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1.Coral table 21/05/19 Yes
2 coral tables for sale 60x20x18 one with weir and connecting holes to the other tank £50 rack or 2 for £80
2.1mm coral sand 25kg bags new 2 avalible £25 each 21/05/19 No
2bags of 1mm coral sand 25kg bags new asking £25 each bargain no offers,collection from the wembley area,callS ONLY if interested.
3.Aquaroche tables 20/05/19 Yes
Unloading spare and removing 500l spare tank from garage. Collection Only on 3 x Aquaroche tables / shelves to rehome, 2 are seeded and in the water (see images) and 1 x large one dry. loads shelfs and spots for coral placement and rough measurements are Medium seeded = 300 x 300 x 300 (£35) Lar... ...
4.Marine, Saltwater & Tropical Equipment - Ecotech, Hanna, Reefloat, etc... 20/05/19 Yes
More details through PM (price list is bellow). Some items can be posted. Collection from Kingston Upon Thames. . - DoAqua 60P tank & stand + overflow box - £75.00 . - Ecotech Radion XR15w G4 Pro - £230.00 . - Ecotech Radion XR15 Tank Mount - £40 . - Ecotech Radion XR15w G1 Freshwater - £1... ...
5.Corals trade for lion fish and other types 18/05/19 Yes
Looking to trade 18 head candy cane . Duncan coral with 3 heads and some zoa 2of them and one has over 20 heads collection only let me no if interested collection only looking for cleaner wrasse and other types as well will get moor pictures later
6.For sale bargain prices 16/05/19 Yes
Marine fish for sale Marine fish for sale including corals and live rock please ask for prices all bargains-will need to be collected by Saturday. Bagshot Surrey. Email [email protected] leave phone number and I will calls not able to upload all fish photos lots of marine fish in perfect condition
7.tank breakdown due to house move 16/05/19 No
i have to breask down a much loved reef tank system approx 1800litres tank 9feet x27" x27" whole system and equipment for sale and livestock and corals.
8.Various coral frags, collection only Hemel Hempstead 12/05/19 Yes
Quite a few nice pieces on the frag racks at the moment. Left hand rack has Galaxia (£10), unknown green Acro (£10), unmounted Seriatopora (£6), unmounted purple-tipped Acro (£6), two-heads of purple/green Hammer (£15) Right hand rack has Montipora Confusa (£10), Hysterix birds nest (£10), Mon... ...
9.Kenya Tree. (Marine Coral.) 12/05/19 Yes
Kenya Tree soft coral on peice of live rock 2 inch wide. 2 inch tall. (Approx.) Buyer collects. Bring a container. £10
10.bubble tip anemone (coral, marine) 12/05/19 Yes
bubble tip anemone. 2 inch across. Green, purple, orange. Buyer collects. Bring your own container. £10. North Leicestershire.
11.LARGE bright Green Montiporia coral. 12/05/19 Yes
LARGE bright Green plating Montiporia coral. 12 inch across. Selling due to size. Some Purple patching due to new lights And low potassium, but bigger tank with decent lights it will be fine. Buyer Collects, bring you own container North Leicestershire. £60. 07525 867887
12.Fluval Roma 125L Marine set-up 11/05/19 Yes
Fluval Roma 125 Litre Fish Tank L 32” W 14” D 20” approx. Cabinet L 32” W 14” D 28” approx.. Excellent condition. Tank/Cabinet. Live Rock including existing coral. 4 yrs old. Arcadia Classica Stretch Light unit CS60m. Heater 100/150 watt. Internal Eheim Filter including filter medium. Wavema... ...
13.1mm coral sand 10/05/19 No
1mm coral sand, it has been washed through and is ready to go £20
14.Pulsing Xenia Marine Coral Frag £5 09/05/19 Yes
Pulsing Xenia frags for sale. Approximately 7 available Fragged onto small rocks Great to watch Very easy to look after and great for beginners. Multiple heads on each rock Collection from Shepard’s Bush
15.Ocean Rock & Coral Sand 08/05/19 Yes
Hi i have this pile of Ocean Rock for sale, £15 Bucket of Coral sand £10
16.Corals Marine Aquarium Breakdown 08/05/19 Yes
Goniopora £40 Candy cane around 30 heads £35 Gsp on rock £20 Green sps £15 Red sps £15 Gorgonian tree £25 Hermit Crabs £5 each Around 15kg live rock Text 07954040533
17.Large colony of red Acans £100 maidstone kent 07/05/19 Yes
As per photo. Has well over 40 heads. Always on show. Stunning specimen. Reason for sale. Tank slowly being broken down.. other corals available too. Fish , rock, equipment for sale at a later date.
18.Ehiem full set up £350 07/05/19 Yes
Ehiem full set up to include everything to get started white sand rocks corals heater external filter cabinet in white beautiful when set up still in use buyer can view before purchase also 2 clown fish nigger trigger domino damsel 2 chromies dragon wrasse bargin for new starter photos can be sent ... ...
19.Red sea 250 07/05/19 Yes
Beautiful Red Sea 250 with sump to include Skimmer return pump all pipe work rocks gravel heater lights no fish couple of corals reducing my tanks this has to go 750 bargin at this price
20.Live rock, green Zoah coral with red bubble tip anemone attached, blue legged hermits for sale 07/05/19 Yes
Live rock 25kg - £70 Large Green Zoah coral with small red bubble tip anemone attached - £50 4 x blue legged hermit crabs, 1 turbo snail and 1 emerald green crab possibly ( haven’t seen him for a while) all for £20 Collection Crowthorne
21.corals 07/05/19 No
hi i would like some soft corals or frags please in the essex area must be cheep prices please,or any other corals you think may be suitable for a 30gal tank with canister filter thank you in advance please message me at [email protected]
22.Reduced 8 hammer heads 5” Tall 06/05/19 Yes
8 hammer heads coral £60 or double head £18 2 double head left or 2 for £30 that’s under white light
23.Duncan and ham head coral buddy tip for sale 04/05/19 Yes
Duncan and hammer heads 1 head up to 8 head start from 6.50 and over coral from sale
24.Coral Discs and Plugs for your fragged corals £30 02/05/19 Yes
Job Lott bulk buy Make me a fair Offer?? 1 x bag Boston Aqua farms Plugs 20 cured aragocrete 1 x bag Boston Aqua farms Reef Discs 15 cured aragocrete Rest estimates: 1 x bag 25 discs cured aragocrete, 14 plastic plugs 4 square flats cured aragocrete 1 x bag 30 plugs cured aragocrete main bag g... ...
26.Live rock 01/05/19 Yes
30/40kgs of live rock for sale from my tank shutdown. Some has mushroom coral and gsp. Collection from Telford £100 for the lot
27.Blood shrimps/live rock for sale 01/05/19 Yes
1 blue yellow tailed blue damsel fish, 1 blue legged hermit crab, 2 orange legged hermit crabs, 2 small Corals, 2 fire shrimps. £40 ono Approx 15kg live rock £30 07920226104 shrewsbury, Shropshire
28.Complete marine set up. 30/04/19 Yes
We are selling our cleair 500 litre marine tank, water, fish and equipment. There is sump with skimmer and everything required. 2 x power heads 1x powder blue tang 2 x clarki clowns 1 x humbug 4 x damsels Fire shrimp Cleaner shrimp Emerald and hermit crabs Snails. Kenya tree coral ( g... ...
31.Fluval M90 27/04/19 Yes
Stunning Fluval sea reef M90 marine aquarium set (135 litres) for sale! Tank is empty and ready to go. Comes with dry live rock, foods and coral food. With high performance LED lighting, upgraded skimmer and extra wavemakers, this set up will make keeping marine fish and corals a breeze. Sump is... ...
32.Maroon clownfish for swap 26/04/19 No
Looking to swap my maroon clownfish for either fish, corals, frags, inverts anything let me know. My clowns took a dislike so she is now living in my qt tank for her own protection lol. Message for any swap ideas Thanks
33.Kenya tree coral 25/04/19 Yes
We have several pieces of Kenya tree coral for sale attached to various pieces of rock. Prices rang from £5 to £20 depending on how many branches are on each piece. Also have some pulsing zenia.
34.Fish and corals 24/04/19 Yes
downsizing 430ltr system, the following are for sale as result x1 Pyjama wrasse £10 x1 magnificent foxface £25 x1 kole tang £25 x4 Chromis £15 lot x1 Bangai Cardinal fish £15 Large (15cm) toadstool leather coral £25 Orange bubble mushrooms (discosoma Sanctithomae) £10 ea. Orange, green, pur... ...
35.Toadstool Leather coral frags 24/04/19 Yes
Leather coral frags @ £10 each I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. about 3' in size - 7 available
36.Fish for sale 23/04/19 No
Banngi fish. 2inch coral beauty and 3inch regal for sale 40 pounds for all 3 WN88HT area
37.Stunning LPS and Mushroom corals 23/04/19 Yes
Hi all, For sale is some of my LPS and Mushrooms. Pink tip hammer head £20 Bright green trumpet £10 Watermelon Mushroom £4 Dan.
38.Livestock in Complete marine set up. 20/04/19 Yes
1x powder blue tang 2 x clarki clowns 1 x humbug 4 x damsels Fire shrimp Cleaner shrimp Emerald and hermit crabs Snails. Kenya tree coral ( growing lots ) Button Polyps Toadstools Mushrooms We are selling our cleair 500 litre marine tank, water, fish and equipment. There is sump w... ...
39.Duncan’s coral 19/04/19 Yes
Aussie Duncan’s coral (bright green stem), only 1.5 - 2 inches but has 6 small heads. £20 - collection from chesterfield.
40.marine reef led light 18/04/19 Yes
This light is ideal for a nano aquarium 12 * 3w Bridgelux LED's Black Housing Integrated Fan Clear 60 Degree Lenses - Focus the light direct to the corals! 6 Royal Blue - 4 Cool White - 1 Warm White - 1 Fiji Purple Perfect mix of the colour spectrum for your corals. Glass Splash Proof Fini... ...
41.Full set up including over 30 Malawi Chiclids 16/04/19 Yes
35 assorted Chiclids including aprrox the following 5 x Metriaclima greshakei (ice blue cichlid) 7 x Labidochromis Coureleeus 1 x Red Tail Plec (25cm long) 3 x Synodontis pretend upside down catfish 3 x assorted cichlids 3 x black and blue and yellow striped 3 x Aulonocara hansbaenschi... ...
42.Big View 400 LITRE Tank, Full set up including over 30 Malawi Chiclids 16/04/19 Yes
This is a complete set up. There are 2 filters, 1 in the lid and an external filter which is only 6 months old and includes ultra violet filtering. 35 assorted Chiclids including aprrox the following 5 x Metriaclima greshakei (ice blue cichlid) 7 x Labidochromis Coureleeus 1 x Red Tail... ...
43.AQUAONE AquaReef 300 setup 14/04/19 Yes
Here is my aquaone aquareef 300, looking to sell or to swap for something smaller (100-200 litre) I'll be keeping the torch, hammer, xenia, rock of gsp and leather corals all fish and rock shown is included. Equipment is Tmc 450 skimmer, tmc reactor, 3600lph return pump, 2x tunze wave makers and 5 ... ...
44.Filters forsale 14/04/19 No
Aqua one aquis 550 series 2 external filter only used for 1 month £40. Eheim 2080 external filter anyone who knows these filters knows how good they are £80. Course coral gravel enough for a 6x2x2. £20 please call or text 07500802756
45.cheato and corals 12/04/19 No
based in wigan! after some cheato, corals or small tangs. give me a shout if you have anything close by. Cheers
46.Deltec Tank and Equipment 10/04/19 Yes
Deltec Panarama tank and cabinet aprox 1000x52x58 235L with a 40l sump.Tank pannles made from 5mm melamine laminate on 5mm glass backing.Cabinet 1000x41x70made from glass and laminate panles. Quality tank from Deltec. 1. Jbl Proflora Co2 2kg 2. Co2 Pressure regulator 3. Aqua Medic Calcium Reacto... ...
47.Tank breakdown for sale 07/04/19 Yes
I have a 300ltr tank that i do not have time for anymore to maintain and so am selling everything within. 2 x clown fish 1 x Regal tang 1 x Dwalf Angel 1 x green Cromin 1 x yellow tailed blue damsel 1 x blue velvet damsel 1 x stripped damsel 1 x royal dottyback dartfish 1 x blue face juve... ...
48.Full marine setup £700 06/04/19 Yes
Tank 39x18x32” Base 39x18x25” Complete with the following Eheim 300watt heater plus spare 300watt heater Deltec MCE600 skimmer Vortech MP40wQD Jebao wavemaker and controller DD FMR75 reactor with Eheim pump and Eheim regulator 2 Kessel A360WA lights with goosenecks and spectral controller V... ...
49.Large Aquarium 7 Foot, £1200 including fish 04/04/19 Yes
7 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft Aquarium for Sale, only 2 years old, front glass is Opti white and has sliding glass covers, LED lights, 2 heaters, Fluval FX6 filter, coral rocks and sand, wave maker, etc. High gloss cabinet and hood with hinges, and ventilation, No scratches at all. Buyer has to organise remov... ...
50.Marine corals 01/04/19 Yes
Sheffield Live marine corals for sale lps sps and softies all on frag disc’s all corals have been dipped in reef primer to minimise any pests. £7 a frag disk a part from candy Cains witch are £5 a head. Also have some sort after zoas Rastas,purple bees and green people eaters all from £5 a polyp d... ...
51.Complete marine setup 24/03/19 Yes
Aqua evolution 1200 pro Aqua illumination hydra 52hd pro lights x 2 Nyos 160 skimmer Complete apex system consistent monitoring of ph temperature etc with a pair of wav wave makers and apex auto top up system ALR1 algae light reactor Aqua evolution uv steriliser Aqua medic carbon reactor ... ...
52.Pearl bubble coral 23/03/19 Yes
Pearl bubble coral (plerogyra lichtensteini ) for sale this caral is about 4 to 5 inch it is the piece on right in photos £35 Call or message graham Mobile 07948355161 Home 02392610355 Collection from havant
53.Cleair Aquarium for sale marine set up with all stock inc 22/03/19 Yes
over a dozen Corals 2 common clownfish 1 maroon clownfish 2 regal damsels 2 green chromis 5 orange and pink anthias radiant wrasse pink and yellow fish 1 chalk goby 1 watchman goby rabbit face fox fish yellow tang freckle face tang few red legged crabs emerald crab cleaner crabs sn... ...
54.Cleair Aquarium for sale marine set up with all stock inc 22/03/19 Yes
I have for sale a marine set up in a 450l tank with overhead marine light, protein skimmer, nitrate remover, wave machine, filters, heaters, pumps and sump tank. RO machines various testing kits and medicating kits. Inc in sale is all live rock over a dozen Corals 2 common clownfish 1 maroon cl... ...
55.Coral Sand 22/03/19 No
Large recycling container full of coral sand. Enough to give a very good covering on a 6-7 ft tank. £20. Call or text Stuart on 07974650297 DO NOT MESSAGE ON HERE OR EMAIL
56.marine fish tank 3 live coral and plastic sale has one all fish £750 ono 19/03/19 Yes
for sale is my the whole lot of my marine set up with sump pump all fish and corals uv light everthink is there full set up 25lt contaners loads of extras only saleing has going back to tropical fish and want a smaller tank my do a deal on a tropical tank let me know what u have got for any m... ...
57.Tank breakdown sale - still a few items left 18/03/19 Yes
I have a couple items left for sale in this post. We are moving in the next 3 weeks and there will be no space for my system :-( Description of the items for sale below Corals: 1 x Electric Green Cabbage leather @ £20 1 x small pulsing xenia @£5 Live rock 8 years fully cured @ £8 per... ...
58.Complete Red Sea MAX fully functioning system with fish and many corals 17/03/19 Yes
Illness forces reluctant sale after 20 years of successful fishkeeping. Complete Red Sea Max system with top of range external filters and high quality AI app controlled multi function lighting, integral two Halea chillers,plus much more. Established corals and 15 assorted very healthy fish. Read... ...
59.Red Sea Reefer 450 full set-up 17/03/19 Yes
Red Sea Reefer 450L saltwater marine aquarium including sump and associated equipment: 5ft Tank & sump (450L total) Tank cover Black Red Sea Reefer 3-door cabinet 3 x AI Prime LED lights Maxspect RazR wavemaker Return pump & piping RO water purifier Auto-water changer Auto-water t... ...
60.Led lights 13/03/19 Yes
Hi I have two led lights beam works great for two foot or three foot planted tropicle tank £25each or two for £40 would consider swap for corals
61.Full Marine Setup - Now selling items separately 09/03/19 Yes
For sale is my marine tank & equipment including lights, skimmers, pumps, heaters etc. Very good condition The tank is rimless and braceless allowing for a clean look with no viewing obstructions. Size: Length - 48 Inches (122cm) Width - 18 Inches (46cm) Height - 18 Inches (46cm... ...
62.Tubbs stellata sps 07/03/19 Yes
For sale or swap,this is tubbs stellata sps which is a sort after coral. This one is £30 can post which will need to be covered or collection from East Taphouse, Cornwall £300
63.Red Sea reefer 170 06/03/19 Yes
Reefer 170 white Ration gen 3 with bracket Reef link 2 x mp10 both new wet sides Vectra s1 return pump Reef skim 300 skimmer Bubble magus reactor Kessil h80 sump light Loads of live rock and corals as seen in piks Pair grade a breeding clown fish 2 x rose bubble tip anemones Flame ang... ...
64.CORAL FRAGS 05/03/19 Yes
65.Rehoming of any fish, coral or rock 05/03/19 Yes
Hello, I know I probably won't get a response but here we go. I have set up a 900l marine tank and cycled fully but after finding out the Mrs is pregnant that's had to take priority. If anybody in or around Manchester have any fish, coral or rock they don't need or equipment they don't want please c... ...
66.Marine fish 05/03/19 No
Wanted marine fish and corals must be close to Manchester please ring with details thanks 07887552059 must be reasonable prices
67.Full marine set up £600 03/03/19 Yes
Mature Marine tank full set up everything you need including all coral to much to list and all fish. Two clowns, two cardanals, blue manderin, dwarf lion fish, snowflake eel, Royal gramme and 3 reck fish, I don't want to sell but due to relationship break down I have no choice. £600 collection Leice... ...
68.Zoa frag 01/03/19 Yes
I have got a frag of everlasting gobstopper £5 and I have some small soft corals frags £5 I can send photos on what's app .thanks
69.Marine set up £100ono 28/02/19 No
I have a 180 litre with an approx 30 litre sump. I haven't had time to maintain so will need some tlc. Around 16kg of live rock, no live stock. I am not willing to break it down I want to sell as a set up. £140ono It comes with led lights which corals will servive under, 2 x power heads, heater, s... ...
70.Torch coral, hammer coral, leather coral for sale - nr Royston, Herts 26/02/19 Yes
- Green torch coral (3 heads). £30 - Green torch coral (5 heads). SOLD - Hammer coral (3 heads). £15 - Hammer coral (2 heads). SOLD - Toadstool leather coral. Approx 5 inches in diameter. £30 See link for pictures Collection only (or may deliver at short distance) Email me at: an... ...
71.Live rock, corals and livestock In 300 Litre Marine aquarium 24/02/19 Yes
Includes live rock, corals and livestock. Will consider selling livestock and coral seperately. Any questions please call Andy on 07869 126111
72.300 Litre Marine aquarium 24/02/19 Yes
Includes live rock, corals and livestock. Will consider selling livestock and coral seperately. Any questions please call Andy on 07869 126111
73.Bargain frags. SPS, LPS, zoas. Farnborough, Hants. CHEAP 24/02/19 Yes
From Triton run healthy system with GHL & T5 hybrid lighting Rainbow catspaw Stylophora £12 Gold branching hammer. Much sought after euphyllia. 2 heads, £30 each Gold frogspawn. Again another rare euphyllia. £50 Large Montipora Stellata neon green colony. £40 Green with blue polyp Hys... ...
74.marine coral rock 22/02/19 Yes
Taken out of tank and put in tank water, 10kg + local store sells for £11 per KG :O (works out over £100s worth) I am selling for £25. If you are reading this then this is available!
75.Marine coral 20/02/19 Yes
Elephants ear marine coral Aprox ten inches in size Maidenhead aquatics are selling a smaller one for 90pounds willing to swap for fish or coral so what have you got for swaps or £70
76.Marine Fish Food 17/02/19 Yes
Aquarium Systems ala carte seaweed open but full JBL Plankton pur unopened New Era Aegis pellets 50% full New Era Algae pellets 90% full New Era Marine pellets 90% full New Era Marine Grazer new sealed Salifert coral food 250ml. Collection Harlow Essex Price £20 Retail over £85 TEL ... ...
As all the fish are now sold the other items are all available. Dual alloy strip LED light, 79cm long with power pack, £20 APS 300w heater with heater guard and suction cups, 3 months old still got the box for it. £10 25kg 5-10mm coral sand, using around 5-10kg in the tank and still got aro... ...
78.Mantis Digital Refractometer 16/02/19 Yes
Mantis Digital Refractometer for sale. As good as new condition. £60,- or nearest offer A must have for anyone in the Marine fish and coral keeping hobby...!!!
79.A number of marine fish items £25 15/02/19 Yes
Marine fish stuff for sale. Various prices but all more than half price. 2x each one is 250ml large tubs Salifert KH & PH buffer, one is open but unused, other is still sealed. £12 20ml joes juice used once £5 20ml coral dip NEW £5 Kent marine hydrometer new unopened £4 Acrylic fra... ...
80.Very large plate coral 15/02/19 Yes
Selling my very large plate coral. Base of plate is around 6-7 inches. When fully out, this coral can expand to around 10 inches. It’s to big for my tank, that’s the only reason I’m selling. Looks nice in flow. Fed on Red Sea coral nutrition and reef Reef roids. The coral is very healthy. Collec... ...
81.Wanted Euphyllia Coral frags, Torch or Hammer for new Marine tank 12/02/19 No
Wanted Euphyllia Coral frags, Torch or Hammer for new Marine tank. I live in Camberley, Surrey but am willing to travel. Cash waiting.
82.Complete marine set up 04/02/19 Yes
TMC 600 tank, Maxspect light, assorted live rock, variety of sps and lps corals, cuc and 3 fish (clown pair and orchid dotty back). All necessary equipment, pump, skimmer, heater, wave maker and backups, test kits and second cabinet. At this stage I'm not considering splitting the set up. Reluctantl... ...
83.live rock 23 kg half price only £6 per kilo 01/02/19 Yes
live rock 23 kg £6 per kilo instead of pet shop £12 per kilo also 1 x soft coral worth £40 you can have for £20 collection from Leicester LE2 offers welcome
84.Ecosystem Miracle Mud 5lbs 28/01/19 Yes
Miracle Mud is a product of EcoSystem Aquarium that has been carefully formulated to include all the essential trace elements, minerals, and components necessary to maintain a successful aquarium. Miracle Mud will continually replenish your aquarium's concentration of trace elements and mineral... ...
85.Ecosystem Miracle Mud 3.5lbs 28/01/19 Yes
Miracle Mud is a product of EcoSystem Aquarium that has been carefully formulated to include all the essential trace elements, minerals, and components necessary to maintain a successful aquarium. Miracle Mud will continually replenish your aquarium's concentration of trace elements and mineral... ...
86.large tub of coral sand used £10 bring your own bucket etc 26/01/19 No
large tub of coral sand used £10 bring your own container etc,collection from the Wembley area.
87.Fluval M40 23/01/19 No
Hey guys i have a Fluval M40 full setup for sale. It includes the following M40 tank and stand Nano sea light Fluval nano skimmer 50w heater Return pump 2 Fluval wave makers Fluval electric thermostat 9kg of live rock Vitalis falakes and pellets Reef-Roids Soft coral food LPS cor... ...
88.Contents of reef tank 22/01/19 No
Looking to go back to freshwater- so gauging interest in my tank contents! Clown trigger6 inches- never bothered coral or other livestock) True percula and black and white clown pair - hosting large green carpet anemone Spare black and white clown Adult convict blender/ engineer goby Rough fil... ...
Hi, looking for marine fishes and corals-anemones must be close to London but willing to travel out please text with details thanks 073 9238 4318 must be reasonable prices Text only, Many thanks
90.coral and ocean rock various colours 17/01/19 Yes
I have lots of the Coral and Ocean Rock for sale , various colours , house move forces sale . Reasonable offers must go asap .
91.5ft x24x30 aqaurium 7 accessories 13/01/19 Yes
L -5ft x W 24 " x H 30" 12MM glass aquarium , sliding glass lids } cabinet and hood ( heavy tank ) slight water damage to bottom of unit , fx6 filter 5ft LED twin mood lighting twin air pump with air stones , coral sand - ocean rock 2 x terracotta pots 2 x 300w heaters thermome... ...
92.Marine tank for sale 12/01/19 Yes
24x24x24 Betta marine setup Sump system with live rock , miracle mud return pump sand heater. Complete with 165w multi channel coral light. New coral sand. £350 no offers Wirral based
93.Complete marine tank 24g - £300 10/01/19 Yes
Innovative marine Nuvo 24 tank (24 gallons) - tank has sump at the back Innovative marine custom caddy filter basket Innovative marine return pump Maxspect razor light fixture (boxed) - great light grew sps corals and anemones. Heater Tunze 9002 skimmer - used condition but works we... ...
94.Interpet LED Triple Light - BRAND NEW IN BOX 07/01/19 Yes
I have a brand new interpet triple LED for sale. Bought for a project that never happened. Been sat in a cupboard for a few months and will never be used, so may as well get rid. Measures 29.5” and good for up to 3ft tanks. Super bright LEDs will grow plants and coral with ease. I pai... ...
95.Rimless opti-white glass custom aquarium for sale. 50 gallon £120 ready to go 04/01/19 Yes
Rimless tank in 10mm glass. Opti-white front and right panel All custom spec. Brilliant internal weir left back corner (top and bottom combs) best type of weir for removing detritus top and bottom of the tank 865mm (L) x 565mm (W) x 460mm (H) It has been the perfect tank for me having wa... ...
96.coral sand , shell gravel and calcium plus . 03/01/19 No
Large ammount of coral sand , shell gravel , calcium plus . for sale reasonable offers , buyer to collect . Must go due to house sale
97.Red Sea Reefer 170 Full Setup 29/12/18 Yes
Full setup for sale or livestock and other goods available separately: * Red Sea Reefer 170L Tank + Sump + Stand * Ai Prime LED App-controllable full spectrum light * Red Sea net lid (still in box) * Rossmont mover powerheads x2 * Reef tide Wavemaker with controller * Eheim return pump * Bu... ...
98.Various corals 28/12/18 Yes
I have a few corals to sell I have a few softies pulse green Xenia green leather some bright red mushrooms and 3 hard corals all good and healthy just closing down 1 of my tanks prices varying from £5-£75 depending on coral and size of live rock there on way cheaper than shop prices
99.Niger trigger or red tooth when he turn adult 28/12/18 Yes
Loverly healthy fish sound in my reef tank don’t pick at corals at all just shutting down 1 of my tanks £35
100.aquarium lighting 28/12/18 No
Gieseman Aurora Hybrid led/T5 unit 1500mm. Will cover 6'*2.5'. Successful coral reef light. Stunning Quality unit with suspension kit. As new. Offers taken.
101.Aquarium 28/12/18 No
6'*2'*2.5'w 12mm glass aquarium. Top outlets and inlets. excellent condition. custom built. all equipment available. v.successful coral reef tank. 40mm box welded stand also available.
102.Aquatic Store for sales, fixtures and fittings 28/12/18 Yes
Complete Aquarium Store for sale, fixtures and fittings. Includes 60 Freshwater Tank System 19 Marine aquarium system, with TMC skid system 3 Coral Bays 10 Lge stock tank system with 2 sumps 5 240ltr pond stock tanks with filters 1 500 gallon koi stock tank with filter lily disp... ...
103.£265 26/12/18 Yes
6ft x2 x 1 fish tank The tank comes with stand all sockets build in heater Eheim eco pro filter rocks and crash coral sand Upgrading to bigger one The tank now is empty and ready to go
104.Marine tank and stock 21/12/18 Yes
(BARGAIN) marine tank fish and corals in immaculate condition £350 ( No offers) No time waster please.
105.Clown trigger 15/12/18 Yes
Stunning healthy clown trigger for sale about 2.5 inch from Yale to mouth and nice thick body fish only tank would suit as he’s started to nibble and corals now so time for him to go
106.Total marine set up 12/12/18 Yes
Oak cabinet and aquarium 110cm length, 136cm high, 45cm width, volume 200l Cabinet has a cupboard with a removeable shelf and 2 deep drawers. The rear of the cabinet is drilled for pipework and cabling access and easily accommodates an external filter. Comes fully equipped with some spares. Over... ...
107.fish 10/12/18 No
looking for corals and fish pm me thxs
108.Marine Fish & Invert.. 08/12/18 Yes
109.Cyano algae eating snails 04/12/18 Yes
Cyano algae eating snails. Best for destroying any type of algea incl.: Green hairy, Brown, Any colour cyano, Diatoms. Safe with corals and fish. Set of 10 for £45. Collection from shop only.
111.Redsea reefer 250 02/12/18 Yes
Up for sale is my redsea reefer 250 It's in good condition. 2 light scratches on the side glass, hardly noticeable!. Comes with the sump and all the pipework. I removed the hinges and fitted magnets round the door edge as i couldn't open the doors from how I had it placed. The hinges are abit r... ...
112.Large Marine Tank Breakdown 01/12/18 Yes
Update just the LR left now mainly Java. Very well seeded as been filtering 800 litres for over 4 years. Xenia on some rocks. Open to offers to collect asap. Hi I'm breaking down my large Marine Aquarium as I no longer have time to maintain it. I'd prefer to sell as a whole but may consider off... ...
113.Wanted lps/sps and soft corals 27/11/18 No
Hi, looking for mixture or corals for sale within the Leeds area for my mixed reef tank. Please contact with any you have for sale.
114.Marine quality LED aquarium light. Freshwater potential. Coral growing. 25/11/18 Yes
I have an aqua one mariglo 90 40w LED for sale. Super bright, but sadly too much for my freshwater 15 inch deep tank/ plants. Would suit deeper tank or one with co2 setup or preferentially marine. I use internet triple leds on my other tanks and this one is so much brighter!! Light is for tan... ...
115.last of shop stock at great prices - 24/11/18 No
full list below - we are doing job lots of goods to move them fast all serious offers considered Box 1 Colombo Test Kits Phosphate test 8 £8.99 £71.92 Ammonia Test 3 £8.49 £25.47 KH Test 6 £6.29 £37.74 Potassium Test 2 £16.99 ... ...
116.Aquarium Tank - 6 Feet long - £200 23/11/18 Yes
Aquarium Tank only. Fishes and live rock also sold separately on another ad: Marine Fish Tank - Complete set-up. Dimensions: Length - 6 Feet Width - 2 Feet Height - 2 Feet Tank also includes four cabinets, made out of wood, painted medium oak colour. Includes: - With marine fish ta... ...
117.Wanted - Softies\Beginner Corals - Darlington Area 21/11/18 No
Just after some small frags - Martin 07876 707717
118.Marine fish for sale between Reading & Newbury 17/11/18 Yes
Hi there, my fish have outgrown the tank a little and would like to focus more on corals. For sale are: - magnificint Foxface (now sold) - lovely Yellow Tang - several blue chromis (now sold) - a stunning dragon wrasse (photo to follow) - carpenters fairy wrasse - leopard wrasse I've nev... ...
119.Red Sea MAX Nano - Full setup info in description 16/11/18 Yes
Hi all, I'm preparing to move and so unfortunately, I am needing to sell my pride and joy aquarium. I live in Luton for collect or if you can cover petrol costs, I can deliver with a van. Throughout my time of owning the aquarium I have spent well over £1300 on the tank and livestock etc but I... ...
120.Red Sea MAX Nano - Full Setup Info in description 16/11/18 Yes
Hi all, I'm preparing to move and so unfortunately, I am needing to sell my pride and joy aquarium. I live in Luton for collect or if you can cover petrol costs, I can deliver with a van. Throughout my time of owning the aquarium I have spent well over £1300 on the tank and livestock etc but I... ...
121.Casco racking x 7, plant table and coral table x 2 13/11/18 Yes
Are you planning to open an aquarium shop? Looking to expand or just want some racking for a home breeding project. Great condition. Please call for details. Location PE30 Call 07859907130 for more details. 3 tier casco banks with sumps x 8 (7 x 4' 1 x 3') plus 1.2m x 60cm casco coral table plus... ...
122.TANKS FOR SALE 12/11/18 No
Tanks Fore Sale ALL SOLD  4ft L x 18”W x24" H 10mm Glass 340 Liters 75 gallons It comes with Heater & STC-1000 Temperature Controller thermostat which will run 2 heters. 2 double sponge filters with k1 micro moving bed filters on top 2 internal filters, coral sand, ... ...
123.Aqua one 400 marine tank. £1250 12/11/18 Yes
Aqua one 400 marine tank Full marine set up With extras £1250 Over 40kg of living rock (two of the rocks we're living Aquaroche sculpture) Upgraded heaters Twin wave makers Extras canister filters As well as sump filtration system 2x UV Light units All fish now sold apart from 1 x Sai... ...
124.Corrals and Marine fish in Complete marine fish tank set-up 11/11/18 Yes
Fishes included: - Yellow Tang - 6 inches - Purple Tang - 6 inches - Regal/Blue Tang - 6 inches - Lipstick Tang - 8 inches - 2 Clownfish - One orange, one black - Six-line Wrasse - 2 Pajama Cardinalfish - 2 Banggai Cardinalfish - And more (please call mobile contact below for speci... ...
125.Complete marine fish tank set-up - including all fishes 11/11/18 Yes
Urgent! Need to sell fast. Ready to take now. Price: £1500 Dimensions: Length - 6 Feet Width - 2 Feet Height - 2 Feet Tank also includes four cabinets, made out of wood, painted medium oak colour. Includes: - A lot of corals - Over 300kg of live rock - A lot of fishes - W... ...
126.Full marine set up including fish or will sell separately 11/11/18 Yes
Full marine set up. Fish - Regal tang (4-5 inches), sailfin tang (4-5 inches), brissletooth tang (3-4 inches), 2 clown fish, long nose hawk fish, 2 yellow tails and jade wrasse. Various coral including mushroom corals, ricordeas, leather corals, scolymia. Selling due to house move. Will sell all... ...
127.Full marine set up including fish or will sell separately 11/11/18 Yes
Full marine set up. Selling due to house move. Will sell all together or separately if required. TMC signature 900 tank including all pipe work, sump, vortech mp10, maxspect razor lights, bubble magus nac3.5 protein skimmer, phosphate reactor, reef beam sump light, auto top-up, 2 return pumps, hy... ...
128.last few corals before tank closure 08/11/18 Yes
grapefruit sized bright green goni small red goni couple of small frags some loose mushrooms one orange yuma small zoa colonies (unsure of types) open to offers good deal to take all collection only york
129.Red sea max 250 complete 05/11/18 Yes
For sale is my red sea max 250 in black. Comes with everything you need to run a successful marine set up. Refractometer, brand new red sea test kit. 4 containers with salted r.o water. Coral gravel. Needs one white bulb which has gone. No scratches to glass Any questions please ask, cash on co... ...
130.Assorted Frags 04/11/18 No
Assorted frags for sale, Green Montipora from £10 Red Montipora From £10 Green digitata montipora from £5 trumpet corals From £4 a head Hollywood stunner chalice from £20 turbinaria from £10 assorted mushrooms from £3 each 1 x blue acro stem ( 6 inches ) £40 Fish, silver belly yello... ...
131.Malawi cichlids 02/11/18 Yes
Elongatus mpanga 4-5cm£2.50 each Electric blue alhi 5-6cm £3 each (Sciaenochromis fryeri) White top afra maisoni reef- 3-4 cm £2.50 each Nimbochomis venustus 2-3cm - £2.00 each Pics 1-4 are parents Pics 5-6 are fry forsale Psudotropheus saulosi red coral Approximately 3cm £2.50... ...
132.Black Longnose Tang Zebrasoma rostratum £750 01/11/18 Yes
2 to 3 inch black nose tang a collectors item and a very sought after tang currently in my coral table and can be viewed in the day time collection only from stoke on trent pic is of actual fish
133.Coral Rock and Ocean Rock - over 60kg - Small and Large pieces 29/10/18 Yes
Cleared out a 12ft Marine tank and have alot of coral and ocean rock. Collection is in North London
134.4’ Tank in a Beach unit with Breeding pairs of Saulosi 26/10/18 Yes
Tank 4’x18”x16” over all height 4’ approx 20+ fish, many breeding pairs of Saulosi, also other Malawi cichlids. Fluval 406 filter, Coral Sand, LED lights, 2 heaters, all the chemicals and containers for water changes, lots and lots of extras. Food to last a few months. Sad to see them go, a change o... ...
135.Soft and torch for sale cambs 25/10/18 No
Hi I have a nice softy for sale for £10. Approx size 5" high with multiple branches. Also a torch coral which I may sell whole or per head - it's around 8/9 heads and 6" across. Will sell for £50 as one or can do a deal on individual heads. Partially closed in pic as urchin is climbing over it! Te... ...
136.Tree Corals 25/10/18 Yes
I have 3 frags for a tree coral, you can see the dimentions. Can stretch up to 6-7cm. Has attached to its own rock. Small frags, but Im happy to give you 3 grags, for £10. My number is 07813 936406, hedge end (Hampshire)
137.Marine fish tank breakdowns 24/10/18 Yes
Pink Tail Trigger - £25 Scarlet Hawk fish - £25 Engineer Goby - £15 Coral Beauty - £20 Damsels / Chromis - £3 each Sea Cucumber - £10 each Sea Hair / Cucumber pink - £15 Hermit crabs - £2 each Coral £10 + price of rock Rock 80kg - £5per kg We're selling our complete marine set up inc... ...
138.5ft and 3ft fish tank breakdowns 24/10/18 Yes
We're selling our complete marine set up including a 5ft and 3ft tank please contact if you'd like to come and have look or purchase the lot - Amie - 07854 698 758 Pink Tail Trigger - £25 Scarlet Hawk fish - £25 Engineer Goby - £15 Coral Beauty - £20 Damsels / Chromis - £3 each Sea Cucumbe... ...
139.5ft custom built fx5 complete more 23/10/18 Yes
5ft custom built tank comes with cabinet, tank, hood led light All rocks out of the tank Over 30kg of coral sand Ehiem 300 watt heater first £300 takes it all
140.Coral Gravel (Aragonite) - 3.8 kilos bag 20/10/18 Yes
PLEASE NO MORE TIME WASTERS THIS IS FOR UNDER 4 KILOS OF GRAVEL I have an open bag of Underworld coral gravel it weighs just over 3.8 kilos. Great for Marine fish, Reef invertebrates and Rift Valley cichlids, I personally used it for upping my water ph. Bargain price of £3.50. Collectio... ...
141.5ft custom built male hap and peacock fx5 16/10/18 Yes
For sale is a custom built 5ft tank and white cabinet with storage beneath the tank, with led lighting, the aquarium tank is a jewel lido 450 £350 this can't go until the fish have sold I'm also selling the eheim jagger 309w heater £20 Fluval fx5 complete with everything that comes with it an... ...
142.anemones and nice leather coral 15/10/18 Yes
10x nem's for sale £20 each pink tip Orange with green base tri colour bubble tips they have come from my mother nem I've had for a few years. Also a few nice bits of leather coral from my mother leather also had since my 1st tank. 2 bits @£20 each [email protected]£10
143.Marine fish & equipement for sale 14/10/18 Yes
Possibly up for sale due to lack of time is my marine stock...equipment will be for sale too but not till the fish have gone. 1x snowflake eel £20 probably about 8inch + £20 2x Fiji clownfish (male/female pair) £20 1x fire fish £5 1x royal gramma £10 1x green/blue chromis £2 1x fi... ...
144.4x2x2 Marine full set up 14/10/18 Yes
Full marine set up,loads of things Full marine aquarium set up. 4x2x2 and is sumped, complete with 2 wavemakers ( one with controller for different settings?, Heater, bubble Magnus c5 skimmer, phosphate reactor, sump light, bit of cheatoe, evergrow it2080 full spectrum let lights with remote, dif... ...
145.Reef Livestock in Marine full set up 14/10/18 Yes
Full marine set up,loads of things Full marine aquarium set up. Loads of different corals, zoa's, finger leathers, mushrooms, Xenia, polyps, also fish, blue tang, 2 cleaner shrimps, crabs, pistol shrimp and goby pair, 2 black and white clowns, algae blenny, another eel like goby ( beautiful), sn... ...
146.2ft juwel fish tank for sale 09/10/18 Yes
2ft juwel fish tank Original filter and heater Comes with sand fake coral and various rocks £40
147.4ft tank - fluval 406 - membe deep - demasoni 08/10/18 Yes
Looking to sell up, everything below is for sale 4ft – All pond solutions tank and stand – Good condition - £170 Fluval 406 Filter – 6months old – including seachem matrix media, and Bio home Ultimate - £90 (Media alone worth £30) 1 x 300w Ehiem Jager heater - £15 1 x 100w Eheim Jader h... ...
148.Mbuna - membe deep - demasoni in 4ft tank luval 406 08/10/18 Yes
Looking to sell up, everything below is for sale Membe Deep – F1 Breeding Group – 2M 6F - £150 Demasoni Breeding group - x 10 (1 female currently holding + couple of 2cm fry in breeding trap) - £70 Zebra Maisoni Reef x 4 - Big dominant male and 1 sub male and possibly 2 females - £40 4f... ...
149.Upgraded Boyu TL450 All in one Marine Tank 07/10/18 Yes
Boyu 58L marine tank for Sale with multiple upgrades. Great little tank, which i have upgraded significantly and has happily grown a whole range of corals both hard and soft. Includes test kit and Refractometer. £100 collection from Exeter Sale does not include the live rock or inverts/co... ...
150.Semi grow it5060 06/10/18 Yes
Great led lights for corals. Selling as giving up the hobby £175
151.Sps coral frags Portsmouth 06/10/18 Yes
Sps corals for sale portsmouth 1 rainbow poccilopora 1 Green tenius acropora 1 montipora hirsuita 1 pacman acropora 1 montipora setosa 2 pink birdsnest with a hint of green 1 cali tort acropora 1 small clipping of forest fire digitata All £10 apart from forest fire is £5 Any questions ... ...
152.Fluval M90 Aquarium Full Set Up 05/10/18 Yes
135l Fluval marine aquarium. Comes with all standard equipment plus a fluval aquasky LED. Priced to sell. Includes real reef rock and coral sand if wanted. Price negotiable without. Don't hesitate to message for more information. £250
153.50 Assorted Lake Malawi Cichlids Haifax - £120 03/10/18 Yes
Refurbishment of room means I have to sell my collection of lake Malawi Cichlids. Other than what has been born (and miraculously survived in the tank). There are at least 50 full grown fish. Use Coral sand and tufa rock only for ph control and untreated tapwater for water changes so fish are... ...
154.Full marine set up £2000 Ono 01/10/18 Yes
Pick up is Leeds. moving house so calling it a day for a while now here is what you getting for your money TANK Betta 4’x2’x2’ tank with sump 1 ecotech reeflink 3x Ecotech xr15pro Gen Ecotech rms full rail 4’ 2x ecotech mp40qd Nyos 160 skimmer 6mths old D-d clarisea sk3000 auto 6mths old D... ...
155.Marine fish, Corals, Live rock in Full marine set up £2000 Ono 01/10/18 Yes
CORALS 1 neon green carpet nem 12” 1 purple with green tip carpet nem 12” 1 green carpet nem 6” 1 green mini maxi nem 6” 5 mini red carpet nem 1 hammer 2 head 1 red blasto 1 green turban 6” 30x approx red mushroom 20x approx watermelon mush 20x approx green strip mush 8x furry L... ...
156.4ft x 2ft fish tank and solid wood stand £750 ono 01/10/18 Yes
Due to ill health have a full set up marine fishtank for sale. Includes ilumenair 900 light, aquamedic sump, large quantity of live rocks, various corals and anemia’s along with 1 x large marine cloud, 1 x bicolour angle fish, 2 x humbugs, 2 x shrimps and various crabs and starfish
157.Bedford. Marine 2m Rena and sideboard and all bits £100 30/09/18 Yes
In Bedford I have a trusty well used but good condition Rena 2m aquarium with a 5foot led light bar. About 40kg of old live rock/ ocean rock (dead by now at a guess) Coral gravel Heaters Skimmer (needs tweaking) As well as whatever else comes with an aquarium. Fallen into a state of disrepair... ...
158.5ft TANKS FOR SALE 25/09/18 No
FISH TANKS FOR SALE SOLD 2 5ftx18"x18" tanks £70 each OR WITH 2 heater with stc-1000 thermostat 2 internal filter 2 sponge filters coral sand & a few rocks £100 each WILL TAKE £170 FOR BOTH If you take both you can take the LED lights, NO ... ...
159.marine tank and set up for sale including all corals and fish 24/09/18 Yes
Tank and all setup £750 Loughborough, England 1 year old Tank and set up for sale. Junction 23 of M1. Office move forces reluctant sale. Clear KFH 1500 tank in white 150cmx50cmx50cm inc 3 stageLED lighting. Sump 95cmx40cmx40cm. Bubble magus curve 7 skimmer. Jeboa DCT 600 10 speed pump SW4 Wavema... ...
160.Live corals and fish in marine tank and set up for sale 24/09/18 Yes
Content and corals - 100kg live rock and over 1 dozen corals, maroon clown 3 inch, freckle face tang 3 inch, fox faced rabbitfish 3 inch, Watchman gobi,2 x damselfish, blue streak cleaner wrasse, blue tuxedo urchin, red cleaner shrimp, various turbo snails and hermit crab. Tank and all setup £7... ...
161.Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor & CO2 regulator 16/09/18 Yes
Bubble Magus Calcium Reactor and Deltec CO2 regulator for sale. Came with a secondhand complete marine setup but not needed. Given a quick clean and tested. Requires a new CO2 bottle. Collection only as the reactor is heavy. £150 ono May consider trades for UV steriliser, ozone unit, fish/corals... ...
162.Aquaone Mini Reef 180 tank, fish and coral 16/09/18 Yes
Only one months old tank system, I have had a second child and struggling to find time to keep it up, I downsized tank but still do not have time. I can send clearer pictures on request. These were -Pre built and sealed melamine cabinets- Opti black braceless tank with covers- Glass sump with spac... ...
163.Marine Sump Tank 16/09/18 Yes
Aqua medic,Ocean runner Prof sump pump,65 watt 3.2m head. Sump tank 32" long 18" depeth 17" high. 8 chambers including skimmer point. H2o fluidised internal reactor. Media sponges rock and coral sand included. £130.00
164.94litre Kent marine aquarium with skimmer, heater, pump and lights 16/09/18 Yes
94 litre Kent marine fishtank with skimmer, pump, lights, filter media, heater and some live rock rubble, one bulb is out but all three light settings work fine only selling as have upgraded, it all runs and is ready to go, looking to sell or possibly swap for fish and corals for the new tank
165.WILD & F1 TROPHEUS FOR SALE 15/09/18 No
CLOSING DOWN FISHHOUSE I HAVE THE FOLLOWING FISH AVAILABLE TROPHEUS MOORII MPULUNGU - WILD SOLD a breeding group off 11 with 2 f1 fry about 4cm more females holding ratio not known £200 or with 4ft tank, heater with stc-1000 T... ...
166.Braking down my 400 aqua one marine aquarium 08/09/18 Yes
Fish and corals to go Lipstick tang 6in £60 Clown tang 5in £40 Regal tang 7in a few skin blemishes hens price £35 3x blue chromis £15 Valentin I pufferfish £15 Saddleback clown fish pair (breeding) £50 Red fire shrimp £20 Linckia starfish £15 Corals Plate coral around 6in £50 Duncan... ...
167.Red Sea max 130d nodded with aqua rays and tunze 08/09/18 Yes
For sale Red Sea Max 130d I have had this tank for about the past 4 years and up until February it was my display tank. It’s heavily modified but is a little ratty in places and could do with a better clean up than I have the time to give it . The mods All T5’s have been removed and r... ...
168.Marine Set up 05/09/18 Yes
A regrettable sale. Aquamarine 900, 175 litres full set up. A good number of fair sized leather/soft corals + 2 sea urchins, a very well behaved green brittle star, large arrow goby, aiptasia eating file fish, lawnmower goby, small fuzzy dwarf lion fish + a Black Sea cucumber who’s doing a brilli... ...
169.5ft Rena Tank 02/09/18 Yes
I have a 5ft Rena Tank and stand. It has been painted black. (Could do with another re paint) To go with all you see in pics. 2 filters, fluval 406 (has a broken Clip on top, shown in pics, doesn't effect use) and a fx6. 300w heater. Fluval air pump. Large net. Led lighting stri... ...
170.6x2.5x2 ND Aquatics fish tank & 5x2x18" sump. Freshwater or marine. 28/08/18 Yes
6x2.5x2ft freshwater or marine aquarium made by ND AQUATICS. Black background and corner weir. Custom height and level adjustable 40mm steel box section stand, clad with 3D wave pattern in gloss white with sliding doors. 850 litre tank capacity with approx 250-300 litre 5x2x18" sump. Bean ... ...
171.Aquaroche 28/08/18 Yes
Hi nice piece of Aquaroche for sale about 11" wide by 11 half "tall. Lots of ledges for corals to grow broke my tank down ages ago was going to start back up but not bothering so its ashame to let this go to waste. Bought from stockport Abyss so not rubish. £40 no offers thanks for look... ...
172.Flame angel 26/08/18 No
Nice healthy flame angel for sale 70 or swaps for coral or equipment
173.Largest collection of corals in Cambridgeshire 25/08/18 Yes
2NDGENCORALS sawtry has the biggest selection of Marine corals in Cambridgeshire Reasonable prices starting from £5 -£75 being the most expensive We also do R/O plain £3 and Salted R/O £6.50 Cuc hermits crabs Snails and much more WHY NOT GIVE US A VISIT OR CALL OPEN 7DAYS A WEEK 364 DAYS ... ...
174.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham - Catfish, Cichlids and other rarities. 24/08/18 24/08/18 Yes
We specialize in South American catfish here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham. We have a dedicated soft water system which holds mainly wild caught South American species. Please call the shop on 01225 700167 or visit our Facebook page to enquire about pricing and availability as our stocks do c... ...
175.REDUCED to £35 Marine tank - live rock for Sale 9kg 23/08/18 Yes
We are breaking our marine tank down. It has been running for just over a year and all live stock have almost gone. We have 9kg of a mixture of Fiji rock and branching rock. The branching rock has a small coral on it. Selling all together in one go will not sell separate. £35 for the whole lot. Coll... ...
176.Moray eel,(leopard) and tank break down 23/08/18 Yes
Hi I have a very nice very beautiful leopard moray he/she is about 15 to 17 inches long and very ravenous when feeding also there is a 40 inch long by 12 by 15 inch high tank and cabinet with all equipment plus loads of extras for sale can and will sell separately or as a whole as a very good starte... ...
177.Kenya tree coral frags 4 inches , Ultra green Zoas, pulsing Xenia available 23/08/18 No
Kenya tree coral frags on plugs, 4" tall and have been growing very quickly being fed Reef Roids weekly. They provide great flowing movement in a reef tank Also have Zoas and pulsing xenia available. Collection only from Woolwich Arsenal, SE18 but can be collected from Canary Wharf(morning d... ...
178.REDUCED Fluval sea reef m40 53L £230 tank and rock together 23/08/18 Yes
We are selling our Fluval sea reef m40 53 marine tank, we are upgrading to a bigger tank. This tank is a year old and comes with the standard skimmer, wave maker, return pump, light. It also comes with the original stand. With this we will throw in test kits (half used), frozen food, some mullliput,... ...
179.Complete 400 ltr Marine Reef Aquarium for sale 21/08/18 Yes
I'm selling our 5'x 2'x 18" 400ltr reef aquarium it's approx. 2and a half years old in excellent condition Price £2100.00 selling as a complete reef Not Splitting it buyer must buy as is and be able to dismantle to take away and provide fish bags and barrels to take away contents The Tank is a Su... ...
180.Live corals, Inverts, Live rock, in Complete Marine Tank 16/08/18 Yes
Selling a complete Marine aquarium. This is my pride and joy very mature Marine Fluval 190L black corner aquarium. Selling only because of present unforeseen circumstances and very sad to see it go. Selling as a complete set up for £450. Grab yourselves a bargain. Sensible offers welcome for... ...
181.Tank clearance 150.00 ono 13/08/18 Yes
Selling the last contents of my marine. Must go has moveing there is 3kg rock with Zoas on pink zipper sunny d dragon eyes orange and white pulse also xl cabbage coral and small cabbage coral recordia mushroom big Kenya tree big and small brain coral various others including gsp 4 chromis 1?large s... ...
182.Fake coral 11/08/18 Yes
Fake coral
183.Radion xr30 LED marine fish tank/aquarium led reef light excellent condition 3 left REDUCED £225 EACH 09/08/18 Yes
**********REDUCED TO £225 EACH****** Amazing lights, excellent condtion, fully working as they should, excellent coral growth only used for 2.5 years selling due to tank break down I now only have 3 of these beauties left all are in excellent condition I also have a light bracket the held all ... ...
184.LAST CHANCE Quick Sale Marine Tank Setup : Dorset 07/08/18 Yes
QUICK SALE : Aqua Oak + sump Marine Tank 18 months old. Royal Gramma, 2x Clown Goby, Yellow Goby, 2x Cardinals, Flame Firefish, HiFin Goby & Pistol Shrimp, Yellow Wrasse, Bicolour Blenny, Corals inc large Green Plate Coral, large Toadstool, Waving Xenia, Mushrooms, Feather Duster, 2 x Cleaner Shrimp... ...
185.Kenya tree / pussy coral large £20 Gosport 06/08/18 No
Large piece of what I believe to be Kenya tree or pussy coral a good 5-6 inches easy to keep and adds nice moment with in the tank need to cut mine back now collection Gosport
186.Kenya tree / pussy coral large £20 Gosport 06/08/18 No
Large piece of what I believe to be Kenya tree or pussy coral a good 5-6 inches easy to keep and adds nice moment with in the tank need to cut mine back now collection Gosport
187.Marine tank aquarium Red Sea max 130 05/08/18 No
For sale is a mature Red Sea max 130 complete with clown fish, bagnai cardinal, cleaner shrimp, red legged hermit crabs, nassarius snails, trochus snails and various corals. £240.00
188.Full Tank Contents 04/08/18 Yes
For Sale are the contents of my marine tank (excluding equipment)that has been running for 2 years. Regrettable sale due to recent house move and renovation of new place. LiveRock - +- 50kg Livestock - Pair Ocellaris Clowns Melanurus Wrasse Sandsifting Goby Royal Gramma Orchid Dottyback... ...
189.Large Selection of Marine fish and corals for sale Rainham Kent 02/08/18 Yes
I have over 200 corals and over 60 various Marine fish up for grabs between £5 and £60 each. Come and have a look any evening. Rainham Kent. No commitment to buy required.
190.Cheap live rock. Need gone ASAP 28/07/18 No
Shutting my marine tank down as i want to go back to tropical fish. Ive got loads of live rock available and need it gone asap as im gettin plastering done and need to empty the tank. Theres a few bits of coral on the rocks thats free on the rock. just want to sell it as rock @ 2.50 per kg .collecti... ...
191.Corals wanted 28/07/18 No
Looking for sps and lps corals bear s63 07860944155 Cheers
192.Marine fish and equipment 28/07/18 No
2 clowns 1 black 1 orange with bubble tip nem few frags cuc live rock leather coral Aquanano 40 6 months old Heater tmc dc return pump Rw4 pump heater etc 250.00 KESSIL A80 with gooseneck and controller 170.00 Pumped vyair RO unit with water butt and fittings etc 40.00 Salt/ test kits/ wate... ...
193.Malawi Haps, Peacocks, Mbuna & Wilds NEW LIST 25/07/18 No
We are going to a well known malawi cichlid supplier in Germany this Friday. This week is the last week to send preorders. Please contact as soon as possible to express interest and for prices as we need to preorder with the supplier next week. There is no minimum order. Door to door del... ...
194.Corals 20/07/18 Yes
Hi I'm looking for some coral colonies for my tanks. In and around the Merseyside area. The larger the better.Will consider larger frags dependent on type. Cash waiting. Thanks for reading:)
195.Lots of SPS Coral for sale ( frags and colony’s ) Burgess Hill RH15 19/07/18 Yes
Very large ultra green montipora hirsuta colony £40 Coral garden mixed zoas mushrooms , red and green montipora rock £15 Loads of big green branching montipora frags, branching and plate. Tons more, if your local pop over for a look
196.malawi 18/07/18 No
hi selling lots of malawi adults and fry. also selling rock and crushed coral call me 07843937648
197.Closing down tank £125 This is now sold 18/07/18 No
I have a marine coral tank with stock, I want it to go ASAP as I am to shut tank down. The corals I have are.: 1 Doubled Headed Torch. 1 Rock of Zoas. 2 Rocks of Mushrooms. 1 Toadstool. 1 Red Anenome. 1 Diamond Goby. 1 Yellow tailed Damsel. 1 Spiky urchin. 1 Banded Boxer Shrimp. ... ...
198.Marine fish, inverts, live rock, in 5 foot Marine fish tank 18/07/18 Yes
Complete set up including at least 50 kg of live rock (as seen in pictures) 3 different leather corals, lots of pulsing zenia and live sand. Includes the following fish Regal tang (approx. 6"), yellow tang (approx. 5"), coral beauty, cleaner wrasse, blue cheek goby, and 2/3 red firefish ( was 3 in... ...
199.5 foot Marine fish tank. Complete setup 18/07/18 Yes
Here I have for sale a beautiful 5 foot marine fish tank. It has been running since 2014 when I upgraded from a smaller tank. Regretfully selling due to ill health and lack of time, will be sad to see it go. Complete set up including at least 50 kg of live rock (as seen in pictures) 3 different leat... ...
200.Various old driftwood & dead coral previously used in aquarium 14/07/18 Yes
Aquarium-safe ornamental fish housing, POA, lol. One main piece of driftwood (11"x7"x7") with two smaller pieces for growing underwater plants. Two pieces of dead coral. Make me an offer.
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