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1.African Tiger Fish Hydrocynus Vittatus, Piranha, Exodon, Peacock bass 21/01/18 Yes
I have for sale all the following. All in good health and feeding well. 5 x 4" Hydrocynus Vittatus tiger fish. Good health feeding well. 85 each. 10 x 2.5" Peacock Bass Cichla orinocensis. These are wild caught and will show better colours when older. Only 15 each. 3 x 7 Cichla Temen... ...
2.Peacock Bass(Cichla sp.) & Duckbill catfish(Sorubim lima) wanted in Leeds 17/01/18 No
Hi All I'm realy interested in above. Prefer younger fish. Let me know what you have or if you seen them anywhere. I'm based in Leeds West Yorkshire. My contact number 07894712156 Thanks for looking
3.Large Dorado silver arowana and azul 16/01/18 No
I have for sale a 1ft Dorado that lives with other predator fish 100ono. Most don't get along with others.... 2ft+ silver arowana unfortunately he does have drop eye. He also has a slight bend at end of his tail which he has had since I got him but does not affect him.30 but needs big tank 10i... ...
4.Peacock bass, dorado, tiger shovelnose 12/01/18 Yes
Golden dorado for sale approx 6 inch for 70 Tiger shovelnose approx 12 inch 45 Peacock bass ( cichla ocellaris) approx 8 inch 55 Peacock bass not sure of ID could be orinocensis see photo approx 7 inch 45 All fish for 150 Pick up only
5.2x pinima peacock bass for sale 11/01/18 No
Rare pinima peacock bass for sale 1x8-9" 1x10-11" absolutely stunning Feeding on pellets and frozen For any more pics whatsapp or email 500 May px for something interesting
6.Preds 01/01/18 Yes
2ft arowanna no drop eye eatting pellets 120 3x azul peacock bass from 14-17inch 60 each Pinima peacock bass 10inch 70 Male bhia gold kelbri 13inch 90 Giraffe catfish 16inch 30 Black rhom piranha 8inch 50 All good healthy fish any questions feel free to ask Best call or text 0... ...
🐟🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠 🐡🐠🐟 LATEST STOCKLIST 🐟🐠🐡 🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠🐟🐡🐠Ԁ... ...
8.Tropical aquarium fish 28/12/17 No
Mix of tropical fish for sale Contact via WhatsApp for pictures 07793000101 Large Arrowana: 90 Peacock bass 6/7 inch: 80 Large Clown loach X 4: 100 Large black shark: 30 Large angel Fish: 40 Large red tail Barbs X 2: 40 Cichlids (1 malawai) (1 African Large) 50 Jumbo eel: 90 ... ...
9.Mbu puffer - arowana - catfish - stingray - fire eel - peacock bass 19/12/17 Yes
Trying to clear out my current aquarium that consists of: Tiger shovelnose catfish Kilberi gold peacock bass x 3 Mbu puffer Silver arowana Fire eel Black calvus Synodontis granulosus Electric blue jack Dempsey All of them are between the ages of 8 to 10 months. Buy all for 400 ... ...
10.Azul peacock bass 16inch 04/12/17 Yes
Stunning fish eatting pellets and prawns very healthy fish only reason for selling is slimming down the stock in my tank 50 no offers Best to call or text
11.BURMESE PYTHONS - SWAP for Asian arowana female ray other oddballs... 04/12/17 Yes
Have unrelated pair of young burmese pythons male albino het green female granite het green/albino Both 4.5ft bith 100% tame and feeding on rats and chicks Looking to straight swap this pair for any of the following Asian arowana (1) straight swap Female ray pup or grown on (1) (no motoro)st... ...
12.Asian arowana female ray other oddballs swap burmese 04/12/17 Yes
Looking for swap for unrelated pair of young burmese pythons male albino het green female granite het green/albino. Both 4.5ft bith 100% tame and feeding on rats and chicks Looking to straight swap this pair for any of the following Asian arowana (1) straight swap Female ray pup or grown on (... ...
13.Rio Meta orino peacock bass 02/12/17 Yes
Hi up for sale is my peacock bass he's around 12-14" feeding on pellets 100 takes him.only selling as my arowana has decided she doesn't like him any more
14.Peacock bass from 12 inches - 18 inches 26/11/17 Yes
Have for sale my group peacock bass size from 12"-18" , all fish healthy, eating anything what you put in your tank. Very like mussels, frozen pieces fish, prawns, pellets. Collection from East London, price for group 550Have 6 of them. For more information please call 07428746200 Nick.
15.12inch red oscar 22/11/17 No
We have a stunning full grown Oscar that is 18 month old In great condition but sadly needs to be rehomed due too the tank becoming overcrowded. Currently in a 10ft tank with silver arrowanas, peacock bass,cat fish etc eats virtual ly anything a very peaceful fish 25 pound to a good home
16.Looking to swap my occelaris peacock bass or Lima shovel nose for a silver arowana 15/11/17 Yes
I have a 14inch Lima shovel nose or a 8 inch occelaris peacock bass is looking to swap for a silver arowana. The arowana needs to be over 8inch and healthy as my fish are well looked after.
Having to close down my large aquarium, reluctant decision but really need to find homes for the following fish; 1 x Gar (Lepisosteus sp.) 22" + 100 SOLD 1 x 'Super' Severum (Heros iniridae wild) 6"+ 20ono 4 x Spotted and SIlver Dollars (Metynnis sp.) 4-6" FREE TO A GOOD HOME Located ... ...
18.Arowana wanted 7-9", peacock bass wanted 6-8" 02/11/17 No
Located in Birmingham but can collect if necessary. Cash waiting
19.Predatory and big fish 30/10/17 Yes
2x orinocensis peacock bass 8-10 70 each 1x l190 Royal Pleco nice solid bars 8 60 3x 4-5 wide bar silver dollars 40 each 5x 3 channa bleheri 20 each 1x 5-6 myleus blackberry silver dollar 60 Will take swaps for other rare predatory fish Location Blackpool Collection only
21.Large giraffe catfish 24/10/17 No
Hi up for sale is a large giraffe catfish, the fish is really healthy and at least 13" long. May swap for peacock bass or preditor fish 70ono
22.Uaru, electrics blue acara, Clarius catfish, oscars, jack Dempseys, peacock bass and loads of more fish for sale 22/10/17 No
Text me what I have on 07463683498 Thankyou
23.All fish need to go 05/10/17 No
2 foot tiger shovel nose and 2 foot silver Arowana 4 realy big peacock bass and fly tail and perl blue flower horn and finger of 8 puffer cheers adam
24.Azul Peacock Bass 24/09/17 No
Azul Peacock Bass 13-14" Good condition 140 Pickup from South Wales NP13 Please text me on mobile number listed below with any interest
25.Orrinoco peacock bass for sale 08/09/17 Yes
I have a beautiful 5-6 inch orrinoco peacock bass for sale, highly active and displaying true peacock bass behaviour of smashing any food that hits the surface and eats anything that fits in its mouth! As you can see from the picture the colouration is stunning, I am only selling as it's not compati... ...
26.Blue azul 5inch and kelberi peacock bass 7inch stunning fish 80 the pair 03/08/17 No
Stunning kelberi and blue azul peacock bass call or text me for pics as they wont load up 07449985903 cheers jay
27.Vittatus tiger fish, sale or swap 02/07/17 No
Approx 7-8"eating frozen and pellets open to swaps, peacock bass, gars, cichlids or. 80
28.Peacock bass 02/07/17 Yes
3 large bass for sale pic up only fowey 150 might swop for a true spotted gar not Florida. size 8-9inch get on well with other fish pm me if interested cheers
29.Large fish wanted 29/06/17 No
Large tank awaits for any large catfish,pacu,barbs,cichlids Giant gourami,peacock bass etc
30.Peacock bass 28/05/17 Yes
Stunning peacock bass around a foot long would accept 250
31.A few fish for sale 11/04/17 Yes
3" Aligator gar 18 each or 2 for 30 3" CHANNA PLEUROPHTALMA snakehead 15 each or 2 for 25 2" CICHLA ORINOCONENSIS peacock bass 12 each or 2 for 20 3" albino pacu 20 each or 2 for 35 (Rare )
32.GIANT MBU PUFFER 30/03/17 Yes
About a foot in length eating great Kept with other fish and doesn't show any aggression Must need a huge take 100 or swaps for peacock bass, arrowannas, catfish or any other monster fish will be considered No time wasters please Located in chartham near Canterbury
33.fluval roma 240 with fx5 and fish 29/12/16 No
selling my fluval roma 240 with fx5 large piece of bog wood and fish they include 1 azul peacock bass 6 inch 1 giraffe catfish 14inch 1 chocolate cichlid 1 datnoid 4 inch and some others pics on request 350 ono for the lot
34.Swapping to marine 11/12/16 No
Hello, I have for sale 1 black arowana about 15inch,2*temensis peacock bass about 7 or 8 inch, 1 red hook,1 silver dollar, 2*can't remember what there called, the reason for sale is I'm closing down the tank and trying my hand at Marine, looking for 350ono , please call 07895074157
35. Mambo Aquatics Darlington New List 1/12/16 01/12/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics 1/12/16 New List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - Assorted Peacocks - Silver Arrowa... ...
36. Mambo Aquatics Stock List 23/11/16 23/11/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics Availablity List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - XL Piranha - Silver Arrowana - ... ...
37.15 inch peacock bass 20/11/16 Yes
Hi There i have for sale or swap a 15" female peacock bass ,let me know what you have or make me an offer . Please text ,email or WhatsApp 07743982220,[email protected] Thank you Raphael
38.Looking for rays and peacock bass 18/11/16 No
Hey all I'm looking for some rays preferably young rays so I can grow them. Also looking for some peacock bass again better to be young. Money waiting
39.fresh water crayfish ( lobster )for sale Leeds 14/11/16 Yes
Very good cleaner , they will eat all the unfinished food in the bottom , make water to keep nice and crystal clear , they not aggressive but still eat small fish , so can only keep with the fish over 4" . they can also be the live food for large tropical fish such arowana , stingray , tiger dat , p... ...
40. New Fish Delivery Paddock Farm 9/11/2016 09/11/16 Yes
*** NEW FISH DELIVERY 9/11/2016 *** - Blue Diamond Angel 3.5cm - Cherry Barb - Sterbai Cory - Assorted Cory - Pangasius 10cm - Jajuar cichlid - Flag cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Deep water harp - 9 Sot Peacock Bass - Eye Bitter - Betta Falx - Glass Fish (not the catfish) - Red Dwar... ...
Due to new project moving some my fish to new homes 12inch peacock bass 70 16inch silver arowana 140 10inch tiger oscar 25 3 inch green terror 10 3 inch chocolate cichlid 10 2x synodontis catfish 6 inches 10 each Breeding pair vjeia synspillium male 6 inch female 4 inch 50 7 inch ... ...
Due to new project moving some my fish to new homes Cichlids: 10 inch tiger oscar 25 3 inch green terror 10 3 inch chocolate cichlid 10 Breeding pair vjeia synspillium male 6 inch female 4 inch 50 Others: 12inch peacock bass 70 16inch silver arowana 140 2x synodontis catfish 6 ... ...
Hi all after a baby mbu puffer Willing to trade with a number of my stock including peacock bass and pike cichlid and other various fish let me no if your intrested in a deal txt me on 07887498324 located in Birmingham will travel if deal can be made
44.10ft fish tank.peacoxk bass.gar.large scale barbs.fire eels.plecs.oscara 14/10/16 Yes
Forsale 10ft fish tank Solid wood caninet and hood 2 fuval fx5,s 2 4ft flourwcent lights Large air pump 3 15inch peacock bass 12 inch aligatorgar 1 13 inch reed eel Bogwood.plants.gravel 3 fire eels roughly 12 inch 2 8/9 ich albino oscars 3 13 inch large scale barbs 2 13 inch plecs Aws... ...
APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE THIS WEEKEND TO COLLECT. ----------- CURRENT STOCK 115 Mbu Puffer 3-4" SOLD 150 Gulper Catfish 6.5" LAST 2* 30 Azul Peacock Bass 3" FEW LEFT 30 Royal Knife fish 5" **SOLD** 50 African Arowana 6" LAST ONE AT THIS SIZE IN THE UK! ---> ALL SOLD 50 Red tail Bar... ...
46.new stock 09/10/16 No
47.Peacock bass. 17/09/16 Yes
1 X 20"+ blue azul 2 X 17"+ mono Priced to sell the 3 for 150 for the group. Ideally want them gone as a group. Will need a big tank. Collection from Staffordshire. St7 1hf
48.wanted 10/09/16 No
looking for these fish must be under 8" peacock bass indo tiger fish please send photo by whatsapp
49.peacock bass 09/09/16 No
any one have a peacock bass for swaps for silver arowana around 8iniches Birmingham area drop me a text
50.Emporer aquatics rare Cichlids and Datnoid fish 31/08/16 No
DATNOIDS Siemese tiger fish (datnoids microlepis) (4-5cm) many barred tiger(datnoids polota) fish(4-5cm) CICHLIDS South American Peacock bass (Diamond/Azul/Golden/Monoculas/Orinocensis) (5cm) AFRICAN peacock cichlid (redneck/pink albino/purple line/demasoni/ yellow head/dragon blood/oran... ...
52.Golden cobra snakhead - 50 09/08/16 Yes
Golden cobra snakehead approx 10 inches very aggressive and highly active. Would like to swap for peacock bass or piranha or would sell for price of 50. If you love predatory fish you would not be dissapointed with this snakheads attitude. Please call
53.Peacock bass 03/08/16 Yes
6 inch Bass for sale open to offers, 07568302451. 10 mins off j26 m25
54.Fish for swap 23/07/16 No
I have 4x 10 inch tinfoil barbs, 5x 5-6 inch vieja black belts, 2 featherfin synos and a 14 inch walking catfish that I would like to swap for a couple of good size peacock bass or a nice size siamese tiger fish
55.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Leicester - South & Central American Cichlid List 29/06/16 No
Here is a list of all the Central and South American Cichlids available at the moment. We also have a great selection of tetras, Malawi's oddballs and livebearers. As well as a fantastic marine section. South & Central American Cichlids Peacock Bass (Cichla Orinocensis) Red Terror (Me... ...
56.Azule peacock bass 14/05/16 No
13-14" azule peacock bass eats as a bass does (anything that fits in his mouth) would love to keep him but I want to add smaller fish to my tank. 100 or poss trade large Central American cichlids collection Blackwood np12
57.wanted,peacock bass,datanoids,fire eels,asian arow,flagtails,07847343335 27/03/16 No
any species of peacock bass around 8"/10" preferably a group dats around 8"/10" big fire eels bigger the better must may concider asian arow rtg 10 foot tank waiting to be stocked will concider larger fish than i have stated call or drop me a message ,07847343335 located... ...
58.Grab a bargain job lot of stuff 10/03/16 Yes
Grab a bargain 4ft fish tank complete set with heater and filter and the fish are 2 pike 2 peacock bass leopard bush fish alligator gar Claris catfish 3 bristle nose and tiger dat plecs snowball pleco and flash pleco and a jardini arowana the racking has 2 3ft fish tanks both with heaters and sponge... ...
Hey all as it says I'm looking for a peacock bass of any sort and must be 6"+ If you have any please contact me
60.Maidenhead Aquatics at Worthing Stock List UPDATED 16/01/16 16/01/16 Yes
As a store that specialises in tropical, rift lake and odd ball fish we have a large range of stock. We do also have a huge range of community fish including tetra, rasbora and livebearers. Below is a list of fish we also like to have available for those interested in something a little bit diffe... ...
61.Peacock bass 28/12/15 Yes
For sale 5 inch bass bought at 2 inches for 60 would like the same now. 07568302452 postcode en92qq
62.Cichlids Sale 05/12/15 No
Because we missed the black friday deals We are having our sale this week end. the sale is as follows and starts at 9am 3/12/15 if you spend up to 100 - 15% discount 101-150 - 20% discount 151 and up -25% discount ................this is only for fish on the 2/12/15 stock list ............... ...
63.Peacock bass Kelberi and Tigerfish (IT) (sold) 27/11/15 Yes
Im selling my 16 inch tigerfish(IT), very stable 250.(sold) Also selling 18 inch peacock bass kelberi, 80 or swap for over a foot zebra knifefish(or banded tiger knifefish). Both living in 3000litres community tank, such as arowanas, rays, large and small fish. Your tank no less than 6ft please.... ...
64.wanted big fish swop or sell pleco 13 inch 23/11/15 No
Oscars spotted gars peacock bass ect wonted 13"pleco sail fin
65.Stock list 31/10/15 Yes
stocklist Community Moscow blue guppy 5 pair Mixed guppy 1.50 10 for 12 Zebra danio xl 1 10 for 8 Black neon tetra large 1 10 for 8 Brochis splendens 5 Spotted headstanders 3 Harlequin rasbora 1 10 for 8 Rainbow platys 2 Rainbow hi fin platys xxl 2.50 Amano shrimps ... ...
66.Peacock bass 16/10/15 Yes
Hi I have 14"Peacock bass for sale 150ono. Is to Bug for my tank.
67.Peacock bass 18/09/15 Yes
2 cichlid for sale open to offers 5 and 6 inches. Nazeing essex. 07568302451
68.6 peacock bass - Cichla monoculus available - Brighton 24/08/15 Yes
I am having to sell my peacock bass. All around four inch and pellet feeding. 50 ono - Brighton
69.New Freshwater stock for both Tropical and Cold water fish at Jessy Aqarium 22/08/15 No
Cold water Gold weather loach Weather loach Assorted Bubble Eye Blue Oranda Chocolate Oranda Lionhead Ranchu Hong Kong Plec Yellow and Black Goldfish Black Comet Goldfish Red and Black Fantails Red Cap Oranda Shubunkins Assorted Fantails (3-4cm, 5-6cm and 8-10cm) Tropical Rainbow Cr... ...
70.The Ark Outpost Stock List 11/08/15 Yes
The Ark Outpost New Arrivals 11/08/2015 Black Line Pipefish (Stunning) 15 2 Red Carnation Discus 18 2 Blue Diamond Discus 18 3.5 Clown Loach 8 Silver Arowana 22 Orinoco Peacock Bass 12 Monoculus Peacock Bass 12 Geophagus Winimilleri 12 Rocket Gar 10 Archer Fish 15 L Mixe... ...
71.Clown knife & knife fish 08/08/15 Yes
Clown knife fish is about 16+" knife fish is about 13" both for sale or swap for mbu puffer fahaka puffer or peacock bass. Any offers welcome Thank you
72.Azul peacock bass x2 4-5inches 06/08/15 Yes
Looking for 60
73.arowana ,knife fish for sale or swap bass or rays or odballs 26/07/15 No
I have 2 silver arowana around 10/12 inch and an 8/9 inch clown knife fish ,would do a deal for smallish peacock bass or rays,or pm me any odballs you never know 07847343335 Cannock area
74.occellaris peacock bass 02/07/15 Yes
4 inch occellaris peacock bass , please email us for more photos and information OUR STAFF HAVE OVER 100 YEARS COMBINED AQUATIC EXPERIENCE. WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE OR QUALITY!!! contact us back for more information and photos if ready to buy from us .
75.Silver arowana, peacock bass, jaguar cichlid 30/06/15 Yes
I have the following fish for sale: Silver arowana has dropeye around 18-20" Peacock bass around 11-12" Jaguar cichlid around 5-6" 40 for all 3 fish need gone ASAP. Collection only from Isle of Wight. Text or email if interested 07788714584 [email protected]
76.Peacock bass,giraffe catfish,silver dollars 16/06/15 Yes
4x 12inc+ peacock bass believe to be mono 24inch giraffe catfish 3x 6inch silver dollars Bass 350 Giraffe catfish 100 Dollars 10 each
77.Jeff Rapps order ending 14/6/15 10/06/15 No
I will be placing another order with Jeff Rapps If you require anything on the list please get in touch by email , tex or links below. All orders need 50% deposit at time of placing order, (no deposit=no fish) prices below are landed prices to me at Lincs Fish in the UK in pound sterling, del... ...
78.JEFF RAPPS ORDER ending 14/6/15 10/06/15 No
I will be placing another order with Jeff Rapps If you require anything on the list please get in touch by email , tex or links below. All orders need 50% deposit at time of placing order, (no deposit=no fish) prices below are landed prices to me at Lincs Fish in the UK in pound sterling, de... ...
79.Azul peacock bass 07/06/15 Yes
Azul about 9 inches lovely fish feeds well on pellets and mussels Great markings and blue fins 100 ono
80.Jeff Rapps 31/05/15 No
I will be placing another order with Jeff Rapps If you require anything on the list please get in touch by email , tex or https://www.facebook.com/lincs.fish or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lincs-fish/452507411507895 All orders need 50% deposit at time of placing order, (no deposit=no fish)... ...
81.Large group of peacock bass for swap in Leeds 29/05/15 Yes
A pair of kelberi male 18" and female 16" A pair blue Azul at 16" 2 small Azul at 11" and 13" Looks to swap for arowana , stingray tiger dat or some rare oddball. Let me know what you have : )
82.Wanted large silver arowana and albino clown knifefish 27/05/15 Yes
Must be able to delivery to Leeds area and will cover petrol cost . Cash waiting or will swap for my peacock bass : ) let me know what you have
83.Group of 4 blue Azul peacock bass for sale in Leeds 26/05/15 Yes
Very nice color : ) A pair at 16" And 1 at 13" 1 at 11"
84.Orino peacock bass 16/04/15 Yes
7-8" orino peacock bass forsale Feeding well and pellet trained 50
85.Mix peacock bass for sale in leeds 11/04/15 Yes
Pair of Azul around 15" and pair at 12" Pair of kelberi Male 18" and female 15" Extra female 15" and small male at 10" Offer welcome : ) Very nice colour lovely fish Will swap for arowana or tiger dat
86.Peacock bass, bichir eels, eheim xlt1200 and more 11/04/15 Yes
I have an eheim xlt1200 still in its origjnal packaging and unused. If you know about these filters you will know theyre second to none and are an essential to a big aquarium with big fish. Also sale i have: - 5 peacock bass 6/7 inch 35 each or 150 for the lot. These are beautiful, healthy and... ...
87.New stocklist. 08/04/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stockist discus red turquoise 25 blue snakeskin 25 snow white 25 odd balls / preds metynnis fasciatus (striped dollars) rare 15 each metynnis maculatus (spotted dollars) 6 each silver arowana 9" 35 redtail catfish 3" 20each reed fish 12-15" 12each lesse... ...
88.Peacock bass Azul and kelberi 30/03/15 Yes
Pair of Azul around 15" Pair of kelberi Male 18" and female 15" Extra female 15" Offer welcome : ) Very nice colour lovely fish
89.Florida Gar fish 30/03/15 No
Wanted Florida/Spotted Gar and Peacock Bass
90.14 inch hbrtg arowana for sale or swap 30/03/15 Yes
Nice healthy fish . Long barbels and no drop eyes . But it's a bit gill nip on one side . Only selling because I have too many arowana in my tank .Looking for 450 or swap for stingray peacock bass or nice tiger .
91.6 inch peacock bass for sale in Leeds 24/03/15 Yes
Looking for 30 each or 50 for both : ) very nice fish
92.Peacock Bass 14/03/15 Yes
2 Orino Peacock Bass 18-20inc 3 Peacock bass 12-15inc Mbu Puffer Fish 18-19 inc Sensible offers please. Collection from West Horsely
93.peacock bass (cichla kelberi) 08/03/15 Yes
for sale are my 4 cichla kelberi i have had them since young but due to moving out and the house not having room for my tank i have to let them go, they are all beautifully marked jet black bars and bright yellow and gold, everyone that comes to my house always comment on them, the smallest is aroun... ...
94.Washington aquatics stocklist 05/03/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stockist odd balls / preds metynnis fasciatus (striped dollars) rare 15 each metynnis maculatus (spotted dollars) 6 each silver arowana 4" 25 redtail catfish 3" 20each reed fish 12-15" 12each lesser spiny eel 4" 10each african butterfly fish 7.50 indian glass ... ...
Please phone me on 07443956200 or email [email protected] - can't travel far must be quite big & chunky search words odd balls arowana stingray
96.Peacock Bass 25/02/15 No
WANTED: 3-4 bass around 2-3 inch..Money waiting. Please txt me as I don't use this email anymore. Thanks 07541590231
98.predator fish , oscars , sevs ,texas, catfish 24/02/15 No
Hi all im just setting up a new monster tank Anyone got for sale any :- Predator fish texas cichlids south and or central american cichlids red tail catfish jags peacock bass Please contact me via text or phone as email doesnt always work as close to bradford as possible but may... ...
99.7 inch (Cichla Temensis) open to offers or swaps 05/02/15 Yes
I am selling peacock bass (Cichla Temensis), it's approx 7" long, with perfect markings in immaculate condition.Pellet fed its whole life. Wanting to swap for Pleco let me know what you have
100. Wanted juvenile peacock bass kelberi 02/02/15 No
Hi all I'm looking for a kelberi peacock bass 3-8 inches. If you have one for sale please call me 07429513338 Cheers Matt
101.Malawi cichlids and ocean rock for sale or swap for predatry fish 28/01/15 Yes
I'm selling my African cichlids and ocean rock would swap for peacock bass ect. I want &60 for the ocean rock there is a hell of a lot there if you take the fish as well I'm sure we could do some kind of deal. 07581467596
102.Peacock bass mono 14inch for sale 70 or swap for arowana 25/01/15 No
Great condition , nice big bass . Text me
103.Peacock Bass 14 inch for sale or swap for arowana 09/01/15 Yes
Any one interest text me
104.peacock bass aprox 14 in 08/01/15 Yes
hi I have a peacock bass for sale eating well healthy fish 100 ono or may concider swap for large bircher or simler thanks in advance ring or text for more details im ng21 area 07478706446
105.FISH FOR SALE 27/11/14 Yes
4x 11-12" Ocellaris peacock bass 160 6" Tiger shovelnose 20 Pick up only, will swap bass for asian arowana, will also take a lima shovelnose as swap for the tiger shovelnose or as part exchange for bass.
106.Four 11-12 inch Peacock Bass 26/11/14 Yes
Four 11-12" cichla ocellaris for sale, pellet trained, 200 for the four, may swap for oddballs or large american cichlids.
107.coming in this week in Oxfordshire Yarnton, including Peacock bass 2 for 20 09/11/14 Yes
Due in this week at Yarnton pet and Aquatics. Catfish Clown Pleco 9.99 Synodontis decorus 9.99 Synodontis Multipunctatus 14.99 Redtail catfish 24.99 Tiger shovelnose 6cm 14.99 Rare Parauchenipterus galeatus Leticia 24.99 Cichlids Green severum 4.99 Peacock bass P.ocellaris 5-6cm ... ...
108.Peacock Bass 18/10/14 Yes
Approx 25cm hasnt been doing well in my tank since i had a large alligator gar and has mild hole in the head which i am treating though the cures arent brilliant and think it has something to do with him being too big for the tank. He is a beautiful fish with bright golden colours but now i want to ... ...
109.Looking for peacock bass blue azul 13/09/14 No
Right guys does anyone near the London area have any peacock bass blue azul for sale. Must be between 3-4 inches. Money waiting and I can collect.
110.Fish list - Pet Price - portsmouth 06/09/14 No
Black ghost knifefish 7.50each Clown Loach 4-5cm 7.50each Peacock bass (Cichla orinocensis) 4-5cm 12.00each Siamese tiger fish (Datnoides undecemiradiatus) 4-5cm 18.00each Steel blue killifish pairs 11.00 only a few left Steel blue killifish males 4.50each Upside down catfish (Synodonti... ...
111.WTD - Big cichlids+Catfish 03/09/14 No
Hi I have a big practically empty 7'x2'x30" tank and im looking for the following fish, as local to telford as possible All fish need to be 5"+ Jaguar Cichlid Red Festae Cichlid Green Terror Cichlid Peacock Bass Texas Cichlid Jack Dempsey Cichlid Midas Cichlid Aligator Gar ... ...
112.KELBERI BASS 14 inch 16/07/14 Yes
Kelberi peacock bass (yellow/golden bass) Female 14 inch 150
113.2 x Peacock bass, Ocellaris and Monoculus 13/07/14 Yes
Hi there, I am reluctantly selling my 2 peacock bass as need the space. ( Bloody kids lol ) I have owned the male Ocellaris from 2 inchs and is now around 14 inchs. The female was sold to me as a Monoculus but maybe Ocellaris aswel. She is around 10 inchs. They are both around 2 years of age. Both ... ...
114.CICHLA ( peacock bass) WANTED FOR PUBLIC AQUARIUM 08/07/14 No
Hi there, We are looking for large amazonian species like cichla to go in our 10000ltr amazon exhibit. So if you have a fish that has outgrown their tank and needs more space please give us a call. The only fish not considered are plecs and other large catfish as we already have many. Than... ...
new shipment of Asian Arowana in stock now!!!! Showgrade XXXL Flowerhorns early next week This shipment Ihave sizes of young , sub adults and some 4-5 year adults stocklist below HIGH BACK GOLDEN 6" SUPER HIGH BACK GOLDEN 6" 12" ... ...
116.Various fish for sale (peacock bass and others) Liverpool. 07/06/14 Yes
Currently have for sale; -orinosensis peacock bass x4 all roughly +10inches!! All feeding very well on pretty much anything that will fit in their mouths! Bass are for sale at 110 each or for all of them I'll take 400 -few other smaller fish, all roughly +5inches at least! Prices will vary ... ...
117.Wanted: arowana,peacock bass,or any large predatory fish 01/06/14 No
Wanted any type of predatory fish considered. Looking to rehome your large fish? We have huge tanks ready to take almost anything. Let me know what you have,location or ability to post with courier.
118.Flowerhorn Cichlid Oddball Odd Ball Puffer Bass Tiger Fish Datnoid Veja Severum Oscar ALL SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 27/05/14 No
All for sale located in Harlow Essex individual fish prices as follows. Peacock Bass Cichla Pleiozona 8"+ 50 MBU Puffer 9" 80 Tiger Fish indo Datnoid 7" 45 Tiger Fish NTT Datnoid 4.5" 50 Veja Pair 30 Jack Dempsey 10 Large spotted Severum x 3 15 each or 3 for 30 Scatts Pair 20 Large... ...
119.high end morph bearded dragons Swap oddballs 25/05/14 Yes
Baby very high end morph dragons available for swaps for the following fish Peacock bass(all types) Dats (tigerfish) AT,IT,NGT,NTT Arowanas asians,jardini,blacks will look at silvers with barbs and no dropeye!!! Spotted gars Juranese cats Tigrinus cats RAYS pearl,marble,black cross browns, ... ...
120.Fluval 106 external filter sold 19/05/14 No
Fluval 106 external filter like new swop for peacock bass or 20
121.jardini arowana 8inch for sale or swap SOLD 14/05/14 Yes
Hi. I have jardini arowana 8 inch . For sale or swap for peacock bass.price 80
122.True wild caught Cichla Piquiti Azul peacock bass 13/05/14 Yes
These are the best bass we have ever seen, they are 5-6inch in size and they are stunningly colored, they are eating well on prawn, bloodworm, pellets and pretty much anything that hits the water!!!! They are 75 each or 140 for 2 Dont miss these !!!!!
20" tigrinus - 600 ONO 10" temensis peacock bass - 120 ONO 16" red tail golden arowana - 1950 ONO SENSIBLE OFFERS ONLY PLEASE. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. PLACE AN ORDER NOW FOR YOUR SPECIFIC FISH. ANY FISH AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. CALL RITZ 07791388350
124.Baby dragons swap for rays,bass,dats,arows 24/04/14 Yes
We have home bred high end morph bearded dragons available Snow x crawley reds Willing to swap pairs trios and singles for pearl,hystrix,& bk rays Also peacock bass tigerfish (dats) ngt ntt etc Will take low end asian arows and tigrinus cats Het trans Het trans leatherbacks Trans Leath... ...
125.peacock bass trio and pair of bay snook xxl 23/04/14 Yes
Trio of peacock bass largest arround 18" 2males 1 female , regular spawners and a pair of red bay Snook male arround 15" female at 11" ish asking for 350 for trio of bass and 120 for Snook pair Happy to sell bass seperate from Snook and vice versa but will not split the groups to individuals, these... ...
126.xxl peacock bass 20/04/14 Yes
Hi I am selling my 18"+ wc male mono pbass he smashes hikari gold, prawns, mussels, whitebait, fish fillets, diced hart & earthworms reason for sale is i have 2 of them & have a fully stocked tank & have put a deposit on 2 15" female's so I need the space open to offers thanxs for looking ste 077248... ...
127.peacock bass from 2-4 inch wanted for grow out tanks 19/04/14 Yes
looking for baby bass any type for a grow out tank please txt/watsap what you have with pics and prices and location 07701070389 many thanks
128.Wanted PEACOCK bass 29/03/14 No
Peacock bass wanted, nothing less than 5 inches, cash waiting also willing to travel txt or call me on 07931847260
129.swop only for gd size stingray or nice arrowna ( no silver arrowna) 24/03/14 No
Hi I have up for swops the following 8inch peacock bass 13inch peacock bass 14inch endlicheri birchir 13inch clown knife fish 12inch spotted gar 13inch silver arrown 6inch tiger dat Looking for gd size female stingray or nice arrowna and will swop all fish for right deal pics on reques... ...
130.SOLD SOLD SOLD LARGE (approx 22-24 inches ) Distichodus Lusosso - OPEN TO ANY OFFERS 17/03/14 Yes
I am very reluctantly having to move my large long nose distichodus lusosso on, or will swap for an oddball (10" plus) like silver arrowana, peacock bass, snakehead, eel, birchir... etc.... Very rare to see this species at this size, he's a cracking big fish and would be a fantastic showpiece for... ...
131.selling due to change around of tank 14/03/14 Yes
hi me and my mrs have decided to change the type of fish we keep in our tank and are open to reasonable offers on our fish azur peacock bass 4 inch (sold) ocellaris peacock bass 6 inch (SOLD) jardini arowana 8 inch (sold) hystrix female stingray 14 inch disk 2ft w/t motoro male sting... ...
132.Fur and Fins Blackwood 19/02/14 Yes
this weeks new fish list, happy to order/import fish upon request Assorted lg malawi 8-9cm 5.00 BOTIA-CLOWN LOACH 2.5" 4.00 Chromobotia macracanthus CICHLID-HERICHTHYS PEARSEI 1.5" 4.00 Herichthys pearsei EEL-FIRE 7"-8" 12.00 Mastacembelus erythrotaenia METY... ...
133.peacock bass three for 50 17/02/14 Yes
i have for sale three peacock bass 2-3 inch long
134.(TAKING NO MORE ORDERS TILL MAY-JUNE) South American Imports @ (Catfish Aquatics) 18 APC Next Day By 10.AM (FULL 24H DOA POLICY) 13/02/14 Yes
(TAKING NO MORE ORDERS TILL MAY-JUNE) If your looking for high quality wild South American Fish at a good price then Catfish Aquatics is the place to buy. 18.00 delivery for 1 to 1000 fish with 'FULL DOA COVER' will refund price of fish (Not the postage Cost) we require photo proof within 24 ho... ...
135.Wanted job lot malawi or tang cichlids want to swap for preds fish 12/02/14 No
Swap for vampire fish, peacock bass kerberi bahia gold mala wolf perunno catfish? Also want oceon rock sand ect..
136.kerberi bahia gold peacock bass perruno catfish x mala wolf fish 11/02/14 Yes
huge 15 inch kerberi bahia gold peacock bass and a 7 inch perruno catfish and mala wolf fish 8 inch all fish need to go moving house and need funding for another tank dont really want to sell but i have to! All healthy and feeding so if they dont go will happily find a way two keep them! Offers P... ...
137.Peacock bass, Tiger shovelnose and Niger catfish for sale 03/02/14 Yes
I have some peacock bass for sale Temensis approx 15" 150 Male orino 16" 175 Female orino 16" 175 Male mono very chunky 17" 150 Kelberi 12" 150 Azul 16" 175 Azul 12" 150 i also have a niger catfish ( ripsaw) 50 tiger shovel nose 40 Pictures do not do these fish any justic... ...
138.Peacock - occeralis - temenisis for sale 7-9 " 29/01/14 Yes
x 2 peacock bass occeralis X 2 peacock bass temenisis 100 for all four Feeding on massivore pellets and beef heart cubes every other day . Fin perfect Currently in 5ft x 18 x 18tank
139.2x temensis peacock bass 8-10inch 22/01/14 No
2 x temensis peacock bass for sale both eating pellets. both around 8 - 10 inch contact me if you have any questions 100 ono each
140.Datnoids peacock bass SOLD SOLD SOLD 02/01/14 Yes
I have aload of peacock bass and indo tigers some 3 bar some 4 bar i need some gone. From 2 inch to 12 inch the tigers amd 7-12 inch the bass all different types of bass
141.Peacock bass SOLD SOLD SOLD 02/01/14 Yes
Orino 9 inch Azul 8 Mono 12 All 3 for 220 no offers no silly text messages no arseholes please
142.Peacock bass 09/12/13 Yes
Iam after some peacock bass. Dont want stupid prices!!!! Il buy upto 6 but must be 5inch plus so they can be with my 1
143.predators mono bass catfish redtail oscar 18/10/13 No
Top grade mono peacock bass 65 2 x redtail catfish one male one female 35 each 2 x oscars 10 each 2 x tiger oscars 15 each (25 for the pair) Blue tilapia 25 Giant gourami 35 Jeff rapps F1 parachromis dovi 20 Reed fish 10 Lima shovelnose 15 Email or facebook for pics
144.Pier Aquatics (Best for special really rare fish) 16/10/13 Yes
Check out some really special fishes Wild L46,L260,L333,L399 wild over 50 varieties of pleco stocked.. NOW IN WILD L25 !!!Hypostomus luteus under 400 !!! New Argentine fish .. Blue eyed plecos !!! Largest in UK . One customer refered to our shop as Pleca Mecca (: ... and it is!... in Europe no... ...
Please click the link below to visit my eBay shop and view the listing. 100's of fish available for collection. Any questions please ask.
146.13-14 inches armatus vampires (sold pending collection) 02/09/13 No
The real deal right here very chunky and feeding on frozen foods,fancy a change had these from babies currently with peacock bass & stingrays no problems 300 each or both 580 will part ex for bass or Tigrinus catfish or Asian arowana only can send pictures on request thanks
147.2 peacock bass (sold) :) 31/08/13 Yes
2 beautiful peacock bass 7-8inches Eating beautifully on frozen and live food Text only Make me a offer
148.Large tropical aquarium setup with fish 25/08/13 Yes
Hi I have a 54x34x30 fish tank drilled for sump but using fx5 on it comes with 2 betta led lights ,2 30w heaters,air pump, 2 extra large pieces of bog wood , also comes with breeding group of 9 geophagus tapajos red head , 3 peacock bass , flag tail and a common Pleco looking to swap for nice marine... ...
149.many different varieties of tropical fish available 22/08/13 Yes
Manchester Fish Price List 22nd August - 29th August 2013 All sizes are approximate, and all fish are subject to availability Strictly by appointment Eels Green eels 4" 10.00 Spiny eels 4" 10.00 Tyretrack eels 4" 10.00 Birchir Endilcheri (p... ...
150.pair of argus monitor lizards (rare) swap for bass 22/08/13 Yes
young pair (sexed) of argus monitors these get big upto 6ft for males! they feed on minced turkey,locusts,and mice starting to tame down now (handled daily) willing to trade for peacock bass (not mono,occi) or tigrinus cat please call/txt 07701070389
151.SWAPS rare argus monitor pair and pastel kingsnake collection 18/08/13 Yes
looking to swap our young sexed pair of argus monitor lizards (14 inch) get to 5-6ft! swap for peacock bass!!! not monos or occi's also a complete breeding group of pastel king snakes including pastel albinos 8 in total and some are proven breeders including tub housing swap for bass or asi... ...
152.3 peacock bass 16/08/13 Yes
1 10 inch plus 2 around 5 or 6 inch 90 ono
153.spawning young pair mono peacock bass 10/08/13 No
we have a 13 inch pair of mono bass these have spawned all over our tank last week (plecs ate eggs) great looking bass but change in setup so need to go 150 no offers or swaps collection only call/txt only please 07701070389
154.temensis peacock bass 8 inch ONLY 45 06/08/13 Yes
TEMENSIS PEACOCK BASS 8 INCH Great bargin 45 call 07791388350
155.Large Bogwood XL XXXL availble 22/07/13 Yes
BOGWOOD FOR SALE - HUGE FANCY PIECES small medium large Xl XXL XXXL I have some listed on ebay -feel free to make me an offer or let me know the size & style of a piece you would like. Please email me at [email protected] - spammers get a life - don't use my email ... ...
156.WANTED peacock bass 18/07/13 No
Good money waiting for large peacock bass please contact me must be 8inch plus thanks
157.Wanted orino peacock bass 17/07/13 No
Wanted large orino peacock bass please contact me if you have anything for sale.
158.FEMALE LEO/BD ray for sale/trade 05/07/13 Yes
12 inch female big spot leo x bd black ray has stump tail (no sting) has bit of healed damage to disc from bites (other ray) can still be used for breeding with no problems 200 no offers maybe interested in swaps for PEACOCK BASS only collection only and no time wasters CALL/TXT ONLY ... ...
159.Giraffe catfish 24 inch 04/07/13 Yes
Here i have for sale my 2 feet giraffe catfish im in south east london im looking for 100 ovno or will swop for something large and interesting will defo swop for peacock bass 10inch + also have a 14 inch red tail for sale please call or text 07913341673 or email [email protected]
ONE LEMON FIN (DIAMOND SHARK) ONE RED FIN TINFOIL BARB =FREE TO GOOD HOME - NEED GONE ASAP ) XL nice looking fish. Need a large tank preferably with other Tinfoil barbs - FISH ARE BIGGER THEN THE FISH IN PICK BUT SAME TYPE pick up from Brighouse HD6 3LQ key words arowana stingray peacock bass... ...
161.6-8 inch oddball clown loach wanting to swap for a young kel pb or dat 12/06/13 Yes
Want to trade this oddball clown for a kel peacock bass above 2 inches or datnoid around 3-5 inches. Let me know and will consider other offers. I will drive so far but over 20-30 miles
162.3 Peacock Bass for sale 23/05/13 Yes
I have 3 Cichla Monoculus for sale. I have one 13" wild peru Two 8", I'm not sure if these are wild or not Good looking fish, need to move them on as I'm focusing on my stingrays 120 for the group
163.3 large tinfoil barbs 25/04/13 No
30 need a big tank - must be picked up from Brighouse HD6 3LQ LEMON FIN (DIAMOND SHARK) & RED FIN PLEAES EMAIL [email protected] key words arowana peacock bass stingray odd balls datnoid
164.Peacock bass 20/04/13 Yes
For sale peacock bass areino. Can't really spell the genus. These are 10-12" we have 4. These are 125 or 2 for 240. Call Ali on +44 7731 852950
165.Variety of fish/ tanks and equipment for sale Liverpool 16/04/13 Yes
Fish tanks: 5ft x 2ft x 2ft- this tank comes with stand, lid, light, fluval fx5, fluval 4+, heater, air pump, gravel ( if wanted) and rocks/ ornaments 400 5ft x 2ft x 2ft- this tank has NO stand, comes with fluval 4+, heater, air filter, gravel (if wanted) and rocks/ ornaments 200 3ft x ... ...
Peacock Bass - Cichla Piquiti sp 'blue Azul' -4", 50 - Cichla kelberi - Araguaia - 3", 25 - Cichla Kelberi -Araguaia - 5", 50- only 2 Courier service is now available to most areas of the uk at a flat rate of 25 for 1 to 40 fish I can be contacted by email - [email protected] ...
167.Peacock bass 8-9 inch tsn catfish 12inch Indian shovelling 10 inch ornate bircher 14 inch 11/04/13 No
Peacock bass 8-9 inch tsn catfish 12inch Indian shovelling 10 inch ornate bircher 14 inch albino bircher 8inch red devil 8-9 inch loverly fish male jack dempsey 8 inch offers for lot or individual please use mobile contact ac don't work..? Call text any time for questions or pics chris
168.peacock bass 23/03/13 No
X6 2 inch peacock bass eating well superb condition 12 each
169.Geophagus red head tapajos 20/03/13 No
Group of 9 geos for sale 5 males and 4 female have produced several litters of fry from the two dominant couples Smallest male is 3.5 inch and largest is approx 5.5inches Looking for 30 a pair Will sell the whole group for 110 Offers will be considered May swap for for peacock bass or da... ...
170.Goliath tigerfish 19/03/13 Yes
For sale a 6inch goliath tigerfish. Would swap for a Peacock bass. Offers or swap. Please text or call 07450987337
171.Goliath tigerfish 19/03/13 Yes
For sale a 6inch goliath tigerfish. Would swap for a Peacock bass. Offers or swap. Please text or call 07450987337
172.Peacock Bass 04/03/13 No
Hi selling 4 wild caught occelaris peacock bass, had them since 2 inch now 9-10",all fish are healthy and feeding well on prawns,mussels and massivore. 30 each or all 4 for 100 no offers pls viewing welcome text me on 07925013470 pics and info
173.odd ball fish swapz or cash 08/02/13 No
Ornate birchr 14 inch chunk Albino birchr x2 6 inch Tsn catfish 14 inch Peacock bass 9 inch Red devil 8 inch Parrat flowerhorn 8 inch chunk Indian shovel nose 11 inch rare Breeding jack demps7 inch Green terror 7 inch 220 the lot all live together
174.peacock bass wild 2 types ferrybridge aquatics 06/02/13 No
wild peacock bass cichla ocellaris 9.95 each and the rarer cichla monoculus 25 each at ferrybridge aquatics
176.XL Proven breeding pair of F1 synspillum cichlids 02/01/13 Yes
Male - 14-15 inch Female - 9.5-10 inch Superbly coloured and marked proven breeding pair which I have had three spawns off in last 3-4 months.... These are a superb pair that are in mint condition and would grace any aquarium.... Will even breed in an active tank but for best quick results put... ...
177.WANTED : xl peacock bass cichlids 31/12/12 Yes
Looking for xl kelberi, azul, temensis, monoculus or orinocensis specimens preferably 12 inch or bigger but smaller specimens will b considered.... Will swap the following specimens for bass : 12-13 inch datnoide microlepis tigerfish 16 inch alligator gar 14 inch meglodoras irwini catfish Prov... ...
178.alligator gar, jack Dempsey, peacock bass, parrot cichlid 16/12/12 Yes
I'm clearing my tank for snakeheads, and selling: 7-8inch alligator gar 45 5 inch peacock bass 40 7inch large jack Dempsey cichlid (nice) 30 3inch parrot cichlid 20 I live in Swindon, text or email No offers!! 07590398760
179.tememsis peacock bass 12/12/12 No
hi i havr for sale tememsis peacock bass stunning fish beautiful marking loads of speckles there about 3inch some a little bit more feeding on prwans bloodworm and neons growning fast very rare fish pictures to be put on soon 40 each or 4 150 any questions feel free to ask will send pics ... ...
180.wanted small oddballs peacock bass arowana stingrays etc 07/12/12 No
im looking for peacock bass arowana etc all fish will be considered im in south london but will travel depending on location etc please text sam on 07563040865
181.FREE FISH - Arapaima, Leopaldi, Peacock Bass 01/12/12 No
Closing Down my tropical Pond so the below have to go, no time to sell and need to go ASAP. first to take can have for free... 10" Arapaima Gigas 13" Leopaldi Stingray 18" Temensis Peacock Bass 10" Goliath African Tiger Fish 12" Giant Snakehead PLEASE CALL AND DONT... ...
182.x5 large red bellied piranha 21/11/12 No
hi, for sale or swap 5, 8/10 inch red bellied piranha all wild caught,eating well seem very healthy,i,m after flowerhorn,dovi, peacock bass,can go extra cash would consider offer or swap please call or text on 07956643456 thanks ricky
183.red tail catfish tiger shovelnose for sale both just over 2 foor long 15/11/12 Yes
2 foot long red tailed catfish and a 2 foor long tiger shovelnose catfish ,both in superb condition had these since they were an inch big ,i did plan on building an indoor pond for them but just havent got the time to do it ,currently in a 10 foot fish tank and this is 2 small for them now really so... ...
184.payara tetra sabertooth vampire tropical fish 7" aligator gar 8" indo dats 2 " 01/11/12 No
payara tetra sabertooth vampire tropical fish 7" aligator gar 8" indo dats 2 " also a Nile perch just testing the water on that see what offers a get it is 8" atm baby red tail catfish baby tilipia x2 baby salvini x2 baby peacock bass mono also huge 2000 lph canister filter with ... ...
185.juwel 180 vision bow front mahogany stand reduced 28/10/12 Yes
I have a juwel vision with hood and stand with a huge external canister filter with built in uv light and a digital fluval heater there is baby oddballs in the tank frontosa peacock bass redtail cat 2 salvinis 2 tilipia and a flowerhorn the filter is full of media bio balls ceramic rings and k1 medi... ...
186.Peacock bass chicla ocellaris 6.99 13/10/12 No
We have a number of peacock bass chicla ocellaris for sale, all around 2 inches some a little larger, all feeding really well on frozen meaty foods, For anyother info email, or call during business hours 01216034325 Collection only from birmingham Please no timewasters, these fish grow very ... ...
187.Wanted LARGE cichlids 24/09/12 No
hi i am interested in any large cichlids. please get in touch if your selling i have money waiting. I am especially interested in doviis, midas, peacock bass, flowerhorns. Thanks
188.juwel rio 400 400 litre 5 ft tank complete with stand and fish etc 1500 mm black 28/08/12 Yes
Hi i am closing my tank down either with the fish as a job lot or individually I have a juwel rio 400 5 foot tank in black satin newer modle with the chrome style sticker and door handle in very good condition few marks etc but over all good condition, two external filters,1 internal filter, hea... ...
189.Peacock Bass Mono Cichla Monoculus 11/07/12 No
We have 25 Cichla Monoculus 3 inch 30ea or 2 for 50 Will be very popular. get they whilst you can. 12 left The Pet Shop 554 Walsall road Great Barr Birmingham B42 1LR Phone 0121 244 6515 07544547131 e-mail [email protected]
192.2 red tail cats to swap or for sale 1 @14 inches 1 @ 12 inches 29/04/12 No
2 redtail cats for swap together or single will swap for Arowana up to 9" Peacock bass up to 8" Tiger shovelnose up to 8" Snakeheads up to 6" Any nice catfish up to 8" Electric blue jack dempsey any size Large severums Blood parrots Or if you have any large fish along these lines let me kn... ...
193.predator tank close down 09/04/12 No
2 banded tiger oscars 6inch 1 albino tiger 4 inch 2 pure white albino oscars 2inch 1 climbing perch 5 inch 1 silver arowana 10 inch 3 jaguar cichlids 1x4inch 2 around 2inch red tail catfish 1o inch mint 1 peacock bass 2 fire eels 8 inch think 1 male and 1 female ( not sure) wantin... ...
194.Wolf Fish and P-Bass WANTED 05/04/12 Yes
looking for a wolf fish. am open to which species. what have you got? get in touch cheers also looking for peacock bass around 6-8 inches. all sp considered but mainly looking for some of the rarer sp. orino, pinima etc willing to travel for the right fish.
195.--> List of fish - WANTED <--- 23/03/12 No
Below is a list of fish i am looking for. can collect in the North Yorkshire area, but if you can post the fish i would be willing to pay for the postage. cash waiting for right fish, wont try and blag anything for free as i have had too many people do this to me! Buttikoferi Red belly Pacu Tig... ...
196.PEACOCK BASS 22/03/12 Yes
cichla ocellaris butterfly peackock bass, last measured feb at 16" only selling cos kids arrowana is bullying it. would need to bring own container if you buy it . BARGAIN PRICE 100
197.peacock bass 20/03/12 Yes
for sale 3x kleberei peacock bass 2x males 1x female beautiful looking fish feeding on pellets about 6-8 inchs 150.00 each. this is a good price no offers please!
198.AROWANA AND MORE 09/03/12 No
20 inch big jardini arow gentle fish not aggressive 80 ovno 6 inch marble (F1) stingray male 100 (SOLD) 5-6 inch leo stingray pair (unrelated) 700 (SOLD PENDING COLLECTION) 6-7 inch american tigerfish pair 70pr 2-3 inch pair madagascan cichlids pollini rare 40 pr 3-4 inch ti... ...
199.Trio of peacock bass 7-8inch 07/03/12 Yes
i have a trio of bass (oci) for sale nice and chunky and love pellets sinking and floating defo 1 female and 1 male the other not sure yet 150 the trio cash only no swaps please first come first served basis will not hold due to time wasters call/txt 07786272285
200.Peacock bass wanted 20/02/12 No
Hi I am after some peacock bass to go in my aquarium with arowana and snakehead. If anyone local to winchester has any could they let me know the price and location, please drop me an email with picture and price and all over info. Thanks Sean Email: [email protected]
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