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1.Eveloution aqua 900 aquascaper for sale (NEW) 14/09/19 Yes
For sale is a 900 aquascaper with ultra gloss bronze cabinet low iron glass rimmless This tank is only 4mths old and never had water in it, It was bought for me as a birthday present but never got round to finishing the project but a new job as now forcing me to sell the aquarium The tank c... ...
2.Malawi Fish tank aquarium Ocean rock 14/09/19 Yes
Hi, i have 90kg/198lbs of ocean rock for sale. Mixture of large and small pieces. Some really nice pieces too. 100
4.Malawi Cichlids in 240L Jewel Tank, Fluval Filter, Accessories 14/09/19 Yes
200 ono Make me an offer if you want fish only. Malawi Cichlids - 14 Malawi Cichlids, Plec & Catfish. I dont know all the names but mostly various Peacocks, 3 Dolphins but shown in photos. Moving overseas and need to find new home for tank, accessories and fish. Based in Purley, South ... ...
5.Kinda garden rocks Frags over 20 Different corals 14/09/19 Yes
Different corals from 4 under white light discount when you have 4 Frags also 10 different Kinda garden rocks different frags on other rocks
6.Pulsing Xenia Marine Coral Frag 5 13/09/19 Yes
Pulsing Xenia frags for sale. Approximately 7 available Fragged onto small rocks Great to watch Very easy to look after and great for beginners. Multiple heads on each rock Collection from Tooting Broadway
7.Malawi Cichlids + Fish Tank 120 x 44 x 151cm 13/09/19 Yes
Malawi cichlids. The fish are various ages, mostly quite young. I am downsizing, so selling the tank with stand, filter, heater, working lights. Not selling the sand, rocks and plecs - they are all going into my smaller tank. The cupboard is a little tatty, but the tank is great, fully watertig... ...
8.Eheim Proxima 325l 5ft Full Aquarium 13/09/19 Yes
This aquarium is in excellent condition. It comes with everything you need to fully set up a tropical tank including Eheim heated filter, double air pump, scape sand suited for planting, 3 very large pieces of bogwood and some smaller ones, rock, 2 LED lights, didtal thermometer, nets, chems, access... ...
9.Live Rock for Sale - 8 a Kg 12/09/19 No
I have ca. 40 Kg of live rock for sale after having to leave the hobby after 4 years. This rock is top quality live rock (bought at 12-15 a Kg) with some pieces covered in various nice encrusting montipora and some nice ricordeas amongst others. There are also some really nice architectural pieces... ...
10.Cleair Aquatics full set up 2meter 12/09/19 Yes
looking to sell my tropical set up as a whole. As much as I love the hobby, I feel as though I need to spend my time doing something else, I've been fish keeping for nearly 20 years.. tank & stand measurements 200x60x155cm full sump Maxspect gyre power head Eheim heater Jabeo 8000 return pump... ...
11.Marine Live Rock, over 50kg 12/09/19 No
Here is around 50 kg of live rock. I have closed my marine tank down and this is my rock which is well established. It is currently kept at temperature and in salt water so you get the best you can buy. There is some massive pieces for perfect bridges and caves etc as well as reef areas. This cost m... ...
12.Aquarium Backgrounds REAL 3D FOR ANY AQUARIUM or Viv 12/09/19 Yes
Aqua-maniac.com is specialising in aquarium 3d decorations like 3d Rocks and 3d Backgrounds, roots and other decor... We do any sizes of backgrounds to fit any tank. 3d backgrounds are made from safe for fish resin, which is solid and do not float....... Our backgrounds look like real rocks, r... ...
13.Aquarium Rocks for cichlids and tropical fish tank - empty inside 12/09/19 Yes
Aquarium Rocks are produced from poly-resin which is safe for all aquatic life...... The rocks are empty inside and have holes. Your fish can swim through the rocks or hide inside. We stock 5 different sizes of rocks to fit small or big tanks..... Quick shipping via Hermes Courier or Parcelf... ...
14.3D BACKGROUNDS for any aquarium size - NOT FOAM , no silicone required SLIDE INSIDE AND DONE 12/09/19 Yes
Aqua-maniac.com is specialising in aquarium 3d decorations like 3d Rocks and 3d Backgrounds... We sell also matching rock ornaments, roots, stones, boulders. We do all sizes of 3d backgrounds to fit any fish tank... 3d backgrounds are made from safe for fish resin, which is solid and doesn't fl... ...
15.Marine fish coral and rock 11/09/19 No
6kg live rock 30 Scopas tang 25 Catalaphyllia Coral 65
16.Root rock 11/09/19 No
Resin root rock about 14 inches high looks great with Java moss tied on it"10.00
17.MARINE LIVE ROCK AND MORE ... 11/09/19 No
18.Oak aquarium and equipment for sale 10/09/19 Yes
Maximum dimensions height 1500mm x width 1200mm x depth 600mm. Had from new think it is 375 litres top tank and 200 litres filtration tank in cabinet, can work out by dimensions if required. Set up for tropical fish but ideal for marine and cold water as well. All associated equipment included ie. 2... ...
19.MATURE LIVE ROCK FOR SALE 6kg 09/09/19 No
CLOSING DOWN MY TANK AND THERE IS 150KG OF MATURE LIVE ROCK LOOKING FOR 6 per kilo there are some very large pieces huge branch effect Tongan piece some large flat plate pieces all sizes but some really nice and big some I would think are 8-10 kg each
20.Live rock with corals 09/09/19 No
Hi, i have about 100 kg of live rock with various bits of coral attached. I'm near York looking for 600 ono. watsapp for pics. 07535665851
21.ND Aquatics custom 4.5 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot 500l aquarium set up Inc FX5 09/09/19 Yes
290. House move now due. Please note replies are going to junk mail so if you ask a question please check junk email for a reply. Fish tank setup: ND Aquatics custom 4.5 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot 500l aquarium. Cabinet and fully covered lid has total dimensions of 26 inches deep, 56.3 inches l... ...
22.8.3ft x 2.8ft x 2ft aquarium 350 no offers 08/09/19 Yes
Very large tank for sale. 350 no offers. Comes with metal stand if required. 2 x led lights. 2 x 300w heaters. Sump tank and pipework. Pump. Plastic lids. No livestock. Plants or rocks. These are being sold.seperatly. Please enquire about them if interested. You will need adequate transport and ma... ...
23.Fluva Roma 240 + Cabinet 08/09/19 Yes
Good condition. Includes: Tank, cabinet, Fluval 306 filter, heater, decorative rocks & driftwood. 200
24.Corals for sale 07/09/19 Yes
Hi i have some corals for sale as going fish only . 1x tube anemone 15 , tri colour bubble tip 25 attatched to rock . only selling as need to rearrange my tank they are very healthy lovely colours in right light please bring containers for corals cheers
25.Marine Aquarium - Fish - Live Rock Equipment 06/09/19 Yes
Hello I am breaking down my marine aquarium... Aquariums 4 Life custom-built tank 52" x 27" 24 with a 4ft sump 60ltr ATO Metal Stand with grey cladding extremely good condition including a return pump 800 Please note this tank is heavy and youll need to bring some strong people ... ...
26.Red Sea reefer 170 Full marine set up 05/09/19 No
Red Sea reefer 170 comes with AI hydra 26hd two powerheads heater Protein skimmer refractometer battery air stone Cuboard that is next to the tank paired clown fish canary wrasse chalk goby mandarin fish Loads of corals and live rock lovely set up any questions please ask 700 pound for the lot i... ...
27.Live rock, corals, marine fish, in Full marine set up 05/09/19 No
paired clown fish canary wrasse chalk goby mandarin fish Loads of corals and live rock, in Red Sea reefer 170 comes with AI hydra 26hd two powerheads heater Protein skimmer refractometer battery air stone Cuboard that is next to the tank lovely set up any questions please ask 700 pound for the ... ...
28.ea reef pro 1500 basic setup 05/09/19 Yes
ea reef pro 1500 in jade, comes with 10 kgs of dry rock, arcadia series 2 t5/halide hybrid, bubble magus nac7 skimmer, a brand new heater, dd jumpguard, ehime return pump, basicaly everything for a basic setup, never had the time to set it up, comes with all pipework and sump very small chip on corn... ...
29.Coral Sand, Ocean Rock For Sale 04/09/19 Yes
I have 40kg of Coral Sand, 30kg of Ocean Rock and 6kg of Lava Rock for Sale. All from a previous cichlid set up sand an rocks have been washed down looking for 70 for the lot. Collection Only.
30.Fish Tank 120 x 44 x 151cm + Malawi Cichlids 03/09/19 Yes
I am downsizing, so selling the tank with stand, filter, heater, working lights and Malawi cichlids. The fish are various ages, mostly quite young. Not selling the sand, rocks and plecs - they are all going into my smaller tank. The cupboard is a little tatty, but the tank is great, fully watertig... ...
31.corals 01/09/19 Yes
hi, I have a large piece of rock with x/l kenya tree on it about 5 inches tall with several smaller ones growing. Nice large and bushy coral. Pick up from Rotherham. Only 20. cheers
32.FOR SALE - Quality full 6 foot set up - 900 31/08/19 Yes
Due to an upcoming house move I have decided to sell up and start again once we are moved and settled. So I have for sale a 6 foot long x 2 foot tall x 18 inch wide ND Aquatics tank on an American Oak stand and hood. Also included are 2 x Fluval FX6 filters, 2 x Fluval Aquasky light units (4 foot... ...
33.4x2x2 Nd Aquatics aquarium 8 month old 31/08/19 Yes
For sale Nd Aquatics 4x2x2 8 month old still under warranty MAY SELL ITEMS SEPARATELY Complete Betta 2000lph external filter Arcadia T8 light unit Airpump x2 with stones 20kilio of sand & rocks Silk plants Aquarium treatment 300w heaters x2 Not one Scratch on the Tank or cabinets Co... ...
34.Tank closure, seahorses, Banggai, Mandarin and more plus soft corals and live rock 31/08/19 Yes
Hello, we are planning some renovations which need the tank moving so I am selling all my livestock and live rock with a view to a fresh start with something new when the work is done. I am just outside Chippenham in Wiltshire. I do travel down to Portsmouth on a relatively regular basis so can ... ...
35.35 - Large Live Rock With Lots Of Kenya Tree & Xenia Coral, Aquarium, Marine. 30/08/19 Yes
Listing is for a large piece of live rock with lots of Kenya tree coral on it. There are also 2 additional smaller rocks with more Kenya tree on. In addition to this theres another piece with a mixture of Kenya tree and xenia on. Im shutting my old tank down so this has to go- its been in m... ...
37.Live corals etc in Full set up marine reef tank 28/08/19 Yes
Fish include: 2 clown fish, 2 yellow tail damsels, 3 blue/green chromis, fireball tang, polka dot cardinal, fox face and yellow fin tang. Tuxedo urchin Cleaner shrimp Red leg hermit crabs Blue leg hermit crabs Various snails Rocks Corals include:- Bubble tipped enema Lea... ...
38.Full set up marine reef tank 28/08/19 Yes
Marine fish tank 350ltr. Full set up. Sold with all fish, corals and equipment as seen on photos. Includes:- Revers light algae tank Bubble Magus C7 skimmer + spare C3.5 RadionXR15w pro lights x2 Jacob wave maker pumps x2 Bubble Magus 4 dosing pump Temperature controller Ehei... ...
39.Full marine setup, evolution aqua 900s - 1000 28/08/19 Yes
Marine setup, everything included apart from fish which will be rehomed. Lights and brackets shown have also been sold. As this is local pickup only full viewing is recommended. Majority of kit is brand new and hardly used. Only selling due to drastic change in circumstances. Full pi... ...
40.Juwel vision 450 + filter etc 325 27/08/19 Yes
Hello, Overall great condition juwel vision 450l. Included is; Filter, sand, and I can throw in some rock too. 325
41.Marine fish and rock 26/08/19 Yes
I have for sale a banana wrasse a watchman goby and a clownfish. I am also selling about 4 to 5 kg of rock.
42.Fish tanks with stands Marine and Freshwater setups with stock 26/08/19 Yes
I have two aquariums for sale. Juwel rio 240l in light wood colour. complete with the stand. A few small scratches off the glass scraper magnet, but tank is water tight and complete with original lid. Upgraded T5 High output lights with separate Light ballast under the tank and not in the lid... ...
43.Circus Bounce Mushroom 26/08/19 No
Circus Bounce mushrooms 20 Superman rhodactis red and blue 10 Small toadstool 5 Gsp bright green Gsp brown lashes green centre Green Yuma on rock 8 Purple lava lamp mushroom colony 15 Rose bubble tip anemone 20 Collection Doncaster 07368 120915
44.Tropical fish and full set up 25/08/19 Yes
Full set up fish tank, 6 ft by 2 ft includes plus fish Fish included are: -Albino pleck -Normal pleck -African Malawi - Cat fish -2 black and orange oscars -1 white and orange oscars Tank includes: - outside cleaning filter - boat ornament - aeroplane ornament - barrel ornament ... ...
45.ND Aquatics 300L Aquarium & Cabinet 25/08/19 Yes
Selling my aquarium with 1 aquarienEco led light, a universal rocks rocky background and black & white substrate. Dimensions of the tank is 48x24x18 and has optiwhite front and side glass. Bought new July 2018 and came with a 3 year guarantee. 295
46.Big rocks 24/08/19 No
Very big very heavy rock going free if collected soon whats app 07943332798 some weigh 30 kilos
Due to my ill health,i regret having to quit my hobby.I have been keeping MARINE fish for the ten years.At present I have sold all my fish abut I have some other items to sell: I have 2 large fish tank..One 6ft x 2ft x2ft and the other 78in x 16in x19 in..both in good conditions for sale at 100 ea... ...
48.aquarium accessories 24/08/19 Yes
aquarium fake rock work 20 pick up only middlesbrough ts3 07547434371
49.4 foot African cichlids full set up 100 ONO 23/08/19 Yes
The tank is 320 litres. 48x19x24. The tank comes with 2 bags of brand new Caribsea cichlid sand, all of the rock work, 200 watt eheim heater and 18 watt aquael led light. The glass is in good condition. The tank comes with a lid and plastic sliders to prevent condensation. This setup has never seen ... ...
51.Marine corals 22/08/19 Yes
Marine corals on the two kilos rock. Ther is 12 different corals and frags . Rock size 23 cm high 23fm with . Collection from Haywards Heath. Price 150 I can send more pictures via email or WhatsApp. Please send me text 07780832972
53.Fluval Osaka 260 for sale 21/08/19 Yes
Marine set up in need of a loving home,Osaka 260 with rounded corners with cabinet,which needs some work. No fish Domestic changes and work not allowing time to enjoy or maintain. 2x fluval 405 canisters, one in use one spare, overflow box and small sump. 2x powerheads. 50kg of live rock,some f... ...
54.40lbs Caribsea life rock shapes cycled 19/08/19 Yes
I have 40lbs (two boxes) of caribsea life rock shapes for sale - fully cycled and comes wet. Will need to bring own containers for collection. WhatsApp me on 07932253923
55.Nd Aquatics 7 ft aquarium fish tank with fluval fx5 eheim 2080 Hydor koralia 17/08/19 Yes
7ft ND Aquatics tank with stand and hood in Oak vaneer 7' x 2' x 2' with double thickness base 400 was 900 Hydor koralia wavemakers 4 controller plus 4 wavemakers plus light sensor 200 was 450 Eheim 2080 external filter plus in line Hydor heater 200 was 380 Fluval Fx5 external filter ... ...
56.Finger leather coral 16/08/19 Yes
Nice finger coral at the moment hosting clown opens nice On small live rock. Selling due to going more sps . Collect only. 25.00
57.Tropical Fish tank and all equipment 13/08/19 Yes
Tropical fish tank with cabinet, heater, pump, external filter. All bogwood and rocks included worth around 75. New double light unit bought last year for 150 included. Fish included also but can rehome if necessary which are silver dollars x2, torpedo barb, red tail botia, syno Angelicus and poss... ...
58.Ocean Rock 13/08/19 Yes
I have 20kg of ocean Rock, 22 pieces in number. Its clean and ready to go into a tank!! 30
59.Tuffa rock and dead coral to fill 5ft 13/08/19 Yes
As title lots of tuffa (rare) and pipe rock and dead coral for rift tank or marines Make an sensible offer Collection only
60.Live rock and coral 12/08/19 Yes
Last remaining rock from tank break down. Has some green mushrooms and palys on. 45
61.fish tank full setup 12/08/19 Yes
fish tank 260ltres 4ft bow fronted limited edition comes with FX6 external filter 3 d background 2 heaters 2 air pumps ocean rock crushed coral 20 malawi fish all food and medicines 4 containers of media this setup cost 2.000 collect lees west yorkshire must be seen to appreciate it will need 2 str... ...
62.Corner Aquarium with cabinet, lid, accessories 175 11/08/19 Yes
Custom made aquarium with oak cabinet and lid. Originally cost 795.00. 64 inches from floor to top of lid. Approximately 300 litres, Loads of extras including pressure filter, spare pressure filter, filter media, air pump, heater, spare heater, wave maker, aqua fx lighting with spare tubes, 2 other... ...
63.Fish tank stainless aquarium 10/08/19 Yes
Hi this is an stainless aquarium with filter and pumps and will come with all what is needed will also come with all the ocean rock lovely tank and very rare also it is 185 ltr and led lighting for it only 2 month old 143 h 95 tank view size 50 w cm pick up only.390
64.Juwel Rio 125 plus lots of extras 09/08/19 Yes
For sale: Juwel Rio 125 (beech colour) with cabinet, filter, heater, lighting. Also includes: All Pond Solutions (APS) external canister filter 1400 lph; lots of filter media; driftwood; rocks; 10KG Unipac white sand (brand new); siphon for water changes. Everything is in excellent condition exc... ...
65.125 - Aqua One Horizon Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet 122cm 182L + Loads of Extras 09/08/19 Yes
Item 1: Aqua One Horizon Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet 122cm 182L for 125 Capacity 182 litres SIZE: 1200W x 360D x 1210H mm Retails for the full set at 299 Included FREE in the Aqua One the following for a full set up: Aqua One 300W heater - 26 Aqua One Aquis Advance 1250 - 35 Aqua O... ...
66.Live rock WANTED(2019) Lancashire area 07/08/19 No
I need around 40-50kg of live rock for a new tank Im setting up I will travel to pick it up Reasonable prices please Cash in hand
67.Juwel rio 450 full setup 5ft 04/08/19 Yes
Juwel Rio 450. Condition is Used. FOR SLAE my mbuna cichlid tank it's a 5ft juwel rio 450 in beech has stand/cabinet has a fluval fx5 filter with it wave maker two eheim jager heaters only use one as plenty enough to keep tank at temp so one spare a jaebo wave maker can't remekeber exact model but ... ...
68.Soft coral for sale 04/08/19 Yes
Nice size Kenya tree on a nice piece of live rock, This piece stands about 8 inch high and about 5 to 6 inch spread the rock also has two fuzzy green mushrooms on as can see in photo 20 Collection from Havant Message or phone graham Mobile 07948355161
69.Red Sea Max Nano 75l 03/08/19 Yes
Full set up - all you need to start a nano reef tank. * Tank with skimmer and return pump * AI Prime HD led light (wifi) * wave maker * heater * rock and sand Very good condition, 18 months old. Cost me 1000. Now selling for 400
70.Trigon 190 with internal filter, helialux(day/night controller) and fluval 306. 02/08/19 No
2 year old tank, with all standard equipment. Extra equipment includes: Helialux Led and day/night controller, fluval 306, 18 medium size mbuna and 2 bristlenose plecos. Tank in good condition with only a few scratches. All gravel, rock included if wanted. Message me on 079694752 for pictures and... ...
Marine Fish, Live Corals, live rock, sand - everything you see in the pictures is included. Full tank, cabinet, Corals, fish, testing kits, all equipment. Needs to go this week - collection preferred. The cabinet has one panel that is still to be attached, although its here and ready to go on. ... ...
Full tank, cabinet, Corals, fish, testing kits, all equipment. Needs to go this week - collection preferred. The cabinet has one panel that is still to be attached, although its here and ready to go on. Thousands has been spent on this setup, and it would take anyone a lot of time and money to ... ...
73.rocks and slates 02/08/19 No
x1 large bucket of rocks (various sizes) 10 ono x1 large bucket of lava rocks 10 ono x1 small bucket of Slates 5 ono I live in Salisbury and can deliver if you live locally, if not collect. Cheers Peter
74.90lbs carribsea life rock 01/08/19 Yes
Brought 90lbs of caribbsea life rock from charterhouse aquatics costing 450 for my 6 foot marine tank which has been running for 6 months so rock will be matured and full of life I added live brine shrimp and copepods to my system on first start up so I could get a good population before adding f... ...
75.Rift valley cichlids, tanks and equipment 31/07/19 No
Giving up the hobby. TANGANYIKAN CICHLIDS: X 1 Cyphotilapia frontosa 10 I currently have six tanks for sale [all measurements in inches] and, if you are interested, I do have photos of all of them: (1) CLEAR SEAL TANK: 24x15 [high]x 12 12 (2) CLEAR SEAL TANKS: 18x12X12 7 (3) ... ...
76.Aquareef 195 full marine setup 31/07/19 Yes
Aqua Reef 195 setup. Red sea reefer 250 sump with collection cups 2x Kessil a360we tuna blue with spectral controller Bubble magus c3.5 protein skimmer Tmc reef pump 6000 Dual temp controller Smart ato unit 2x heaters 2x jebao rw8 wavemakers Quite a few 25 litre Jerry cans and 2 10 litre M... ...
77.fish and tank 30/07/19 Yes
Four foot fish tank with 2000lph external filter external heater 4 pieces of plastic ocean rock. 20 Mdonka white lips, 20odd jacob frieburgie and 2 tilapia rhodsie, 5 or 6 bristol nose plecs. 100 for quick sale. Collection only. Chatham Kent. 200 no offers. collection Chatham kent. call ... ...
78.Marine tank clear out 28/07/19 Yes
I am emptying my tank and going back to tropical as i dont have enough time to look after marine. This sale is for 2x clown fish, 2x green chromis, 1x royal gramma, 1x cleaner shrimp, 1x sandsifting starfish and several crabs and snails. Im also including all the corals and live rock (the live rock ... ...
79.Fish tank stainless tall tube aquarium 26/07/19 Yes
Hi this is an stainless aquarium with filter and pumps and will come with all what is needed will also come with all the ocean rock and fish lovely tank and very rare also it is 185 ltr and led lighting for it only 2 month old 5 and half feet high pick up only.415
80.Live Rock for sale 26/07/19 Yes
Hi, I have 60 kg of live rock for sale at 5 per kg Available for collection from Carlton, Nottingham
81.Live Rock for sale 26/07/19 Yes
Hi, I have 60 kg of live rock for sale at 5 per kg Available for collection from Carlton, Nottingham
82.Complete fluval marine...... 55 26/07/19 Yes
Live rock and gravel, 1 damsel fish, in a 35 litre marine tank with filtration. Led light with thunder storm mode. 55 07305219823
83.Marine live rock 26/07/19 No
Tank is ready to be closed down. The rock has being in the tank for over 2 years. Some lovely pieces all different shapes and sizes. Message for pictures of individual pieces and prices.
84.Evolution Aqua 900 Pro Reef Tank With Extras. 400 24/07/19 Yes
Evolution Aqua 900 Pro Reef Tank With Sump . Comes With 2 Kessil A160W Lights Tuna Blue And Gooseneck Attachment For Mounting Mesh Net To Keep Fish In. A Bag Of Fiji Pink Live Sand. All Plumbing. TMC Reef 4000 Controllable Return Pump Phosban 150 Media Reactor Auto Top Off... ...
85.22KG Real Reef Rock. Mature 200 24/07/19 Yes
Mature Real Reef Rock For Sale , Been In My Tank For Over 2 Years So Full Of Beneficial Bacteria. This Is The Rock Thats Made To Look Purple From The Start. Left In Saltwater Bin. Text 07572686225 If You Need More Information
86.Evolution aqua 1000 marine aquarium and stand in gloss black 24/07/19 Yes
Evolution Aqua 1000 Aquarium and cabinet in gloss black. Up for sale is an Evaluation Aqua fish Tank and Cabinet in gloss black. This was the original design of the evolution aqua systems with a rear built in sump system included. The tank is 35.5 inches in length x 19.5 inches front to back... ...
87.For sale/swap 23/07/19 Yes
I'm downsizing the hobbie so selling tanks, equipment, fish, plants, hardscaping supplies ect, Fish: 6inch crayfish 3inch Black rhombeus piranha 12/13inch black rhombeus Tanks: Custom made 39inch vintage style Aqua one 24x22x15 100litre bow front 5x2x2 nd aquatics Equipm... ...
88.ocean rock 22/07/19 No
i am looking for ocean rock in the cambridge area can anyone help
89.4Ft Set up 21/07/19 Yes
4FT Aquael Glossy black tank with cabinet 2x 4ft led lights 1x APS 2000 external filter 2x parrot fish 3x snake heads 1x servum 2x syndios cats Selling due to not having enough time with working away. 300 Fx6 filter -100 Loads of ocean rock 60
90.Large anime 21/07/19 Yes
Large anime need gone by 2 very nice peace on a large rock 50
91.EA Reefpro 1200s 2 years old and perfectly matured corals 19/07/19 Yes
CALL 07795303221 to schedule viewing. email [email protected] for multiple photos Incredible set up that's mature using Triton Core 7, I only do water changes to vacuum the sand bed! Very vibrant corals, coral alone is worth 1,500. Will supply new Triton ICP test to buyer. all the best rated equipment... ...
92.Aquarium stripping down 19/07/19 Yes
I have the following for sale Pair of common clownfish with anemone 40 6 line wrasse 10 Green Zoa colony 10 Finger leather coral 20 3 hermits and a snail - free if you buy any of the above. A few kg or mature live rock 30 Will consider posting everything except the fish For the cost o... ...
93.Live Rock 19/07/19 No
Over 2 large buckets of live rock some corals still attached mushrooms, leathers and zoas one leather xxlarge. Bargain 50 Collection Wirral
94.Real reef rock 18/07/19 No
Four pieces that have been taken out of my tank and allowed to dry. Asking 20 the lot! This stuff retails at 15 per kilo so this is a bargain!
95.3x2x2 Marine Aquarium, stand and sump - 300 18/07/19 Yes
For sale is my marine aquarium. Comes with sump and all pipework included. Fully water tight. Can also include some liverock to get you started.
96.Rena fish tank 18/07/19 Yes
Rena 4ft bow fronted fish tank and stand All fitted out rocks pump heater and 30. Fish from large angles to large catfish to many to name. Byer will have to come to epsom to collect as I am to old to manage it my self.
97.Jewel Vision 450l full setup including fish (haps and peacock cichlids) 350 16/07/19 Yes
selling my tank due to giving up on the hobby after 3 years of fish keeping. Tank is a Jewel vision 450l bowed front. black tank and stand. (in very good condition) tank has light scratches on glass but when full can hardly see them. tank has never been resealed or has any damage on the gl... ...
98.white Biorb Halo 15 litres in great condition open to sensible offers 16/07/19 Yes
I have a white halo biorb fish tank for sale 15 litres in perfect condition! Looks brand new very well looked after fully working looks stunning in the room with built in colour changing led lights in hood Plus remote The tank comes with - original biorb heater It can be cold water or tropi... ...
99.Marine fish tank Aqua one with extra bespoke sumps 16/07/19 Yes
Aqua One fish tank approx 37 gallon tempered glass with an in built sump on back with a bespoke extra double sump in the cupboard underneath comes with all heaters and a VECTON 300 UV filter system it was used for seahorses (see the image above) it's a perfect Marine setup it doesn't include fish or... ...
100.Fiber glass ocean rocks (5) plus tuffa and real ocean rocks 14/07/19 Yes
Really can't tell the difference,light weight,won't crack your glass if it falls,looks great in a Malawi/ tang set up,can be stacked up high,great for a 24 inch deep tanks. These cost 26 each from maiden head 2 years ago,and are very hard to source at the moment as were imported from USA .there is... ...
101.Livestock with matured corals in EA Reefpro 1200s 13/07/19 Yes
Various SPS (Acropora, Anacropora, Hydnopora, Seritopora, Various montiporas Digita rock Zoanthid colonies Large grassy star polip Derasa Clam Birdsnest Florida Recordia multiple mushrooms Bubble Tip (tri colour) anemones 2 Clowns (Black, white w orange) Vampire Tang Leopard Wrasse, bl... ...
102.300 Liter Braceless, optiwhite glass marine stand and tank with sump. Complete set up 13/07/19 Yes
300 Liter Braceless tank with sump. Optiwhite glass. White Gloss Stand. Complete marine set up. 3 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot. Tank itself - 247 liters. Sump - 51 liters = Total volume - 298 liters. 4 years old. Some light scratches on front panel of glass. Oxidizing hinges but easily replaced. iQuat... ...
103.Marine tank for sale 13/07/19 No
Clearseal reefspace 900 plus stand and sump. Aqua sunrise r60 Wi-Fi LED light unit, Aqua Medic LED sump light, return pump, heaters, TMC reef skim 300, 2 x bubble Magnus mini 70-WP reactor filters, TMC reef fill, TMC wavemaker, some live rock, some fish clowns and blue damsels, some corals hermit cr... ...
104.Livestock in Marine tank for sale 13/07/19 No
Some live rock, some fish clowns and blue damsels, some corals hermit crabs and snails, one sea anemone, in a Clearseal reefspace 900 plus stand and sump. Aqua sunrise r60 Wi-Fi LED light unit, Aqua Medic LED sump light, return pump, heaters, TMC reef skim 300, 2 x bubble Magnus mini 70-WP reactor f... ...
105.Live rock 50 13/07/19 No
10KG live live rock good quality Still in aquarium heated and filtered
106.Coral and liverock 13/07/19 Yes
LPS coral (Pulsing Xenia and one other type) for sale [50 for both or 30 each - or near offer] Fair chunk of live rock also for sale - all for 80 (enough for 100L reef tank) or ~5/kg.
107.5ft solid light oak tank + 13/07/19 Yes
60x18x24 solid light oak lid & surround Sump 36x12x15. Full off Alfagrog With 48LED Strip lights built in to the lid + blue night light & all pipe work 300 2 titanium heaters run by a STC- 1000 temperature controller thermostat Aquarium sensor and sockets with 2 cooling fans ... ...
Atleast 4 big pieces and a few smaller pieces...for sale 60
109.Fluval Roma 240 full set up+fish 12/07/19 Yes
Fluval Roma 240 with cabinet. All pond solutions 1400ef external filter with all pipe work minus spraybar, full of media including lava rock. Betta 150w heater only used around 2 month I still have the box. A thermometer with suction cup. Both original lights work fine, there is marks on th... ...
110.Guppies for sale 09/07/19 Yes
Have approx 30 baby guppies for sale 50p each size 1cm+. Collection grays thurrock.
111.Cabbage leather coral large 50 09/07/19 Yes
Around 10 inches could be bigger comes on established large chunk of live rock
112.Complete 300L Malawi Cichlid Aquarium with extras, smart lighting etc 08/07/19 Yes
Full Aquatic Setup, all under a year old, some much newer: The price is a bargain without even factor the actual fish. 850 Please note the following Not splitting items/stockto go as one, If you don't require everything, you can always sell on what you don't need. Collection is from Goring-B... ...
113.Red Sea 350 07/07/19 Yes
Red Sea 350 in good condition in black to include light gravel rocks heater sump pipe work return pump auto to up plenty of other thing Ro machine 10 water containers extra heaters just needs a good clean there is 2 chromies and a silver belly wrasse giving up due to emigrating for quick sale buyer ... ...
114.Ehiem full set up 275 07/07/19 Yes
Ehiem full set up to include everything to get started white sand rocks corals heater external filter cabinet in white beautiful when set up still in use buyer can view before purchase bargin for new starter photos can be sent if interested measurements 47 x 16 x 20 buyer to collec please note this... ...
115.4ft Jewel full tank set up and Malawi fish 05/07/19 Yes
Here I have for sale my Jewel 4ft fish tank, comes complete full set up as pictured. Includes a large number of Malawi fish all breeding pairs or groups, too many to list. Includes 2 fluval 406 external filters, thermometers, coral rock, coral gravel, food, water testing kit. Stunning set up, ple... ...
116.live rock 05/07/19 No
i have two large buckets of live rock .bean in tank at least five years .for sale 20 pounds .
117.Stunning tank contents,LPS,SPS,soft corals,Barnsley 04/07/19 Yes
Hi all, I am selling all my tank contents,lots of stunning corals available,LPS,SPS,mushrooms,live rock,fish. Too many to list,ring or text for more details please. Regards dan.
118.100litre aquarium Filter, pump,excellent condition INC fish 03/07/19 Yes
100litre Tank, in excellent condition, no scratches to the glass or surrounding lid etc, has full LED function, white for day time and a dark blue setting for nights, long rectangular shape, comes with new filter, all ornaments from pets at home, large drift wood, black gravel, and decorative rocks.... ...
119.Various equipment for sale 03/07/19 No
I have a large amount of used equipment and general bits and bats for sale. Listed below email or text for any more information. Fluval Roma 90 with cabinet in light oak - 70 Fx6 external filter - 120 Approx 10kg of real reef rock - 60 Brand new box of seachem salt - 40 Bubble magus ... ...
120.Red Sea Reefer 525xl Marine aquarium for sale 03/07/19 Yes
Had tank for a couple of years, not a scratch on it, need the space - comes with bubble magus curve skimmer, all returns pumps, dosing unit, led lights, custome built filter sock casings, 75gpd RO init with booster pump, maxspec gyre wave maker and loads of high end items - live rock and some coral... ...
121.Live rock shelf - Unseeded 02/07/19 Yes
Large unseeded Rock shelf ready for collection, paid 80 for it and was going to be used in my main display tank but never had the space in the end. As can be seen on image dimensions around 450mm x 320mm. Looking for 40 OVNO Collection Only from swindon SN25
122.Marine aquarium & eqipment for sale 02/07/19 Yes
Had tank for a couple of years, not a scratch on it, need the space - comes with curve skimmer, all returns pumps, dosing unit, led lights, custome buold filet sock casings, 75gpd RO unit - live rock and some corals if wanted, few clown fish also No idea on value, so please feel free to make sen... ...
123.live rock, corals, clown fish in Marine aquarium for sale 02/07/19 Yes
Live rock and some corals if wanted, few clown fish also Had tank for a couple of years, not a scratch on it, need the space - comes with curve skimmer, all returns pumps, dosing unit, led lights, custome buold filet sock casings, 75gpd RO unit - No idea on value, so please feel free to make s... ...
124.Ocean rock for sale 20 02/07/19 Yes
20kg of various sized ocean rock. Previously used in a marine tank but easily could be used in a freshwater tank. Surplace to requirements, bargain at 20 for the lot May be able to deliver locally for fuel costs
125.Arka rock structure 02/07/19 Yes
For sale is a large arka rock structure for marine/reef tank,19 inches wide,13 inches deep,21 inches high,was going to use for a project that never happened 80 Collection from E15
126.SOLD pending collection Discus for sale 130 for last 5 or swap for hypansistrus or l134 02/07/19 Yes
Fish for sale, collection Prenton Wirral. All sizes are total length including tail. medium brilliant turq 4.5 inch 45.00 Small Cobalt discus (3.5 inch) - 15 Koi/nebula Martin NG discus 5.5 inch - 40.00 adult red turq discus (5.5 inch) 35.00 2x white butterfly discus 5 - 5.5 i... ...
127.Soft coral live rock 27/06/19 Yes
Over 6kg of mature live rock covered in various soft coral inc hairy mushroom Richorda mushroom blue mushroom and large amounts of purple neon clove. 1 blue hermit 1 turbo snail Aqua nano light Marine led blue light Skimmer Refractometer And water barrels 150 no offers will not split No ot... ...
128.Fluval Evo 13.5 Saltwater Aquarium 175 26/06/19 Yes
Salt Water Aquarium Less than a year old Come complete with: LED lights (white/blue) Light timer/dimmer unit Fluval PS2 protein skimmer Live Sand Live rock Wave maker InTank Media Basket Heater Fish included: Pair of Percula Clown Fish Yellow Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp Pair Co... ...
129.Fluval Evo 13.5 Saltwater Aquarium 175 26/06/19 Yes
Fish included: Pair of Percula Clown Fish Yellow Watchman Goby and Pistol Shrimp Pair Coral Included: Torch coral Hammer coral Duncan Coral (approx. 8 heads) Green Star Polyps Candy Cane (4 heads) Zoas on rocks Leather Toadstool Coral CUC include: Snails Hermit crabs Salt Water ... ...
130.Live Rock Mature aprox 25k 3 per kilo marine tank breakdown fiji SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 25/06/19 Yes
SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi i have approximately 25kilo of live rock for sale at 3 per kilo . Some really nice pieces few large and some lovely small ones also some fiji there are a few soft corral attached happy for these to just go with the rock No Nastys Located Harlow Essex Buyer to bri... ...
131.Marine tank set up 24/06/19 Yes
I have a Fluval 125 tank and stand with 11kg live rock, coral gravel,Kent marine prskimmer,2x powerheads, fluval aquasky bluetooth controlled,Fluval heater.Also contains Powder blue tang 2x clowns and swveral inverts. Spare led lighting and heater also included + marine accessories. 400 or near of... ...
132.Marine livestock in Fluval 125 set up 24/06/19 Yes
Powder blue tang 2x clowns several inverts 11kg live rock, coral gravel I have a Fluval 125 tank and stand with Kent marine prskimmer,2x powerheads, fluval aquasky bluetooth controlled,Fluval heater.Spare led lighting and heater also included + marine accessories. 400 or near offer.
133.Unique Opportunity - Working Marine Aquarium and Equipment 23/06/19 Yes
1. Tanks total system size approximately 800L: a. Tank 5ft x 3ft x 2ft Thickness 20 ml b. Four chamber sump/RO tank c. Separate refugium tank 2. Equipment: a. 1 x Abyzz A200 pump b. 1 x Jeboa DC 9000 pump - c. 1 x Jeboa DC 12000 pump - d. DD DC-2200 chiller e. DD High Efficie... ...
134.6ft Aqua one tank, full setup 250ono 22/06/19 No
Hi I am selling my setup, circumstances forces sale: Tank and accessories 250 Please note these tanks retailed at nearly 1000 at one time or another. Aqua one 6ft fish tank, the tank has 2 filters. 2 digital heaters. wave maker. Coral rock, and sand, and few ornaments Needs TLC hence che... ...
135.A group of 17 Malawi Mbuna wild and F1 21/06/19 No
I'm closing my tank down and have the following available, cynotilapia zebroides puulu white top F1 pair Wild Fainzilberi pombo rocks pair with ob female pseudeotropheus kingsizei lupingu F1 Pair labeotropheus fulleborni katale F1 Pair metriaclima phaeos F1 Pair Labeotropheus trewavasae thumbi... ...
136.Aqua One Mini Reef 120 Marine Set Up with AI Prime hd wi-fi lighting 375 21/06/19 Yes
Aqua One Mini Reef 120 Full Set Up, with AI Prime WI-FI hd led Lights cost 225,Phosphate reactor, Black cabinet,Pipes,return pump,Sump light, Protein skimmer,New filter sock,plus accessories, About 19kg of Fiji live rock, Sand, 2 common clowns,The latest reef tank made by aqua one It measures 24inc... ...
137.Pukani Rock 9kg - 30 21/06/19 Yes
Two pieces of Pukani dry rock which will need curing. One piece 6kg Second piece 3kg
138.Juwel Rio 350 Complete Set Up 16/06/19 Yes
Juwel Rio 350 Set Up Sad to see this lovely set up go, paid over 1500 for everything new, but unfortunately as Im moving home no other choice. Price 750 Sale items Fish F1 Metriaclima Msobo Magunga x10 Good Male and Female ratio F1 Metriaclima Callainos Kambiri Reef x6 1 O-Morph Ma... ...
139.live rock to give away 16/06/19 No
I am trying to thin out my mature tank, about 3 kg of live rock and rubble to give away. collection only from SE5 0HU.
140.Live rock for sale essex 16/06/19 No
I have about 10/15 kilos of live rock for sale. Will take 50 for the whole lot. Collection from Rainham in essex
141.Lots of fish, tanks, filters, pumps decor etc. 15/06/19 No
18 giant blue gourmie 6 Apollo sharks x 4 5 green Severum Rockeil x 2 7 tiger Oscar 6 bumblebee cat 5 bumblebee cat 7 tinfoil barbs x 2 16 clarius catfish 5 brown acara 4 jack dempsey 4 islanum Also got tanks 8 foot 6 foot & 5 foot. Message me for info.
142.Trigon 350 14/06/19 Yes
FOR SALE!! trigon 350L corner tank, comes with Fx6 fluval filter, coral sand, coral Rock X2 airpumps Heater Bog wood X9 frontosa X1 large common pleco X1 Synodontis catfish X13 mbuna juveniles The tanks itself needs some Tlc has a few marks on the stand and the tank due to a puff... ...
143.Juwel Rio 180 made to fit 3D Rock background for 89,99 14/06/19 Yes
We do 3D aquarium backgrounds to fit all Juwel aquariums. You can get a full length background to fit your Juwel aquarium if you've removed the corner filter. If you want to keep the corner filter, we can produce a shorter background..... Our backgrounds are made from polyresin, which is not flex... ...
144.Montipora for sale 13/06/19 Yes
Here I have 2 rocks with 4 pieces of monti on and a large piece of montipora 160mm x 85mm for sale.bright green but photos dont really show it.can deliver at cost of fuel 20mile radius.had to cut down my mother monti as getting too large. 15 for rocks and 25 for large piece. Cheers Bodie.07702... ...
146.Marine fish coral and live rock 10/06/19 Yes
Hi due to move soon selling fish coral and live rock would prefer to sell as a full lot Fish inc Flame angel Coral beauty Blue tan Pair of common clowns Two orange spotted goby Pair of blue dart fish Two green chromis Two canary wrasse Baggal cardinal Over 35k of live rock Plu... ...
Livestock/Rock/Coral 15kg of high quality cured reef rock 10kg of Fiji Black volcanic live sand 2 Percula common Clowns 3 Narcissus snails 2 Turbo snails 3 Hermit crabs 1 Pistol Shrimp (rarely seen but heard)! x3 finger coral live frags Selection of high quality silicone false corals 1... ...
130L Tank with Black cabinet. No visible scratches on glass. Great condition. Comes with a huge selection of extras:- Kit:- Tunze Comline DOC Skimmer 9001 Fluval 206 external skimmer TMC Reef Pump 2000 with programmable functions Hydor Evolution 900 Circulation pump Visitherm 200w heate... ...
149.Scorpions 07/06/19 Yes
For slaw some amazing scorpions Giant forest scorpions Large size 18 Hottentotta hottentotta 22 Israeli gold scorpions 18 Cb19 baby flat rock scorpions 12.50
150.Ocean rock 04/06/19 Yes
Approx 15kgs of ocean rock for sale used for cichlids 20
151.Marine fish tank - ecotech Radion g4 aquatronica maxspect now breaking 02/06/19 Yes
Marine fish tank and all the contents and equipment all run with triton method for last 2 years looks stunning better than pics can show !! All corals and most fish now sold all equipment and live rock still available !!!!!!! Aqua one 275 marine tank in black Has a few marks here and the... ...
152.Marine fish tank - ecotech Radion g4 aquatronica maxspect 02/06/19 No
Marine fish tank and all the contents and equipment all run with triton method for last 2 years looks stunning better than pics can show !! Would like to sell all in one to someone starting out or upgrading ?? but may split once fish and coral live rock sold ! Aqua one 275 marine tank in b... ...
153.Live Rock & Nano marine tank 30/05/19 No
live rock and sand in Nano marine tank Complete with wave maker, heater in perfect condition Happy to send photos on WhatsApp 07837277874 Collection from sl1 3sx 150
154.Nano marine tank 30/05/19 No
Nano marine tank Complete with wave maker, live rock and sand, heater in perfect condition Happy to send photos on WhatsApp 07837277874 Collection from sl1 3sx 150
155.28 kilos of ocean rock (north London) 29/05/19 Yes
Hi all due to a change over I'm selling all my ocean rock. There are 28 kilos in total Looking for a quick sale 55 ovno Collection only from north London N20LB Please contact me on 07568 379 547
156.Full tropical (Malaw)i setup 28/05/19 Yes
450lt custom tank and cabinet, 12mm glass, small scratches on front glass barely noticable, glass sliders. Full set including: FX6 filter with media, Eheim wavemaker, Fluval aquasky bluetooth LED only 2 months old, lots of ocean rock, two sets of large artificial plants, test kit, spare filter spon... ...
157.5ft solid light oak tank + 28/05/19 Yes
60x18x24 solid light oak lid & surround and unit Sump 36x12x15. Full off Alfagrog 2 titanium heaters run off a STC- 1000 temperature controller thermostat Aquarium sensor 3 pumps 2 TMC Reef 2000 with Variable speed control 1 Marine sources devil 2000 Evolution aqua evo 30 30w UV p... ...
158.FOR SALE 27/05/19 No
159.Ocean Rock For Sale 26/05/19 Yes
33.6kg of ocean rock and 8k Tufa rock from previous Malawi set-up. Would need to be collected 40 for eveything or 35 for Ocean, 5 for Tufa. Thanks
160.Wanted Mini red carpet anemone, Rock flowers, mini maxi. 26/05/19 No
Hi I'm looking to buy mini red carpet anemone or mini maxi nems, and any other mini nems. Thanks for looking and get in touch with what you have, cheers kev.
161.Full marine setup 600 25/05/19 Yes
Tank 39x18x32 Base 39x18x25 Complete with the following Eheim 300watt heater plus spare 300watt heater Deltec MCE600 skimmer Vortech MP40wQD Jebao wavemaker and controller DD FMR75 reactor with Eheim pump and Eheim regulator 2 Kessel A360WA lights with goosenecks and spectral controller V... ...
162.Juwel 180 bow front 24/05/19 Yes
Juwel bow front 180 tank full set up lights heater fluval 3 and large external filter gravel lava rock and plastic plants heater etc Would like all fish to go with this breeding pair of plecks and a good few off spring and a few other community fish and stand in good condition open to fair offers ... ...
163.Tank full of Mbuna 23/05/19 Yes
WILL NOT SPLIT I want them to go as a job lot as the dynamics work so well and these fish are really starting to bloom. 4 Wc synodontis Polli White 5 Iodotropheus sprengerae 10 OB metriaclima estherae minos reef 13 Chindongo Salousi 1 female labeotropheus trewavasae thumbi west (will sell s... ...
164.Marine tank and stand 94 litres 21/05/19 Yes
Tank stand return pump skimmer dry rock and refractometer and few more bits 100 more items available v2 ilumenair 70 watt and maxspect gyre xf130 120 each message me for more photos on other items
165.Malawi haps and peacocks 21/05/19 No
Swapping to mbuna. All need to go. Trio Copadichromis Verduyni f1 Trio Copadichromis Cyaneus zrock f1 Pair Aulonocara Koningsi f1 Red Frirefish male Pair of Red Empress Taiwan Reef x4 2m 2f Juvies and fry, malauna, proto yellow blaze, firefish, ob fryeri Would prefer to sell as a joblot.
166.Juwel lido 120 marine aquarium 20/05/19 Yes
Juwel lido 120 with cabinet. Tmc v2 external filter, Oct HOB skimmer. As I'm selling as a complete set up their is live sand/Fiji rock. 2 x cleaner stump, 1 x clown, 1 x firefish , 1 x dart fish. Genuine reason for sale for viewing or questions please contact. Looking to be gone within 4 weeks but ... ...
167.Selling coral frag 20/05/19 Yes
I have a large 3in rhodactus mushroom for sale ,it is orange with a bright orange skirt and a teal centre.it is on a pice of live rock and it is a stunning coral . Im asking 20 for this coral ,open to offers Collection only Dont hesitate to contact me for more info
168.For sale bargain prices 16/05/19 Yes
Marine fish for sale Marine fish for sale including corals and live rock please ask for prices all bargains-will need to be collected by Saturday. Bagshot Surrey. Email [email protected] leave phone number and I will calls not able to upload all fish photos lots of marine fish in perfect condition
169.Kenya Tree. (Marine Coral.) 12/05/19 Yes
Kenya Tree soft coral on peice of live rock 2 inch wide. 2 inch tall. (Approx.) Buyer collects. Bring a container. 10
170.Live Rock 10/05/19 Yes
Last items of live rock for sale, 13.5 Kg in total @ 5 per Kg, thats 65. Call 07927255075
171.Frag for sale 09/05/19 Yes
Marine tree live rock 7 Zoa n live rock 5 and more frag for from 3 can send you send pictures on whats app as I was Duncans heads polyps and all the corals for sale
172.Racking system with tanks 09/05/19 Yes
Racking system with 2 tanks 84x45x30 high 1 tank 70x20x20 1 tank 60x31x30 1 tank 45x25x30 Sponge and Hang On filters Powerhead pump Air pump Heaters Rocks, roots Fully equipped aquariums 300 sizes are given in centimeters Newport, South Wales
173.Ocean Rock & Coral Sand 08/05/19 Yes
Hi i have this pile of Ocean Rock for sale, 15 Bucket of Coral sand 10
174.Anemone 08/05/19 Yes
Anemone , approx 6-8 inch's and even bigger when open full , got this one out when removing some rock ,private messages please ...been in tank over a year and very healthy,looking for 50 ( Wednesbury ,West Midlands )
175.Large colony of red Acans 100 maidstone kent 07/05/19 Yes
As per photo. Has well over 40 heads. Always on show. Stunning specimen. Reason for sale. Tank slowly being broken down.. other corals available too. Fish , rock, equipment for sale at a later date.
176.Live rock, green Zoah coral with red bubble tip anemone attached, blue legged hermits for sale 07/05/19 Yes
Live rock 25kg - 70 Large Green Zoah coral with small red bubble tip anemone attached - 50 4 x blue legged hermit crabs, 1 turbo snail and 1 emerald green crab possibly ( havent seen him for a while) all for 20 Collection Crowthorne
177.Lava rock for sale 06/05/19 Yes
Selling the lava rock whole lot for 50 pounds. Over 30kg. Collection from London E16 area. Please make sure to bring your own large container. Thanks
178.Juwel vision 260 in white (4ft) 05/05/19 Yes
Up for sale is my Juwel 4ft, Juwel 3d Rock back ground,filter, media, upgrade 1000LPH pump, my neighbour bought this brand new in 2017 from Maidenhead aquatics, weybridge , tank is stamped as coming off the production line in mid 2015 so is relatively new for a German made Juwel tank, in the most so... ...
179.Fish tank, cichlids, lighting, ocean rock and external filter 04/05/19 Yes
Selling entire set up together or separately. Back of tank painted black and grey, was going to add a 3d background but never got around to it All pond 1000 external filter Lighting Air pump Heater Airbar Around 50kgs ocean rock 3x2x2 tank 200l Frontosa Male 5" Frontosa 2" Red empre... ...
180.Aqua One 1500mm Fishtank and stand 02/05/19 Yes
Glass Tank 52cm width (55cm incld frame), 65cm height incld frame, 147cm length (150cm incld Frame) Cabinet/Stand, light oak finished particle board 150cm long, 73cm high and 55cm wide with two cupboard spaces Also included - Aquamanta EFX 1500 Filter (60w, 1500L/hr) with Push Button Primer and ... ...
181.Fluval Roma 200 LED 01/05/19 Yes
One year old Fluval LED Roma 200 with stand in black. In VERY good condition. Dry sale with Fluval U4 internal filter, Fluval 200w heater and Hdom 604 air pump. No fish,plants or rocks.This is the latest style with LED lighting and soft close doors to the stand but I have removed the single shelf. O... ...
182.Live rock for sale 01/05/19 Yes
I have down sized my aquarium and have got 40kgs of left over live rock for sale. 200 for the entire 40kgs which equates to 5/kg. Please get in touch with me via email [email protected] or text message if you are interested.
183.Live rock 01/05/19 Yes
30/40kgs of live rock for sale from my tank shutdown. Some has mushroom coral and gsp. Collection from Telford 100 for the lot
184.Blood shrimps/live rock for sale 01/05/19 Yes
1 blue yellow tailed blue damsel fish, 1 blue legged hermit crab, 2 orange legged hermit crabs, 2 small Corals, 2 fire shrimps. 40 ono Approx 15kg live rock 30 07920226104 shrewsbury, Shropshire
185.Live rock for sale South Manchester / Chesire 29/04/19 Yes
Approx 13kg of live rock. 5 chunky pieces (see photos with tennis ball for gauge) with good colouring. 50 the lot - needs to be collected ASAP. Tel or text: Shane on 07855 367626 or [email protected]
186.Fluval M90 27/04/19 Yes
Stunning Fluval sea reef M90 marine aquarium set (135 litres) for sale! Tank is empty and ready to go. Comes with dry live rock, foods and coral food. With high performance LED lighting, upgraded skimmer and extra wavemakers, this set up will make keeping marine fish and corals a breeze. Sump is... ...
187.Marine Fish in Full setup for sale. 27/04/19 Yes
300 ono , Collection only Live Stock: 1 black/white clown fish - 1.5inch Fire Shrimp - 1 year old Yellow Spotted Goby - 1 - 2 years old small cleanup crew 3 pieces of corral however they have seen better days and don't look to happy as of right now. Fluval evo 52L, stock light + stock p... ...
188.Full marine setup for sale. 27/04/19 Yes
300 ono , Collection only Fluval evo 52L, stock light + stock pump Fluval evo skimmer 100w Heater Jebao wavemaker 4 stage fine filters 75GPD RODI - 4 months old Refractometer 1.5inch of caribsea fiji pink 3 pieces of live rock - 1-2 kg each Other small pieces of equipment Live Stock: ... ...
189.Kenya tree coral 25/04/19 Yes
We have several pieces of Kenya tree coral for sale attached to various pieces of rock. Prices rang from 5 to 20 depending on how many branches are on each piece. Also have some pulsing zenia.
190.Fish and corals 24/04/19 Yes
downsizing 430ltr system, the following are for sale as result x1 Pyjama wrasse 10 x1 magnificent foxface 25 x1 kole tang 25 x4 Chromis 15 lot x1 Bangai Cardinal fish 15 Large (15cm) toadstool leather coral 25 Orange bubble mushrooms (discosoma Sanctithomae) 10 ea. Orange, green, pur... ...
191.Marine tank and equipment 20/04/19 Yes
6x2x2 ND aquatics tank Sump , cabinet , hood Maxspect razor [need new LED pad] Loads of live rock 450 ONO / Lots of other bits T.M.C v2 pure 100 R.O system Skimmers , Salt etc NEED GONE ASAP collection only HA8 EDGWARE 07898635262
192.Fluval Roma 125 Litre Aquarium Bundle - 250 16/04/19 Yes
Fluval Roma 125 litre Aquarium for sale, including the following: - Tank - Eheim Pickup 160 Filter - Newa Therm Pro Heater - Fluval Aquasky LED lighting - Air pump and flexible air stone - All tank decorations and plants (includes rocks, bogwood, coconut, gravel and any other bits I have!) -... ...
193.AQUAONE AquaReef 300 setup 14/04/19 Yes
Here is my aquaone aquareef 300, looking to sell or to swap for something smaller (100-200 litre) I'll be keeping the torch, hammer, xenia, rock of gsp and leather corals all fish and rock shown is included. Equipment is Tmc 450 skimmer, tmc reactor, 3600lph return pump, 2x tunze wave makers and 5 ... ...
194.Live Rock 14/04/19 Yes
Marine Live Rock for Sale, 5 per kilo, need gone asap as need the room, normally 12 upwards from your local fish store
195.Tank breakdown for sale 07/04/19 Yes
I have a 300ltr tank that i do not have time for anymore to maintain and so am selling everything within. 2 x clown fish 1 x Regal tang 1 x Dwalf Angel 1 x green Cromin 1 x yellow tailed blue damsel 1 x blue velvet damsel 1 x stripped damsel 1 x royal dottyback dartfish 1 x blue face juve... ...
196.Fish tank and stand with some fittings 33 06/04/19 Yes
36"L x 12"W x !5"H tank with aluminium hood (no lighting unit), imitation bog wood and rock feature ornaments. Choice of stands. EITHER wood stand with storage below (books not included), OR 27" high black metal stand. 35. Buyer to collect in Blackpool, or can deliver to FY1-4 postcodes FOC, or any... ...
197.Reduced for sale before 07/04/19 - 40KG of Live Rock 06/04/19 Yes
Due to a house move I am breaking my tank and have for sale my live rock. Good quality cycled rock with no hitchhikers, available now. There is just over 40KG of live rock, about 35KG big pieces and 5KG smaller pieces for the sump. 110 cash on collection.
198.Large Aquarium 7 Foot, 1200 including fish 04/04/19 Yes
7 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft Aquarium for Sale, only 2 years old, front glass is Opti white and has sliding glass covers, LED lights, 2 heaters, Fluval FX6 filter, coral rocks and sand, wave maker, etc. High gloss cabinet and hood with hinges, and ventilation, No scratches at all. Buyer has to organise remov... ...
199.ocean rock 02/04/19 No
I have a large box of ocean rock, came out of my Malawi tank 31st march, some big pieces lots of holes and crevices. my son had to move the box, im asking 40 ,real bargain ,in Chesterfield, call me for more .
200.Cycled LIVE ROCK 02/04/19 No
I have for sale cycled Marco live rock. This mined rock is reef saver, highly porous rock. It has been mined from the ground so is ecologically friendly compared with ocean live rock. It has been cycled with Dr Tims nitrifying bacteria and ghost feeding. This has been cycled for 6 months and is rea... ...
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