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1. Breaking Down 450l Tank - Low Cost for Fast Sale : ...because I simply no longer have the time to give a marine aquarium the love/attention it needs to flourish. Tank is well matured, appr ... 18/06/18
2. Corals for sale : Had enough of corals now, going over to FOWLR. I have the following corals for sale: large Chalice coral £30, Ultra green GSP on live rock £ ... 18/06/18
3. 2 x spotcinctus clownfish with 2 anemones £60 : Not yet a pair but clear size difference now. Stunning fish that come with an anemone each which they currently host. 18/06/18
4. Blue eyed kole tang / Bristletooth tang - £20 : Excellent algae eater £20. 18/06/18
5. Live Rock for sale - £30 the lot : For sale live rock that has dried out so will need re-soaking.  Theres a good 25kg lots of nice pieces and interesting shapes. Bargain £3 ... 17/06/18
6. For Sale soft coral on live rock : Hi a nice piece of live rock with about 7 green-fuzzy mushrooms and some flourescent green star polyps attached. £20.00 Cash on collec ... 17/06/18
7. Large Bubble tip anemone : Large red bubble tip anemone for sale.  It measures about 10-11 inches in diameter and is on a piece of plate live rock about the same size, ... 17/06/18
8. H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ... 17/06/18
9. H FUSCUS SEAHORSES IN STOCK : H fuscus in stock stunning seahorse £50 each we also have adult pairs at £130 a pair.We have spent years sourcing healthy seahorse stock com ... 17/06/18
10. Wanted Large Angels and Tangs : Looking to rehome a couple of large fish that have out grown their current home Large FOWLR system so can take your coral munchers off you ... 17/06/18
11. Alr1 cheato reactor : I have a cheato alr 1 ligth reator six months old £130 17/06/18
12. Acro coral : Large acro colony for sale fantastic colours 16/06/18
13. Bangaii cardinals x 2 : I have 2 Bangaii cardinals for sale £15 each. Based in Eastleigh. 16/06/18
14. Corals : Various corals for sale 16/06/18
15. Hammer corals : Hammer corals 20+ heads 1 purple 2 ultra green very good quality £100 each 16/06/18
16. Small frags, zoa, lps : Looking for some small zoas ,coral frags for my nano to grow out. Around the Midlands area. Cheers 16/06/18
17. RO water delivered and pumped directly into tank or containers : Ro water delivered to your door in south west London and surrey water is pumped in barrels or in your tank if you like delivery is ... 15/06/18
18. Free Chaeto : hi, anyone wanting to collect some free chaeto algae from Rotherham get in touch. cheers 15/06/18
19. Heteractis magnifica wanted : hi, am looking for a GREEN magnifica ritteri anemone. hard to find I know. Or any colour other than purple, which I already have. cheers 15/06/18
20. Melanurus Wrasse : Stunning Melanurus Wrasse for sale The fish as come from a disease free tank. The colours on this fish are beautiful; it’s around 4-5 ... 14/06/18
21. Honeycomb Moray Eel For Sale : Selling my Honeycomb moray which I've had a for a few years now and one you don't often see for sale. He feeds very well on most frozen foo ... 14/06/18
22. Aqua One 120 Litre Mini Reef : Aqua one 120 mini reef for sale lights, skimmer, Sump, return Pump, glass lid, heater, stand and booklets. 18 months old. £100 14/06/18
23. Marine fish : Xl sailfin tang £70 needs 6ft plus tank porcupine puffer £30 Picasso trigger £40 leopard wrasse £20 will also have rock ECT as closing my t ... 14/06/18
24. LARGE PURPLE TANG : FOR SALE purple tang stunning fish eats like a pig ..ring for more info £75 .. 07837306239... 13/06/18
25. ecotech coral propagation kit : hi i am selling as above. this item is in very good condition with a couple of hardly noticeable little marks.a couple of the coral plugs ... 12/06/18
26. Large Picasso Trigger Fish : Downsizing tank forces sale! £40.00 Very nice and good temperament. Large tank only please! 11/06/18
27. Large Fox Face : Beautiful fish, downgrading tank so he’s up for sale. £40.00 Large tank only! Thanks for looking! 11/06/18
28. Finger leather corals £6-£20 : I have a few finger leather corals for sale. They all grew in my tank. Prices depend on size. I am in Maidenhead and local pick-up is pr ... 11/06/18
29. Pulsing Xenia frags £5 : I have a few pulsing Xenia frags for sale in Maidenhead. They look better in real life then in the photos. Local pick-up is preferred, bu ... 11/06/18
30. CORALS FOR SALE : Red/orange/blue Lobo - absolutely gorgeous coral and a really good size! - £130 Large purple/orange/green Acanthastrea Echinata- lovely b ... 10/06/18
31. 8 inch blue spot tang marine : Absolutely beautiful marine fish Only selling as we are breaking down tank £70 [email protected] 10/06/18
32. Corals.zoas.frags. : I have some of my zoas for sale most are £10pp.i also have some purple discoma mushrooms for sale.can collect or can post for a charge of £8 ... 10/06/18
33. fish : 5inch regal tang pair black and white clowns one a misbar skopas tang Midas blenny coral beauty £80 must all go together no offers a bargain 10/06/18
34. wanted : Wanted bubbletip anemones red or green the larger tne better . I live in barnsley but can travel provided its not too far away. 09/06/18
35. Live stock for sale : Pair of clowns Cream angel 3 green chromis Cleaner shrimp 3 hermit crabs if csn be located lol 09/06/18
36. Live Marine Fish, Live Rock, in Fully operational Marine Rio 240 tank for sale, ... : Around 15 fantastic Marine fish with live rock in 3 year old Rio 240 Marine tank, Ehiem filters lights, Skimmers ... all up for grabs due t ... 09/06/18
37. Lps, sps corals for sale, £40 : Corals include torch, hammerhead, frogspawn, candy cane and sps coral. All are full of colour amd healthy. Can sell altogether or seperately ... 08/06/18
38. swallow tail angel pair £100 : Swallow tail pair, Both healthy and eating frozen and dry food, male around 5-6 inches. Collection only. 07/06/18
39. Triton elements : Triton elements for sale brand new 1,2,3a and 3b £35 per four bottles makes roughly ten litres of liquid I have two lots available collecti ... 06/06/18
40. Erectus Seahorse Wanted : Looking for a male Erectus Seahorse for our female. Please let me know if you have one for sale or know of anyone who does. Would need to ... 06/06/18
41. MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... : Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best pr ... 05/06/18
42. Pulsing Xenia coral frag : Small clump of xenia. Grows like weed in my tank. Pick up skipton 05/06/18
43. Mature Live Rock - Reef Tank / Aquarium - Fiji Includes Branch & Plate : Decided to rearrange the rock work in my tank and as a result have approximately 40 - 50 Kg of surplus mature Fiji live rock which is aphasi ... 05/06/18
44. Sea Hare £10 : I have a Sea Hare for sale at £10. These eat only hair algae and do a non stop job of eating it all away, they wont eat your corals. I ... 05/06/18
45. marine tank breakdown : hi i have a number of large pieces of live rock for sale some with corals £8 per kg collection from mablethorpe 05/06/18
46. live rock : hi i have a number of large pieces of live rock for sale some with corals £8 per kg collection from mablethorpe 05/06/18
47. Soft Coral for sale bargain £10.00 : Hi soft coral for sale on a small piece of live rock.  There is about 12 purple/red mushrooms Collection only, buyer to bring bucket, cas ... 04/06/18
48. Soft Coral for sale bargain £10.00 : Hi soft coral for sale on a small piece of live rock.  There is about 12 purple/red mushrooms £10.00 Collection only, buyer to bring b ... 04/06/18
49. For Sale soft coral on live rock : Hi a large plate piece of live rock about a foot long with 2 green fuzzy mushrooms and some fluorescent star polyps attached. £15.00 C ... 04/06/18
50. Mature live rock £5 per kilo or £100 the lot : Good quality live rock, great shapes and loads of life. No aiptasia! Approximately 30kg, £5 per kilo or £100 the lot! 04/06/18
51. Marine inverts and fish : All stock healthy and good condition. Disease free Cleaner shrimp £10 Electric blue hermit crab £5 Red leg hermit crab £5 Trochus turbo ... 04/06/18
52. Large colony of zoas for sale £15 : I'm selling my colony of zoas due to the addition of 2 butterfly fish. They have taken a liking to them so would like to see them go to a n ... 03/06/18
53. ex shop display aquarium with divider. £20 ono : Old shop display aquarium. 2 next to each other with tank connectors in the bottom. Needs a good clean and tidy up but ideal for a fish room ... 03/06/18
54. Marine fish Inverts, in Red Sea Reefer 170 (Black) with equipment (£370) : fish included are as follows; 3 clownfish, 1 Royal gramma, 2 Bangaai cardinals, 1 Blood shrimp, 3+ anemone and other crustaceans such as sna ... 03/06/18
55. Queen Angelfish (Adult) - £130 : Stunning Queen Angel, about 7/8 inch long, perfect specimen, eats everything, reluctant sale but now hates my Regal Angel, presently sumped ... 03/06/18
56. Corals. : I'm looking to purchase 3 or 4 torch coral & a Catalaphyllia(Elegance) to complete my reef. I'm located in Northampton but willing to tr ... 02/06/18
57. SELLING LIVESTOCK, LIVE ROCK, IN FLUVAL EVO 12.5 GALLON READY TO GO REEF TANK : Selling almost brand new, ready to go Fluval evo tank. LONDON Comes with the following: 7kg live Fiji rock 2x barrel of salt water ... 02/06/18
58. Picasso Trigger : Hi I am selling my Picasso trigger 4 to 5 inch fat and healthy a beautiful example sumped and ready to go Looking for £30.00 0796 ... 02/06/18
59. SOLD Magnificent fox face 6 inches SOLD : Hi I am looking to sell my beautiful magnificent fox face 6 inches long and very healthy looking for £55.00 *************SOLD***** ... 02/06/18
60. marine hogfish for sale : hi i have a 4 1/2" cuban hogfish £60 a 3 1/2" lyretail hogfish £55 a 3" coral beauty £30 all fat and heallty eat anything only selling be ... 01/06/18
61. clean live rock : well over 20kg of good clean mature live rock..no chemicals used on it..collection only £5 per kilo..collection only. 01/06/18
62. 2 x maxima clams : Gold maxima clam £125, 5-6 inches Blue maxima clam £135, 6-7 inches Both very healthy Collection only 31/05/18
63. Orange shoulder tang and regal tang : Orange shoulder tang £45 Regal tang £40 Both eating frozen, dry and seaweed, around 4-5 inches, collection only. 31/05/18
64. DRIED OUT LIVE ROCK : FOR SALE DRIED OUT LIVE ROCK If you have some live rock in your aquarium it will take 3 to 5 months for it to seed it with bacteria ... 30/05/18
65. Marine Livestock and Amazing 300ltr Reef Tank For Sale : Livestock includes: Royal Gramma, Flame Angel, Tomi Bristletooth tang, 3 x Allen's damsels, Firefish, Yellow Assesor, Manderin Dragonet, ... 30/05/18
66. Tropicmarin Marine Salt : Marine salt I recently purchased this tropicmarin marine salt it's a 25 kilo tub it cost me £55 which is the cheapest price I could find. I ... 30/05/18
67. Green Star Polyp frags (GSP) £5-£20 : I have a few Green Star Polyp frags for sale in Maidenhead. They vary in size from fairly small to pretty big. Local pick-up is preferre ... 29/05/18
68. Bright Green Palys £20 : Have for sale some bright green palys on live rock. Also have some other bits including pink gorgonians. I am in Rainham Kent. Cheers Alan 28/05/18
69. Monti cap and digitata : Having a clear out so white polyps green monti cap.. been using it for corals so some die off. Fair sized 7x7 inch at widest part and orang ... 28/05/18
70. Marine fish in Full Setup for sale : I'm selling our 6 x 2 x 2 tank with large sump with heater, pump and all pipe work. Comes with 2 wave makers. could you please ring as ph ... 26/05/18
71. Australian marbled coral catshark (Atelomycterus macleayi) : Male. 60cm/2ft long - grows to 75cm/2.5ft About 2 years old. Large aquarium only, please. £500 Telephone number : 07765515356 -text ... 26/05/18
72. Marine fish : regal tang 5inch £30..skopas tang £20...midas blenny £10....pair black and white clowns one misbar £40...coral beauty £25....snowflake eel ... 25/05/18
73. Pink tailed trigger : Lovely pink tail trigger approx 7"long Eats anything. £40 Sulphur goby and pistol shrimp £20. Littlehampton, west sussex. 24/05/18
74. Chaeto wanted : Looking for some chaeto from the Wirral or Runcorn area 24/05/18
75. MONO ANGELES : I got 2 Mono Angels Beautiful brackish water fish, £20 for both 23/05/18
76. Livestock in Amazing 90G Reef Aquarium Complete (offers over £600) - Southampton : Livestock is amazing. Including live rock and: Dozens of corals Pair of clowns Regal tang Yellow tang 3 x dominoes Koran angel Bi col ... 22/05/18
77. Tank breakdown - livestock, live rock and equipment for sale : Due to lack of time to keep on top of maintenance, I am switching my 1200l reef to FW. All livestock and live rock for sale, some equipment ... 22/05/18
78. Comman clown fish pair : For sell is my orange and white (female) and black and white (male) clown fish. Good size. Will include remaining frozen brine and hikari ... 20/05/18
79. Venustus angel wanted cash waiting : Will travel for the right fish i doubt there will be a lot of response but worth a shot 20/05/18
80. Pair of elongatus Seahorse : Reduced. Breeding pair of elongatus seahorse (tiger snout). Also sometimes (wrongly) referred to as subelongatus. Male is smaller than ... 17/05/18
81. Marine reef livestock in Full Marine set up for sale : Included in sale is all live stock and equipment. Trio of allards clown fish Snowflake eel Cleaner shrimp. Approx 20kg live rock ... 17/05/18
82. Regal tang wanted : Wanted regal tang 4.5”+ can’t be any smaller and also no yellow belly regals either will travel for right fish Thanks for viewing 17/05/18
83. Zoa quick sale cheap : Blue hornet 3 for £20 Purply Macaw 3 for £20 WWC Twizzler 3 for £20 Playboy bunny 10 each or 10 for 70. Black Hole suns 3 for £20 fruit ... 17/05/18
84. Majestic Angel : This fish is stunning really vibrant strong colouration,in a full sps system for over 18 months only reason m selling is i am cutting back o ... 16/05/18
85. Looking to rehome any large marine fish : I have a 6l x 3d x 2h marine fish tank with plenty of space for all your large fish that could do with a new home. They will be well looked ... 14/05/18
86. WANTED TRUE BLACK TANG WANTED : Wanted true longnose black tang any size from 3”+ near or around Sheffield but will travel for the right fish and price Contact me on 07 ... 14/05/18
87. African flame back Angel. Plus others. : Closing down tank . 1 African flame back Angel. Pair clowns, 1 Royal Gamma , 2 Chromis Damsals. Make an offer . Location: Essex/ Hertford ... 14/05/18
88. Cheap live rock : A load of live rock, mainly Fuji, been in tank just over a year, all good. Fish have been sold now so need to move the live rock on so the t ... 14/05/18
89. Corals for Sale : Leather Coral £20 Duncans Coral £35 Kenya Tree £15 Contact 07791488673 13/05/18
90. live Marine rock : I have over 10kg of live marine rock from my second tank break down looking to sell or swap for fish/large inverts etc Message me if intere ... 12/05/18
91. Live rock : 30kg of live rock £100 Collection from Chorley Lancashire 12/05/18
92. XXL toadstool stunning : Massive 2 foot in size very rare Bargain price to clear £70ono Collection from Hockley b18 Contact Leo on 07414007701 12/05/18
93. XXL toadstool stunning : Massive 2 foot in size very rare Bargain price to clear £70ono Collection from Hockley b18 Contact Leo on 07414007701 12/05/18
94. Marine betta fish : Beautiful colours & marking of marine betta fish feeding well 5-6 “ in size. Reducing my bio load in tank reason for sale Collection ... 12/05/18
96. Marine fish for sale : I have a job lot of marine fish for sale, due to a tank shutdown, All healthy and fat and eat everything. Fish are 1 x Yellow foxface £25 ... 09/05/18
97. Live rock wanted : Looking for liverock around 40-50kg Wirral area.. Txt only-cant access email address. 09/05/18
98. 33kg of live pukani and Fiji live rock : Only reason for sale is upgraded and used real reef. I havnt put copper or any treatment in the tank so nothing is in the rock all mature no ... 09/05/18
100. Marine Tank, House move forces sale. £600 : Aqua Marin 400,4 new T5 tubes, return pump and pipe work, 2 years old. Pair Common Clowns Niger Trigger Piccaso Trigger Snowflake Eel ... 06/05/18

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