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1.15” Sailfin Pleco and 12 inches & 10 inches Jaguar Cichlids for sale 19/11/18 Yes
15” Sailfin Pleco (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps) - £15 12” Female Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) - £25 10” Male Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) - £15 6” Upside down catfish (Synodontis) - £10
2.Juvenile jaguar cichlid 18/11/18 No
Hi I’m looking for a juvenile male jaguar cichlid will travel for the right fish! Thanks
3.Rainbow cichlid pair 18/11/18 No
Lovely rainbow cichlid pair, fully grown and very healthy. £15 for the pair which is a great price seeing as that’s what they are usually sold for solo. Willing to trade for other Central Americans to. Collection from Dulwich se21
4.Looking for a large jaguar cichlid 18/11/18 No
Looking for a large jaguar in Hampshire area
Unfortunately having to close down my tank before I can start my fish house project in my garage due to it needing a new roof and a lot more work than I thought and having no spare room to house my tank whilst this gets carried out, I have for sale the following. F2 Labeotropheus trewavaesae red... ...
6.Bog wood centre pieces cost well over £200 18/11/18 Yes
Nice pieces look amazing in tank Will swap for jaguar cichlid or festae
7.Trimac Cichlid 18/11/18 Yes
Male Trimac Cichlid 5" (very aggressive) £35
8.Cuban Cichlid 18/11/18 Yes
Female Cuban Cichlid 7" £40
9.Texas Cichlid 18/11/18 Yes
Male Texas cichlid 6" ( small mark on side from fighting, will heal in few days) £30
10.Central and south American cichlids update 18/11/18 No
Male salvini 4 inch £15 Parachromis fredricstalii male 4.5 inch £25 2× herichtys cynoguttatus 4.5 inch £10 each 5x Aequindens rivulatus 3 to 6 inch mix of male and female £60 the group Crenichicla strigata x3 4 inch £15 each Female managuense 6 inch £10 Crenichicla sveni x2 6 inch... ...
11.Midas cichlids for sale (London) 18/11/18 No
Selling 4 midas cichlids ranging from 5"-7" Collection only from East London £30 for all 4
12.SCREWCUMBER VEGGIE FEEDER/WEIGHT - Two year warranty - Free delivery 17/11/18 Yes
TROPICAL FISH FEEDER/WEIGHT. Effective and simple solution for veggie feeding. http://www.screwcumber.com Fantastic for your bottom feeders: Plecos, Clown loaches, Malawi Cichlids etc 2 Year swap out warranty. Buy online. Debit/Credit card and PayPal accepted. Only £5.59 and free ... ...
13.Malawi Cichlids for sale - Hornchurch, Essex 17/11/18 Yes
Hi, I am scaling down my African Cichlid collection, so with the exception of my group of Tropheus, all of my fish are for sale. I have a large selection of fish for sale in different sizes, from 1cm fry to adult fish 6 inches plus. Lots of Melanichromis Auratus, Yellow Labs, Red Zebras, and Ken... ...
For sale is 12 fish . 2 males , size 25 cm and 10 females , size 15 cm - 20 cm . Fish is wild caught from Germany - CICHLIDENLAND and AQUA TREFF . BReeding group - is 40 young fish. 100 - 125 pound each or 12 fish 1200 pound . PLEASE TEXT FOR - 07936520446 Hull .
IS 30 fish , size 3 - 4 cm . Adults fish wild caught is from Germany , CICHLIDENLAND ,and AQUA TREFF . 25 pound each .PLEASE TEXT FOR - 07936520446 Hull .
16.Large Tropical fish 17/11/18 No
Silver arowana 20"+ £70 Clown knife 20" £40 Oscars 10-12" £15 each or £40 for the 4 Peacock bass 9-10" £40 Pike cichlid 12" £20 Ornate bichir 17"+ £40 Delhezi bichir 12" £20 Lapradei bichir 12"+ £20 Kelberi bass 2-3" x2 £20 Teugelsi bichir 6"... ...
17.South American cichlids. 17/11/18 No
Breeding trio of F1 Heros severums Rio Tapajos originally came from Jeff Rapps imported in from the USA. Beautiful looking fish & not overly aggressive, even with fry present. Also five Geophagus Tapajos red heads, which includes at least one breeding pair. One female (lost the big male a while b... ...
18.Various Tropical Fish for sale 17/11/18 No
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish ... ...
19.Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc 17/11/18 Yes
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select t... ...
I HAVE THE FOLLOWING MALAWIS FOR SALE. AULONOCARA, NYASSE, STRAWBEERY,JACOBFRIEBERGI, USSIYA, RED SHOULDERS, OB,MAYLANDI,BAENSCHI.5cm-6cm. £6.50 each, ten for £60.00, twenty for £110.00. MOORI 9cm £10.00. MALE AHLI 10cm £13.50 MODKA WHITE LIPS 6cm -9cm £10.00. VENUSTUS 5inch - 6inch £25.00. ... ...
21.Chocolate Cichlid For Sale - Derby 16/11/18 Yes
8" Chocolate Cichlid for Sale. Looking for around £15.
22.True Parrot Cichlid for Sale - Derby 16/11/18 Yes
12" True Parrot Cichlid for Sale. Looking for around £30.
23.Peacock Bass 16/11/18 Yes
Cichla kelberi approx 10" £80 Eating cichlid pellets please call 01903 892006 ask for aquatic department
24.Tropical Fish For Sale 16/11/18 No
Tropical Fish For sale Discus £12 each Clown Loach £4 each Electric Blue Acara £5 each to clear Assorted Mollys £2 each or 6 for £10 Assorted Swordtails £2 each or 6 for £10 L104 clown Pleco £7 each Black ghost knife fish £8 each Bosemani Rainbow last 5 £20 Red Line Torpedo Barbs £8 each... ...
25.fish leeds 16/11/18 No
jade eye cichlids £1 each mixed malawis £5 each bristlenoses 2 inch 3 for £10 red fin sharks 2 for £5 12 danios £10 large kissing gouramis 3 for £25 giant white gouramis £20 each 2 large angels £10 each 3 gold gouramis £10 8 swordtails £10 4 pacu 6inch £10 each or 4 for £30 15 neons £1... ...
26.Rose queen cichlid fish Midas/devil/vieja 15/11/18 Yes
Very rare fish in the hobby. Stunning fish Approx 16" Collection west midlands Video available please use whatsapp Open to sensible offers may do a swap deal
27.Convict cichlids for sale all sizes. £2 each 15/11/18 Yes
In slough Berkshire 07775847789
28.Hemibagrus filamentus 2" £30 Rare 15/11/18 Yes
Hemibagrus filamentus, Not for sale very often, will get about 42cm fully grown according to https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/hemibagrus-filamentus/ Very very aggressive. He killed 3 cichlids all bigger than himself in the first week. No offers £30
looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for the discus fish keeper? THEY COME IN MANY COMBINATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM. SEE OUR ON-LINE SHOP TODAY FOR DEALS AND BARGAINS. Discus Delights is very economical to use. In each gourmet hamper is seven different packets of high quality discus food, ma... ...
30.Apisto Aquatics - Now with mobile app 15/11/18 Yes
Apisto Aquatics Current Stock List **Updated/Edited Regular** Saves posting up new lists all the time much easier to edit the pinned post. ALL FISH BELOW ARE CURRENT SALE STOCK CICHLIDS 2 x 4-5inch Pigeon Checkerboard Discus - £60 each 1 x 4-5" White Diamond Discus - £60 each 1 x 4-5" Re... ...
31.malawi cichlid 14/11/18 Yes
5 inch male with 3" and 2"females copidachromis, malawi cichlid £18 for the three
32.Mixed cichlids 14/11/18 Yes
I have for sale 4 month old electric yellow lab's with no black fins, stunning, they are £2.00 each also demonsoni cichlids same age, they are £2.50 each and also I have salousi cichlids they are a bit smaller at £1.50 each. Please email for photo's.i also have 4 week old demonsoni at £1.50 each an... ...
33.Full set up with stand for sale 13/11/18 Yes
1m tank With stand External Aqua series 2 pressurised filter. Heater and lights Deco-gravel, plants and some bog wood. Fish- white angel, giant tetra, 2 sunshine platys and a breeding pair of rainbow cichlids.
34.Fossorochromis rostratus cichlid 13/11/18 Yes
Large Male Fossorochromis rostratus for sale, 6 inch in size £25 Collect from Stevenage
35.African Butterfly Cichlid( THOMASI ) 13/11/18 Yes
African Butterfly Cichlid Very peaceful for a cichlid, but is territorial when spawning. Don’t be tempted to keep it with very vigorous species as thomasi is a shy and retiring little fish £3.00 EACH COLLECTION SWANSEA SA1
36.Back to Nature book to Malawi Cichlids Second Edition by Ad Konings ONLY £7.99 13/11/18 Yes
Christmas gift idea for the Malawi cichlid fish keeper!!Malawi cichlids have been, and will probably always remain, among the most popular aquarium fishes of all time. Their brilliant colours, ease of maintenance, and interesting behavior are the three most important reasons for their popularity. A ... ...
37.Convict Cichlids for sale. Juveniles and breeding adult pairs 12/11/18 Yes
I have for sale a mix of breeding adult pairs and juvenile convict Cichlids for sale. The juveniles are around 1 inch and the adult approx 3 inches. They are breeding every 6 weeks or so atm. Adults are priced at £6 a pair and juveniles £2 each. Any questions please ask
38.Sell all cichlids from my tank 12/11/18 Yes
Each for £3 or all for £50 about 25 chiclids
39.10" kamfa flower horn female 12/11/18 Yes
I have for sale a 10" female kamfa she is in with other large cichlids no aggression issues just looking to clear some room. Open to offers
40.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms 11/11/18 Yes
Emails aren't always getting through, so it may be worth emailing me direct at [email protected] Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worm... ...
41.Spawning cone ideal for discus fish and angels. 11/11/18 Yes
Ideal Christmas present for the discus fish keeper? Comes all boxed Ista Spawning cone size approx. 1090 x 75 x 40mm. Dispatched fast within 1 working day. The multifunction spawning cone is perfect not only for discus and angels, but also ideal for pleco’s and many other catfish as a cave as well.... ...
42.Wanted - Whole broods of fry/juveniles- any species 10/11/18 No
Hi, I have the space to grow a lot of fry/young fish. I'm looking to get whole broods offered. If anyone has fry/juveniles that they dont have space for, just shout and I'll come and get them. Any species - malawi, livebearers, goldfish, plecs, other cichlids....Anything. Also interested in unwa... ...
43.Goldeneye Dwarf cichlids -Nannacara Anomala juveniles for Sale 10/11/18 Yes
Hi i have a group of Nannacara Anomala Dwarf cichlids for sale, i have bred myself , i would like to sell as a group of Eight for £20.00, sized 3 cm to 4 cm,at around 10 months old eating flake food and bloodworm, sex ratio: possibly 3 males to 5 females not guaranteed as are still small.Adult males... ...
44.Community cichlid and more. 10/11/18 No
Closing down 2 tanks. Fish for sale include uaru group red head tapajo groupTrue parrot cichlid. Red zheng zhu flowerhorn. spotted silver dollars a bichir golden nugget plec baby fresh water barracuda and black ghost knife fish. If interested. Reply to add and I will give you all details. Size pric... ...
45.Bumblebee Cichlid (Pseudotropheus crabro) 09/11/18 Yes
These fish have bred in my tank so I have too many in my tank. Free to anyone who can collect. Staffordshire ST10 07715485733
46.Malawi Cichlids for sale. 09/11/18 Yes
Assorted Malawi for sale, all around 2 inch or just over. £4 each 10 for £35 15 for £50 30 for £90 collection only Fenham NE5..
47.Central American Cichlids For sale 08/11/18 Yes
For sale I have the following: Nicaraguan Dovii f1 (unrelated)breeding pair, very blue,Male 13inch, female 9inch ...£85 T.Sieboldii fry 1inch £5 each Mesoheros Atromaculatus group around 4” ,3 males 3 females £20 each Also have a few nandopsis tetracanthus (Cuban Cichlid)fry from my f2 pair to s... ...
48.Red fin golden Asian arowana 08/11/18 Yes
13” red fin golden Asian arowana comes with the certificate of authenticity and microchip number, reason for selling a bit too boisterous for my cichlids and my Florida gar struggles to feed cause the arowana eats like a pig lol, £300 no offers Collection Cardiff South Wales Can send pictures on ... ...
49.fish leeds 08/11/18 No
jade eye cichlids £1 each mixed malawis £5 each bristlenoses 2 inch 3 for £10 red fin sharks 2 for £5 12 danios £10 large kissing gouramis 3 for £25 giant white gouramis £20 each 2 large angels £10 each 3 gold gouramis £10 8 swordtails £10 rainbow snakeheads £12 each 15 neons £10 w... ...
50.JBL Novo Malawi & Tanganyikan Flake foods on special 08/11/18 Yes
JBL Novo Malawi Flake 860g / 5.5L £34.99 SPECIAL OFFER NOW £30 while stock lasts Contains 38 % high quality spirulina algae that are rich in protein (S. platensis) + plankton Complete nutrition and ideal growth for algae-eating Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika cichlids Nutritious and easy to di... ...
51.Northfin Fish Foods 08/11/18 Yes
Dandy Cichlids are now stocking the full range of Northfin fish foods, Cichlid/Marine/Community/Goldfish etc, We are offering 10% discount on our new online shop , PLUS FREE UK DELIVERY https://www.dandycichlids.co.uk/ just add the coupon code INTRO10 at the checkout Also 10% discount on all No... ...
52.JMC Frozen Fish foods 08/11/18 Yes
JMC Frozen fish foods in stock at Dandy Cichlids 100g Blister packs £2.00 each or 5 for £8 or 10 for £15 Artemia (Brineshrimp) Bloodworm Cyclops intensive Red Daphnia with Spirulina Krill Lobster Eggs Malawi Mix Mysis
53.Cichlids for sale 08/11/18 No
2x Geophagus Altifrons 4x Green severums 2x large angels Closing tanks due to ill health I have the following for sale: all £5 each, willing to negotiate if all taken together 3x Bosmani rainbows £10
54.Yellow Lab Cichlids 07/11/18 Yes
Yellow lab Cichlids 5- 6.5cm £2.50 Each Or discount for bulk buy. Pick up East Kilbride North Lanarkshire or Deliver local. Sorry no postage available. Picture is off Adult Male.
55.Fish needing a forever tank 06/11/18 Yes
After subsidence issues with my basement floor I'm having to re-home the following: 3 large Corydoras £4ea - 2 pepper/1 albino 1 Panda cory (smaller) £3 4+++ 3-4inch Spilurum £6 ea (Jade eyed cichlid) -1m/3f + fry 6 large Colombian red fin Tetras £3 each (2 inches +) 1 large ruby barb £4 (2 ... ...
We have in stock a stunning breeding pair of Jack dempsey. Only £40pr. WE ARE THE CICHLID EXPERTS!! COLLECTION ONLY
59.Vieja cichlids 05/11/18 Yes
I have a few vieja biff for sale biggest is 12" Message me for details. Also if on whatts app I can send videos prices from £10
61.African Cichlid aquarium 05/11/18 Yes
180 litre Aquarium with mbuna cichlids over 20 F1 cichlids and 6 Malawi catfish , nyassa substrate , lava and ocean rock remote controlled changable LED lighting ,eheim 400 air pump 4 month old fluval FX6 available separately if needed
62.Rift Lake Cichlids 04/11/18 Yes
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the f... ...
63.Various Malawi Cichlid Fry for Sale 04/11/18 No
I have a dozen mixed fry - likely hybrid, a couple maybe red peacock. Some are a couple of months old, some three or 4 months. Healthy parents and healthy tank. £1 each. Email [email protected]
64.Trimac Cichlids 04/11/18 No
Beautiful Trimac Cichlids for sale, 1"-3" Rio Naranja bloodlines. Starting at £5 for smaller ones, will do deals on bulk buys, contact for more information. Collection only.
65.Germany Trip - Over 800 Malawi Cichlid Choices & 300 Tanganyika Choices 03/11/18 No
We are planning a trip to Germany in November where we will be visiting three suppliers. We are advertising early and taking preorders. Please contact us for the list and for prices. Rare Haps, Mbuna, Peacocks and Tanganyika as well as wilds available. Can deliver on route back or ship v... ...
66.Fish Mixed Different Colour malawi peacocks 1.5- Inch - £3 03/11/18 Yes
Malawi peacocks cichlid african. 1.5 Inch £3 Each -Sunshine peacock- red shoulder peacock- Blue peacock cichlid -Taiwan Reef - Fish are colourless when they are small and get their colours as they grow. Also available Polystigma 1 Inch - £3 Each Selling as got too many fish an not enough s... ...
67.malawi peacock cichlid 4.5 inch - £15 03/11/18 Yes
Pictures are of actual fish for sale malawi polystigma cichlid 4.5 inch £15 Blue Peacock cichlid 4.5 Inch £15 0b peacock cichlid 4 Inch £15 Fire fish Peacock 4.5 Inch £15 Selling as got too many fish an not enough space to keep them all, Collection only from bd7 Great H... ...
68.Cichlid frontosa 1 Inch + - £6 Each 03/11/18 Yes
Cichlid frontosa 1 Inch + - £6 Each Price will rise as fish grow Very healthy . Selling as got to many and not enough space to kepp them all . Collection only from bd7 Great Horton 07438292462- .Call . No Txt PLS Fish will be bagged properly for their safe transportation
69.Malawi cichlids 02/11/18 Yes
Elongatus mpanga 4-5cm£2.50 each Electric blue alhi 5-6cm £3 each (Sciaenochromis fryeri) White top afra maisoni reef- 3-4 cm £2.50 each Nimbochomis venustus 2-3cm - £2.00 each Pics 1-4 are parents Pics 5-6 are fry forsale Psudotropheus saulosi red coral Approximately 3cm £2.50... ...
70.S/A cichlids wanted 31/10/18 No
Urau True parrots - hoplarchus psittacus Biotodma cuipdo Guinacara sphenozona red spot Geophagus Ideally between 2 - 5 inch Also anyb9f the following corys Sterbai Gold laser Eques Willing to travel within reason but ideally in the Midlands area. 07842496264
71.CHEAP African cichlids 31/10/18 Yes
cheap Peacock Haps 24x mixture males and females 10 adults and juveniles at 1" to 2" picture is one of the males all from same parents new project so selling them £25 lot
72.Free to good home 31/10/18 Yes
Two cichlids,species unknown though bought as blockheads which I'm pretty sure they are not.
73.FREE R.O. WATER - Weekdays when you spend £5 or over in store at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland 31/10/18 Yes
FREE R.O. WATER -When you spend £5 or over in store on any weekday you are entitled to up to 25 litres of reverse osmosis water worth £3.50-£4.00 (up to 25 litres per customer) -If you don't have your own container we sell them in store and you will still receive free R.O. water. -Show the prom... ...
74.🐟Current Livestock List🐟 31/10/2018 Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland 31/10/18 Yes
Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 31/10/2018 (We are located near Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Stamford, Corby, Leicester, and within 1 hours drive of Nottingham, Peterborough, Grantham, Kettering, Market Harborough, Bourne) We would advise customers to phone for prices, sizes of... ...
X6 Flowerhorn cichlids (Territorial) are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a "nuchal hump. *** The Above Shown Flower Horn Is from 8cm to 15cm *** *** SUPER R... ...
76.Various cichlids for sale 29/10/18 No
Amphillophus Amarillo 5inch male, very fast growing £ 30 6 gold saum ( green terrors ) 3 to 4 inch £30 for all of them Can WhatsApp pics , thanks Liam
77.Cockatoo dwarf cichlid - Apistogramma cacatuoides 29/10/18 Yes
Cockatoo dwarf cichlid - Apistogramma cacatuoides for sale. Reds and Oranges. Not related to each other. £4 each £6 pair (at this size though male and female cannot be gauranteed, it's best endeavours).
78.Discus delights, gourmet discus fish food hamper. Net weight of foods 210g. 29/10/18 Yes
NEED A CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA FOR THE DISCUS FISH KEEPER? SALE & OFFERS NOW ON SOME OF OUR HAMPER DEALS, GET THEM IN NOW WHILE THEY ARE STILL ON OFFER!! Discus delights, gourmet discus fish food hamper. Net weight of foods 210g. Apart from a fresh new look that will catch the eye on any retai... ...
79.Aquarium Rocks for cichlids and tropical fish tank - empty inside 28/10/18 Yes
Aquarium Rocks are produced from poly-resin which is safe for all aquatic life.. The rocks are empty inside and have holes. Your fish can swim through the rocks or hide inside. We stock 5 different sizes of rocks to fit small or big tanks.... Quick shipping via Hermes Courier or Parcelforce... ...
We have a stunning pair of Maraguensis in stock. They are young adults and stunning at only £40pr Not seen very often these relatives of the brichardi will make an great addition to any rift tank or as a breeding project. Also in stock we have Jumbo Pairs of Brichardi at £25pr and Neolamprolgus... ...
81.Male and female Trimac for sale, 4 inches £25 each 26/10/18 Yes
Approx. 4/5 inch male and female trimac pair for sale. Currently in a large cichlid community tank. £25 each ono but would like them to go as a pair. Will grow large so a big tank is essential.
82.4’ Tank in a Beach unit with Breeding pairs of Saulosi 26/10/18 Yes
Tank 4’x18”x16” over all height 4’ approx 20+ fish, many breeding pairs of Saulosi, also other Malawi cichlids. Fluval 406 filter, Coral Sand, LED lights, 2 heaters, all the chemicals and containers for water changes, lots and lots of extras. Food to last a few months. Sad to see them go, a change o... ...
83.African cichlids Newham. 23/10/18 No
40 African cichlids stunning examples Not hybrids 150 the lot Collect from beckton east London bring container
84.Coral Gravel (Aragonite) - 3.8 kilos bag 20/10/18 Yes
PLEASE NO MORE TIME WASTERS THIS IS FOR UNDER 4 KILOS OF GRAVEL I have an open bag of Underworld coral gravel it weighs just over 3.8 kilos. Great for Marine fish, Reef invertebrates and Rift Valley cichlids, I personally used it for upping my water ph. Bargain price of £3.50. Collectio... ...
85.Blue Dolphin Cichlid Cyrtocara Moori Malawi Cichlid 19/10/18 Yes
I am a breeder have plenty available Sizes 5cm - 7cm £5 each
Wanted convicts over 1.5" for large 7ft tank. Ideally I am after a breeding pair. Failing that, if you have several fish I would also be interested. Must be free or reasonable priced. Can collect within 20/30 miles of Cardiff. Thanks Justin
Wanted - NEXUS pond equipment, water pumps, air pumps etc considered as long as it is in working order. Bay filter, Nexus filters, box filters, Bakki shower, trickle filter, sieve filter, vortex filter, water pond pumps, Air pumps, UV systems, holding vats, quarantine system etc etc. Nexus filter,... ...
88.Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis 18/10/18 Yes
i have six Ophthalmotilapia ventralis of lake tanganykan cichlids,,,they are about five inchs ,, not sure of their sex,,, willing to sell all together for £100...best to keep them in group... i would swap these fish with large black calvus if you got any send me a video and we can do a deal,,,
89.Looking for young flowerhorn cichlids 18/10/18 No
Could travel for the right priced fish
90.Flowerhorn cichlids for sale 16/10/18 Yes
Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a "nuchal hump. ***200.00Pound*** ***The Above Shown Flower Horn Is 12inch AAA GRADE*** You will be... ...
91.Wanted True Parrot Cichlid 16/10/18 No
Hoplarchus Psitticus Do you have any above 5" if so please email location and price
92.5ft custom built male hap and peacock fx5 16/10/18 Yes
For sale is a custom built 5ft tank and white cabinet with storage beneath the tank, with led lighting, the aquarium tank is a jewel lido 450 £350 this can't go until the fish have sold I'm also selling the eheim jagger 309w heater £20 Fluval fx5 complete with everything that comes with it an... ...
93.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 14/10/2018 14/10/18 Yes
A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. If species variation is what you seek from your fish shops, then look no further, we guarantee to blow you away with our extensive collection of rare and unusual tropical fish, some of which you will... ...
94.Rare fish cichlids cats and plecs. + Afer 14/10/18 No
6" male rocktiel severum cichlid stunning reds £30 4" green terror cichlid female £8 Afer knife fish 12" £60 8" 4 lined PIM catfish £15 14" gibbi pleco £20 good home only had for 6 years. 6" albino clarius catfish £10 5" male barred Midas suspect xiloensis £10 5" uaru £10 5" ... ...
95.fish leeds 13/10/18 No
jade eye cichlids £1 each mixed malawis £5 each large plecs £10 each brown bristlenose £4 each 3 for £10 15 neons £10 12 tiger barbs £10 12 danios £10 6 corys £11 oscars £8 each white giant gourami £20 4inch adult brown bristlenoses £10 each kissing gouramis lg £10 each 3 for £25 8 plat... ...
Hi I have for sale a 11 inch proven male Jag cichlid.£20
97.Venezuela pike Cichlid for sale 10/10/18 Yes
Nice and peaceful fish. About 12¡± at the moment. Feeding well on pellet and prawn . Looking for ¡ê100 or swap with other oddball . Text me if you interested
98.Midas cichlids swap predators odd balls 10/10/18 Yes
I have around 50 Midas cichlids around 3-5 inch each .I want to swap for odd balls what you got. Thanks
99.Champsochromis caeruleus 08/10/18 Yes
Hi I have around 10 champsochromis caeruleus left, bred by myself, their growing and feeding very well. They are 6cm+ £11e Have pictures of parents if need be.. Also have a large variety of other Cichlids, young or large adults, so get in touch. Collection from Wood Green, North London, N... ...
100.Variety of SA cichlids, barbs, tanganyikan cichlids etc. 08/10/18 No
Neolamprologus occelatus F1 Isanga M&F pair £15 Altolamprologus calvus black 2 for £16 Neolamprologus brevis – M&F breeding pair £12 male brevis 3 Torpedo barbs 3.5 – 5” (very large ones) £11 each or 10 for £85 Heros efasciatus F1 Rio Arapiuns (Tapajos) 2 breeding pairs 6” pl... ...
101.Large tanks,filters and return pumps 06/10/18 Yes
Clearing out the last of my equipment and it's all the big stuff I used for breeding African cichlids... Interested in anything email or text me for info and/or prices.... Tanks 7'x 2'x 2' comes with stand,sump, return pump and all the bits 100 quid 63"x 23"x 15" just the tank 50 quid 30"x 1... ...
102.Aqua one with sump 06/10/18 No
Aqua one aquarium in gloss white, good condition Tank Lx1280mm Dx500 Hx650 Cabinet Lx1320mm D540 Hx885 Overall height from floor 1575mm Included is sump return pump & led light unit Can be used for marine or tropical Price £200.00 ovno Call Andy 07768120874 Ps Was used for Tanganyikan Cichli... ...
103.North & Central American cichlids in the Display Aquarium (New Book) 05/10/18 Yes
**Pre-orders are now being taken. please don't hesitate as there is a limited time order**. Pre- order your copy today from the Panta Rhei shop. You have only until 31st October to order. 298 pages of up to date information Over 50 Cichlid profiles Over 30 unique aquascapes Plus much more
104.50 Assorted Lake Malawi Cichlids Haifax - £120 03/10/18 Yes
Refurbishment of room means I have to sell my collection of lake Malawi Cichlids. Other than what has been born (and miraculously survived in the tank). There are at least 50 full grown fish. Use Coral sand and tufa rock only for ph control and untreated tapwater for water changes so fish are... ...
105.Many fish for sale due to tank closure wide selection 02/10/18 No
1 6" silver dollar 1 9" parrot fish 4 female venustus 1x6" &3x3" 1 common plec 9" 2 picts cat fish 4" 2 featherfin catfish 7" 3 featherfin catfish 4" 4 female adult ob peacock 2 male adult ob peacock 1 male livingstoni 9" 1 male bumblebee ... ...
106.Male Malawi cichlid £50 SOLD 28/09/18 Yes
male Malawi cichlid for sale 6 inch Red empress 5 inch Dolphin 3 inch venstus 2 x dragon blood peacock 2.5 inch electric blue alih Collect from Stevenage Selling to keep frontosa £50 for all
107.Malawi cichlids Peacocks and Haps 26/09/18 Yes
Malawi cichlids Peacocks and Haps big size betwin 6-7inch I can make a deal for more fish pick up from Tooting Bec 07702881553 Samuel price between £15-£25
108.Amphilophus xiloaensis female stoke on trent 25/09/18 No
Female amphilophus xiloaensis has recently mated with my male and laid eggs but he ate them and now she won't have him in the tank so need to regime will trade for another cichlid wouldn't mind a syn
109.Guianacara gaeyi x9 25/09/18 Yes
stunning group of guianacara gaeyi cichlids, live as a shoal so will not split, about 3" size. bargain price of 45 pounds ono (these usually sell for at least 15 pounds each as juveniles) collection East Hull
110.aulonocara cichlids for sale 25/09/18 Yes
Adult pair aulonocara for sale £8 pair not sure species also have some about 1-2 " 3 for £10 message me 07904371882
111.Keyhole cichlids 24/09/18 No
Due to closing tanks down I have 4 adult keyhole cichlids 1 female and 3 male £20 Collect from Derby.
112.Cichlids wanted 21/09/18 Yes
Cichlids Wanted ,Looking for anything to put in a new set up so nothing to big ,i am west midlands based so in this general area anything considered including small pleco .
113.fish leeds 21/09/18 No
jade eye cichlids £1 each mixed malawis £5 each large plecs £10 each brown bristlenose £4 each 3 for £10 15 neons £10 12 tiger barbs £10 12 danios £10 6 corys £11 12 silver tip tetra £10 oscars £8 each white giant gourami £20 4inch large redtail shark £8 large red fin shark £8 adult br... ...
114.GMCS auction 21/09/18 Yes
Greater Manchester Cichlid Society. Auction of Cichlids, Catfish and Dry Goods. on the 30th of September at Littleborough con club. se flyer for details.
I'm looking for some convict cichlids in or around stoke either adult or young I don't mind growing them on
116.Lots Of Haps - New Shipment 21/09/18 No
Another shipment has arrived of haps. Current stock list below: Buccochromis Spectabilis Buccochromis Nototaenia Champsochromis Spilorhynchus Eclectochromis Hertae Mylochromis Blue Torpedo Mylochromis Mchuse Protomelas Annectens Exochromis Anagenys Tyrannochromis Macrostoma Tyrannochromi... ...
117.Fossochromis rostrarus Malawi cichlids 19/09/18 No
4 juvenile fish, don't come for sale often 4 young fish £15
118.Cichlids Wanted 18/09/18 Yes
Cichlids Wanted ,Looking for anything to put in a new set up so nothing to big ,i am west midlands based so in this general area anything considered including small pleco ... ,Looking for anything to put in a new set up so nothing to big ,i am west midlands based so in this general area anything con... ...
119.Wanted 18/09/18 No
Wanted cichlids in the tameside manchester area
120.Tank closure Malawi cichlids 17/09/18 Yes
Malawi cichlids in pairs and trio's pls a few odds and sods..... these fish will be available from the end of September in Liverpool......these are mostly adult fish 3-6"(none under 3") and most have bred repeatedly. Trio kadangos 5-6" Quad red empress 5-6" sold Trio yellow labs 4-5" Pair SP44... ...
121.Red Devil cichlid 16/09/18 Yes
Nice orange and like marble white blotches all over he is a really nice fish healthy and chunky he’s around 7 inches £40 collection Peterborough can send pics via WhatsApp messenger
122.Any american or African cichilds for rehoming 16/09/18 No
Hello I have two big tanks ready for american and African cichlids for rehoming near Colchester and Clacton Essex thanks
123.10 inches Midas Cichlid for sale 16/09/18 Yes
I have a large 10" Midas Cichlid for sale (£20). It's a pretty boisterous fish, currently the sole occupant of a 400l tank. Really hoping to sell to someone with a similar or larger tank as he needs the space. Only selling as going to be away alot of the next year and can't maintain the tank.... ...
124.American Cichlids for Sale 13/09/18 Yes
2 Red-spotted Severum 5+6 inch £15 Pearsei Child 5 inch £5 Gold Severum 4 inch £5 Bandit Cichlid 3 inch £5 Collection Only Tropical fish Cichlid Aquarium
125.7-8” Tiger Oscar free to good home 13/09/18 No
Lovely tiger Oscar around 7-8 iches in size, free to a good home due to him getting a bit big and boisterous for my tank. Pics available. Needs good size tank with similar size cichlids as he is still growing. Collection from Rugby
126.Cichlid food 12/09/18 Yes
Cichlid food 750g only 1 week old and selling due to a Chang £5
127.Livestock List Natural World, Syston, Leicestershire- Tropical fish, Cichlids, 10/09/18 10/09/18 Yes
NEW! We currently have a good range of marine fish, inverts and corals. MARINE – fish & invert Purple Firefish Red Firefish Picasso Trigger Red tail blenny Green Chromis Clarkii clowns 2" Clown Fish(black ice, black clown, common) Angler Fish Turbo snails Cowrie (Cypraea) Arc Eye ... ...
128.Cleithracara maronii / Keyhole cichlid 09/09/18 Yes
I offer a young male maronii cichlid for sale for £10. He is 6 cm at length.
129.Laetacara curviceps / Dwarf flag cichlid / Aequidens curviceps 09/09/18 Yes
I offer young curviceps for sale for £10 each. They are 5-6 cm at length.
130.Red dragon Flowerhorn cichlid 09/09/18 No
Red dragon Flowerhorn cichlid he is on his own and I would also recommend for him to stay on his own as he will take on anything and will kill anything he has got a nice hump on his head nothing too big but he is still young so could still grow more he is a great Character he was also imported direc... ...
131.Fluval Roma 200 litre aquarium with upgraded leds 08/09/18 No
Hi I have a full set up available! Fluval Roma 200 with efx 300 external filter, 300w heater. It comes with JBL sansibar sand and assorted wood and plants. Thwre are a multitude of tetra, dwarf cichlids and a few rare plecs such as a Red eye plec, l091 three beacon plec and a l134 leop... ...
132.Yellow Lab Cichlids 4 inches 07/09/18 Yes
Healthy cichlids. £7 each
133.fish leeds 07/09/18 No
jade eye cichlids £1 each mixed malawis £5 each large plecs £10 each brown bristlenose £4 each 3 for £10 15 neons £10 12 tiger barbs £10 12 silver tip tetra £10 adult brown bristlenoses £10 each kissing gouramis lg £10 each 3 for £25 8 platys £10 clown loach £6 each goldfish £1.00 each w... ...
134.Silver Dollars x 3 05/09/18 Yes
Hi I’m selling my 3 silver dollars as they are being bullied by my Sajica Cichlid and are getting a bit stressed out. I think it’s two boys and a girl, the boys are 4 inches long and the girl a bit less. Will be sad to see them go but I’d rather they were happy. I’m asking for £10 for all 3. Sorry b... ...
135.Cichlids 02/09/18 Yes
I have for sale, 2 chocolate Cichlids, 1, 7 inch blue peacock. 2 clown loach, 5 panda Coreys , 2 red fin sharks , 1 blue phantom plec 4 inches, 3 other fantastic Cichlids, 1 wild,
136.Various tropical fish 02/09/18 Yes
Texas Cichlid (approx 4inches) Electric Blue Jack Demsey (approx 4inches) Pinktail Calceus (approx 5inches) One Synodontis (very similar to Ocellifer) (approx 6inches) One Synodontis Brichardi (approx 8inches) Sensible offers Will sell individually All excellent condition Can send pictures v... ...
137.Current Stock 31/08/18 No
pH Aquatics- 31st August THIS WEEKEND @ pH Aquatics , Hawkinge Kent New arrivals including : L128 Blue Phantoms, L15 Candy Stripes, Baloon Rams-Stunning, XL Silver Dollars, Hoplo Catfish, Syno Angelicus, Geophagus Red Head Topajos, Honeycomb Plec, Pea Puffers, and lots more.... Drop me a me... ...
138.Fish livestock list updated 31/08/18 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 31/08/18 Yes
Please find attached up to date stocklist published 31/0818. Please refer to our Facebook page for more regularly updated pages, along with photos, videos etc of new stock and special offers. ‭ We prefer collection from our superstore in West Sussex, on the outskirts of Crawley. We can deliv... ...
139.Salvini cichlids for sale. Delivery available 30/08/18 Yes
We have 8 salvini cichlids for sale around 9-10cm. Starting to colour and looking impressive. They are £12 each. Delivery is £16 uk only. Pick up is in Tredegar South Wales. There is a link to a video of them on YouTube https://youtu.be/KBPyGvoYF5c
140.Starry night (polleni) 28/08/18 No
I have 2,3inch starry Nights for sale, not getting on with other cichlids. Amazing looking fish.. £30 for the two or sensible offers
141.Large selection of Tropical fish equipment and Fish for Sale 24/08/18 Yes
Large corner fish tank 320 litres slight water damage on lid frame as well as front curved rim needs touching up with covering but other than that is a very good tank. Base and tank height £100.00 ONO Small 2ft tank with stand, ideal for small community setup includes light, heater and filt... ...
142.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham - Catfish, Cichlids and other rarities. 24/08/18 24/08/18 Yes
We specialize in South American catfish here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham. We have a dedicated soft water system which holds mainly wild caught South American species. Please call the shop on 01225 700167 or visit our Facebook page to enquire about pricing and availability as our stocks do c... ...
143.Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Malawi, Tanganyikan Cichlids. 24/08/18 Yes
West Midlands based aquatic retail centre. We have everything needed to keep freshwater fish happy and healthy, whether it be tropical or coldwater, aquarium or pond, we have all the necessary equipment needed to get you started, or keep you going. We have a great range of livestock and plants, and ... ...
144.🇯🇵🐟Japanese Koi🐟🇯🇵 - Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland 24/08/18 Yes
🇯🇵Japanese Koi🇯🇵 We've recently hand selected some Japanese Koi from one of our suppliers. 5-6' £27.00 Each, 3 for £75 10-12' £99.00 Each, 2 for £190.00 For more information please call 01664 454646 or pop in store. Other pond fish available in store. ... ...
145.Criptoheros Spilurus 24/08/18 Yes
Cryptoheros spilurus young. Apr 25mm. Around 30 available. These are a rarer relation to the convict cichlid but with a much more social nature. Also called the blue eyed cichlid, they reach an adult size of apr 100mm (4 inches). £3.00 each ono. Collect from DN37 7HB
146.chocolate cichlids around three inches 23/08/18 Yes
chocolate cichlids from wild parents around 3 inches for sale or swop for other fish like severums jack dempsey acara firemouth let me know what you have
147.redhead vieja synsylium south american cichlid 7 inches 23/08/18 Yes
really nice fish eats herons cichlid flake, shrimp and other meats once a week, interactive at glass bright blue eyes most of the time really stunning fish, only have to get rid because my Oscar pair dont get on with her, she is fully fertile, around 4 years old collection only. conisbourgh. open to... ...
148.central american cichlids order 20/08/18 No
Lincs fish is doing another order from the states if you want to order any of the following , drop me a mail Vieja Zonatus Rio Perro 1-1.25" 8.00 True F1 Rio Perro first time offering of 100% pure Zonatus 2-2.5" 12.00 Vieja Argentea 2-2.5" 16.00 Beautiful F1 Rio Tzendales/Guacamayas Argen... ...
149.Anomalochromis thomasi / African butterfly cichlid / Dwarf juwel cichlid 19/08/18 Yes
I offer a beautiful male Anomalochromis for sale for the price of £10. He is 6.5 cm at length.
150.MALE UMBEE CICHLID 19/08/18 Yes
I have for sale a young male Umbee about 5 to 6 inch. £75.
151.5ft aquarium with stand and filters 18/08/18 Yes
*DEPOSIT TAKEN* We are selling our full setup after an upgrade as it is no longer needed. Dimensions as follows: Length: 60" Width: 24" Height: 18" No cover and no lights - previously housed cichlids who didn't like it too bright. The stand is black metal, open style (no cupboard). Also co... ...
152.pH Aquatics- Hawkinge , Kent 17/08/18 No
pH Aquatics THIS WEEKEND @ pH Aquatics , Hawkinge Kent New arrivals including : L191, Red & Black Tail Hemiodus, Rainbow Gobies, 12" Fire Eels, Rams, Mystus Catfish, Asian Shovel mouth Catfish, Bumblebee Catfish, Angelfish, Elephant Nose & lots more..... Drop me a message to come on over..... ...
153.Young Keyhole Cichlids 17/08/18 Yes
Young fish, 3 cms, adult at 7.5cms, taking all standard foods. Excellent community aquarium fishes, £1 each. Collection from Cumbernauld.
154.SW Mentor required Darlington - Plus Buy Base rock, Live Rock, RO Water etc 16/08/18 No
About to change from Cichlid's to SW. You can only read so much before making the jump. Any help or Tanksetup viewing would be appreacited as must stores are only intested in you spending money and not wanting to help you. Looking to buy some dry or wet Live rock to start the process. All help ... ...
155.Auratus golden malawi cichlid for sale 15/08/18 Yes
Melanochromis auratus, the auratus cichlid, is a freshwater fish of the cichlid family. It is also known as golden mbuna and Malawi golden cichlid They are 3 months old And bred at home Price is £4 each or 3 for £10 or 6 for £18 1.5 inch and growing fast parents can be seen Pick up from my h... ...
156.fish leeds 14/08/18 No
15 Neons £10 8 Swordtails £10 8 Platys £10 Jade Eyes £1 each Mixed Orandas 3.99 3 for £10 12 Tiger Barbs £10 3 BRISTLENOSES £10 jewel cichlids £4
157.Wanted Cichlids 13/08/18 No
Wanted red or coloured mwali cichlids
158.Large Nicaraguan cichlid 11/08/18 No
5 inch male displaying nice colours. £15
159.XL Mbuna Malawi Cichlids 5 for £40, 10 for £70 - ONLINE OFFER 11/08/18 Yes
ONLINE OFFER PRICE, SHOW THIS TO A MEMBER OF STAFF. Assorted XL Mbuna Malawi Cichlids 5 for £40, 10 for £70 Varieties available: Snow white socolofi (Pseuditropheus socolofi ‘albino’) Yellow labidochromis (Labidochromis caeruleus) Red zebra (Maylandia estherae ‘red’) Cobalt blue zebra (M... ...
160.Obscura Heteraspila Central American Cichlid fry 08/08/18 Yes
I’m selling F2 heteraspila fry £4.00 each . Beautiful large growing Central American cichlids. And relatively peaceful compared to other centrals. The parents and fry are in the attached photos . Postage is £12 Royal Mail first class special delivery before 1pm . Fry are are 3 qtr inch long
161.gold morph male jaguar cichlid 08/08/18 Yes
fully gold morph male jaguar cichlid around 8 inches. collect from herts text 07568302451 £50 pictures really dont do it justice
162.Geophagus 07/08/18 No
Anybody breeding South American cichlids ie geophagus etc in the Sunderland Durham area
163.Jewel cichlids 06/08/18 No
Jewel cichlids X 8 Nice healthy fish around 4 inch, tank is overcrowded so need to sell. £28
164.FREE small community fish need re-homing LONDON W12 05/08/18 No
The following fish currently in various small tanks (under 90L) need re-homing. All mature 1+ years: 8 Rummynose / 5 Pentazona / 5 Blackskirt / 6 Hockeystick Pencil / 5 CPDs / 2 Neons / 3-4 Dwarf Emerald Rasboras. I also have 1 mature Sajica Cichlid. And a small family of Shellies (1 male - 2 femal... ...
165.Midas cichlids for sale 05/08/18 No
Midas cichlids 1 to 5 inches long £2 each or swap for different chichlids. Can deliver if local to gosport po130ju.
166.Red Devil, Green terror, Firemouth, Salvini Cichlids, 03/08/18 No
I have for sale 6 Red devil Cichlid 4-6inch very good quality fish £10 each 2 Firemouth 3inch £7.5 each Female Green terror 7inch big and chunky £25 2 male Salvini 4inch £10 each (or swap for 2 females)
167.4ft aquarium full setup £250 +free used watertight rio180 and stand 03/08/18 No
I have a 4ft aquarium fully setup for sale as selling up . tank is 4x2x2ft and is on a mahogany finished stand equipment in this sale: fluval fx4 external filter only 3 months old (RRP £199.00) Aqua one 1200 external filter 300w aquarium heater 20kg of JBL River sand (RRP £42.98) Custom LE... ...
168.Grade AA Super red dragon flowerhorn 4 inches £80 03/08/18 Yes
For sale I have a 4inch male super red dragon flowerhorn AA grade and feeding on hikari cichlid gold and pro-f pellets
169.3 5 inch gramodes cichlid for sale £10 02/08/18 No
Only had him a week or so but not working out in my tank. Can send pics via whatsapp for anyone interested.
170.fish tank full set up with cabinet 01/08/18 No
fish tank full set up everything you need, comes with Malawi and cichlids 122cm length 38cm width 50.5cm high tank 111cm with cabinet selling due to bereavement and don't have the time for it viewings welcome £250 ono
171.Frontosa 01/08/18 No
Large Frontosa for sale and a few cichlids willing to sell together or split on own . please contact me via email on [email protected] and i send you photos collection st5
172.Malawi Cichlids For Sale 29/07/18 Yes
I have around 50 Malawi cichlids for sale. All of them f1 and wilds. Please contact me if interested. Godalming UK
173.Tropical Fish 27/07/18 No
THIS WEEKEND @ pH Aquatics , hawkinge Kent New arrivals including : Assorted Shrimps, Dwarf Frogs.Pea Puffers, Assorted Plants, L136 Adult Group,Bullnose Pleco, Lemon Oscars, Arrowana, Clown Loach, Pike Cichlids, Assorted Platies, Fire Eels, Cory Schwartzi, Lemon Bristlenose- Both Longfin and sta... ...
174.Rare Cichlids + Other bits 27/07/18 No
For sale: - 7-8" Parachromis 'La Ceiba' male, rare wild rapps import, stunning fish. Considered the the best looking parachromis, with personality to match! £40 - Paratilapia Polleni male (Black Diamond Cichlid) Uncommon fish around 6". £40 - Jack Dempsey Female 6" Proven with my stud ... ...
175.Pseudotropheus sp. "Williamsi North" blue lips Cichlid 26/07/18 No
Hi im looking to source female pseudotropheus sp. "Williamsi North" blue lips large adults. Thanks
176.Tanganyika Cichlids NEW LIST - Tank Bred And Wilds 25/07/18 No
We are going to a well known cichlid supplier in Germany this Friday. This is the last week to send preorders. Please contact as soon as possible to express interest. There is no minimum order and we can provide door to door delivery if on route back for a small fee. Please find the sto... ...
177.Malawi Haps, Peacocks, Mbuna & Wilds NEW LIST 25/07/18 No
We are going to a well known malawi cichlid supplier in Germany this Friday. This week is the last week to send preorders. Please contact as soon as possible to express interest and for prices as we need to preorder with the supplier next week. There is no minimum order. Door to door del... ...
178.Re homing 24/07/18 Yes
Home wanted for Malawi cichlids. Community tank needs rehoming. To the person who can offer this community a forever home, they come with a purpose built tank and cabinet. Fish are and 3-8 yrs. The cabinet and filter are 3 yrs old. More info call Ian 07377679458
179.various tropical fish for sale inc shark , convicts, rainbow see desc 22/07/18 No
hi, need to do some thinning in my tanks so i have the following for sale: bala(silver shark) approx 8 inches adult £10 rainbow cichlid approx 4-5inch £5 lace catfish large ( type unknown) £5 kribensis ( adults males) £2 each marbled convicts (young adults 1-2 inch) £2.50 proven br... ...
180.4x2x2 ft tropical aquarium with flowerhorn 22/07/18 No
For sale I have a 4x2x2 aquarium and stand in mahogany finish, comes complete with the following: x1 fluval fx4 (3months old) X1 300W heater x20kg of jbl white sand x5 giant vallis aquarium plants The lights and some food (hikari cichlid gold and pro f predator pellets) x1 Grade AA Super red... ...
181.4ft jewel full set up 20/07/18 No
Around 25 mixed cichlids. They've gotten on well for the past year. One currently holding. Comes with a large built in internal filter. An all pond solutions external filter. Lots of ocean rock and lots of slate. All extras are included in picture. I have painted this a pale grey on the front and le... ...
182.Wolf cichlid 6-inch £70 19/07/18 No
Very healthy just getting rid of all my setup
183.Big beautiful tilapia cichlid for sale £60 18/07/18 No
Helfy can be a bully sometimes roughly around 9 inch
184.AFra cichlid fry 18/07/18 No
Eating healthily looking to do deals on the last twenty I have in my fry tank, please bring your own bags, a quid a fish only 20 left
185.450 litre, corner cichlid aquarium full set up inc fish £250 ono 18/07/18 Yes
everything ready to go, plants, rocks, fish, full aquarium. large external filter, uv filter, heaters, 6 air inlets. lights the lot. collection only from le67. note you will need a van and containers for the fish. £250 ono. contact gemma 07806514414
186.450 litre, corner cichlid aquarium full set up inc fish £250 ono 18/07/18 Yes
Cichlids in full set up. 450 litres corner aquarium. large ext filter and uv filter inc. everything you can see in pics. £250 ono.
187.Malawi Cichlids 16/07/18 Yes
Cichlids DN6 area Collection only 07713 154 980 Livingstoni £6 Apache (Sulfurhead) Peacock £5 Kenyi £4 White Tail Acei £5 Red Top Hongi £5 OB Peacocks £7.50 (SOLD) Venustus £5 Zebra Obliquedens £6 Red Zebra £4 OB Zebra £3 Blue Dolphins £5 Albino Ice Blue £4 Ice Blue £4 Borleyi £5 El... ...
188.Blue Cichlid with yellow fin 4-5 inch 16/07/18 No
I have a blue Malawi Cichlid with yellow fins. Beautiful fish, only selling it is bit big for my tank. Any offers welcome, collect from Reading, Berkshire.
189.Rehoming fish 14/07/18 No
Hi we are willing 2 re-home ur unwanted fish for people who have pack ther tanks away or lost of interest or dont have time for them we take any fish in from frys to adults there is 2 of us that rescue fish and give them a new home in are aquarium and with new buddys 😁 🐟&... ...
190.d&d over tank light 14/07/18 No
for sale d&d aquarium light 5 foot length 2 80w tube very stong light with reflector perfect for marine or cichlid price 50£
191.BCA Summer Convention 15th July (New venue in Preston) 13/07/18 Yes
The BCA Proudly Present Our Spring Convention Family Friendly Date: 15th July Venue : Park Hall Hotel, Park Hall Road, Charnock Richard, Preston, PR7 5LP Speakers George Turner & Graham Ash Lectures George Turner - The Cichlid Research aquarium at Bangor University Gra... ...
192.Cichlid Tank Shutdown 13/07/18 Yes
Everything must go.Stock includes Frontosa Kigoma male Annecten male Red Empress male:2females Borleyi Kandango male:2females Saulosi male:2females Metriaclima Fainzilberi male:2females Metriaclima Pyrsonotos Nakatenga male Tropheops Yellow Mauvex5 Tropheops Yellow Hongi juvenilesx20 Litho... ...
193.Tropheus Duboisi Cichlid 13/07/18 Yes
I have a group of Tropheus Duboisi fry Approx 2cm £5 each Also have large juveniles beginning to lose spots and get their yellow bands. £10 each. Pls call 07939086396
194.Nimbochromis Livingstoni Cichlid Pair 13/07/18 Yes
I have a breeding pair of F1 Nimbochromis Livingstoni Approx 4.5 inches £50 the pair Pls call 07939086396
195.For sale 13/07/18 No
Fluval Roma 125 aquarium with matching base,good condition, new matching pump, jaeger heater, new lighting unit, white coral substrate, including extras, and assortment of cichlids if wanted, £115 with fish, £100 without.
196.Dandy Cichlids Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids UPDATED LIST 12/07/18 Yes
Collection or courier service available GENUS SPECIES WILD / F1 / TB SIZE PRICE Cynotilapia Afra Cobue TB 4-5 cm £7.50 each Cynotilapia Afra Cobue F2 6 - 8 cm £25 a pair Cynotilapia Afra Jalo Reef TB 4 - 5 cm £7.50 each Cynotilapia Afra White Top Hara Galileya Reef F1 4 - 6 cm £7.... ...
197.Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Plecs, Corys, and unusual species 11/07/18 Yes
We are based in South Staffs, just south of the city of Lichfield. We have about 170 stock tanks covering all types of tropical, temperate, and coldwater fish, shrimps, fighting fish, African cichlids, and discus. We pride ourselves on the quality and range of our fish, the cleanliness of our tanks,... ...
198.jeff rapps order 10/07/18 No
JEFF RAPPS ORDER IN 10 DAYS This order already has enough to make sure it goes ahead inbox me if you are interested SOUTH AMERICAN CICHLIDS Aequidens tetramerus 2.5-3" 10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea. wild collected at San José del Rio Guaviare 'saddled acara'- juveniles of large growing acara w/ orn... ...
HELLO, Ive had these fish for a few years now and have decided is time for a change of of set up and revert to African Cichlids. These fish are perfectly harmonious with each other and get along great.The are all of a good mature size and feed well. The fish are all fin perfect and in excellen... ...
200.Green Terror 06/07/18 No
Stunning Green Terror cichlids. Approx 4 to 5 inches. Show quality fish. £20 I'm based in Chessington. Graham
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