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1. fish and live rock : regal tang pair black and white clowns skopas tang Midas blenny coral beauty snowflake eel live rock with few zoas etc deep live sand bed od ... 23/04/18
2. fish and live rock : regal tang pair black and white clowns skopas tang Midas blenny coral beauty snowflake eel live rock with few zoas etc deep live sand bed od ... 23/04/18
3. Marine Trigger fish, Specimen Fish. : Couple of lovely triggers in stock currently, for the fish only enthusiasts. Jumbo sized blue trigger fantastic condition and an excellent s ... 22/04/18
4. Live rock : Live rock £30 for all of it Still in tank 42 pound of rock 22/04/18
5. Marine fish : Fireball angel £10 Clown fish £5 22/04/18
6. MUSHROOM COLONIES AND FRAGS FOR SALE : Mushroom rocks £5.00 to £15.00 Mainly green left Please text Paul on 07487 681660 Collection only from Chesterfield 1 mile from jc ... 22/04/18
7. Free Chaeto : hi, anyone wanting to collect some free chaeto algae from Rotherham get in touch. cheers 22/04/18
8. Heteractis magnifica wanted : hi, am looking for a GREEN magnifica ritteri anemone. hard to find I know. Or any colour other than purple, which I already have. cheers 22/04/18
9. MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... : Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best pr ... 22/04/18
10. Fireball angel : For sale Fireball Angel £10 21/04/18
12. Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral frags : new batch of Leather coral frags @ £15 each I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. about 4' in size. 20/04/18
13. LARGE PURPLE TANG : FOR SALE purple tang 5''+ stunning fish eats like a pig ..ring for more info £120 .. 07837306239... 19/04/18
14. Corals : We have amazing selection of corals in stock! 19/04/18
15. Bright Green Palys £20 : Have for sale some bright green palys on live rock. Also have some other bits including pink gorgonians. I am in Rainham Kent. Cheers Alan 18/04/18
16. Deltec 2960 protein skimmer : Deltec 2060 protein skimmer exellent condition suitable for 1400 litres heavily stocked 1700 litres lightly stocked £250 ono 18/04/18
17. Clownfish pair for sale : Clownfish pair for sale, like you can see on the picture, host anemone. I am closing down my tank. Please note that anemone is already sold ... 18/04/18
18. Marine live rock wanted : Hi I'm after live rock that can drop to Burnley cash waiting 07920382166give mark a txt or ring thank you 18/04/18
19. Blue stylophora : For sell very large blue stylophora. The colour is very deep blue.the coral is grown to the rock. (Rock1.5kg) Stylophora have around 35-40 f ... 16/04/18
20. Black and White Clown Fish : Black and White Clown Fish, selling due to being bullied by my Clarki Clowns, heís in good health in a qt tank. Needs a new home ! £15 16/04/18
21. Rose Bubble Tip Anenome : Rose Bubble Tip Anenome, £20, collection from Waddington, Lincoln 16/04/18
22. Breaking down tank : Hi All, Am breaking down tank due to work committments. Regal Tang £20 Green Coral Gobies £5 ea (2 off) Lemonpeel Dwarf Angel £20 Commo ... 14/04/18
23. Queen trigger wanted : Queen trigger wanted, any size considered. 13/04/18
24. 4 Addis Buterfly Fish : Im selling 4 Addis Buterfly Fish gorgeous fish £350 for all 4 13/04/18
25. 10kg of live rock : 10kg of live rock, come out of tank today,looking for £25. Collect b36 area of Birmingham. See my other add for 50kg of base rock 13/04/18
26. 25-30kg base rock : I have 25-30kg of base rock, large pieces, collection from B36 area of Birmingham. going quickly, £2kg 13/04/18
27. Marine Livestock in Reef tank and all equipment included fully stocked. : Live rocks, corals, mushroom, anemone and 6 others. Eight fish - 2 snowflake clowns, sand sifting goby, Royal gramma, dwarf flame Angel, 3 a ... 11/04/18
28. Blue stylophora SOLD : For sell beatiful very deep blue stylophora. The coral is 10cm high and 10cm wide. Price £50 . 10/04/18
29. Marine fish or seahorses : For sale absolutely lovely marine fish aquarium perfect for seahorses Complete with stand and lid with t5 lights live sand heater and filt ... 10/04/18
30. BARGAIN BARGAIN : lots Live rock,/ Soft corals and 5 Marine fish in several tanks as follows: NO HOLES DRILLED IN TANKS! FOR SALE used as a marin ... 09/04/18
31. Mini red carpet anemone : Hi I've decided to part with a few of my lovely mini red carpet anemones, i have 3 for sale very easy care level and don't seem to wonder li ... 09/04/18
32. Wanted marine fish : Looking for chromis or other smaller size fish or all others considerd also shrimp or snails or crabs thanks for looking sorry mi phone ... 08/04/18
33. marine fish wanted : Wanted marine fish anything considered ...also marine set up with or without livestock . 07/04/18
34. Mature Live sand just left the tank : Quickly a deal to be made £15 for 1 and a half buckets of mature live sand Collection only Phone 07850234340 07/04/18
35. Redsea Salt 10kg : Sold my tank - 10kg for giveaway £15 07/04/18
36. Aqua 1 275 in black : Aqua 1 275 tank in black, sump, return pump, 2 x heaters, wave maker, sand and led lights £350 Can deliver locally for fuel.. Pics ... 06/04/18
37. RO water delivered and pumped directly into tank or containers : Ro water delivered to your door in south west London and surrey water is pumped directly into your tank no need to lift heavy barrels ... 05/04/18
38. Zola Frags and Colony : I have the following zoas available: Playboy Bunnies ◊10 heads - £75 LC Petroglyphs†x 3 heads - £50 - sold Seduction People Eater x 1 h ... 04/04/18
39. Mature Live Rock & Reef Bones £5/Kg, Live Sand £2/Kg Offers Accepted : Final stage of 1000Ltr tank being shut down. Lots of rock, sand and reef bones. Discount of bulk purchase >10Kg Collection only. Please ... 03/04/18
40. Real reef rock structures : Got these two structures that I build myself. They are absolutely solid, not coming apart in a hurry. The larger one is approx 20kg - ... 03/04/18
41. Marine tank setup £450 : Fors sale i have a fluval 180 fish thank with v2iLumenAir lighting. Over 10 kg of fiji rock.. 2x clown fish.. 1 x spot foxface 2 x chromas ... 01/04/18
42. Livestock in Marine aquarium for sale : Marine fish: moorish idol, orange fin tang, swallow tail and bicolor angelfish, blue lip, purple finned fairy wrasse, 2 x cleaner shrimp,fea ... 01/04/18
43. Green Hystrix Frags : Hi, I have some nice Green Hystrix sps frags (Seriatopora Guttatus) for sale, nice healthy frags, fast growing, £10 each collection only, ps ... 01/04/18
44. Red Montipora Digitata Frags : Hi, I have some nice red Montipora Digitata sps frags, collection only Ps, please bring your own containers, 1st pic is mother colony, £10 ... 01/04/18
45. WANTED - Corals/LPS/Softies, CUC & Shrimp, Nems : Hey! Looking to top up my reef after a rescape. Will consider most corals...mushrooms, zoa colonies, torches,lobo, leathers etc etc A ... 31/03/18
47. FREE money cowrie snails CUC : trying to break down a system. I have a load of sand left and 2 money cowries. want to get rid of them tonight really. I live in leeds, b ... 30/03/18
48. FREE livesand, about 60kgs but can take whatever, chucking at the end of the day : I have about 60kgs of livesand that has been used as a deep sand bed for around 3-4 years, mixture of grain sizes but is mostly very very fi ... 30/03/18
49. Clownfish : High quality Clownfish 24 weeks, hatched 13.10.17 30/03/18
50. Change of tank plan - Open to offers : Hello, I have decided to change from a mixed reef to a seahorse tank so I am selling my livestock to make way for the new arrivals. I am in ... 29/03/18
51. Fiji Live rock, Marine livestock in Complete Evolution Aqua eaReefPro 1500S : I have sold off most of the coral now, but a great selection of fish and inverts are included in the sale. There are also a number of soft c ... 27/03/18
52. corals : corals for sale from marine tank breakdown mushrooms - red,blue and superman from £3 a head trachy £30 Blasto £2 ... 25/03/18
53. Rose bubbletip anemone SOLD... : I have for sale this quite large rose bubbletip which is beautiful as it also has hints of green as can be seen. Itís getting too big for m ... 25/03/18
54. Regal tang £35 : Large yellow belly Regal tang for sale, 8 inches nice and fat had for 2 years. 25/03/18
55. Live rock for sale birmingham 15 -20 kg : Closing down my marine tank still some fish in it had the tank for 4 years no aptasia on rock at all there is loads in the sump buyer co ... 24/03/18
56. Closing tank : Blue ribben eel very rare to find feeding on frozen food only. Had for over 2 years any questions please ask o7841748841 23/03/18
57. Dead coral big amount : Huge plate coral.....few red sea red corals cup corals blue corals Some big ones over 1ft across and high etc Open to offers but this stuf ... 22/03/18
58. Carpet anenome, live corals, rock, in complete marine tank : Marine fish, live rock, carpet anemones, corals, in Aqua reef400 tank with filtration buyer collects £800.00 Or near offer 22/03/18
59. Live Rock : Approx 70kg of live rock, lots of great pink coroline colours. Closing down system. It must go £5kg 22/03/18
60. Live rock : Lots of live rock for sell all shapes for building flate pieces £4 a kilo or a deal for all of it any questions please ask can sen pictures ... 22/03/18
61. Caribsea life rock 40lb : Hi I'm selling 40lb of mature (3 years) Caribsea life rock it's cycling waiting to be sold I've used Aquaforest Stone fix to cement boulde ... 21/03/18
62. Pair of black and white clown fish : I am unfortunately selling a lovely pair of black and white Tank raised clownfish. 3 full white bars and orange Mouths Gradually fading. ... 21/03/18
63. Melanesia Tang : We are selling off the last remaining fish left in our system as we will be shutting it down. We have a Melanesia Tang who is approx 10cm in ... 21/03/18
64. Clearing out marine stock and live rock : Hi i am selling all marine live stock and live rock £4 a kilo will send pictures when ask the blue ribbon eel will be last to be sold as it ... 21/03/18
65. Regal Damsel : We have a Regal Damsel for sale at £12.00. He is a lovely fish and has been in a tank with a yellow tail purple tang and common clown, so is ... 20/03/18
66. Common Clown : In the process of shutting down our marine system and so selling off the last few pieces of livestock. We have a common clown fish ready to ... 20/03/18
67. Yellow Tail Blue Damsel : We have got a couple of Yellow Tail Blue Damsels left in our system, which we are planning on shutting down and so selling off the last rema ... 20/03/18
68. Soft corals for sale : I have a range of mushrooms, toad stalls, zoas for sale PRICES FROM £20 - £50 Message me for more details 19/03/18
69. Liverock and corals forsale : I have over 10kg of live rock forsale with lots of corals on it about 8 pieces some very big Coverd in zoas..green mushrooms ..polyps...st ... 19/03/18
70. Various Coral Frags Starting @ £3.50 (Burgess Hill) : Hello Iíve got a fair few frags going, please message for more pics. Green plating montipora frags £3.50 -£5 Ultra green montipora frags ... 18/03/18
71. Breeding clown fish : Selling our breeding clown fish , we have had them for over a year and they have been breeding for the past two months . The female lays eve ... 18/03/18
72. Fox face rabbit fish : Selling our fox face rabbit fish , he is sociable and will feed from your hand . Heís fed on flakes and frozen brine shrimp , he is around 5 ... 18/03/18
73. Wanted Harlequin Tusk (Australian) : Hi Looking for a Australian Harlequin Tusk cheers Maj 17/03/18
74. Wanted Cuban Hog Fish : Hi Looking for a Cuban Hog fish cheers Maj 17/03/18
75. wanted : purple hornet zoa rotherham : Looking for true purple hornet zoa frag / polyp(s) collection close to south Yorkshire. Email [email protected] 17/03/18
76. Wanted : Wanted Sohal tang, Clown trigger, Emperor angel 17/03/18
77. Sailfin Tangl £40.00 : Selling for £40.00 Approximate fin span is 20-25cm. Moderate temperament - have never seen it attack another fish but does like its ow ... 16/03/18
78. Large Adult Angel £40.00 : Selling at £40.00 Easy temperament - never seen it attack other fish. Eats marine flakes. Requires large tank of at least 300L. ... 16/03/18
79. Frags and small colonies with some high end zoas. : new frags ready. Whammin watermelons, Fairy dust, Xenia from £5 per plug to £15 for large plugs with many polyps. Sun corals from £15 on ... 15/03/18
80. Humu Picasso Triggerfish £25 : The Humu Picasso Triggerfish, also known as the Humuhumu Triggerfish or Picasso Triggerfish, has a wacky, painted appearance. It has a tan b ... 14/03/18
81. GREEN DRAGON WRASSE £ 30 : The Dragon Wrasse is also referred to as the Rockmover Wrasse. The juvenile has a burgundy body with white markings. The fins are also notab ... 14/03/18
82. LUNAR MOON Lyretail Wrasse FISH FOR £25 : The Lunare Wrasse, Thalassoma lunare, also known as the Moon Wrasse for its yellow caudal fin shaped like a crescent moon. They exhibit a vi ... 14/03/18
83. LIVE ROCK WANTED : Hi ,I'm looking for around 6k of live rock to start my Nano reef aquarium .if anyone has any for a good price in the Midlands area please le ... 14/03/18
84. Duncan coral colony over 50 heads : Large Austrailian Duncan colony coral over 50 heads selling as going to have only soft corals. Canít seem to upload pics here You can ... 14/03/18
85. Star polyps and coral beauty for sale SOLD. Mp10 and aquarium : Metallic green star polyps for sale £15 sold Coral beauty angelfish £15 sol Or both for £25 sold Mp10 not wireless. Well used condition b ... 14/03/18
86. Looking for marine fish : Hi looking for marine fish near dagenham thxs 13/03/18
87. Wanted large marine fish : What you got, bigger the better 12/03/18
88. Wanted Golden puffer : Wanted Golden puffer, any size I have £250 to spend 12/03/18
89. Full Tank Contents : For Sale are the contents of my marine tank (excluding equipment)that has been running for 2 years. Regrettable sale due to house moving and ... 11/03/18
90. Pink gorgonian coral : Pink gorgonian coral. This is a photosynthesis coral so doesn't need feeding.it is a frag 5cm tall and 2 cm tall aprox.£5 collection only. 11/03/18
91. Harlequin Shrimp for sale : Approx 1 inch. I have had it for 3 months and it has cleared up all my asterina star fish. £10 Ealing, London 07932946167 10/03/18
92. Marine Reef Livestock for sale - Fish, Shrimp, Corals, SPS, LPS : I am selling all the livestock of my marine reef tank. The system is 9 months old. All livestock is healthy and looking good. Viewings w ... 09/03/18
93. New finally cycled 4ft marine : Hi looking for frags in Basildon area to try and build up my tank thanks 08/03/18
94. New frags for sale, limited availability : Xenia frags sm £2.50 Xenia Med on plug £5.00 Fairy dust Zoa multiple polyps on plugs from £5.00 Whammin watermelon multiple polyps on plu ... 07/03/18
95. Yellow Tail Purple Tang : We have a Yellow Tail Purple Tang who is 10cm-12cm in length and has been with us for a couple of years and feeds well on flake food and fro ... 07/03/18
96. Bargain frags. SPS, LPS, zoas. Farnborough, Hants. CHEAP : Everything must go....... From Triton run healthy system with GHL lighting Montipora hirsuta, green polyp morph. 2 x 1" £6 Green po ... 07/03/18
97. White spotted puffer fish 8" : Stunning white spotted puffer 8" Lovely markings and eats well not really shown any aggression 06/03/18
98. Pair of black clowns : Stunning pair of black clowns Always together lovely markings 06/03/18
99. LIVE ROCK. : I have closed an aquarium down for a friend. He has a 220 ltr barrel full of live rock heater and power head to keep it live. There are ... 05/03/18
100. Wanted guinea fowl puffer : Wanted Guinea fowl puffer 05/03/18

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