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 Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please ...18/02/18
 All Makes of Marine Halide Lamps. Carriage Paid on 2+. Call Now on 0800 0336150 : The 'Marine Lux' Range Of Exceptional Quality 10,000k, 14,000k And 20,000k Marine Halide Lamps Are Now Available For Immediate Delivery Fro ...18/02/18
 TA AQUACULTURE - Specialist Fish Foods. : Quality fish foods. Many from small manufacturers making small batches of feed specially to our orders. Loads of repeat orders from satisfi ...18/02/18

1Cynotilapia zebroides Cobue (gold cap) x5 : I have a group of Cobue x5 Around 6 months old Males develope gold cap as they mature £25 Video/ pics can be sent if interested18/02/18
2Malawi Afra white top : I have 2x male and 2x female Young group stunning colours when full grown £25 o.n.o Can send pics/video if interested18/02/18
3SVAS Presents an Evening with Mark Breeze 12.03.18 : All details regarding the talk can be found on the attached poster. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.17/02/18
4Tropheus Duboisi Breeding Group : Looking to sell my breeding group of tropheus duboisi. Also have some fry if wanted as well.16/02/18
5Marine fish : Small clown fish pair £30 Flame scallop £10 small silver spot tang. Needs abit of feeding up after tank breakdown and not feeding very ...16/02/18
6Protien skimmer : Deltec mce 300 hob protien skimmer. Full working order. Pulls some nice thick skim or wet skim. £50 collection stockton16/02/18
7Stingray pair bd/pearl : Parents pearl mum bd:Leo dad Hybrid female 8Ē ish 325 Parents bd mum pearl Dad Hybrid male 6lĒ. 300 Would make a br ...16/02/18
8Live corals, inverts, fish in Marine tank Red Sea max 250 with sump £450 Ono : I\'ve decided to sell my tank. It\'s a Red Sea max 250 with sump, approx 280 litres. Two jebao power heads, eheim heater, return pump and v2 ...15/02/18
9Large cardinal tetra : Beautiful fish. Almost fully grown adults with lots of colour. Much nicer than the babies you see most of the time. 10 for £20 I have ...18/02/18
10Celestial Pearl Danio / Galaxy Rasbora : Celestial Pearl Danio / Galaxy Rasbora The largest online selection of freshwater tropical fish in the UK. Rare fish to beginner fish. ...15/02/18
11WANTED ...job lot required malawis : hi guys ,..if anyone is thinking of selling up ,please send me details by text or call ..cheers 0744472600615/02/18
12T5 lights & Light Unit : Juwel t5 light unit and 2 bulbs. Unit used for 1 day and bulbs unused and still boxed. Cost £140 2weeks ago. Looking for £110 but open to se ...15/02/18
13Lamarcks Angelfish : Lamarck's Angelfish around 3 inch lovely fish nice and fat eats everything also reef safe £30 collection from Forest Gate East London. N ...15/02/18
14Tank and fish for sale : Fluval 39" x 22" x 16" cristalprofi e700 external filter complete set up pair of frontosa pair of silver dollar pair of parrot fish also su ...15/02/18
15Odoe pike : 12 inch Odoe pike lovely fish healthy eating anything just closing down tank. Wonít let me add pics if you are interested txt me and Iíll se ...15/02/18
16Peacock bass for sale : Cichla melania xingu 6 inches one has eye damage so £250 for both. Cichla intermedia 5 inch £200 2 x cichla azul 4 inch £60 each 2 ...18/02/18
17WANTED TROPHEUS GROUP : Hi, Iím looking for a group of around 20ish tropheus for a new display tank Iíve set up. Iím open to which breed of trophs you may have but ...15/02/18
18Various bogwood and ornaments : 4 largish pieces of dogwood. One ship ornament. Quite good. 1 house ornament. Thrown in for good measure. £40.00 the lot. Pref ...15/02/18
19Calophysus Macropterus : Hi Looking for a calophysus cat. Had one many many years ago and have never seen one for sale since. Scoured the net but cannot find any. ...15/02/18
20Malawi cichlids mbuna fuelliborni : Breeding group of mbuna fuelliborni I think there are 9 not sure of ratio Iíve pulled 1out as she as a real mouth full of eggs these are ver ...15/02/18
21Yellow labs and blue dolphins : Yellow labs good 1 inch plus very good colour not washed out 4 quid each blue dolphins from 1 inch to 1and half inch 5 quid each 5 for £20.0 ...03/02/18
22Stingray Black Diamond male 7 inch : 7 inch male bd . Pellets trained. Price 550£ Please WhatsApp me if any questions. Thanks04/02/18
23Trio of Longfin albino bristlenose pleco : 3 young longfin albino largest about 3 inch including fins one at 2 inch and 1 at about 1-5 inch I think ther is 2 males and a female 35 qui ...03/02/18
24Ophisternon gutturale : Australian one gilled eel. 70cm long and 1cm wide currently lives with Australian rainbow fish and corydoras eats pretty much anything: f ...17/02/18
25BD x P14 Stingray male : Hi . For sale bd x p14 male . Size 6-7 inch . Pellets trained. Price 350£ Please join my group on Facebook. More stingrays there ...04/02/18
26Marine livestock : Yellow tang, regal tang, maroon clown , black and white clown a damsel a urchin, royal grammer, fire shrimp, wreck fish, turbo snails, hermi ...15/02/18
27Stingray P14 Female 7 inch : Hi . For sale 7 inch female p14 . Pellets trained. Price 290£ Please join my group on Facebook Top Stingrays UK More stingrays ...18/02/18
28Wanted Mexican Swordtails ( Xiphophorus montezumae ), Blackpool area : I'm looking to obtain some Mexican Swordtails, iderly from within the Fylde cost / Blackpool area. I've looked online and can't find any ca ...15/02/18
29Large Fusco Malawi cichlid : Looking to sell my large fusco. Around 7-8 inches, fully coloured up. Open to offers.15/02/18
305 Aqua Oak Ltd edition marine tank : A beautiful tank less than 2 years old. In absolutely pristine condition except for a minor scratch on the glass which you have to know abo ...15/02/18
31Eheim Incpiria 400L Black Gloss : Please look at the eheim website for details. The tank was previously for sale and then put in to use once again. Now it sits in my mother ...15/02/18
32Wanted ea reef 1200 or similar in white : Hi , Iím looking for a ea reef 1200/1500 in white as close to rotherham as possible Cheers15/02/18
33Baby saddle back clowns : After a reasonable breeding experiment I have two clown fish nearing shop bought size and itís time to say goodbye. Free to a good home mayb ...15/02/18
344x2x30inch custom made nd aquatics tank : I have a custom made by nd aquatics 4x2x30inch high aquarium in very good condition. Comes with lights and heater and glass covers. Only 1 ...15/02/18
35390ltr fish tank : A big 390ltr fish tank and stand15/02/18
36Oak Wood Aquarium : Hi Folks I have a 2foot cube tank on an Oak Wood stand with an oak wood hood for sale. The reason for sale is that I wanted a bigger oak ...15/02/18
37Dendrobate tinctorious "citronella" froglets : I have citronella (Dendrobates tinctorious "citronella") dart frogs available. These are captive bred individuals. They are 3+ mon ...14/02/18
38Exotic and aquatic rescue : We rescue all kinds of exotic reptiles, amphibians and other aniimals. See link below:14/02/18
39Fish tank : Fish tank 4f 400 liter14/02/18
40Achilles tang wanted : Looking to buy nice Achilles tang, any for sale ?14/02/18
41Black Tail Tanchu Koi Swordtails : Black Tail Tanchu Koi Swordtails The largest online selection of freshwater tropical fish in the UK. Rare fish to beginner fish. £12 De ...14/02/18
42Wanted Fluval Roma 240 lighting unit and flaps : Hi i am looking for someone with a lighting unit and flaps for Fluval Roma 240 or either of them seperatly. Will pay reasonable price Than ...14/02/18
43South American cichlids : Guianacara dacrya x6 5/6inch £10 each Acarichthys heckelii 6inch £15 Geophagus bras ...14/02/18
44Tanks x 2 : I have a 40" x 23" x 19.5 " made from 8mm glass no leaks or stratches holds around 65 gallon £75.00 also have a 38" x ...14/02/18
45Giant Snakhead (channa micropeltes) 13-14 inches : 30 pounds ONO collection from SE514/02/18
46Midas Cichlids : looking for a breeding pair of Orange/Red Midas Cichlids. Will collect around M25.17/02/18
47wavepoint 4ft t5 light unit. : good condition not being used as tank shut down. has 2x blue tubes 2x blue/white mix. £100.14/02/18
48d+d professional 20w professional uv. : good condition requires new tube. £50 ono14/02/18
49v2 vecton 600 uv. : good condition .for sale due to tank closure. £50 ono.14/02/18
50v2 500 bio pellet reactor : as above surplus as shut tank down. £50ono. may have pellets too02/02/18
51deltec sc1455 skimmer : brilliant skimmer will do upto 1000ltrs. good condition £175 ono02/02/18
52Wanted ventralis : Anyone got any ventralis there selling16/02/18
53Mbu Puffer Fish, Oscars and peacock Bass : Nice 4-6 inch MBU puffer fish for sale. Beautiful patterns. Send me a whtsapp message for more information and pictures. £120 or make a ...17/02/18
54...WANTED...Cynotilapia zebroides Likoma Island "red top"...WANTED... : Cynotilapia zebroides Likoma Island "red top" 3 Females required for breeding purposes. Can collect with in reason from birim ...14/02/18
55Juwel vision 450 : Juwel vision 450 in beech...tank,cabinet and hood with light unit....few light marks on glass..hardly noticeable when full.i had it set up a ...14/02/18
56Eheim 350 uv steriliser : Eheim 350 uv steriliser, complete all fittings and instruction book under 12 months old. Collect or can post extra cost £45ono. Can whatsApp ...14/02/18
57Channa Asiatica : I have tank bred Channa Asiatica available which are showing beautiful colours and they are all around 4"-5" and 6"-7" i ...14/02/18
58kockney koi 20000 : £400 All new media pipe work and lid. Filter in excellent condition. Have not used for ages. Text for photos. 0782431223014/02/18
59Peacock bass : These guys are huge so must have a big tank. 18 to 19 inch.. I'm going away and thats the only reason for selling them. 07840014312 no offe ...14/02/18
60Wanted Juwel vision 260 or similar : Wanted Juwel vision 260 tank and stand filter and lights or similar max length 48 inches live near stafford let me know what you have thank ...14/02/18
61WILD Tropheops Makokola Male : I have a WILD Tropheops Makokola Male to move on as I have no room for him,Supplied by LMI. I'm open to reasonable offers for him. Col ...14/02/18
62Wanted: bare 2x1x1 tanks : Looking for 4-5 bare 2x1x1ft 60L tanks Ideally completely bare, no drilling or trims around top or base Prefer if they had inside lip/rim ...14/02/18
63Selling jewel 4ft marine aquarium complete with fish ect : 4ft jewel aquarium complete with 2 external canister filters full of live rock. Skimmer, reactor, pumps, fans, heaters, 40 kg of live rock £ ...14/02/18
64Selling Jewel Rio 300 : Jewel Rio 300 61h 51w 121 length 350 litre tank Matt black Plus black stand 1 year old bought for £300 Fluval fx6 external filter plus me ...14/02/18
65Kenya tree coral frags 4" : Kenya tree coral frags on plugs, 4" tall and have been growing very quickly being fed Reef Roids weekly. They provide great flowing mov ...13/02/18
66Lots of Malawi Cichlids : Stocklist: XL OB Malawi Cichlid - 6" - £25 Red Shoulder Peacock - 3" - £5 Sulphurhead Cichlid - 4" - £30 Benga Peacock ...13/02/18
67Blue Dolphin Breeding Pair Malawi Cichlids : Beautiful guaranteed breeding pair of Blue Dolphin Malawi Cichlids. Male is approx 6 inches and the female is approx 4 inches. £50. Pick ...13/02/18
68EA Reef salt water fish tank for sale : EA Reef 900s fish tank for sale It holds 44.5 gallons/202 litres of water The dimensions are 900mm long, 500mm wide, 450mm high It com ...13/02/18
69Aquarium Rock : Approx 30KG of aquarium brown lava rock £25-0013/02/18
70Cheap led lights : Looking for a set of bright led lights for a 6ft tank. Would be okay a little bit smaller as I could put a couple of bars from front to b ...13/02/18

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