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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. : I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. Currently undergoing fish house re-vam ...13/12/17
 Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : • NEW Tank Bred Tanganyika stocks added • See full list below for NEW stocks • Pics are of fish currently in stock Current Stock List ...13/12/17
 Malawi Cichlids : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enqui ...13/12/17
 K&C RIFT VALLEY CICHLIDS NORTHWEST NEW FISH SHIPMENT ARRIVED : K&C Rift Valley Cichlids NorthWest is based in Walkden, Manchester. We specialise in Wild, F1 & TB Lake Malawi Cichlids, we only source ...13/12/17
 Fastlight.co.uk Aquarum Equipment & Supplies : Offering a wide selection of Aquarium equipment, including some hard to find items at low prices. We have available all types of lighting ...13/12/17
 Spirulina Flake 36% : Tropical - Spirulina Flake 36%. Made in the EC. Best quality, rich & dark green flake. Available up to 1 kilo factory sealed buckets. P ...13/12/17

1. swap for Malawi : Hi i have good size frontosa would be willing to sell him or swap him for some Malawi Newcastle under lyme or stoke on trent for the swaps. my contact number is 07920224695 16/10/17
2. Malawi zebra : Malawi zebras, all large tank bred and very hardy adult fish up to five and half inch £5 each or 10 for £35 One female flower horn £25 9-10" Male flower horn 10-11" £50 C ... 14/10/17
3. Large Frontosa for sale : Large Frontosa for sale not sure of sex collection from stoke on trent . 07920224695 14/10/17
4. Tropheus red rainbows : 8 tropheus red rainbows size 4 to 5 inch not sure how many males to females they are they do show signs of breeding buyer must bring bag or container pick up only £130 14/10/17
5. Synodontis brichardi WANTED : Cash waiting for good quality Synodontis brichardi in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, price and area for collection. 13/10/17
6. Various species of Mbuna for sale... : I have various Adult mbuna for sale as below... Maingano (makes and females available) White top afra males and females available) Salousi (makes and females available) Red z ... 12/10/17
7. TROPHEUS MOORI BEMBA ORANGE BAND ONLY £12.95 EACH OR 5 FOR £60 : We have some stunning Tropheus Bemba in stock. Only £12.95 each or 5 for £60 COLLECTION ONLY 11/10/17
8. 6 albino dolphins females : 6 females albino dolphins aldults very rare to find £200 offers around 11/10/17
9. SHELL DWELLERS : Here i have some of my Lake Tanganyikan Shellies For Sale £2 Each or eight for £10 They come with a shell for there home. Sorry COLLECTION ONLY 10/10/17
10. For sale Tropheus Bulu Point F1 10 for £55. : Tropheus sp.black Bulu Point (cherry spot) babies. They are first generation after wild fishes and they are the offspring of my wild caught group. Parents come from Cichlidenland ... 09/10/17
11. Mbuna + Haps + Peacocks + Catfish + Convicts : Malawi for sale Look at ads below for price and sizes Others will be going up soon. include: pics not showing so sp44 (1\") venustrus (2\") roughly Elongatus (.5\") roug ... 07/10/17
12. Tropheus murago Tanzania f1 sub adult group : Hi i have my very own kept back group up for sale. The quality and blood lines is this group is 2nd to none. Very female heavy hence price. Ratio is 4-21 £700 the group. Th ... 07/10/17
13. Wild tropheus sp.lunatus maswa (only true group in the uk) : Hi up for sale tropheus lunatus maswa.wow what a fish.just amazing. Ratio is 4-13 breed great. Cost me £35 per fish Will sell the group for £470 Also have 28 grown on ... 07/10/17
14. Wild Tropheus chituta bay group : Wild Tropheus chituta bay 19 available. Ratio 5-14 £450 the group. F1 Tropheus chituta bay £10 each or 10 for £90 Pickup Bridgend south Wales Look on YouTube Mat ... 07/10/17
15. Tanganyikans - Enantiopus melanogenys kilesa : FOR SALE 4 lamprologus ocellatus gold 2 adults 2 juvenile with 8 shells £10 A breeding group of F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu 2 males 2 females all females holding £35 or ... 07/10/17
16. Copadichromis chrysonotus,chilotilapia rhodessi,aulunocara mbenji. : shutting down tank so moving on the following. aulonocara koningsi(f1) mbenji.x 2 males 1 female and approx 8/10 young. £50. chilotilapia rhodessi(f1) x2 males x4 females. and ap ... 05/10/17
17. X6 Yellow Labs for Sale Adult & Young : Selling some of our Yellow Labs as we have too many in our tank now. 2 adult males and 1 female available. 4 young Labs also. Collection at TW3 2PE only for FREE. Please see photos ... 04/10/17
18. Oreochromis Tanganicae : Sexed pair around 5 inches female a little asmaller £20 collection only Blackburn Lancs 04/10/17
19. Coral Rock 12kg 12 pieces £15 new not used : As per title, Some interesting pieces not been used so clean and no algae on them. £15 for 12kg 02/10/17
20. CHEAP African Cichlid Juveniles : Selling some top quality juvenile peacock cichlids that were born in my tank. I have 2 varieties available *pictures of how they will turn out provided-their dads*. Aulonocara Hans ... 30/09/17
21. Haps, Peacocks, Mbuna (Cambridge) : Pseudotropheus Acei Yellow Tail 6cm 3 for £12, 6 for £18 3-4cm 20 for £18, 8 for £10, 4 for £7 Pictured is father of the fish Crytocara Moori male 14cm £15 Aul. Baensc ... 30/09/17
22. Closing down tank : Malawi Cichlids                                         Msobo Magunga Elongatus Mpanga Elongatus gold bar Pseudotropheus saulosi Zebra Long Pelvic Hara Gallireya Reef Zebra Go ... 25/09/17
23. Wanted - Acei Tanzanian Black/ Itungi : Hi, can't seem to find these anywhere. I'm looking for the black bodied yellow tail please not white tail. Interested in a group of adults or juveniles. Many thanks 24/09/17
24. Tropheus kapembwe wild group (purple rainbow) : Hi i am selling my group of tropheus kapembwe purple rainbow wild. I think there is 36pc Ratio 1/3 Bargin price of £550 the group. Will spilt in to 2 groups £300 p ... 24/09/17
25. 30 Assorted Malawi for sale : Approx 3 to 4" mainly , however a few are a tad smaller. Lots of different ones in there M Cats , Jalo Reef , Auratus , etc Looking for around £100 for the lot , but o ... 23/09/17
26. AULONACARA FIREFISH ADULTS NOW IN STOCK AT CHILTON AQUATICS. : We have some massive Males and female Firefish in stock as well as plenty of other peacocks in great colours. Massive range of African Cichlids. COLLECTION ONLY 23/09/17
27. F1 Fainzilberi zebra maison reef , tropheops sp.gome yellow . : Maison reef are 1 inch Tropheops are 1.5inches £5 each or a deal on a group. 22/09/17
28. Malawi cichlids for sale : 2 large male flavas 1 male Higga reef 1 gallereya reef 1afra hara all males 40 pound tel 01200 428247 all in brilliant condition 22/09/17
29. limnochromis staneri F1 Pair full grown £40 : Hi I have a Pair of limnochromis staneri, looking for a sensible offer. My phone number is 07922865109 i live in Addlestone surrey 22/09/17
30. Tropheus Chaitika (Blue Rainbow) : Tropheus Blue Rainbow F1 5-8cm £13/each. I can deliver to your door for fuel costs. 22/09/17
31. African Cichlid : I have the following for sale: 2 large Male Red Dragon peacocks (both about 14cm and hold good colour) £10.00 each 1 large male fryeri (about 15cm and again holds good colou ... 20/09/17
32. tropheus moorii kalindi reds : Wild caught tropheus moorii kalindi reds x 17 these were bought as 12 females and 6 males but one passed away. I am not sure if it was a male or female. These are wild adult fish ... 19/09/17
33. Malawis & Victorians in Complete 4ft malawi set up : 20 or so fish different types of malawi and Victorian cichlids plus 3 bristlenose plecs Selling my malawi set up which is 4ft has; many rocks fake and ocean rock, stand, tank, l ... 18/09/17
34. Dragon blood peacock : Dragon blood peacock, adult size male Collect from Stevenage £15 18/09/17
35. Tropheus duboisi maswa (SOLD) : Breeding group of 12 tropheus adults females and males. 10-12cm in size Collection only from Stevenage. Bring your own bags/bucket £120 for the group or swap for tropheus k ... 18/09/17
36. ALL MY FISH MUST GO : Changing over to marine so all fish have to go These are mainly African cichlids. Frontosa x 1 Nyrere x 1 OB peacock x 2 borellyi kandanga x 1 yellow lab x 1 yellow peacoc ... 16/09/17
37. golden kazumba x23 adults breeding group : golden kazumba x 23 adults good m/f ratio 15/09/17
38. RIFT CICHLIDS FOR SALE : For sale MALAWI Lethrinops yellow collar massimbwe f2 2-3 cm 4x£10 Otopharynx tetrastigma 2cm 4x£10 Oreochromis shiranus chilwa f2 4-6cm 4x£10 Aulonacara maylandi s ... 12/09/17
39. Malawi cichlids and equipment for sale : 1 Met. Chillumba male 1 Cyn. Afra Jalo reef 2 Lab. Super redtop hongi males 1 Aul. firefish Pair Estherae red/red 1 Estherae Chiofu male (blue) 4 Afra Cobue 3 Pend. Nyerere Mkobe 2 ... 11/09/17
40. Malawi Blue Dolphin - Cyrtocara moorii - (ALL SOLD) : Hi I have 16 Dolphins to sell. These are really beautiful and lively fish. I bought these fish with the aim to breed them but they don't mix well with my tanganyikans. My poor ta ... 11/09/17
41. Julidochromis Ornatus F1 : For sale Julidochromis Ornatus F1 over 40 fish £4.00 each or £100 for the lot can deliver locally for cost of fuel or collection from Northampton 10/09/17
42. JOB LOT pumdamilia nyererei : Hi i have a job lot of pundamilia nyererei juvies and some fry for sale. Ideally id like them to all sell in one go as the tanks are being closed down. There are around 150-200 at ... 10/09/17
43. Tropheus sp.black Bulu point (cherry spot) : Tropheus Bulu point F1 5-6cm £12/each (12 for £120) I can deliver for fuel diesel costs. 09/09/17
44. Tropheus Golden Kazumba : Tropheus Golden Kazumba F1 6 - 8cm £13/each.(10 for £130) I can deliver to your door for fuel cost. 09/09/17
45. Haplochromis sp flamebacks for sale : Hello, I have 6 male flamebacks for sale all around 5 inches and chunky. All feeding well on pellets and mussels, as they are all males they are not all coloured up as the two domi ... 08/09/17
46. For sale blue zaire moba frontosa gibberosa for sale with or without tank : adult blue zaire moba frontosa gibberosa for sale. I have a group of 10 adults males and females for sale,and im wanting to sell the tank with them or possibly on there own for £40 ... 08/09/17
47. Malawi cichlids : Malawi cichlids wanted in Wirral area 07/09/17
48. Fish and aquarium for sale £600 : Complete fresh water aquarium for sale This tank is predominantly tanganyika cichlids. A fantastic tank and well established. All fish are healthy and happy. Selling due to c ... 06/09/17
49. black pearl calvus : large black pearl calvus, very active and in perfect condition. £25 collection only. 06/09/17
50. breeding pair of blue ahli : large healthy blue male ahli for sale £30 a very good pair the female is always holding and rears her own young without any issues. i will not split the pair. 06/09/17
51. red dragon OB alunocara : hi for sale is a make ob red dragon alunocara malawi chichlid, the male is very dominant and is constantly breeding with his females i have so many fry from this group i don't kno ... 06/09/17
52. LARGE HAP. VENUSTUS IN STOCK NOW AT CHILTON AQUATICS : We have a good stock of large Hap. Venustus Sexable fish. Venustus £15.00 each COLLECTION ONLY 05/09/17
53. Over 100 Cichlids for Sale in Ilford : I have some great Mbuna and other Malawi Cichlids for sale all getting on great growing nicely, young adults with a mix of male and female (a lot more females). The smallest being ... 03/09/17
54. Wanted Male Buccochromis : buccochromis atritaeniatus buccochromis nototaenia and buccochromis spectabilis what you got? MALES only please 03/09/17
55. Malawi Cichlids - on ebay. : Due to thinning out stocks, I have some adult sized Mbuna Malawi cichlids, about about 15 of them, mostly zebra and afra types, for peanuts on ebay ... link below. Collection only ... 02/09/17
56. MBUNA wanted to add to 450 litre set up : Only mbuna wanted please not to small breeding groups or singles. Please contact with details sheffield and surrounding are only please. 02/09/17
57. MURAGO TANZANIAN & YELLOW TROPHEUS PRICE DROP : For sale I have: 3 x Male sub abult 3" approx Murago Tanzania f1 4 x unsexed 1" approx murago yellow f1 £80 for the lot. Absolute bargain but need them gone ASAP! Collect ... 02/09/17
58. Red Top Ice Blue - Free to a good home : I have a red top ice blue that was the 'top dog' but the younger male has now turned into the dominant one making his life less than pleasant. He is free to a good home as unable ... 01/09/17
59. Malawi fish for sale : Malawis for sale intrested in selling as a lot some .holding eggs . Accurate ph levels . Please no time waisters £5-£10 each depending on size . 01/09/17
60. Fry albino dolphins : Albino dolphins 31/08/17
61. Tanganyikans wanted for a school tank project : I am looking for young Tanganyikan community fish for a large school tank. I already have a few shell dwellers but need more fish to stock it. London or Kent area if anyone can h ... 31/08/17
62. Albino dolphins : At half a inch 30/08/17
63. for sale : young ELECTIC YELLOW.chichlids.up to 20 available possibly more.i have not counted.£6.00 each.REDCAR 01642483311 30/08/17
64. Troupheus : Have im having to sell all of my fish personal reasons ive got 15 maybe more f1 tropheus lemon spot a wild pair of gobies and 5wild cyprichrimis speckleback 2m 3f wanting 350for th ... 30/08/17
65. Tropheus Golden Kiriza : Tropheus Golden Kiriza F1 5-7cm £13/each. I can deliver to your door for fuel cost. 27/08/17
66. BLACK WIDOW Frontosa £40 or SWAP Mpimbwe Blue Moba or Gibberosa Blue Zaire : Black Widow Frontosa only one F1 6-8 cm for sale £40/each or swap Frontosa Gibberosa Blue Zaire or Frontosa Mpimbwe Blue Moba. I can deliver fuel diesel cost 27/08/17
67. Neolamprologus brichardi breeding trio : Trio of non stop breeders. Every 2 weeks another brood is introduced to the tank. Their largest fry are included in a photo. Will swap for shell dwellers. £25 27/08/17
68. Burundi frontosa : Here I have beautiful baby\'s frontosa about 1inch big if not bigger have about 30 to sell at just £6 each parents can be seen if you would like feeding on vitalis pellets Contact ... 27/08/17
69. Peacock copadichromis borleyi : Copadichromis borleyi Peacock Very large Copadichromis borleyi Around 8/9inches long. Biggest I have seen £15 or swap for other Cichlids what do u have Sorry about ... 22/08/17
70. Various Malawi : 4inch Male JALO REEF - stunner @ £20 juvenile demasoni, jalo reef and hara @ 3 for a tenner. burton upon trent 22/08/17
71. Wild and F1 malawis in Complete 600 litre Malawi set up : Large Malawi set up set for sale. Complete package, 5'6" x 2'x 2' ND tank Custom 3d background with LOADS of hidey holes Custom built oak faced stand 2x Eheim Pro2 2026 2x Ext ... 21/08/17
72. pseudotropheus galanos : Juveniles up to 2\" still available but will need to close this ad soon.I am putting no value on these but would appreciate a donation towards the cost of replacements as this is a ... 21/08/17
73. For sale baby frontosa : Baby frontosa for sale asking 10 pounds a fish have 26 for sale would sell as job lot for 150 for all need gone about 2 to 3 inches in size 20/08/17
74. £30 : Breeding group of 9 blue malawi cichlids £30 Collection Only 19/08/17
75. Malawi mbuna ranging from 3 to 5+half inch : Loads of Malawi mbuna for sale.. Ranging from 3-5" £6 each. Mostly pairs but their are some groups.. More than welcome to come and have a look.. Breeding Pairs and grou ... 19/08/17

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