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1.This Sunday Corydoras for sale from only 80p each 22/04/17 Yes
Corydoras Habrosus @ 80p each The above fish will be offered for sale at the Greater Mancchester Cichlid Society Auction on April 23rd. Venue is the Littleborough Con. Club. Peel Street Littleborough OL15 8AQ Auction starts 1.15pm Booking in 12-1pm For more details and to book a l... ...
2.Plecos pictus cats and assassin snails. 22/04/17 Yes
Hi I am closing down my juwel vision 260 but first the fish must go I have 1 male zebra angel fish sold A group of 4 Cory cats sold I also have a female bristlenose Pleco. 2 snowball Plecs. 1 chubby pleco. And 2 full size pictus cats which I'm willing to take offers on. Must have a 4ft tank minimum... ...
3.Brown bristlenose plecs 75p to 2 (NW London) 21/04/17 Yes
Brown bristlenose plecs, around 1" to 2" long, 1 month to 4 month old. 75p to 2 each depending on age/size. Collection from Edgware, North-West London.
4.Fish livestock list updated 21/04/17 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 21/04/17 Yes
Please see below our non-exhaustive list of current livestock at World of Water Crawley. List updated on 21/04/16 but if you copy and paste the link below you will find a more regularly updated .PDF list! WE ARE NOW ABLE TO SHIP LIVESTOCK OVERNIGHT VIA APC, PLEASE RING THE SHOP TO ORGANISE DELIVE... ...
5.L330 Watermelons - Wild 12 inches (2 available) 21/04/17 Yes
2 x L330 watermelon plecs 12". Stunning wild fish. 70 each or 2 for 120
6.Bristlenose plecs 21/04/17 No
Adult bristlenose plecs 2 - 4 inches in length and sexable 3 each or two for 5.
7.L46 Zebra, L270 chocolate Zebra, Fish Tank, Filters, Air pumps, Heaters for sale 19/04/17 No
Hi Fish room closing down and I have numbers of items and plecs for sale: *Breeding group of L46 X 20, always with fry, 2.5" to 3.5" looking for 2900. *Group of F1 L46 X 6, 1.5" to 1.75" looking for 500. *Breeding group of L270 X 30, always with fry, 3" to 4" looking for 850. *Group ... ...
8.Livestock List Natural World, Syston, Leicestershire- tropical fish, cichlids, 19/04/17 19/04/17 Yes
STOCKLIST CICHLIDS- Cryptoheros cutteri Honduran Red Points Hypsophrys nicaraguensis Chocolate Cichlid (H. temporalis) Black Line Pike Cichlids Kribs (Pelvicachromis pulcher) *WILD* Males only Rams Cichlids Apistogramma hongsloi Rainbow Cichlid (Herotilapia multispinosa) Pearl S... ...
9.L number and other Plecos--OFFERS PLEASE 18/04/17 No
Hi all, I got few of my plecos for sale, L200 (green phantom plec)- 7"-- 50 2x5-6"-- 40 each L047 Magnum/mango pleco- 7-8"-- 70 L190 Royal panaque- 6"+-- 50 Ancistrus/calico breeding pair-5" 30 the pair L075-Peckoltia sabaji- 6"+ -- 50 2x L56 Chubby pleco- 20 each St... ...
10.Mix of Malawi Cichlids for sale 18/04/17 No
Hi all I have around 20 Malawi Cichlids 3 bristle nose plecs 1 Synodontis cat and 4 clown loath. There is also around 20kg rock I am looking for around 80 for everything. Many tanks Dez
11.Bristlenose Plecs (Ancistrus) 18/04/17 Yes
Young ancistrus for sale. 2 inch 1.50 each. Deals on multiples. Some adults available 4 each. Collection only from LE4
12.Plecs at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland 13/04/17 Yes
Plecs at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland We currently have the following plecs in stock: (For pictures of each type please visit our facebook page, link below) Clown plec L104 (Panaque maccus) Bulldog plec (Chaetostoma sp.) Bristlenose plec (Ancistrus sp.) Albino bristlenose plec (Ancistr... ...
13.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 24/02/2017 13/04/17 Yes
Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 24/02/2017 (We are located near Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Stamford, Corby, Leicester, and within 1 hours drive of Nottingham, Peterborough, Grantham, Kettering, Market Harborough, Bourne) Here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland we currently have... ...
14.3 plecs for sale 13/04/17 Yes
I have 2 sail-fin plecos and 1 bristle nose for sale. The largest sail-fin is about 7-8" in length. The other is about 6" and the BN about 5" 30 for the 3. Collection Redditch
15.Large adult bristlenose plecs 12/04/17 Yes
Hi i have 3 large adult brown BN. 2 male and 1 female. Biggest about 5-6 inch. 20 for all 3. Some 1-2 inch available for 2 each. 8 baby super red 8 for all. 3 albino BN at 2 inch 15 for all 3. 07889209515
16.TOMORROW Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction Sunday April 9th 2017 08/04/17 Yes
The Robin Hood Aquarists will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 9th April 2017 at the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG. Doors open 10.30am and Auction starts 11am. ***PLEASE NOTE*** earlier start time. Refreshments will be a... ...
17.L134 (Peckoltia Compta) Pleco 08/04/17 Yes
Leopard Frog Plecs available (bred by myself). Two different bloodlines available.. both from different wild caught parents making them F1s (first generation from wild caughts). 1.5 inch plus - 20 each Stunning chunky examples. Collection preferred though postage is available for 20 on a ... ...
18.Current stock at pH Aquatics in Hawkinge nr Folkestone 08/04/17 No
Current Stock List 07/04/2017. NEW ARRIVALS!! L177, L104, L106,L129, L147, Rasbora Espei, Golden Puffer(Auriglobus modestus) , Dwarf Anchor Catfish, Clown Loach, Kohaku & Sanke Swordtails, PHKM Black Dragon Male Betta and lots more.... L No Plecs L330 10-12" Watermelon Panaque WIL... ...
21.Super red bristlenose plecs 04/04/17 No
Breeding trio of super red bristlenose plecs. Great colour not washed out 07889209515 Jeffrey.
22.L144 x10 at 1" plus some bigger than others 03/04/17 No
Hi I have for sale 10 l144 blue/ black eye bristlenose plecs Want 10 for all ten collection only thanks
23.Freshwater fish 02/04/17 Yes
Gourami from 3, Guppies, Platies, Mollies, Swordtails, Beautiful colours, 1.50 each Plecs, Albinos and Gold From 3 each. Tetra, Serpae, Neons and Red-eye, 10 for 12. Please contact 07935 601198/07713 154 980
24.Cichlids and communual fish 01/04/17 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch L271 Plecs 30 each trio left 75 3 inch L080 5 each 6 inch Jaguar Cichlid 12.50 4 inch Vieja Cichlids 15 each 2 for 25 Red Head Vieja Cichlid Silver Vieja Cichlid 3 inch Malwali 5 each 5 for 20 mix Red Peacock Sulphur Head Peacock Yellow La... ...
25.Splash Tropicals Updated Stocklist 01/04/17 No
Full Stocklist Below Updated 01/04/2017 Splash Tropicals South Terrace The Green Southwick SR5 2AW Contact Ryan/Kelly on 07572554047 Email: [email protected] Opening Hours: Monday 10am-5pm Tuesday 10am-5pm Wednesday 10am-2pm Thursday CLOSED Friday 10am-5pm ... ...
26.Pond Goldfish for sale. 31/03/17 No
We have for sale some stunning Extra Large Goldfish. Prices --8"-10" Commons and Comets 10.00 each or 6 for 50.00.Medium Goldfish 6.00 each or 10 for 50 small Goldfish 3.00 each or 12 for 20.00. Koi Carp Grade A 4"-6" @ 8.00 each 8" - 10" Ghost Koi @ 18.00 each Golden Rudd 6" @ 8.00 each... ...
27.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms & White Worms & Grindal Worms100% Feedback on Ebay 28/03/17 Yes
Emails aren't always getting through, so it may be worth emailing me direct at [email protected] Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worm... ...
28.plecos for sale 28/03/17 Yes
Hi, I have a selection of plecos for sale as I look to reduce my number of fish. They are all adults and breeding size and 25 each:- clown plecs chocolate plecs Orange tipped plecs Royal panaque Jia blue plecs Collection only Worcester area. Photos can be supplied if requested.
29.225g HIGH PROTEIN Sinking Pleco Catfish Tropical Aquarium Food Pellets 4.87 23/03/17 Yes
PREMIUM QUALITY 175g of Sinking Shrimp 2-4mm Pellets. +50g Free! Giving a combined total of a 225g Bag. COMPLETE FISH FOOD ULTRA FRESH VACUUM PACKED! Ideal For All Fish! Tropical or Goldfish! HIGH PROTEIN & FULL OF VITAMINS. OUR FOOD IS PACKAGED AT SOURCE INTO SEALED BAG... ...
30.Alta Pike pair 22/03/17 No
Hi all, I got this pair of Alta pike cichlids- 5" for both of them. Stunning colors and eating well. Selling them as they are not getting along with my other cichlids. 40 for the pair OR can swap with plecs. Cheers P.S: THESE PIC ARE TAKEN ONCE I MOVED THEM FROM THE MAIN TANK, QUITE STRESSED... ...
31.Vulture catfish wanted 10/03/17 No
After a vulture catfish and large fancy L number plecs consider any but after 8" plus due to their future tank mates
32.Tank Terror Aquatics Launceston 0156686454 open 6 days a week 10/03/17 Yes
Pop in to Tank Terror Aquatics cornwalls new specialist fish stockist, we stock a wide range of fish, from high grade Stingrays and Preds to community fish, rare pleco, and oddballs of all types..... We are based in Launceston, Cornwall. Find us on Facebook Low cost quality plants Compe... ...
33.L144 lemon bristlenose pleco @ 1 inch + body size. 07/03/17 Yes
Lemon Bristlenose plecs @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off my male. 3.00 each or 10 for 28.00 Kept in treated tap water with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushroom, hikari algae wafers and frozen lobster eggs. Postage is 16.00 by next day specia... ...
34.Current stock at pH Aquatics- Folkestone. 05/03/17 No
L No Plecs L029 Galaxy plec 5" 35.00 L066 King Tiger (Wild) 38.00 L104 Clown Peckolita 8.00 L264 Sultan pleco 40.00 L128 Blue Phantom plec 40.00 L200 Green Phantom 3" 35.00 L134 Leopard Frog Plec 2-3 45.00- 1 left LDA72 Bristlenose 3 10.00 L201 Inspector Plec 3" 25.00 L129... ...
35.Bristlenose plecs and corys 03/03/17 No
Wanted bristle nose plecs and peppered corys please for my tank Thank you
36.Splash Tropicals Updated Stocklist 02/03/17 No
Full Stocklist Below Updated 02/03/2017 Splash Tropicals South Terrace The Green Southwick SR5 2AW Contact Ryan/Kelly on 07572554047 Email: [email protected] Opening Hours: Monday 10am-5pm Tuesday 10am-5pm Wednesday 10am-2pm Thursday CLOSED Friday 10am-5pm ... ...
37.5 foot by 2 x 2 custom made tank with a sump 28/02/17 No
also 2 heaters suitable cannister filer lots of drift Wood 2 large oscars red tailed shark 3 cat fish 2 large plecs and 3 discus.the tank as a large stand with storage underneath and night and day lights food and water cleaner
38.L46 Hypancistrus Zebra Plecs 27/02/17 Yes
F 1 Juvenile Zebra Plecs 1" -1.5" bred from wild parents 75.00 each Location: East Sussex Happy to discuss More details if required Telephone 07958 407840
39.Mint Rena 350ltr 4ft tank and full set up 24/02/17 No
Rena 350 tank with recent led light upgrade and fluval fx5. This is I very nice size tank with having wide viewing point Of your fish with the high glass front. Power heads and box of extras and spares all to go. Malawi, cats and plecs in the tank and will advertise separate but can buy all as on... ...
40.Cichlids for sale 14/02/17 No
Tropical Fish for sale Location Ely Cardiff Satanoperca jurapari Cichlid x4 (yellow finned variant ) 20 Biotodoma cupido Cichlid x5 25 L075 Para Plecs x2 about 6inches in size and can grow to around 10 inches 15 each
41.Tropical Fish for sale 14/02/17 Yes
Tropical Fish for sale Location Ely Cardiff Satanoperca jurapari Cichlid x4 (yellow finned variant ) 20 Biotodoma cupido Cichlid x5 25 L075 Para Plecs x2 about 6inches in size and can grow to around 10 inches 15 each
42.2x10 inches royal plecs 13/02/17 No
Im looking to sell 2 very healthy 10" royal plecs looking for offers cheers
43.Wild L305 wormline and L007 Leprocanthicus Plecs 12/02/17 No
For sale a group of 5 L305 plecs 2m 3f I believe. Had no fry but have had eggs 5" plus 175 for group Also group of 5 L007 Leprocanthicus Galaxias plecs unsure of sex but 2 are caving 175 group 5"
44.L46 Zebra plecs 05/02/17 No
Wanted L46 Zebra plecs
45.Blue eyed lemon bristlenose plecs Portsmouth 04/02/17 Yes
I have a number of blue eyed lemon bristlenose for sale. They are approximately 1inch long and I'm selling them for 3 each or 4 for 10. Collection only form Portsmouth. I also have Koi Angel fish for sale and L397 plecs 07870356277
46.Breeding pairs of Bristlenose plecs for sale . Browns and Yellow albino 03/02/17 Yes
Several pairs of bristlenose for sale. Need tank space.All adult fish and proven not paired up large juveniles!! 2 pairs of yellow albinos. Deep yellow colour, regular fins but with red eyes. Both good breeders and have young at present. 25 per pair. 2 breeding trios of short fin common browns. I... ...
47.Wanted Breeding pleco pairs 30/01/17 No
Im after breeding pairs or groups off plecs like L201 L397 L134 Ect ect
48.juwel rio 180 complete set up 29/01/17 No
Collection only from B36 area, Smithswood Solihull. Juwel Rio 180 in black. 101cm long x 41cm wide, 124cm hight with stand. Complete fully mature tank including working light bar (T8), APS 1400 external filter, heater. All plants and decor (bogwood and masses of wide leaf java fern - spread appro... ...
49.fromfry.co.uk. Supplier of quality, tank raised, freshwater fish, specialising in cichlids 28/01/17 No
We are a family run business, proud to supply good, healthy fish to our customers. Although we mainly breed and grow on our own fish, we do import fish to improve variety on offer and on request. All the fish we do import, we make sure are well adjusted to our water conditions here in the UK before ... ...
50.aqua one 1800r for sale 25/01/17 No
Well looked after 600l tank. Usual age related scratches on glass. Can't see them when aquarium is full. Their is a small dent on the right rear of the tank. One of the lighting units set of bulbs are working. The second needs all bulbs replacing, I only used one unit as I have a lot of plecs in a d... ...
51.x 4 Zebra loachs for sale 17/01/17 No
hi, I have 4 Zebra loachs for sale or swap for tropical community fish ( no plant eaters or plecs etc) Cardinal tera's,harliquins, platties etc would be good. Location : trowbridge, close to Wickes.
52.Urban exotics full fish list Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
URBAN EXOTICS full up to date fish list 11/1/17 Over 150 tanks filled with good quality, affordable fish. Huge choice for beginners to seasoned hobbyists Follow us on Facebook by searching for 'urbanpetcentre- Live bearers- we always have a good choice of colours in all our live bear... ...
53.Plecs and tropical fish 14/01/17 No
For sale Hartlepool, 3 Inch L399 Hypacictrus only 25 just 1 left 2 inch L333 Hypancistrus Black & Gold 10 each 3 inch L333 Hypancistrus Black & Gold 15 each 2 for 25 bargain 3-4 inch L080 Tocantins Peckoltia 10 each 2 for 315 bargain 6 inch Fischeri wood catfish 7.50 each 5-... ...
54.Trigon 350 10/01/17 Yes
Trigon 350 litre corner aquarium. Beautiful piece of furniture. Fully equipped and stocked with Parrot fish, sharks, tin foil barbs, red line torpedoes and plecs. Any inspection welcome.
55.Longfin l144 lemon Bristlenose 12 each 08/01/17 No
Longfin lemon blue eyed bristlenose pleco L144 3cm+ These really are stunning Plecs, It wont let me post pictures for some reason but if your interested get in touch and i will send you some. These Pleco's have been kept in RO water at 26 degrees with an average ppm 150 with tropic Marin minera... ...
56.Lemon L144 Blue eyed plec 3cm+ 4 ea 08/01/17 No
Lemon blue eyed bristlenose pleco L144 3cm+ The Plecs have been kept in RO water at 26 degrees with an average ppm 150 with tropic Marin minerals and a PH of 7.2 All bristlenose have been well raised from fry in excellent conditions and are very healthy and active. Any questions call or tex... ...
57.8 x L333 PLECS 04/01/17 Yes
I have 8 L333 plecs for sale mixed bloodlines bought for a breeding project but change of direction, going back to Discus 20 each 130 for all 8 approx 6 to 7 cms each
58.Super red Plecs 1inch 01/01/17 Yes
Reluctantly selling my 1inch super reds due to having more young growing on I have about 20 at 1inch including tail These will be no good with big fish as they will be ate Collection ONLY south shields Search my fb group tropical fish north east
59.MBU Puffer and other unusual fish now in stock. 21/12/16 No
We have got a Young Mbu puffer in stock at 5" for 115.00 Tiger Shovelnose Catfish @ 25.00 each .8" Fire EEL @ 18.00 .Young Banded eels @ 12.00 ea. Tyre Tracks 9.95. Large Tyre Track Ell 8" Just 20.00.Ornate Birchers 29.00 Common Birchers 18.00. Red Tail Cats 25.00. Adult 10" Oscars @ 25.... ...
60.Bristlenose plecs for sale 1 20/12/16 Yes
I have some baby bristlenose plec's for sale 1 per fish Burnopfield area collection only please email me on: [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible thanks
61.Plecs 18/12/16 Yes
2 male 2 female.l333.4 inch.plus 2 younger ones at 2 inch.20 each.or take all six 80.5 l002 adults.2 male 3 female..4 inch.80.2 l036 female.6 inch.30.2 flash 4 inch maybe female.40.pick up Middlesbrough.07949130587
62.Parkers Aquatic Centre - Tropical Fish in Bristol, Full Stocklist 17/12/16 Yes
Latest Fish List - Updated 17/12/16 Current stock List: Inverts: Bamboo shrimp : few Yamoto shrimp: cherry shrimp: yellow fire shrimp: Assorted Crystal Shrimp: Large blue lobster Vampire crabs Tetra/ Characins: Black widow tetra Cardinal tetra Congo tetra Neon tetra Serpae tet... ...
63.Plecs 11/12/16 No
Young 1 inch brown bristle nose please 1 each More fish available in the group below https://m.facebook.com/groups/1248671548527089?ref=bookmarks
64.group of 12 zebra plecs south wales 08/12/16 Yes
12 zebra plecs 1.75"-2.5". All well grown on. 3 different bloodlines. 900 for the group inc slate breeding caves. Collection Pontypool south wales.
65.Ancistrus LDA016 Calico Plecs, Beautiful Endler Guppies 06/12/16 Yes
Red and Black marbled Ancistrus 6/7cm from breeding colony. 15 pair, juveniles 4.50. Beautiful Endler guppies 3 for 1; 20 for 5. Collection only NW London 020 7485 2012 text on 07985 013 996
66.Splash Tropicals Updated Stocklist 04/12/16 No
Full Stocklist Below Updated 04/12/16 Splash Tropicals South Terrace The Green Southwick SR5 2AW Contact Ryan/Kelly on 07572554047 Email: [email protected] Facebook Business Link : https://www.facebook.com/SplashTropicals/ Opening Hours: Monday 10am-5pm Tuesda... ...
67.Wild caught group of 11 breeding l066 king tiger plecs 27/11/16 No
Here for sale I have my wild caught group of 11 breeding lo66 king tiger plecs. Bought from Orwell aquatics last month for 350 were 400 as a breeding group but haven't had them long enough to breed for me personally. Only selling due to unforseen circumstances and having to shut down the tank.... ...
Description: Pop in to Tank Terror Aquatics, we stock a wide range of fish, from high grade Stingrays and Preds to community fish. We are based in Launceston, Cornwall. Find us on Facebook Low cost quality plants Competitive dry good prices New stock individually quarantined Hi... ...
69.Aqua One Cube fish tank complete with fish and all equipment 23/11/16 Yes
Due to work commitments I need to re-home my fish/tank. Aqua one cube tank with stand and pump/lights/ bogwood and fish. Great start up for someone that wants to get going or move to a larger tank. Fish - 1 golden gourami, 2 dwarf plecs (one bristlenose), 2 tiger corydora, 2 pand corydora, coupl... ...
70.Synodontis and Large Plecs 19/11/16 Yes
12inch common Plec, 8 inch Leopard Plec, Synodontis, + Blue Loach and some hidden Coolies all in Juwel Rio 180. Any reasonable offer considered for full set - must be able to collect.
71.longfin super red males 19/11/16 Yes
i have a few longfin super red plecs and 1 short fin for sale all male 1 @3.5 inch total length. 2.25 inch body 30 3@ 3-3.5 inch total and 2 inch body 25 1@ 2.75 inch total 1.75 inch body 20 short fin male is 2.5 inch total. 2 inch body 15 i can provide pics. theyre too big to up... ...
72.Bristlenose plecs 16/11/16 No
Selling bristlenose plecs, browns and albino, an inch in size, not selling separately 10 for 10, will need own bags and will need to net them yourself, I'm not a breeder and don't have much experience, to good homes only, healthy and feeding on plec wafers, brocolli, cucumber and potato. Text 07... ...
73.Wave makers with free UK DELIVERY 16/11/16 Yes
Full range of wave makers currently in stock from 14.98 with free UK mainland delivery ideal for water movement around the tank or getting the flow across the your breeding caves if keeping plecs. from 2000ltr all the way up to 12000ltr Free delivery when ordered through our website.
74.1inch brown bristlenose plecs 14/11/16 No
Brown bns 1inch 1 each South shields Still quite young so some fish WILL eat these Texts only 07857196427
75.plecos for sale 12/11/16 Yes
I have following plecs for sale. postage available l046 zebra plecs 1.75" 119.99 l033 black and white plecs 39.99 l128 blue phantoms 2" 44.99 l600 plecs 4" 59.99 (great markings) l177 gold nuggets 4" 34.99 l201 snowball plecs 3" 24.99 brown bristlenose plecs 4" (males and female... ...
76.Rack for sale 12/11/16 Yes
I have a rack holding 4off 36 x 18 x 8 inch 6mm tanks. Ideal for breeding plecs or for use as a rack for frags. There is a 36 x 18 x 12 sump at the bottom holding two pumps each feeding two tanks. The heaters are connected a STC1000 to prevent problems such as boiling tanks when heaters break down. ... ...
77.Medium to Large Tropical fish 11/11/16 Yes
We currently have in stock several medium to large tropical fish (available for collection only) including: Breeding pair of tiger Oscars (approx 9-10") Albino Oscars (approx 5-6") Black shark (approx 15") Silver dollars (approx 3-5") Sailfin plecs (approx 5-7") Common plecs (approx 6-8") F... ...
78.Fish, cory and plecs 11/11/16 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; 4 inch Silver Dollars 4 each 2 inch Silver Dollars 2 each 1.5 inch Guinacara Stergosi 2 each Large Peruvian Angels 7.50 each 2 for 10 2 inch Tiger Oscars 4 each 1.5 inch Blue Rams 2.50 each 4 inch Female brown longfin ... ...
79.Tropical stock list 10/11/16 No
Bronze Cory 1.50 Peppered Cory 1.50 Albino cory 1.50 Rabaulti Cory 2.50 Emerald Cory 2.50 Sterbai corys 3.50 Julii Cory 3 Panda corys 6 large Upsidedown cat4.50 Striped glass cat 2 Striped Dora cat 4 Featherfin cat 1.50 Hoplo cat 4 Banjo cat 8 algae eaters 1.5... ...
80.Juwel Trigon 190L corner ft topical fish tank Black 250 09/11/16 Yes
Complete set up, tank, untit, lights, filter, heater, air stone, ornaments, approx 13 tropical fish Fish include Molly's, Gouramis, Silver Shark, Plecs Lots of spare filter material and food etc
Looking for 5 bristle nose plecs. Must be in South Wales.
82.Bristlenose plecs 02/11/16 No
Wondering if anyone could help... I have around 200 bristlenose plecs, mixture of brown and albino from just under an inch to just over an inch in size and some smaller, I'm not a. Breeder but I have become over run with them as the female keeps laying eggs and I don't want to part with my albino ma... ...
83.Bristle nose plecs(reds,albino,common) 29/10/16 No
bristle nose plecs ALL NOW 1" AND OVER reds 5 commons 1 albinos 1.50 each Plz text only only
84.Re-Homing Service Available (Credit is Available) 26/10/16 Yes
Paddock Farm Currently Have some Space for large Tropical & Aggressive Fish. if you are looking to rehome any type of fish please give use a ring. Large Plecs, Oscars, Midas, Any Species. Credit is Available Call to arrange on 01325 378286 ask for Chris or Nicole. Address:- Pad... ...
85.10ft fish tank.peacoxk bass.gar.large scale barbs.fire eels.plecs.oscara 14/10/16 Yes
Forsale 10ft fish tank Solid wood caninet and hood 2 fuval fx5,s 2 4ft flourwcent lights Large air pump 3 15inch peacock bass 12 inch aligatorgar 1 13 inch reed eel Bogwood.plants.gravel 3 fire eels roughly 12 inch 2 8/9 ich albino oscars 3 13 inch large scale barbs 2 13 inch plecs Aws... ...
86.Long finned bristle nose plecs 09/10/16 Yes
Hi all, I'm after a male & female long finned plecs (ideally breeding pair) any colour I don't mind. I'm willing to swop them for some of my young golden plecs or pay 😀. If you have any please get in touch Thanks Lizzie
87.Discus 02/10/16 No
Anyone got any discus for sale in Rochdale area also plecs
88.For Sale Huge selection of Tropical fish available 02/10/16 No
Huge selection of tropical fish and equipment always available please message me for more details Albino buenea aired tetra 1.50 Large tiger barbs 2 each Medium tiger barbs 1.50 Rosy barb 1 Clown barb 2 Scissor tails 1 Bristle nose plecs 4 Zebra loach 3 Swordtails 2 Various tet... ...
89.Discus 02/10/16 No
Anyone got any discus for sale in Rochdale area also plecs
90.For Sale Huge selection of Tropical fish available 02/10/16 Yes
Huge selection of tropical fish and equipment always available please message me for more details Albino buenea aired tetra 1.50 Large tiger barbs 2 each Medium tiger barbs 1.50 Rosy barb 1 Clown barb 2 Scissor tails 1 Bristle nose plecs 4 Zebra loach 3 Swordtails 2 Various tet... ...
91.2 L114 Plecs for sale 28/09/16 Yes
2 Beautiful fish for sale,one around 5in and one around 6.Very rare fish to find.Asking 150 ono
92.Juwel Rio 180 tropical fish tank full set up 27/09/16 Yes
Full set up including extra fluval 206 external filter aswell as standard Juwel internal filter. Has full juwel 3d backing. Lots of live plants all doing good with a weekly bit of fertiliser. Runs at ph neutral so good for most if not all fish ( except Malawi). Have lots of really healthy livestock ... ...
93.Trigon 350 with fish 21/09/16 Yes
Trigon 350 Five Oscars one common Plecs one Gibbi seps one thread fin catfish and Wolf Fish (hoplias malabaricus). One set of lights work on hood so a separate one is supplied for one that doesn't. I hook under hood. 150 nice tank and nice big fish. Call Mathew on 07861 774741 in Carlisle.
94.German blue rams, clown loaches, angels, barbs etc etc wanted. Please read 12/09/16 No
As above mainly looking for German blue rams, clown loaches, small breed barbs, bristle nose plecs, mollys, guppy etc etc. Please get in touch with what you have. Close to southouse shields area would be good. Would like to buy quite a few but no silly prices please.
95.Plecs L400, L260, L060, L080, L333, L398 10/09/16 Yes
For sale they are back plecs as below PLEASE DONT JUST ASK FOR FEMALES. 3 INCH PLUS L400 30 EACH 2.5 INCH PLUS L260 25 EACH 3 INCH PLUS L080 20 EACH or 2 for 30 3 INCH PLUS L333 black & white 25 EACH 3 INCH PLUS L333 gold & black 25 EACH 4 INCH PLUS L398 35 EACH or 2 for ... ...
96.Stingrays, Rare Oddballs, Plecs & South American Cichlids 08/09/16 Yes
Pop in to Tank Terror Aquatics, we stock a wide range of fish, from high grade Stingrays and Preds to community fish. We are based in Launceston, Cornwall. Find us on Facebook Low cost quality plants Competitive dry good prices New stock individually quarantined High grade Rays ... ...
97.Aquarium Setup For sale 08/09/16 No
Hello, as im moving to another country i'm selling my setup. It containes a 300l aquarium, Allpond solutions Canister filter, oxygen pump, heater, modded led strip and all the bits you need. The tank containes two beautiful oscars, and two plecs. Looking to get 250 for the whole setup. Please massa... ...
98.RiO 300 aquarium full set up 07/09/16 No
Selling my tank,stand and lights , comes with aps 2000 efx external filter 2 months old 2 x 300 watt digital heaters 2 air pumps , nets , food , bogwood , slate ,sand substrate and approx. 30 fish mixed community including 4 plecs , 2 gourmis,2 clown loaches , 3 sharks , mix of corys , tetras , moly... ...
99.L no plecs for sale 07/09/16 No
I have the following young plecs for sale. L002 5 pound each L400 8 pound L129 7 pound ... ...
100.Malawi and plecs wanted 05/09/16 No
Hi do anybody have any nice mbuna malawi or plecs for sale near bristol please
Pair of XL pink Parrots 65. Texas Cichlid 15. Bosemani Rainbows (2.5") 7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2") 4, 3 For 10 Geophagus (3.5") 15 Large Plecs (10-15") 25-35 L Tin Foils (4") 15 XL Lionheads (5") 25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") 5 L264 Plec (4") -POA L66 Plec (... ...
102.plecs L397, L260, L236, L134 22/08/16 Yes
Plecs for sale L397's 1.5 inch 15 each L134's 1 inch 15 each L260's 1.5 inch 10 each (Only 2 left) more growing on L236's 1 inch 5 each (SOLD)few more growing on all healthy and feeding well collection only birmingham b29
103.Wild Discus for sale 20/08/16 Yes
Due to a family illness I have five wild green discus from the river Nanay in Peru for sale they are between 5" and 6 1/2" and were bought from Clive Brampton a year ago the collection only price is 350 ono which will include the other tank mates ie approx seven corys lemon tetras a male fighter an... ...
104.Jewel Trigon 190 full set up 14/08/16 Yes
I have a Trigon 190 corner tank for sale. It was originaly beech in colour but I have sprayed it black and it looks nice (still beech colour inside the cupboards). Lights work and comes with heater and all bogwood with plants on as shown. It's currently filtered with a tetra tec ex 1200 external fil... ...
105.URGENT - new home for fish 09/08/16 Yes
I am moving to a new flat in a few days now and ant take my tank with me, I have a 4ft tank with external ad iternl filters, lots of spares and other kit. No reasonable offer refused! Most of my monster fish have gone now but 2 plecs about 12" each are still available. Collect from Portsmouth. C... ...
106.Monster fish for sale 09/08/16 Yes
Two plecs about 12" long still available. Must go within a few days as I am moving to a new flat and can't fit the tank in! Any reasonable offer accepted, call or text 07591090521
107.Malawi wanted cash waiting 08/08/16 No
Malawi cichlids and plecs wanted horsham area cash waiting. Let me know what you have. Will travel but the closer the better
108.Wanted female calico Bristlenose plecs (short or long fin) or good size youngsters 02/08/16 No
Looking for some calico short or long fin female Bristlenoses .I have 2 lovely males waiting for some ladies. I don't drive so I will them need posting if your not local to rugby.Happy to cover postage too. Many thanks for reading
109.WANTED: Female Swordtails, Mickey Mouse Platys & BN Plecs 01/08/16 No
Hi, I'm after some Female Swordtails and / or Mickey Mouse Platys BN Plecs (Pairs or fry considered)
110.bristle nose plecs 31/07/16 No
adults and young up for grabs, make me an offer?? Brown spotted and albino/yellows amongst young
111.Breeding Group of Bristlenose Plecs Wanted North East 27/07/16 No
I am after a proven breeding group of bristlenose plecs. Would also prefer something fairly local (To the Sunderland/ Newcastle Area) but will also travel to collect. I am after some Large ones. Will also take single fish. Text on 07870973187 Please let me know what you have and a pr... ...
113.Full Setup and other bits 18/07/16 Yes
***SELLING DUE TO HOUSE MOVE - MUST GO ASAP*** ***Collection only LE3*** ***75 or open to sensible offers. WILL NOT SPLIT - MUST BE SOLD AS WHOLE PACKAGE*** 3ft, 120litre tank with: 5 Faerie Cichlid, 2 Siamese Algae Eaters, 3 Yoyo Loaches, 2 Brown Common Plecs, 1 Albino Common Plec ... ...
114.8X2X20 inches fish tank full set up plus predators and oddballs 850 14/07/16 Yes
For sale ! 8x2x20" 800 litre fish tank and stand with hood, was resealed less then 9months ago and had absolutely no issues, tank was bought for 650 18 months ago comes with all the following, grab a bargain if you want large fish and oddballs. Hardware - 3 aps2000 filters fully matured 2 dou... ...
115.Group of Cichlids in 8X2X20 inches fish tank full set up 13/07/16 No
Cichlids: 1 jack Dempsey 4" 2 tiger oscars 6-7" 2 Jaguars 8-9" 1 green Severum 5" 2 geophagus suranemsis 5" 1 Heros notatus Severum 6" 1 red spot Severum 5" 1 Texas cichlid 5" 1 Unknown cichlid 5" 2 albino oscars 5-6" 1 green terror 10" 2 green terrors 4-5" Other fish: ... ...
116.Juwel Rio 400 complete tank and giant tiger oscars and clown loaches 06/07/16 Yes
Regrettably selling my pride of joy of a juwel Rio 400 tank. I've had it for 4 years with the current occupants around 2 years. So we have a juwel Rio which has had a fluval 405 added to it for extra filtration. The original bulbs no longer work so has added a LED light strip a few LEDs have gone bu... ...
117.young L plecs for sale 01/07/16 No
i have several species of young L plecs for sale L333 1"-1.5" 10 each or 5 for 40 Peckoltia sp. rio tocantins 1"-2" 10 each or 5 for 40 Hypan contradens 1"+ 7 each lemon b/n 1"-1.5" 3 1.5"-2" 4 collection redcar. photos available on request
118.2 Breeding pairs of Bristle nose Plecs 25 30/06/16 Yes
2 breeding pairs of bn plecs, prolific breeders that carry the albino gene and most litters have a few albino fry in them. Both pairs are good parents and the males do their job of looking after the eggs/fry. Collection from Irthlingborough NN9
119.Bristlenose plecs X 20-30 26/06/16 No
I have for sale bristlenose plecs, not just your everage run of the mill 1 inch 2 inch plecs, I have 3 large males 6 inches plus, yes 6 inches and over several 3-4 inch males and a dozen adult females all 3-5 inches in length. I'm looking to sell these all to one person ideally. And I'm looking for ... ...
120.Predatory and plecs 26/06/16 No
Leopard cactus plec 4 inch 30 2 datnoid microlepsis 3/4 inch 40 3 suncatfish 3/4 inch 15 for all 4 albino bristlenose ranging from 2/3 inch 15 for all 1 Brown bristlenose 5 Collection only Blackpool
121.Various tropical fish 19/06/16 Yes
Hi here I have various beautiful tropical fish for sale TODAY'S SPECIAL ALL ANGEL FISH 10 FOR 55 PLATINUM ANGELS XL BLUE ZEBRA ANGELS XL 7.50 each GOLD ANGELS S/M BLUE PLATIES all 2.00 each SUNSET PLATIES... ...
122.super red bristlenose pleco 13/06/16 Yes
around 20 super red bristlenose plecs for sale. Around 1 inch in size - thickened up and coloured fully. 5 each ono Parents and bigger bristlenose are visible but not for sale
123.Guppies, Platys, Plecs, Angels etc please see our full stock list 11/06/16 Yes
STOCK LIST UP DATE 10/6/16 PLEASE TAKE A LOOK at some of the cheapest fish in and a good selection of L NUMBERS Male Guppies............................5 for 3.00 Female Guppies.......................5 for 3.00 or 12 for 6.00 Swordtails.................................6 for 5.00 Mollies....... ...
124.Plecs (Bristlenose, Common, Albino 5 each 10/06/16 Yes
Selling these 5 beauties, all of them are in great condition and just in my breeder tank for ease of catching. Looking at 25 for them all or 5 each not doing bundle deals as I brought them for 10 in shop each when they were a lot smaller. Feel free to contact me on 07944233808 i'm in Birmin... ...
125.Assorted tropitcal fish and items 06/06/16 Yes
Only the fish not the tank Tropical fish and pump and accessories 4 large discus 3 gourami 2 clown loach 20 assorted tetra 2 platinum Angel fish rare 3 tiger plecs 1 large 3 bottom feeders can't remember there name And one other I can't remember either Brand new gravel cost me 30 pound ... ...
126.LDA074 and L088 wanted 05/06/16 No
If anyone has any of these plecs please get in touch
127.Pleco s for sale 01/06/16 No
Due to closing down my fish room, i have the following pleco's left for sale: 8 x adult L134 (5 wild caught, 3 F1) - 30 each or 200 for all 8 (SOLD) 3 x sub adult L340 mega clown plecs (F1) - 10 each 3 x adult LDA01 Gold stripe panaques (F1) - 10 each 1 x F1 L46 juvenile - 60 (SOLD) ... ...
128.Blue Phantom Plecs 31/05/16 No
2 Blue Phantom Plecs in excellent condition. 1 is app 5" +, and 1 is app 3". Regretful sale but I have upgraded to a marine tank and sadly don't have the time for both. 50. 01328 710140. Please leave a msg and I will return your call. OR e-mail: [email protected]
129.4 Snowballs [purchased as genuine] 31/05/16 No
I have 4 chubby snowball plecs in need of a good home. All app 3" and in lovely condition. They are in my 400L Eheim tank which is also for sale due to the purchase of a marine tank and needing the space. 100 ono 01328 710140 Please leave a msg. Or e-mail [email protected]
130.7 fancy plecs for sale 29/05/16 Yes
PLECOS FOR SALE : L128 blue phantom 5 inch 30 pound L172a golden vampire plec 3 inch 20 pound Lo91 three beacon pleco pound 20 pound L191 royal plec 3 inch 20 pound Lo47 magnum / mango plec 3 inch 20 quid L066 sexed pair of king tigers 3 inch 50 pound
131.Stock list @ Maidenhead Aquatics Trowell 29/05/16 No
Please call the shop on 0115 9327537 or come see us for more details (we will not respond on here due to time constraints) NEW FISH ADDED!! L047 - Large 95 each (2 available) L200 -50 each L239 - 40 each Silver arowana (12inch)- 85 Fire eel - 10 2/17 Reedfish - 20 each Topaz puffe... ...
132.Full Setup for sale - Eheim Scubacube 270 29/05/16 No
Full setup for sale, which include all fish, plants, filters and products. Fish include... 1x Golden Severum 1x Angle Fish Approx 8x Black Ruby Barbs Many bristle nose plecs 1x Scarlet Pleco (or dwarf similar breed...) 2 large crates for transporting fish and water are available. But be... ...
133.Melanochromis parallelus for sale 27/05/16 Yes
Melanochromis parallelus juvies for sale in Horsham. Would swap for other Malawi, plecs etc . pic is from google.possibly swap for equipment or rocks aswell
134.rena 600 aquarium for sale 25/05/16 No
Rena 600 aquarium for sale. 2mtrs long and 600 litres. comes with lights with spare bulbs. 2x 300 watt heaters. Rena xp4 and xp3 filters. Rocks gravel approx 100 Fish Including cichlids, plecs and catfish Genuine reason for a very regrettable sale of my rena aquarium Collection only from hinckley Le... ...
135.Rena Aqualife 500L 5ft X 2ft with L Number Plecs for sale 24/05/16 Yes
For sale is my Rena 500L fish tank, it is in very good condition with all lights intact and working. But does need one new bulb. It currently houses my L Number Plecs and is being sold complete. It comes with an Eheim Classic 2260 1500XL Filter. Suitable for aquariums from 300-1500 litres. A... ...
136.About 23 discus in complete discus set up. 6ft, fx6 job lot 24/05/16 No
Ranging from 2-3 inch up to 6-7 inch. Lots of different strains, Cobalt,Marlborough red (breeding pair) Wild heckle, Several clown loaches one is about 5 inches Couple of different plecs. Recently fluke and wormed. Always fed on good quality beef heart or mussel mix. I am unable to keep... ...
137.complete discus set up. 6ft, fx6 job lot 24/05/16 No
Unfortunately I am unable to keep my discus set up due to work commitments. So with deep regret it's all up for sale. Included is a 6ft tank, hood, stand, new lights, fluval fx6, uv steriliser. I have roughly 23 discus. Ranging from 2-3 inch up to 6-7 inch. Lots of different strains, Cobalt,... ...
138.L128s 12 L047s 30 L104s 4 23/05/16 No
Looking to clear out some plecs, I have 10 blue phantoms at 1.25-1.5" for 12 each, 25 L104 clowns at 4 each, and a couple of L047 magnums at 3" for 30 each 07482 083529 Collection only, chesterfield
139.L029 galaxias plec 15 each upro an inch in size 21/05/16 No
Stunning galaxy plecs first uk captive breeding as far as i know feeding well and growing fast upto an inch in size 15 each collection only
140.5 genuine Tiger Plecs 19/05/16 No
5 Chubby Tiger plecs in excellent condition although a little shy. 4 of them are around 3" and 1 is slightly smaller. Sad sale but I have upgraded to marine tank and don't have the time or space for both. To a good home only 120 01328 710140 please leave a msg. Or e-mail [email protected].. ...
141.Wanted bristle nose plecs 09/05/16 No
Anyone in the Cheshire Manchester area have any bn plec for sale all offers considered babies will be fine deals on multiple would be a bonus please just inbox me and let me know can collect
142.Wanted, various plecs, preferably groups 08/05/16 No
I'm looking for the following plecos. Preferably groups of. L037 L200 L239 Text messages are preferred due too working long hours. Thankyou
143.The koi shop leicester 26/04/16 Yes
New stock of koi in 5cm-7cm 3 each or 4 for 10. New pearl arowana 12cm @ 50 each. Silver arowana 12cm-15cm @ 35 each. Pacus 15cm @ 12 each. ... ...
144.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Leicester 24/04/16 Yes
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9:00-6:00 Sunday: 10:30-4:30 Phone Number: 0116 275 1258 Please check out our Facebook page for information including opening time changes, stock photos and information on incoming stock lists. Maidenhead Aquatics at Leicester welcomes you to one of the l... ...
145.L number plecs for sale 20/04/16 Yes
Got a few fish to sell so anyone that's likes L#s this is for you. L200 Green phantom x2 one at 4.5" 40 SSTC 2.5" 30 SSTC L091 Three beacon x1 these get rather sizeable 45 L399 Hypancistrus sp. x4 35ea almost fully grown around 5" beautiful markings L029 Vampire ... ...
Maidenhead Aquatics have reopened at Mordon hall!! new in this week, wid Corys from Brazil, plus a huge selection of L number plecs, green phantom, gold nugget, snow ball. Plus all your usual trops, marines and corals. Come and check us out soon
147.Tropical set up complete 03/04/16 Yes
Great chance to own a custom built tank,it's with deep regret I have to sell but hopefully someone can love it as much as I have. It's 5 1/2 foot x 2' x 2' tank with a very strong wooden custom built stand too. Selling complete with an Aquamanta efx600 that does 2700lph. Will let everything I ha... ...
148.l330 watermelon plecs wild caught from columbia 02/04/16 No
l330 watermelon plecs great markings nice sizes 4 to 7 inches 30 each or 2 for 50
149.L204 Flash Pleco adults x 2 01/04/16 No
2 x Adult L204 plecs Brighton lovely fish 25 each
150.lotts of tropical fish for sale will be put in desciption 31/03/16 No
2 giraffes very chunky 15 inch 3 pacu 6 to 8 inch 1 pangasius 10 inch 2 plecsblack knife 10 ich 2 aliigator gars 1 6 inch other 4 inch all very well fed
151.breeding pairs of bristlenose plecs wanted 26/03/16 No
Browns or albino pairs or trios wanted Text me 07857196427
152.Catfish Plecs 23/03/16 No
Any takers for the following to be collected from Reading 3 No Synodontis Multipunctatus (Cuckoo) Catfish approx 6-7 inches long 3 no dwarf Plecos
153.Umbee and Dovii cichlids, odd catfish/plec 20/03/16 No
one large female around 11" in very good shape. one smaller 8-9" not sure on sex but i have been told male/female very hard to tell pair of dovii male is around 5" and female 6" get on well. 2 syno catfish unknown name sorry 2 plecs again i believe one is a common ot... ...
154.wanted:bn plecs dn6 area doncaster 19/03/16 No
Adult bristle nose plecs wanted
155.Plecos for sale 17/03/16 Yes
L177 gold nuggets 29.99 L200 green phantoms 34.99 L190 panaques 19.99 L034 medusa plecs. Pairs 50 Collection of washington. Can deliver locally
156.Grab a bargain job lot of stuff 10/03/16 Yes
Grab a bargain 4ft fish tank complete set with heater and filter and the fish are 2 pike 2 peacock bass leopard bush fish alligator gar Claris catfish 3 bristle nose and tiger dat plecs snowball pleco and flash pleco and a jardini arowana the racking has 2 3ft fish tanks both with heaters and sponge... ...
157.boddington koi,tropical and coldwater fish.oddballs,plecs,channa,aquatic shop 10/03/16 Yes
Available stock list updated 10-3-16,fish orders done weekly can order pretty much anythink,great prices were based just outside worcester,so local to droitwich,malvern,bromsgrove,kidderminster,stourport,birmingham. Tropical fish stock.collection only Email for more information on Matthew.o... ...
158.Moving house , Fish for sale 10/03/16 No
Hi all, Moving house at the end of March so I need to sell my fish, keeping the tank though for a set up later in the year once I have settled in. Fish are 2 x Silver dollars approx 15 cm long 2 x plecs approx 20cm long 1 x peppered catfish approx 20 cm long 1 x clown loach approx 8 cm lo... ...
159.Breeding Pair 5 inch Albino Bristlenose with Juwel 60 etc.. 08/03/16 Yes
For Sale 60.00 NOW 50.00 A breeding pair of 5" Albino Bristlenose complete with a Juwel 60 aquarium 60cmx30cmx30cm, Eheim Pick-Up filter, Heater, breeding caves and bog wood. Perfect Breeding set up for L number plecs at a very reasonable cost... Collection from CB9 (Haverhill) David 07703 ... ...
160.Tank bred L46 zebra pleco 05/03/16 Yes
Hi, I have some young L46/L046 Zebra plecs available for sale. They are 1" and all healthy with lovely marking. Looking for 70 each and pick up from Glasgow only. Please message for more details.
161.L264, L128, wanted 01/03/16 No
as above I am after nice plecs preferably younger specimens Willing to travel Simon Wirral 07538282657
163.Two Oscars and Two Plecs 17/02/16 Yes
All fish are a little under 12" in length. The Oscars are a breeding pair, albino female and tiger male. Last bred about a month ago. I would like to see them sold to a decent size aquarium together (30) but would begrudgingly sell at 20 each. Plecs are common and as I know they are difficult ... ...
164.Tigershovelnose x redtail catfish and a Asian redtail 09/02/16 Yes
Hi I have a tigershovelnose x redtail catfish 14 inch 20 and a Asian redtail cat 7 inch 15 or will swop for L number plecs Cory sterbi bristlenoses bogwood
165.Plecs for sale 08/02/16 No
L066 king tiger plecs sexed pairs 65.00 L047 magnum plecs 4 inch 39.99 L034 medusa plecs 4 inch. Sexed pairs 60 L191 panaques 24.99 L091 three beacon plecs 34.99 L333 tiger plecs 2 inch 19.99 Collection washington tyne and wear
166.Wild plecs for sale. 06/02/16 Yes
Hi I have for sale wild plecs bristlenose lda 72 x 2 wild pairs males about 3 inch females little smaller 30.00 a pair . bristlenose L180 wild 2 pairs males one pair (SOLD) about 4 inch females little smaller 60.00 a pair pickup only.
167.plecs panaqolus sp 397 young. 05/02/16 Yes
hi I have for sale 3 young average about 2 inch in size stuning colour bought as sexed trio male and 2 females but I am not 100% pickup only 90.00 for the 3 only selling because I got a bigger trio.
168.Predators for sale 29/01/16 Yes
As above ocellaris peacock bass 9-10 inch 40 Wild caught blue (azul) peacock bass 7 inch 40 Tiger shovel nose catfish 6-7 inch 25 Florida gar 7 inch 40 black ghost knife fish 7 inch 20 message me if interested may swap for some nice plecs Collection from leeds
As above Breeding pair of convicts 10 Breeding pair of albino convicts 10 L47 Magnum pleco 4-5 inch 40 2x clown loach 3.5 inch 10 2x veiltale angelfish 10 2x Discus fish 3-4 inch 30 each Ocellaris peacock bass 9-10 inch 40 Wild caught blue (azul) peacock bass 7 inch 40 Tiger shovel... ...
170.Malawi Cic hlids in Juwel 180 | White Fish Tank | And Aqua Start Fish Tank | Full Set-up 24/01/16 Yes
African Ciclids in a Juwel 180 White Aquarium and an Aqua Start 320 Fish Tank The Tank does have some scratches due to cleaning the inner surface but it is not noticeably really when filled. There is one scuff on the side of the White Juwel Tank but again not noticeable. (See attached photo) ... ...
171.Albino bristle nose plecs 22/01/16 No
Breeding pair, plus eight others (nearing maturity) .Reasonable offers considered. Photos to follow
172.Juwel 180 | White Fish Tank | And Aqua Start Fish Tank | Full Set-up | Live Fish BARGAIN‏ 16/01/16 Yes
I have a Juwel 180 White Aquarium and an Aqua Start 320 Fish Tank with African Ciclids The Tank does have some scratches due to cleaning the inner surface but it is not noticeably really when filled. There is one scuff on the side of the White Juwel Tank but again not noticeable. The Main Ju... ...
173.Lots of rare fish for sale, breeding groups, corys, plecs, rainbows etc. 09/01/16 No
Following fish for sale, collection only from Southport, Merseyside. No postage unless you want to arrange your own courier. I'll respond quicker by text/phone than email. Not looking to swap for anything. Scleromystax Barbatus breeding trio 45. Corydoras carlae breeding group 40. C.os... ...
174.Lemon bristlenose plecs for sale 05/01/16 No
Lemon bristlenose plecs short fin. Also known as L144 or blue eyed lemons. Unrelated parents & 2 different bloodlines. Feeding well. 1 inch. 2.50 each or 2 for 10 or more. Yate collection.
175.L134 leopard frog plecs 04/01/16 No
Have for sale 2 perhaps more leopard frog plec approx 3" in size looking for serious offers westlothian
176.Young Convicts 04/01/16 Yes
Well grown young convicts 1 each, also 2 x very large plecs 12/14 inch 10 each
177.Special offer. Nimbochromis Venustus-Yellow Labs-Afra Hara-Usisya Albinos juveniles for sale 02/01/16 No
New year SPECIAL MALAWI MIXES : 20 juveniles for ONLY 50 or 35 for ONLY 80 *** Cynotilapia Afra Hara 3cm 3 for 10 Nimbochromis Venustus 3 for 10 or 12 for 30 Yellow labs 4 for 10 or 15 30 Pseudotropheus elongatus mpanga 3-5cm 4 for 10 Albino bristle nose plecs 5 ea... ...
178.Common plecs and Kissing Gourami - Free 28/12/15 No
2 common plecos and 4 adult kissing Gourami for rehoming. The plecs are around 6 inches long. Currently housed with community fish (corrys, tetra & gourami) and friendly. Getting rid of tank, and these are in a temporary tank, so need to rehome these. Have poly box. Photos of actual fish. Local ... ...
179.2 x common plecs - Luton 17/12/15 No
Looking to rehome 2 x common plecs. They're both around 6-7inches & eating well. Currently in a community tank & playing well with others - just I'm closing down the tank. Free to good home. Collection only. I have poly boxe for transport
180.Sailfin Plecs 13/12/15 Yes
I have three Sailfin Plecs for sale, One is around 10"- 10 Two are around 5-6" - 5 each Local delivery can be arranged for a small charge depending on distance, please ask.
181.New stock list 11/12/15 Yes
stocklist. Delivery available Washington aquatics Asst. Male Betta 3 Super Red Cherry Shrimp 1.20 10 for 10 Bolivian rams 4 (very nice) Otto catfish 2.50 5 for 10 platinum angels 7.99 (stunning) harlequin lancer catfish 8 44.99 copperband frontosa 3 1... ...
182.Juwel rio 240 full setup 06/12/15 Yes
Juwel rio 240 full setup comes with internal filter, heater,lights, 6 silver dollars, 2 angels,1 silver shark and two plecs 240 Collection from stanford le hope ss17 8bl
183.Cichlids Sale 05/12/15 No
Because we missed the black friday deals We are having our sale this week end. the sale is as follows and starts at 9am 3/12/15 if you spend up to 100 - 15% discount 101-150 - 20% discount 151 and up -25% discount ................this is only for fish on the 2/12/15 stock list ............... ...
184.After cheap discus and l number plecos 04/12/15 No
Hi I'm after some cheap discus around 2-3 inch. Also after nice looking L number plecs- any considered but really want a l47 if anyone's got one. In Doncaster but I'm willing to travel for the right price. Texts would be preferred as I'm working most of the time. Thanks
185.juwel trigon 190L 22/11/15 Yes
Juwel trigon 190L tank and stand Included is external Aqua Vital AVEX800 filter. Wave maker Coral sand Large pieces of ocean rock Brand new lighting unit with Spare bulbs And just over 20 Malawi cichlids, plus 2 bristle nose plecs Slight damage to one of the stand doors but does not affect ... ...
186.Bristlenose plecs wanted 22/11/15 No
Has anyone got any bristle nose plecs for sale in doncaster area Browns albinos or reds.
187.Fish tank and cabinet set up 21/11/15 Yes
4 foot, 240 litre fish tank and cabinet. Full working setup. Heater,pump etc. External 406 filter with bottom entry hoses so nothing comes out of the top of the tank. Twin fluorescent lights, blue LED night light. In excellent clean condition still in use. 2 air stones and pump. Digital thermometer... ...
188.Fluval Roma 240 and equipment i carnt upload pics txt for them pls. 14/11/15 Yes
Fluval roma 240 no water damage at all does have slight scratchs from cleaning the glass but not too visible when full. comes with fluval 306 external filter plumbed in through the bottom. (This is how they come on this model). Ehiem 2213 both filters fully mature as there still running. Allso ha... ...
189.Plecos for sale 14/11/15 Yes
L046 zebra plecs 74.99 L264 sultan plecs 39.99 L106 orange seam plecs 14.99 L204 flash panaques (huge) 29.99 L027 panaques 24.99. Collection only washington
190.LNo Plecs 08/11/15 No
I have several L'nos forsale. L333 yellow king tiger pleco leopard frog pleco butterfly plec lda 08 plecs L400 L146 07535531037
191.Lda016 calico plecs 2 cm 4 each 08/11/15 Yes
Here I have for sale some lda016 calico plecs 2 cm collection Nottingham possibly deliver for fuel plz call or text as don't always get emails 07887497180 Other fish available and foods
192.Stock list 31/10/15 Yes
stocklist Community Moscow blue guppy 5 pair Mixed guppy 1.50 10 for 12 Zebra danio xl 1 10 for 8 Black neon tetra large 1 10 for 8 Brochis splendens 5 Spotted headstanders 3 Harlequin rasbora 1 10 for 8 Rainbow platys 2 Rainbow hi fin platys xxl 2.50 Amano shrimps ... ...
194.WANTED Plecs 29/10/15 No
hi there im looking for adult female l144 blackeye and adult super red bristlnose can collect if not miles away from nottigham or can pay for shipping ect if two far away cheers and thank for readying my add :)
195.L46 L046 Zebra Pleco 1 inch 28/10/15 Yes
Hi, I have some young L46/L046 Zebra plecs available for sale. They are 1" and all healthy. Looking for 65 each and pick up from Glasgow only. Please message for more details.
196.One spot catfish 35-4 inches 25/10/15 No
Selling my aquarium. The one spot catfish is living with my Oscars. He is about 4 inches a lovely fish. I paid 39.99 but will sell for 25. Collection from Grantham. The photo is not the actual fish...difficult to photo when just fed! Also have. Knife fish, Oscars, silver dollar and plecs. ... ...
197.l134 plec 18/10/15 No
Two l134 plecs for sale young adults a wc female and f1 male 75 pound
198.Current Freshwater Stocklist Maidenhead Aquatics Coventry 17/10/15 No
Hi :) Here we have our current list of freshwater species available within store. We will be doing our best to keep it updated with any new deliveries. Please do not hesitate to call us for further enquiries. Feel free to like us on Facebook at Maidenhead Aquatics at Coventry. Live bearers; ... ...
199.7 large Oscars for sale & silver Dollar & others 13/10/15 Yes
Selling my aquarium. I have 7 large Oscars, 6 large Silver Dollars, 1 black Indian Knife Fish, 1 large one Spot Catfish, several smaller catfish and a couple of plecs. All living in the same very large tank. Can sell separate or split, I will accept sensible offers. We all know what they are wor... ...
200.JOB LOT BOTTOM FEEDERS plecs clown loach catfish eel 10/10/15 No
1 humbug catfish 5" 2 albino bristlenose 3" 1 eel 10"ish 1 xlrg clown loach 6"ish 1 lrg redsailfin plec12"ish 35 please text any questions 07773890287
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