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1. Marine fish and live & real reef rock for sale : 3ft Adult female Bamboo shark = 250 Bamboo shark (14 inch) X 2 = 100 Each Blue spot tang (10 inch) = 80 Vampire tang ( 8 inch) = 60 ... 12/12/18
2. Green bubble coral : Hi I have a beautiful green bubble coral for sale very healthy only selling due to going to a fish only tank.110 no offers 12/12/18
3. Xl yellow tang for sale, 60 : The fish is xl in size, has full colour and eats very well which can be seen upon a visit. I am selling due to changing the fishes i have. I ... 12/12/18
4. Marine fish for sale : 8in golden puffer 300 4in Bristletooth Tang 25 5in sailfin 25 Pair wild clowns 25 Small pair common clowns 20 Pair of common clown ... 12/12/18
5. Total marine set up : Oak cabinet and aquarium 110cm length, 136cm high, 45cm width, volume 200l Cabinet has a cupboard with a removeable shelf and 2 deep drawer ... 12/12/18
6. Pale green trumpets - Erythrastrea - plus others : These fantastic light green trumpet frags have between 5 and 10 heads, and are mounted on live rock. Priced at 2.50 per head I also have a ... 11/12/18
8. Various corals and few fish from tank closure : Closing my tank down til the next year due to work commitments and house renovations. Have some live rock,fish and sps corals for sale. Cl ... 11/12/18
9. Large Queen Angel : Hi i am looking for large marine fish for sale preferably Large Queen angel Tangs and Angel fish for 8FT tank. Will pay good money for the ... 11/12/18
10. Emperor angel, grey poma angel, purple tang sale : Hi I am selling my few beautiful angel and Tangs fishes listed below. 1. Emperor angel fish (juvinel medium size) 69.99 2. Emperor ang ... 11/12/18
11. Giant Brazillian Reidi Seahorses for sale : 4 Breeding pairs of Giant Brazillian Reidi seahorses for sale. These breed every 2 weeks so be prepared to be inundated with lots of Babys. ... 10/12/18
12. fish : looking for corals and fish pm me thxs 10/12/18
13. large marine fish : two large marine fish one blue ring Anularis angelfish and one stars and strips puffer. both fish to go together I will not split them. i ... 10/12/18
14. Marine angelfish for sale : Large annularis angelfish for sale feeds on flake pellets and frozen food. 100 ono 10/12/18
15. Marine fish for sale : 8in golden puffer 300 4-5in hybrid goldflake angel 250 4in Bristletooth Tang 25 5in sailfin 25 Pair wild clowns 25 Small pair comm ... 10/12/18
16. Marine reference books : 3 marine books collection only 15 09/12/18
17. Sohal Tang : Had it for 3 years, selling due to down sizing my tank, very healthy and eating everything. Around 8-10 inches - 140. Collection only fro ... 08/12/18
18. marine fish for sale : 1 x pair juwel wrasse 50, pair of skunk clowns hosting bubble nem on large rock,60.large fox face 30,2 cleaner shrimps 15 each,allso 25 ... 08/12/18
19. Purple tang sale : Hi I am selling my 2 beautiful purple tang. Nice and healthy eats all kind of food. One for 100 If you take both 190 Serious buyer onl ... 05/12/18
20. Cyano algae eating snails : Cyano algae eating snails. Best for destroying any type of algea incl.: Green hairy, Brown, Any colour cyano, Diatoms. Safe with coral ... 04/12/18
22. Black tang 685. In non copper system. : Jet black longnose tang (true Hawaiian) About 2-3 inches size. Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. No offers. Cash only. C ... 04/12/18
23. Dog faced puffer for sale : Male stars and stripes about 8inches eats well just out grown tank not reef safe.is why I'm selling him.open to offers 04/12/18
25. Large Marine Tank Breakdown : Update just the LR left now mainly Java. Very well seeded as been filtering 800 litres for over 4 years. Xenia on some rocks. Open to offers ... 01/12/18
26. zoa frags for sale - Rotherham : various frags available, rastas sunny d couple of others green star polyp 28/11/18
27. Golden puffer and hybrid goldflake angel for sale : 8-9in golden puffer 300 5in hybrid goldflake angel 250 Pick up from Liverpool 07769336979 28/11/18
28. Marine Fish and Setup : I have my marine fish and complete setup for sale due to family issues. I cannot care for them any longer or afford to. Tank Glass measurem ... 27/11/18
29. Wanted lps/sps and soft corals : Hi, looking for mixture or corals for sale within the Leeds area for my mixed reef tank. Please contact with any you have for sale. 27/11/18
30. Lps and soft corals for sale, 35 : I have a good size torch coral and a good size hammerhead coral for sale. Both corals are on a nice piece of rock and both have full colour. ... 26/11/18
31. Shrimps and crabs wanted : Looking for shrimps and crabs boxing shrimps Fire shrimps Peppermint Cleaner shrimps Pistol shrimps Also looking for crabs of any ki ... 26/11/18
32. 3x yellow tang trio : selling my yellow tang tiro. 1x 3" 2x 2" I've had them for 6 months is, bright them when they were a 20p size. they get on ... 26/11/18
33. Dwarf seahorse for sale : I have some more H.zosterae (dwarf seahorses) available. I only have a very limited number. 130 a pair. Tank bred by myself. Dwarf ... 25/11/18
34. Pink Waving hand anthelia coral : Pink anthelia coral.aprox 30 heads. Easy soft coral.collection only.5 25/11/18
35. Green melon mushroom : 6 green melon mushroom on small piece of rock.£10 collection only .uttoxeter 25/11/18
36. Real tang, London, SW16 : regal tang, 4-5 inch 45 25/11/18
37. Sailfin tang, London, SW16 : 3 - 4 inch, good condition, 40 25/11/18
38. Fox face, London, SW16 : 4 - 5 inch, nice and chunky, 40 25/11/18
39. ARMAGEDDON zoas : Armageddon zoas these are a nice bright red zoa 1 polyp on a frag plug 10 each Call or email graham on Mobile 07948355161 H ... 25/11/18
40. last of shop stock at great prices - : full list below - we are doing job lots of goods to move them fast all serious offers considered Box 1 Colombo T ... 24/11/18
41. 2 year matured live rock SALE 30 for 5kilo : At least 25kilo of live rock fully cycled, 2 years mature. Carribsea life rock large and small pieces, has been in my tank never medicated w ... 22/11/18
42. Leather coral for sale or trade? What you got? : For sale is this 10 leather coral, stunning piece, had it in 2 tanks over 4 years now and it keeps getting better! 30 takes it away, curre ... 21/11/18
43. Wanted - Softies\Beginner Corals - Darlington Area : Just after some small frags - Martin 07876 707717 21/11/18
44. Aqua reef marine tank : Aqua reef marine set up for sale..excellent condition.Includes tunze flash skimmer 3 wavemakers 2 heaters led lighting .large amount if live ... 20/11/18
45. Fairy Wrasse / Jawfish / Mandarin / Dragon Wrasse / Algae Blenny / Boxer Shrimp : Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse - 30 Blackcap Jawfish - 25 Mandarin Dragonet - 20 Dragon Wrasse (Juvenile) - 20 Algae Blenny - 15 Boxer Shri ... 19/11/18
46. PAIR PICCASSO CLOWNS : Amazing pair of Piccasso Clowns A* grade 50.00 pair no offers, collection only Located 1 mile from Jct 29 M1 Please text Paul on ... 19/11/18
47. Red/Green Tank Bred Bubble Tip Anemones : I have for sale 16 red/green bubble tip anemones. They are all tank bred, so have split from the one I originally purchased. The size ... 18/11/18
48. fluval roma 240 tropical marine system : I have a fluval roma 240tropical marine system for sale it comes with sunny lighting system all programmable including thunderstorm mode,als ... 17/11/18
49. FREE darwin clownfish : FREE 2 darwin clownfish pair,male and larger female,both heathy,female just over 2 inches,giving up hobby,first come first served,I have a s ... 17/11/18
50. Marine fish for sale between Reading & Newbury : Hi there, my fish have outgrown the tank a little and would like to focus more on corals. For sale are: - magnificint Foxface (now sold) ... 17/11/18
51. Red Sea MAX Nano - Full Setup Info in description : Hi all, I'm preparing to move and so unfortunately, I am needing to sell my pride and joy aquarium. I live in Luton for collect or if you ... 16/11/18
52. 6"/7" regal tang : Regal tang for sale 45 16/11/18
53. MARINE FISH AND ALL MARINE EQUIPMENT AT CHILTON AQUATICS. FULL SEACHEM RANGE IN ... : Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best pr ... 15/11/18
54. 8 kg live rock : Closing down my tank, have about 8kg of rock for sale fully cured been in my tank 2 years. It has alot of vermetid snail tubes all over it, ... 14/11/18
55. Corals and fish : Contemplating changing to seahorses but means will need to sell some stock. Clownfish (one B&W one orange) hosting large bubbletip an ... 14/11/18
56. Aqua one 275 full set up : As someone has stated I am best breaking everything down so fish need to go first Yellow tang 25 Regal tang 25 Fox face 20 Coral beau ... 13/11/18
57. MATURE LIVE ROCKS FOR SALE : I about 100 kgs of very nice mature live rocks to sell.They have been in my 6ft tank for 5 yrs,full of live pods etc.Selling for only 3.00 ... 12/11/18
58. Corrals and Marine fish in Complete marine fish tank set-up : Fishes included: - Yellow Tang - 6 inches - Purple Tang - 6 inches - Regal/Blue Tang - 6 inches - Lipstick Tang - 8 inches - 2 Clo ... 11/11/18
59. Full marine set up including fish or will sell separately : Full marine set up. Fish - Regal tang (4-5 inches), sailfin tang (4-5 inches), brissletooth tang (3-4 inches), 2 clown fish, long nose hawk ... 11/11/18
60. WANTED - Tank bred Seahorses. : Hi, I am looking to buy tank bred seahorses for a fair price - two pairs would be ideal. Let me know what you have and the prices, please. 11/11/18
61. last few corals before tank closure : grapefruit sized bright green goni small red goni couple of small frags some loose mushrooms one orange yuma small zoa colonies (unsure ... 08/11/18
62. Various marine : For sale 22 foot marine tank including sand and pipework only 100 Live ROCK available at an extra 20 Collection from wf2 Wakefield 07/11/18
63. Live rock, 150kg approx offers for the lot : Job lot of live rock. Closing down my fish room, I have a 1000l IBC cut down thats on a pallet and a support cage and wrapped in insulation ... 07/11/18
64. Tank closure various fish and inverts : I have various for sale including: Boxer shrimp Cleaner shrimp Various crabs in various sizes Various snails Pink Conch Red spot flymo ... 07/11/18
65. Snowflake eel, Clown & Live Rock : Snowflake Eel - he's quite big (guessing about 18"), very healthy and happily eats mussels from tweezers 25 Clown Fish - about 2" 10 ... 06/11/18
66. Bargain frags. SPS, LPS, zoas. Farnborough, Hants. CHEAP : From Triton run healthy system with GHL lighting Acropora murias purple beacon. Smoth skin bright green polyps. Same growth as red Dragon ... 06/11/18
67. Various equipment : Aqua one g series protein skimmer 30 Aqua medic ocean light Metal halide 1x150 watt and 2 x 24 watt t5 lighting has hanging kit 50 90cm ... 05/11/18
68. Assorted Frags : Assorted frags for sale, Green Montipora from 10 Red Montipora From 10 Green digitata montipora from 5 trumpet corals From 4 a he ... 04/11/18
69. Green Star polyp coral- ROTHERHAM : large frag of Green Star Polyp GSP for sale, very nice bright green, frag is on a stone around 2+ inches. some zoa frags too, rasta, ... 04/11/18
70. Goldflake and Conspic angelfish wanted : Hi. I am looking to purchase healthy goldflake angel and Conspic angels. Please email pics, sizes and prices. I am based in Edinburgh, ... 03/11/18
71. Black Longnose Tang Zebrasoma rostratum 750 : 2 to 3 inch black nose tang a collectors item and a very sought after tang currently in my coral table and can be viewed in the day ti ... 01/11/18
72. Goldflake Angel fish RARE Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus 300 : a stunning 3 inch goldflake angel pic is of actual fish currently in my racking system treated with prazipro and in copper pick up ... 01/11/18
73. Wanted Asterina Starfish : Willing to collect please give me a call 29/10/18
74. Coral Rock and Ocean Rock - over 60kg - Small and Large pieces : Cleared out a 12ft Marine tank and have alot of coral and ocean rock. Collection is in North London 29/10/18
75. Anemone : Lovely Orang & Green Anemone, has recently divided so now have one for sale, 35.00, viewing welcome in East harling NR162NE 28/10/18
76. Soft and torch for sale cambs : Hi I have a nice softy for sale for 10. Approx size 5" high with multiple branches. Also a torch coral which I may sell whole or per head ... 25/10/18
77. Tree Corals : I have 3 frags for a tree coral, you can see the dimentions. Can stretch up to 6-7cm. Has attached to its own rock. Small frags, but I ... 25/10/18
78. Marine fish tank breakdowns : Pink Tail Trigger - 25 Scarlet Hawk fish - 25 Engineer Goby - 15 Coral Beauty - 20 Damsels / Chromis - 3 each Sea Cucumber - 10 ... 24/10/18
79. marine fish : I've got domino damsel 10 collection only would swap for corals or anemones with cash ajustment 21/10/18
80. Hammerhead frags : Hi I have several hammerhead frags from 2 to 6 heads Neon green. 5.00 per head, red and green montipora frags approx 3 inches 5.00 each ... 21/10/18
81. Clown fish : 2 clown fish for sale 15 for both,approx 1 and half inch in size 20/10/18
82. anemones and nice leather coral : 10x nem's for sale 20 each pink tip Orange with green base tri colour bubble tips they have come from my mother nem I've had for a few year ... 15/10/18
83. CORALS : Hi I have a selection of soft and hard corals Including WAMMY WATERMELON ZOAS RADIO-ACTIVE DRAGON EYES ZOAS FINGER CORAL CANDY CANE ... 15/10/18
84. Marine fish & equipement for sale : Possibly up for sale due to lack of time is my marine stock...equipment will be for sale too but not till the fish have gone. 1x snowflak ... 14/10/18
85. Reef Livestock in Marine full set up : Full marine set up,loads of things Full marine aquarium set up. Loads of different corals, zoa's, finger leathers, mushrooms, Xenia, pol ... 14/10/18
86. Reef Livestock in Red Sea reefer 250 FULL MARINE SETUP : 40lbs of fully mature caribsea life rock (120) Various small zoa colonies all growing and spreading (100) Pair of Black Ice Clownfish ( ... 14/10/18
87. Cheato Chaetomorpha Algae - 6 portions available : I have some listed for sale on EBay. Only 6 posted for a good size portion not like some of the tiny bits some sell. Link attached 14/10/18
88. Carpet Anemone wanted : hi, Looking for a well established Red/Bright Pink/ fluro green Carpet Anemone able to deliver to Rotherham, s yorks. cheers 14/10/18
89. Breaking due unforeseen circumstances... : Looking for a new home for my tank mates. They have been well looked after, so would like them to go somewhere where they will be equally we ... 13/10/18
90. Australian LPS corals for sale : Got some Australian LPS corals for sale, making room from a tank swap. Collection only from Romford, Essex. Symphyllia Wilsoni (4 by 3) ... 09/10/18
91. Sps coral frags Portsmouth : Sps corals for sale portsmouth 1 rainbow poccilopora 1 Green tenius acropora 1 montipora hirsuita 1 pacman acropora 1 montipora setos ... 06/10/18
92. Tomato clown pair for sale : Pair of tomato clowns very healthy wanting to swap for other marine fish or anything considered thanks for looking 05/10/18
93. Aptasia : Aptasia wanted Free rock clearance Manchester/ Cheshire area 05/10/18
94. Live rock : For sale 50kg of live rock and real reef rock sat in a vat of water so ready to go straight into your aquarium, no nasties , a few mushroom ... 03/10/18
95. Live or dead rock wanted : Looking for extra rock to add to my tank ideally a few good size plate shaped pieces. Critter free a must at a realistic price in Kent area ... 02/10/18
96. Live stock from my 8x2x2 : This is what I have left feel free to contact me Misbar clows 60 Flame hawk fish 50 Spotted hawkfish 30 Vlamingi tang 40 Urchin 10 ... 02/10/18
97. Marine fish, Corals, Live rock in Full marine set up 2000 Ono : CORALS 1 neon green carpet nem 12 1 purple with green tip carpet nem 12 1 green carpet nem 6 1 green mini maxi nem 6 5 mini red ... 01/10/18
98. 5 OFF (QDXRH2VS) : Marine world aquatics 5 off discount code QDXRH2VS 30/09/18
99. Tank contents: fish & live rock : Im shutting down my marine tank, so I have the tank contents for sale, collection only from Liverpool. Whole lot for 300, or: About 40k ... 29/09/18
100. aquaroche centre weir live rock piece - Rotherham : I have for sale a two part aquaroche weir tower, sixe wise it covers the weir on reefer 170 and width is full width of the tank.Very nice ... 29/09/18

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