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1. SURER RED ASIAN AROWANA : I have for sale a very nice super red arowana 18 month old and showing very nice colour already and is a high grade arow ... 15 inches £12 ... 19/11/17
2. Wide bars silverdoler : shoal of 6Wide Bars. Very healthy and in great condition. 6" in size. £30ea or £160 FOR THE GROUP 19/11/17
3. Blue eyed Panaque ( Panaque Suttoni ) : 13cm blue eye (they are much harder to get at this smaller size). Feeding well on pellets and courgette. £150.00 no swaps or trades and c ... 19/11/17
4. Assassin snails barging : Assassin snails £1ea or 8 for £5 bet the bargain why it last can post £5 19/11/17
5. Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco : Bristle nose 1" to 2" Quick for£1ea or 6 for £5pound 19/11/17
6. Wanted: WC Adult L134s £50 each : I have two wild caught females that want some friends. Prefer a few males but will consider groups potentially. Located Cheltenham, e ... 19/11/17
7. Wanting some more L270, L397, L236 please (lincs) thankyou : Im after some more L270 L397, L 236 if anyone has any please? Im based in Grantham Lincs. Willing to travel. 19/11/17
8. WANTED L014 Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) : Cash waiting for good quality L014, Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please ... 19/11/17
9. Mega Clown Pleco (Hypancistrus sp.L340) WANTED : Cash waiting for good quality Mega Clown Pleco (Hypancistrus sp.L340)in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, price an ... 19/11/17
10. WANTED Scarlet Plecostomus, L025 (Pseudacanthicus Species) : Cash waiting for good quality Scarlet Plecostomus, L025 (Pseudacanthicus Species) in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictu ... 19/11/17
11. Motoro stingray : I have for sale my male motoro between 5 to 6 inches £150 collection only 19/11/17
12. 5 x L144 Lemon Bristlenose Ancistrus 3cm - 4cm : Special offer 5 x lemon bristlenose 3cm - 4cm £15.collect Peterborough. 19/11/17
13. Hbrtg arowana : Hbrtg arowana about 18 inch , very slight drop eye right side , all paperwork and cert,from planet arowana , 350 also 7-8 inch hybrid ray gr ... 19/11/17
14. BDXP13xP14 hybrid rays for sale. : I have 3 males to sell. Very nice rays £300 each Thanks Pics on request I have WhatsApp it won't let me load pics for some reason㈺ ... 19/11/17
15. BD Hybrid stingray : I had for sale a cracking BD x BD Pearl Male Stingray. Eating very well on raw prawn, mussels, white bait, he is around 7.5” to 8” with a re ... 19/11/17
16. Angel pair : I have a pair of Peruvian Angels had wrigglers £25 the pair pictures on request ring 07790107174 thanks 19/11/17
17. Blue Angels : Smokey blue pearlscale wifi and blue pearlscale wifi adults coming up for breeding £25 a pair lots to choose from ring 07790107174 or 07766 ... 19/11/17
18. LF Tetraodon schoutedeni or Carinotetraodon irrubesco : Ideally I am looking for the freshwater puffer Tetraodon schoutedeni (nickname Spotted Congo Puffer). Aware might be a special order but if ... 19/11/17
19. GOLDEN NUGGETS L18 PLECO TROPICAL FISH : GOLDEN NUGGETS L18. 2inch £27.50 each,two for £50.00, five for £100.00. Courier uk mainland only £19.00 I'm in Poole Dorset for furth ... 19/11/17
21. 9 inch ornate bichir. £20 : Roughly 9" ornate bichir, eating well, gets on well with everyone, selling due to having too many. 19/11/17
22. Borneo Python Eel £80 : Borneo python eel, eating well, around a foot, contact for pictures 19/11/17
23. Big eyed catfish/aluminium catfish £30 : 8 inches, very chunky fish, perfect condition and health 19/11/17
24. Red Cherry Shrimp : 40 + Red Cherry Shrimp £1 each Collection only. I will not post. 19/11/17
25. Red Ramshorn Snails : You will receive a 10 snails, all varying sizes. £7 for 10 delivered first class. No need to wait in, as they will be sent in a box sm ... 19/11/17
26. Tadpole Snails ~ Bladder Snails Live Food Or Clean Up Crew : For food for larger fish, or as a clean up crew. Posting will be first class, in a small box to protect the snails, and is small enough ... 19/11/17
27. Leiarius Pictus/Marmoratus/Longibarbus Catfish ~ Wanted Please : I am looking for at least one catfish to join my 750lt tank system. New larger tank also planned for early next year so can take more than ... 19/11/17
28. £1.00 RED TAILED BLONDE KING COBRA GUPPIES : fancy guppies young adults ! they have a blonde snakeskin pattern on the body and a bright red tail,picture is of parents,fish are young adu ... 19/11/17
29. Feather fin catfish : 6-8 inch black feather fin catfish. Lovely fish and feeding well. £15 19/11/17
30. Clarias catfish : 12-14 inch clarias catfish. Lovely fish, very active. Feeding really well. £20 19/11/17
31. Angel fish large : Selling my large angels 15.00.. 10.00 each or deal on job lot please phone 07828470085....thanks for looking 18/11/17
32. 19inch clown knife : Looking to swap my 19 inch clown knife fish for other preditor eating great and in perfect health pick up Doncaster 18/11/17
33. Pearl stingray wanted : Hi am looking for pearl stingrays if u have 1for sale please contact me thanks. 18/11/17
34. L46 swap 2 adult males for females : I have 4 adult unrelated males that I've grown on from wild juveniles I bought 3 years ago. I want to swap 2 for wild females. 18/11/17
35. Bristlenose Lemon L144 : I have young @1inch+ for sale collect from Derby near city centre £2.50 each 18/11/17
36. Male Stingray. : little boy BD hybrid. Dad pure bd and mum 3/4 bd x Pearl. eating well on mussel prawn pellets worms. 5/6 inch. Not asking the earth just re ... 18/11/17
37. Arowana 24k golden head crossback 11-12 inch : For sale my 24k golden head crossback Arowana. Perfect condition, no drop eye. Eating prawns , mussels, mealworms, morio worms. please ... 18/11/17
38. Cherry Shrimp - Yellow, Red, Red Rili, Blue : selling shrimp from my breeding tanks. Yellow (golden back) £3 each Red Cherry £1.50 Red Rili £2 tangerine tiger shrimp £3 Blue £3 18/11/17
39. Zebra plec L46 : I have 4 adult L 46 zebra I'm looking for around £700 FOR the zebs. Thanks. 18/11/17
40. good selection prefer to all go at one lot : 9 angelfish 2 blue 5 Canadian green 1 black 1 tri color 3 uarau one breeding pair 3 geo cupid loads of tetras breeding pair of red api ... 18/11/17
41. Captive bred marble motoro pair £350 : I have for sale my last pair of marble motoro pups. these have been bred by myself using a pair that have very different characteristics. th ... 18/11/17
42. OASIS FISH AUCTION TOMORROW : SUNDAY 19TH NOVEMBER 2017 RED HOUSE COMMUNITY SOCIAL CLUB Wiltshire/Rutherglen road Red House estate Sunderland SR5 5LJ starts 11.30 a ... 18/11/17
43. Zebra plecos, L46, snub nosed. : F1's from my breeding group of wilds. These ones are snub nosed, some only slightly, some more pronounced. Unfortunately you can get the od ... 18/11/17
44. Assassin snails 50p each. : Assassin snails. Will eat your pest snails! Collection only from Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham. Decent sized ones being sold, not the ba ... 18/11/17
45. Malwali, Rams, Communal tropical fish : Updated list for sale Hartlepool Malwali 3 inch Marble £5 each 5 for £20 mix & match 3 inch Eureka Reds £5 each 5 for £20 mix & m ... 18/11/17
46. Reticulated stingray for sale : I have a very healthy female reticulated stingray for sale. She is 4 years old and has a disc size of around 12 inches. She loves frozen p ... 18/11/17
47. catfish, channa, cichlids, gg : Want to move a few fish inc apurensis cat £60 no offers. 2 striped Dora cats 4"+8". £10 9" true midas orange cichlid £40 2* 5-6" 5 sta ... 18/11/17
48. Stingrays Hystrix breeding pair 13inch : Hi . For sale my breeding pair of hystrix, both about 13 inch size . Eating pellets, mussels, prawns, morio worms. Last time they have p ... 18/11/17
49. Black & Dalmatian Mollies : I have a large number of adult black & Dalmatian mollies for sale - £0.50 each. These are great colourful community fish and go well in al ... 17/11/17
50. Looking to buy- silver arowanas : As title, looking to buy/trade silver arowana can collect, Let me know what you have 17/11/17
51. 5 inches striped pim catfish REDUCED : Perfectly healthy, 5" in size, eats whatever is thrown in the tank. Looking for £15. Collection only from acocks green Whats app for pictur ... 17/11/17
52. Ornate bichir 14 inches : Ornate bichir 14" for sale £40 Helston, delivery possible round Cornwall/Plymouth 17/11/17
53. RED or GOLD ASIAN AROWANA WANTED : Hi, I am looking for a superblood red or 24k/cross back gold asian AROWANA for in the London area. Bigger the better. Also must be pellet o ... 17/11/17
54. GOLD AROWANA WANTED : Gold AROWANA wanted in the London area for a reasonable price. Ibby Please text with info including: size, type, colour, cost and col ... 17/11/17
55. RED AROWANA WANTED : Red AROWANA wanted in the London area for a reasonable price Ibby Please text with info including: size, colour, type, cost and collec ... 17/11/17
56. Endlers : Endlers live-bearer for sale £1 each. Captive bred stock, born since July 2017. 17/11/17
57. Captive bred Corydoras sterbai : Captive bred Sterba's Corydoras (spawned 21 August) for sale - c. c. 2.5 cm long. £2 each 17/11/17
58. potamotrygon wallacei aka cf hystrix 2 males for sale : I have 2 mature male potamotrygon wallacei aka cf hystrix for sale. Feeding on frozen food such as prawns, muscles and white bait. Col ... 17/11/17
59. Looking for silver arowana and red snakehead and gar : Looking to buy a medium sized red snakehead or a gar in the South Yorkshire area no silly prices please Other oddballs wanted too 17/11/17
60. freeeee to collect : around 20 fish . mollys , guppys , platys . couple corys 1 x large angel fish need rid as I'm off back to Malawi 17/11/17
61. 1 x breeding pairs of angels. : I proven pair of angels. 20 17/11/17
62. fresh water puffers wanted : hi has any one who might have puffer fish for sale and scat which been fresh water adapted ?please contact me via email or by phone 0744852 ... 17/11/17
63. Assorted fish : Bolivian rams£2ea,Betta Edithae,mouth brooder£1_50ea, Epiplaty Singa£2ea, Apistogramma Hongsloi£10pair. collection only, hemlington, Middl ... 17/11/17
64. Asian arowana hbrtg : For sale my beloved high back red tail gold Asian arowana 14-16” Good feeder excellent colour and great thins and scales No defects ... 17/11/17
65. Gymnarchus niloticus, for sale or swap London. : Large Gymnarchus niloticus, approximately 75cm, buyer must have a large tank and able to collect from South London. 17/11/17
66. Free - rehoming fish and equipment - West Yorkshire : I'm taking a break from keeping tropicals and have a few fish remaining in need of a good home [7 Corys - mixed / 1 Bristlenose male / 1 Rus ... 16/11/17
67. aqua medic 4ft t5 overhead light unit £40ono : aqua medic 4ft t5 overhead light unit 8x54watt t5 made in germany brought with setup few weeks ago av not used it my self but lights u ... 16/11/17
68. Hybrid Stingray : Pup stingray Mom bd dad Pearl 3 week old feeding well on pellets £250 sold 16/11/17
69. Super Red bristlenose : Fry ringing upto an inch in length Strong parents colour £5 each 16/11/17
70. Peckoltia- L124-Para Pleco : Hi I have two L124 Pleco for sale.. 1 x 15cm £5 1 x 25cm,£10 Both are feeding well and will be happy in any well kept tank with a su ... 16/11/17
71. Pair of Orbignyi Stingrays breeding ready for sale : Hi! I have a stunning pair of Orbignyi Stingrays for sale! I am asking £400ono for the pair. I'm open to sensible offers if you have ... 16/11/17
72. WILD L128 Plecs for sale only £20 : These and many other species of fish will be offered for sale at the Catfish Study Group's Auction on Sunday 19th November. Venue... ... 16/11/17
73. Male super red bristlenose : wanted short fin male super red bristle nose no females i have 3 can collect 16/11/17
74. Female hybrid : 31/2 yrs old BDxHen stunning ray eats anything big clean spots £700 collection only Islington London Greg 07943332798 16/11/17
75. Female hybrid : Adult 31/2 yrs old BDxhen stunning ray eats anything £1200 collection only from Islington London. No swaps Greg on 07943332798 16/11/17
76. Female Henlei stingray : About 14 inch disk Lovely ray eats anything you give her around 2 yrs old £550.00 collection only Islington London Greg on 07943332798 16/11/17
77. Angel Fishes for Sale : Breeding Pair of Angel Fish. Koi Male and Black marble female. They laid eggs about 3 times in my community tank. Pics 3 & 4 show ... 16/11/17
78. L numbers : Looking for L numbers scotland [email protected] 16/11/17
79. Looking to swap my occelaris peacock bass or Lima shovel nose for a silver arowa ... : I have a 14inch Lima shovel nose or a 8 inch occelaris peacock bass is looking to swap for a silver arowana. The arowana needs to be over 8i ... 15/11/17
80. Snow White corys 1 inch juvies : £50 for 100 ;. Won't sell in smaller quantity 15/11/17
81. Looking to buy a load of adult guppies : After a load of guppies adults if possible text me a price 15/11/17
82. Gold Cross-back Arowana : 16inch gold cross back Arowana with violet tinge. On prawn, mussels and whitebait. With certificate and paperwork. Currently in with rays, p ... 15/11/17
83. shovel nose catfish £100 : shovelnose catfish, eating good, lovely pattern and temperament 15/11/17
84. Aquatics Plus Auction : The last auction of the year and only two weeks before Christmas Aquatics Plus Auction 8 Sunday December 10th 2017 at Sheffield Works ... 14/11/17
85. 3x Fisher s Wood-Catfish Trio For Sale : I am reluctantly looking to sell my Fisher's Wood Catfish trio (Trachelyopterus fisheri). Selling due to shutting down tank. Very peace ... 14/11/17
86. REDUCED PRICES URGENT SALE : Having to close down my large aquarium, reluctant decision but really need to find homes for the following fish; 1 x Gar (Lepisosteus sp. ... 14/11/17
87. P14 pups SOLD : Hi all I have 2 p14 pups for sale both female they are now feeding well on pellets £600 the pair. Can send pics or videos on WhatsApp. Th ... 14/11/17
88. 9 x Iguanodectes geisleri : Group of 9 red-line lizard tetras (Iguanodectes geisleri). Purchased from Pier Aquatics in Wigan for £8 each, asking £40 ono for the group. ... 14/11/17
89. 5 x Trachelyichthys exilis : Group of 5 Trachelyichthys exilis catfish suitable for tropical tanks without small fish. This group contains at least 1 male and 2 females, ... 14/11/17
90. Gold laser cory : I have 5 gold laser cory for sale. £50 14/11/17
91. Figure 8 puffers : I have 3 figure 8 puffers In brackish water that I need to rehome as I’m upgrading to marine. Open to offers for the 3. Dont really want to ... 14/11/17
92. Will rehome eny large fish in Merseyside area good home given : Willing to rehome eny large fish in Merseyside area can collect have large fish tanks set up for large predator fish and eny thing large or ... 14/11/17
93. Ornate Senegal bichir 12 to 14 inch for sale or swap for gar or silva arowana : Ornate Senegal bichir 12 to 14 inch also have 9inch Senegal bichire 9 inch and a Palmas polypteras 11 inch all for sale also a large talking ... 14/11/17
94. Gar wanted Merseyside area or not to far will travel 40 miles : Gar wanted good size will consider small ones let me no if you have eny thanks 14/11/17
95. WANTED L340 Mega clown : Hi, I am looking for some L340 Mega clowns. I'm located in Halifax West Yorkshire and willing to travel a reasonable distance. Please ... 14/11/17
96. Three spot Gourami : Hi I have a 3 spot Gourami 4-5" for sale £5, buyer collects I am in the Warrington area Regards Chris 14/11/17
97. Practical Fishkeeping mags (Re-advertsised due to timewaster) : Every copy (except March 2005) including bonus Xmas specials from January 2002 to December 2013 of this excellent magazine, hundreds of tips ... 14/11/17
98. Distichodus sexrascuatus : Hi I have a Distichodus sexrascuatus fish free to a good home Roughly 18 months old and pretty big Bucket and net needed Toddington ... 13/11/17
99. Angelfish : 5 young angelfish for sale, 2 marble, 2 koi, and an albino £10 for all 5 13/11/17
100. African Harlequin Shark - labeo variegatus - approx 8" : Healthy 8" Harlequin Shark, in excellent condition and pretty friendly. Tank mates include Golden Mahseer/Tor barbs, red fin and ruby s ... 13/11/17

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