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Four Tropical fish books Complete book of Tropical Fish with some great photo's by Keith Sagar ( this is a large book with 190 pages) Catfish Keeping & Breeding by Richard Geis Popular Tropical Fish edited by Cliff Harrison tfh beginner's guide to Angel Fish ONLY £10.00 FOR ALL FOUR... ...
Just Discus current stock list & retail price list 21st March. **Special Offer** You can choose either offer 1 or offer 2. **Offer 1** Buy any 5 X 2-2.5" Discus and get the 6th one free. **Offer 2** Free Delivery on all 2-2.5" Discus for orders of £150 or over. ( sizes are app... ...
3.@BUY 5 GET 1 [email protected] DISCUS is the U.K s largest and best professional Discus breeder and our Discus are bred from world class and global show wining Discus. 27/03/17 Yes
**Special Offer** You can chose either option 1 or option 2. **Option 1** Buy any 5 x 2-2.5" Discus and get the 6th one free. ( cheapest one free ) **Option 2** Free delivery for all 2-2.5" Discus on orders of £150 or over. JUST DISCUS are the U.K s largest and best professional D... ...
4.Fishcove Warrington - Fish List 27/03/17 No
Drape Fin Barbs Botia Kubotai Cardinals Blue Neons Black Neons Assorted Mollies Assorted Guppies Assorted Platies Zebra Danios Golden Danios Giant Danios Albino Cory Bronze Cory Pepper Cory Green Brochis Sterbai Cory Black Venezuela Cory Orange Venezuelan Cory Albino Catfish Asso... ...
5.Tropical Fish International - Newly set up UK Wholesaler 27/03/17 Yes
Tropical Fish International (Europe) Ltd is a newly set up UK based wholesaler. Part of CIS International group, well established network of collectors, breeders & distributors. Originating in Jacksonville, Florida in 1991 and currently based from Los Angeles, CA, a Master Distributor of live tropi... ...
6.Angels 27/03/17 No
Only a few left Silvers Angels good colour and shape large 9 months old £5 each ring 07790107174 thanks pictures on request
7.Fish Finatics Aquatic Centre, W Lancs - Current Fish Stock available 26/03/17 Yes
Hi everyone, This weeks available livestock list is as follows: Royal red dwarf gourami Neon dwarf gourami Thick lipped gourami Dwarf panda cichlids (Apistogramma nijsseni) Kribensis West African dwarf cichlids German blue rams Electric blue rams Celebes halfbeaks Killifish - Sulawes... ...
8.Angelfish, severum, liberifer, altum, leopoldi, geophagus redhead tapajos. 24/03/17 Yes
It's with a very heavy heart that I have to do this however needs must as becoming a constant cause of tension. Collection only from dawlish. Pterophyllum leopoldi wc x4 adults at least 1 female. £200 Pterophyllum altum wc x4 approx 6 months old. £260 Pterophyllum scalare, proven pairs, juve... ...
9.Pair of lamarcks angelfish and a speckled hawkfish (Midlands) 24/03/17 No
lamarcks angelfish pair. Bought both at only 2 inches in size an had over a year. Considered reef safe angels(Or as close as you will get). Smaller one is 3 inches and one has got bigger (4 inches). bigger one is starting to change to male and get longer tail fins. Always been healthy and nice a... ...
We carry a huge array of catfish for all types of aquarium. From tiny Corydoras up to the terrifying gulper catfish we have it. Also a great selection of Synodontis species from F1 Polli to the beautiful Angelicus. Catfish: Corydoras Sterbai NEW Corydoras Leucomelas (Very nice) 3 only Coryd... ...
11.Angel fish breeding pair 24/03/17 Yes
Lovely adult pair of blacks.lay every 3 weeks. Only for sale as developing pleco interests £30.. collection Coventry. Could deliver at cost Birmingham area.
12.Apisto Aquatics 20/03/17 Yes
where quality comes above all else !!! ran by breeder peter clarke who has previously been featured in practical fish keeping magazine (see links) we believe quality is better than quantity as i have always bred my fish to a very high standard. we are stcokists of repashy super foods & c.e fi... ...
13.complete contents of fish tank 20/03/17 No
for sale complete contents of fish tank,all plants ,root wood,golden rainbow fish ,red rainbow fish,bosemani rainbow fish approx 20,2 indian barbs that cost £40 ,angelfish,siamese algae eater,rabbit snails,loads looking for £120 please text me
14.new deals 4/3 wortley leeds 12 20/03/17 No
neons 15 for £10 platys 10 for £10 danios 15 for £10 clown loach 3 for £12 cherry barbs 12 for £10 angels 3 for £5 8 blister frozen packs £10
Hi Looking for real Altum angels if anyone can help please? Sorry, not the Peruvian or any others, must be the real thing and will need pictures for identification. Would prefer to make up a group from several different sources but will consider any. I'm in Marlborough, Wiltshire but happy to tr... ...
16.Blue Marbled Angelfish - £12 Each 19/03/17 Yes
newly arrived stunners
17.4x2x2 Betta life space complete 18/03/17 Yes
Pretty sure its a betta life space, (had it a long time) full running marine aquarium, (silver) tank, stand, sump (had repair), return pump, fluorescent lights, (got 150w halide, and tmc led strip surplus) heaters, uv , 2x skimmers ( deltec mce600 and tmc v2. Ozone unit, 3x reactors, auto top up, s... ...
18.Various Tropical Fish for sale 18/03/17 No
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Licensed to buy and sell fish. Opening Hours: Monday ... ...
19.Juvenile koi Angel fish Portsmouth 18/03/17 Yes
I have a group of juvenile koi Angels which I have bred and grown on myself. They are two and a half months and almost two inches from tip to toe and growing fast currently feeding on flake food. They are £2 each collection only from Portsmouth Will do deals for larger numbers
20.JUMBO SPONGE FILTERS & OTHER SIZES TOO ideal for discus breeding, angels and most other tropical, marine and cold water fish. 18/03/17 Yes
Biochemical Sponge Filters Ideal for breeding discus and angels. With an airlift system, these sponge filters has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water. The special developed foam material supports the colonization of bacteria, allowing mechanical filtration including biologic... ...
21.Spawning cone ideal for discus fish and angels. 18/03/17 Yes
Ista Spawning cone size approx. 1090 x 75 x 40mm. Dispatched fast within 1 working day. The multifunction spawning cone is perfect not only for discus and angels, but also ideal for pleco’s and many other catfish as a cave as well. Stand upright for discus and angel fish spawning, and lie flat for ... ...
22.Porcupine Puffer (Diodon holocanthus) £30 17/03/17 Yes
Porcupine Puffer for sale. It’s about 5 inches, Very healthy fish, I have had it for around 2 years now. Selling due to not getting along with my Emperor Angel. May swap for other marine fish, let me what you got. £30 Pick up only from B20 1EA
23.Complete tank set up 17/03/17 No
Hi, I've decided to move away from my fish tank completely, so its up for sale - open to sensible offers (tank alone was the better part of £900 about 18 months ago). Its a community discus tank at present am happy to split the fish out and sell them separately (details below - fish obviously need... ...
24.Wanted Large Angels and Tangs 17/03/17 No
Looking to rehome a couple of large fish that have out grown their current home Large FOWLR system so can take your coral munchers off you hands Let me know what you have Must be close to Manchester for collection Thanks Steve
25.Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc 17/03/17 Yes
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please enquire. we do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Licensed to buy and sell fish Opening Hours: Mon... ...
We are a new state-of-the-art store based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE1 5QA. Please call us on 01733 689503 with any questions! Our Aim is to provide everyone with fully quarantined stock at affordable prices. All of our fish have been medicated for a minimum of 10 days to ensure there i... ...
27.TAKEN - Angel Fish, SE London 16/03/17 Yes
Hi, we have an angel fish that is now too large for our tank. It is orange/silver and measures approx 4" wide, 7" long. We've had it for around 2 years. Very sad to see it go, but would rather it had proper room to swim! We also have a Common Pleco that has gotten too large for the tank. http://w... ...
28.TAKEN Common Pleco, SE London 16/03/17 Yes
Hi, we have a Pleco that is now too large for our tank. It is black, measures approx 6" long and is very healthy. We've had it for around 2 years. Very sad to see it go, but would rather it had proper room to swim! We also have an angel fish that has gotten too large for the tank http://www.aquar... ...
29.Discus (and full setup) for sale 16/03/17 No
Discus are are all healthy - 5-6" eating fine etc (they never seem to stop eating!) they are: 1 x Santarem 1 x Turquoise 1 x Dark angel 1 x Cobalt 1 x Brilliant turquoise 1 x Scribbelt I've decided to move away from my fish tank completely, so its up for sale - open to sensible offers. I ... ...
30.Sponge filters most sizes, ideal for discus breeding, angels and most other tropical, marine and c/water. 16/03/17 Yes
JUMBO Super Biochemical Sponge Filters Ideal for breeding discus and angels. With an airlift system, these sponge filters has an excellent filtering effect while oxygenating the water. The special developed foam material supports the colonization of bacteria, allowing mechanical filtration inclu... ...
31.Marine Fish Swap 15/03/17 No
Am having fowlr tank but am thinking to add corals, the problem is I have picasso trigger and koran angel in that tank, And as you know picasso can nip some corals so the koran angel as well, I boght the koran for £85 good size fish about 8 inches , and the picasso was for £40 and is about 5-6 inche... ...
32.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 24/02/2017 15/03/17 Yes
Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 24/02/2017 (We are located near Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Stamford, Corby, Leicester, and within 1 hours drive of Nottingham, Peterborough, Grantham, Kettering, Market Harborough, Bourne) Here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland we currently have... ...
33.Reefscape Models, NOW WITH 50% OFF, at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland, 15/03/17 Yes
New Limited Edition Reefscape Models From TMC, Made In Conjunction With BrightBricks, The UK’s Only LEGO® Certified Professional These collectors items are ideal for the creative fishkeeper! 50% OFF, while stocks last (These are the actually selling prices listed, the 50% has already been t... ...
34.Discus Anglefish Apistogramma etc 15/03/17 Yes
1 royal blue 1 peach discus around 3" £25 each 2 medium blue zebra angelfish (looking like there going to pair)£5 each 1 male apistogramma agassizzi £5 Breeding group corydora aeneus x6 £15 1 wild blue acara £5 1 4"+ ruby shark £5 All really healthy and eating well. Ph 6.5 in my tank. Too man... ...
35.UPDATED: Living World (Canterbury) Current Stock - 14/03/17 14/03/17 Yes
Living World Canterbury Stock List: 14/03/2017 Please like our facebook page for regular stock updates! DELIVERY AVAILABLE throughout England, Wales and Southern Scotland. *We are currently experiencing an issue with messages not coming through from this site - if we do not respond, pleas... ...
36.Breeding pair of koi Angel fish Portsmouth 12/03/17 Yes
Young breeding pair of koi Angel fish. They have just started to spawn I have hatched and grown these on myself and they have just spawned today 21st of Feb for the second time £25 for the pair. These are pick up only from Portsmouth
37.The Aquatic Store Bristol - Specialist Freshwater Retailer - Full stock list - 24.03.17 12/03/17 Yes
JOIN US ON FACEBOOK FOR PHOTOS VIDEOS AND FREQUENT STOCK UPDATES Voted top 10 Retailer in the UK 5 years Running by Practical Fish Keeping Readers. We pride ourselves on quality. We currently have 160 aquariums of Tropical Fish from all over the World. Specializing in Tropical Freshwater Flo... ...
38.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms & White Worms & Grindal Worms100% Feedback on Ebay 11/03/17 Yes
Emails aren't always getting through, so it may be worth emailing me direct at [email protected] Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worm... ...
39.Angelfish 10/03/17 No
Hi I'm looking for angelfish for sale in the Birmingham area email me thanks
40.4 tropical fish tank FULL SETUP 10/03/17 Yes
*** Complete set up ready to go *** **FISH INCLUDED** Boyu 4' tank bought new 6 months ago. Holds 350ltrs. LED lights (2 rows of LED's). Complete with stand which had 2 storage spaces which hides away the filter and all accessories. Tank and stand Tank - 122cm x 44cm x 74cm (including t... ...
43.Juwel Lido 200 Aquarium (Black) plus Cabinet- £250 08/03/17 Yes
QUICK SALE NEEDED Moving house forces sale of our aquarium. It is a Juwel Lido 200 in Black with matching cabinet. Exterior is in good condition except for the 2 scratches which can be seen in the photos. These were caused by the removals company during our last move. The glass inter... ...
44.OCTOCIL, proven successful alternative to METRONIDAZOLE 07/03/17 Yes
OCTOCIL is available from IP Discus Scotland and is a proven successful alternative to METRONIDAZOLE, without the need of a veterinary prescription. OCTOCIL effectively frees your fish of intestinal flagellates and flagellates in the blood through the systemic effect of the medication. Cichlids, a... ...
45.Current stock at pH Aquatics- Folkestone. 05/03/17 No
L No’ Plecs L029 Galaxy plec 5" £35.00 L066 King Tiger (Wild) £38.00 L104 Clown Peckolita £8.00 L264 Sultan pleco £40.00 L128 Blue Phantom plec £40.00 L200 Green Phantom 3" £35.00 L134 Leopard Frog Plec 2”-3” £45.00- 1 left LDA72 Bristlenose 3” £10.00 L201 Inspector Plec 3" £25.00 L129... ...
46.Aquatic Finatic – Stock List & Offers - 05/03/17 Yes
We are delighted to announce Aquatic Finatic has won Practical Fish Keeping Top Shops Yorkshire and Humberside Region. Big thanks to all who voted for us. If you haven't been in to see us yet why not come and see why we are Award Winning !! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our cus... ...
47.Angelfish 04/03/17 Yes
Young Sunset and blushing koi angels born on 16th of December. All are healthy and come from unrelated parents. The mother is a superveil Sunset blusher and the father is a platinum paraiba koi. If you are interested in angelfish genetics or simply want to know what genes they are carrying here is s... ...
48.6 Large geophagus abalios and a pair of koi angelfish 04/03/17 Yes
Im planning sell my 5 foot tank, but firstly must sell my all big fish. I have 6 wild geophagus abalios, a paior of koi angel fish. They are gorgeous and healthy. If you interested pm me or send an email.
49.Splash Tropicals Updated Stocklist 02/03/17 No
Full Stocklist Below Updated 02/03/2017 Splash Tropicals South Terrace The Green Southwick SR5 2AW Contact Ryan/Kelly on 07572554047 Email: [email protected] Opening Hours: Monday 10am-5pm Tuesday 10am-5pm Wednesday 10am-2pm Thursday CLOSED Friday 10am-5pm ... ...
50.Adult black/marble angelfish. 02/03/17 No
Free to a good home. Had this one around two years. Not health issues. Moving house, converting to Malawi. Based in Liverpool
51.Discus fish 27/02/17 No
Hi I have a closing some of my fish room down I am over stocked and wish to part with some various fish which include all types of discus including breeding pairs some gorgeous angelfish handsome Catfish and more I also may have some smaller breeding tanks for sale please call for more information
52.juvenile Emperor Angel 27/02/17 Yes
Juvenile emperor Angel eating well eats anything pellets ,flake, frozen, have had him for 4 months , selling due to nibbling at corals size approx 4inch asking for £40 ono Contact me on 07949248004 location Slough Berkshire
53.4 suriname angelfish £60 26/02/17 No
4 Suriname angelfish rare fish ( adult ) . Kept in treated tap water £60 Breeding pair include
54.All Sold Large Angels for sale 26/02/17 Yes
All Sold Hi I have some large Black Marbled and Pearl scale platinum's for sale at £4.00 each collection only
55.Wild Adult Rio Nanay Angelfish Group 26/02/17 No
I have decided to sell my group of 7 wild adult Rio Nanay angelfish. They range in size from 5" to 7" down the fins and are breeding size adults. There are both sexes among them, I've had females laying eggs and males fertilising them but no young because they are kept in a group and the eggs get... ...
56.Marine Fish & Invert. 25/02/17 Yes
57.Complete setup for sale 23/02/17 Yes
Aquael tank and stand. 40" X 20" X 16". Complete with lights, Tetratec external filter, Heater/ Thermostat, ornaments ( the castle alone cost £50 ). Pump, magnetic glass cleaner and gravel. Also includes following fish :- male black Angel, pr of kribensis, pr of golden gourami, clown loach and 3 t... ...
58.Gold Angelfish 22/02/17 Yes
I have 2 adult gold angelfish for sale both of them female. Local pick up only. 10£ each or trade intresting for heater or sponge filter air machine combo
59.Full 180l Aquarium set up for sale incl fish 22/02/17 Yes
180l aquarium complete with stand unit, heater, 2 x Marina slim filters with extra filter pads supplied, all ornaments included. Tropical fish included are 2 white Gourami 1 x feather fin catfish, 1 x plec, 1 x angel fish and 1 rainbow fish. £160
60.Angel Fish 21/02/17 No
Small to XL. Dalmatian, Marble, Platinum Ice Blue, Smoky Blue and Blue Zebra/ Priced from £3 each. please call 01302 354041/07713 154 980. Doncaster DN6 area. Viewing welcome by arrangement.
61.Sweet Knowle Aquatics Stock List Feb 2017 19/02/17 Yes
CHARACINS Black Neon Tetra Gold Tetra - Wild Colombian Red & Blue Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Silver-Tipped Tetra Cardinal Tetra Head and Tail Light Tetra Diamond Tetra Emperor Tetra Neon Tetra Diamond Neon Tetra Lemon Tetra Blue Tetra Glowlight Tetra Buenos Aires Tetra Congo Tetra... ...
62.angelfish 18/02/17 Yes
koi and marble koi angelfish for sale 3 months old eating all flake and live foods. i have around 300 for sale. £2.00 each bulk buying considered.feel free to contact for any questions 07921804137
63.All glass (10mm) tank (102cm x 45cm x 80cm) with stand + FX5 filter 17/02/17 Yes
Tank in a very good condition, no scratch. Measuring 102cm (length) x 45cm (width) x 80cm (height), very deep, ideal for Altum Angels. Came with air pump, eheim heater, FX 5 external filter (carbon medium), free gravel, spare external filter. £275 Cash on collection from Orpington.
64.Tropical Catfish Free to a good home collection only 17/02/17 No
I have 8 tropical catfish all free to a good home collection from Newport Pagnell Bucks. 1 x Orinochodoras Eiganmani 8" 1 x Agamyxis Pectinefrons 5-6" 2 x Brachysynodonis Batonsoda 1 is 6" other is 4" 1 x Synodontis Ocellifer 6" 1 x Platydoras Costatus 6" 1 x Synodontis... ...
65.Maidenhead Aquatics at Shirley (Notcutts) Freshwater Stocklist 17.02.17 Freshwater Gobies, Oddballs 17/02/17 No
Here as our current stock list over here at Maidenhead aquatics Shirley. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions 0121 733 1090 https://www.facebook.com/Maidenhead-Aquatics-at-Shirley-154791604693632/?fref=nf Male Guppy - 11 various varieties Platy – 11 various varietie... ...
66.Full 4Ft Setup 16/02/17 Yes
48" x 12" x 15" Clearseal Tank with hood & Light Gravel & Plants & Ornaments 2 large angels 4 Medium Angels 8 small angels 3 Glass Cats 1 large Gourami 2" 1 large Tetra 2" 5 black neons large Chinese Loach 2.5" Bronze Cory Bristlenose Plec 2.5&quo... ...
67.Red Back Angelfish at least 8cm 15/02/17 Yes
Red Back Guyana Angelfish 3 inches (8cm) £3.50 each or 5 for £15. Larger young adults £5.00 (limited numbers) Pick up only DH4 postcode. I do not post Picture is of some of my adults These are from a strong wild caught bloodline. 07599 403524
68.Tropical Fish for sale 15/02/17 No
Tropical fish for sale collect fenham ne5 Angels £3 each or 4 for £10 Guppys £1.50 each or 8 for £10 sold out more due Bristlenose under 2 inch £3 each Gold danois £1 each Longfin danio £1 each or 13 for £10 Silver shark £4 each. Gold Sevs £4 each Ghost knife £8 each Whiptail catfish £... ...
69.Marine Fish Tank with Fish, Coral and Live Rock For Sale 14/02/17 Yes
Red Sea Max 250 Litres white tank with: - 7 fish - 2 clown fish(reserved), 2 blue chromis, 1 coral beauty angel fish, 1 purple dotty back and 1 bicolour blenny - 1 Hermit Crab - Coral - 1 large mushroom coral, button polyps and pulsing polyps - 15kg live rock The tank is around 5 years ... ...
70.Cream Angelfish £30 14/02/17 No
I added the fish to my reef tank with the hope he would be ok but unfortunately my acan is to tempting. So I'm looking to move him on Around 2" Being kept in my large refugium from now and will be kept well fed until someone can take him Thanks for looking James 07566206594
71.marine fish lot for sale 12/02/17 No
yellow tang 3-4inch mustard jewel tang 2-3inch marine betta 5-6inch gold tail angel all for sale in group for £150
72.fishtank & stand 11/02/17 Yes
good condition fishtank & stand in black with silver trim used but good condition including filter heater &lighting all ornaments plants fish approx. 30/40 fish including 10 angel fish platties mollies barbs tetras pair of red jewel cichlids corydoras catfish x4, 1 hong kong plec, black widow tetras... ...
73.Marine fish, Live rock in 4x2x2 10/02/17 No
Picasso trigger Koran Angel Caribbean blue tang ( pretty much mature colours) Sailfin tang, Wimplefish, Clown. Pretty sure its a betta life space, (had it a long time) full running marine aquarium, (silver) tank, stand, sump (had repair), return pump, fluorescent lights, (got 150w halide, a... ...
74.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 10/02/17 10/02/17 Yes
A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. Here is a current extensive Freshwater Tropical stock list as of Friday 10th February 2017. Please see lists below. We have just received delivery of many varieties of colourful Balloon Ram dwarf cic... ...
75.wanted 07/02/17 No
hi all im looking for angel fish
76.Tropical Fish 06/02/17 No
hi i have many tropical fish that i would like sell. : * 11 angel fish : * 6 severems : * 4 spotted dollars : * 6 clown loach : * 2 geos please contact me on : 07508983955 collection only my postcode is ub25st
77.angel fish, etc 05/02/17 No
got angel fish, red jewels, mollies.puff,scats.ect all sort of tropical fish for sale ring for detail 07732284534
78.Angelfish Juveniles 05/02/17 No
Angelfish Juveniles Mixed Koi / Zebra parentage. Around 1" in size. Feeding on Flake, daphnia and brine shrimp. Around 3 month old. £1 each. Bring a lidded container or bag for transportation. Collection Only. Call or text 07847476905
79.Blue eyed lemon bristlenose plecs Portsmouth 04/02/17 Yes
I have a number of blue eyed lemon bristlenose for sale. They are approximately 1inch long and I'm selling them for £3 each or 4 for £10. Collection only form Portsmouth. I also have Koi Angel fish for sale and L397 plecs 07870356277
80.Marine Fish, rock, ricordea, zoas, fromia and clean up crew, St Austell 03/02/17 Yes
Regal Angel £80 Powder blue £45 Foxface £25 Clowns £15each Shrimp goby £20 Blue legs 75p each Fromia starfish £10 Ricordias £10 each Rock £5/kg some great free Standing structures About 60kg live sand £40 the lot
81.Aquarium Accessories 31/01/17 Yes
Swap some Aquarium accessories i have 1 large rock,1 large plane 1 large tree root,1 medium ship,2 small vases,3 artificial plants,25w and 300w heater,1 small and 1 large Glass cleaner great bargain cos me a lot of money pick up only or SWAP for some Angel fish or WHY. Thanks.
82.juwel rio 180 complete set up 29/01/17 No
Collection only from B36 area, Smithswood Solihull. Juwel Rio 180 in black. 101cm long x 41cm wide, 124cm hight with stand. Complete fully mature tank including working light bar (T8), APS 1400 external filter, heater. All plants and decor (bogwood and masses of wide leaf java fern - spread appro... ...
83.2x angel fish for sale or swap 28/01/17 No
2 x angel fish for sale or swap, no longer want them as im going for more guppies and tetras in my tank, looking for £10 ONO for the pair or willing to swap for tetra, guppies or other smaller fish thanks
84.fromfry.co.uk. Supplier of quality, tank raised, freshwater fish, specialising in cichlids 28/01/17 No
We are a family run business, proud to supply good, healthy fish to our customers. Although we mainly breed and grow on our own fish, we do import fish to improve variety on offer and on request. All the fish we do import, we make sure are well adjusted to our water conditions here in the UK before ... ...
85.Large Tropical Fish for sale 27/01/17 Yes
A selection of large fish. pair of clown loach X Large Discus. Synodontis Angelica. Plecostomus Gold Nugget. Plecostomus unknown type.
Aqua Medic Chromis Aquarium, Fish and Soft Corals for Sale 2ft Square Tank - has a few scratches on inside due to the age of tank Beech Colour Cabinet - good condition slight water damage to rear of base not noticeable from front 150w Single Halide light - with wall hanging brackets. TMC A... ...
87.wanted angelfish pairs if poss 16/01/17 No
wanting angelfish about 10 in all all colours would prefer couple of breeding pairs cash awaits thanks
88.Urban exotics full fish list Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
URBAN EXOTICS full up to date fish list 11/1/17 Over 150 tanks filled with good quality, affordable fish. Huge choice for beginners to seasoned hobbyists Follow us on Facebook by searching for 'urbanpetcentre- Live bearers- we always have a good choice of colours in all our live bear... ...
89.pair of discus to swap 15/01/17 No
hi i ha have two discus to swap a tiffany yellow that is more orange and a diamond white these are what i have been told they are . want to swap for anything like breeding group of lemon or albino bristle nose & tetras of any kind ,or a good group of congo tetras or a enough fish to make a good deal... ...
90.2 x8 inches synodontis angelicus 15/01/17 No
Cracking condition pictures on request not had a chance to up load them yet ! Collection bolton £80 pair or resonable offers
91.Angel Fish x 4 15/01/17 Yes
Hi I have 4 Marbled Angels all a good size £10 for the lot. text 07447976492 for details thanks Mike
92.Goldflake angel looking to buy 13/01/17 No
Looking for marine golflake angel. Please send photo and price Email [email protected] Phon 07848902879
82 X 30 X 30 Marine fish tank on Beech cabinet with 5 chamber sump. 1200 litre With Reef Skim 1000, 2 Jebao R20 Wave makers,Heaters, Return pumps, Phosphate reactor, In-Line Hydra, UV Steriliser,V2 Iluminare 1200 and 900 with connector so are run in sync and be controlled with 1 remote.. 1200kg of l... ...
94.Tank breakdown due to house move 11/01/17 No
I have a whole tank to get rid of inc all livestock etc, 1 coral beauty, 1 fireball angel, tiger pistol shrimp & yellow watchman goby (paired) , 1 royal grammar , sand sifting conch, sand sifting starfish, turbo snails, algea hermit crab, mushroom coral colonies, green star polyps x 2 colonies, ... ...
95.Tank breakdown due to house move 11/01/17 Yes
I have a whole tank to get rid of inc all livestock etc, 1 coral beauty, 1 fireball angel, tiger pistol shrimp & yellow watchman goby (paired) , 1 royal grammar , sand sifting conch, sand sifting starfish, turbo snails, algea hermit crab, mushroom coral colonies, green star polyps x 2 colonies, ... ...
96.Angel fish 05/01/17 No
1 X KK blue (stripe ) 2 X platinum ( possible pair ) Approx 60 mm body size £10 each £25 for 3 collect only Text 07770913584
Here at Angel Aquatics, we have a great selection of tropical fish. We have weekly deliveries so theres always something new to have a look at. We stock a wide range of accessories and foods from all the major brands. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you with any fish ... ...
Here at Angel Aquatics we always have a large selection of quality corals & fish. We have a wide range of LPS, SPS & our frag tank is always full of goodies! We have weekly deliveries of hand selected stock and if theres something special your after, we can always source it for you. We offer friendl... ...
99.adult Emperor Angel 03/01/17 No
selling my adult Emperor Angel hes 10 inches long,eats anything and in a full sps system and doesnt touch any of the corals,happy to show him in his surroundings.£150 no offers the fish is a stunner.if you have wasap pics on request.
101.Marine Fish & corals stock list 30/12/16 No
Marine world aquatics Stock list Spiny Brain Green Gonipora pink/green Dwarf Gorgonia orange/red Gorgonian yellow/Red/Purple Bubble Pearl Green Bubble Pearl Cultured GSP Ricordea yuma bright orange Green Stripe Maroon Mushrooms Bubble Mushrooms Trachy Coral Gds Bubble Mushrooms C... ...
102.Peru Altum Angelfish, young adults 29/12/16 Yes
Hello on sale are young adult Peru Altum Angelfish, tank-bred from wild-caught parents. Brilliant colours, and red eyes coming through now. Several breeding pairs are forming. 4£ / fish, breeding pairs for 10£/pair. collection only, from Cambridge CB1/CB2. regards David
103.wanted true altum angels wanted 24/12/16 No
looking for large true altum angels contact terry on 07780562076
Not peruvian, not nanay, not Orinoco. Genuine columbian Altum angelfish bought from David Lai last year. Feeding greedily on dried and frozen foods, very hardy. No desire to sell but tank leak has meant evacuation to a small tank so they're priced to sell before the fin nipping gets out of hand ... ...
105.Freshwater fish 23/12/16 No
Angels from £2, Gourami from £3, Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Swordtails, Beautiful colours, £1.50 each Plecs, Albinos and Gold From £3 each. Tetra, Serpae, Neons and Red-eye, 10 for £15. Please contact 01302 354041/07713 154 980
106.Parkers Aquatic Centre - Tropical Fish in Bristol, Full Stocklist 17/12/16 Yes
Latest Fish List - Updated 17/12/16 Current stock List: Inverts: Bamboo shrimp : few Yamoto shrimp: cherry shrimp: yellow fire shrimp: Assorted Crystal Shrimp: Large blue lobster Vampire crabs Tetra/ Characins: Black widow tetra Cardinal tetra Congo tetra Neon tetra Serpae tet... ...
107.Queen angel purple tang jewel tang flame angel many more 16/12/16 Yes
Marine world aquatics Stock list Torch corals Gonipora pink/green Dwarf Gorgonia orange/red Gorgonian yellow/Red/Purple Bubble Pearl Green Bubble Pearl Cultured GSP Ricordea yuma bright orange Green Stripe Maroon Mushrooms Tonga Red Mushrooms Bubble Mushrooms Trachy Coral Gds Gorg... ...
108.stendker german discus 14/12/16 Yes
german stinker discus , bred in german tap water. these discus are very hardy and easy to keep. stunning quality. types available at 3 inch marlboro red stendker discus leapord snakeskin stendker discus Santerem german stendker discus Red alenquer german stendker discus dark angel german... ...
109.Synodontis granulosus 12/12/16 Yes
Collection of Malawi peacocks and haps . Also Synodontis petricola, Angelicus and granulosus
110.clown knife fish & Tigershovelnose catfish 12/12/16 No
both approx 6" gettin nice and chunky feeds extremely well on whitebait , bloodworm, prawns , chopped mussel.. occasional carnivore pellets too changin entire stock set up so has to go :( 80 quid for the pair collection only from shrewsbury SY1 please email me direct on loki_the... ...
111.Marine tank setup full equipped with fish etc. £900 10/12/16 Yes
Selling due to moving home and not having space. Incudes: Jecod RW4 wave maker Floral sea C3p circulation pump Waste pipe Temp gage Eheim 3000 return pump TMC iLumenair light (6 months old) Bubble Magnus curve 5 protein skimmer TMCV2 300 UV light X2 300 watt heaters Su... ...
I have 6 ibc tanks for sale Ideal for breeding tropical or cold water fish I have myself bred and raised angel fish in these no problems Including all pipe work including taps waterproof heat cable pump and 600 litres of flocor £250 Collection only please please ring 07767140435 only please ... ...
TROPICAL AMAZONAS AQUATICS - 5* Rated from over 130 reviews! STOCK LIST UPDATED -09/12/16 updated, New fish coming every week now taking orders! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOUTH & & CENTRAL AMERICAN CICHLIDS ... ...
I AM LOOKING FOR ALTUM ANGELS . please text as cant always get to the phone.
115.Queen Angel 09/12/16 No
Loads stock in at marine world (Bradford). Torch corals £15 head double £25 Gonipora pink/green Dwarf Gorgonia orange/red Gorgonian yellow/Red/Purple Pumping Xenia Bubble Pearl Green Bubble Pearl Cultured GSP Ricordea yuma bright orange Trachy Coral Gds Violet Velvet Mushrooms Gorgo... ...
116.Prestwood Petzone Price Reductions Tropical Fish West Midlands 07/12/16 No
XL Parrot Cichlids Was £39.99 Now £29.99 Black Piranha Was £99.99 Now £79.99 Syno' Angelicus Was £34.99 Now £29.99 Three Beacon Plec Was £69.99 Now £59.99 Gold Laser Corydoras Was £15.99 Now £9.99 Zebra Acara Was £17.99 Now £14.99 Wild Paraguay Pike Cichlid Was £39.99 Now £29.99
117.Splash Tropicals Updated Stocklist 04/12/16 No
Full Stocklist Below Updated 04/12/16 Splash Tropicals South Terrace The Green Southwick SR5 2AW Contact Ryan/Kelly on 07572554047 Email: [email protected] Facebook Business Link : https://www.facebook.com/SplashTropicals/ Opening Hours: Monday 10am-5pm Tuesda... ...
118.#####SOLD#########FREE. 1Texas cichlid, 2 giant danios, 3 swordtails, 1 angelfish, 1siamese fighter 04/12/16 Yes
######SOLD###########FREE### 1 Texas cichlids 3inch, 2 giant danios, 1 swordtail, 1 angelfish 1 catfish and a Siamese fighter, all to go together Free to first to collect. Thanks ste feel free to text
119.Plec L numbers and tropical fish 02/12/16 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; Delivery available please ask. 5 inch L200 Green phantom plec £30 each 4-5 inch L191 Dull eyed royal plec £30 each 3 inch L260 Queen Arabesque Plec £30 each 4 & over £25 each 3 inch L399 Hypancistrus £30 each 3-4 inch L333 Hypanc... ...
120. Mambo Aquatics Darlington New List 1/12/16 01/12/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics 1/12/16 New List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - Assorted Peacocks - Silver Arrowa... ...
121.6inch French angelfish 29/11/16 Yes
Hi i am selling my 6 inch french angelfish stunning fish £50ono pick up only usually £80 to £120 at this size
122.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Marine Stock List 27/11/16 28/11/16 Yes
Hello from Maidenhead Aquatics Ashtead (5 mins off of Junction 9 M25). This is an update to our Marine Fish Livestock list: Tangs: Kole Tang Goldrush tang Yellow Tang Paific Sailfin tang Jewel tang Yellow tail purple tangs Naso tang Mimic tang Convict tang Goldrim tang Blown tang Bu... ...
123.Stunning Adult Flame Angel 25/11/16 No
Stunning Flame Angel for sale, reluctantly selling as having to break down my marine tank due to house move. The fish as come from a disease free tank that has never been affected by Marine Ich/Velvet, and has been stable with no new additions for 6 months. Viewing is welcome, NG2 postcode in Notti... ...
124. Mambo Aquatics Stock List 23/11/16 23/11/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics Availablity List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - XL Piranha - Silver Arrowana - ... ...
125.marine stocklist 23/11/16 Yes
marine stocklist. River 2 reef aquatics purple tangs 2-3" £89.99 picture wrasse £19.99 clown fish (occelaris) £14.99 diamond watchmen goby £22.99 red feather stars sold xxxl carpet anemone( these are huge) £54.99 green lt anemone sold bicolour angels £24.99 raccoon butterfly £29.99 alga... ...
126.corrys and angels 18/11/16 No
i have 15 corrys 10 of wich were bought as a breeding group of c020 1panda 1 sterbai 3 metae 7 large adult angels at least 1 pr amoungst them 4 celebes rainbows and a large red rainbow plus a cpl of gladiator fish im looking for offers over 80 pounds the lot im in grimethorpe 07525070929
127.Tropical kit for sale or possible swap 16/11/16 Yes
TROPICAL TANK CONTENTS FOR SALE: This has come from a 4ft 200L tank so you need a big tank for it to go in, especially the fish! I would rather not sell it all separate as it will take to much faffing about. Happy to bag up, deliver and aquascape into a fresh tank for the right price. Or Co... ...
128.XY-2810 Sponge Filter 80L Discus, Angel, Cichlids, Fry, Guppy 16/11/16 Yes
Check Out our full range of Air Driven Biochemical Sponge Filters at www.aquaheaven.co.uk The XY-2810 Sponge Filter 80L Discus, Angel, Cichlids, Fry, Guppy Ideal for breeding setup or fish houses Aquarium Fish Tank Weighted Base Biochemical Bio Sponge Filter XY-2810 Brand new biochemical sp... ...
129.XXL Harlequin rasboras, angelfish , glass catfish, mollies 12/11/16 Yes
Looking to sell these all together ASAP 20x harlequin rasboras (XXL) 4x Zebra angelfish (They have successfully bred before but the fry are usually eaten by the others as I don't have a breeding setup) 4x Glass catfish 4x Mollies (free) Siamese flying fox Looking for offers to pick up ASA... ...
130.Medium to Large Tropical fish 11/11/16 Yes
We currently have in stock several medium to large tropical fish (available for collection only) including: Breeding pair of tiger Oscars (approx 9-10") Albino Oscars (approx 5-6") Black shark (approx 15") Silver dollars (approx 3-5") Sailfin plecs (approx 5-7") Common plecs (approx 6-8") F... ...
131.Fish, cory and plecs 11/11/16 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; 4 inch Silver Dollars £4 each 2 inch Silver Dollars £2 each 1.5 inch Guinacara Stergosi £2 each Large Peruvian Angels £7.50 each 2 for £10 2 inch Tiger Oscars £4 each 1.5 inch Blue Rams £2.50 each 4 inch Female brown longfin ... ...
132.Fluvial 270L Full Marine Setup £500 11/11/16 Yes
Full mature setup for sale - 270l Fluval deep tank - v2 400 skimmer, external filter, v2 1500 fluidised sand filter. LED WiFi light unit Live rock (25 - 30 kg) with soft corals Livestock Inc. Flame Angel, six line wrasse, bicolour blenny, sunshine blenny, royal gramma Over £1000 worth of... ...
133.Tropical stock list 10/11/16 No
Bronze Cory £1.50 Peppered Cory £1.50 Albino cory £1.50 Rabaulti Cory £2.50 Emerald Cory £2.50 Sterbai corys £3.50 Julii Cory £3 Panda corys £6 large Upsidedown cat£4.50 Striped glass cat £2 Striped Dora cat £4 Featherfin cat £1.50 Hoplo cat £4 Banjo cat £8 algae eaters £1.5... ...
134. New Fish Delivery Paddock Farm 9/11/2016 09/11/16 Yes
*** NEW FISH DELIVERY 9/11/2016 *** - Blue Diamond Angel 3.5cm - Cherry Barb - Sterbai Cory - Assorted Cory - Pangasius 10cm - Jajuar cichlid - Flag cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Deep water harp - 9 Sot Peacock Bass - Eye Bitter - Betta Falx - Glass Fish (not the catfish) - Red Dwar... ...
135.2yr old female Discus 31/10/16 Yes
We are with regret,re-homing our lovely Discus,due to our workload becoming too busy to maintain our tank. We want her to be in a planted tank and NOT with Angel fish, and not just used for breeding. She is very healthy and good tempered. We paid £25, so will offer her for that. It is is important t... ...
136.For sale - Marine tank, fish, live rock, etc 7.6 x 2 x 2.6 30/10/16 Yes
Selling large marine tank (1200 litres) with approximately 100 kilos of live rock, 2 x v2 700 tmc lumenair lights, protein skimmer, large phosphate remover, 3ft sump tank, nitrate pellet reactor, tmc v2 ozone reactor, 2 canister ro unit. Stock includes large anemone hosting a pair of clowns, bi ang... ...
137.Group 7 f1 peruvian altum angels 30/10/16 Yes
Group of 7 young adults f1 peruvian altums for sale. Starting to colour up nice. 2 have paired up already. Wantinh £90 for the group. Postage available
TROPICAL AMAZONAS AQUATICS - 5* Rated from over 130 reviews! STOCK LIST UPDATED - 26/10/16 updated, New fish ready Saturday! New fish coming every week now taking orders! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JUST IN (Ready... ...
139.Black Angelfish 26/10/16 Yes
Starting a new project and currently looking at selling all my fish. I have loads more which some i am happy to give away for free as well.
140.Angels, Platies, Mollies and Tetra 25/10/16 Yes
Blue Zebra, Gold, Platinum, Smokey Blue, Californian, Barrett Gold head and Dalmatian Angels, prices starting from £2. Calico, Blue, Red, Sunset Platies, £1.50 each. Honey, Red Swordtails £1.50 each. Gold, White, Black, Dalmatian, Balloon, Lyretail and sailfin Mollies £1.50-£2 each. Serpae, Neon and... ...
141.Freshwater angelfish 25/10/16 Yes
Angelfish 3.5 inch aprox, colour manly golden. Buyer collection only. £4 each or 3 for £10
142.Angelfish 25/10/16 Yes
Angelfish 3 inch aprox, colour manly golden. Buyer collection only. £4 each or 3 for £10 Large golden and black marble £8 each Large koi £10 each Large pink kisser £10each
143.10x Medium/Large Silver Angels Angelfish 25/10/16 No
10x Medium/Large Silver Angelfish- Two are large , the other 8 I would say are medium to large. They are coming up to breeding size/age and are showing signs of pairing off and squaring off with each other but they do seem to all get on pretty well. Selling as a group as I don;t want to spl... ...
144.koran angel 24/10/16 Yes
koran angel 6 or 7 inch £40 no other fish for sale ,oldham
145.Angel fish 20/10/16 No
Angel fish
146.Flame angel (Centropyge loricula) for sale £75 only 17/10/16 No
Flame angel for sale £75 no offers plz Eat everything
147.Goldflake angel (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus) fish for £350 only 17/10/16 No
Goldflake angel fish for sale £350 no offer plz Eat frozen food, flakes, seaweeds, basically everything available. Start changing from juvenile to adult size and colour, Very healthy and active fish
148.F1 Rio Nanay Angel Pair 13/10/16 Yes
Stunning pair, immaculate finage. Proven pair, bred in the past. Contact for more details. Only £55 for the pair. Please contact for any more details 01472 358698 [email protected] Overnight postage available, includes heat packs and pre 10am delivery.
149.Guardian Angel tap water treatment 08/10/16 Yes
This 500 ml bottle will treat 1000 litres of tap water removing chlorines and chloramines when setting up and carrying out water changes. Safe to use in tropical, cold water and pond set-ups. Just £7.99 and I can post to UK at cost - please contact me for details.
150.Full time job vacancy 05/10/16 No
Angel Aquatics is looking for someone to join our team. Applicants must have a good knowledge of both marines and fresh-water tropical fish keeping. To apply please forward your C.V to: [email protected] or feel free to pop a copy into our store. Address: Angel Aquatics, 2 Elliott R... ...
151.Juwel Rio 240 + 20 litre small tank 03/10/16 Yes
JUWEL RIO 240 121 x 41 x 55 cm Comes complete with Tank, Stand, T5 lighting with two working tubes, internal filter and Heater, (also include spare bulb and external filter which was working when I bought tank 2 years ago but I never use). All fully working, the tank is completely water tigh... ...
152.Live rock, Marine fish, Live corals, in Red Sea MAX E260 Marine Aquarium 03/10/16 No
-Marine Habitat and Livestock- £500 worth of living rock (with inverts) Applicable amount of Coral Sand (highest grade) 1 x pair of rare Jigsaw Clownfish (male and female) 1 x Sailfin Tang 3 x Lyretail Anthias 1 x Corel Beauty Angel 1 x 6 line Wrasse 2 x Bengal Cardinals 1 x Empero... ...
153.Red Sea MAX E260 Marine Aquarium - Complete setup only 6 months old 03/10/16 Yes
Great opportunity to purchase a fantastic Marine Aquarium with everything you need. -The Aquarium- 1 x Red Sea MAX E260 260 litre Aquarium 1 x Red Sea custom stand in White 1 x Red Sea electrical connection and distribution unit (for easy connection of pumps, heaters, lighting etc. 2 x H... ...
154.Marine fish & corals 02/10/16 Yes
Marine world aquatics Stock list 28/09/16 Hammer corals Torch corals Coloured plate coral short tentacle Sea fan Red lemom short tentacle Pearl coral Ricordea yuma Leathers Elephant ear Trachy Gonipora Zoas Clams Green metalic candy cane Orange sun flower Green metalic moon coral R... ...
155.Complete rena set up 29/09/16 No
Complete rena aqua one 4ft tank with 2x2 light bar, 2 x rena filstar xp xl external filters each filter for 1000l tank. Eheim jager 300watt heater 2 large pieces of bogwood lots of foods no leaks or repairs few minor scratches from magnet cleaner sand substrate air pump air stones £250. Collection o... ...
156.breeding pairs of geophagus red head tapjos and more ... 29/09/16 No
3 breeding pairs of geophagus red head tapjos and 2 singles that havnt paired yet. £50 each or all 8 for £150. 2 breeding pairs of angels £30 each pair. Group of 18 cory sterbais 10 adults 8 babys so breeding group £60 (wont split) Complete rena aqua one 4ft tank with 2x2 light bar, 2 x ren... ...
157.Tropical Fish and complete rena set up 29/09/16 No
Group of 18 cory sterbais 10 adults 8 babys so breeding group £60 (wont split) 3 breeding pairs of geophagus red head tapjos and 2 singles that havnt paired yet. £50 each or all 8 for £150 2 breeding pairs of angels £30 each pair Complete rena aqua one 4ft tank with 2x2 light bar, 2 x rena... ...
158.Breeding pair of angelfish 28/09/16 Yes
Breeding pair of zebra angelfish, healthy and eating well, lay eggs every 2 weeks.£30 each pair
159.Angelfish breeding pair 28/09/16 Yes
Map angel breeding pair koi and pearlscale breeding pair. Young pairs just started breeding House move forces sale £20 each pair 07767140435 john both pairs have now laid eggs if anyone wishes to view more than welcome to
160.Angelfish / Large / Male 28/09/16 Yes
Large Male black marble Angelfish. £15 open to sensible offers. Message for anymore details.. beautiful looking fish..!
161.Angel fish 27/09/16 No
Large angel fish for sale £5.00 each 10 to choose from pls text as dont always get e mails
162.ANGEL FISH FRY 25/09/16 No
1 week old and 2 week old KOI ANGEL fish fry FREE to experienced breeder Please ring 07767140435 email not working thanks
163.L number plecos tetras and more 23/09/16 Yes
TROPICAL AMAZONAS - 5* Rated from over 130 reviews! 23/09/16 updated, NEW IN READY TOMORROW! Some new fish arrived this week all being well they will be ready this Saturday! (Tomorrow!) Umbrella Dwarf Cichlid - Apistogramma borelli pair ..................£8 Umbrella Dwarf Cichlid - Api... ...
164.German blue rams, clown loaches, angels, barbs etc etc wanted. Please read 12/09/16 No
As above mainly looking for German blue rams, clown loaches, small breed barbs, bristle nose plecs, mollys, guppy etc etc. Please get in touch with what you have. Close to southouse shields area would be good. Would like to buy quite a few but no silly prices please.
165.fish tank for sale 06/09/16 No
I am dismantling my marine set-up due to a move. I have a 2x2x8 foot tank for sale - offers around £150. It is full of live rock and sand which could go with it or be bought separately. Also sump. Also fully grown and excellent condition emperor angel and clown trigger, £90 each, 4 large yellow t... ...
166.Angelfish various colours/sizes 01/09/16 Yes
Assorted home bred angelfish, various colour strains, golds, dark marble, silvers and blacks plus many in between types. 1" tall £1 each, 2-4" tall £2.50 each. Collection from York, heslington.
167.Assorted angels and red eye tetra 31/08/16 No
Large red eye tetra, (2 inches), £1.80 each, six for £10. P.scalare, 3 inches, £3 each. Koi angelfishes,2 inches, £2 each. Feltham, tw14
168.Emporer aquatics rare Cichlids and Datnoid fish 31/08/16 No
DATNOIDS Siemese tiger fish (datnoids microlepis) (4-5cm) many barred tiger(datnoids polota) fish(4-5cm) CICHLIDS South American Peacock bass (Diamond/Azul/Golden/Monoculas/Orinocensis) (5cm) AFRICAN peacock cichlid (redneck/pink albino/purple line/demasoni/ yellow head/dragon blood/oran... ...
169.Jewel vision 260 tropical/marine fish tank 31/08/16 Yes
Hi there this is my Jewel vision 260 bow fronted tropical tank that's convertible to marine I have the skimmer and bulbs brand new in the box should you wish to change. It's only 2 years old comes with fish angels Molly's cichlid red finned shark tetras and barbs. 4 1/2 ft x 2ft Very good condition.... ...
170.Breeding Pair of Veil tail (long fin) Angelfish 29/08/16 Yes
Breeding pair of Veil Tail (long fin) Angelfish. Regular spawners with BIG spawns. £30 takes them. Cash on collection. Collection only, Blackburn.
171.Another breeding pair of Angelfish. 29/08/16 Yes
Another breeding pair of Angelfish. £25 takes them. Collection only, Blackburn.
172.Breeding pair of Angels need re-homing. 28/08/16 No
I have a nice pair of black angels which are breeding in my community tank. They have managed to produce fry but of course none survived in that environment. Situated in Northamptonshire at Sywell. I would ask the new owner to make a payment of £20 to show serious intent on looking after the fish.
173.Lemonpeel Angelfish and Midnight Angelfish - Leicester 24/08/16 Yes
I'm selling these two beautiful fishes or can swap for hard corals
174.Wanting Breeding Pair of German Rams or Angelfish 22/08/16 No
Currently looking for breeding pairs of the above subject please message me if you have any for sale definetely be interested.
Pair of XL pink Parrots £65. Texas Cichlid £15. Bosemani Rainbows (2.5") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5") £15 Large Plecs (10-15") £25-35 L Tin Foils (4") £15 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -£POA L66 Plec (... ...
176.FULL MARINE SET UP 22/08/16 Yes
177.Angel fish 22/08/16 No
10 angel fish for sale or swap for malawis would like all to go together
178.Marine fish, live rock, corals, in complete marine tank set up 21/08/16 No
For sale tomato clown, blue tang, bicolor angel fish, with live rock, sps Corals, and more. In my juwel rio 180 with stand marine setup. The set up is in very good condition. It comes protein skimmer, 3/4 tub of 25kg kent salt, dosing pump, heater, 2 led marine lighting,2 wave maker, return pump... ...
179.complete marine tank set up 21/08/16 Yes
For sale is my juwel rio 180 with stand marine setup. The set up is in very good condition. It comes with live rock, sps Corals, protein skimmer, 3/4 tub of 25kg kent salt, dosing pump, heater, 2 led marine lighting,2 wave maker, return pump and sump tank, ro di, salinity tester and tds meter. Ther... ...
180.Various fish and cichlids for sale 19/08/16 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; 1.5 inch Eliotti Cichlids females £2.50 each 3 inch jack dempsey £3 each 1 inch German blue rams £1.75 each 1.5 inch Platunum pure White Angels £3 each 3 inch L104 £7.50 each 3 for £20 4 inch female Brown bristlenoses £7.50 each 1 le... ...
hi im selling the aqua nova range external filters 1200lph £65 2000lph £80 internal power filters 800lph £12 1200lph £15 1800lph £20 twin sponge filters £4 heaters 100w £10 200w £12 300w £15 airpumps 1 outlet 200lph £10 2 outlet 400lph £15 large breeding traps £6 guppy breedin... ...
182.I will foster your fish if you cannot look after them anymore 17/08/16 No
I have 7 tanks going and they are all large I have one six footer then I have 3 bid hexagon tanks and I've got all sorts of fish here so the fish live with other fish similar fish I have one tank with guppies , neons and sword takes that kind of thing then I have another tank with angels and Rams ... ...
183.Breeding Pair of Angelfish 17/08/16 Yes
breeding pair of Angelfish. £25 takes them. Cash on collection. Collection only, Blackburn.
184.Juwel Marine Tank & Teak Cabinet with Marine Fish £999 ono 12/08/16 Yes
Everything to go in one sale:Dims 1.5mtr High, 600mm width allowing for sockets (tank is 500 wide), 1.6mtr length incl. pipework. Sale price £999 includes following:- Live rock, Live sand, 2 x Tetratec Canister filters with very good media in, Detec MCE 600 external skimmer 300 l/h air, Gyre Gen... ...
185.Fish livestock list updated 11/08/16 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 11/08/16 Yes
Please see below our non-exhaustive list of current livestock at World of Water Crawley. List updated on 11/08/16 but if you copy and paste the link below you will find a more regularly updated .PDF list! WE ARE NOW ABLE TO SHIP LIVESTOCK OVERNIGHT VIA APC, PLEASE RING THE SHOP TO ORGANISE DELIVE... ...
186.Potters angel wanted 10/08/16 No
i am after a Potters Angel, based in West Midlands, call me 07757 379950
187.Fluval Profile 850, TMC Grobeam LED lights, complete set-up 10/08/16 Yes
FOR SALE: Complete aquarium set up including: •Fluval Profile 850 Aquarium in silver •4 TMC GroBeam 500 LED Natural Daylight lights (2x twin sets) with metal hanging rails •JBL CristalProfi e1501 filter, •Hydor ETH 200W External heater, •A host of extra bits including as pipework, filter med... ...
188.Tank Change Up 04/08/16 No
Hi there, I’m changing the set-up of my tank and need to find good, new homes for the inhabitants. All the fish are healthy and feeding well. These include: 1 Pearl Gourami (think it’s female), 1 juvenile Blushing Angelfish (unsure of sex), 7-9 Rummy Nose Tetra, 2 Otocinclus, 3 Sterbai Cory an... ...
189.Proven Breeding Pair of koi Angel Fish 02/08/16 Yes
I am selling a nice pair of Koi Angels at £30,in some of the pictures you can see the fry swimming with parrents I can arrange an overnight courier at a cost of £15.00. A day must be agreed with myself and the buyer to ensure someone will be available to receive the fish. Please feel free to emai... ...
190.Marine Angels and Tangs Wanted 30/07/16 No
Hi, looking for the following fish in the S Yorks area, preferably able to deliver. Well established Queen Angel ,Blue faced angel Goldflake Angel or Flagfin Angel plus a Sohal Tang. Please email with details. cheers
191.Tank breakdown 29/07/16 No
I have the following left from my tank breakdown Black tang 2 inches £250 Emperor angelfish 4/5 inches £50 Juvenile blue ring angelfish 1 1/2 inches £35
192.KOI angel fish just £4 25/07/16 Yes
hi ive got 45 koi angel fish approx 1.5-2" at £4 each any questions tel john on 07738 636 626
193.loads of rare wild South American Cichlids and tetras fish house closure 19/07/16 No
hi all, selling up my fish to allow me to save for a house, loads of fish going, followed by tanks, sumps, pumps, heaters etc! Rio Xingu angel fish breeding pair £30.00 Rio Xingu angel fish £8.00 Albino Danutm Angel fish £7.00 F1 Rio Nanay Angel fish £21.00 F0 Wild Rio Nanay Angel fish £35.00 ... ...
194.young angelfish 17/07/16 Yes
Young angelfish ready now £1.50 each collection Birtley DH3
195.Young angelfish various home bred 16/07/16 No
Blacks. Gold. Various types. 5-6cm tall . Collect heslington york . 1.50 each. Discount for bigger numbers. ☺
196.Severums, Chocolate Cichlids, Oddballs West Midlands 14/07/16 No
-Blue Face Severum Approx - 3" £22.99 -Chocolate Cichlid - Hypselecara temporalis - 2" £16.95 XL Wild Angels - £19.99 Uaru Cichlids - £12.99 Zebra Acara £17.99 Prestwood Petzone 01384 877150 Lots of other fish in... ...
197.Looking for fish and also rehome fish 13/07/16 No
Hi I'm looking for the following fish. Angels, fire mouths, green terrors, convicts, Oscar's , chocolate cichlids, plecos and catfish too breeding cichlids too. I also will rehome fish in need off a new home. Please contact me with what you have
198.The Ark Outpost Marine and Invert Stocklist 08/07/16 Yes
New Fish In Today Emperor Angel Medium Adult £100 Blue Face Adult £85 Rock Beauty Angel £40 Yellow Angel £40 Velvet Angel £60 Flame Angel £60 Rusty Angel £25 Coral Beauty Angel £30 Half Black Angel £30 Male Anthias £22 Females £18 Group 3 1M 2F £55 Cuban Hogfish Large £85 Snowf... ...
199.The Ark Outpost New Arrivals 08/07/16 Yes
New Arrivals 8/7/2016 Large Columbia Order Expected In A Fortnight Tiger Barbs £3.50 Assorted Angelfish £4.99 Neon Tetra £1.00 Black Neon Tetra (Jumbo) £1.50 Honey Gourami £3.95 Lace Gourami £4.95 Albino Kribensis £4.95 Gold Rams £5.95 Silver Arowana £25 Stunning Guppy Strains Flam... ...
Albino dantum Angelfish £6.50 each Ken Kennedy Angelfish £10 each or 2 for £15 Geophagus turiacu £12.50 each or 2 for £20 Geophagus Tapajos £8 each or 3 for £20 Firemouth cichlids £5 each or 2 for £8 Silver dollars £5 each L066 King Tiger £12.50 each L333 £12 each or 3 for £28 Peckoltia Sp. ... ...
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