rainham in essex 16/06/19
31. Koran Angel 5inch : Koran Angel 5" feeding on both dry and frozen food, eats like a pig. very active and healthy. the only reason why im selling it's be ... 15/06/19
32. Kenya trees and live rock : 3 Kenya trees on a good sized piece of liverock £50 15/06/19
33. Cabbage leather coral large £70 : Around 10 inches could be bigger comes on established large chunk of live rock 15/06/19
34. Complete Marine Setup for Sale : Approx 250 Ltr marine system tank size just over 1 mtr in length x 40cm deep x 40cm tall. Home made strand stand on castors for easy movem ... 14/06/19
35. marine angelfish for sale : hi. I have a gorgeous 6"scribble angelfish for sale eats anything fat and very healthy £180 call matt on 07926259714 anytime collection o ... 14/06/19
36. Marine coral montipora : Hi.i have a large bright green montipora for sal.offers. I hav few small ones also. Must go reluctant sale but over grown. Please text a ... 14/06/19
37. Frags : For sale Zoa frags: BBEB £10 pp I have 1x1p, 1x2p, 2x3p, 1x4p, 1x5p,1x6p Scrambled Eggs £4 pp I have 1x10p Mandarin Orange £10pp I have ... 14/06/19
38. Bicolor angel marine fish : Young bicolor angel for sale due to having 2 and dont get on with each other. 14/06/19
39. WANTED MARINE FISH. : any unwanted or cheap as possible marine fish. Have a tank with lots of space and ready to go. Let me know what you have. Thanks. 13/06/19
40. Montipora for sale : Here I have 2 rocks with 4 pieces of monti on and a large piece of montipora 160mm x 85mm for sale.bright green but photos dont really show ... 13/06/19
41. marine fish for sale : I have closed down one of my tanks so have the following for sale. Guttatus tang (Acanthurus guttatus) very rare £130 swissguard basslet ( ... 12/06/19
42. Clove polyps : 3 different sorts of polyps start from £4 under white light 11/06/19
43. Marine fish coral and live rock : Hi due to move soon selling fish coral and live rock would prefer to sell as a full lot Fish inc Flame angel Coral beauty Blue tan ... 10/06/19
44. Sailfin Tang : Sailfin Tang for sale £10, inherited a new tank with the fish included, it’s not big enough for the fish, reluctantly letting it go. 10/06/19
45. Marine Coral DeadPool Mushroom 1 Head : DeadPool mushroom collector piece £40 09/06/19
46. Gold/Orange Hammer : Rare Gold/Orange Hammer good size around 70mm £75 09/06/19
47. Fish and corals : Foxface - £30 approx 4.5 inches Melanarus wrasse £25 Pair of clownfish one black and white one orange and white-£25 Zoa frag £10 Red B ... 08/06/19
48. Various coral frags, collection only Hemel Hempstead : Quite a few nice pieces on the frag racks at the moment. Left hand rack has Galaxia (£10), unknown green Acro (£10), unmounted Seriatopor ... 08/06/19
49. Marine regal tang for sale stunner reduced £40 : Regal tang 6 inch XL stunning will take £40 paid more 07/06/19
50. MARINE FISH AND CORALS IN TMC SIGNATURE 600 COMPLETE REEF SYSTEM - OFFERS OVER £ ... : Livestock/Rock/Coral 15kg of high quality cured reef rock 10kg of Fiji Black volcanic live sand 2 Percula common Clowns 3 Narcissus sn ... 07/06/19
51. Marine livestock wanted for New tank : Hi, i have a new set up and im after any fish that are for sale, my tank is 8 foot, so will consider most things. Yorkshire but dont mind tr ... 07/06/19
52. Rare jigsaw trigger fish for sale XL 5 to 6 inch reduced to £80 : Rare jigsaw trigger fish for sale, 6 inch stunning example eats fine healthy...reduced to £80 £110 no offers it's a stunner 6" 07/06/19
53. Caleurpa : Caleurpa large handful £3 06/06/19
54. Large mimic tang : I have this mimic tang for sale. He's been in my tank for at least 4 years now. He is in good health only he needs a bigger tank. Can be a b ... 06/06/19
55. Mix frags for sale : Lots of frags for sale from £3 pound toxic green cabbage 05/06/19
56. Zenia & Waving Hand Soft Coral : Small & Large bits of White Zenia & Waving Hand Soft Corals available Grows really quickly Lots of different sizes available ... 04/06/19
57. Marine fish and coral for sale : Fish: 4 x PJ Cardinal fish - £30 1 x Gold rush tang - £40 1 x One spot fox face - £20 1 x African Diamond tailed flasher Wrasse (Rare - ... 03/06/19
58. Wanted clown triggerfish : Hi I'm looking for a clown trigger fish if anyone looking to move there's on thanks 03/06/19
59. Stunning LPS,SPS and Mushroom corals : Hi all, For sale is some of my LPS,SPS and Mushrooms. Pink&green two tone stylo from £5,£10,£15,£20 Birds of paradise £5,£10,£15,£20 ... 03/06/19
60. Aquarium stripping down : I have the following for sale Pair of common clownfish with paired anemone 6 line wrasse Green Zoa colony Finger leather coral 3 hermi ... 02/06/19
61. Blastomussa coral frag for sale : This is a extremely large type of blastomussa coral (LPS) It has a bright green Fluorescent ring in the centre with a sort green outer ski ... 01/06/19
62. Blastomussa coral frag for sale : This is a rare lps coral ,it’s red with a bright green centre,it has 1 head and two babies ,this coral is grown on a frag plug and is 20mm ... 01/06/19
63. Live Rock Mature aprox 25k £3 per kilo marine tank breakdown fiji : Hi i have approximately 25kilo of live rock for sale at £3 per kilo . Some really nice pieces few large and some lovely small ones also som ... 01/06/19
64. Chalice (lps)Coral frag for sale : I have a stunning golden eye red chalice for sale it is 2in wide with over 20 eyes on it .it is a lovely coral and the eyes really pop with ... 01/06/19
65. Coral Beauty,Bicolor Angle, Royal Gamma, breeding pair clown fish,and more : House move forces sale of the following, pics of corals only but all fish very healthy and feeding Well on pellet, flake and frozen food ... 01/06/19
66. Clownfish £15 ea and Green Chromis £7.50 ea at Fishcove, Warrington : Clownfish £15 ea and Green Chromis £7.50 ea at Fishcove, Warrington. Fishcove, Unit 3 St Peters way Warrington, Ches. WA27BT. 31/05/19
67. Various books : I have various books related to Marine fish and fish keeping, prices from 50p to £10 30/05/19
68. Marine fish : Closing down my tank so for sale is 1x large Lipstick tang £75 1x medium blue faced angel £70 Scarlett hawk fish £35 Small scopas tang £ ... 30/05/19
69. Live Rock & Nano marine tank : live rock and sand in Nano marine tank Complete with wave maker, heater in perfect condition Happy to send photos on WhatsApp 07837277874 ... 30/05/19
70. Marine sailfin tang : Lovely tang for sale needs more room to grow so have to sell him.... text if interested £80 Thanks 29/05/19
71. Marine Fish / Majestic angelfish feeding well : This is a nice size Majestic angelfish , Beautiful colours and feeding well £139.99 collection from Southampton please 29/05/19
72. Marine Fish / Rare Golden Angelfish feeding well : This is a rare Golden dwarf angelfish (Centropyge aurantia) They are a beautiful addition to any marine tank , they have a stunning colour a ... 29/05/19
73. Red Montipora : Starting at £5.... Or swops Near gloucester 29/05/19
74. Red Montipora : Starting at £5.... Or swops Near gloucester 29/05/19
75. Various marine fish etc : Large leather coral hosting two (Nemo) clown fish £70 or will split £45 for the two clowns and £35 for the leather coral 27/05/19
76. Ultra Rare Zoas & Palys : We have a wide selection of stunning Zoas & Palys available to purchase from our website or collection by appointment only from Portsmouth. ... 26/05/19
77. Wanted Mini red carpet anemone, Rock flowers, mini maxi. : Hi I'm looking to buy mini red carpet anemone or mini maxi nems, and any other mini nems. Thanks for looking and get in touch with what yo ... 26/05/19
78. Wanted coral frags : Hi any one got any coral frahs s5 area or near thankd for looking messahe on here thanks 26/05/19
79. Alveopora Coral Frags : Alveopora Coral Frags available on 25mm frag plugs..... 26/05/19
80. Full marine setup £600 : Tank 39x18x32” Base 39x18x25” Complete with the following Eheim 300watt heater plus spare 300watt heater Deltec MCE600 skimmer Vortech ... 25/05/19
81. L46 Hypancistrus zebra : We have L046 Hypancistrus zebra of high quality and species. They between 4-7 cm = 1.60" to 2.75" in size. They are all very healt ... 25/05/19
82. Fire shrimp and orchid dottyback : Fire shrimp and orchid dottyback for sale need gone ASAP, caught and ready to go 24/05/19
83. Marine livestock in Nano tank and Ai prime for sale : -Contains 1 Clown fish and 1 Royal Gamma. -Various snails and crabs. -Some live coral. I am selling my Nano Reef tank and Ai prime ligh ... 24/05/19
84. REGAL TANG (sought after yellow belied variant of dory) : Stunning fish, in excellent health and has a very cheeky yet dumb character. She/he is around 5.5” in length, please note a 2” regal are ... 23/05/19
85. Coral table : 2 coral tables for sale 60x20x18 one with weir and connecting holes to the other tank £50 rack or 2 for £80 21/05/19
86. Selling coral frag : I have a bounce mushroom coral for sale This mushroom has a teal base with green/blue bubbles all over it ,this is a rare coral and it is ... 20/05/19
87. Selling coral frag : I have a large 3in rhodactus mushroom for sale ,it is orange with a bright orange skirt and a teal centre.it is on a pice of live rock and i ... 20/05/19
88. Selling coral frag : Recordea Yuma for sale .This mushroom is bright orange with with bumps all over it . It is 3in wide when it is full expanded and it is on a ... 19/05/19
89. Corals trade for lion fish and other types : Looking to trade 18 head candy cane . Duncan coral with 3 heads and some zoa 2of them and one has over 20 heads collection only let me no if ... 18/05/19
90. Goniopora/Montipora/Chalice frags available : I have available the following. Goniopora from £15 per frag Cotton Candy Chalice £69 Mystic Sunset Montipora £45 Thanks Contact Chr ... 18/05/19
91. Talbots damsels free : Pair of Talbot's damsels free to a good home. Not agreeing with my new fish so must go unfortunately. 07480124012 Melton mowbray 16/05/19
92. For sale bargain prices : Marine fish for sale Marine fish for sale including corals and live rock please ask for prices all bargains-will need to be collected by Sa ... 16/05/19
93. Wanted Clean Up Crew - Peterborough Area/Cambridgeshire : Hi All, looking to up my Cleaning Crew, any snails, shrimps, hermit crabs, strawberry loaches what do you have? Cash waiting. 15/05/19
94. aqua one 400 marine fish tank aquarium : aqua one 400 marine fish tank aquarium includes other lights and deltec 600 protein skimmer, has great storage underneath too. Tank ... 15/05/19
95. Complete Setup only : Lido 120 converted, 25ltr sump, bubble-magus qq skimmer,1000ltr return pump, sanrise smart control light, reactor, wavemakers, pair of commo ... 14/05/19
96. French angel : French angel for sale 3-4 inches eats everything and in excellent condition. Looking for £80 Buyer to collect 13/05/19
97. WANTED RITERI ANEMONE, SEXY SHRIMP CASH WAITING : Hi if anyone has any sexy shrimp, riteri anemone please let me know 07478745593 will travel for the right stuff as frequent up north for wor ... 12/05/19
98. Kenya Tree. (Marine Coral.) : Kenya Tree soft coral on peice of live rock 2 inch wide. 2 inch tall. (Approx.) Buyer collects. Bring a container. £10 12/05/19
99. bubble tip anemone (coral, marine) : bubble tip anemone. 2 inch across. Green, purple, orange. Buyer collects. Bring your own container. £10. North Leicestershire. 12/05/19
100. LARGE bright Green Montiporia coral. : LARGE bright Green plating Montiporia coral. 12 inch across. Selling due to size. Some Purple patching due to new lights And low p ... 12/05/19

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