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1.Piranha Pygocentrus Piraya (King of the Piranha species) Price drop 18/11/18 Yes
I have one Piraya Piranha for sale, around 8” eating well on prawns and muscles,genuine reason for sale have another and want to go to a single P to give him best growth Only serous fish keepers to take him these are rare breed Grab a bargain £80 Drop me a text if this is what you are se... ...
2.Red belly piranha 18/11/18 Yes
I have eight 6/7 inch red belly piranha very healthy and eating loads due to a Circumstance change I have to get rid of them I will do a deal for somone of they have the lot of them
3.Pristocrybron maculpinnis rare piranha for sale 18/11/18 Yes
Rare piranha for sale - 10 inches Pick up only from South Wales £250
4.RARE FISH - UK DELIVERY 15/11/18 Yes
I have available the following: Gymnothorax polyuranodon 40cm+ £120 Captive bred L065 2-3" £70 Captive bred L097 2-3" £40 Papuan Black Bass 6"+ £300 Piraya Piranha 5-6" £100 L177 4" £30 L066 5" £30 L183 2.5-3" £20 UK delivery available Any questions, please ask.
5.Piranha Wild Caught Caribe 4-6inch 25/10/18 Yes
Wild Caribe approx 4-6inch I have 3. Feeding well and regularly, nice colour. £70 for all 3.
6.Piraya Piranha, 24/10/18 Yes
Got 16 x 5" Piraya Piranha to sell. All in good health and ready now.Only £50 each to clear. Collection on Wiltshire.
7.Piranha -Serrasalmus manueli Manny ( Wild ) £100 18/10/18 Yes
I have For Sale A Piranha -Serrasalmus manueli ( Manny ) He is quite active and feeding well - virtually anything !! Any questions please ring / text / email 07703 410203
8.Piranhas & wolf fish GLASGOW 19/09/18 Yes
5 adult piranha (2 caribe) £100 Wolf fish £60 Plec £10 Take the lot for £120 07775835456 david
9.Serrasalmus Rhombeus Black Diamond Piranha 09/09/18 Yes
Unfortunately due to a house move I have to rehome my rhom. He is 7inch, shy, but also feisty when hes hungry. He loves prawns. I really don't want to rehome him but I have no choice. He's currently housed in a 5x2x2 sumped tank and needs atleast the same size home. He needs to a knowledgab... ...
10.Black Rhom Piranha Wanted 21/08/18 No
Hi, I'm looking for a black piranha. I have a tank set up and ready to go. Flexible on size and maybe even type but ideally a rhom. I'm in Liverpool but can travel. Let me know what you have! Thank you
11.Red belly piranha 17/08/18 No
Looking for a group or singles. Live in Cambridgeshire hope someone out there has some near me. Message me on : 07881294800. Or Email me on : [email protected] Thank you
12.Red Belly Piranha Pygocentrus 30/07/18 No
Does anyone have any red bellies for sale, or seen some in any lfs that are a decent size? South of England please Cheers!
13.Pygocentrus Caribe Piranha 29/07/18 Yes
5 Pygocentrus Caribe Piranha for sale . Wild Caught . Around 6-7 inches long. Healthy Chunky fish with great colour. Eating Prawns, mussels, sprats, ect. Not many up here in Scotland. Must go all together. Will not split group. £120. No stupid offers or time wasters please. P... ...
14.Breeding pair of piranha 20/07/18 Yes
Very hard decision but I have decided to sell my breeding pair of red belly piranha... I bought these as F1 baby piranha at the size of a 5p from rare aquatics before it shut a year and half ago... they have spawned 5 times in the last 2months and all batches made it to free swimming babys but I let... ...
Imported these myself as juveniles. NEW IN - LOCATION SOUTH LONDON PYGOS: Piraya (yellow and orange belly both 9”) - Wild Reds 9” X 2 Caribe 6-9” X 2 SERRASALMUS: Manueli 4-5” SERRASALMUS: Rhombus 11-12” Elongatus; 6” X 1 Healthy fish feed great on chicken prawns and live shrimps. ... ...
16.jeff rapps order 10/07/18 No
JEFF RAPPS ORDER IN 10 DAYS This order already has enough to make sure it goes ahead inbox me if you are interested SOUTH AMERICAN CICHLIDS Aequidens tetramerus 2.5-3" 10.00 or 5 @ 8.50 ea. wild collected at San JosΓ© del Rio Guaviare 'saddled acara'- juveniles of large growing acara w/ orn... ...
17.Group of 4 Red bellied piranha and 2 cariba 12/06/18 Yes
Shoal of large mature Red Bellied piranha. The shoal contains 4 reds and 2 wild caught cariba (rare in this country). The largest red is around 9 or 10 inches. The cariba are a bit younger and still have some growing left as these can reach a foot in size. These fish need a large tank of at least 50... ...
18.Updated Stock List @ Fish Inc 3/6/2018 03/06/18 No
UPDATED STOCK LIST 3/6/2018 Live bearers Snow white guppy £3.49 Lyretail guppy £2.99 Male guppy £2 Female guppy £1.50 Assorted endlers £1.50 Swordtails £3 Giant Sailfin Molly £8 per pair Molly £3 Platy £2.50 Limia Perugiae £2.50 Plecos L114 Scarlet Pleco £49.95 L134 Leopard frog £... ...
19.Tank and piranhas 21/05/18 No
Hi Tank 3ft Two filters 1 power head Heater Light Two piranhas separated with divider £100
20.Serrasalmus Geryi/ violet line piranha 16/05/18 No
Fantastic specimen 9 inches and one of The best geryis I have seen. Solitary fish cannot be housed with anything else, £200 Pick up Kent Thanks
21.Manuelli Piranha 8 inch £100 14/05/18 No
Manuelli Piranha 8 inch £100 feeds well on everything, tank and filter can be taken as well. Pics by request
22.Wanted juvenile black piranha midlands area 12/05/18 No
Please contact me if you have a juvenile black piranha (under 6inches) for sale in the Midlands area. Please email me Thanks
23.Fully Revised Stock List - The Aquatic Store Bristol 09-05-2018 09/05/18 Yes
Tetras: Super Ringo Owando Tetra (Very Rare) Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE Black Neon Tetra Yellow Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish Giant Silver Hatchet Fish Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Red Phantom Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Flame Tetra Super Oran... ...
24.Oddball, Predator, South American Cichlids STOCK LIST @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 09.05.18 09/05/18 Yes
We offer a good selection of Oddball, Predator and South/ Central American Cichlids, always fully quarantined and greedily accepting food before going on sale. They are housed in our individually filtered fish house containing more than 140 aquariums. Please call ahead for availability as certain ... ...
25.Black Diamond rhom piranha awesome 10 inches 01/05/18 Yes
Black Diamond piranha awesome rare 10" stunner.... £350
26.Oddballs, piranha, cichlids,L114 plec spinous plecetc 23/04/18 No
Selling many oddballs , and rarity’s, including black piranha rhombeus 7” £90 Silver arowana 10” £40 sold L114 show size. £ 180 Mbu 3” £100 sold Mega kok flowerhorn. 7” £ 100 Thai blue flowerhorn. 7” £ 100 wykii catfish 16” £100 Many Central American and some geophagus. And many more. Red front... ...
STRICTLY NO TIME WASTERS THIS PIRANHA IS THE BIGGEST ONE IVE EVER SEEN, BOUGHT FROM A FRIEND AWESOME SPECIMEN 18 LONG STUNNING BEAST... Same again please no offers or time wasters first come get the greatest piranha probably in the UK!!! £650
Looking for wild pygos, money waiting. Will consider any sizes available. South of England.
29.Red Belly Piranhas for Sale 01/03/18 Yes
Have 3 red belly piranhas for sale for £10 each. Only selling because I am moving soon and need to tear down my tanks. Would be willing to deliver/meet up if in reasonable distance. Hit me up! Thanks!
I have one very rare and sort after piranha for sale One 10" piraya Piranha get huge,and can be get together. Unlike black piranha. Pick up from south yorkshire No offers £295
31.Black rhom piranha 8inch 09/02/18 No
Stunning fish very active not shy at all eats anything offered swap for preds or £50ono
33.Piranha wanted 15/01/18 Yes
Hello, im looking for a few piranha to join my exsisting 2, i have a 6ft tank and want a few more to add movement. Contact me if you have any piranha to rehome or sell.
34.Preds 01/01/18 Yes
2ft arowanna no drop eye eatting pellets £120 3x azul peacock bass from 14-17inch £60 each Pinima peacock bass 10inch £70 Male bhia gold kelbri 13inch £90 Giraffe catfish 16inch £30 Black rhom piranha 8inch £50 All good healthy fish any questions feel free to ask Best call or text 0... ...
35.Piranha rhom 22/12/17 No
I have a 9 inch rhom want to swop for a spilo
36.Diamond black piranha 12/12/17 No
9-10" diamond black piranha healthy and feeding well bargain £80
37.Diamond black piranha 9-10 inches long 12/12/17 No
Large diamond black piranha healthy and feeding well bargin £80
38.Serrasalmus maculatus 03/12/17 No
Serrasalmus maculatus golden piranha around 4-5” £45 Ono
39.Manueli / Sanchez or geryi piranha wanted 17/10/17 No
- Cash waiting Please call 07931428739 London/kent
40.Two red bellied piranhas 3.5-4" 17/10/17 Yes
Two red bellied piranhas around 3.5-4" Closing down tank hence sale. £10 for both
41.Wanted Piraya Piranha 14/10/17 No
Hi, Im looking for a Piraya Piranha one or two would be perfect, Cash waiting, I am in Gloucestershire will pay for delivery (fuel) or will collect if not to far, cheers :)
42.Red Bellied Pirhanna Stunning x 10 - 10cm (approx) 03/10/17 Yes
Selling an established shoal a 10 Red Bellied Piranha all around the 10cm size. £60.00 These have grown together since fry and get on fine. All in great condition, feed very well and are in good colour. Truly an amazing fish to watch with established hierarchy.
43.Pristobrycon maculipinnis 23/09/17 Yes
my rare Pristo Mac piranha is for sale. She is over 10 inches, filled out lots. I am informed she is the only example in the UK. I have kept her with silver dollars and rare plecs for a few years. Still lots of growing to be achieved with suitable large environment - she is in a 7ft tank. No gi... ...
44.Serrasalmus rhombeus Xingu Black Piranha in stock @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 01.10.17 18/09/17 Yes
We have just one of these monsters available at around 6" in length and at least 3.5" deep. A very confident fish full of potential, feeding exceptionally well on frozen Lancefish and King prawn. This would make an ideal specimen fish for any Piranha enthusiast. Wild caught from Xingu - South... ...
45.Red belly piranha 17/09/17 No
I have 2 red belly piranhas for sale decent dive 4-5 inches comes with 80l tank filter and heater included no inserts just that tank all lights working. Number 07539991144
46.Baby Red Belly Piranha 15/09/17 Yes
Baby Red Belly Piranha 3cms £5 each. Nationwide next day delivery. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]
Updated Stock list 15/09/2017 Corydoras/CW Numbers: CW028 Corydoras Super Schwartzi STUNNING XXL STORE FIRST Limited Corydoras Gold Lasers F1 XL NEW super condition C12 Corydoras Punctatus NICE CW009 Green lazer Corydoras SUPER CONDITION XL STORE FIRST Limited CW051 Corydoras sp VERY NICE... ...
48.Piranha Wanted 22/08/17 No
Currently looking for a few Piranha 1 year old or older. Currently have 2 at just over a year looking to expand. Anywhere in London would be good but can drive within reason to pick up.
49.Red Bellied Piranha Fish 09/07/17 No
I have for sale 7 red belly piranha a'll in really good condition 4 to 5 inches long all 7 for 80 or and for full set up I have juwel rio tank 400 in good condition with lighting .the pump in 2 month s old witch is a fx4 external filter.all s black gravel and heater.set up looks really well .will s... ...
50.six red belly piranha 28/06/17 No
Six red belly piranha one year old, all about 5 inches long, one slightly bigger,all about 4 inches tall and all very thick bodied. feeding well on beef heart, prawns, muscles and shrimp. I will not sell single fish must all go together. £100.00 O.N.O. please text 07745653515
52.8 Red bellied piranha 8-10 inches 06/05/17 No
8 adult red bellied piranha for rehome only moving on to close tank down approx 4 years old. All healthy and fed on pellets or frozen Fish. Never fed live bait. £50 for all and a good home for them to go too. Can WhatsApp some pictures as can't seem to upload here
53.Piranha 12/04/17 No
1/2 inch Serrasalmus rhombeus babies imported brazil £50 collection lancashire
54.Red belly piranhas xxl x 10 all for £150 10/04/17 Yes
Hi I have for sale 10 of red belly piranhas size is from 7" to 10", all in good condition, reason for sale, change fish in my tank. Fishes eat mussels, frozen fish, pellets. For more info please call Nick 07428746200. Collection from east London. If take all groups 10 of them £150
55.Red bellied piranhas x 2 medium size £10 each 09/04/17 No
I need to make space and need my piranhas gone. Collection from southeast. Can provide a bucket Please text 07578170450
56.Black piranha 28/03/17 No
15/15.5" Serrasalmus black rhombeus , closing down all tanks so the last couple of fish regrettably are for sale , stunning fish, eats well , doesn't like thumbs so will try and eat your hand through the glass lol , £400 , also have a rare ternetzi for sale, 07551045426, if pic doesn't show please m... ...
57.Piranhas Wanted In Birmingham Area Only 09/03/17 No
Red Belly Piranhas Wanted In The Birmingham Area to Be re homed. Small Donation can be given.
58.Pygocentrus Ternetzi 11 inches 26/02/17 Yes
very very rare pygocentrus ternetzi 11" £250 having to shut down my mixed pygocentrus piranha tank so regrettabley all are for sale 07551045426 please phone for info
59.Jewel rio 300 gloss white and cabinet MINT 23/02/17 No
Jewel rio 300 gloss white with cabinet immaculate condition a large tetra external filter which cost £120 Plus 300w heater 2 air pumps Various bog wood Also a breeding group of three large red bellies piranha. Gorgeous tank. Pics on request 07479999910 Paul
60.Piranha 06/02/17 No
Rhom wanted or Manuelli or Geyi north west
61.WANTED .Black Piranha and other Serras 05/02/17 No
Looking for a Rhom and other Serra species,close as possible to Blackburn pref a young fish. Not desperate so sensible prices only please.
62.6Ft,7ft or 8ft tank wanted 20/01/17 No
Looking for a 6/7/8 foot tank to house a large shoal of piranha within reasonable driving distance from essex. I have a large van so can collect. What have you got?
63.tropical fish for sale 16/01/17 Yes
I have various tropical fish for sale 6x young pear danios £8 the group 7x xl 5"silver dollars from different sauces £40 the group 2x tatia intermedia 2" £4 each 5x pareutropius debauwi 2.5" £4 each 1x l104 clown plec 2" £10 juvenile red belly piranha 2.5" £5 xl synodontis featherfin 6" £1... ...
64.Urban exotics full fish list Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
URBAN EXOTICS full up to date fish list 11/1/17 Over 150 tanks filled with good quality, affordable fish. Huge choice for beginners to seasoned hobbyists Follow us on Facebook by searching for 'urbanpetcentre- Live bearers- we always have a good choice of colours in all our live bear... ...
65.Serrasalmus elongatus 14/01/17 Yes
Given up. So up for sale my last remaining piranha 1 serrasalmus elongatus 6-7" £50. Or with 3,5 ft jewel tank stand external filter etc £120 ! buyer to collect
66.WANTED Piraya Piranha & Caribe Piranha Cash waiting 08/01/17 No
Wanted please Piranha fish, Caribe and piraya, Thanks
67.Piranha 04/01/17 Yes
6/7inch serasalmus compressus stunning colours nice deep red eye perfect high arch and snout solo fish very rare import from rio Francisco £100 bargain
68.Red Bellied Piranha 02/01/17 No
Approx 6" RBP for sale £20.00 - Eating well and in good health and condition. Buyer must bring their own container to transport the fish. Collection only from Leigh, Lancashire. Any questions please ask.
69.3 6inch red belly piranha for sale or swap 19/12/16 No
I have three beautifull red belly piranha between five and six inch long looking to sell or swap for a gar or other predatory fish ,piranha eat well and get along well with eachother live food or frozen food or pellets just looking for a change
70.Parkers Aquatic Centre - Tropical Fish in Bristol, Full Stocklist 17/12/16 Yes
Latest Fish List - Updated 17/12/16 Current stock List: Inverts: Bamboo shrimp : few Yamoto shrimp: cherry shrimp: yellow fire shrimp: Assorted Crystal Shrimp: Large blue lobster Vampire crabs Tetra/ Characins: Black widow tetra Cardinal tetra Congo tetra Neon tetra Serpae tet... ...
71.Piranhas wanted 20/11/16 No
Red belly piranha wanted in Manchester or north west area, any size but preferably wanted adult but will consider any, let me know what you have. Thanks ste,
72.Piranha 19/11/16 No
Pyraya caribe ternezi wanted please
73.Big Reduced bargain of the year offer £100 Large Black Diamond rhomb Piranha Brazil awesome fish rare 10 inch+ Reduced 22/10/16 No
Very rare black diamond rhomb piranha Brazil Just over 10" he's a beast eats anything pick up only £100 worth £250 bargain Stunning specimen Not often available pick up south Yorkshire None available hard to find extremely hard to get hold off at this size.
74.Pygocentrus piraya The King piranha PIRAYA very rare ... Rarest of the piranhas stunning 18/10/16 No
Pygocentrus piraya Piranha if you know you're piranhas then you will know how rare and hard these are to get hold of they reach a huge size...worth £200 each.. I have four for sale just over 4" immaculate condition stunning fish. Impossible to get hold of these.. Never seen a more attractive pir... ...
75.11 piranha for sale 18/09/16 No
I have for sale 11 red belly piranha for sale. Approx 3-4 inch. Open to reasonable offers. Must all go together.
76.Red bellie pirhanas 04/09/16 No
For sale 4x red bellie piranha all eating well very lively fish about 5-6 inches in size bargain at 15 pound each or 4 for 40
77.Red bellied piranha 21/08/16 Yes
Lively red bellied piranha 8-9" long will xome up to the glass etc.. A big boy, quite chunky looks smaller in his photos. Also redder in real life. Collection southampton. Askin 50 or offers
78.Golden cobra snakhead - £50 09/08/16 Yes
Golden cobra snakehead approx 10 inches very aggressive and highly active. Would like to swap for peacock bass or piranha or would sell for price of £50. If you love predatory fish you would not be dissapointed with this snakheads attitude. Please call
79.Piranha 14/07/16 No
Nice large black Peruvian rhombus for sale or swap for other wild import piranha nice eye very big will sell for £60 or swap caribe wild reds elongated manually
80.Piranha 06/07/16 Yes
Serasalmus rhombeus 8/9inch stunning fish wild caught Peru nice eye pick up burnley Lancashire £60
81.piranha 02/07/16 No
Amy piranha for sale .no red bellies
82.Piranha 21/06/16 Yes
Roughly 8 inch possibly a lot more as been a while since had him out tank Brazil black rhombeus piranha stunning eye nice jaw eats well good home only please £80 pick up burnley lancashire
83..JEFF RAPPS ORDER 13/05/16 No
.........STARTING JEFF RAPPS ORDER ( TANGLED UP IN CICHLIDS)..... to place an order we require 50% deposit , On some special fish we may need the whole amount for jeff to hold, them, contact me for more info (Total Length in Inches) (in pounds uk) (Wild fish include the word 'wild' in descripti... ...
84.Piranah red belly piranha x5 shared a tank since the size of a 20p coin 28/04/16 No
Selling tank so I have x5 red belly piranahs 5-6" £50
85.Piranha and Juwel trigon 190 stand and filter reduced 28/04/16 Yes
Hi I have a corner fish tank and a fluval 305 external filter,3D background everything included , there are currently 5 red belly piranha fish approx 5" very healthy, I have had them since they were the size of a twenty pence coin. Can possibly deliver for fuel For the full set up I am looking f... ...
86.5cm koi from the koi shop leicester 20/04/16 Yes
The koi shop leicester 5cm koi ready for sale mixed variety and at a great price £3.00 each or 4 for £10 We also sell oddball aqurium fish. ... ...
87.2 red bellied piranha 09/04/16 Yes
selling my 2 red belly piranha one is 5in the other is 6In buyer must collect selling both for £60 for more info Pls ring 07961 429241
88.10 inch rhombeus (black piranha ) £120 12/03/16 Yes
I'm looking at parting with my much loved piranha as he will soon need a bigger tank which I have no room for ..he is approximately 10 inches long ,eats very well but does have a chimple due to attacking his reflection . he will need his own aquarium with adequate filtration . looking for £120 for ... ...
89.Red belly piranha 01/03/16 No
5 Red belly piranha. Approx 6" in size. Really good condition. Feeding on white bait and other raw meats. Any futher questions please feel free to contact me.
90.Red belly piranha 28/02/16 No
5 Red belly piranha. Approx 6" in size. Really good condition. Feeding on white bait and other raw meats. Any futher questions please feel free to contact me.
91.5 FT fish tank with 5 Red belly piranhas (6-7 inches) FULL SET UP 450 LITERS BARGAIN CHEAP 17/02/16 No
For sale i have my piranha set up includes everything you need. The dimensions of the fish tank are 60 X 24 X 18 (Inches) APPROX 450 LITRES Includes - Fluval external filter 600 Lph Tetratec 1000 lph internal filter Ornaments shown in pictures 2 X 300W Heaters Light and light ballast in... ...
Hi, Looking for the following piranha if anyone has one for sale Serrasalmus Manueli Piranha Thanks
96.piranha 17/01/16 No
Selling my lovely black rom around 8 10" aggressive and very active and rely healthy does everything he should eat etc got him from amzon basin want 130 quick sale he would fetch 200 this size
97.Piranha 13/01/16 No
Large caribe stunning fish eats well £60. pick up burnley bargain will need a big tank
98.Piranha 13/01/16 Yes
5 wild caught red bellie piranha currently 4 inch very aggressive pick up burnley £60
99.Serrasalmus manueil 13 inch+ piranha 03/01/16 No
Big Serrasalmus manueil for sale. Probably the biggest in captivity in Europe. Very active and aggressive. Needs to go to a good home and will make a fantastic display piece. Contact me for more details. Quick sale needed. Open to offers. Call or tx on 07860554782
100.Black rhom piranha 01/01/16 No
Want to swop my Brazilian rhom about 6inches for for a decent size caribe Kings Lynn 07513588726
101.Bargain 7-8 inch Serrasalmus Elongatus (pike piranha) £60 30/12/15 Yes
Bargain 7-8" Serrasalmus Elongatus) £60!!!!!! Very aggressive and needs to stay on its own!! Picture does the fish no justice 07710253807
102.Diamond Rhom for sale £75 West Sussex 28/12/15 No
I have a 7 inch Diamond Rhom (Piranha) available for οΏ½75. He is feeding well on frozen fish and prawns. Has also started finger chasing as well. Pick up from Crawley West Sussex (near Gatwick airport). Please text 07860682532 if I am unable to answer. Thanks
103.black rhom piranha serrasalmus rhombeus 26/12/15 Yes
very aggressive and eating well around 6.5 to 7 inches long. please call anytime 07983448684 im near heathrow.
104.Piranha 22/12/15 Yes
Large caribe stunning fish eats well £90 pick up burnley
105.JEFF RAPPS ORDER 19/12/15 No
.........STARTING JEFF RAPPS ORDER ( TANGLED UP IN CICHLIDS)..... to place an order we require 50% deposit , On some special fish we may need the whole amount for jeff to hold, them, contact me for more info Acarichthys heckelii 2.5-3” 18.00 or 4 @ 15.00 ea. showy acara-like earth eaters that devel... ...
106.Breeding Pair Convict Cichlids - FREE 15/12/15 No
I have a breeding pair of convicts, i have another pair and they're breeding is out of control. The male lost his cadual fin to a piranha but its growing back slowly. Cracking little fish but best to keep them on there own or with large cichlids as they get incredibly violent when fry is present. I... ...
107.3x Caribe Piranha 30/11/15 Yes
I have 3x Caribe piranha for sale They r 5-6 inches roughly One has a missing eye due to fighting over food Doesn't affect him at all though Looking for £35 each or the 3 for £100 Email me if interested please as I'm in work a lot So carnt always answer calls, thanks [email protected] ...
108.piranha 05/11/15 Yes
10 inch serasalmus diamond rhombeus wild caught stunning 70 or swap for some nice reds pick up burnley
109.amazonbasinuk piranhas. 30/10/15 Yes
Piranhas. Diamonds 6" 7" 8" Blue diamonds 11" Gold diamonds 7" Wild reds 3" Wild reds 8" Yellow. Macs 7" Serr humerails 7" Blacks 7" 8" 11" Delivery anywhere. In the UK Contack [email protected]
110.piranha serrasalmus humeralis 29/10/15 Yes
Piranha humeralis 7" very nice piranha and rare. £95 deliverd to ur door. [email protected] phone 07910420320.
111.piranhas wild red bellys 28/10/15 Yes
Wild red piranhas 2" delivery anywhere in the uk.email [email protected] or phone 07910420320
112.5" piranha 25/10/15 Yes
5" red belly piranha for sale or swap for community fish £10
113.Red Belly Piranhas for sale x4 21/10/15 Yes
4 Red Belly Piranhas for sale. 3 of them are 1 year old (6 inch +) 1 of them is 3 month old. (approximately 3+ inches) They all get along very well, feed regularly and are very healthy. They have never been sick or had to be treated. I care for them a lot so I would like to see them go to an experie... ...
115.5 inch black piranha £50 17/10/15 Yes
Beautiful phirana needs a fairly large tank. It is a soletry fish and canot have tank mates. It is feeding well on prawns and mussels but will accept most foods.
117.piranha 10/10/15 Yes
13/14 inch Peruvian serrasalmus rhombeus feeds well nice eye pick up burnley bargain £100
118.piranha 18/09/15 Yes
9inch juvenile Brazil diamond rhombeus nice fins excellent eye aggressive so solo fish wild caught Rio Tocantins pick up burnley £75
119.Red tail catfish free to good home 20-30cm 07/09/15 No
a friend is looking for a home for his red tail catfish it has a few war wounds from living with a black piranha for the last week due to other tank cracking but nothing that wont heal up in time. FREE to a good home.
120.Piranha 03/09/15 Yes
Serrasalmus eigenmannie. Very active stunning colours 5/6 inch burnley
121.piranha 03/09/15 Yes
7 inch juve Brazil diamond piranha recently imported from rio tocantins with 3x2x2 full set up very aggressive nice red eye already burnley £200
122.60 odd convict cichlid juveniles and a parents swap for piranha 31/08/15 No
60 odd convict cichlid juveniles and a parents swap for a few red bellied piranha I want to change to piranha (possibly oscars) let me know what you have
123.6 Piranha for sale 30/08/15 No
6 Red Bellied Piranhas for sale. Approx 6-7" Really interesting fish to keep. In good health, been fed mainly on prawns, mussels and defrosted fish. Selling due to moving house and having to downsize. £60 for all six, won't sell separately. No tank included.
124.Black diamond piranha 7+ inches aka serrasulmus rhombeus. £65 30/08/15 Yes
Selling my brazillian diamond rhom, hes was bought into the country around a year and a half go @ 7 inchs. Great shape and colour with the blood red eyes. Looking for £65 You could also buy the tank hes in for £120 Any questions please call 07833297662
125.Black piranha for sale, Blackburn. 20/08/15 No
1No. black rhombeus piranha (red eye) Approx. 8 inch long, available at Aquamania,Blackburn. Please research this fish before purchase as they are a very aggressive fish. Price £50 - collection only. Tele. (01254)663399 - aquatics option.
126.Black Rhombeus Piranha £40 24/7/2015 23/07/15 Yes
Black Rhombeus Piranha 5inch For Sale at Ferrybridge Aquatics
127.Red bellied piranha for sale £60 19/07/15 No
I have three red bellied piranha for sale. They are 4-5 inches and healthy. For more information 07525205285
128.Piranha 13/07/15 Yes
Serrasalmus maculatus piranha bout 5/6 inch aggressive. £50 burnley Lancashire
129.5 Super Red Belly Piranhas 12/07/15 Yes
8-10 inches healthy well eating fish. £80 ono
130.13.5 inch+ Manueli piranha for sale PRICE DROP £150 07/07/15 Yes
Selling my huge mannie. She's been a pleasure to keep and now due to personal issues I have to find her a now home. She will need a large tank as she's very active and aggressive. 150ono any questions a tx or call 07860554782 as emails go to spam. Thanks Darren
131.£5 each 6 red-bellied piranhas to sell 07/07/15 Yes
I have 6 red-bellied piranha to sell They are 18 months old Each is about 6.5 inch in length I will sell each individually for £5 or all 6 for £25. Please no offers or time wasters, I can courier if buyer arranges and pays for specialist courier service.
132.piranha diamonds 28cm. 05/07/15 Yes
Piranha diamonds 28cm very bold with blood red eyes. delivery anywere in the uk. email [email protected] or phone 07910420320
133.Black Rhom Piranha 04/07/15 No
New in this week at Clifton Aquatics we have a Black Rhom Piranha approx 7-8 inches showing very nice colours £145 please see our facebook page
134.Cichlids etc 04/07/15 Yes
The following fishes currently available : 04/07/2015 Cichlids Acaronia nassa Amphilophus citrinellum Andinoacara aequinoctalis Apistogramma cacatuoides Apistogramma hongsloi Cichla ocellaris Cryptoheros cutteri Cyphotilapia frontosa Cyrtocara moorii Geophagus altifrons Geophagus ar... ...
135.Cichlids Catfish Piranha 04/07/15 Yes
The following fishes currently available : 04/07/2015 Cichlids Acaronia nassa Amphilophus citrinellum Andinoacara aequinoctalis Apistogramma cacatuoides Apistogramma hongsloi Cichla ocellaris Cryptoheros cutteri Cyphotilapia frontosa Cyrtocara moorii Geophagus altifrons Geophagus ar... ...
136.Nile Perch, Spotted Gar, Vittatus Tigerfish , Mala Wolf fish, 04/07/15 No
We have the following in this week at Clifton Aquatics: Nile Perch Mala Wolf Fish Black Devil Catfish African Arowana Spotted Gar Vittatus Tigerfish Black Piranha Red Belly Piranha P.Sanchez Piranha Arowana Knife fish Tiger Dat please see our facebook page for photos Clifton Aqua... ...
137.2 x 3-4 inches red belly piranha 02/07/15 Yes
XMASS SALE 2 x 3-4" red belly piranha,, please email us for more photos and information OUR STAFF HAVE OVER 100 YEARS COMBINED AQUATIC EXPERIENCE. WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE OR QUALITY!!! contact us back for more information and photos if ready to buy from us .
138.RED BELLIED PIRANHA ready now 02/07/15 Yes
RED BELLIED PIRANHA ready now please email us for more photos and information OUR STAFF HAVE OVER 100 YEARS COMBINED AQUATIC EXPERIENCE. WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON PRICE OR QUALITY!!! contact us back for more information and photos if ready to buy from us .
139. SWAPS Red Belly Piranhas for RedDragon Flower Horn (S70 Area) 23/06/15 No
I am willing to swap my piranhas (2) for a FlowerHorn Cichlid, I want a red dragon flower horn, My Piranhas are still juveniles but have Red Belly Already (Young Juveniles are all silver no red bellys), mine are about 3-4'' Other is about 2-3'' with RedBellys. Preferably a red dragon flowerhorn a... ...
140.Jeff Rapps order ending 14/6/15 10/06/15 No
I will be placing another order with Jeff Rapps If you require anything on the list please get in touch by email , tex or links below. All orders need 50% deposit at time of placing order, (no deposit=no fish) prices below are landed prices to me at Lincs Fish in the UK in pound sterling, del... ...
141.JEFF RAPPS ORDER ending 14/6/15 10/06/15 No
I will be placing another order with Jeff Rapps If you require anything on the list please get in touch by email , tex or links below. All orders need 50% deposit at time of placing order, (no deposit=no fish) prices below are landed prices to me at Lincs Fish in the UK in pound sterling, de... ...
142.2 red belly piranha 3-4 inch 05/06/15 Yes
2 red belly piranha lovely specimens will feed on flake and pellet but loves the odd whitebait or prawn. £15 the pair will swap for channa located Chester-Le-Street will post £12 07413527703
143.Calder Valley Aquatics New Stock List 04/06/15. Pick up only 04/06/15 Yes
Tetra - Black phantom - Black widow - Rummy nose - Pristella - Blue emperor - Lemon - Harlequin - Neon - Cardinal - Gold Shrimp - Red crystal bee - Amano - Red fire Gourami - Royal red - Powder blue - Neon blue Barb - Denison - Tiger ... ...
144.Jeff Rapps 31/05/15 No
I will be placing another order with Jeff Rapps If you require anything on the list please get in touch by email , tex or https://www.facebook.com/lincs.fish or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lincs-fish/452507411507895 All orders need 50% deposit at time of placing order, (no deposit=no fish)... ...
145.Red bellied piranha for sale birmingham 11/05/15 No
Have a group of 3 red bellied piranha for sale lovely looking fish very bright red on them at the moment, they are all about 3/3.5 inches. looking for £12 each or £30 for all 3 collection only from birmingham can contact any time on 07588375791
146.Brazilian Diamond Rhombeus Piranha 26/04/15 Yes
Stunning predatory fish! Diamond Rhom Piranha, deep red eyes and stunning golden and silver speckles over the entire body. Feeding on everything, including pellets Approximately 9 inches Purchased from Wharf aquatics for £255 but I am willing to part with him for £165 ONO for a quick sale... ...
147.Petrochromis Polyodon Chinga 6 inch £6 21/04/15 Yes
I have a last one of these Petrochromis Polyodon Chinga 6" (it's partner died) £6. It lives with my Red breasted Piranha.
148.Rhom Piranha Wanted 16/04/15 No
Hi, I am looking for a nice Rhom Piranha. I am not too fussy on size, as long as its not tiny. Close to Chester ish would be amazing, or am able to travel to a degree, unless fish can be shipped? I am ready to buy too. Thanks
149.Red Breasted Piranha - 6 inches £6 09/04/15 Yes
Last one of Red Breasted Piranha adult, 3 years old. willing to swap for other fish.
150.Brazilian Diamond Rhoms at WHARF AQUATICS 06/04/15 Yes
We currently have 5 of these amazing fish to choose from, all are in incredible condition like the one in the photo. Photo of actual fish. Never before have we had them imported in this condition with this amount of spangling on their flanks,very showy Piranha. Price £195ea. Notts Tel 01773 861... ...
151.14 inch serrasalmus rhombeus black rhom piranha 23/03/15 Yes
14" black rhom,fantastic fish,eats well and has a great attitude. Collection only from birmingham. I WILL NOT SHIP SO DONT ASK! UK buyers only,can meet half way to help if the distance is to far but fuel costs need to be covered. £250 Calls only will not respond to emails.
152.german hand collected order 05/03/15 No
Doing another top German order, All stock will be hand picked, inbox me for more info, regular rules apply for a deposit to order fish find me here https://www.facebook.com/lincs.fish and here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lincs-fish/452507411507895 BUNTBARSCHE / CICHLIDS Cichla temensi... ...
154.Pristobrycon maculapinnis piranha, only 1 in the UK 22/02/15 Yes
Up for sale is a rare chance to own what is the rarest piranha in the world. This is the only 1 in the UK, possibly even Europe and only a handful of these are known in captivity in the world. She is fully grown at 9" and in great condition. May be open to a swap for another Piranha or wolf f... ...
155.4x2x2 full monster tank setup - gothic style 17/02/15 Yes
4x2x2 tank with black cabinet and gothic ironwork. It comes with a pair of recently serviced biopro 1800lph external filters, one has the UV bulb for killing green water. 2 big power heads, 2 300w heaters, 1 air pump and airstone. Led light strip with power adapter, its not too bright, great for ... ...
156.Piranha Pacu WANTED Hereford 17/02/15 No
Hi I presently have a 550 litre tank empty. Looking for some nice sized piranha or pacu. Will travel within 80 miles. Cash paid. I am not a dealer its for a bar in Hereford. 07976729333
157.Red Bellied Piranhas for Sale 12/02/15 No
I have a pair of 8" red bellied piranha's looking for a new home, female is a bit of a bully fascinating to watch.£50.00 for the pair.
Bosemani Rainbows (2.5") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5") £15 Large Pleco (10-12") £25 L Tin Foils (4") £15 1 Pair of Piranhas (3") £35 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -POA L66 Plec (2.5") -POA L7 Plec (2... ...
159.PIRANHA 10/02/15 No
im looking to buy or take a few red bellys or black belly piranha around derbyshire i can collect loz ring me on 07835167221
160.Black Piranha 07/02/15 No
We have for sale in our shop a Black Piranha approx 3-4 inchs. Feeding on pellets, bloodworm, prawns. Stunning piranha £50.00 Please call or visit us instore and visit our facebook page for up to date stock 90 sydenham road sydenham london SE26 5JX 020 3016 5936
161.elongus piranha 05/02/15 Yes
as above collection from willenhall
NEW IN: 1 Pair of Piranhas (3") £35 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -POA L66 Plec (2.5") -POA L7 Plec (2.5") -POA XXL Angels (Black/Yellow/Silvers) - £25 Hoplo Catfish (5") - £30 "Brilliant" Blue/Red Discus (5.5... ...
163.Red Belly Piranha 17/01/15 Yes
10x adult red belly piranha for sale. Very healthy and eating well. Roughly about 5-6" long. Selling them because I need some space in my tank also got some pleco for sale as well and they are 4-5" long.. Piranha - £35/piranha Pleco - £15 Make me an offer paid lot of money for those piran... ...
164.Jeff Rapps Order 17/01/15 No
JEFF RAPPS ORDER I will be placing another order with Jeff Rapps If you require anything on the list please get in touch by email , tex or facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lincs-fish/452507411507895 All orders need 50% deposit at time of placing order, (no deposit=no fish) pr... ...
165.7 x Red Belly Piranha 15/01/15 Yes
For Sale - 7 Red Belly Piranha . approx 4 inch , lovely colouring . Sad to see them go but unfortunately the tank has to go . £75 079292131166
166.Piranha -cheap 19/12/14 No
£5 each for two red-bellied piranha. 2" fish. Buyer to collect from central London. 0771864 9592
167.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies £2.60ea Balloon Mollies £2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies £2.25ea or 4 for £8.76 Female Guppies £1.80ea or 6 for £10.20 Male Endlers £2.25ea or 4 for £8.80 Assorted Platys £2.50ea Assorted Swordtails £3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum £6.95ea Red ... ...
168.Red Belly Piranha For Sale £10 06/12/14 Yes
Had my RBP since it was a baby at 2cm, it now measures 6inch and feeds well on most foods I out in the tank, mussels, cockles, bloodworm, crickets, worms, beef heart. Belly is bright red, photos don't do him justice as he's in a plain tank with no substrate Looking for £15 Text 07734532321 ... ...
169.Black Diamond Piranha 9.5 inch 03/12/14 Yes
170.RHOMBEUS BLACK PIRANHA 3/4 IN £45 02/12/2014 02/12/14 No
171.Clifton Aquatics - Tropical Fish Shop, London SE26 29/11/14 No
Clifton Aquatics 90 Sydenham Road London Sydenham SE26 5JX Please see below for our current stock list and new fish are added frequently Stingrays Silver and Pearl Arowana Wolf Fish Piranha Large Severams True Parrot Parrots Green Terror Red Terror Jags Flowerhorns Pike Cichlid... ...
172.Piranha Setup 26/11/14 Yes
For sale £100 Complete tank set up. 4 X Piranha 6"+ 2 X Large Pleco 4' X 2' X 18" (500l) Tank Air pump Large external filter (in need of service) This needs to be sold quickly hence the price, large transport required. £100 Call/TXT Andy on 07775900433
173.young piranhas 07/11/14 No
for sale four young red bellie piranhas, very active and feeding well £25 for the four
174.amazonbasinuk new stock piranhas. 06/11/14 Yes
New stock Brazil red belly piranhas,7" very big jaw. Diamond rhombeus piranhas 7" big cavity, Very nice colour and bold. Delivery anywere in the UK,and the highlands. Email [email protected] Or phone 07910420320.
175.Juwel Rio 400 with 8 red belly piranha 27/10/14 No
Good condition Juwel rio 400 with 2 x tetra ex 1200 external filters. A 300w Heater. Lighting. Wanting 300 pounds or a near offer
176.Piraya and caribe for sale SOLD 19/10/14 No
6 piranha for sale all great feeders and well looked after, all wild caught. 2 x piraya around 10" £100 each 4 x caribe around 7" £50 each All 6 for £350 SOLD
177.trio red bellied piranhas for sale 10/10/14 Yes
Three adult red belly piranhas £50ovno. Health issues forcing me to give up the hobby unfortunately.
178.4 ft fish tank aquarium. Very good condition. black piranha 10 inch 01/10/14 No
4 foot aquarium fish tank Good condition Filter heater. Stand 10 inch Black piranha. Serrasalmus rhombeus. Tank 80 Piranha 80 Call 07791388350.
179.Red bellie piranha 25/09/14 Yes
4 ft tank with black roman gravel 2 heaters 2 filters bog wood planta 2 air machines with custom made cabinet include 5 2 inch some bit bigger red bellie piranha eating well £150 pick up nelson lancashire
180.black diamond piranha for sale need it gone asap 04/09/14 Yes
Eating well and is active, please call me ANYTIME for the price and if you are interested on 07983448684 thanks
181.3 x Piranhas for sale £25 01/09/14 Yes
Three 6 - 7 inch Piranha's for sale. They came with a tank I recently purchased but are not my fish of choice. These are both chunky and lively. All three to go together, buyer to collect from Midlands location. £25 for all three, no time wasters. email [email protected]
182.large dovil £25 pair or swap for few africans any sort 28/08/14 Yes
pair of large dovils male and female male 15"+ and in great condition wiv bluey green top fin female around 9-10" little rough round edges but healthy been together long time ive had these fish since 2006.need the space now! these cant be housed with any other fish! had the male in with 4 large red ... ...
183.Wanted Red belly Piranhas Midlands 25/08/14 No
After Red bellys for my tank. Wild caught or tank bred. Thanks
184.Shoal of 12 Red Bellied Piranhas 25/08/14 Yes
Shoal of 12 red belly piranha for sale due to shutting down my tank. Raised from approx 1 inch in size and they are now roughtly 5/6" All in good health feed well. £5 each or £50 for them all. Collection Bracknell. Can send more pictures on request.
185.True Alligator Gar 12" for sale 22/07/14 Yes
Here is my 12" True alligator gar, amazing fish but changing to piranhas so need my current fish gone asap. He is a true alli gar, not a spotted gar, has the extra row of teeth etc. does need a large tank for future growth. looking for around £30 but completely open to offers. collection only f... ...
186.Red bellied Piranhas x 6 £40 12/07/14 Yes
4 between 4 & 6 ins, 2 around 2 ins. Feeding well and healthy. 3 have only 1 eye but doesn't seem to affect health of fish. Photos are of actual fish. Any questions, please ask. 07791580039 Buyer collects, I am just outside Plymouth.
187.Jeff Rapps Order at Oddball Express- Many rare and wild tropical fish 01/07/14 No
Jeff Rapps Tangled up In cichlids order going to be placed on the 6th of July. Please email or ring for more details or to place an order. email [email protected] 50% Deposit needed to bring the fish in. SOUTH AMERICAN CICHLIDS Aequidens metae ... ...
188.5 red belly piranhas for sale 28/06/14 Yes
I have 5 young red bellies for sale 7.50 each or 30 for group
189.13 inches Black Piranha RHOM 27/06/14 Yes
13" Rhom Piranha he is a very nice fish and very active, Any more info wanted give me a call. 07770806445. £130 need this gone asap.
190.2inch black rhom piranha £15 26/06/14 No
in perfect health and doing alls it should, pick up preston pr5
Baby Piranhas - £8.95 each or 3 for £22.50 Silver Dollars - £4.95 each Large Angels - £15.00 each Burindi Frontosa (Male) - £25.00 Red Frontosa (2 Male, 2 Female) - £20.00 each Blood Red Parrot Fish (Around 5inches) - £25.00 Assorted Colours Parrot Fish (Around 3inches) - £15.00 or ... ...
Our stock list and prices of what we have in at the moment are as followed.. Special orders can be made, as long as deposit is paid. Tropical Fish: JUST IN: 2 large Male Frontosa (Around 7inches and 9inches) - £60.00 each or £100.00 the pair. Topaz Puffer Fish (Around 5inches) - BACK IN ST... ...
193.12 inches Diamond serrasalmus Rhomb Piranha Bright red eyes and very aggressive 07/06/14 Yes
Hi I am selling my beautiful 12" inch Serrasalmus Rhomb Piranha. Perfect diamond shape Very aggressive Good finger chaser Very bold Excellent feeder Very active Chunky Bright red eyes Has been feeding on prawns, cod, salmon, basa, haddock, bass. It has been well looked after... ...
194.2 red belly piranhas for sale 04/06/14 No
hi, i have 2 large red belly piranhas for sale, both good eaters, about8-10 inchs big,30 pound or nearest offer
195.12" serrasalmus Rhombeus black rhom piranha 27/05/14 Yes
We have for sale a 12" black Rhom (serrasalmus Rhombeus). This is a stunning fish. A real show piece. It's aprox 12" long and 6" deep. A true monster feeding well. Deep black with purple flecks in its body and blood red eyes. £280 Ono If you wish to view please feel free... ...
196.Black piranha 13/05/14 Yes
Black piranha for sale 5" feeding well on white fish beef heart ect going for £40 pounds will not ship pick up only
197.Rhombeus Rhom Piranha 15 inches For Sale ( Black Piranha ) 12/05/14 Yes
£400 or best offer Large and rare fish! Very active and eats well. Any questions then please don't hesitate to ask. Extra pics on request. Call or text on 07515759752
198.6x2x2 aqua one 1800r full set up £650 05/05/14 Yes
aqua one 1800r full set up , including fluval fx5 filter,2x300w fluval e series heaters, juwel 3d background , air pump, 3xlarge pieces of bogwood , 4x 7-10inch red bellied piranha , various other bits n bobs , tank is running so is fully watertight , collection from west midlands £650 further det... ...
199.Serrasalmus compressus Piranha £22 05/05/14 Yes
200.Baby Serrasalmus rhombeus Black Piranha 2 inches 05/05/14 Yes
Serrasalmus rhombeus Black Piranha
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