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1. 18" red tail cat : Very healthy very friendly around 14mnth old 50 22/01/18
2. Tropical fish rescue : Wanted any unwanted tropical fish have 4 tanks already that I always want to add new fish to . Anyone who would like to rehome then please f ... 22/01/18
3. Red belly pacu : Around 7/8 inches and growing eats very well..25 pound txt for pics etc dont come on here much 07716315088 22/01/18
4. 7x WC L260 Queens for sale : 7 Wild adults for sale - 245 for the group Only selling because my other groups require their tank now. Collection only, GL52 22/01/18
5. Shoal of Fasciatus Dollars For Sale : Selling my shoal of 10 Metynnis Fasciatus (Striped Silver Dollar) 4" Total length, Very healthy and in great condition. Wild fish, imp ... 22/01/18
6. 5 Wild Hoplarchus Psitticus / South American Parrot Cichlid : Selling my group of 5 wild Hoplarchus Psitticus, TRUE Parrot Cichlid. Hard to come by, Imported earlier this year from Columbia. 5" in ... 22/01/18
7. 6" Pure BD freshwater stingray : 6 inch pure BD pup male Eating prawn mussles and pellets Collection only need to bring box 475 22/01/18
8. Extra large common sailfin pleco 10 : I have for sale my extra large sailfin pleco which is around 16"-18" long being fed on bloodworm and algae wafers 10 any can send you pictu ... 22/01/18
9. blue base x back Asian arowana for sale : 17-18"BBXB FOR SALE can send pics via whatsapp 600 22/01/18
10. Longfin Albino and Brown BN Breeding group (4F 1M) : Reluctantly I've run out of room to breed these myself, very productive breeding group! Included: 2x Female Longfin Albino Bristlenose ... 22/01/18
11. Pet panchax : Hiya I've 4 beautiful golden wonder panchax 3female 1male looking for a new tank and owner I want to keep small fish again and these predato ... 22/01/18
12. Stingray White Diamont male : Hi . I have for sale white diamond male pup , size 6 inch . Healthy and werry active fish . Please contact my by WhatsApp. Thank you. 22/01/18
13. Stingray P14 Female 6 inch pup : Hi . For sale one of my p14 female pup . Size 6-7inch . Pellets trained. Just start getting darker. Any question please call me or WhatsApp. ... 22/01/18
14. Angel pair : I have a pair of Peruvian Angels had wrigglers 25 the pair pictures on request ring 07790107174 thanks 22/01/18
15. Blue Angels : Smokey blue pearlscale wifi and blue pearlscale wifi about 6 months old 8 each going fast 24 left to choose from ring 07790107174 or 07766 ... 22/01/18
16. Tropical fish free to good home : Tropical fish. 10 neons and 10 golden minnows and 10 golden danios. Closing tank down so free to good home. Based in Westonzoyland TA7 22/01/18
17. Tadpole Snails ~ Bladder Snails Live Food Or Clean Up Crew : For food for larger fish, or as a clean up crew. Posting will be first class, in a small box to protect the snails, and is small enough ... 22/01/18
18. Live Food ~ Paramecium Starter Culture : You will receive approximately 50ml of paramecium starter culture in a double sealed bag. Posting will be first class, in a small box to ... 22/01/18
19. Male super red bristlenose : wanted short fin male super red bristle nose. 22/01/18
20. SMOKEY MAP ANGELS BLUE/GREEN STRAIN 5CM ONLY 4.95 OR 5 FOR 20 AT CHILTON AQUAT ... : We have a large quantity of Blue/Green strain smokey angelfish at a good 5cm size from our exclusive breeders. Only 4.95 each or 5 for 20 ... 22/01/18
21. Bristle nose catfish for sale : Baby Bristlenose catfish for sale, great algae eaters. 3cm long -12 weeks. 2 each or 6 for 10 22/01/18
22. large L128 blue phantom plecs : large phantom plecs 55 each got 5 left 07971 944679 thanks mark 22/01/18
23. WANTED L014 Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) : Cash waiting for good quality L014, Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please ... 22/01/18
24. Mega Clown Pleco (Hypancistrus sp.L340) WANTED : Cash waiting for good quality Mega Clown Pleco (Hypancistrus sp.L340)in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, price an ... 22/01/18
25. Ntt tiger datnoids for sale SOLD : Around 8 inch feeding on mussels and prawn Sale for 80 ono Collection only 21/01/18
26. large tropical fish. : 2 x Channa miropeltes 6 inch 20 each 2x semiprochilodus 12 inches 120 2x vulture cats 12 inch 120 each Hoplias malabracius wo ... 21/01/18
27. Platy Fry (Oakham, Rutland) : Hello, I have over 20 platy fry who need good homes. They have been fed on hikari first bites and helping themselves to the adult residen ... 21/01/18
28. Oddball/red tail catfish 20 : I have for sale due to me changing what fish I'm keeping a 6 inch red tail catfish being fed on bloodworm and lance fish, I can send pics if ... 21/01/18
29. Tiger Knife Fish (Macana Tigre/Gymnotus Tigre) : Hello I have some tiger knife fish for sale around 7-8inch mark! Lovely healthy thick fish stunning markings! Very different to your usual k ... 21/01/18
30. Albino snakehead channa striatta : Albino channa striatta Very Hard to come by its about 9 inch and growing.very chunky with chunky pittbull shaped head. Feeds on pretty much ... 21/01/18
31. African Tiger Fish Hydrocynus Vittatus, Piranha, Exodon, Peacock bass : I have for sale all the following. All in good health and feeding well. 5 x 4" Hydrocynus Vittatus tiger fish. Good health feeding well. ... 21/01/18
32. Lemon Fin Barbs x 3 FOR SALE : Hello I have 3 x Lemon Fin Barbs for sale! They are around 3inch just over! Lovely thick healthy active fish always active throughout the ta ... 21/01/18
33. Spotted Gar 14-16 INCH For Sale : As titled I have a Spotted Gar for sale he's roughly 14-16inch more towards the 16inch mark to be honest! Very hard to get hold of at this s ... 21/01/18
34. Fish for sale : 4x l205 pleco wild caught 60 SOLD 5x l104 pleco 25 SOLD 1x l200 pleco 25 SOLD 4x l397 pleco 120 SOLD Decent size bleeding heart ... 21/01/18
35. OASIS FISH AUCTION : Redhouse and district community association. Wiltshire/Rutherglen road, Redhouse, Sunderland, SR5 5LJ Sunday 18th February 2018 Starts ... 21/01/18
36. pleco catfish L46 L333 SUPER REDS : L144 LEMON PLECS 3CM 4 EACH OR 3 FOR 11 SUPER RED PLECS AMAZING REDS (GERMAN STRAIN) 3CM i havent seen better red ones most have been wis ... 21/01/18
37. Bristlenose catfish : I have a couple of Bristlenose thar they make a egg laying about every month. Actually I have about 15 of baby bristlenose ready to chage th ... 21/01/18
38. Oddball/shovelnose catfish. 25 : I have for sale due to me changing what fish I'm going to keep a stunning 12 inch - 14 inch shovelnose catfish, being fed on bloodworm and l ... 21/01/18
39. Myleus schomburgkii (SOLD) : Thin bar Silver Dollar 4 Male for sale as have too many boys and constant squabbling over only female Bought from well known fish shop ... 21/01/18
40. 15to16 inch female hybrid Ray sale160 or swap small Ray or Dantoid : Nice big Ray very healthy eats any foods active Ray just want room in my tank sale or swap . Swap am open minded to nice tropical fish 21/01/18
41. Lamax SPIII Blackberry Silver Dollars (SOLD) : 2 - 3 Male Blackberry silver dollars for sale as have decided to thin out the group as have too many boys 4 - 5 inch in size 50 each ... 21/01/18
42. One large yoyo loach free Macclesfield : I have one large yoyo loach in need of a new home. Its about 12 cm long and in good health. Free to a hood home. 21/01/18
43. Albino Osteoglossum bicirrhosum : Albino silver arowana for sale Just testing the water on this chap Between 19 and 21 inch in length and a very stocky build Amazing ... 21/01/18
44. leoxpearl pair : adult pair for sale male 12 inch female 14 inch 750 terry 07902901748 21/01/18
45. guntheri swordtails : I have pairs of guntheri swordtails for sale @ 4.00 a pair ring 01207 284253 for further details 21/01/18
46. Corydoras Sterbai - F1 Juvies / Cory / Catfish : Plenty of these for sale! They are from my adult wild caught breeding group. The group consists of 10 adults all actively breeding. This ... 21/01/18
47. Can rehome marine fish and take marine equipment : Hi I can rehome marine fish and can take in any equipment etc So if you have any fish you want rid off or any equipment that you want out ... 21/01/18
48. CARDINAL TETRA ON OFFER AT CHILTON AQUATICS. LOADS IN STOCK : We have some stunning cardinal tetra in stock at very special prices M 1.20 each 10 for 10.00 XL 2.00 each 10 for 15.00 We h ... 21/01/18
49. Taiwanese Shrimp : Tiger and Blue Velvet Shrimp 10 for 15, Beautiful colouring 07713 154 980 21/01/18
50. Corydoras : Panda 2.50, Sterbai 3.50, Albino 1.50. Gourami, Moonlight, Golden and Three Spot all 3 each, Dwarf Gourami 3.50. Platies lots of colour ... 21/01/18
51. Golden Dorado - Salminus Brasiliensis : Up for sale is my 12/13 inch Golden Dorado This is the Brasiliensis Variety and not the common Salminus Sp, the Yellow is more intense as ... 20/01/18
52. Bronze Knifefish / Featherback Odd Ball monster RARE : I have for sale a 10 inch Bronze Knifefish(Notopterus Notopterus) Bought yesterday but being chased around by my Arowana... These rare ... 20/01/18
53. Shell Dwellers Wanted Please - Any type : Hi I have a tank ready to home a pair or group of shell dwellers. I am looking for any type. I am also looking for more Escargot shells ... 20/01/18
54. Platinum angel fish : Very good quality platinum angels nearly ready for pairing up body size without fins larger than a 50 p you wont be disappointed 20/01/18
55. Bristlenose : Pair of large albino bristlenose 25 quid 20/01/18
56. Apple Snails : Hi i have another bunch of baby apple snails ready, they are about the size of a pea to a marble, can ship etc please ask for a quote over 2 ... 20/01/18
57. Samartra Tiger Datnoid : Bought this from Planet Arowana, hes been in my tank for 5 days and hes just not getting on well with my arowana offers? 20/01/18
58. Bd x pearl stingray for sale : Selling my male hybrids stingray size 6-7nch in disc. Length including tail 9-10 inch Feeding on prawn and mussels also can send more pic ... 20/01/18
59. South American Redtail Red Tail catfish : Wanted! Looking to add to our family of South American Redtail Catfish. We currently have 2 of these beasts in our indoor pond which is 3m x ... 20/01/18
60. Sorubim Lima wanted urgently : Lima shovelnose catfish A friends Lima has just died after keeping for 14 years Big problem is, she was his daughters favourite Elle ... 20/01/18
61. RED SNAKEHEAD - CHANNA MICROPELTES : Selling a 6/7" red snakehead . Lovely colours, orange line and green/blue body, colours are slowly changing. Massive appetite. Living with ... 20/01/18
62. RARE JAGUAR CATFISH - ABSOLUTE STUNNER 50 if taken this weekend : Hi **50 if taken this weekend** A real RARE treat up for sale here. I have a 4-5" jaguar catfish. Really stunning and deep colour ... 20/01/18
63. tropical fish : 15 neons 10 8 platys 10 12 danios 10 12 tiger barbs 10 corys 2 2 silver dollars 12 large angel 8 jade eyes 1 each houdrain ... 20/01/18
65. 5 datnoids : Changing to marine there all around 4 inch all get along well Contact me for pics 07375116833 100 20/01/18
66. L002 Sub adult Trio : 3 Sub adult / Young adult L002 for sale Starting to cave now but disturbing my lemon BN! 50 for the trio Collection Bishops Cleeve ( ... 20/01/18
67. Red Cherry shrimps : Cherry shrimps various sizes male & female 30for 15 or 75p ea 20/01/18
68. Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco : Bristle nose 1" to 2" Quick for1ea or 6 for 5pound 20/01/18
69. 6 inch silver arowanas 25 each : feeding well pick up only newport south wales https://www.facebook.com/groups/848977375277946/ 20/01/18
70. Golden Cobra Snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata) 35 each : stunning Golden Cobra Snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata) about 7" pick up only from newport south wales https://www.facebook.com ... 20/01/18
71. Corydoras pantanalensis : REDUCED FOR A QUICK SALE Group of Corydoras pantanalensis Looking to sell my group of 11 Corydoras pantanalensis which I originally b ... 19/01/18
72. Super Red Bristlenose Pleco x 10 juveniles. : Super red normal fin juveniles from my long fin females and a normal fin red. Photo is off one of the fish that is available. 10 x 40 ... 19/01/18
73. 14/15 in giant gourami : Big Albino giant gourami lovely fish 15inch eats anything. 50 or swap let me no what you've got. 07762358050 19/01/18
74. Hybrid stingray 8 inch disc : For sale is my hybrid ray it's crossed with mantilla and black diamond. Eats everything you put in the tank I can send video via WhatsApp pl ... 19/01/18
75. Rarely available serra Geryi phirana. : Serra Geryi/ violet line phirana.approximately 6 to 7inches .thick bodied specimens .fin perfect with blood red eyes feeding on white bait ... 19/01/18
76. Wild caught rhom from the Xingu river in Brazil .. : Wild caught rhom from the Xingu river in Brazil .. I got him from the aquatic store in Bristol. Hes approximately 6 to 7 in length. 19/01/18
79. Datnoids x5 : Changing to marine there all around 4 inch all get along well Contact me for pics 07375116833 110 19/01/18
80. Giraffe and Clarias catfish : Hi, Juvenile Giraffe catfish reluctantly for sale. He is 12" TL. Bought him in at 5" to clean up what the rays miss, but hes started to pe ... 18/01/18
81. Datnoid : This fish is now available at Aqua design aquatics in skegness.Message me or aqua design aquatics for more information. Hi there I have a 10 ... 18/01/18
82. BDXP13xP14 hybrid rays for sale. : I have 2 male pups for sale. Very nice rays and both hammering pellets! Pics on request I have WhatsApp it won't let me load pics for some ... 18/01/18
83. MBU Puffer : Young MBU puffer excellent little character and eating very well hes about 10-12cm and lovely markings open to sensible offers 18/01/18
84. 3 fish tanks for sale : I have 1 jewel 180 corner tank for sale 1 200 comes with heater and filter Also a fluval 180 corner tank drilled need new lights but do ... 18/01/18
86. Alligator gar : Hi I've got a 25" alligator Gar that needs a new home I've had him from about 6" he's very healthy and great feeder,currently in a 7ft tank ... 18/01/18
87. Stingray male female hybrids : Parents pearl mum bd:Leo dad Hybrid female 8 ish 350 Parents bd mum pearl Dad Hybrid male 6l. 300 Would make a br ... 18/01/18
88. 14 inch l25 scarlet pleco : Beautyful 7 ponter l25 scarket pleco wild caught from brazil been in the uk for 3 months fins all healed beautyful fish very rare to see thi ... 17/01/18
89. Peacock Bass(Cichla sp.) & Duckbill catfish(Sorubim lima) wanted in Leeds : Hi All I'm realy interested in above. Prefer younger fish. Let me know what you have or if you seen them anywhere. I'm based in Leeds ... 17/01/18
90. Cichlids and Catfish : 4 Frontosa 10 each, 7 Peacock Cichlids 5 each or 25 the lot, 3 Spotted Talking Catfish 5 each 2 Yellow Labs 5 for both, 1 Blue Moor ... 17/01/18
91. Bluebase golden arowana 500 : Here for sale a lovely Asian arowana almost a year old 750 500 for quick sale Fish has no paperwork and sligh plj 17/01/18
92. Albino Acanthicus adonis, Polka Dot Lyre Tail Pleco : Albino Adonis This plec is 5 inch of pure magic Beautiful colours and epic tail extensions only selling as deleting one of my aquariums ... 17/01/18
93. Large Dorado silver arowana and azul : I have for sale a 1ft Dorado that lives with other predator fish 100ono. Most don't get along with others.... 2ft+ silver arowana unfort ... 16/01/18
94. Royal pleco : I have for sale a XL royal pleco L190 will need to bring a bucket of bag to collect it in 50 16/01/18
95. L25 Scarlet Cactus plec 11 165.00 : Hi, I have for sale my 11 scarlet cactus plec. 165.00 Feeding on prawn, mussel, massivore pellet and beefheart along with algae wafers. ... 16/01/18
96. Royal Knife Fish : Healthy and werry active royal knife fish . I have two for sale , size 10-11 inch. Price 45 each . Please WhatsApp me if any questions ... 16/01/18
97. ADONIIS PLECO : I have for sale a 10 inch (not including tail extensions) Acanthicus Adonis plec L155 40. 15/01/18
98. Bristlenose/ ancistrus wanted : Im looking for 1 small super red bristlenose and 1 small albino/lemon bristlenose. (Normal fin). Cant seem to find any anywhere. If you ... 15/01/18
99. Synodontis Granulosus for sale : 4 Adults and 4 juvenile Synodontis Granulosus for sale. Would prefer to sell as a job lot rather than to separate them as I am closing my ta ... 15/01/18
100. Ziss Breeding Boxes : Extremely well thought out & constructed with high quality materials. Available in 4 different designs. 15/01/18

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