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1.Community Tank Disposal 21/05/19 Yes
I'm moving and need to find a new home for my tropical fish from a community tank. There are approx. 30 fish. Nominal amount (£) for the fish as it's better than disposing of them. As far as I can tell they're all healthy and have been for quite some time. Buyer collects and supplies tra... ...
2.Blue eye panaque Reduced for quick sale 21/05/19 No
14 - 15 inch in size with massive white whiskers, very bristly pectorals and very blue eyes A true specimen for the enthusiast in this hobby. Has grown up for four years in a 5x3 with small - medium bichirs, other plecos, panaques, catfishes and various oddballs of varying sizes without a proble... ...
4.Leopard Cactua Pleco 20/05/19 No
Have a stunning leopard cactus pleco for sale Hes massive !! a real beauty !! Quick sale give us a call
5.SCREWCUMBER VEGGIE FEEDER/WEIGHT - Two year warranty - Free delivery 20/05/19 Yes
TROPICAL FISH FEEDER/WEIGHT. Effective and simple solution for anchoring veggies for bottom feeders. http://www.screwcumber.com Fantastic for: Plecos, Clown loaches, Malawi Cichlids etc 2 Year swap out warranty. Buy online, PayPal, Debit/Credit card accepted. Only £5.59 and free D... ...
6.l260 pleco queen arabesque 20/05/19 No
hi all l260. queen arabesque wild pleco 6 /7 cm £35 each at moment about 30instock
Hi, I have for sale my breeding group of 4 L160s. All of them are around 10+" with 3 females and 1 male. All 3 of the females bred before.230 for all 4 OR SWAP FOR SMALL PAIRS OF PLECOs!!! Thanks.
8.Stunning albino oscar 20 pounds 19/05/19 Yes
As above lovely fish gets on well with others just need the room for my arowana, 20 pounds, also lives with catfish, snakeheads, pleco.
9.Tetradon schoutedeni ( spotted congo pufferfish ) x3 18/05/19 Yes
Up for sale is 3 very rare sought after puffers. Work great in community tanks & species only biotopes. All 3 eat any fresh prepared foods, full bill of health. Asking £90 each or x3 for £255, bargain of a price if you research current shop pricing. Will consider trading for L46 zebra pl... ...
10.L004 - Angelicus Pleco - (3-4cm) sizes 18/05/19 Yes
L004 Angelicus Pleco 3-4 cm sizes They are not sexable at this size. £10 each / 5+ £8 each Deals on bulk numbers Collection only - GL52 Near Cheltenham
11.L236 pleco STANDARD FRY AND L260 pleco FRY 18/05/19 Yes
Hi i have for sale 15 standard L236 budrovcan line fry for sale all around 1.5inches and bigger for £30 each. L260 now all SOLD They will be sent next day delivery in polly boxes with heat packs postage is £22 ( being sold elsewhere)
12.Lemon bristlenose Plecos 16/05/19 Yes
Still have a number of L144 lemon bristlenose Plecos for sale 3 cm £4 each also deals on multiples ring 07790107174 London based
13.Two large w/c L14 goldie pleco - £200 for the duo 16/05/19 Yes
Due to an upcoming house move / tank dismantling, I have two Scobinancistrus areatus for sale. One is slightly larger than the other, both in the 10" range. These gorgeous (and now increasingly harder to find) fish need a large, warm tank. Would suit a discus setup. Buyer collects from E1.
14.Pleco for sale 15/05/19 Yes
L091 three beacon pleco x2 £80 pair L201 snowball pleco x2 £40 pair sold L066 king tiger pleco x2 £50 pair sold L018 gold nugget pleco £30 sold LDA31 mustard pleco £25 L239 blue panaque £30 sold Message for pictures and more info
15.Discus for sale & 1 adult geophagus may swap. 14/05/19 Yes
Fish for sale, collection Prenton Wirral. All sizes are total length including tail. Cobalt discus (3.5 inch) - £15 Each OR LAST 3 for £40.00 Koi/nebula Martin NG discus 5.5 inch - £40.00 adult red turq discus (5.5 inch) £35.00 2x white butterfly discus 5 - 5.5 inch £45.00 each 1 ... ...
16.Tropical tank shut down 14/05/19 Yes
Shutting down my 6ft tropical tank. First the fish need to go. They are: Very large Nile Tilapia 16-18 inches (£40) Large pike Cichlid (£35) Large ornate Birchir (£35) Kings Bushfish (£20) Bristlenose Pleco (£10) All offers considered. Collection Gloucester If you need more information feel ... ...
17.L174 breeding group 12/05/19 Yes
I have a adults breeding group of 10 l174 pleco for sale 5 Male 5 female £2200 wont split what so ever. message me for pics on wassap. thanks George
18.Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc 11/05/19 Yes
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select t... ...
19.Various Tropical Fish for sale 11/05/19 No
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish ... ...
20.Fish sale. 10/05/19 No
20” blue giant gourami 6” apolo sharks x 4 14” blue cobra. 6” tinfoil barbs x 4 14” clarius catfish 15” spotted Pleco Offers
21.group of 4 clown bristlenose catfish, plecos £25 09/05/19 Yes
as above app 6 cms,lovely little plecos.,collect sheffield s12 £25
22.Young Flowerhorn fish Pair - £70 06/05/19 Yes
The male is 6" and the female is 4" They are both in the same tank, separated by a large breeding net. they paired off from 2-3" and laid eggs, only for pleco to eat them. Very nice, healthy and strong quality fish Collection from Croydon, viewing welcome Cash on Collection Collection f... ...
23.Young Flowerhorn Pair - £60 06/05/19 Yes
The male is 6" and the female is 4" They are both in the same tank, separated by a large breeding net. they paired off from 2-3" and laid eggs, only for pleco to eat them. Very nice, healthy and strong quality fish Collection from Croydon, viewing welcome Cash on Collection Collection f... ...
24.Fish wanted 06/05/19 No
Hi looking for these fish for breeding. Female common Bristlenose Plecos Female L183 Pleco Male L204 Pleco Female Bosemani Rainbows South American Cichlids (pairs)
25.L14 SUNSHINE PLECO FOR SALE £175 ono 05/05/19 Yes
Hi all I have for sale my L14 Sunshine Plec,its somewhere between 8-10 inch,more towards 10,feeding like a pig on JBL novopleco,Hikari sinking carnivore and cichlid sinking,stunning fish very healthy currently living quite happy with other plecs but having a change,currently with L330,L128,LDA33,L07... ...
26.L075 w/c parapleco (Peckoltia sabajji) x 4 (£180 for group) 04/05/19 Yes
I have four wild caught paraplecos for sale. Two are about 10", the other two are about 7". These are handsome, peaceful fish, much less shy than usual for L-number catfish - you often see them out and about during the day. Buyer collects from E1.
27.L190 Royal pleco 5 inches £30 03/05/19 Yes
I have for sale a 5" royal pleco reduced no offers
28.L128 blue phantom pleco 01/05/19 Yes
Blue phantom pleco. Very healthy and full of character. Will find it sat on the glass on a night. Quite large. Open to offers
31.Community Fish 29/04/19 Yes
Hi i have a few community fish for sale 3 x neon tetra 2 x male endler guppies 2 x young male guppies not coloured up yet. 1 x young plain female guppy. 2 x common pleco 3 - 4 " 3 x glow light tetra All for £25
33.King tiger pleco l66 now 7 pound each 28/04/19 Yes
Hi I've got 5 l66 plecos young left back up for sale because buyer never turned up. all about 4 cm or bigger buyer collects 7 pound each Also looking for male kerri tetras if anyone has any for sale thanks for looking
34.Trio brown and red Bristle nose 26/04/19 Yes
1 male 2 female very good breeding Group £20 all is young male and female £7 the pair also white pleco 1” to 2” £3ea or 4 for £10 trio super red 1 male and 2 female £25 also young brown pleco start from £1
35.L310 rusty pleco 25/04/19 Yes
Large rusty Pleco. Very healthy and beautiful open to offers
36.L066 King Tiger Plecos for sale 5 Male 2 Female 25/04/19 Yes
Decided to have a change and sell my breading group of l066 plecos 5 males and 2 females. All these are wild caught and imported not tank bread. Pictures don't do them any justice need to be seen to appreciate them. I also have x2 12" caves at £10 each largest is approx. 7" the rest are ab... ...
37.x2 male German Super Red Plecs 25/04/19 Yes
x2 males for sale Size approx. 2.5-3inch These x2 males have previously breaded with my albino and brown BN plecos. They have fanned eggs and looked after fry until the yolk sacks were absorbed. I have too many pleco's in my tank so I need to cut back. Pictures attached were taken about 2 months ... ...
38.Selling all our community tank fish 23/04/19 Yes
2 silver sharks Rainbow shark Red tail shark 2 blue gouramis Pearl gourami Orange gourami Glass tetra Phantom tetra Micky mouse platty Black molly White molly 8 molly babies (see picture as some are different) 2 feather fin cat fish Bulldog pleco Chocolate pleco Small common pleco 5 ... ...
39.Bristlenose Plecos (Ancistrus) For Sale 23/04/19 Yes
Around 30 Bristlenose plecos for sale, they were born around 5 months ago so are a good size to add to established aquariums. £4 a Pleco, open to offers for multiple purchases.
40.Spawning cone ideal for discus fish and angels. 22/04/19 Yes
Ista Spawning cone size approx. 1090 x 75 x 40mm. Dispatched fast within 1 working day. The multifunction spawning cone is perfect not only for discus and angels, but also ideal for pleco’s and many other catfish as a cave as well. Stand upright for discus and angel fish spawning, and lie flat for ... ...
41.Complete Tropical Aquarium Cheltenham 22/04/19 Yes
Aqua one 110 litre with inbuilt filter comes complete with heater pump planted bogwood x 2 ,live plants as per picture, 8 serpae tetras, 4 neons, 2 Plecos, pair of pearl gourami, spent over £200 accept £100 if sold quickly, new LED light, collect GL514UR easy access, no leaks or cracks
42.Spirlum/ flash pleco 18/04/19 Yes
Several blue eye cichlids (spirlum) around a year old. £5 each Long finned flash pleco £20 All healthy and eating well
43.Pleco 17/04/19 Yes
4 L333 pleco from 1.75 to 2.5". £12 each or last 4 for £40. Collection Stockton. Hardwick. Call txt.. 07446794218
44.Selling All My Fish (SA Dwarf Cichlids etc) 17/04/19 No
I am considering starting a new project, this involves selling all of the existing inhabitants of my current South American dwarf Cichlid tank. I have the following species, plants and lots of bogwood. If you are interested please get in touch, I am in no rush… 10 x Cardinal Tetra £10 (adults) 4... ...
45.Various Fish For Sale 15/04/19 Yes
For sale, all are medium to large in relation to adult size so please make sure you have an adequate tank before commiting to buying them. Clown Loach 7inches £25 Clown Knife 10inches £10 False Asian Redtail Catfish 8inches £10 Ornate Birchir 10inches £20 Salifin Plecostamus 14inches £10 Brist... ...
46.Gold nugget pleco L018 (Glasgow) 14/04/19 Yes
Stunning Gold Nugget Pleco L018. About 10 cm. Feeds on algae pellets. Currently in my discus tank at 30C. Please keep in mind that this fish grows to 30cm and requires a large tank with strong flow. Collection only (in Glasgow). No offers please
47.Brown L190 Royal pleco 13/04/19 Yes
Nice pleco 4-5 inches long. £30 Collection only evenings/weekends.
48.L160 spiny monster pleco 12/04/19 Yes
Large healthy L160 pleco. Starting to develop its spines. Very confident in its current tank open to offers
49.Pair of L128 Blue Phantom 10/04/19 Yes
male and female L128 blue phantom plecos 5-6 inch feeding on pellets and algae wafers currently in de-chlorinated tap water. collection chesterfield derbyshire £100 for the pair text on 07492211008 for more info.
50.Breeding pair of super red bristlenose mature adults pleco plec 10/04/19 Yes
Super red bristlenose Breeding pair of adults from my group You can pick a pair from my group of 10 Would do a deal if you have some red longfin to swap Stockton on tees area 07533600291
51.Plecos - L236 RB line + SW, L240, L182, L015, L114, Super Red ancistrus BNs 07/04/19 No
L236 RB line hypancistrus sp - from £75 L 236 RB line Super white hypancistrus sp - from £200 L240 - Leporacanthicus galaxias- £35 L182 - Starlight Ancistrus Bristlenose - £25 L114 - pseudacanthicus leopard cactus - £40 Ancistrus Super reds - breeding pairs - £40 Ancistrus Super reds - 1 inch... ...
52.Ancistrus (common brislenose) £2.00 each young adults or £1.00 babies in Tiptree 05/04/19 No
We have common brown ones, the young adults can be sexed and we have some that have cross bred with a female clown pleco. There are small guppies also available £1 Collect from Tiptree CO5 We have been keeping fish for many years and want to close down our second tropical aquarium tank.
53.Huge royal pleco 03/04/19 Yes
Large watermelon pleco L330 very nice fish £80 07769353654 collect from Gosport
54.L333 pleco young f1 01/04/19 Yes
hi I have l333 pleco for sale £10 each could make a decent future breeding group if correct ratio m/f. thanks George.
55.Wanted Bristle Nose Plecostomus 01/04/19 No
Hi I'm looking to buy some Bristle Nose Plecostomus if anyone around the Swansea area has any.. Please contact me 07400942229.. Cheers Andy
56.L310 1 large 1 medium offers or swaps 28/03/19 Yes
2 L310 aka (rusty plecos) or (bruno plecos) it is said to be one of the uncommon L numbers there is a large 6-7inches long nice and wide and healthy, and then I have a young one at 4inches also nice healthy I'm switching from plecs to something else in there tank so throw some offers at me I'm inter... ...
57.Free to good home-34 Mixed Tropical Fish- need gone ASAP 25/03/19 No
Free to a good home, need gone by Friday 29th March. Based in TN16 -Kent Includes: 2 x Male Parkinsons Rainbow 1 x Praecox Rainbow 1 x Blue Rainbow 4 x Red Eye Tetra 5 x Glowlight Tetra 2 x Odessa Barbs 3 x Salt and Pepper Cory 1 x Whiptail Catfish (medium) 1 x Clown Pleco (small) 3 x ... ...
58.Free for good home 24/03/19 Yes
I have a golden Chinese algae eater ( sucking loach) and sailfin pleco that have over grown my tank. Looking to give them for free for a good home.
59.Bogwood and pleco caves and more 24/03/19 Yes
For sale Bogwood £20 the lot there about 3 medium bits n 1 small bit Pleco caves £40 for the lot x2 corner caves x6 single caves and x2 tower caves Pleco food some open some not open £20 the lot 4 females red tail guppies £10 the lot. 30x12x12 fish tank with glass lid comes with gravel an... ...
60.Bogwood and pleco caves 24/03/19 Yes
For sale Bogwood £20 the lot there about 5 medium bits Pleco caves £30 for the lot Pleco food some open some not open £20 the lot 4 females red tail guppies £10 the lot. 30x12x12 fish tank with glass lid comes with gravel and heater £20.
61.Fish livestock list updated 21/03/19 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 21/03/19 Yes
Please find attached up to date stocklist published 21/03/19. Please refer to our Facebook page for more regularly updated pages, along with photos, videos etc of new stock and special offers. ‭ We prefer collection from our superstore in West Sussex, on the outskirts of Crawley. We can del... ...
62.L134, Leopard Frog pleco (Peckoltia compta). All sold 19/03/19 Yes
All sold, more ready in a couple of months. F1 juvies from my wilds. 4 cm. All healthy and eating well. Pick up only from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Sorry but I don’t post. Contact by text or via contact button please. First come first served only.
63.L46 ZEBRA PLECO - TRIOS 17/03/19 Yes
I have a few trios for sale, guaranteed 1 female in the trio, £500. Collection NE23
64.Wanted zebra pleco 16/03/19 No
Hi I'm wanting a few zebra pleco in or around South yorkshire please phone with what you have and prices if no answer text me and I will get back to you thanks
65.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 11/03/19 11/03/19 Yes
A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. If species variation is what you seek from your fish shops, then look no further, we guarantee to blow you away with our extensive collection of rare and unusual tropical fish, some of which you will... ...
66.l014 sunshine pleco 11/03/19 No
we have instock 4 cm wild sunshine plecs £60 each or 4 for £200
67.Bristle nose pleco, 150 3-4 cm available 10/03/19 No
I have these breeding around hundred a month. Please contact me for 1 time orders or regular orders. Collection only Thx
68.L46 ZEBRA PLECO GROUP 09/03/19 Yes
I have a group of 11 zebra for sale, there is a wild pair in their (paid £450) and there rest are from several sources so plenty different blood line. As you can see from pics there are also plenty of females in the group. Collection NE23. £1500
69.L144 - Bristlenose shortfin lemon blue eyed Plecos 08/03/19 Yes
Blue eyed lemon Bristlenose Pleco fry available Size - 20mm + £5 each or 4 for £20 07939007729 Collection from Wigan Fully Grown Size - Males 5-6",Females (usually smaller) 4-5 inch Water Hardness: Very Soft - Very Hard PH - 6-8 Water Temperature - 18-30 C • Care level: beg... ...
70.Fish tanks and rack 06/03/19 Yes
3 x 3ft x 10inch x 10inch, plus 2 x 18inch x 10inch x 10inch, so that's 5 tanks in all. These are ideal for livebearers, plecos or raising tanks. Complete with wooden rack, lights and sponge filters. No longer required due to upgrade. £120.00 ono.
71.Pleco 03/03/19 Yes
Juvenile Hypancistrus contradens 3_4cm.£6 each.wigan 07834611738.
72.L46 zebra pleco juvies L046 28/02/19 Yes
2x l46 zebra pleco juvies for sale Both around 1 inch Kept at 28 degrees and prefer a meatier diet. For more info or if you have any questions please get in touch Collection prefered but postage can be arranged at buyers expense
73.Available L046 zebra Hypancistrus pleco. 27/02/19 Yes
L46 - Hypancistrus zebra - catfish We are particularly happy to be able to offer beautiful offspring of L46 (Hypancistrus zebra). This species is unmistakable among the armor catfish with its black and white drawing and has attracted many aquarists thanks to its beauty. Luckily - because in natur... ...
74.Plecos for Sale 26/02/19 No
L333 Wild Breeding Group 4 females and 1 male. 6-7" very large plecos. Male on eggs at the moment. £325. L397 2" x 5. £30 each. L305 6" Pair Male and Female. £100 L201 2-3" x 10. £25 each. Collection from Romford Essex, Pictures on request.
75.Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps x 3 for sale 24/02/19 Yes
I have 3 gibbiceps plecos for sale, they measure about 25cm, asking £10 each or £25 for all 3 Thanks for looking
76.WANTED L046 zebra pleco 24/02/19 No
Wanted, young zebra plecos to create colony. Local to Newcastle upon Tyne
77.Blue Eyed panaque pleco huge awesome Ultra rare reduced half price reduced 23/02/19 Yes
One off opportunity to buy a very large Blue eyed Panaque pleco stunning 17” huge specimen zoo quality display animal..paid £500 for this stunning rare pleco stunning rare plec South Yorkshire Strictly no offers or timewasters Pick up or APC next day bargain £200 paid £500
78.Trio of zebra plecos 19/02/19 No
For sale is my breeding trio of zebra pleco. 2m 1f selling the trio for £400 can post at your cost grab a bargain can't upload pics for some reason. If can send me a email address or a contact number I can send pics that way
79.L134 Group 18/02/19 Yes
A Group Of 15 X L134 Leopard Frog Plecos! Atleast 10 Adults along with a few Juveniles A well established Group from different Sources with all being Wild Caught! £500 ONO (ONLY £33.33 EACH = BARGAIN!!) Location Taunton, Somerset but willing to Travel to assist if purchased with a Deposi... ...
80.Jewel Trigon 190 15/02/19 Yes
190 litres comes with fluval aquasky and external filter damage and scratch free also comes with these fish 1 super red bristlenoses 1 flash pleco 4 brown bristlenoses 3 afra cichlid fry Shutting down tank for good can take fish separately buyer to collect 120 for the lot comes with a bin b... ...
81.Wanted l183 starlight pleco 14/02/19 No
L183 wanted
82.Bristlenose plecostomus 12/02/19 Yes
Young fish ranging from 3cm to 7cm. £3 each or 4 for £10
83.Rena 450 12/02/19 Yes
Selling my Rena 450 litre with fx5 with upgrade fx6 pump comes with 15 inch giant snakehead and pleco urgent sale need room for my baby’s play area
84.Tropical fish, pelco, tetra, barb 11/02/19 Yes
Closing my tank need to rehome my fish The golden nuggets are beautiful and the colours on the tetras are amazing the pictures don’t do them justice. All fish are eating well and no new fish introduced in at least 6months. 1 common plec 1 bristlenose plec 2 gold nugget plecos 2 denison b... ...
85.Plecos for sale L66 L240 L201 Green Blue Phantom 10/02/19 Yes
Hi For sale: Green Phantom 30£ (around 10-12cm) Blue Phantom 30£ (around 10-12cm) L66 15£ (around 5-6cm) L240 30£ (around 10-12cm) L201 big spots 12£ (around 3-4cm) If you interested... Cambridge UK
87.Triportheus angulatus & l330 pleco 09/02/19 Yes
I have 4 triportheus angulatus (dusky narrow hatchet fish) between 4.5 to 6 inch. £40 for the group, best kept in a group. I also have 1 l330 pleco which is around 10-11 inch at £40. Located in chedburgh near bury st Edmunds.
88.Frontosa 08/02/19 Yes
Two 5” frontosa. 1 tropheus ikola, 1 yellow lab two convicts ant a pleco. Having to shut down due to building work. Cheap for quick sale, £60 for the lot. Must be gone by 10.2.19
89.Tetra Pleco Spirulina algae Wafers (1.75Kg) 05/02/19 Yes
Brand new sealed bucket of Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers 1.75kg Complete food for all herbivorous bottom-feeders, with algae protein and spirulina to meet their specific nutritional needs £53.00 inclusive of postage
90.L46 Zebra Pleco Breeding Group 04/02/19 Yes
After having kept Zebra Pleco’s for around 6 years I have decided to sell my breeding group and a few of their off-spring that are over 18 months old. The smaller adults were the next succession plan, to keep to breed on however I want a complete change of setup for killi fish and L144s I have l... ...
91.20 Bristlenose pleco 03/02/19 Yes
Healthy. 2-3 cm in size. Sensible offers for the lot considered.
92.Plecos for sale 03/02/19 Yes
2 x large L081 2 x LDA33 1 L007 Large 1 Galaxy 1 x Panaque Collection only Cambridgeshire PE19 Call or text 07472671662
93.Full tropical set up £175 01/02/19 Yes
Juwel Rio 180 with stand. Fluval 206 external filter Fluval E(300w) Internal heater APS 1400l/h external filter Juwel 300w internal heater Plus various decorations and air pump. Full tropical setup perfect for a beginner or for someone experience. 2 Angel fish and bristlenose pleco can al... ...
94.NOW SOLD---2 x Pterygoplichthys josemelianus plecostomus-7 inches---£25---for sale in Leeds 21/01/19 Yes
NOW SOLD Sailfin plec 7 inches £20 and 5 inches £15 or both for £25 Will swap, let me know what you have They are together with Geophagus and Severums feeding well on dry/frozen foods. If you're interested text me on 07894712156 Pick up only from LS16 Monday,Tuesday,Sunday all d... ...
95.Plecos for sale 20/01/19 Yes
I have L142 snowballs for sale, 4 inch, bargain price £28 each. I also have L168, £12 each. Collection from shustoke, birmingham, b46 2aw. Please use the mobile number to make contact as messages from here dont always come through.
96.Moving house must go Full 4ft aquarium setup £1 (sensible offers) 20/01/19 Yes
*Moving house must go* 55 Gallon 4ft aquarium for sale must go since I'm moving house and there is no room in new house. Open to sensible offers since i need to sell ASAP. In brackets are market prices for all times almost worth £1000 selling for cheap. Included in sale are 1×Adult silver dol... ...
97.Pleco 19/01/19 No
Quick sales , 2- wild atum angel , 6- archfish , 1- L24, L97, L240, LDA 105 , L25 ,L200 , L27c , L27 , any pic just pm , has to go as whole , won’t go down on price , no stupid questions pls I personally think that is a good good price , if u don’t P off, 07463999338
98.L-046 Zebra Pleco 16/01/19 Yes
Hello I have 9 small fry Zebra Pleco L046 asking price 80.00 euro each the are about 3 cm +353873884075 The are very healthy, and nice
99.Young Adult Male Lemon Bristlenose Pleco 13/01/19 Yes
Young adult male lemon bristlenose. Tank bred from un related parents. Photo is off the actual fish for sale 2 1/2 inches already, still growing and a good colour lemon. £20 Kept in teated tap water at 25 degrees with a water change every day. Tds 125 Kh 4 Ph 6.4 Postage is by royal mail s... ...
100.Brown Bristlenose pleco 13/01/19 Yes
Brown bristlenose plecs @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off the brown juveniles. 10 for £15 Kept in treated tap water with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushroom, hikari algae wafers and frozen lobster eggs. Postage is £16.00 by next day special delive... ...
101.Wanted BristleNose Pleco’s. 10/01/19 No
Top prices for healthy Bristlenose Pleco’s. Seller must be able to deliver to Congleton. Contact 07964304330. Text messages only.
102.Paroon shark & giant pleco-FREE TO GOOD HOME 07/01/19 Yes
Paroon shark around 8 inches, and giant pleco around 15 inches in size, closed tank forces sale. Both healthy fish feeding well. Please text Mark on 07734337528 for any further info. These need a decent home ASAP now. Thanks
103.L134 leopard frog pleco 06/01/19 No
3 inch leopard frog pleco Open to sensible offers
104.Whole 120L tropical aquarium must go £150 for everything 06/01/19 Yes
After about 7 years I am moving house and it's time to give up my aquarium. It's a 120L Juwel tank with external AllPondSolutions filter (for up to 600L tanks). Also comes with: - 10 neon tetras - 3 cories - 1 pleco - 2 large snails - 2 x water heaters - live plants - rocks - substrate ... ...
105.F1 Hypancistrus L046 Zebra Pleco 04/01/19 Yes
Welcome! Today Offering beautiful and healthy L046 (zebra Hypancistrus) L046 zebra males and females available in various sizes Very Affordable promotional prices. Shipping and deliver without any troubles. Additional information just contact us.
106.Zebra Pleco L46 - Breeding Pair 01/01/19 Yes
For sale a proven breeding pair. Has been in my tank for 7 years. SOLD
107.Bristlenose plecos 31/12/18 Yes
I have some bristlenose pleco for sale about an inch long Collection only from kings lynn £2 each or 3 for £5 07507962738
108.Wanted Plecs for Breeding pair of gold saum 28/12/18 No
I got a breeding pair of gold saum for sale or swap for breeding size pleco or a nice l number pleco open the sensible offer as I don't know much about these fish and they was given as a gift
109.Breeding pair of gold saum 28/12/18 No
Hi I got a breeding pair of gold saum I'm looking to sell or swap for breeding size bristlenose pleco or a nice pleco open to offers as not to sure what they are worth London area
110.Bristlenose pleco 28/12/18 No
I've got hundreds of baby brown bristlenose pleco Really need to thin them out 20 for £5
111.Green Phantom Pleco 23/12/18 Yes
I have a green phantom for sale. Collection only from east London E3 4ba 8 to 10 In size £70 07947408950
112.Multiple community fish (30) for sale 18/12/18 Yes
Two barlor sharks, 4 silver dollar, two albino catfish, two pictus catfish, two opaline gouramis, 6 barbs, 4 medium angel fish, 1 Red tail shark, two rainbow fish, 1 bristle nose pleco, one firemouth cichlid. £100. Open to offers.
Breeding pair of Tiger Oscars approx. 11- 12". They have just laid eggs on four separate occasions, but they are disrupting the tank too much. Quick sale required, hence the price of NOW just £55 for the pair. Large tank will be required to house this pair - 5ft tank plus. Collection would be fr... ...
114.featherfin squeaker (Synodontis eupterus) and common pleco. 05/12/18 Yes
i have 3 featherfin cat fish around 5-6 incs long plus a common pleco around 7-8 incs long all very healthy they just need a larger tank FREE TO COLLECTOR CAN YOU PLEASE BRING YOU OWN CONTAINER PLEASE ALL MUST GO TOGETHER.
115.Yellow labs and bristlenose pleco .ONLY 2 pound per fish. 03/12/18 Yes
Hi. I have for sale:Yellow labs 2.5-6cm. Bristlenose pleco 5-6cm. Collection le39jw. Preferred contact by SMS .Thank you.
116.L066 King Tiger Pleco fry For Sale 02/12/18 Yes
L066 King Tigers Fry From 1.5" in size 1.5" = £8 each or 2 for £15 2" + = £13 each or 2 for £25 Stunning little plecs- not the best pics- will try get better pics Collection only - from Newport Gwent
117.Tetras and L numbers for sale 01/12/18 Yes
I have got approx 10 kerri tetra and 8 Xray tetra All of the adult fully grown size and healthy fish. Price is £1.50/ea on the kerris And £1ea on the Xray tetras. Also I have got 2 L219 Columbian zebra pleco 6-7cm adults.
118.Tropheus, Mbuna, Peacock, Neolamprologus brichardi (Breeding group), gibbicep pleco 01/12/18 Yes
1 x Tropheus Duboisi 1 x Mbuna, 1 x Peacock 4 x Neolamprologus Brichardi (Breeding Group), 1 x Gibbicep pleco 1 x Rainbow cichlid Selling due to moving home.. Thanks for looking £75 for all fish Collection London E3 (Bow)
119.L144 Shortfin Pleco Juveniles 3cm-4cm 29/11/18 Yes
Hi Guys I have L144 baby plecs for sale, postage and collection available customecosystem.co.uk
120.L144 Shortfin Pleco Juveniles 3cm-4cm 28/11/18 No
Hi Guys, More information on the site https://customecosystem.godaddysites.com/
121.L number Plecos and Motoros 26/11/18 Yes
L128 Blue Phantom 3-4cm £15 (5 available) L200 Green Phantom 6-7cm £10 (5 available) L200HF Green Phantom 7-8cm £15 (5 available) L201 Snowball 5-6cm £15 (10 available) L066 King tiger 10cm+ £15 (4 available) Male Marble motoro 15cm disc £125 (1 available) Male motoro 13cm+ disc £75 (1 availab... ...
122.Plecos for Sale L397, L340, L270, L201 , L333. 25/11/18 Yes
Plecos for Sale as clearing space in my tanks for a new project. L397 4-6cm x 16 £25 each 13 Sold 3 left for sale. L201 5-8cm x 10 £25 each L66 12-15cm x 1 £30 each sold L333 12-15cm x 1 £30 each sold L340 4-6cm x 8 £20 each Sold. L270 6cm x 1 £25. Collect from Romford Essex. Pictures av... ...
123.8 L046 hypancistrus zebra pleco fish. 24/11/18 Yes
Are you looking for a L046 hypancistrus zebra pleco fish? we have several available pieces. they are great looking fish and eat very well. They are free of any parasites, injuries, bacteria and any infection.Available sizes are between 5 to 12cm. They are healthy fish and have proven to eat well. Th... ...
124.Common / Gibbecips plec wanted 23/11/18 No
Hi, I am located in the Portsmouth area and looking for a couple of baby Common/Gibbecips pleco. We have a new 450l corner aquarium and would like a common pleco for the tank. I know you can buy fully grown plecs for around £10.00 but we like to watch our fish grow. If anyone can help please contact... ...
125.Pleco L046 hypancistrus zebra fish. 21/11/18 Yes
Are you looking for a L046 hypancistrus zebra pleco fish? we have several available pieces. they are great looking fish and eat very well. They are free of any parasites, injuries, bacteria and any infection.Available sizes are between 5 to 12cm. They are healthy fish and have proven to eat well. Th... ...
126.Plecos Free to a good home 17/11/18 No
We inherited a tank from a neighbour and it contained 3 pleco s they are now getting too big for the tank and are killing our other fish with their clumsiness and size .so all 3 need to go free to a new home Ring for more info and pictures they are on average 8-10" long We are in swansea
127.Any Spare Bog Wood or mopani, tanks or equipment please.. 15/11/18 Yes
Recently my pleco fish have been breeding. So I am on the look out for some spare ornaments, bogwood, grow out tanks & breeding tanks. If you have any going cheap or free please bare me in mind. Bogwood and caves would be brill... I don't mind swapping for some Bristlenose fish as well. ... ...
128.L134 & L397 plecos for SALE 10/11/18 No
Unfortunately I have to sell both groups my of plecos. I have for sale... 10 x L397 - between 1.75" and 2.25" - £350 8 x L134 - between 2.25" and 3.25" - £400 both groups will make good breeding projects. please get in contact if you have any questions or interested in any of the groups. ... ...
129.L046 pleco cat fish. 08/11/18 Yes
Are you looking for a L046 hypancistrus zebra pleco fish? we have several available pieces. they are great looking fish and eat very well. They are free of any parasites, injuries, bacteria and any infection.Available sizes are between 5 to 12cm. They are healthy fish and have proven to eat well. Th... ...
130.Tropical Fish for sale 05/11/18 Yes
I am about to be the owner of a Flowerhorn and need to change my set up and upgrade the tank so the following are available; 6 x Bosemani Rainbow 6 x Harlequin Rasbora 1 x Red Tail Shark 1 x Bristlenose Pleco 3 x Dwarf Gourami (one female) 1 x German Blue Ram All fish are relatively young... ...
131.l046 zebra plecos wanted 03/11/18 No
any size cash waiting want asap will travel westmidlads is preffered
132.Super red long fin Pleco 03/11/18 No
1 1/2 inches To £15 for 2 Pleco eating well 1” £6ea Bristle nose can send you pictures ov mom and dad
133.Bristlenose pleco 02/11/18 Yes
Young bristlenose plecos approximately an inch in length Dad is a red and black Mam is a common £1 each Text or call 07446744548
134.PLECOSTAMUS 29/10/18 No
135.Pleco slate breeding caves 20/10/18 Yes
slate breeding caves for sale £3.50 These are made to order various size so will suit bristlenoses and other small pleco species
136.L185 pleco pseudacanthicus sp. 10/11 inch 15/10/18 Yes
L185 pleco for sale,large male fish. Must have large tank. This is a very active pseuda and not at all shy. I also have same size female to make up a pair if the price is right. £150
137.PREDATORS FOR SALE 13/10/18 Yes
I am selling my predator fish due to leaving country I had these fish for more than 2 and half year I want them to go to a great fantastic home as I loved them so much Jaguar X3 Size: 1) 10-11 inch 2) 11-12 inch 3) 9-10 inch Price:£160 altogether RARE vieja argentea X1 Size: 5-6 inch Pri... ...
138.Bristle nose 2 different sorts ov pleco 12/10/18 No
Bristle nose 1" to 2" Quick for£1ea or 7 for £5pound
139.Pleco 10/10/18 Yes
9 to 10 inch pleco. This big boy needs a new home as i haven't the room for him anymore
140.pleco wanted 07/10/18 No
hi im looking for adult pleco l002 l173b l104 l134 l046 l264 l129 l397 l333 l398 l236
141.Big silver dollars and Bala sharks 05/10/18 Yes
Due to moving home I’m having to shut down my 1000 litre tank.the following are for sale or will consider swaps for l-Plecos 4 xl silver sharks £7 each 1 lge Oscar £15 3 x 6inch severums £10 each 4 lge silver dollars £10 each 4 small silver dollars £5 each 3 clown loaches £5 2 xl clown... ...
144.L128 for sale 30/09/18 No
6ins L128 blue phantom pleco for sale £50. Collection only Stakeford Northumberland.
145.Large L14 Sunshine Pleco £150 23/09/18 Yes
L14 in amazing condition, lives harmoniously with other plecs and Discus. His downside being that he moves all the sand substrate around in my tank .
146.L046 ZEBRA PLECO X 13 23/09/18 Yes
IMMINENT HOUSE MOVE forces this sale of 13 L046 ZEBRA PLATO'S, (some SNUBNOSED but not all). To include 2x power pumps, 2x heaters, JEWEL 120l tank and numerous caves. Not sure of ratio but plenty of TRAPPING ON WATER CHANGES. Will not split group. £1000 ono
147.L399 PLECO S FOR SALE 22/09/18 No
L399 Hypancistrus Pleco Min size 4-5cm, £10 each. Collection from west Wales PM if interested.
148.Cichlids wanted 21/09/18 Yes
Cichlids Wanted ,Looking for anything to put in a new set up so nothing to big ,i am west midlands based so in this general area anything considered including small pleco .
149.Shutting down my tank 20/09/18 Yes
Shutting down my tank .the following fish selling separately ...4 black angels £30 .. 2 koi angels £10.. 1 red dwarf gourami £3..2 blue dwarf gourami £7... 2 honey dwarf gourami £7...1algae loach approx 6” £10...1 horseface loach approx 4”£5...1knife fish black ghost approx 6/7 “ £15 ...albino b/n P... ...
150.lots of fish for sale 20/09/18 No
Fish for sale – please do your research before agreeing to buy, most have been bred by myself. Endlers (variety of strains) £2 per pair (male and female) Guppy (variety of strains) £2 per pair (male and female) Platys (blue and mickey mouse blue) X5 (2m3f) £8 for group Killifish: Fundulopancha... ...
151.L46 Hypancistrus Zebra Pleco 19/09/18 Yes
I have l46 zebra pleco along with others 1-3" Contact me for details
152.Cichlids Wanted 18/09/18 Yes
Cichlids Wanted ,Looking for anything to put in a new set up so nothing to big ,i am west midlands based so in this general area anything considered including small pleco ... ,Looking for anything to put in a new set up so nothing to big ,i am west midlands based so in this general area anything con... ...
153.Albino Bristlenose Plecos 11/09/18 No
Young Albino Bristlenose Plecos for sal Smallest ones are currently just over 2cm long. (Some bigger ones in the tank - will always try and catch bigger rather than smaller upon sale but not always possible) Dad is albino, mum is brown. Tank bred and raised, growing and feeding well on alga... ...
154.Young bn plecos 10/09/18 Yes
Around 1 inch some a little bigger. £1 each delivery can be arranged for cost off fuel
155.Bristlenose Pleco 09/09/18 Yes
Bristlenose Pleco 3-5cm Black, max size they grow 12cm healthy, 2.50each or 5for10 10for16 Local pick up only, Telford tf42qs
156.plecostamus 09/09/18 No
i have a plec approx 12" long that has grown too big for my tank i would love for someone to give him a good home with enough room for him to be comfortable.
157.Angelfish tropical fish canvey island essex discus pleco 08/09/18 Yes
I am a hobbyist breeder of angelfish and discus. I have in stock angelfish of all sizes from small to XXXL. I can also get ANY fish you are looking for from guppy to stringrays at a wholesale price. From first time fish keepers to the most experienced I cater for. My fish room holds over 300... ...
158.12 inch ornate bichir 07/09/18 Yes
I have a 12 inch ornate bichir would prefer a swap for either an electric blue dempsey or a festae or even a fancy pleco none that grow bigger tham around 8inch though
159.PLANET AROWANA 26/08/18 Yes
160.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham - Catfish, Cichlids and other rarities. 24/08/18 24/08/18 Yes
We specialize in South American catfish here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham. We have a dedicated soft water system which holds mainly wild caught South American species. Please call the shop on 01225 700167 or visit our Facebook page to enquire about pricing and availability as our stocks do c... ...
161.Juwel vision 260 plus extras 23/08/18 Yes
Juwel vision 260, fair condition Has a few scuffs at the bottom of the stand, Comes with two filters on it and a lot of spares. The tank is running a fluvial 406 and a 206 There are 6 spair external filters (two don't work and are spars) A full test kit water conditioners food and some treetmen... ...
162.L046 zebra pleco 17/08/18 No
Group of 10 adult zebra plecos. Bought as 2 groups of five. One group wild, the other tank bred. The tb group have bred for previous owner Pick up near Glasgow, Scotland. £1200
163.adult zebra plecos L046 14/08/18 No
males - £120 females - £280 the ones I'm not sure if male or female - £150 Email me for photos. Pick up Surrey
164.zebra pleco l46 13/08/18 Yes
Hi i am selling one maybe two male adult wild zeb's L46. All healthy purchased from Pier Aquatics over 3 years ago, selling due to reducing number of males in my tank. £200 each pick up only wn86rh skelmersdale lancashire 07719256589 mike.
165.L100 Pleco F1 (1.5-2 inches ) 11/08/18 Yes
Lots of L100's for sale F1...Collection Only From Kent 1.5-2" £20 Each! Ancistrus sp. Feeding Ancistrus should be fed mainly on vegetarian foods. Prepared foods include algae wafers and spirulina based sinking food. Vegetables such as courgette/zucchini, and (English) cucumber are an excellent... ...
166.bristlenose plecos for sale male and females 09/08/18 No
Got some bristlenose Pleco pairs for sale 6” approx, some pairs are breeding pairs £8 per pair tel jerry on 07946519182 (herts)
167.FAST SALE 08/08/18 No
Hello, I have a potential buyer for my tank however the buyer said he does not want the fish so I am trying to find them a good loving home. Leopard Sailfin Pleco Asian silver Arowana 2 Oscards 2 Parrot fish do have others too, please give me a call if need any more info. 07921515757 ... ...
168.Lda105 Typoon pleco very very rare 07/08/18 No
Selling my pair of lda105 Typoons, large gravid female and good size male. They are happy together and been together for some years. Call or email Carl 07741640525
169.L048 Pleco 04/08/18 Yes
L048 pleco, wild caught, A few in stock and available. These are 9 to 10 inches, on sale at the moment for £110 each. collection or delivery available from us at the shop. APC shipping is an extra £25 for 1 box but as many fish as can safely fit. call 07741 640525
170.L134 Leopard Frog Pleco 04/08/18 Yes
Wild Caught adult L134 Leopard Frog Pleco for sale. Lots available and all a good size ready for breeding. stunning fish in stunning condition. £60 each collection or apc delivery welcome. St5 5eq stoke on Trent. Call 07741640525
171.Tropical Fish 27/07/18 No
THIS WEEKEND @ pH Aquatics , hawkinge Kent New arrivals including : Assorted Shrimps, Dwarf Frogs.Pea Puffers, Assorted Plants, L136 Adult Group,Bullnose Pleco, Lemon Oscars, Arrowana, Clown Loach, Pike Cichlids, Assorted Platies, Fire Eels, Cory Schwartzi, Lemon Bristlenose- Both Longfin and sta... ...
172.Rare Cichlids + Other bits 27/07/18 No
For sale: - 7-8" Parachromis 'La Ceiba' male, rare wild rapps import, stunning fish. Considered the the best looking parachromis, with personality to match! £40 - Paratilapia Polleni male (Black Diamond Cichlid) Uncommon fish around 6". £40 - Jack Dempsey Female 6" Proven with my stud ... ...
173.Young wild L134 leopard frog plecos 24/07/18 Yes
Young wild L134 Leopard Frog Pleco. Lots available £30 each. Collection or apc delivery available on all our fish. Please call or email Carl 07741640525
174.L264 wild Sultan pleco. Adults breedable 24/07/18 Yes
Wild adult L264 Sultan pleco, perfect adult size and fully breedable, not long imported and finished quarrentine 3 weeks ago so perfect condition. £90 each, Please call or email Carl 07741640525
175.I want to buy CLOWN PLECO or sterbai corydoras or any algae eater 21/07/18 Yes
Hi. I want to buy CLOWN PLECO or sterbai corydoras or any algae eater. I am from Bradford but collection available if not far away 07740166385
176.Blue base arowana 20/07/18 No
Asian arowana bluebase Around 18” Very healthy Very well tempered currently living with giant gourami, catfish and Plecos Eats most frozen foods and certain pellet food All papers present Will be very sad to see him go but due to a very busy schedule I have decided to c... ...
177.Tropheus Moorii ilangi 19/07/18 Yes
For sale group of 5 trophius Moorii ilangi Size about 2.5 ins Lovely fish. 75.00 Collection only from stowmarket suffolk Tell 07792 830978. Will also swop for nice pleco.
178.Pair of fonts 19/07/18 Yes
For sale, 1pair of fonts Male about 5.5 ins,female just slightly smaller Lovely fish 45.00 Pick up only from stowmarket,suffolk. Tel,07792 830978 Will also swop for nice pleco.
179.Blue eye panaques 16/07/18 Yes
Lots of Blue eye Panaques available. Well settled and eating pleco pellets and also sweet potato. Between 8-10" in size. Delivery option available. Beautiful chunky fish. Special offer, these fish are normally £275 each but we have them on special offer for £200 each as we need to make some space ... ...
180.F1 L46 Zebra pleco available 12/07/18 Yes
Welcome! today offering beautiful and healthy bred L046 zebra pleco L046 zebra males and females available in various sizes Very Affordable promotional prices We­ can deliver to almost anywhere without any troubles. Additional information just contact us.
181.L330 watermelon 11/07/18 No
L330 watermelon Around 11” Eats pretty much everything Currently living with arowana plecos and catfish Collection only cash on collection Buyer must bring his own box, I take no responsibility once the fish is out of the tank £80
182.Albino Bristlenose Pleco 11/07/18 Yes
Juvenile Albino Bristlenose Pleco - 1”+ bred from unrelated parents. £3 each or 4 for £10 Please research requirements for these fish before buying. Any questions please feel free to ask Collection only from Oldbury , West Midlands , B68 Last picture showing parents, not for sale
183.Royal pleco 10/07/18 Yes
Nice and chunky About 6/7 inch
184.three fishtanks drilled to take 50mm tank connectors.twelve feet long,to simulate a stream 08/07/18 Yes
I am sell ing three tanks 2 x 1400x300x300,,,1x900x300x300. drilled to connect the three together. in all it makes twelve feet of tank. if a pump is installed at one end,then circulate the water to the furthest tank. it will simulate a running stream, I used this system for breeding sterbai cory... ...
185.Wanted 06/07/18 No
Im loooking for super red plecos and red spotted severums message me with picures and price
186.L number for sale cheap 04/07/18 No
L114 (female) 14 inch’s - £200 L114 6 inch’s - £80 L015 4 inch’s - £20 L075 6 inch’s - £40 L190 5 inch’s - £50 Common pleco 13inches - FREE Photos on request via WhatsApp Thanks
187.Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany 03/07/18 Yes
Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenstadl,Mal-ta-vi,Aquahaus and aquatreff. Delivery service available with apc. £24 per box, max 9 small fish or 6 large fis... ...
188.F1 good quality L46 Zebra pleco 01/07/18 Yes
Welcome! today offering beautiful and healthy bred L046 zebra pleco L046 zebra males and females available in various sizes Very Affordable promotional prices Additional information just contact us.
189.plecostamus 01/07/18 No
roughly 8inches long needs a new home as my tank leaked and last fish to find a home free to collect in coventry 07825198606 or 07876141570 unfortunatley unless this fish goes in the next two days i will have to euthanize it at the tank its in is unsuitable
190.Tropical + Marine for sale (Can seperate or goes together) 26/06/18 No
I'm moving home soon, don't think I'll be able to keep them somewhere temporarily while moving. - So need to go as soon as possible (hopefully by mid-july or before), so I can empty+clean+redocorate the tank ready for the new home then start getting new fish in. - If things doesn't go as planned, wi... ...
191.Community Fish 20/06/18 No
Closing down my community tank so have a few fish to sell; 12 rummynose tetra - £20 10 peppered corys - £20 4 BN Plecos (2 adults 2 babies) - £10 in Fleet Hants
192.Fish For Sale Apistos, Plecos, Corydoras INC Panda, Weitzmani, Duplicareus 16/06/18 No
Call or Text : 07478256883 For questions, orders or pictures Corydoras: 24 Panda Cories @£2ea 12 Duplicareus Cories @£5ea 5 Weitzmani Cories @£12ea 20 Albino Cories @£1.50 Mollies: Black Molly Adult Pair £5 Black Molly Juvies £2 Black Molly Family (20+Fish) £25 Plecos: Adult Brist... ...
193.L046 zebra plecos 16/06/18 No
Hi I have some wild zebra plecos for sale pairs at 350 males at 135 and small at 4-5cm 95 these are pick up but mite be able to post 07889398146 can send pic off the zebras
194.46 zebra pleco for sale 15/06/18 Yes
large group of large albino corys from different sources have layed eggs in other aquariums but com fish eat their eggs. I have 100 now call or come and see them at maple aquatics the yard dereham
195.PLECO 15/06/18 No
I have a PLECO about 12inches free to good home to big for our tank 07768862870
196.Wanted plecos 13/06/18 No
Wanted breeding pairs or groups off plecos email me what u got
197.Plecos 13/06/18 Yes
Breeding group off 4 super red bristelnose plecos 2m 2f looking for £60 Group off 3 l264 saltun pleco 2m 1f £100
198.Large tropical aquarium fish tank 09/06/18 No
Fully functioning tropical aquarium. All rocks are real. storage under tank One tub of Malawi cichlid pellets and 500g tub of catfish pellets. Plus alge wafers for a pleco. 1 brand new aquarium heater in packaging. Ammonia, nitrate and PH testing kit. A few bits and bobs spare. Few nets ba... ...
199.Tropical fish list 07/06/18 No
***TROPICAL*** BETTA FISH Stunning Male Betta Fish £8each Assorted Female Betta Fish XL £2.50each DISCUS Assorted Discus 3inch (Red Turk, Blue turk, Royal Blue, Red Melon) £28each or 2 for £50 or 5 for £100 DANIO Leopard Longfin Danio £1each GOURAMI Neon Dwarf Gourami £3.50each Spa... ...
200.WANTED L014 Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) 06/06/18 Yes
Cash waiting for good quality L014, Sunshine Pleco, Goldie Pleco, (Scobinancistrus aureatus) in the Burton upon Trent or Derby areas. Please send pictures, price and area for collection.
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