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1.Looking for Tang Cyprochromis 14/09/19 No
I知 looking for Cyprochromis species to replace lost stock due to a faulty heater. Cheers Ben
Rare and exotic fish specialists with 30 years experience. We source any freshwater or marine fish species globally at your request.Collection or delivery service available for all live fish. Any aquarium, design and installation or even maintenance for private, public or commercial premises. Ou... ...
3.Wanted Yellow Tang and hammer coral 13/09/19 No
Wanted Yellow tang and hammer coral in London Message me if you are looking to sell either
4.Tanganyika cichlids 13/09/19 Yes
3 neolamprologus lelupi (breeding) 」15 4 neolamprologus cylindricus (breeding) 」15 3 altolamprologus calvus 」15 4 alounocranus dwendti (breeding) 」25 10 cyathopharynx furcifer (breeding) 」150 4 callochromis macros 」20 4 Neolamprologus brichardi 」20 8 cyprichromis jumbo tricolour 」50 3 synodo... ...
5.tanganyikan cichlids 13/09/19 No
any tanganyikan cichlids for sale must be close to Cardiff thankyou
6.Sailfin tang for sale 12/09/19 No
Hes About 4.5 to 5 inches long, feeds very well on a mixture of flakes,pellets,sea weed and frozen foods. Hes in great condition and in good health, the reason hes for sale is that hes getting abit big for our tank so getting abit moody with our puffer fish. Offers welcome Co16 area
7.Marine fish coral and rock 11/09/19 No
6kg live rock 」30 Scopas tang 」25 Catalaphyllia Coral 」65
8.Tanganyikan, gold head F1 10/09/19 Yes
Altolamprologus calvus Black pectoral 1 to 2 inch Gold head 1 to 2 inch 」10 each collection only from Essex 07947408950
9.Fish for Sale 10/09/19 Yes
I have a number of marine fish for sale as I知 planning for n moving and have a few hundred gallon tank to relocate. These include: Powder Blue Tang Yellow Tang Regal Tang Emperor Tang Coral beauty Magnificent Foxface Various Chromis - Blue and Yellow Tail Long nose wrasse All the fi... ...
10.Marine Aquarium - Fish - Live Rock Equipment 06/09/19 Yes
Hello I am breaking down my marine aquarium... Aquariums 4 Life custom-built tank 52" x 27" 24 with a 4ft sump 60ltr ATO Metal Stand with grey cladding extremely good condition including a return pump 」800 Please note this tank is heavy and you値l need to bring some strong people ... ...
11.African cichlids WANTED. Tanganyikan/Malawi cichlids Only, No Mbuna. Cash waiting. 05/09/19 No
Looking to restock my 7ft tank. Malawi or tanganyikan cichlids only. Dont want mbuna but I'd take yellow labs. All fish must be at least 2.5 inches as they're going in a mature tank with other similar size fish. Current stock is 12 frontosa. 3 inch- 6 inch. I'm based in the north east of... ...
12.Variabilichromis moorii group for sale 04/09/19 Yes
Unfortunately I知 open to move my rare group of V. moorii a peaceful and even more colourful cichlid from Lake Tanganyik! There is 5 in the group.I知 open to offers also as they really need to go ASAP! Collection in Sheffield. Open to offers as they really need to go.. size is around 6-7cm
13.Petrochromis 02/09/19 Yes
Breeding group of longola a mixture of of wild and F1 all at breeding size they have produced lots of young with 4 females in the group holding at the moment open to sensible offers. Also young orechromis tanganica available 3" 」7 each
14.Frontosa Ikola // Moba 02/09/19 Yes
Frontosa Ikola Blue colony x15 Beautiful blue Frontosa Ikola Blue imports from Germany - rare to come by in the hobby. Average size : 5-8cm More Lake Tanganyika Fish available (Frontosa Moba) - will offer discount on more than one SALE. (Frontosa is an African cichlid from Lake Tanga... ...
15.TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE (Reduced 01/09/19 Yes
Breeding Trio Aulonocranus dewindti zambia red 8-10 cm 」35 10 Ectomodus descampsi (stunning males) 4-6 cm 」10 each 20 Cyathopharynx foai kasakalwe 7-9 cm 」12 each 15 Cyprochromis leptosoma mplungu 6-7 cm 」8 each 6 Xenotilapia ornatopinnis 3-4 cm 」6 each 2 callochromis pleurospili... ...
16.Marine fish / Rare yellow Scopas tang feeding well 30/08/19 Yes
This is a beautiful rare Yellow Scopas Tang feeding on all foods 」89.99 collection from Southampton please
17.Marine fish / Beautiful Mustard tang feeding well 30/08/19 Yes
Quite rare to find for sale This is a beautiful well rested Mustard / Jewel tang feeding on all foods amazing colour and pattern 」189.99 collection from Southampton please
18.Live corals etc in Full set up marine reef tank 28/08/19 Yes
Fish include: 2 clown fish, 2 yellow tail damsels, 3 blue/green chromis, fireball tang, polka dot cardinal, fox face and yellow fin tang. Tuxedo urchin Cleaner shrimp Red leg hermit crabs Blue leg hermit crabs Various snails Rocks Corals include:- Bubble tipped enema Lea... ...
19.Full set up marine reef tank 28/08/19 Yes
Marine fish tank 350ltr. Full set up. Sold with all fish, corals and equipment as seen on photos. Includes:- Revers light algae tank Bubble Magus C7 skimmer + spare C3.5 RadionXR15w pro lights x2 Jacob wave maker pumps x2 Bubble Magus 4 dosing pump Temperature controller Ehei... ...
20.Tangyanikan Cichlids 27/08/19 Yes
Closing down my tangyanikan Cichlid tank so these are all for sale. Cyprichromis leptosoma mpulungu x4 3" 1m 3f or 2m 2f not sure but definitely 1m 」30 for all JULIDOCHROMIS DICKFELDI x4 or 5 just over 2" Not sure on sex. 」30 for all JULIDOCHROMIS TRANSCRIPTUS x4 or 5 just over 2" 」30 ... ...
23.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms 15/08/19 Yes
Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worms. These are just as easy to culture as Micro Worm, but half the size and more prolific. Ideal for small fry... ...
24.Fish for sale,marine 09/08/19 No
Koran Angel(5 inches) regal tang(4 inches) coral beauty(3 inches) scopas tang(3 inches) racoon butterfly(3 inches) antenna lionfish(4 inches) 3 yellow tailed damsels(1 inch) 2 blue green chromis(1 inch) 4 clown fish Moving so need gone 」100 please message for pics 07757106877 Collecti... ...
25.10 + Frontosa Cichlids Tanganyika 07/08/19 Yes
10+ Frontosa Cichlids Various sizes 1 x 10" 4 or 5 6" 2 or 3 3" 4 or 5 smaller 」120 the lot Text for more info or photos 07811353262 Thanks Wes
26.Liking for some tanganyika fish for my tank 03/08/19 No
Looking for some tanganyika cichlids free or cheap for my new tank thank you
27.Rift valley cichlids, tanks and equipment 31/07/19 No
Giving up the hobby. TANGANYIKAN CICHLIDS: X 1 Cyphotilapia frontosa 」10 I currently have six tanks for sale [all measurements in inches] and, if you are interested, I do have photos of all of them: (1) CLEAR SEAL TANK: 24肺15ス [high]x 12 」12 (2) CLEAR SEAL TANKS: 18肺12嚢12 」7 (3) ... ...
28.Jewel Tang also known as Mustard Tang 31/07/19 Yes
Hi there I'm selling a lovely 3.5 " jewel tang reason for selling changing stock around asking 」80 and you pick up from hayes middlesex no drop offs and NO TIMEWASTERS PLEASE thanks .(SOLD SOLD SOLD NOW )
29.Wanted . Pair of clowns and small tangs 28/07/19 No
As above I'm looking for a pair of clowns. Also 2 tangs small . What's about ? Shropshire
30.Tanganyika, tropheus,cichlid 23/07/19 No
Wanted ,looking for a group of tanganyika cichlids,tropheus.,or other groups of cichlids would be considered,local to Kent , tank and money all waiting,
31.EA Reefpro 1200s 2 years old and perfectly matured corals 19/07/19 Yes
CALL 07795303221 to schedule viewing. email [email protected] for multiple photos Incredible set up that's mature using Triton Core 7, I only do water changes to vacuum the sand bed! Very vibrant corals, coral alone is worth 」1,500. Will supply new Triton ICP test to buyer. all the best rated equipment... ...
32.Yellow eye tang and Yellow wrasse 19/07/19 No
Tang 4" Free to a good home and must go this weekend Both must go and snail. Gatwick area No pic of tang
33.Jewel Tang 19/07/19 Yes
Hi I'm selling a Jewel Tang lovely fish reason for selling changing stock around would accept 」80 any questions feel free to ask pick up from hayes Middlesex
34.Books on Cichlids 18/07/19 No
(1) Mark Smith 銑ake Tanganyika cichlids (Pet Owner痴 manual) -paperback 」4 (2) Mark Smith 銑ake Malawi cichlids (Pet Owner痴 manual) paperback 」4 (3) Hans J. Mayland & Dieter Bork: 全outh American Dwarf Cichlids: Apistogramma, Crenicara, Microgeophagus hardcover - 」20 (4) Ad Konings 腺ack... ...
35.Marine sailfin tang 16/07/19 Yes
Sailfin tang for sale. He is really healthy and a gorgeous example. I've had him about 4 or 5 year and he has never been any trouble. Only reason for sale is because I have unfortunately down sized my tank and the tank is a bit small for him now. I am looking for 」20 or will swap for a coral frag. ... ...
36.Marine sailfin tang 16/07/19 Yes
Sailfin tang for sale. He is really healthy and a gorgeous example. I've had him about 4 or 5 year and he has never been any trouble. Only reason for sale is because I have unfortunately down sized my tank and the tank is a bit small for him now. I am looking for 」20 or will swap for a coral frag. ... ...
We have 7 fish for sale as follows: Cleaner wrasse - 」15 Large yellow tang - 」40 Medium to large powder blue tang - 」35 Medium sized tomini tang - 」25 Clown pair - 」80 Large blue tang - 」35 Please text Steve in the first instant for further information and to arrange telephone discussion.
38.Fiber glass ocean rocks (5) plus tuffa and real ocean rocks 14/07/19 Yes
Really can't tell the difference,light weight,won't crack your glass if it falls,looks great in a Malawi/ tang set up,can be stacked up high,great for a 24 inch deep tanks. These cost 」26 each from maiden head 2 years ago,and are very hard to source at the moment as were imported from USA .there is... ...
39.Livestock with matured corals in EA Reefpro 1200s 13/07/19 Yes
Various SPS (Acropora, Anacropora, Hydnopora, Seritopora, Various montiporas Digita rock Zoanthid colonies Large grassy star polip Derasa Clam Birdsnest Florida Recordia multiple mushrooms Bubble Tip (tri colour) anemones 2 Clowns (Black, white w orange) Vampire Tang Leopard Wrasse, bl... ...
40.300 Liter Braceless, optiwhite glass marine stand and tank with sump. Complete set up 13/07/19 Yes
300 Liter Braceless tank with sump. Optiwhite glass. White Gloss Stand. Complete marine set up. 3 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot. Tank itself - 247 liters. Sump - 51 liters = Total volume - 298 liters. 4 years old. Some light scratches on front panel of glass. Oxidizing hinges but easily replaced. iQuat... ...
41.Marine fish sale... sold.... 05/07/19 Yes
Hi I am selling my few marine fishes.. Lovely colour nice and fat. Eat almost everything. .round face tangs. 」100 Large size .scopas tang. 」40 medium size .maroon clown 」20 female only large size .Yellow tang.」50 small medium size .convict tang.」80 large size .white tail tang.」70 medium siz... ...
42.100litre aquarium Filter, pump,excellent condition INC fish 03/07/19 Yes
100litre Tank, in excellent condition, no scratches to the glass or surrounding lid etc, has full LED function, white for day time and a dark blue setting for nights, long rectangular shape, comes with new filter, all ornaments from pets at home, large drift wood, black gravel, and decorative rocks.... ...
43.Fowleri Tang 27/06/19 No
Fowleri Tang approx 5 inch A rare tang, good worker. Eats all foods. Collection from Bristol. 07789400776 WhatsApp for a video of fish 」70
44.Round face tangs sale 26/06/19 Yes
Hi I am selling my round face tangs. Nice and fat. Eat almost everything. Really colour full. More information please contact me. Cash on collection. 」100 East London E14
45.Marine tank set up 24/06/19 Yes
I have a Fluval 125 tank and stand with 11kg live rock, coral gravel,Kent marine prskimmer,2x powerheads, fluval aquasky bluetooth controlled,Fluval heater.Also contains Powder blue tang 2x clowns and swveral inverts. Spare led lighting and heater also included + marine accessories. 」400 or near of... ...
46.Marine livestock in Fluval 125 set up 24/06/19 Yes
Powder blue tang 2x clowns several inverts 11kg live rock, coral gravel I have a Fluval 125 tank and stand with Kent marine prskimmer,2x powerheads, fluval aquasky bluetooth controlled,Fluval heater.Spare led lighting and heater also included + marine accessories. 」400 or near offer.
47.Unique Opportunity - Working Marine Aquarium and Equipment 23/06/19 Yes
1. Tanks total system size approximately 800L: a. Tank 5ft x 3ft x 2ft Thickness 20 ml b. Four chamber sump/RO tank c. Separate refugium tank 2. Equipment: a. 1 x Abyzz A200 pump b. 1 x Jeboa DC 9000 pump - c. 1 x Jeboa DC 12000 pump - d. DD DC-2200 chiller e. DD High Efficie... ...
48.WILD Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale 21/06/19 Yes
WILD Tropheus Moorii Ikola 」28ea 1:3 ratio available WILD Tropheus Namansi 」28ea 1:3 ratio available WILD Tropheus Dahabu Yellow Cheek 」28ea 1:3 ratio available WILD Frontosa Kansombo Blue 」65ea 1:2 ratio available WILD Cythofarinxy Faoi Sibwesa (green/blue flash) 」58ea 1:2 available ... ...
49.Lake Tanganyika Cichlids Frontosa Lemon Cichlids Julidochromis Synodontis Cardiff 20/06/19 Yes
Lake Tanganyika Cichlids for sale. 9 x Neolamprologus leleupi (Lemon Cichlids) - 8 Adult 1 Juvenile 」50 These have had young fish and spawn regularly. 3 x Julidochromis - Adults 」25 There is a breeding pair in this small group. 1M 2F Pair of L121, Worm Line Peckoltia Plecos 」40 1 Femal... ...
50.Regal tang 4-5inch 18/06/19 Yes
Here痴 my regal tang he痴 4-5 inch and I have a magnificent fox face that need new homes the fox face has taken a liking to my eleglance coral
51.Marine Fish from 8ft tank breakdown 16/06/19 Yes
Collection from Bromley Kent Job lot 」900 X1 Arc eye hawk fish」45 X1 coral hawk fish 」45 X9 carberryi Anthias 」145 X2 wild clowns... 」50 X1 mature male melanarus wrasse 40 X1 leopard wrasse male 35 X1 yellow wrasse 25 X1 starcki damsel 25 X1 mystery wrasse vanuatu 95 X2 timorensis wrass... ...
52.Koran Angel 5inch 15/06/19 Yes
Koran Angel 5" feeding on both dry and frozen food, eats like a pig. very active and healthy. the only reason why im selling it's because the he is taking a dislike to my pair of butterfly. gets on fine with all other fish, #clown fish, yellow tang, lip stick tang, cow fish etc. only ha... ...
53.Sailfin Tang 10/06/19 Yes
Sailfin Tang for sale 」10, inherited a new tank with the fish included, it痴 not big enough for the fish, reluctantly letting it go.
54.Marine regal tang for sale stunner reduced 」40 07/06/19 No
Regal tang 6 inch XL stunning will take 」40 paid more
55.Large mimic tang 06/06/19 Yes
I have this mimic tang for sale. He's been in my tank for at least 4 years now. He is in good health only he needs a bigger tank. Can be a bit boystrous in a smaller tank but shouldn't be a problem in a larger one. Approximately 5 inches long. Collection Portsmouth 」50 for a good size tang. I'm no... ...
56.Marine fish tank - ecotech Radion g4 aquatronica maxspect now breaking 02/06/19 Yes
Marine fish tank and all the contents and equipment all run with triton method for last 2 years looks stunning better than pics can show !! All corals and most fish now sold all equipment and live rock still available !!!!!!! Aqua one 275 marine tank in black Has a few marks here and the... ...
57.Marine fish tank - ecotech Radion g4 aquatronica maxspect 02/06/19 No
Marine fish tank and all the contents and equipment all run with triton method for last 2 years looks stunning better than pics can show !! Would like to sell all in one to someone starting out or upgrading ?? but may split once fish and coral live rock sold ! Aqua one 275 marine tank in b... ...
58.Marine fish 30/05/19 Yes
Closing down my tank so for sale is 1x large Lipstick tang 」75 1x medium blue faced angel 」70 Scarlett hawk fish 」35 Small scopas tang 」20 Small niger trigger 」20 Pair of platinum clowns 」65 Orange spot goby 」15 Or all for 」270 All fat and healthy and eat everything from frozen to pellet, ... ...
59.Group of Tropheus Bemba African Cichlids 29/05/19 Yes
I have a group of 8/9 tropheus Bemba (lake tanganyika) for sale. Mix of both male and female, with the main male showing off to the others frequently so possible breeding group. Most are still colouring up, bright orange one is the main male. All fish are very healthy, fed on sera flora flak... ...
60.REGAL TANG (sought after yellow belied variant of dory) 23/05/19 Yes
Stunning fish, in excellent health and has a very cheeky yet dumb character. She/he is around 5.5 in length, please note a 2 regal are around 」45-55 in the LFS around here. So I think the 」50 asking price is pretty fair. I am open to a trade for a nice hammer coral or other corals what have yo... ...
61.Neolamprologus leleupi x5 tanganyikan cichlids 23/05/19 Yes
got group of 5 nice fish 」45 for the group ,also looking for some Cyprichromis leptosome females if you want to swop
62.Tanganyika neolamprologus prochilus 14/05/19 No
Rare neolamprologus prochilus 3.5 inches Very healthy fish Bargain 」20 Collection from Malvern WR14 Message wes 07805477218 Thanks
64.Complete marine set up. 30/04/19 Yes
We are selling our cleair 500 litre marine tank, water, fish and equipment. There is sump with skimmer and everything required. 2 x power heads 1x powder blue tang 2 x clarki clowns 1 x humbug 4 x damsels Fire shrimp Cleaner shrimp Emerald and hermit crabs Snails. Kenya tree coral ( g... ...
65.Fish and corals 24/04/19 Yes
downsizing 430ltr system, the following are for sale as result x1 Pyjama wrasse 」10 x1 magnificent foxface 」25 x1 kole tang 」25 x4 Chromis 」15 lot x1 Bangai Cardinal fish 」15 Large (15cm) toadstool leather coral 」25 Orange bubble mushrooms (discosoma Sanctithomae) 」10 ea. Orange, green, pur... ...
66.Specialist Books for Aquarists 23/04/19 Yes
Steven Simpson Books Specialist Booksellers & Publishers' Distributor (Est.1986) Office tel. 07-783-857-245 New : Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, 4th edition, 2019. Hardback, printed on glossy paper. 」58.50. This fourth, revised, edition of the definitive study of Lake Tan... ...
67.Brevis Shelldweller and Fry 22/04/19 No
Dont have time at the minute so I'm selling my fish I have a proven breedin pair of Tanganyikan brevis and about 40 fry 」20 for the parents and fry. The fry are small
68.Livestock in Complete marine set up. 20/04/19 Yes
1x powder blue tang 2 x clarki clowns 1 x humbug 4 x damsels Fire shrimp Cleaner shrimp Emerald and hermit crabs Snails. Kenya tree coral ( growing lots ) Button Polyps Toadstools Mushrooms We are selling our cleair 500 litre marine tank, water, fish and equipment. There is sump w... ...
69.3inch Regal tang 19/04/19 Yes
Very healthy juvenile Regal tang for sale. Looking for 」49 Collection from Chesterfield
70.Tanganika 14/04/19 No
Hi 450 liter panoramic aquarium for sale with all equitment and fishes. Around 20 tropheus red morilio rainbow and green.and few more. All this for 350 pounds collection only from telford.
71.Tank breakdown for sale 07/04/19 Yes
I have a 300ltr tank that i do not have time for anymore to maintain and so am selling everything within. 2 x clown fish 1 x Regal tang 1 x Dwalf Angel 1 x green Cromin 1 x yellow tailed blue damsel 1 x blue velvet damsel 1 x stripped damsel 1 x royal dottyback dartfish 1 x blue face juve... ...
72.0reochromis tanganica breeding pair 12 in 01/04/19 No
breding pair of tanganica cichlids
73.LARGE REGAL TANG WANTED 5 inch+ 28/03/19 No
Large regal tang wanted must be a regal no yellow bellies though and the bigger the better will travel Contact me on 07450603358 Email [email protected]
75.Kole Tang for sale 23/03/19 Yes
Kole Tang for sale , reason for this is that I am looking at keeping smaller marine fish in my tank. I have had the tang for approx 2 years and has got in well with my other fish He is a stunning fish
76.Cleair Aquarium for sale marine set up with all stock inc 22/03/19 Yes
over a dozen Corals 2 common clownfish 1 maroon clownfish 2 regal damsels 2 green chromis 5 orange and pink anthias radiant wrasse pink and yellow fish 1 chalk goby 1 watchman goby rabbit face fox fish yellow tang freckle face tang few red legged crabs emerald crab cleaner crabs sn... ...
77.Cleair Aquarium for sale marine set up with all stock inc 22/03/19 Yes
I have for sale a marine set up in a 450l tank with overhead marine light, protein skimmer, nitrate remover, wave machine, filters, heaters, pumps and sump tank. RO machines various testing kits and medicating kits. Inc in sale is all live rock over a dozen Corals 2 common clownfish 1 maroon cl... ...
78.Fish livestock list updated 21/03/19 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 21/03/19 Yes
Please find attached up to date stocklist published 21/03/19. Please refer to our Facebook page for more regularly updated pages, along with photos, videos etc of new stock and special offers. ‭ We prefer collection from our superstore in West Sussex, on the outskirts of Crawley. We can del... ...
79.2 Tretocephalus need new home 18/03/19 No
2 Tretocephalus Tanganyikan cichlids for sale. The dominant fish has been established so I want to remove these 2, i do it want pairs forming. Currently about 3 inches. Collection from Chelmsford. 」10.
80.Aqua reef 300 complete setup 17/03/19 Yes
Aqua reef 300 marine fish tank full setup Aqua reef 300 tank with sump, pipe work and aqua one return pump - 」225 TMC v2 ilumenair 600 connect WiFi light unit only a few weeks old, boxed and can go with a copy of the receipt for it - 」175 Bubble magus nac 7 skimmer - 」70 Job lot of live... ...
81.Quick sale marine fish 10/03/19 No
Yellow tang for sale medium size 30 pounds False gramma 20 2 blue chromis smallish 10 for both Or 50 for all of them Reading area Tilehurst
82.Red Sea reefer 170 06/03/19 Yes
Reefer 170 white Ration gen 3 with bracket Reef link 2 x mp10 both new wet sides Vectra s1 return pump Reef skim 300 skimmer Bubble magus reactor Kessil h80 sump light Loads of live rock and corals as seen in piks Pair grade a breeding clown fish 2 x rose bubble tip anemones Flame ang... ...
83.Tangankiya 28/02/19 No
Hi looking for a group of tanganyika cichlids local to Kent thanks
84.WANTED TANGANYKA CICHLIDS 50 miles around Swindon 14/02/19 No
Hi. I知 2 years experience keeping fish but I知 new in Tanganyka cichlids world.I'm very excited about this project.I get ready my 420 litre tank and I would like to get the following fish: Altolamprologus gold head x2 Altolamprologus calvus black pectoral x2 Cyprochromis leptosoma x5 (the most ... ...
85.Sohal tang sale London Sold.... 12/02/19 Yes
Hi I am selling my ovely Sohal tang . Healthy Zambo fat. Eat everything. Almost 7 to 8 inch fast swimmer. Collection east London E14 Cash on collection.」150 Serious buyer only... Tel.07908950597
86.Regal tang yellow belly SOLD.... 12/02/19 Yes
Hi I am selling my fat regal blue yellow belly tang. Eat almost everything. Around 5 to 6inches max Cash on collection.」65 London E14 Serious buyer only Reef safe.
87.Aquareef 400 full setup 09/02/19 Yes
Due to work commitments i haven't got the time to care for my tank properly so i'm selling up. the tank has been set up for 5 years and i've had most of the livestock longer than that. I'm asking 」1000 but i'm open to sensible offers. I'd rather it went as a joblot so i won't be selling anything sep... ...
88.half black tang sale London 26/01/19 Yes
Hi Selling my beautiful 1. Half black tang. 」30 2. Tomato clown. 」15 3. Anthias colufull.」15 Cash on collection from east London Sereious buyer only Tel.07908950597
89.175 litre set up 」400 open to reasonable offers 11/01/19 Yes
No longer have time to maintain my marine set up so im selling up Full marine set up for sale including return pump, sump, pipework, heater, live rock, live sand, royal grammer, star dust tang and a scooter blenny, black gloss stand, 165w led lights also included,
1 pr Cyathopharynx foai kasakalawe 20cm 」60 5 Xenotilapia ornatipinnis 10cm 」60 9 Cyprichromis leptosoma blue flash 10cm 」45 2 Neolamprologus savoryi 6 cm 」10 5 Steatocanus casuarus 10cm 」25 Ancisturus red/albino Pairs,gr... ...
91.Wanted Looking for Malawi/tanganyikan cichlids close to swansea 30/12/18 No
From fry to breeding groups wanted Please send pics of what u have
92.Complete Malawi set up Juwel Vision 260 Inc fish 30/12/18 Yes
I have reluctantly decided to sell my Juwel Vision 260 fish tank with a breeding group of approx 15 yellow labs, 5 juvie Crabro, 2 large Parrot fish, large common Plec & 1 unknown pretty Tang. Included with the tank is: an external bucket type filter, currently not in use due to needing a new ... ...
94.MARINE FISH FOR SALE. 18/12/18 No
THESE FISH HAVE BEEN IN MY TANK FOR THE LAST 3/5 YEARS.THEY HAVE OVERGROWN IN SIZE AND I NEED TO SELL THEM ASAP NOW.I AM VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT THESE FISH AND I AM SAD TO LET GO. One large Batfish.......................」100.00 One STUNNING queen angel................」150.00 One Large Blue Koran ... ...
95.Large Queen Angel 11/12/18 Yes
Hi i am looking for large marine fish for sale preferably Large Queen angel Tangs and Angel fish for 8FT tank. Will pay good money for the fish. phone Jim 07898808716.
96.Marine Fish & Invert.. 08/12/18 Yes
97.Black tang 」685. In non copper system. 04/12/18 No
Jet black longnose tang (true Hawaiian) About 2-3 inches size. Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. No offers. Cash only. Collection only.
98.Large Marine Tank Breakdown 01/12/18 Yes
Update just the LR left now mainly Java. Very well seeded as been filtering 800 litres for over 4 years. Xenia on some rocks. Open to offers to collect asap. Hi I'm breaking down my large Marine Aquarium as I no longer have time to maintain it. I'd prefer to sell as a whole but may consider off... ...
99.Marine Fish and Setup 27/11/18 Yes
I have my marine fish and complete setup for sale due to family issues. I cannot care for them any longer or afford to. Tank Glass measurements approx is L- 38 1/2 inch D- 20inch The complete Unit measurements approx is L- 40inch D- 21inch H- 61 1/2inch The fish you can hopefully see mostly ... ...
100.3x yellow tang trio 26/11/18 No
selling my yellow tang tiro. 1x 3" 2x 2" I've had them for 6 months is, bright them when they were a 20p size. they get on well with each other and are settled. price is 」150 for the trio. grab a bargain
101.Real tang, London, SW16 25/11/18 Yes
regal tang, 4-5 inch 」45
102.Sailfin tang, London, SW16 25/11/18 Yes
3 - 4 inch, good condition, 」40
103.Success with Cichlids from Lake Malawi and Tanganyika 21/11/18 Yes
Book by Sadine Melke, T. F.H. Publication Beginners guide to keeping Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids. Hard back book in good condition - 192 pages 」10
104.Aqua reef marine tank 20/11/18 Yes
Aqua reef marine set up for sale..excellent condition.Includes tunze flash skimmer 3 wavemakers 2 heaters led lighting .large amount if live rock aged over 8 years in different set ups. Dump full of bio balls.large Dejardine sailfin tang .Gold rim Tomini Tang and large snowflake eel.Also included r.... ...
105.Marine fish for sale between Reading & Newbury 17/11/18 Yes
Hi there, my fish have outgrown the tank a little and would like to focus more on corals. For sale are: - magnificint Foxface (now sold) - lovely Yellow Tang - several blue chromis (now sold) - a stunning dragon wrasse (photo to follow) - carpenters fairy wrasse - leopard wrasse I've nev... ...
106.6"/7" regal tang 16/11/18 No
Regal tang for sale 」45
107.Corrals and Marine fish in Complete marine fish tank set-up 11/11/18 Yes
Fishes included: - Yellow Tang - 6 inches - Purple Tang - 6 inches - Regal/Blue Tang - 6 inches - Lipstick Tang - 8 inches - 2 Clownfish - One orange, one black - Six-line Wrasse - 2 Pajama Cardinalfish - 2 Banggai Cardinalfish - And more (please call mobile contact below for speci... ...
108.Complete marine fish tank set-up - including all fishes 11/11/18 Yes
Urgent! Need to sell fast. Ready to take now. Price: 」1500 Dimensions: Length - 6 Feet Width - 2 Feet Height - 2 Feet Tank also includes four cabinets, made out of wood, painted medium oak colour. Includes: - A lot of corals - Over 300kg of live rock - A lot of fishes - W... ...
109.Full marine set up including fish or will sell separately 11/11/18 Yes
Full marine set up. Fish - Regal tang (4-5 inches), sailfin tang (4-5 inches), brissletooth tang (3-4 inches), 2 clown fish, long nose hawk fish, 2 yellow tails and jade wrasse. Various coral including mushroom corals, ricordeas, leather corals, scolymia. Selling due to house move. Will sell all... ...
110.Full marine set up including fish or will sell separately 11/11/18 Yes
Full marine set up. Selling due to house move. Will sell all together or separately if required. TMC signature 900 tank including all pipe work, sump, vortech mp10, maxspect razor lights, bubble magus nac3.5 protein skimmer, phosphate reactor, reef beam sump light, auto top-up, 2 return pumps, hy... ...
111.Germany Trip - Over 800 Malawi Cichlid Choices & 300 Tanganyika Choices 03/11/18 No
We are planning a trip to Germany in November where we will be visiting three suppliers. We are advertising early and taking preorders. Please contact us for the list and for prices. Rare Haps, Mbuna, Peacocks and Tanganyika as well as wilds available. Can deliver on route back or ship v... ...
112.Tanganikan fishroom clear out 19/10/18 No
I have the following available. Neolamprologus Brichardi (TB) 」2 Each or 10 for 」10 50+ Telomatochromis Longola (TB) 」4 Each Lepidolamprologus Kendalli (W) 」15 Tropheus Duboisi maswa (TB) 」150 25+ Tropheus Golden Kazumba (F1) 」150 22+ Collection only Ellesmere port Whatsapp Pics on 07... ...
113.4x2x2 Marine full set up 14/10/18 Yes
Full marine set up,loads of things Full marine aquarium set up. 4x2x2 and is sumped, complete with 2 wavemakers ( one with controller for different settings?, Heater, bubble Magnus c5 skimmer, phosphate reactor, sump light, bit of cheatoe, evergrow it2080 full spectrum let lights with remote, dif... ...
114.Reef Livestock in Marine full set up 14/10/18 Yes
Full marine set up,loads of things Full marine aquarium set up. Loads of different corals, zoa's, finger leathers, mushrooms, Xenia, polyps, also fish, blue tang, 2 cleaner shrimps, crabs, pistol shrimp and goby pair, 2 black and white clowns, algae blenny, another eel like goby ( beautiful), sn... ...
115.Light glo aquarium 10/10/18 Yes
Due to having to close down my tanks I'm selling a light glo 150ltr complete set up with 3 catfish suitable for Malawi or tanganyika set up 」100 collect from Derby
116.Variety of SA cichlids, barbs, tanganyikan cichlids etc. 08/10/18 No
Neolamprologus occelatus F1 Isanga M&F pair 」15 Altolamprologus calvus black 2 for 」16 Neolamprologus brevis M&F breeding pair 」12 male brevis 3 Torpedo barbs 3.5 5 (very large ones) 」11 each or 10 for 」85 Heros efasciatus F1 Rio Arapiuns (Tapajos) 2 breeding pairs 6 pl... ...
117.Aqua one with sump 06/10/18 No
Aqua one aquarium in gloss white, good condition Tank Lx1280mm Dx500 Hx650 Cabinet Lx1320mm D540 Hx885 Overall height from floor 1575mm Included is sump return pump & led light unit Can be used for marine or tropical Price 」200.00 ovno Call Andy 07768120874 Ps Was used for Tanganyikan Cichli... ...
118.Live stock from my 8x2x2 02/10/18 Yes
This is what I have left feel free to contact me Misbar clows 」60 Flame hawk fish 」50 Spotted hawkfish 」30 Vlamingi tang 」40 Urchin 10 Collection devizes sn10 3as updated 1/10/18
119.Full marine set up 」2000 Ono 01/10/18 Yes
Pick up is Leeds. moving house so calling it a day for a while now here is what you getting for your money TANK Betta 4遅2遅2 tank with sump 1 ecotech reeflink 3x Ecotech xr15pro Gen Ecotech rms full rail 4 2x ecotech mp40qd Nyos 160 skimmer 6mths old D-d clarisea sk3000 auto 6mths old D... ...
120.Marine fish, Corals, Live rock in Full marine set up 」2000 Ono 01/10/18 Yes
CORALS 1 neon green carpet nem 12 1 purple with green tip carpet nem 12 1 green carpet nem 6 1 green mini maxi nem 6 5 mini red carpet nem 1 hammer 2 head 1 red blasto 1 green turban 6 30x approx red mushroom 20x approx watermelon mush 20x approx green strip mush 8x furry L... ...
121.Tank contents: fish & live rock 29/09/18 No
I知 shutting down my marine tank, so I have the tank contents for sale, collection only from Liverpool. Whole lot for 」300, or: About 40kg live rock 」150 Yellow tang (quite big) 」50 Royal gramma 」15 6 line wrasse 」15 Bicolour blenny 」15 Pair of oscillaris clowns 」20 Long nosed hawkfish 」1... ...
122.marine tank and set up for sale including all corals and fish 24/09/18 Yes
Tank and all setup 」750 Loughborough, England 1 year old Tank and set up for sale. Junction 23 of M1. Office move forces reluctant sale. Clear KFH 1500 tank in white 150cmx50cmx50cm inc 3 stageLED lighting. Sump 95cmx40cmx40cm. Bubble magus curve 7 skimmer. Jeboa DCT 600 10 speed pump SW4 Wavema... ...
123.Live corals and fish in marine tank and set up for sale 24/09/18 Yes
Content and corals - 100kg live rock and over 1 dozen corals, maroon clown 3 inch, freckle face tang 3 inch, fox faced rabbitfish 3 inch, Watchman gobi,2 x damselfish, blue streak cleaner wrasse, blue tuxedo urchin, red cleaner shrimp, various turbo snails and hermit crab. Tank and all setup 」7... ...
124.Common Clownfish Tomini Tang and 2x Green Chromis 24/09/18 Yes
Shutting down my saltwater tank. Fish has to go first. 」30 for all.
125.」100 tangayikans 11/09/18 No
8 Tropheus bemba, 2 compressiceps, 2 daffodils,2 julidochromis, 1 Leleupi, there is also one unknown mbunain there that I took pity on a while back.
126.Braking down my 400 aqua one marine aquarium 08/09/18 Yes
Fish and corals to go Lipstick tang 6in 」60 Clown tang 5in 」40 Regal tang 7in a few skin blemishes hens price 」35 3x blue chromis 」15 Valentin I pufferfish 」15 Saddleback clown fish pair (breeding) 」50 Red fire shrimp 」20 Linckia starfish 」15 Corals Plate coral around 6in 」50 Duncan... ...
127.Fish for sale 07/09/18 Yes
Sailfin tang - 8 inches - 」60 Picasso trigger - 5 inches - 」35 Welcome to view
128.Aquarium Rena Aqualife 220 litre with Stand and Accessories 07/09/18 Yes
Rena Aqualife Aquarium for sale. Size 100 x 40 x 60 approx 220 litres. Standard Rectangular tank with lamps and cover. Manufacturers stand Birch finish. The closet picture I could find shows the stand with 2 doors. I think my one has one central door and 2 open shelves either side Rena Filstar ... ...
129.TANGS WANTED 26/08/18 No
HI, wanting several different tangs except Hippo and Yellow .Must be able to deliver to Rotherham. thanks
130.Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Malawi, Tanganyikan Cichlids. 24/08/18 Yes
West Midlands based aquatic retail centre. We have everything needed to keep freshwater fish happy and healthy, whether it be tropical or coldwater, aquarium or pond, we have all the necessary equipment needed to get you started, or keep you going. We have a great range of livestock and plants, and ... ...
131.Blonde naso (lipstick) Tang 19/08/18 No
Just over six inches,stunning male fish streamers growing nicely.only reason im selling ,Already have three other tangs purple yellow and Achilles.and want to free up some space as upgrades a while off at moment.difficult to get hold of at the moment and there notorious for being very difficult to s... ...
132.Marine aquarium 10/08/18 Yes
Marine aquarium for sale. Aqua Oak cabinet with 120cm x 60cm aquarium and high quality equipment delivering stable marine environment. Cabinet under five years old and alone retails at 」1,000 new. All live stock, contents and equipment sourced from Maidenhead Aquatics. Will consider all genuine offe... ...
133.Enantiopus kilesa 07/08/18 Yes
Excellent! Tanganyikans growing well all from 1.25"-1.5" long 」45 for 5 they need to be in groups or 」70 for all 10 (John I did reply to your e-mail). I have 10 for sale now as the first 5 have been sold. The male hovering in this picture is the Dad, Mum is the RH fish facing Right. Thanks Ian
134.Discus For Sale 06/08/18 Yes
Breeding pair of pigeon bloods 2 red turks 6in + 7in one tangerine 5 1/2in and one cross bred came of the tangerine and a wild brown. sell as a job lot 」250 ono. I live in whaley bridge 7 mile from buxton 8 from stockport.
135.Tanganyikan Shell Dwellers 05/08/18 No
Shell dwellers for sale; Lamprologus Multifasciatus 2/3cm 」3 (4 for 」10) Contact Dean - 07876148707
136.Marine tank & full setup for sale 」500 ono 30/07/18 Yes
Aqua one 300 litre tank with sump, LED lighting & UV filter and all the fish,big red hermit crab & 2 bubble tip anemones. The fish 2 breeding clowns,1 yellow tang,1 powder blue tang, 1 mandarin, 1 engineer goby
137.Tanganyikan Frontosa Moba Blue Zaire 26/07/18 Yes
11 zaire moba blues, purchased from several different people in the country over the last 2-3 years so a nice mix of bloodlines. Had plans to split these into 2 groups but my bigger tank they were in recently cracked so forced to put them in this smaller one for the time being. All in healthy condit... ...
138.Tanganyika Cichlids NEW LIST - Tank Bred And Wilds 25/07/18 No
We are going to a well known cichlid supplier in Germany this Friday. This is the last week to send preorders. Please contact as soon as possible to express interest. There is no minimum order and we can provide door to door delivery if on route back for a small fee. Please find the sto... ...
139.Rare and stunning marine fish job lot for sale 24/07/18 No
For sale I have a bundle of rare and unusual marine fish for sale the following are : x1 regal tang 3 inches x1 Moorish idol angelfish 4 inches x1 Majestic angelfish 3 inches x1 Achilles tang 3 inches x1 Cleaner wrasse 3inches selling to fund other hobbies make me a sensible offer as I know fo... ...
140.Achilles Tang 3 inches For sale make me an offer or swap for other marine fish 22/07/18 No
For sale or swap I have a 3inch achilles tang very desirable fish and eating well, message me an offer or what you got fish wise text me- 07954094573 whatsapp number -07986704280 NOTE:THIS IS NOT A FISH IM IN A HURRY TO GET RID OF ITS A PRICEY FISH (in the hundreds) SO IF YOU ARENT PREPARED TO MA... ...
141.Marine fish, inverts, live rock, in 5 foot Marine fish tank 18/07/18 Yes
Complete set up including at least 50 kg of live rock (as seen in pictures) 3 different leather corals, lots of pulsing zenia and live sand. Includes the following fish Regal tang (approx. 6"), yellow tang (approx. 5"), coral beauty, cleaner wrasse, blue cheek goby, and 2/3 red firefish ( was 3 in... ...
142.5 foot Marine fish tank. Complete setup 18/07/18 Yes
Here I have for sale a beautiful 5 foot marine fish tank. It has been running since 2014 when I upgraded from a smaller tank. Regretfully selling due to ill health and lack of time, will be sad to see it go. Complete set up including at least 50 kg of live rock (as seen in pictures) 3 different leat... ...
143.Marine fish and everything else 08/07/18 No
Having to give up tank ,as no time to care for it properly 1scopus tang 1yellow tang 1silver belly wrasse 1blue wrasse 1gobbie ,and some sort corals offers +external pump v2 luminair lights etc etc etc
144.Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany 03/07/18 Yes
Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenstadl,Mal-ta-vi,Aquahaus and aquatreff. Delivery service available with apc. 」24 per box, max 9 small fish or 6 large fis... ...
145.Large marine fish 02/07/18 No
Various large marine fish for sale 8 to 10 inch stars and stripes puffer 」75 6 to 8 inch porcupine puffer 」60 6 to 8 inch volitan lion fish 」60 4 to 5 inch nigger trigger 」40 8 inch vlmangee tang 」40 7 inch six line grouper 50 Would consider swaps for smaller reef safe fish
146.Amazing 300ltr Reef Tank For Sale 19/06/18 Yes
Complete system for sale including everything you could possibly need to run this stunning reef aquarium. The tank, cabinet and sump were custom made by Wharf Aquatics and are still in fantastic condition. Tank 880 L x 600 H x 560 W, approx 300l, Black silicone joints, black wrap on back, Tw... ...
147.8 inch blue spot tang marine 10/06/18 No
Absolutely beautiful marine fish Only selling as we are breaking down tank 」70 [email protected]
148.fish 10/06/18 No
5inch regal tang pair black and white clowns one a misbar skopas tang Midas blenny coral beauty 」80 must all go together no offers a bargain
149.Marine fish 24/05/18 No
regal tang 5inch 」30..skopas tang 」20...midas blenny 」10....pair black and white clowns one misbar 」40...coral beauty 」25....snowflake eel 10 inch (friendly) 」15...
150.Livestock in Amazing 90G Reef Aquarium Complete (offers over 」600) - Southampton 22/05/18 No
Livestock is amazing. Including live rock and: Dozens of corals Pair of clowns Regal tang Yellow tang 3 x dominoes Koran angel Bi colour angel Coral beauty Fox face Large elephant ear coral Bubble tip anemone Clean up crew 3 shrimps 2 banded stars. The above in an incredible 90G r... ...
151.90G Reef Aquarium Complete (offers over 」600) - Southampton 22/05/18 No
Incredible 90G reef aquarium. Complete set up. Stunning tank standing over 5ft high and 3ft wide. It comes with all required equipment. MCE600 Skimmer Auto top up 50G per day to RO water maker UV light Phosphate reactor Led fully automated aqauray lighting Return pump 3 wave makers Plus o... ...
152.Tank breakdown - livestock, live rock and equipment for sale 22/05/18 No
Due to lack of time to keep on top of maintenance, I am switching my 1200l reef to FW. All livestock and live rock for sale, some equipment (including evergrow leds) Fish (all fully grown except where stated) Heniochus acuminatus 」30 (only known to nip at hystrix... fine with acros, stylo, monti a... ...
153.Fully Revised Stock List - The Aquatic Store Bristol 09-05-2018 09/05/18 Yes
Tetras: Super Ringo Owando Tetra (Very Rare) Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE Black Neon Tetra Yellow Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish Giant Silver Hatchet Fish Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Red Phantom Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Flame Tetra Super Oran... ...
154.Marine Tank, House move forces sale. 」600 06/05/18 Yes
Aqua Marin 400,4 new T5 tubes, return pump and pipe work, 2 years old. Pair Common Clowns Niger Trigger Piccaso Trigger Snowflake Eel Lipstick Tang Scopas Tang Pulsing Xenia Kenya Tree Toadstool 2 Heaters Bubble Magnus skimmer 2 Jebao wave makers with controllers SENSIBLE OFFERS CO... ...
155.Soha tang large 01/05/18 Yes
Beautiful fat & healthy 6 may be more it痴 in with 9 other tangs. I am reducing my bioload in my tank, caught & ready to go 」140ono contact Leo 07414007701
🐠 MARINE FISH TANK FOR SALE 🐠 Red Sea Max 550 - RRP 」8000 Extras: 2 x LED Lights 2 x Light stand 1 x Vortech MP10W wave maker Reef link to link up above items 1 x New Skimmer 1 x New Return pump FISH: 1 Yellow Tang 1 Flame Angel 1... ...
1 Yellow Tang 1 Flame Angel 1 Powder Blue Tang 1 Yellow lined Goby 1 Cleaning Wrasse 1 Algae Blenney 1 Midis Blenney Variety of cleaning shrimps & crabs Plus numerous amounts of coral as seen in pictures. 🐠 MARINE FISH TANK FOR SALE 🐠 Red Sea Max... ...
158.Stunning complete marine tank for sale 」999 27/04/18 Yes
Hi there, for sale my complete setup, including all fish, corals and equipment. Selling due to house extension to start soon - but in no rush, so no silly offers please. Looking to sell complete at this stage only. Currently the sump is in a separate aquarium in another room to keep the noise l... ...
159.Complete Marine aquarium for sale 23/04/18 No
Due to illness I sadly have to put my marine tank up for sale. Set up comprises of Tank,24"x24"x40".Sump,20"x16.5"x36".overall unit size, 61"x42"x25".1 Jacod DCT-600 4210 pump, 2 Jacob RW87 powerheads. 1 bubble Magnus Curve 5 protein skimmer. 1 R420R Maxspect LED programmable lighting. 1 Autoaqua du... ...
160.Marine fish & Inverts in Complete Marine aquarium 23/04/18 No
1 Zebra Goby, 2 Common Clowns, 4 Blue Chromis, 2 Panama Cardinals, 1 Midnight goby, 1 Midas Blenny, 1 Yellow Tang, 1 Six Line Wrasse, 2 Chalk Bob's. 2 Blue Legged Hermit Crabs, 1 Red Legged Hermit Crab. 2 Cleaner Shrimp. Due to illness I sadly have to put my marine tank up for sale. Set up compr... ...
161.fish and live rock 22/04/18 No
regal tang pair black and white clowns skopas tang Midas blenny coral beauty snowflake eel live rock with few zoas etc deep live sand bed odd snails and water if wanted. 140.00
162.Marine aquarium and contents for sale 01/04/18 No
Aqua one living reef tank 300 Ltr. 3 x heaters Aqua one skimmer Proskim 2 x smart wave and 2 x controls Aqua one aquarium pump Vecton UV sterilizer V.2 Lumen air 900/1200 lights Marine fish: moorish idol,orange fin tang,swallow tail and bicolor angelfish,blue lip,purple finned fairy wrasse,2 ... ...
163.Livestock in Marine aquarium for sale 01/04/18 No
Marine fish: moorish idol, orange fin tang, swallow tail and bicolor angelfish, blue lip, purple finned fairy wrasse, 2 x cleaner shrimp,feather duster urchin. Toadstool,tree and finger coral Live rocks and live sand Aqua one living reef tank 300 Ltr. 3 x heaters Aqua one skimmer Proskim 2 x... ...
164.Regal Damsel 20/03/18 Yes
We have a Regal Damsel for sale at 」12.00. He is a lovely fish and has been in a tank with a yellow tail purple tang and common clown, so is friendly and feeding well on brineshrimp. Shutting down the marine system he is currently in, so selling off the last of the fish that remain. He is approx 4cm... ...
165.Common Clown 20/03/18 Yes
In the process of shutting down our marine system and so selling off the last few pieces of livestock. We have a common clown fish ready to leave now. He has been in a tank with a purple tang and blue damsel and so is confident and active. Approx size is 5cm-7cm in length. Feeds well on brineshrimp.... ...
166.Wanted 17/03/18 No
Wanted Sohal tang, Clown trigger, Emperor angel
167.DT11 Area (fish now FREE ) Aquarium and top end equipment - complete kit VORTECH / RAZOR 15/03/18 Yes
Marine Fish tank / aquarium with everything you need - all works well just giving up the hobby. new this was over 」2100 but I would take 」550 - I would consider selling separately once the fish are gone. Regal Tang Pair of Clown fish Mandarin Gobi (maybe - hiding) Blennie 2 hum... ...
168.SPECIAL OFFER FOR QUICK SALE 260L Marine tank equipment fish, rocks, ect 11/03/18 Yes
Really easy to care for - all in 」500. Paid 」6,000 for it COLLECTION ONLY!!!! Marine saltwater tank 260 litre Jewel fish tank 3 bags of live sand Love rock Striped Sail fin tang Yellow Tang Regal Tang 2 black and white clown 1 normal clown 6 Damsels Bassalet Array of turbo snails B... ...
169.Full Tank Contents 11/03/18 Yes
For Sale are the contents of my marine tank (excluding equipment)that has been running for 2 years. Regrettable sale due to house moving and renovation of new place. LiveRock - +- 50kg Livestock - Pair Ocellaris Clowns Magnificent Foxface Yellow Tang Melanurus Wrasse Sandsifting Goby R... ...
170.Marine Reef Livestock for sale - Fish, Shrimp, Corals, SPS, LPS 09/03/18 No
I am selling all the livestock of my marine reef tank. The system is 9 months old. All livestock is healthy and looking good. Viewings welcome. Preferable this weekend. First come, first served. Location: Aberdeen City Livestock available and prices as follow: Ocellaris Clownfish (pair... ...
171.Manchester M45 Feb 2018 Update - Big Tanks BONANAZA - Over 200 pre-owned ORNAMENTS + Bogwood, Air pumps, Plants etc plus loads of other stuff. From 」2 upwards. Viewings welcome Manchester M45 09/03/18 Yes
************************************************** BIG PRICE REDUCTIONS ************************************************** Great chance to get your presents Over 200 pre-owned ORNAMENTS Air pumps, Plants, Bogood etc plus loads of other accessories. From 」2 upwards. Viewings welcome Manchester M... ...
172.Manchester M45 Feb 2018 Update WEISNICK AQUARIUMS Great chance to get a bargain. Over 60 pre-owned, tanks plus loads of accessories. From 」3 upwards. Viewings welcome Manchester M45 09/03/18 Yes
WEISNICK AQUARIUMS SALE Great chance to get yourself a May bargain Over 60 pre-owned, tanks plus loads of accessories. From 」3 upwards. Viewings welcome Manchester M45 WEISNICK AQUARIUMS Brands Collection.includes well known makes (Rena, Juwel, Seabray, Aqua One, Aqua Medic, BiOrb, Fluval, ... ...
173.Yellow Tail Purple Tang 07/03/18 Yes
We have a Yellow Tail Purple Tang who is 10cm-12cm in length and has been with us for a couple of years and feeds well on flake food and frozen brineshrimp. He is a great specimen, very active and confident. Shutting down our marine system, looking for a quick sale so happy to accept 」120.00 (wo... ...
174.Juwel Trigon 350 Tropical Fish Tank 06/03/18 Yes
This includes the tank, skimmer, 2 pumps a mature tang, a green brittle starfish and a wrasse in addition to a large number of soft corals and living rock. The cabinet and pumps are also included. Any reasonable offer considered.
175.Marine Fish & Live Rock in Aquarium and top end equipment 05/03/18 Yes
Regal Tang Pair of Clown fish Mandarin Gobi Blennie 2 humbugs 1 blue/yellow damsel All the fish are healthy and ready to go for 15+kg Live Rock (mix including real reef) (was 」200 new) (any corals etc can be included in this) Marine Fish tank / aquarium with everything you need - all wor... ...
176.marine fish 03/03/18 No
sailfin tang about 4inch long beautifull fish also a yellow tang and a female clown about 3inch open to offers
177.corals , fish 24/02/18 No
sailfin tang in exceptional conditon arround 4.5 inch 」50 pink kenya corals on real live rock 」5-」10 xenia frags on real live rock 」5 rare bright green kenya frags 」10-」15 clove frags 」5- 」20 cheato full of pods 」5 live phytoplankton 」5 per 1litre pick up is northallerton dl... ...
178.Marine tangs sold sold sold 17/02/18 Yes
Yellow tang 4 inch 」50 Regal tang 4 inch 」40 Orange shoulder tang 」35
179.Aqua one 300 Marine Tank plus 80 litre sump 17/02/18 Yes
I have for sale a marine tank with a black cabinet and sump, complete with skimmer, power heads, media reactor all thats in the picture. The fluorescent lights are working but need some replacement end caps and reflector clips or upgrading to LED痴 hence the price. There痴 a couple of marks on the c... ...
180.Marine livestock 15/02/18 Yes
Yellow tang, regal tang, maroon clown , black and white clown a damsel a urchin, royal grammer, fire shrimp, wreck fish, turbo snails, hermit crabs a scooter, blenny 」300 Ono won稚 sell separate
181.Achilles tang wanted 14/02/18 No
Looking to buy nice Achilles tang, any for sale ?
182.MARINE FISH @@ selling separate @@ 14/02/18 Yes
For sale are my marine fish,due to health reasons. I have spent thousands on equipment and my hobby over the last 5 years and I知 gutted to see them go,their in a healthy well established system and are a collection of some really nice fish. Open to sensible offers,I知 trying to sell you some qu... ...
What's better than getting new fish?? How about new fish with a discount. K&C are proud to announce a small initiative that hopefully everyone will benefit from. *** NEW CUSTOMERS *** 10% off your first purchase and as much free advice as you like. *** RECOMMEND A FRIEND *** If any of ... ...
184.FREE Tanganyikan breeding pair and baby fairy cichlids(GONE) 06/02/18 Yes
Hi I have +10 of this .2 breeding pair and baby . Thanks
185.Full reef setup 15/01/18 No
A full set up of a well matured and well established marine reef aquarium up for sale at a bargain price of 」850 (ONO). Fishes, corals, rocks and lots more included in the price. (please note, nothing is to be sold separately). Should you wish to find out what is included in the package, please refe... ...
186.wanted marine fish 12/01/18 No
hi im looking for some nice tangs for my marine tank vampire tamg naso tangs ect plz contact me if your selling any west or east sussex many thanks
187.Live rock regal tang and lots of sand 09/01/18 No
Tank breakdown due to house move live rock prob 20kg at a guess good rock with plenty of maturity and coralline on bargain 」5 per kg Regal tang large a real nice fish 」40 Once rock and fish have gone then there is loads of live sand crawling with life if anyone w acts to offer for it would m... ...
188.Marine Fish 09/01/18 Yes
Marine fish for sale, lovely healthy fish. Yellow tang 」35 Breading Maroon Clowns 」45 Coral beauty 」35 Coral - Red mushroom Various number of heads for sale Hammerhead coral - Bright green Various number of heads for sale
189.Small Tanganyikan Cichlids - All now sold, thanks 31/12/17 No
Julidochromis Transcriptus young 30-40mm in length 」3.50 each (2 available) Neolamprologus Brevis young adult 」3.50 (1 only) Neolamprologus Brichardi young 30mm long 」2.50 (1 only) Thanks.
190.Tanganyikan Cichlids - All now sold, thanks. 31/12/17 No
Young breeding pair of adult Julidochromis Transcriptus 」8 Young adult Neolamprologus Brichardi 」3.50 All fish are healthy with nice colours and markings. Thanks.
191.Tanganyican Cichlids - All now sold, thanks. 31/12/17 No
Hello All. I have the following young adult Tanganyican Cichlids available for immediate collection. All in good health and colour: 1 x Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus: 」3.50 1 x Neolamprologus Brichardi: 」3.50 1 Pair of Julidochromis Transcriptus: 」8.50 2 X Julidochromis Transcriptus: 」3.50... ...
***ALL SOLD EXCEPT FOR LIVE ROCK*** I am selling the entire content of my 350 litres reef tank. All the livestock as listed below. About 20 different types of corals both LPS and SPS and Zoas, some are very large established colonies of easy to keep SPS and one very large tracky. The fish s... ...
193.Scopas Tang 17/12/17 Yes
Here I have a really nice Scopas Tang 」30 it痴 about 4-5 I paid 」55 about 5 months ago an I want to change back to Tropical
194.Regal Tang - WANTED: Middlesbrough area 06/12/17 No
Looking for a Regal Tang 4-5 in the Middlesbrough area
195.Aqua one 400 02/12/17 Yes
I have a aqua one 400 for sale, comes with a white finish, the sump and pipe work. Few minor scratches but nothing that disturbs viewing pleasure. I also have a radio gen2 pro for it with the bracket. The tank and cabinet on its own will go for 400, with the radion it will be 550 It is currentl... ...
196.Marine fish for sale 01/12/17 No
Hi all Very reluctantly selling as house move forces!! For sale is Regal tang 3-4 」50 Rabbit fish 3-4 」30 Epaulette shark 18 」230 Sohal tang 3 」80 Emporer angel 2-3 just changing colours 」80 Lavender tang 3 」40 Snowflake eel 12 」40 Please pm for better pictures as they are quite ph... ...
197.Purple tang - large approx 6 inches - 」80 21/11/17 Yes
Large purple tang for sale, very fat and eating regularly. Selling more fish and corals plus equipment
198.Cherry Shrimp - Yellow, Red, Red Rili, Blue 18/11/17 No
selling shrimp from my breeding tanks. Yellow (golden back) 」3 each Red Cherry 」1.50 Red Rili 」2 tangerine tiger shrimp 」3 Blue 」3
199.Mixtures 15/11/17 No
Hi all Had a tang tank for a while but need space for my American cichlids, does anyone want to make me an offer on 3 frontosa 2 blue dolphins, 1 jewel, plus a louch...
200.Reef livestock in EaReef 900 Marine Setup 12/11/17 No
Pair of Half Moon Crater Clownfish (Each about 1.5 inches) - 」90 Yellow Eye Kole Tang (2.5/3 inches) - 」45 SOLD Scopas Tang (2.5 inches) - 」25 Yellow Coris Wrasse - 」20 Starry Blenny - 」20 2 x Strawberry Conch - 」5 each Red Leg Hermit Crab - 」5 Selection of Trochus Snails - 」10 Selec... ...
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