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1.Aquatic Finatic – Stock List & Offers - 18/02/18 Yes
Want to know more about setting up a planted aquarium? Join us and Steve from JBL for a tutorial on January 24th at 10.30 am We are delighted to announce Aquatic Finatic has won Practical Fish Keeping Top Shops Yorkshire and Humberside Region. Big thanks to all who voted for us. If you haven't ... ...
2.Freshwater Stocklist Updated (14/02/18) 18/02/18 No
Stocklist for all freshwater fish. Photos and sizes on request. **shipping available, APC overnight from £20 per box, enquire for more information** Tropical- Yellow line rasbora £3.90 6~£21.00 Giant danio £2.50 6~£13.00 Scissortail £1.90 6~£10.00 Neon dwarf rainbows £3.90 6~£21.0... ...
3.Tank and fish for sale 15/02/18 Yes
Fluval 39" x 22" x 16" cristalprofi e700 external filter complete set up pair of frontosa pair of silver dollar pair of parrot fish also sun spot catfish and spotted catfish £150 no offers
4.Parrot fish 7 inches £30 10/02/18 Yes
Hi have for sale parrot fishes 8 of group, all 7"-8", all healthy, eating sinking pellets, nice colour. Collect from east London. 07428746200 Nick
5.Parrot fish 7 inches 02/02/18 Yes
Hi! Have group of KKP parrots fish 6"-7", all healthy fish, eating sinking pellets, mussels £30 each, collection from east London, for more information please call 07428746200 Mick
6.Parrot fish 02/02/18 No
Hello has anyone got a parrot fish approximately 2-3inches in size please. I’m happy to collect up to 15 miles from Guildford please. Thank you
7.American cichlids and others 15/01/18 No
American cichlids and others For sale. 4 angels 2.5", 2 gold severum 2" and 3", 1 green severum 2.5", 2 red line torpedo barbs 2", 1 spot cheek elliotti cichlid 2.5", Rainbow shark 3.5", Featherfin syno catfish 5", Syno decorus catfish 2", Mystus... ...
8.Jewel 190 corner fish tank complete set up 06/01/18 Yes
Jewel 190 corner fish tank complete set up. Comes with rock, sand fall, ornaments artificial plants, 2 parrot fish, African cichlid, 2 pleck sucker fish. Has lights, filter and heater. All complete ready. Looking at around £200 open to offers
9.SESGLEY ROAD AQUARIUM Stocklist 02/10/17 02/10/17 No
Central and South American Cichlids Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys ‘Maldonado’- 2.5 inch Assorted angels – 1.5inch Assorted angels – 2-3 inchh Assorted angels – 3-4 inch Koi angels – 3inch Electric blue Acara – 2-3 inch Apistogramma agasizzi double red – 3 inch Apistogramma hongsloi – 1.5 inch A... ...
10.Group of large parrot fish 29/09/17 Yes
Group of 4 large parrot fish £100 for the group. Also have a group of 5 silver dollars £100
11.ALL MY FISH MUST GO 16/09/17 Yes
Changing over to marine so all fish have to go These are mainly African cichlids. Frontosa x 1 Nyrere x 1 OB peacock x 2 borellyi kandanga x 1 yellow lab x 1 yellow peacock x 1 elongatus chewere x 2 aceI yellow tail x 1 Johanni x 1 red sailfin pleco x 1 common pleco x 1 albino pleco x... ...
12.fish tank full settup for sale 26/08/17 No
fluval 90 including 2 parrot fish 4 to5 inches one small plec tank lie new £90 tel 01926812779
10 inch plus large hardy central american cichlids wanted in the london area. not looking for for oscars, jaguars, sevrans or parrot fish. i am in the london area. ibby call. 07886347745 anytime
14.Massive tank sale 19/08/17 Yes
Hi there here is my tank shut down sale Let's start with the tank it is 2.9 m long by 750 mil tall and 750 mil wide it's only two years old and the tank itself was over £1500 pounds , The base was built by carpenter and is made of marine ply stained really does look lovely however can be painte... ...
15.Various fish for rehoming. 15/08/17 No
Closing down my tank so the following fish need to go to permanent homes in suitable sized aquarium. This has not been a easy decision as many of the fish I've had a long time. They are: 2 x large parrot fish 3 x Angel Fish 1 x Striped Headstander Breeding pair of Kribensis ( not to be homed in... ...
16.Parrot Fish 26/07/17 Yes
Good size parrot fish. The large one is orange and the smaller one is pink. The keep laying eggs but nothing happens, this may be due to being in a community tank. Any questions please ask. Collection in Barnsley.
17.All fish for sale large and small. 22/07/17 No
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15......All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15 ... ...
18.Parrot fish 6 inch 21/07/17 Yes
For sale my parrot fish . About 6inch . Pricec 25£
19.Large fish for sale 13/07/17 No
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15......All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15 ... ...
20.Full marine set up 04/06/17 Yes
Custom built 5'x2'x2' brace less marine tank and lid with Phoenix style white gloss cabinet and sump (42"x15"x18") Bubble Magnus curve 7 skimmer New jet 4500 ltr/ hourreturn pump Tunze x 2 power heads and controller Cooling fans Hydro auto top up Bubble Magnus dosing pump Uv steriliser ... ...
21.Marine fish in Full marine set up 04/06/17 No
Snowflake moray, 2x wrasse, 2x file fish, 1x Betta, 1x coral beauty, 1x porcupine puffer, 1x Parrot fish, 2x yellow tangs, 3x clowns, 2 x sandsifter star fish, 1x large serpent starfish, loads of star polyp Custom built 5'x2'x2' brace less marine tank and lid with Phoenix style white gloss cab... ...
22.oddballs and tankbusters 01/06/17 Yes
Hi,I'm selling some of my fish as I'm closing down some of my tanks Here is the list of the fish below Which are available to collection Only,from hackney London e8 Semiprochilidus tanairius,(flagfish)10" approx True parrot fish 10"approx,cichla kelberi 12" Red giant goramy 14", red tail cat... ...
23.Purple,pink and blue jellybean parrot fish wanted 28/05/17 No
I live in Darlington in the North East of England and I'm trying to get my mum a purple or pink jellybean parrot fish and I would like a blue one. Can anyone help me out? Does anyone know if there's anywhere close to me that has them in? I've beef hunting for months now and I still can't find no... ...
24.true parrot fish for sale (rear, wild cought) 24/05/17 No
hi i bought a true parrot wild cought and put him in with my peacock and he's getting battered, i was informed that they would be ok as both are around same temprement, but this is not the case. so i need to rehome him/her. i bought for £35 and i am open to offers, need a little something for hi... ...
25.American Chiclids. 14/05/17 No
6 x Convicts 2 females and five males 2 breeding pairs £20. 2 x Large Orange Parrot Fish £20. 2 x Small Red Parrot Fish £15. 1 x Yellow Severum £12.sold
26.Cichlids and Tank for Sale 30/04/17 No
1 Large Oscar, 3 Large Parrot Fish. Tank 47"X 20" 16". £350 extxa`s Cabiney. Offers to 07704350519
27.Tank and Big Fish for Sale 30/04/17 No
Tank 47"X 20" 16". £350 extxa`s Cabiney. 1 Large Oscar, 3 Large Parrot Fish. Offers to 07704350519
28.Parrot Fish 14/04/17 Yes
Parrot fish for sale, 6" long. £15. Collection only.
29.Hoplarchus psitticus / South American parrot cichlid 24/03/17 Yes
We have two young H.Psitticus around 4-5" now in store. A gorgeous South American cichlid known by the locals in Brazil as the parrot fish due to it's amazing colours. "This species is very rarely imported" £45 each or £80 for the pair Please contact us for further details;01344 8... ...
30.parrot fish 20 £ 24/03/17 Yes
For sale 4 inch parrot fish. Price 20£. For more info phone me or whatsapp
31.Juwel vision 260 12/03/17 No
Selling my Jewell vision setup, complete with new t5 light unit, 3 yellow lab cichlids, 3 frontosa one of which is very large, 1 parrot fish, 1 rusty cichlids and 3 plec. Selling as complete set up including external filter, heater, coral gravel and rock. 3D juwel background.Sad to see this go but s... ...
32.Parrot fish babies 20/02/17 No
These are actual offsprings of my parrot fish breeding pair. It's said that 99% of male parrot fish are infertile buy I seem to have hit the jackpot. Prices from £3..
33.2 parrot fish 13/02/17 No
2 parrot fish £25 THE PAIR
34.Custom built fish tank 500l 11/02/17 Yes
Selling our stunning fish tank.. Comes with fluval 406 filter, Aqumanta 400 filter, 2x 55watt heaters, 2x t5 light set up, Light colour changing kit, Jewel air pump, Testing kit, Chemicals, Dried and frozen food, Lots of spares, 2x live ferns that have grown on drift wood, Artificial pla... ...
35.Devil Parrot 04/02/17 No
Description the reason they are called DEVIL PARROT is because Dad was a Red Devil and mum was a Parrot Fish Price: £25 - £45 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK When you spend over £200 its FREE delivery or if you spend £150 then its only £12 delivery if you spend above £80 its... ...
I I am after some parrot fish could possibly deliver burnley please get in touch if you have some for sale £10
37.Medium Parrot Fish 23/01/17 Yes
Description Nice and Healthy Parrot Fish with bundle of energy Deals: 4 for £40 Price: £12 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 its £12 delivery if you spend above £80 its £20 delivery and if its below £80 its £35 deliv... ...
38.Small Parrot Fish 23/01/17 Yes
Description We have some very cute baby parrot fish half have peeled and are starting to colour up. and if you want more then 4 we can other deals for more. Deals:4 for £10 Price:£4 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 it... ...
39.4 parrot fish 19/01/17 No
1 big one 1 middle size one and 2 smallish ones one is yellow
40.Trigon 350 10/01/17 Yes
Trigon 350 litre corner aquarium. Beautiful piece of furniture. Fully equipped and stocked with Parrot fish, sharks, tin foil barbs, red line torpedoes and plecs. Any inspection welcome.
41.Large predator fish offers 14/12/16 No
Selling Lage motoro stingray 18 mouths old 2 arowana over a foot long slight drop eye Foot long chuncky alligator gar 7inch florida gar 5 adult parrot fish All fish are healthy and feeding on muscles shrimp and pellets 6x2foot aquarium with everything All equipment includes 6x2foot glass tan... ...
42.Tropical stock list 10/11/16 No
Bronze Cory £1.50 Peppered Cory £1.50 Albino cory £1.50 Rabaulti Cory £2.50 Emerald Cory £2.50 Sterbai corys £3.50 Julii Cory £3 Panda corys £6 large Upsidedown cat£4.50 Striped glass cat £2 Striped Dora cat £4 Featherfin cat £1.50 Hoplo cat £4 Banjo cat £8 algae eaters £1.5... ...
43.Fish tank for sale 13/10/16 Yes
I have a aqua one UFO 550 corner tank for sale comes complete with stand, heater, internal and external filter, air pump, sand and plants everything you need to get up and running included are also X1 golden parrot fish large sailfin plec and x4 phantom tiger barbs great tank for a starter approx 90... ...
44.Selling 2 parrot fish breeding pair 03/10/16 No
Selling a breeding pair of parrots fish. They have had lots of eggs but not had any hatched.pick up only wirral
45.5 x 2 x 2 Fish Tank 20/09/16 No
I have for sale a 5x2x2 tank with a Fluval FX5, light unit with 2 light tubes, magnetic glass cleaner, air pump, gravel cleaner, 2 nets and algae scraper. Fish include Parrot fish, Albino Pangasius, Blue Lobsters, 3 types of Geophagus, 2x Headstanders, silver dollars & 2 loach. Tank has a few... ...
46.Emporer aquatics rare Cichlids and Datnoid fish 31/08/16 No
DATNOIDS Siemese tiger fish (datnoids microlepis) (4-5cm) many barred tiger(datnoids polota) fish(4-5cm) CICHLIDS South American Peacock bass (Diamond/Azul/Golden/Monoculas/Orinocensis) (5cm) AFRICAN peacock cichlid (redneck/pink albino/purple line/demasoni/ yellow head/dragon blood/oran... ...
Pair of XL pink Parrots £65. Texas Cichlid £15. Bosemani Rainbows (2.5") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5") £15 Large Plecs (10-15") £25-35 L Tin Foils (4") £15 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -£POA L66 Plec (... ...
48.Green/Orange Parrot Fish x 4 14/08/16 Yes
Here I am selling 4 Green/Orange Parrot fish for £40.00.They measure at approx 8 to 10 cms and are feeding well on granules, Hikari Cichlid gold and flake. I can arrange for the fish to be delivered via overnight courier at a cost of £15. A delivery day must be agreed with the buyer and myself to ... ...
49.Blood Red Parrot Fish x 2 14/08/16 Yes
Here I have for sale 2 Blood Red Parrot Fish for £24. Measures approx 8cms and feeding well on granule, flake or Hikari Cichlid Gold. Very pretty fish and in great condition. I can arrange for the fish to be delivered via overnight courier at a cost of £15. A day must be agreed with myself and the... ...
50.Stunning tropical fish( parrots- arowana-silver dollars) 08/07/16 Yes
For sale due to change of set up 4 large parrot fish 2 are a breeding pair 6-7inches £80 for 4 or £20 each 1 12 inch silver arowana £65 2 silver dollars 5 inches £15 1 3inch Green and speckled face severums £10 Or Looking on swapping Malawi fish All fish are in stunning condition Back ... ...
51.Red Parrot Fish x 5 24/06/16 Yes
Here I have for sale 5 red parrot fish at £60. Very pretty fish . Measures at approx 2 and a half inches. I can arrange for the fish to be delivered via overnight courier at a cost of £15, but a day must be agreed with myself and the buyer to ensure someone is available to receive the fish. Pleas... ...
52.180ltr Juwel Bow Fronted tank & Stand 23/05/16 No
Black and silver in colour (pics to follow) Tropical set up, black/white gravel, eheim pick-up 160 internal filter, eheim heater, Ocean rock, submarine ornament and cat - fish hide. Would like to sell along with fish if poss however will split if need be. Fish are; 2 x parrot fish, 4 x clown loach, ... ...
53.Very big parrot fish 01/05/16 Yes
Very big parrot fish for sale selling as he has put grown my tank £35
54.Parrot Fish For Sale 03/04/16 No
Hi I have 3x AAA Grade parrot fish for sale. Biggest one approximately 5" Smallest approximately 3" nice and bright not pale like most parrots. £15 each or 3 for £40 located near Heathrow 07841098532
55.Tropical set up complete 03/04/16 Yes
Great chance to own a custom built tank,it's with deep regret I have to sell but hopefully someone can love it as much as I have. It's 5 1/2 foot x 2' x 2' tank with a very strong wooden custom built stand too. Selling complete with an Aquamanta efx600 that does 2700lph. Will let everything I ha... ...
56.Fish tank 10/03/16 No
I have a 3ft aquamanta fish tank for sale it comes with a 300liter external filter and heater also all ornaments and a breeding pair of parrot fish £150
57.£20 absolute bargain : 2x Black Ghost Knife, Six Banded distichodus, Geophagus, 3x small parrot fish + others £30 for all 19/02/16 No
Selling tropical to start marine : 2x Black Ghost Knife (5-6"), Six Banded distichodus (3"), Geophagus (3"), 3x small parrot fish (1.5", 1x Silver dollar (1.5"), 2 Featherfin Catfish 2.5", 1x Common Pleco (2-3") All for £20 in perfect condition and all eating well on pellets, flake and bloodworm.... ...
58.Big Fish Tank 600 ltr Aqua One Aqurence 1800r With Stand and Extras Open to Offers 26/01/16 Yes
600 Litres Aqua One Aqurence 1800R Fish Tank. Less than 1 year old. Size of Tank 6ft x 2ft x 2ft Massive. Complete with profesional x8 Anubias 24w strip tube lighting and top lid system, and a strong all in one Deluxe Cuboard Cabinet Stand. Fitted storage cuboards x4. Stand size is slightly bigger t... ...
59.Wanted parrot fish in London 30/12/15 No
Anyone selling parrot? Email me or drop me a tx thank you
60.tropical fish for sale please read below 09/12/15 No
Hi I have for sale as below: 5 yoyo loaches 1 catfish 1 baby parrot fish ALl fish are small and biggest about 2.5".. collection Camberwell SE5 good deal offered need gone
61.juwel rio 240 set up for sale 06/12/15 No
juwel rio 240 for sale. all in good condition but needs new light fitting which I can source if require[ approx. £85} . any reasonable offer accepted because need the space for baby etc. includes 2 large parrot fish, 4 large tin foil barbs and various other smaller fish
62.Maple Aquatics Dereham Norfolk 04/12/15 Yes
We stock a variety of tropical and Coldwater fish come down and take a look Large orange parrot fish 8-9" £30 Lima shovel nose catfish 8-9" £25 Open mon-sat 9-5 sun 10-1
63.tropical fish for sale please read below 01/12/15 No
Hi I have for sale as below: 5 yoyo loaches 1 catfish 1 baby parrot fish ALl fish are small and biggest about 2.5".. collection Camberwell SE5
64.Fish Stock List 01/12/15 01/12/15 Yes
COLD & TEMPERATE FISH: Black Comet £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Black Moor £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Blue Oranda £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Assorted Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 White Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Sucking loach £1.79 Each Gold Sucking Loach £2.49 White Cloud Minnow £1.25 Each or 5... ...
65.FISH STOCK LIST 27/11/15 27/11/15 No
COLD & TEMPERATE FISH: Black Comet £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Black Moor £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Blue Oranda £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Assorted Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 White Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Sucking loach £1.79 Each Gold Sucking Loach £2.49 Each White Cloud Minnow £1.25 ... ...
66.3ft fish tank with metal stand £60 23/11/15 No
I've got a 3ft fish tank with metal stand with space for an additional 3f tank so fantastic as a space saver. I also have a selection of fish such as baby parrot fish, loaches, catfish which I can sell with/or without tank in a great deal. location is Camberwell, south east london
67.tropical fish and tank £350 14/11/15 Yes
Beautiful 440 litre tropical fish tank and fish for sale. Quick sale needed. Around 70 fish in the tank including: .around 30 to 40 malawi chilcids . Very Large plec . Large catfish . 5 small catfish . 3 small orange fish . 1 large orange parrot fish . Pair of large grey fish . 2 angel ... ...
68.Parrot fish for sale £5 04/11/15 No
I have a parrot fish for sale that needs to be in a tank with other parrots or same size fish as it has turned aggressive towards my peaceful fish set up,I bought 2 of these but later found out that one was a convict and the parrot has turned aggressive,it is a really nice fish and would like it to ... ...
69.Wanted giant gourami 25/10/15 No
I'm looking for a giant gourami for my 6 x 3 x 2 tank which houses silver dollars, red parrot fish and redtail catfish Can collect within reason of distance. Cash waiting
70.closing down tank 15/10/15 No
I'd like to find a new home for my aggressive community fish collection. Fish available: 2x Red Parrot fish 5-6" 6x bosamani rainbow fish 2" 1x grey knife fish 1x spotted rafael catfish 4" 1x red tail shaft 4" Currently living in Juwel Rio 180 , the tank is available... ...
71.swap 10 inch male midas 14/10/15 No
Looking to swap my 10" male midas...confirmed fertile..looking for south/central american cichlids..particularly after female parrot fish...will consider breeding pairs
72.Parrot fish juvies for sale 03/10/15 No
These are actual offsprings of my parrot fish breeding pair. It's said that 99% of male parrot fish are infertile buy I seem to have hit the jackpot. Prices from £3..
73.Rena Tank, FX5 and fish for sale 19/09/15 Yes
I am breaking down a tank today and tomorrow and will have the following items for sale. Ideally they will be collected but I can deliver if fairly local to Exeter. I am unsure what the going rates are for these items so if I am way off the mark just let me know. They need selling over the weeke... ...
74.Regal tang & large parrot fish (princess) for sale or swap 05/09/15 Yes
1 x Regal Tang & 1 x Parrot fish for sale. Both reef safe!! £50 for the pair, will consider a swap If interested please contact Ben 07590 692661
75.Aqua one Ecostyle 81 full setup and loads of extras 02/09/15 No
Whether your looking for a starter tank or a complete setup this is an absolute steal Selling my tropical fish tank (reluctantly) due to upgrading to marine. As you can see this comes with loads. Also willing to split down if required. Fish: - 2 x peacock cichlids - 2x dolphin cichlids ... ...
76.parrot Fish forsale 04/08/15 Yes
Hi, I have about 20-22 parrot fish, about 3-4inch looking £15 each or £200 for all. Collect only from SE58UP. Thx...... 07411888818.
77.Fontosa, Albino convict, Parrot fish, Sengal bicar 31/07/15 No
Fontosa 6.5" £12.50 Albino convict 6" £6 Orange parrot fish 4" £6.50 Sengal bicar 7" £10 Genuine interest only please.
78.Male black and red oscar 8 inches and orange parrot 6/7 inches for sale or swap 16/07/15 Yes
I have 2 male oscars and the one for swap is getting bullied by my albino and parrot fish. He is very quiet but funny, will eat anything including 6 inch lobster!!! Im looking to swap him for a larger female or something different that is larger than my other 8 inch oscar. I have a 4ft tank set up w... ...
79.pair of parrots 11/07/15 No
Pair of parrot fish £30ono. Need to be re homed as stressing other cichlids as they are about to spawn again. Will swap for ebjd or female texas or female Jd cheers
80.Fish tank and tropical fish for sale 19/06/15 No
100 Ltd fish tank, with full working pump, lights, and all fish including parrot fish
81.Red Parrot fish - large - in top health laying eggs regularly 15/06/15 No
For sale are 3 Red parrot fish These are not dyed and from a reputable lineage. They are about 3 years old (which is fairly young for a fish that can live up to 15 years!) The largest is 9 inches, followed by a 7 inch fish and then a smaller 6 inch one. They have lovely colouration and have th... ...
82.parrot fish 10/06/15 No
For sale very nice healthy parrot fish Have 3 normal size parrot fish about 5inch big and one king parrot which is stunning large about 9 inch Open for sensible offers as i am changing to marine Please text only on 07837277874
83.tropical fish for sale 23/05/15 No
Hi i got some nice fish for sale 3 parrot fish all between 4n5 inches and 2 servums 1 is 3inch and 1 is 5 inch all for 30 bucks my phone number is 07814905400
84.tropical fish need to go. 18/04/15 No
Breaking down my tropical tank to convert over to the marine side. This means all my fish need to be sold to new homes. 1 Chinese highway catfish 6 inches roughly 1 clown knife fish 8 inches 3 common plecos. 1 around 8 inches, the other two around 4/5 inches 3 yellow labs and 1 blue cichlid. ... ...
85.Complete tropical fish tank 17/04/15 Yes
Aqua one complete tropical fish tank 3ft by 1ft by 2 and half foot Complete with external filter .. Pump.. Lights and heater Also includes doubled drawed cabinet 2x parrot fish 1x wolf 1 x upside down catfish 1 x cory 3 x plecs 1 x unknown 1x brittle nose 1x leopard frog £150 O... ...
87.parrot fish 03/04/15 No
For sale very nice absolutly stunning healthy parrot fish Have 3 normal size parrot fish about 5inch £ 30 each and king parrot £ 70 Changing to marine Please make me sensible offers
88.parrot fish 23/03/15 No
For sale very nice healthy parrot fish Have 3 normal size parrot fish and 1 king parrot fish Open to sensible offers Please text me on 07837277874
89.4 Large Parrot Fish 22/03/15 Yes
I have 4 large orange parrot fish for sale. 5-6" each and in beautiful condition. £15 each or £50 for all 4.
90.2 Large Parrot Fish - £30 27/02/15 Yes
2 large Parrots, really bright colouring. Collection near Southport.
91.PARROT FISH 25/02/15 No
I have two parrot fish hybrids for sale orange in colour both about 4" in size very healthy fish £15 the pair.Can supply photos on request
92.breeding parrot fish 11/02/15 Yes
Breeding parrot fish lovely fish but wanting different fish open to offers or may swap. South shields
Bosemani Rainbows (2.5") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5") £15 Large Pleco (10-12") £25 L Tin Foils (4") £15 1 Pair of Piranhas (3") £35 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -POA L66 Plec (2.5") -POA L7 Plec (2... ...
NEW IN: 1 Pair of Piranhas (3") £35 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -POA L66 Plec (2.5") -POA L7 Plec (2.5") -POA XXL Angels (Black/Yellow/Silvers) - £25 Hoplo Catfish (5") - £30 "Brilliant" Blue/Red Discus (5.5... ...
In stock currently we have.. NEW IN: Spotted Gar (6-8") £ 49 - Silver Arowana - £99 (Negotiable) Tin Foil Barbs (4-5inch) - £15.00 Haplochromis Electric Blue (3-4inch) - £10.95 each Large Black Shark (Around 8inches) - SOLD Oscars (Mix)(4-5inches) - £17.95 each - SOLD Green, Blue and... ...
96.parrot fish 19/01/15 No
For sale very nice healthy king parrot fish have also 3 normal size parrot fish for sale please text me on 07837277874
97.breeding pair of parrot fish 12/01/15 No
Hi for sale is my breeding pair of parrotfish Both 5inch Need 2 sell asap over crowded tank 07956032446 Collection from eastlondon
Welcome to our stocklist.. In stock currently we have.. NEW IN: Tin Foil Barbs (4-5inch) - £15.00 Haplochromis Electric Blue (3-4inch) - £10.95 each Large Black Shark (Around 8inches) - SOLD Oscars (Mix)(4-5inches) - £17.95 each Green, Blue and Pink Parrot Fish - £15.00 or 2 for £25.00 L... ...
99.Breeding pair of parrot fish 30/12/14 No
Hi for sale is my pair of breeding parrot fish both 5inch £60 for the pair
100.Breeding pair of parrot fish 30/12/14 No
Hi i have for sale my pair of breeding parrot fish Both 5inch £60 for the pair
101.large parrot fish 27/12/14 No
I have a large blood parrot fish for sale wanting 15 pound or will swap
102.parrot fish 24/12/14 No
3 parrot fish 4-5 inches 30 pounds my fone 07841905400
103.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Balloon Mollies £2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies £2.25ea or 4 for £8.76 Female Guppies £1.80ea or 6 for £10.20 Male Endlers £2.25ea or 4 for £8.80 Assorted Platys £2.50ea Assorted Swordtails £3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum £6.95ea Red ... ...
104.Wanted :- parrot fish and malawi 28/11/14 No
Looking for malawi cichlids, parrot fish greens blue etc and some convicts
105.Breeding pair of parrot fish 20/11/14 No
lovely pair of parrot fish one is 4" the other is 6" price is 30 for the pair thanks paul. 07815572152
106.4 blood red parrot fish for sale (2 large 2 medium) 15/11/14 Yes
4 parrot fish for sale £40 for lot located in edzell, angus
107.160ltr tank + fish + equipment 06/10/14 Yes
Selling one 160ltr fish tank, comes with I believe 5 big bits of bog wood, 1 external filter, one sting ray internal filter, heater, sand, 4 x Clown Loaches, 1 x Black Ghost Knife fish, 1 x Parrot Fish, 1 x Blue Gourami, 1 x Port Hole Catfish, 1 x Flying Fox and 1 x Weather Loach, 1 x common Plec Pl... ...
108.Assorted fish for sale/swap 01/10/14 Yes
Hi I have 30 parrot fish from 5-8inch, 4 kk parrot bred many times with the red devil but fry been eaten. If interested plz make me an offer. Pleco List.........follow. ............ L14 4inch £45. L24 pair male & female 6-7inch £150 for the pair. L25 5 inch £100. L46 f1 5 blood lines sub adul... ...
109.Fish list - Pet Price - portsmouth 06/09/14 No
Black ghost knifefish £7.50each Clown Loach 4-5cm £7.50each Peacock bass (Cichla orinocensis) 4-5cm £12.00each Siamese tiger fish (Datnoides undecemiradiatus) 4-5cm £18.00each Steel blue killifish pairs £11.00 only a few left Steel blue killifish males £4.50each Upside down catfish (Synodonti... ...
110.For Sale 500L Tank with Equipment and fish. 03/09/14 Yes
For sale is my 500L fish tank. Comes with various cichlids, parrot fish and an Oscar. Also comes with 1 internal filter and 1 FX6 external filter , 2 heaters, lighting system and various bogwood and rocks. This will be a pickup only. You will need a van or a big car to transport this item and you wi... ...
111.assorted parrot fish for sale 27/08/14 Yes
Hi I have about 30 parrot from 5-8inch most of them are blood red only 4 king Kong, and 20 of them at 6 inch. The kk parrot bred many times with the red devil but the been eaten by group of 7 synodontis! If interested make me an offer, these fish collect only from SE5. Thx. .
112.Giving up due to 2nd tank leak 10/08/14 No
5" discus, 4" discus 5" clown loaches large parrot fish large bristle nose plec golden nugget plec angel fish plates and tetras. Various prices. Black cabinet 4", APS external filter 2000 with uv, 4 months old. Plastic plants, log style ornaments and black gravel. Please ring or ... ...
113.large full tank setup 27/06/14 Yes
Cube fishtank 3ftx2ftx2ft and stand full set up with 2 large parrot fish flowerhorn clown loach a eel of sum sort can't remember what it's called and a rusty chichlid heater pump external filter and light unit £150 ono selling due to new tank no space for it also a sump aswell
Baby Piranhas - £8.95 each or 3 for £22.50 Silver Dollars - £4.95 each Large Angels - £15.00 each Burindi Frontosa (Male) - £25.00 Red Frontosa (2 Male, 2 Female) - £20.00 each Blood Red Parrot Fish (Around 5inches) - £25.00 Assorted Colours Parrot Fish (Around 3inches) - £15.00 or ... ...
Our stock list and prices of what we have in at the moment are as followed.. Special orders can be made, as long as deposit is paid. Tropical Fish: JUST IN: 2 large Male Frontosa (Around 7inches and 9inches) - £60.00 each or £100.00 the pair. Topaz Puffer Fish (Around 5inches) - BACK IN ST... ...
116.Pair of parrot fish 6 inch approx 20/06/14 Yes
Two beautiful parrot fish tropical,£20 for the pair. Buyer to collect.please contact for any questions.
117.Aqua One aqua reef 400L tank with 50L sump 03/06/14 Yes
Currently selling a 400l Aqua One marine tank, This includes Vecton 400 UV sterilizer, Hydor smart twin wave machine & V2 Refractometer, 2 x 300w Heaters, brilliant tank. £750 ovno. Approximately 40kg of live rock £6.50 per KG, 1 Large Leather Coral £25, 2 large groups of Mushroom Corals £30 each... ...
118.Juwel trigon 350 complete set up 07/05/14 Yes
I have for sale a custom juwel fish tank . It has a large uv external filter with this heater and lights . Also the tank comes with white sand and rock and chiclid fish . There are two large severums . A pink parrot fish a purple parrot fish a blue parrot fish and a orange one . Also a plec . I... ...
119.3x true parrot 6-8 inches (open to sensible offers) 03/05/14 No
As stated 3x true parrot fish 6-8 inches Awesome colours and very healthy! Thanks. Denise.
120.parrot fish 26/04/14 No
7 parrot fish for sale all are 3 to 4 inches various colours 50pound
121.Big Parrot fish for sale 25/04/14 Yes
Hi Guys, I have for sale two massive parrots. Stoke on Trent location. £40 for both. Thanks
122.5 large oscars 1 large parrot fish 2 large silver dollars 10/04/14 Yes
50 pound for the lot if gone before weekend?
123.Rare wild caught chocolate cichlids 04/04/14 Yes
The parents of these fish are wild caught we have 2" and 4 " fish for sale. When they colour up they are stunning. They are living happily with severum,synspilium and parrot fish among others. They will eat small fish these fish are very rare £8 each fish
124.Fish not for sale (JUST WANT GOOD HOME FOR THEM ) 28/03/14 No
2 X 8 inch Oscars beautiful colours.2 X parrot fish approx. 5 inch in length 1 silver dollar also approx. 5 inch . I have a 190 ltr tank and want to down size in the fish I keep .
125.shutting down tropical tank 18/03/14 No
Due to shutting down my tank i'm looking to re home some of my fish. 3 severum free They have recently been laying eggs too. A breading pair of parrot fish £offers. 1 fire eel £offers, 1 royal plec £offers. 1 common plec £offers If interested please contact me on 07917198904
126.parrot fish two for sale 20pounds 17/03/14 Yes
parrot fish for sale ,great condition eat well ,one blue and one orange
127.Parrot fish £15 silver large silver dollar pair £15 14/03/14 Yes
Nice parrot fish £15 and silver dollar pair £15
128.Parrot fish 13/03/14 No
Hi im looking for parrot fish young. Anybody selling any i would be really greatful and can collect locally. Thanks
Can be sold with or without fish - but fish would need to be sold first MAKE ME AN OFFER 4FT x 18" x 54" (tank is 30"deep - water level24") approx. 330 litre - COMPLETE SET UP - Tank/Stand/Filter/Heater/Light/Air Pump/Gravel/Décor/Food/Treatment/Tests/Lots of spares - In... ...
TROPICAL FISH FOR SALE - NORTH PICKENHAM - MAKE ME AN OFFER MAKE ME AN OFFER Parrot fish £20 ono angel fish £15 ono Tiger Plec £20 ovno Large Plecs £10 ono each Medium plecs £7 ono each Small plecs £5 ono each Raphael Catfish £25 ono Gourami £5 each ono Keyhold Cichi... ...
131.Tattooed parrots available.. 05/03/14 No
We have 6 tattooed parrot fish in stock..£25 each! Ring us for more info.. 02088070927
132.baby fry parrot fish required for a new tank set up.... 02/03/14 No
young parrot fish required for a new tank set up
133.Gold severum,true parrot fish 02/03/14 Yes
Closing down tank ,so here goes- Gold severum 8 inch,£20 Hoplachus psitacus(true parrot fish-not the google eyed ones) 9 inch. £50(beautiful blue/green) Bush fish (ctennapoma) £15 Any of the above ,I have photos of ,I will txt ,email to you Please txt me if interested,as emails go to jun... ...
134.mixed parrot fish 27/02/14 Yes
i have 6 parrot fish one is pure orange colour and others are mixed colours.
136.Stingrays arrowana black ghost knife giant guarami parrot fish 12/02/14 Yes
Black diamond 8inch £400 Motoros 10 inches £100each Black ghost knife 12 inches £30 Arrowana 18-20 inches £100 Giant guarami 7inches £30 Parrot fish 4 inches £20 for the 3 Silver shark 8 inches £15 Pleco 8 inches £10 All are asking price ovno will need collecting from st5 New and upto... ...
137.3 foot fish tank filter heater ornaments everything included, just needs a new bulb, parrot fish, 3 bala sharks for sale need gone asap 70 pound ono 05/02/14 Yes
3 foot fish tack 12 inches wide and stand ornaments and gravel everything included orange parrot fish and 3 bala sharks everything included
138.6ft fish tank with cabinet and fish inc 2 huge plecs 04/02/14 Yes
Hi I have for Sale a 6ft fish tank inc fish, filter, pumps etc. 2 oscars, parrot fish, 2 huge plecs atleast 2ft, 5 large clown loach, torpedo catfish. Pick up only from newport gwent. Offers around £220 Mob - 07513531239. ... Lee
139.Mixed com tank - albino tiger oscar - parrot - frontosa - 3x yellow Malawi 1x blue zeb Malawi , 31/01/14 Yes
Mixed community tank , really something just for the kids but due to seeing a pair off atibapos pikes av decided I need the tank so fish must go 1X albino tiger oscar 7" 1x parrot fish 6" 3 x yellow Malawi 1x blue zebra Malawi 1x leopard plect Open to offers all fish must go A... ...
140.Whole tank for sale. 19/01/14 Yes
Full set up for sale x3 filters 1 external super fish aqua pro pressurised canister filter, 2 internal eheim filters 1 ehim 350w heater 1 wave runner blower 1 oxygen blower pond air pump fitted 2 florescent lights with bulbs plus spare bulb. the tank is appro 6ft long by 2 and a half foot high by 2 ... ...
141.blood parrot fish 14/01/14 No
blood parrot fish for sale approx 6 inch long £10 buyer must collect
142.Tropical Aquarium Set Up for Sale 13/01/14 Yes
For collection only from Houghton le Spring / Hetton Area I have my tropical set up consisting of the following - 1 x 165ish ltr rectangular tank with hood and lights fully sealed and no leaks, scratches or cracks. 1 x All Pond Solutions 2000EF+ External Filter fully operational 1000 LPH filter... ...
143.green terrors 13/12/13 Yes
have about 40 small terrors,ins plus,4pound each or swap for parrot fish or other placid cichlids
144.Parrot fish pangusius pictus catfish jaguar female chiclid £70 20/11/13 Yes
Getting rid of them as am changing setup Need to get rid ASAP Text
145.200 liter tropical fish tank with fish £150 ovno in liverpool 16/11/13 Yes
i have a 200 liter tropical fish tank with a plec about a foot long a rainbow parrot fish and 4 angle fish the tank has hood and light selling due to break up if interested please give me a call on 07800589283 thankyou jamie
146.birchirs, eels, catfish, discus, malawi and many more 07/11/13 Yes
Manchester Fish Price List 9th September 2013 All sizes are approximate, and all fish are subject to availability Strictly by appointment Eels Green eels (peacock) 4" £10.00 Birchir Endilcheri (polypetrus) 6-7" £20.00 Gars Rocket gar 3-4" £8.00 3 for £20 Tiger fish Indo tige... ...
147.Tropical fish for sale 17/09/13 No
Large silver dollars stunning 7 pound each parrot fish 10 pound each talking catfish striped or spotted 10 pound each bn plecs 3.50 each 3 angel fish one 5 pound other two 4 pound ring for more details 02920 865831
148.parrot Angel and kissing gouramis 15/09/13 No
I'm changing my whole tank setup and so I'm selling these Fish 2x angels known to breed in past 3-4inch 2x kissing gouramis approx 3.5 inches and a beautiful coloured parrot fish about 4 inches please contact me on 07881368428 for any enquiries thanks
149.4FT COMPLETE TROPICAL £250 14/09/13 Yes
Here for sale is my 4ft tropical setup, which i have had up and running for the past 18mths, ive just decided to convert to marine and now need the space. Included in the sale is the 4ft tank with stand (grey in colour), U4 internal filter, 2 sponge filters running off a twin air pump, 300watt h... ...
All sizes are approximate, and all fish are subject to availability Strictly by appointment Eels Green eels (peacock) 4" £10.00 Red fire eels 5" £8.00 Birchir Endilcheri (polypetrus) 6-7" £20.00 Gars Rocket gar 3-4" £8.00 ... ...
151.parrot fish 27/08/13 No
4 parrot fish (yellow) £30 for the four of them out grown the tank and need a new home willing to deliver or meet local to Edinburgh
152.malawi cichlid 26/08/13 Yes
Iv got about 40-60 fish including a few breading pairs and a couple of parrot fish also 5-8 plecs and a couple of cat fish looking too get rid of the whole lot due too building works going on and need too move the tank around
153.many different varieties of tropical fish available 22/08/13 Yes
Manchester Fish Price List 22nd August - 29th August 2013 All sizes are approximate, and all fish are subject to availability Strictly by appointment Eels Green eels 4" £10.00 Spiny eels 4" £10.00 Tyretrack eels 4" £10.00 Birchir Endilcheri (p... ...
154.2x orange parrot fish 07/08/13 Yes
2x good sized pretty orange parrot fish for sale, also have blue gourami & a zebra fish £30 for the bunch. Need quick sale &collection as selling fish tank. Need to go asap.
155.Jewel Cichlid 07/08/13 Yes
Jewel Cichlid must have large tank &be an experienced american cichlid keeper - aggressive breed of fish, cannot go in with small fish as will just eat them. I also have two good sized 1year mature orange parrot fish, 1 blue gourami &1zebra fishin same tank if would like? These are £30 for t... ...
156.Medium sized Cichlids and others for sale 17/07/13 No
Hi I'm trying to make room in my tank so getting rid of the following: Green terror 5-5,1/2" - £20 2 cigar sharks(red finned) 6"ish - £8 each Blue Malawi(unknown) 4" - £10ono Parrot fish 4" £15ono The green terror is the show of my tank, really healthy, lovely finnage an... ...
157.Tropical fish for sale -Basingstoke 09/07/13 No
For sale: 4" clown loach £3 3 large beautiful angelfish £5 each 1 medium parrot fish 4 jewel cichlids £5 for all 6 medium silver dollars £5 for all (find have been bitten!) 4 yellow gouramis £5 for all 2 dwarf neon gouramis £3 2 medium boesemani rainbows £6 for both Or make me an o... ...
158.lounge room lizards & aquatics 03/07/13 Yes
Giant Gourami in stock now !!! red belly piranha Oscars Tiger & Albino Parrot fish red & orange Mixed Malawi's Kribensis Jewel Cichlids Mixed Cichlids Tinfoil Barbs Silver Sharks Big Plecs Adult Bristlenose Plec Ghost Knife Fish Mixed live Plants and planted wood Cory Catfis... ...
159.2 Large Parrot Fish 20/06/13 Yes
Two 9inch Parrot Fish for Sale. Selling as a Pair. Will only sell if you have a Large Tank. £70 no offers
160.Juwel rio 260 fish tank with cabinet full set up or sell separately 19/06/13 Yes
Hi I am selling a juwel rio 260litre fish tank with matching cabinet it's 4ft long and in excellent condition approximately 2 months old costing me £420 still under warranty 2+1 with creature comforts in totton its the full set up it has everything you will need including fish the species of fish in... ...
161.General community fish for sale £25ono 17/06/13 Yes
Hi I have some community tropical fish for sale I have 2blue angel fish 2 plecs 2 covict chiclids 2 parrot fish 1 severum and 1 wild black banded leporinus which I very very rare all very peacefull with other fish and are very healthy all together worth £250 only selling cheap for quick sale due to... ...
162.everything must go all you need for an aquarium 03/06/13 Yes
parrot fish 3 bala sharks heater filter gravel, light in hood of tank unit, ornaments breeding tanks driftwood just everything you can see in the picture 90 pound ONO 07905315718 text or phone me
163.Parrot fish wanted 20/05/13 No
Parrot fish wanted for a good home must be free but a small donation can be given if need be please contact max on 07854272484 thank you.
164.AT AQUATICS 14/05/13 Yes
AT AQUATICS 133 Elmbridge Road Great Barr Birmingham B44 8AG 0121 356 8554 Stocking A good range of coldwater, Tropical and Large Tropical Fish. We have a good variety of all ranges of fish. Also stocking little and large unusual's from baby shrimp, frogs and lobsters to arowanas, piran... ...
165.caecilian worm / Synodontis angelicus / Spiney Eel / Parrot fish / Butter catfish & 78 inches tank 12/05/13 Yes
For sale: caecilian worm / Rubber eel (approx 18") - very active, will eat from hand. £35 ovno Synodontis angelicus / Angel catfish (5-6") very active, doesn't hide a lot, nice markings. £30 ono Spiney eel (10-12") not sure of exact species, tends to be found under false tyre track eel (see ... ...
166.2 breeding parrot fish for sale 10/05/13 Yes
I have two parrot fish for sale witch have out growny tank there quite big now and they need a bigger tank to swim in these are a breeding pair they have bred I few times in my tank I want £20 for them as there £12 each smaller I would be happy to see them go to a bigger tank any questions email me ... ...
167.fishes ,chiclids,kois,golfishes,terrapin /tank for sale 07/05/13 No
1. 5 very big kois for sale 35£ each or nearest offer size from 12 inches plus(white, orange, ghoist kois) 2. goldfishes different mix colours from 3£ to 6£ each for pond 3. one big terrapin with tank, heater, filter, gravel, lights £45 or nearest offer 4. convicts for sale from 3£ to £7 dependi... ...
168.den marketing gps900 aquarium 200 litre comes with fish and ornaments 26/04/13 Yes
tank has got built in lights in the hood it has got a built in internal filter with media etc a heater and a air stone with pump also comes with ornaments Tank Has got 1 parrot fish 6 assorted malawi cichlids 1 clown loach 2 pearl gouramis and 1 silver dollar these fish have been in this tank for... ...
169.looking for 6/7 ft fish tank. (preferably around £150) 23/04/13 No
Looking for a 6 or 7 foot tank, preferably 24-30 inch high and no more than 2ft depth. The tank does not necessarily need a stand as I have custom built a unit for it to stand on. I am not worried if the tank has been drilled for a sump as I will be looking to include this into the system soon. Need... ...
I have to sell on these fish to make way for new arrivals. There are 5 red parrot fish at approx. 5 inches and 2 blue acaras at approx. 7 inches. All are in excellent condition and I will not be hard to deal with. Any reasonable offer considered as they have to be away asap. Possibly swap for so... ...
171.FISH FOR SALE 19/04/13 No
172.4 large parrot fish 19/04/13 Yes
4 large parrot fish they about 8 inch long they require vary large tank.plus 2 angel fish and cat fish and one small fish.can go as well .reason for sale my tank is 190 L ..is to small for them.i had them for 4 years .any questions. Plz call me 07583586355 £120 for all. Thanks
173.selling all my fish and set up 14/04/13 No
selling all my fish green severum £20 2x red spotted gold severum £40 for pair or £25 each featherfin syno (cat fish) £15 red blood parrot fish £20 2 silver sharks £10 for pair or £6 each 1 large angelfish £15 2X peppered corys £7 for pair £4 each common plec £5 5 silver dollars 2 are br... ...
Looking for 4-6 Blue Frontosa at least 6 inches long for display tank. Anything considered but ideally looking for adult blue finned and will travel to collect or carriage at my cost. Will also consider swap as I have various malawis / parrot fish I need to get rid of to make room. 2 no.3 foot ta... ...
175.Tanks/ heaters/ filters & fish for sale Liverpool 07/04/13 Yes
Currently have: 1 5ft by 2ft by 2ft fish tank, comes with stand, lid, heater,fluval 3 plus and air pump £300 for the lot! 1 4ft by 18 inch by 18 inch fish tank, come with external filter, heater, air pump and gravel/ ornaments if needed £150 for the lot! 1 3ft by 18 inch by 18 inch fish t... ...
176.fish for sale 05/03/13 Yes
3 orange parrot fish at 5 to 6 inch really nice trio pair of blue acaras male and female showing sighns of breeding there around6 inch proven pair of jewel cichlids succesfully laid and had fry fm 4 inch and male 5 inch stunning pair cookoo catfish really nice and health about 6 inch really stunning... ...
177.selling up everything 04/03/13 Yes
2&1/2 foot long light flow fish tank with black stand ever so slightly chipped at the bottom comes fully equipped to use with heater airblower and 12 inch rubber air wall and 2 large fluvel filter plus 4 filters the big ones there is also fine black gravel in the bottom and enough sand to fill it ... ...
178.tropical fish 28/02/13 No
179.Fish for sale Liverpool 26/02/13 Yes
Hi I've got 2 Vieja Bifasciatus, there also about 6". There £15 each. I have 3 Oscars, they are all about 10". £15 each. I also have a parrot fish, 6". £15. 2 Vieja Bifasciatus 6"- £15 each. 1 Parrot fish 6" - £15. 3 Oscars 10" - £15 each."sold" They all are very healthy and eat well, ... ...
180.6ftx2ftx18inches tank and cabinet 24/02/13 Yes
I'm selling my 6ft wide by 2ft high by 18 inches deep fish tank. It is about 4 years old in good condition with holes either end for cables etc and has four sliding glass covers (one has split in one corner but still fits together). It has two heaters two internal filters lots of gravel a selection ... ...
181.9 Parrot fish blackpool 23/02/13 Yes
9 large £10 each 5inch plus collection only near blackpool Tel 07907799153 1400ltr system great quality fish
182.Rio 450 tank and cabinet 03/02/13 Yes
Juwel rio 450 tank and cabinet. no lights but eternal filter. In beech in excellent condition. Has 1 large parrot fish included in the price £175 ono. Collect from mytchett.
183.Community tropical fish 02/02/13 Yes
2 parrot fish 2 silver sharks 2 silver dollars 3 tinfoil barbs 4 rosy barbs 3 Aurelius barbs 2 plecos 1 kribensis All fish are healthy and most are fully grown. Only selling as selling my tank to move house All offers considered 07580984253 James
184.4 parrot fish for £50 or £15 for 1 27/01/13 Yes
Hi got 4fish for sale. They about 3 inch £50 for all I'm in east London Walthamstow Call 07808547881
185.parrot fish wanted 27/01/13 No
hi im looking for 2 parrot fish please in lincoln
186.parrot fish 24/01/13 No
orange parrot fish about 5 inches £10
187.Orange parrot fish 6 inch 19/01/13 Yes
Female orange parrot fish - rehoming because I have a male and 2 females and they are beating up the smaller female. Very pretty fish, very friendly she will eat out of your fingers. Currently eats dry food and muscles, prawns and cockles. In good health but have a few marks on her side where she... ...
188.Cumberland slider turtle 6 inches with dock 19/01/13 Yes
I have a 6 inch Cumberland slider turtle for sale with a turtle dock. I'm selling her as I had intended to rehome my fish and just have her but changed my mind. In very good condition, she eats muscles, prawns, dry food and cucumber and is about a year old. I believe she's female, I might be wron... ...
189.XL parrot fish for sale 07/12/12 No
hi there i have 2 xl parrot fish for sale male is 8inch+ female is 6inch+ both these fish are very nice and can feed from hand very lovly fish if you have seen these in the shops thy can be as much as 15.99 for a 2-3 inch one these are a real bargin contact me on 07857247008 thanks
190.parrot fish 06/12/12 Yes
Parrot fish for sale £15 please call or txt 07775660766 worthing
191.SetUp for sale take a look CHEAP Seprate/JobLot 29/11/12 Yes
DUE TO TIMEWASTER, I NEED THIS ALL TO GO CHEAP,, willing to nogotiate on offer! alot of things for sale, more pics on request Fish acei luwala malawi £5 venustus malawi £5 blue malawi unknown name - nice £6 glass catfish £4 panguasuis shark £7 green terror - stunning £10 oscar £4 2x... ...
192.fish for sale 20/11/12 Yes
I Have here; 2 Red Parrot Fish (5-6") 4 Yellow Parrot Fish (5") 1 Oscar (10-12") 1 blue spotted Cichlid (5-6") 1 stripped Cichlid (5-6") Reason for sale is they have grown to big for the tank but well looked after £150 grab yourself a bargain
193.large sevrum,parrot fish tropheus for sale 09/11/12 Yes
Hi i have a large sevrum for£15 one parrot fish for £10 large tropheus for £20 large upside down catfish for £10.
194.FOR SALE: beautiful medium-large PARROT FISH 02/11/12 No
Hi their, I have a beautiful medium-large orange parrot fish who is currently stuck in a small tank as his tank became damaged and had to be thrown out he is beautiful and all fins are lovely shaped with no damage or imperfections for the fish will consider realistic offers please
196.fish for sale 11/10/12 Yes
young malawis(red zebra)2-3" 2pound each adult malawis(red zebra)5-6" 4pound each panda angel fish 1-2" 1 pound each simease fighters 1-2" 2 pound each bristlenose 2" 2pound each loads of platys guppys endlers 3 large gold gouramis 4pound each large red tail black shark 5-6" 10pound l... ...
197.Tropical Fish For Sale 10/10/12 No
I have for sale a tiger oscar 8",a tinfoil barb 8", a parrot fish 5",a common pleco 12" and a kribensis 4" plus a 2 piece viking ship ornament & a 2 piece warship ornament. Also for sale 2x FX LED remote controlled lights. Open to sensible offers, will sell separatly.... ...
198.juwel rio 400 tank for sale, full set up with fish 10/10/12 Yes
im reluctantly selling my 5ft 450 litre tank , this is a stunning tank, it comes with full set up, 2 heaters, external and internal filter, all decoration plus all fish, the fish itself are worth well over £100 fish included are:- 5 x plecs 1 x parrot fish pair of green terrors pair of rainbow ... ...
199.400litre fishtank with cichlid fish 04/10/12 Yes
large 400 litre fish tank, has 1 large oscar and 1 small oscar, 4 blood orange parrot fish, 2 severums med size, 2 ciclids and 4 catfish and 1 plec this fishtank cost me 1000 5 years ago and all the fish range from 35 to 5o pounds so grab yourself a bargain, reason for selling is because i dont h... ...
200.3 red parrot fish for sale 17/09/12 Yes
i have 3, 4 inch parrots for sale need a big tank, selling due to them bullying my runt and i would rathar focus on him, if interested please bring own bags etc, want a quick sale, £40
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