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1.100 s of DISCUS @ CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS from £15, APC overnight service 29/03/17 Yes
hi there 2.5 to 4" discus, body size, 2.5" to 4 " head to end of tale there are about 14 different types checkerboards pigeon bloods malboros whites blue turqs red turqs browns blue diamonds kobalts leopard snakeskin penang blue melon goldmaster Vietnamese blue ... ...
2.CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS, 2.5 INCH, £15...3 INCH..£20 4 INCH,, £25. APC overnight service 29/03/17 Yes
Description: hi there 2.5 to 4" discus, body size, 2.5" to 4 " head to end of tale there are about 14 different types I have a mixture of strains that include checkerboards pigeon bloods malboros browns penang blue blue turqs red turqs blue diamonds kobalts leopar... ...
3.DLDISCUS Top Quality Discus To Both Trade And Retail 28/03/17 Yes
  We are pleased to introduce ourselves at dldiscus, at dldiscus we aim to bring you a large variety of discus at the highest quality without compromising prices. All our discus go through a full quarantine process before reaching the public, minimalizing any risks of disease when you take your fi... ...
4.2016 PFK National Discus Retailer Of The Year DL Discus - SOLE UK Importers Of Some Of The Highest Quality Discus Not Only In The NorthEast But In The UK for Lawrence Soon (Lucky Tropical Fish Farm) 28/03/17 Yes
*****MULTI AWARD WINNING FOR 2015 and 2016 ***** Voted by the public as 2016 National Discus Retailer Of The Year, Runner-Up North East Retailer Of The Year and listed in the Top 40 Aquatics Shops in the Practical Fishkeeping Readers Poll. We were voted Runner-Up Discus Retailer of The Year and ... ...
5.NEW SHIPMENT READY NOW - MARCH/APRIL @ DL Discus, THE SOLE UK Importers Of Some Of The Highest Quality Discus Not Only In The NorthEast But In T 28/03/17 Yes
New Shipment..... We have available a lot of stunning Discus/strains from Lawrence Soon of Lucky Tropical Fish Farm. * Please Note * We don't call other suppliers to "try" and our fish!!! Our QUALIY speaks volumes... Our current stocklist is: 3" Golden £30 3.5" Heckel X £... ...
6.Livestock List Natural World, Syston, Leicestershire- tropical fish, cichlids, 28/03/17 28/03/17 Yes
CICHLIDS- Cryptoheros cutteri Honduran red points Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis Chocolate Cichlid (H. Temporalis) Black Line Pike Cichlids Pearl Spot Chromide (Etroplus canarensis) Tropheus duboisi Tropheus Red Moorii Moliro Julidochromis dickfeldi Lamprologus brichardi DISCUS- Mix... ...
Just Discus current stock list & retail price list 21st March. **Special Offer** You can choose either offer 1 or offer 2. **Offer 1** Buy any 5 X 2-2.5" Discus and get the 6th one free. **Offer 2** Free Delivery on all 2-2.5" Discus for orders of £150 or over. ( sizes are app... ...
8.@BUY 5 GET 1 [email protected] DISCUS is the U.K s largest and best professional Discus breeder and our Discus are bred from world class and global show wining Discus. 27/03/17 Yes
**Special Offer** You can chose either option 1 or option 2. **Option 1** Buy any 5 x 2-2.5" Discus and get the 6th one free. ( cheapest one free ) **Option 2** Free delivery for all 2-2.5" Discus on orders of £150 or over. JUST DISCUS are the U.K s largest and best professional D... ...
9.Fish Finatics Aquatic Centre, W Lancs - Current Fish Stock available 26/03/17 Yes
Hi everyone, This weeks available livestock list is as follows: Royal red dwarf gourami Neon dwarf gourami Thick lipped gourami Dwarf panda cichlids (Apistogramma nijsseni) Kribensis West African dwarf cichlids German blue rams Electric blue rams Celebes halfbeaks Killifish - Sulawes... ...
10.SNAKEHEADS 24/03/17 No
Can anyone point me in the right direction of anywhere that's stocks or can get me this species please ? Many thanks
11.SNAKEHEADS 23/03/17 No
Can anyone point me in the right direction of anywhere that's stocks or can get me this species please ? Many thanks
12.SWANSEA DISCUS 22/03/17 Yes
Several breeding pairs available from £125.00 a pair . One breeding pair of red and white leopards. A large number of home bred young discus available at good price, contact for information. ( Also see photos of home bred golden balloon rams and electric blue Rams with baby discus).A good sele... ...
13.Apisto Aquatics 20/03/17 Yes
where quality comes above all else !!! ran by breeder peter clarke who has previously been featured in practical fish keeping magazine (see links) we believe quality is better than quantity as i have always bred my fish to a very high standard. we are stcokists of repashy super foods & c.e fi... ...
14.snakehead 20/03/17 No
12 inch black and gold snakehead great looking fish if interested please ring me on 07935259945 this is one hell of a fish for £85
15.Tiger Shovel nose wanted , big preds wanted odd balls 20/03/17 No
Tiger shovelnose catfish wanted 1ft plus Pacu , Giant snakeheads ,golden dorados , big predators welcome ! Long term home given , Contact 07764514024 ANY BIG PRED FISH ABOUT?????????
16.Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. 18/03/17 Yes
I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. I have the following fish available for sale. Delivery only via APC @ £25 per box, a second box delivered at the same time is only £10. (deliveries supspended due to cold weather) ######## T... ...
17.Clearance sale of second hand Aquariums stand and equipment . 15/03/17 Yes
We have a number of good Quality second hand and self made Aquariums for sale. JUST IN 4 OFF 4 ft X 2 ft X 20" Tanks Made out of 10 mm plate Glass drilled in the back and base so can be used with a sump or can be plated over.Very Good Condition £125.00 each.. Also a 1 mtre x 70 cm x 70 cm Tank plus ... ...
18.UPDATED: Living World (Canterbury) Current Stock - 14/03/17 14/03/17 Yes
Living World Canterbury Stock List: 14/03/2017 Please like our facebook page for regular stock updates! DELIVERY AVAILABLE throughout England, Wales and Southern Scotland. *We are currently experiencing an issue with messages not coming through from this site - if we do not respond, pleas... ...
21.Martin Ng Discus Now Available in the UK. Our next shipment arrived at Durham, Sheffield and Edinburgh on Friday 3rd February 2017. 13/03/17 Yes
**** Martin Ng Discus ****** TOP QUALITY DISCUS AVAILABLE AT DURHAM DISCUS, CORBAN DISCUS and WRG DISCUS. Durham, Sheffield and Edinburgh. We are both delighted and honoured to bring top quality Discus to the UK market from the world renowned breeder, author and show judge, Mr Martin Ng. ... ...
22.The Aquatic Store Bristol - Specialist Freshwater Retailer - Full stock list - 24.03.17 12/03/17 Yes
JOIN US ON FACEBOOK FOR PHOTOS VIDEOS AND FREQUENT STOCK UPDATES Voted top 10 Retailer in the UK 5 years Running by Practical Fish Keeping Readers. We pride ourselves on quality. We currently have 160 aquariums of Tropical Fish from all over the World. Specializing in Tropical Freshwater Flo... ...
23.Red snakehead 5 inches 10/03/17 Yes
Lovely young baby snakehead . Eating crazy and growing fast . Will grow up to 3ft plus and become very aggressive when fully grow . Looking for �15 each or 2 for �25
25.6 Discus for sale including 2 pairs 08/03/17 Yes
Hi I have for sale 8 Discs including two proven pairs of Discus Pair 1 Pigeon blood Male 5.5 - 6 inch Red Turk Female 5 - 5.5 inch. £160 Pair 2 Blue Turk Female 5-5.5 inch Blue Diamond male 5-5.5 inch   £130 2, Leopard Snake Skin 5.5inch £55 (two definite females) All feeding well on Tet... ...
26.channa diplogramma snakehead 06/03/17 Yes
Hi I'm selling a snakehead who is 12+inches or swap for other preds. If cash im looking for £60.contact me on 07749299693, name Dan.sold
27.Fish tanks 05/03/17 No
Seabray 5ft fish tank, glass sliding top,suitable for fish, snakes, lizards etc - quick sale £30 Biorb tank - 60 litres, on stand,lights £45 6 sided tank, on stand, £45 3 ft tank,2,8H, 2D lights, no base £45 2ft 8 tank,1,8H,1,3D APPROX 50 KILOS OF MARINE ROCK - £150 4 MARINE SKIMME... ...
*Please note we do not ship or post animals* FROGS- Grey Tree Frog £9.95 Green Tree Frog £25.95 Ornate Horned Frog £47.99 Whites Tree Frog Sm £13.99 Whites tree frog XL £39.99 Globe Eyed Tree Frog L £29.99 Tomato Frog £39.99 CB Vietnamese Mossy Frog £89.99 Tri Colour Dart Frogs £24.99 G... ...
29.Breeding Pair of Stendker Discus in Redhill, Surrey 22/02/17 Yes
We have a breeding pair of Stendker discus that were a leftover from a box we bought for a client. They were bought as 12cm fish. They are Snakeskin Blue's. They are cracking fish that we are just looking to get our money back on. £150 for the pair. Kept and bred in Germany in dechlorinated tap wate... ...
30.Stendker Discus x9 in Redhill, Surrey 22/02/17 Yes
We have 9 Stendker discus that were a leftover from a box we bought for a client. They were bought as 12cm and 14cm fish. They are a mix of Snakeskin Red, Snakeskin Blue or Stendker Tefe. They are cracking fish that we are just looking to get our money back on. £60 for the smaller fish and £75 for t... ...
31.jelly cat 18/02/17 No
Cephalosilurus auprensis jelly cat, mint condition specimen 13 inch real attitude and character loves a stroke after being fed ! May swap for a an equivalent specimen of a golden cobra snakehead 10 Iinch ish.
32.snakehead 17/02/17 No
£95 will buy u 12 inch black and gold snakehead if interested ring steve on07935259945
33.Martin Ng Discus available at Corban Discus 14/02/17 Yes
Martin Ng TOP QUALITY DISCUS AVAILABLE AT CORBAN DISCUS. We are over the moon to announce that we are now able to bring top quality Discus to the UK market from the world renowned breeder, author and show judge, Mr Martin Ng. Martin has decades of experience of breeding and creating new strains ... ...
34.Award Winning Corban Discus 14/02/17 Yes
Martin Ng TOP QUALITY DISCUS AVAILABLE AT CORBAN DISCUS. We are over the moon to announce that we are now able to bring top quality Discus to the UK market from the world renowned breeder, author and show judge, Mr Martin Ng. Martin has decades of experience of breeding and creating new strains of... ...
35.WANTED; BIRCHIRS AND SNAKEHEADS. (polypterus) (channa) 12/02/17 No
Wanting anything polypterus also after some dwarf snakeheads, let me know what you have text 07450865653 Greg
36.Discus for sale 06/02/17 No
Mosaic turk £25 3.5inch Checkerboard £30 3.5inch Pigeon snakeskin 4.5inch £45 Moonstone red 4.5iich £45 rose red 3.5inch £30 red white 5inch £50 Jaguar pigeon 6inch £100 Yellow checkerboard 6inch £90 Yellow checkerboard 3.5inch £30 Albino pearl diamond 4inch £50 Snow leopard 6inch £90 ... ...
37.new fish deals @ petlodge wortley 28/01/17 No
neons 15 for £10 danios 15 for £10 goldfish £1 each shubukins £2 each 3 for £5 orandas £3.99 3 for £10 red snakeheads £8 cigar sharks x2 £10 each mudussar barbs £6 each pike cichlids £8 green terror £5 leeds 12 wortley
38.Snakeheads Available - Maidenhead Aquatics @ Leicester 26/01/17 No
We have a few great examples of Channa available at the moment: 11" Channa aurantimaculata (Golden Cobra Snakehead) 9" Channa sp. 'Meghalaya Leopard' RARE! 5" Channa Gachua (Black Snakehead) We also have a eclectic selection of Tropical, Coldwater and Marine Fish available. Call ... ...
39.corn snakes 4 females 1 male 24/01/17 Yes
pair of motley stripped butter corns 4 ft 4-5 years old £70 3 more females crimson 3 years old,creamsicle 3 years old ,blood red 4-5 years old. £30 each or £ 100 the lot.
40.LARGE FISH FOR SALE 20/01/17 No
19" AROWANA £45 10" Snakehead £30 Text 07807931709 for more info/pictures. Need gone asap.
41.Wanted golden cobra snakeheads channa aurantimaculata 18/01/17 No
I'm looking for 6 to 8 young if anyone knows where I may be able to get these from thanks in advance
42.Urban exotics full reptile stocklist Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
Urban exotics reptile stock list Royals all cb15/16 unless stated  Males  Normal £34.99 Mojave £69.99 Genetic stripe £99.99 Fire £39.99 Het pied £45 Yellow belly spider £74.99 Butter pastel £74.99 Banana £169.99 Orange ghost £74.99 Adult males   Calico £59.99 Wild type £39... ...
43.Urban exotics full fish list Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
URBAN EXOTICS full up to date fish list 11/1/17 Over 150 tanks filled with good quality, affordable fish. Huge choice for beginners to seasoned hobbyists Follow us on Facebook by searching for 'urbanpetcentre- Live bearers- we always have a good choice of colours in all our live bear... ...
44.Six Discus in Vision 180 Full Setup 12/01/17 Yes
Six 4-5" discus of different strains, Six corydoras adolfoi, Five cardinal tetras, One otocinclus, male fighter and whip tail catfish. I'm selling my discus setup because I'm moving and I can't keep pets at my new property. It includes: Juwel Vision 180 Black tank and stand, Newa 350 Kanis... ...
45.snake neck turtle 09/01/17 No
Anybody knows if you can get snake neck turtle in UK? And where possibly.
46.Various strain discus 3 inch 08/01/17 Yes
Various strains now available, all raised here and bred here with all parents available to see in my fish room. Blue diamonds Blue cobalts Pigeon blood San merah Melons White butterfly Leopard snakeskins Scarlet snakeskins Marlborough Leopards Chequerboard Various sizes from £2... ...
47.4 6 inch discus 05/01/17 No
I have four 6 inch discus for sale. Wont let me upload pics. 180 for all four. Collection only. Southport message me for pics. Will send them over the phone. I beleive one is a blue diamond. A blue snake skin. A golden sunrise. And either just a golden or one of the red family. Its bright orange a... ...
49.Various discus for sale 19/12/16 Yes
Kept in RO and HMA water mix, ph 6.5. Feeding on beef heart tetra prima frozen brine shrimp and freeze dried black worms Lots available from 3.5 inch to massive 7 inch. Strains include: 4inch leopard snakeskin 6inch Stenker reds 6inch red melon 4 inch albinos 5inch Valentine 5.5inc... ...
50.Fish tanks fish house Discus breeding or vivarium snake reptile amphibian lizard etc 17/12/16 Yes
Used in my shop no longer required. timber stand. All 9 tanks professionally made with glass sliding lids in runners. sponge filters, airline and 3 x light units. spare sponge filters. to give an idea of size the 2 bottom right tanks are 60x60x45cm so almost 2 foot cube. Perfect for discus breed... ...
51.stendker german discus 14/12/16 Yes
german stinker discus , bred in german tap water. these discus are very hardy and easy to keep. stunning quality. types available at 3 inch marlboro red stendker discus leapord snakeskin stendker discus Santerem german stendker discus Red alenquer german stendker discus dark angel german... ...
52.red snakeheads in store 07/12/16 Yes
8cm red snakeheads only 4 left in at moment feeding well £8 each pick up only leeds 12 wortley
53. Mambo Aquatics Darlington New List 1/12/16 01/12/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics 1/12/16 New List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - Assorted Peacocks - Silver Arrowa... ...
54.Snakeheads wanted 29/11/16 No
Red line ,cobra ,Northern Snakeheads any of the larger species wanted not the dwarfs Lancashire area thanks ian
TOP QUALITY DISCUS, DIRECT FROM OUR GERMAN SUPPLIER/BREEDER, AT YOUR MULTI AWARD WINNING NORTH EAST DISCUS SPECIALIST. We deal direct with the Stendker farm in Germany and do not sell discus bred or imported by third parties. So if you have tried Discus from your local general tropical fish s... ...
56. Mambo Aquatics Stock List 23/11/16 23/11/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics Availablity List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - XL Piranha - Silver Arrowana - ... ...
57.Plecos and Fish tanks for sale 14/11/16 Yes
Hi all I have a load of tanks and fish for sale 1. 48 /18/15" 2. 32/15/19" 3. 48/18/15" 4. 60/ 18/ 23" I also have some fish for sale: Group of 6x adult Brochis splendens £50 Golden Gourami and Snakeskin gourami £10 for both 6x L399 group f1 2-4" £100 Trio of L400, previously bred £12... ...
58.Pike cichlid Snakehead filament barbs 14/11/16 Yes
I have four large filament barbs ( two male, two female ) have grown from young. A rainbow snakehead 5" will grow to 6-8" very strong colours and not to be kept with smaller fish. Pike cichlid I have grown him up since about 3" have had him for a long time roughly 7-8" and will not grow any ... ...
59.Tropical stock list 10/11/16 No
Bronze Cory £1.50 Peppered Cory £1.50 Albino cory £1.50 Rabaulti Cory £2.50 Emerald Cory £2.50 Sterbai corys £3.50 Julii Cory £3 Panda corys £6 large Upsidedown cat£4.50 Striped glass cat £2 Striped Dora cat £4 Featherfin cat £1.50 Hoplo cat £4 Banjo cat £8 algae eaters £1.5... ...
60. New Fish Delivery Paddock Farm 9/11/2016 09/11/16 Yes
*** NEW FISH DELIVERY 9/11/2016 *** - Blue Diamond Angel 3.5cm - Cherry Barb - Sterbai Cory - Assorted Cory - Pangasius 10cm - Jajuar cichlid - Flag cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Deep water harp - 9 Sot Peacock Bass - Eye Bitter - Betta Falx - Glass Fish (not the catfish) - Red Dwar... ...
For sale 21 Stendker Discus. £20-25 each depending on size and type. I have available the following Discus: Blue diamond Yellow Melon Blue turquoise Blue Snakeskin Fineline Snakeskin Snow leopard Red spotted leopard MUST GO BY FRIDAY NIGHT Based in Sutton south west london Co... ...
63.Young Blue Leopard Snakeskin Discus for sale. 23/10/16 Yes
Young Blue Leopard Snakeskin Discus for sale. The pictured ones are about 3" and there are smaller ones in another tank. Prices start at £20.00. Please bring a fish transporting bag with you. Contact via email only - [email protected]
64.SNAKEHEAD_golden cobra snakehead 11 inch for sale £100 22/10/16 Yes
Gorgeous and super healthy fish, 11 inch long but may be even bigger, quite difficult to measure. Highly active snakehead and if you are looking for a predator this is the best you could have! He's mean and will easily scare the crap out of your friends. I wouldn't want to sell it for nothing as I... ...
65.Oddballs forsale 12/10/16 No
Hi all selling a few fish to de-stock my aquarium Six barred dis 6 inches £45 Gar 8 inch £20 Feather fin sayno x2 6inches 12 each 2 for 20 8 inch pled common 10 pound 6 inch fire n ice snake head £35 3 inch green terror £10 Will sell as job lot for for 125 and deliver local to my house ... ...
66.Gold Cobra snakeheads for sale 12/10/16 Yes
Beautiful fish, feeding extremely well. Currently housed with other fish and snakeheads. £65 each Other snakeheads also available
67.fish tank 29/09/16 No
juwel 180 complet with every think you need including 25 tropical fish plants and bog wood fish included are angle silver dollars bala shark corys sing catfish dwarf rainbow snakehead dwarf giraffe catfish ect ect price for the lot is £300 tank is in good condition tank size 20inch high 40inchlong t... ...
68.Searching for golden cobra snakeheads/channa aurantimaculata 28/09/16 Yes
If you have any or know where to get them please let me know ASAP. Preferably smaller sized/younger ones.
69.Cobalt blue snakeheads 15/09/16 No
I have for sale some cobalt blue snakeheads growing really well, absolutely stunning fish around 4" currently £20 each or 2 for £35
70.Snakehead and fish tank 14/09/16 Yes
Hi I've got a snakehead it's about 15'' and the tank to go. let me know how much for the tank and fish 07861063795... 07401222125. [email protected]
71.Tropical fish Midland Exotics Ltd 05/09/16 No
Midland Exotics aquatics 554 Walsall Rd B42 1LR Community fish, Large Cichlids, Snakeheads and Oddballs plus more available. Based in Birmingham. West Midlands. Looking for something specific? Just ask for Josh when calling
72.Snakehead 31/08/16 Yes
Stunning Snakehead apologies but I don't know the scientific name. Loves his shrimp and prawn. Approximately 4/5 inches long. Not as aggressive as the average snakehead due to fish he's been with for majority of his life.
73.Fish livestock list updated 11/08/16 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 11/08/16 Yes
Please see below our non-exhaustive list of current livestock at World of Water Crawley. List updated on 11/08/16 but if you copy and paste the link below you will find a more regularly updated .PDF list! WE ARE NOW ABLE TO SHIP LIVESTOCK OVERNIGHT VIA APC, PLEASE RING THE SHOP TO ORGANISE DELIVE... ...
74.Golden cobra snakhead - £50 09/08/16 Yes
Golden cobra snakehead approx 10 inches very aggressive and highly active. Would like to swap for peacock bass or piranha or would sell for price of £50. If you love predatory fish you would not be dissapointed with this snakheads attitude. Please call
75.Redlace snakeskin guppies 04/08/16 No
I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies,£5 for a trio or three trios for £10. £2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.
76.Redlace snakeskin guppies 03/08/16 No
I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies, £5 for a trio or three trios for £10. £2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.
77.Swansea Discus 31/07/16 Yes
Quality discus 3ins fish from £18.00 Super red maps ,red turqs, red melons, fine line green snake skins, blue diamonds brill turqs , leopards etc.Young from Ichi Ban discus(Grand Champions at Aqauarma 2013) now available. Photos of home bred discus Overnight delivery from £20.00 tel 01792 879758.
78.Redlace snakeskin guppies 22/07/16 Yes
I am selling redlace snakeskin guppies,£5 for a trio or three trios for £10. £2 per individual fish, buyer collect please.
79.Full Setup and other bits 18/07/16 Yes
***SELLING DUE TO HOUSE MOVE - MUST GO ASAP*** ***Collection only LE3*** ***£75 or open to sensible offers. WILL NOT SPLIT - MUST BE SOLD AS WHOLE PACKAGE*** 3ft, 120litre tank with: 5 Faerie Cichlid, 2 Siamese Algae Eaters, 3 Yoyo Loaches, 2 Brown Common Plecs, 1 Albino Common Plec ... ...
80.breeding pairs discus 17/07/16 No
here I have two breeding pairs of discus up for sale: the first pair is a very large proven pair of turks. I have video proof that these have raised. male is defianatly 7" but is very likely he is larger and the female is around 6-7". this pair have raised fry many times and are brilliant pare... ...
81.Tanks a lot Doncaster stock list 14/07/16 Yes
2 1/2 inch Blue diamond £15 Brilliant turq. £15 Marlboro red. £15 Red/ blue snakeskins £16 3 1/2 inch Red turq £16 blue turq £16 Pigeon £17 Cobalt blue £17 3 1/2 inch Yellow Solid red £20 5 inch Turq Curipeua £30 5 Inch Cobalt blue £50 Pairs Turqs/ un-proven £120 Blu... ...
82.WANTED: channa marulioides 10/07/16 No
WANTED: Snakeheads / channa Marulioides allso known as emperor snakehead
83.Snake neck Turtle For Sale Open To Offers 07/07/16 Yes
A friendly, large snake neck turtle looking for a new home. Need gone as soon as possible so am open to offers
84.Rare and New discus just landed from David Lai 29/06/16 Yes
Just landed a great selection of the best discus from Malaysia Yellow snow leopards Ring Leopards with good size rings Barless Snakeskin and the usual high quality discus that I have been personally imported over the years Join us at out face book group " Discus For the Discerning... ...
85.Discus for sale around 25 29/06/16 No
Various discus for sale around 21 and a breeding pair and around 16 babies around 2" the list is as follows Red panda 4.5-5"- £40 Ring leopard 5"-5.5"-£60 2x San merah 3.5"-£40 Blue Turk 3" £15 Apd 4.5" proven female £70 Albino snakeskin 5-5.5" £80 Albino cobalt x2 4-4.5" £90 Alb... ...
86.Discus for sale around 25 29/06/16 No
Various discus for sale around 21 and a breeding pair and around 16 babies around 2" the list is as follows Red panda 4.5-5"- £40 Ring leopard 5"-5.5"-£60 2x San merah 3.5"-£40 Blue Turk 3" £15 Apd 4.5" proven female £70 Albino snakeskin 5-5.5" £80 Albino cobalt x2 4-4.5" £90 Alb... ...
87.bullseye snakehead or great snakehead (Channa marulius) 27/06/16 Yes
Bullseye snakehead for sale, 7-8" approx. feeds well on frozen foods. Reluctant sale due to my tank not being big enough and no space for a new tank :( Collection Jarrow, Tyne and Wear. feel free to contact me via phone or email for more images or info
88.Channa andrao dwarf snakehead £15 27/06/16 Yes
I love this fish but we have just upgraded to a five foot and have decided that its time to go over to the dark side and build a community tank. So reluctant sale of shady. He/she is around 5inches give or take a smidge. He/ she Has lived successfully with other fish including gouramis and weather... ...
89.Various strains small discus 2 inch 24/06/16 Yes
Got lots of various strains, all healthy and eating like mad. Just starting to colour up. Lots of strains including blue diamonds, cobalts, red whites, red snakeskins, san merah, galaxy turqs and many more.
90.Predator fish 18/06/16 No
Looking for all the fish below or similar sorts, must be able to deliver to hull, Albino tiger Oscar 5-8" Flowerhorn3-6" Spotted gars, must be big enough to go in with 8" jags Pearl arowana, 9"+, would settle for silver depending on price Black spotted eel, 7" plus ... ...
91.2 breeding pairs discus for sale 07/06/16 No
2x breeding pairs of discus 1 blue snakeskin lay every 4-5days had loads of fry! 1 Scarlett snakeskin laid once so far only had few weeks and had them in tap water so haven't laid since. Both pairs 6.5" beautiful fish genuine reason for sale as we have a baby on the way and are moving out. £... ...
92.Baby Scarlet snakeskin Discus for sale..plus other various strains 01/06/16 Yes
Hi I have some stunning scarlet snakeskins for sale these are beautiful at between 2 and 3 inch they are just starting to get some colours.. Also other strains available including some proven males. £20 starting price. Text or email for more details based in Doncaster 07967281037
93.Albino discus 29/05/16 Yes
Albino discus for sale Albino cobalt 4" £65 Albino platinum 4-4.5" £65 White pigeon 4" £30 Fineline snakeskin 4" £30 Or all 4 for £150 ono Contact 07552169553
94.Fish 29/05/16 Yes
Snakehead 18 inches very nice colours open 2 sensible offers
95.Snake head 29/05/16 Yes
18 inch snake head tropical fish changes from black to gold lovely healthy fish £250 bargain
96.Stendker Discus 27/05/16 No
We have some stunning 8cm and 10cm German Stendker Discus in at the moment! Why not pop in and see us as we have a special offer over the bank holiday send £35 or over get 5% off your purchase! Competitively priced! Check out our current Stendker list and prices below. Solid Turq 8cm ... ...
97.5.5 inch blue scorpion snakeskin 17/05/16 No
5.5 inch blue scorpion snakeskin stunning colours 50 pound ono
98.Updated stock list Fengshuidragonfish 05/05/16 Yes
Koi male fighting fish ( stunning is the only word for this fish!) I have two coming in to stock and doing these at special prices! They normally sell anywhere for 20 pounds to 30 upwards!! Price on these are 18.99 per fish! Archer fish ( amazing fish to keep can shoot water from there mouths to hi... ...
99.wide variety of discus in south wales 21/04/16 Yes
Breeding pairs available.Range of quality discus from 3ins ]to breeding pairs , ocean greens,red spotted leopards, blue,red, snakeskins, checkerboard pidgeons,yellow crystals ,marlboros,cobalts,plus other varieties , own photos in advert,delivery nationwide £20.00 ,tel 01792 879758
100.Giant snakeheads wanted the bigger the better 08/04/16 No
Giant snakeheads wanted bigger the better px for big male pearl breeder 17" disk 07764514524
101.DISCUS breeding pairs 24/03/16 Yes
We have available Snow Leopards ( confirm ) £300 Solid Golden ( PROVEN ) £280 Penang eruption ( Proven ) £300 Rafflesia ( confirm ) £280 Golden Leopard x golden crystal £280 Red Panda x Rafflesia ( confirm ) £280 Scarlet Snakeskin ( Proven ) £280 Albino Pearl Diamonds ( Confirm ) £300 ... ...
102.High Quality World Famous Stendker Discus Fish For Sale 08/03/16 No
Cant Make It To Us? We Deliver Direct Visit Our Website www.littlefishshop.net 2.5" Pigeon Blood Silver Solid X Snake X Snake Skin Blue Snake Skin Red Kobalt Marlboro Red Alenquer Dark Angel Pigeon Blood Red Pigeon Blood Blue 2" Pigeon Blood Silver Solid X S... ...
103.bullseye snake heads 02/03/16 Yes
Hi I'm looking to swop my 5 12 inc bullseye snake heads for gars or silver arrowanas ect message me cheers
104.Discus Fish London area discus for sale 01/03/16 Yes
Discus Fish (mixed strains available) May be able to deliver depending on your postcode and quantity- London and south of London, Chelmsford, Luton, Northampton, Peterborough, Nottingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Oxford - please contact ... ...
105.juwel trigon 190 with fish etc 23/02/16 Yes
Juwel corner aquarium in beech complete setup,come with external canister filter,heater,twin outlet air pump,live plants gravel and bog wood. Fish are included. 4x checkerboard discus 1x snakeskin discus 6x cardinal tetras 6x rummynose tetras 3x gold neon tetras 1x sterbai Cory catfish The ... ...
106.Zebra Pleco L046 in Stock NOW ONLY £99 22/02/16 Yes
Stocked up with Oddballs and more! Arowana Snakeheads Bircher Stingray Montoro Breeding Discus Pairs Breeding Angel Pairs Super Delta Betta Burmesse Archer Fish Butterflyfish Rio Nanny Angels And so much more...Please ask for pictures/info Next day delivery avalible (pre 10am), £19... ...
107.Snakeheads 01/02/16 No
Hi, I am looking for giant/redline snakeheads. Please call me or text me on 07595583877. Paul
108.Discus pairs (Timperley) Altum stripe x 3 £145 per pair. New video 31/01/16 Yes
I have 3 young potential pairs for sale. These fish are still young and are 5 inch. I would suggest growing these fish on to 6 inch. They haven't had young so there is still opportunity for plenty of growth. These fish have paired off naturally (not forced). Pair 1 Altum turqs Pair 2 Altum... ...
Hi all straight to the point I'm after a Golden Cobra snakehead. If you have any for sale please contact me. Cheers
110.Red line/Giant Snakeheads wanted 22/01/16 No
Hi, Giant Snakeheads wanted. Please call or text 07595583877. London
111.New Import from the best farms in Malaysia . Ready Now OUT OF QUARANTINE 22/01/16 Yes
Over 1000 discus in stock All personally selected by myself Photos will be posted as soon DISCUS VARIETIES SIZE inches PRICE £ ALBINOS Albino Turquoise 5 £80 Albino Golden 5 £80 Platinum Blue Diamond 4.5 £80 Albino Mosaic Leopard 5 £100 BLUES Altum Floras 3... ...
112.Giant snake heads wanted or other large preds 19/01/16 No
Giant snake heads wanted and other large preds Cheap or free New project Local would be great 07881287975
113.aquaponic tilapia, snakehead, catfish, pike, zander, perch aztec elite aqua farms 13/01/16 Yes
Aquaponic tilapia reds/blacks/silver/. 3 types of trout. 3 types catfish. zander, pike, snake head, crayfish. aquaponic sustainable organic systems design and build heirloom plug plants most types INVEST IN FOOD SECURITY today phone or email for details
114.14 x Discus Fish. BARNSLEY AREA 04/01/16 Yes
My brother had askedme to advertise his Discus fish for him. There's 14 in total and absolutely stunning. They are as follows- 3X piwowarski turks 6inch+ 2X super red cuipeua 6 inch+ 1X checkerboard pigeon 6inch+ 1X platinum 6inch + 1X white butterfly 5 inch. 1X Red melon 4 inch 2 X scarlet... ...
115.rainbow snakehead 04/01/16 No
Have a gorgeous little rainbow snakehead about 6 inches right little bruiser feesing well awesome colours msg me for pics if interested £45
116.Large Blue Solid Snakeskin Discus 02/12/15 Yes
Large Male 6.5-7" Male solid blue Snakeskin For Sale Collection Only Please £75 No Offers Great Shape and Solid Fish eating all the Usual fare
117.Fish Stock List 01/12/15 01/12/15 Yes
COLD & TEMPERATE FISH: Black Comet £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Black Moor £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Blue Oranda £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Assorted Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 White Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Sucking loach £1.79 Each Gold Sucking Loach £2.49 White Cloud Minnow £1.25 Each or 5... ...
118.Tropical Red line snake heads brought up together 4 of them 6 inches 29/11/15 Yes
great condition don't fight with one another no rips on fins body or tail. 4 to sell £120 for the 4. 07852769593
119.FISH STOCK LIST 27/11/15 27/11/15 No
COLD & TEMPERATE FISH: Black Comet £2.49 Each or 3 for £6 Black Moor £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Blue Oranda £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Assorted Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 White Fantail £3.99 Each or 3 for £10 Sucking loach £1.79 Each Gold Sucking Loach £2.49 Each White Cloud Minnow £1.25 ... ...
120.My Complete Stock Of High Grade Discus for sale(updated) 15/11/15 Yes
Due To New Job Commitments I am Offering Up My Complete Stock Of High Grade Discus Amongst which are Four Proven Breeding Pairs Which are:- Red/Scarlet Snakeskin 7-7.5" (SOLD) Yellow Based White Butterfly 6.5"(f) 7"+(m) Blue Snakeskin 5.5" (f) 6.5"(m) Checkerboard pidgeon 6.5"(f)Yellow Crystal 7... ...
121.WANTED ... these tropical fish 10/11/15 No
hi there, Looking for the following fish if any one can help me acquire these: Dwarf snake heads, albino pangasius sutchi above 4 inches, Anabas testudineus aka asian climbing perch. and jewel cichlids please
122.For sale thunder snakeskin Discus 08/11/15 Yes
Gorgeous thunder Snakeskin for sale 5-5and half inches,will sell for £60, worth more, just.
123.Golden cobra snakehead for sale 08/11/15 Yes
He is around 16"+ now and still growing. Very healthy and active fish! More of a pet than a fish if im honest. Feeds very well on anything you feed him.. Goldfish, prawns, mice, muscles or white bait, hes not fussy. He has no marks on him and in perfect condition. £75 collected from Birmingham
124.Breeding pairs Discus 06/11/15 Yes
Currently Available : Rafflesia £250 checkerboard pigeon blood from £250 Galaxy Turq £300 Snow Leopard £300 heckle X £300 Penang Eruptions £250 and £300 ( XL ) Pigeon snakeskin £250 Leopards £200 Golden San Merah £280 Confirm pairs : Ruby Spider face X Sca... ...
125.Golden cobra snakehead for sale in leeds 02/11/15 Yes
16" at the moment but still growing . Very nice color and living well with big fish . Rare to find this size . Looking for £85.
126.snakeheads (channa pulchra) 01/11/15 Yes
I have to close down my tank and have 4 beautiful snakeheads for sale, they are all 6" or 7" long and eating well on prawn and pellets, they have lovely colouring and healthy, they are getting along well with all the other fish in my tank and are tame and eat out of my hand, these have bee... ...
127.Stock list 31/10/15 Yes
stocklist Community Moscow blue guppy £5 pair Mixed guppy £1.50 10 for £12 Zebra danio xl £1 10 for £8 Black neon tetra large £1 10 for £8 Brochis splendens £5 Spotted headstanders £3 Harlequin rasbora £1 10 for £8 Rainbow platys £2 Rainbow hi fin platys xxl £2.50 Amano shrimps £... ...
128.snakeheads 31/10/15 No
4 snakeheads Channa pulchra for sale about 7" or 7" long eating well on prawn and pellets, they are very lively and colourful £25 each would like you to collect. for more info call paul on 07412953235
129.6 Foot Fish tank for sale 31/10/15 Yes
Big fish Tank for sale. 6 foot x 18" wide x 2 half foot deep, it has sliding glass to stop fish jumping out, 2 florecent tube lighting with starter motors,, 2 heaters, 2 Air pumps, It has a Newave High flow circulator (NWA 5500) which propels water around the tank to act as a curent which cost ... ...
130.5ft X 6ft X 2 ft L shaped corner aquarium and cabinet 26/10/15 Yes
6ft x 5ft x 2ft corner fish/reptile tank. Glass sump included under 1 part and 2 storage cupboard. has ventilation in tank and cabinet is built from solid dark wood. we used it for marine fish as photos show. we have a lot of marine fish accessories for sale too if that's what your using it for. can... ...
131.snakeheads (channa pulchra) 24/10/15 No
I have 4 snakeheads left and are all healthy eating prawn and everything else you put in for them, they are great specimens they are all about 7" or 8" long and lovey lolouring getting along with other fish in the tank, must pick them up as wont post. for more info please call paul on 0741... ...
132.6 Foot Fish Tank for sale 22/10/15 Yes
Big fish Tank for sale. 6 foot x 18" wide x 2 half foot deep, it has sliding glass to stop fish jumping out, 2 florecent tube lighting with starter motors,, 2 heaters, 2 Air pumps, It has a Newave High flow circulator (NWA 5500) which propels water around the tank to act as a curent which cost ... ...
133.cat fish 20/10/15 No
I have 4 beautifull catfish for sale about 6 or 7 inches eating well on pellets,1 of them is pure black another is white with black spots, i have to close down my tank due to moving and you are welcome to come see what i have. cat fish £15, also have 4 snakeheads and 1 12" oscar to sell. for mo... ...
134.snakeheads for sale 20/10/15 Yes
I have 4 snakeheads for sale (channa pulchra, they are about 6 or 7 inches long and beautiful eating well on prawns and pellets they get on with other fish and are happy fellas. Would like you to collect but will maybe post at your expense. £25 each for more info call Paul on 07412953235
URGENT SALE 5 STENDKER DISCUS - 7cm each - PIGEON SNAKESKIN Need to be gone by the weekend, as my tank has now sold. 07791802852
136.Discus young very good quality 22/09/15 Yes
For sale beautiful, healthy young fishes from good breeding. Currently available: - Leopard snake skin - Leopard - Erupcion - Red cover - Red melon yellow face Size of them 3,5 - 4,5 In (8 - 11 cm) Delivery is possible only in London for an exta charge. Mobile number 07943002576
137.UPDATED Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Autumn Auction 20th September 2015 20/09/15 No
The Robin Hood Aquarists are holding their Autumn Auction on Sunday 20th September 2015 at the usual venue of the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham. NG11 9DG. Doors open and booking in from 11.30am and the auction starts at 12 noon. Refreshments will be available th... ...
138.I am after Rainbow Snakeheads (Channa Bleheri) Please contact me if you have any or know where I ca 12/09/15 No
I am after Rainbow Snakeheads (Channa Bleheri)! Please contact me if you have any or know where I can get some!
139.Discus Spotted Leopard x Albino snakeskin pair £100 Timperley 12/09/15 Yes
Albino on the small size hence price. Not proven or confirmed however paired naturally. Pick up only
140.Discus---Confirmed Breeding Pair------£175.00 07/09/15 Yes
Fantastic Breeding pair of Discus make Brilliant parents Female Fineline Blue Snakeskin- Male Red Turk. Last 3 photos are some of the many beautiful young this pair have successfully reared. At the moment they have young with them that are ready to be separated now. The pair are on offer at ... ...
141.Snakeskin cross Discus Fish----£20 Each-small £7.50 07/09/15 Yes
Beautiful Young Healthy Snakeskin cross discus They are between 2.5 & 3.25 inches in size and three and half months old They are a cross between a fine line blue snakeskin. and a red turk (parents also for sale) They are starting to colour up nicely. Feeding well on beef heart, prima, flake ... ...
142.Northants Discus The UK s sole supplier of Ricky Lim Discus 02/09/15 Yes
Northants Discus are Sole distributors of premium Discus from Ricky Lim, Ricky has some of the best Malaysian bred Discus available throughout the industry today. We are dedicated to supplying the best quality discus to everyone from Hobbyists to those who attend shows. Any questions, please fee... ...
Fully grown (9 inch) asian snakehead for sale - great fish - will hand feed when settled - is likely to eat anything smaller that 6" - will need to be in a tank at least 4' long - LIVERPOOL/MERSEYSIDE area - Looking for £30 or will swap for Frontosa Cichlids
144.New stock list 25/08/15 Yes
Few awful pictures washington aquatics stock list community rainbow shiners £4 torpedo barbs £4 clown loach 2" £4 MEKONG RED FIN LAMPEYE KILLIS £2 sunset platys £2 saluwsi rock shrimp £4 medium Rock Shrimp xlarge £5.99 betta pugnax £3 cherry shrimp 1ea 10 for £8 ghost knife fish... ...
145.New Freshwater stock for both Tropical and Cold water fish at Jessy Aqarium 22/08/15 No
Cold water Gold weather loach Weather loach Assorted Bubble Eye Blue Oranda Chocolate Oranda Lionhead Ranchu Hong Kong Plec Yellow and Black Goldfish Black Comet Goldfish Red and Black Fantails Red Cap Oranda Shubunkins Assorted Fantails (3-4cm, 5-6cm and 8-10cm) Tropical Rainbow Cr... ...
146.selection of fish 19/08/15 No
x1 10 inch birchr x1 10" forest snake head x1 7" gold spot common plec
147.The Ark Outpost Stock List 11/08/15 Yes
The Ark Outpost New Arrivals 11/08/2015 Black Line Pipefish (Stunning) £15 2” Red Carnation Discus £18 2” Blue Diamond Discus £18 3.5” Clown Loach £8 Silver Arowana £22 Orinoco Peacock Bass £12 Monoculus Peacock Bass £12 Geophagus Winimilleri £12 Rocket Gar £10 Archer Fish £15 L Mixe... ...
148.Golden cobra snakehead 12+ inches 06/08/15 Yes
Looking for £60 pound pick up only
149.One of a kind aquarium rack consisting of a 4ftx3ft pond tank and 2 x 4ft tanks 03/08/15 Yes
The 48x36x15 bottom tank would be ideal to house large preds such as arowana, snakeheads, stingrays or large catfish. It is a sumped tank with overflow in rear corner and a 2500lph return pump. The sump is 4ft full of media and sponges. This might make a good marine frag tank also Lighting consists... ...
150.Fire and ice Snakehead 01/08/15 Yes
We have a stunning Channa sp. Fire and Ice. Approximately 10 to 12cm
151.Chens Discus - august 2015 Stocklist 31/07/15 Yes
Strain Size (Inch) Incl. tail Retail Price Available Albino White Butterfly 2½-3” £40.00 20 Albino White Butterfly 6-6½” £150.00 6 Altum Flora 3-3½” £18.00 30 Altum Flora 3½-4” £28.00 40 Altum Flora 6½-7” £140.00 20 Altum Flora 5-5½” £80.00 10 Blue Diamond 2½-3” £14.00 20 Blue Diamond 4½-5”... ...
152.Various fish for sale and dwarf frogs 29/07/15 Yes
Sexed pair of dwarf gourami £6.50 Neons £1.15 10 for £7 Cories £2.40 6 for £13 Swords 5 for £8 Ottos £2.45 5 for £11 Frogs £5 Blue acara £5 2 for £9 Fire mouths £5.50 2 for £10 Jack dempseys £6 2 for £11 gold and green sevrums £6 2 for £11 Kribs £4.50 2 for £8 Paradise fish £4 2 £7 Gold ... ...
153.Arowana, Giraffe catfish, Gold cobra snakehead 29/07/15 No
if you are interested please email me at [email protected] not selling for a lot but do expect they go to a very large aquarium. thanks.
154.Big Fish for sale 26/06/15 No
For sale 18 inch Silver Arowana 15 inch Giraffe Catfish 10 inch Gold Cobra Snakehead email me at [email protected] if you are genuinely interested. Pembrokshire, Wales
155.king cobra snakehead fish 26/06/15 No
Hi up for sale is my king cobra snakehead he is 15inch long and like his mussel and prawn and live cricket he is a nice looking fish only selling him am going to have a mbu puffer so am looking about £90 ono need him gone offer welcome thanks
156.wanted golden cobra snakehead 25/06/15 No
im after a golden cobra snakehead bigger the better, please message if u can help, cash is waiting
158.2 x Golden Cobra Snakehead for sale. 20/06/15 No
As above, i have 2 Auranti's about 12 inches long, both female. Open to offers, collection only . Can send pics if genuinely interested.
159.Business For Sale Exotic Aquatics Pets Garden Retail Shop Includes All Stock And Fixture And Fitting 19/06/15 Yes
Asking £15000 Situated in the bustling town of Chesterfield Early viewing essential to fully appreciate High amount of regular & repeat trade Scope for further development Ideal partnership opportunity Genuine reason for sale We are delighted to offer for sale this exceptional Exotic Aquat... ...
160.Washington aquatics stocklist 19/06/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stocklist COMMUNITY Moscow black guppys £6 per pair Guppy males £2 (blondes, yellow leopard ,blue diamond , red and green snakeskin, german yellow tail and more ) Guppy females £1.50 (blondes, yellow leopard ,blue diamond , red and green snakeskin, german yellow tail and ... ...
161.Closure of koi pond 18/06/15 No
Sadly closing a koi carp pond after many years.. We have prize winning koi carp for sale along with loads of items.. Most items are advertised on eBay and those auctions will have to end though I'd advertise on here before listing anymore on eBay.. Shiro 24" Sanke 24" Snake 10" ... ...
162.Discus Fish for Sale in Pudsey Leeds 15/06/15 No
Discus for sale from my fish house. Pigeon Bloods Home Bred Various Sizes from £10.00 to £30.00.Red Turks Home Bred £10.00 to £25.00 Fiama Rosso, Super Red Rose, Cobalts, Snakeskins,Leopards,Galaxy Turk and many other strains. I have 15 Tanks in fish house and 7 show tanks in house.All fish come f... ...
163.Amazing Cheap Discus Fish Bright and colourful. From £10.. From 2 inches 14/06/15 Yes
Hi. I am selling some of my beautiful Discus Fish. I do have over 300 in total, which is too much for me and so I am selling some. I will allow for some to be sold for £10 each if multiple amounts are purchased. There are a large amount of of sizes and types. Among my discus fish are Snake... ...
164.Snake heads and pangasius wanted 14/06/15 No
hi there , i'm looking to set up an asian tank full of oddballs, and in search of small dwarf snake heads , pangasius and tin foil barbs please
165.Snake heads and pangasius wanted 13/06/15 No
hi there , i'm looking to set up an asian tank full of oddballs, and in search of small dwarf snake heads , pangasius and tin foil barbs please
166.Discus - eight adults 08/06/15 Yes
Albino Yellow Crystal (possibly show quality), 2 blue scorpion snakeskins (one patterned & one plain), 1 maze turk, 1 checkerboard pigeon, 1 penang eruption, 1 turk and a 1 raffleisa.
167.Discus for sale 02/06/15 No
Discus for sale as follows 1 leopard 4-5" £50 2 white diamonds 5-6" £50 each 1 red melon 5-6" £50 2 blue snakeskin 5-6" £65 each 2 goldens 5-6" £60 each 1 yellow diamond 4-5" £50 1 chequerboard turq 6" £65 1 super Penang eruption 5" £65 Breeding pair of alenquers female 4-5" male 5-6" ... ...
168.Blue Diamond, Checkerboard Pigeon Blood, Galaxy Turq, Leopard, Penang Eruption, Rafflesia DISCUS for sale. 31/05/15 Yes
Blue Diamond, Blue Snakeskin, Checkerboard Pigeon Blood, Galaxy Turq, Leopard, Penang Eruption, Rafflesia, Straited Golden and Ruby Spider Face, available now, at Orwell Aquatics. Galaxy Turq @ £50.00 Rafflesia @ £70.00 Blue Diamond @ £50.00 Leopard @ £40.00 Penang Eruption @ £70.00 ... ...
169.DISCUS FOR SALE 17/05/15 Yes
170.Cobra Snakehead 11/05/15 Yes
6 inch very aggressive and carnivorous. tropical fresh water. Needs to be housed with good size fish. £20. Mob No 07494 945 940
171.golden cobra snakehead 08/05/15 No
10 inches long young. lives alone, will not now socialise with any tankmates whether same species or not. this is a sub tropical species(no heater required). needs a minimum of a 4 foot at this age, 5-6 foot full grown depending on what size it reaches. i am after a good safe knowledgeable home for ... ...
172.Obscuara snakehead 02/05/15 No
Selling a 8 inch chunky Obscura living with cichlids and loaches gets on well with all. eats anything looking for £30, please ask for pics 07568302451
173.5foot 2x2 discus tank with sump 26/04/15 Yes
Her is my 5 foot x 2 foot x 2 foot discus tank it has 2 number sumps in the bottom of the oak cabinet and has 20 discus sizes from 4" to 6" 14 Congo tetras and one 12" pleco which keeps the tank lovely and clean There is 2 pair of of reflection ads 1 pair of albino snake skin 1 ... ...
174.discus for sale 25/04/15 No
hi i am shutting down my tanks and i have the following for sale, 6 " plus discus at £40 each, there is a male red white, a female blue scorpian snakeskin,two blues , a large white diamond male plus a few others, plus a couple at £20 each plus i have a load of tetras , £1 each a group of co... ...
175. TODAY Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Spring Auction 12th April 2015 12/04/15 No
The Robin Hood Aquarists are holding their Spring Auction on Sunday 12th April 2015 at the usual venue of the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham. NG11 9DG. Doors open and booking in from 11.30am and the auction starts at 12 noon. Refreshments will be available throug... ...
176.New stocklist. 08/04/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stockist discus red turquoise £25 blue snakeskin £25 snow white £25 odd balls / preds metynnis fasciatus (striped dollars) rare £15 each metynnis maculatus (spotted dollars) £6 each silver arowana 9" £35 redtail catfish 3" £20each reed fish 12-15" £12each lesse... ...
In the london area or other types of rare beautiful sub-tropical snakeheads. do not want the giant growing ones eg reds tel 07886347745 ibby
178.cheap fish tank 3ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft 31/03/15 Yes
fish tank for sale nive lovely cube tank unfortunately is damaged but been repaired glass pain on the bottom but was twin thick so never leaked new plates siliconed on top I have had snakeheads in it which have sold now just want it gone tank has few scratches, I had it in back porch so d... ...
179.redfin snake heads 31/03/15 No
I have 3 red fin snake heads for sale selling all 3 together they are about 7 inches long feed well on earth worms meal worms ect they are water kept at room temperature as they are subtropical selling all 3 for £30 located in edmonton north london
180.Baby discus fish for sale 30/03/15 Yes
Current stock list Juveniles 2-2.5 inches Checkerboard pigeons £14.95 Snow White £14.95 Red tiger turquoise £14.95 Altum flora stripe £14.95 Blue scorpion snakeskin £19.95 2.5-3 inches Altum flora stripe £19.95 Yellow diamond £19.95 Silver pigeon £19.95 Maze turquoise £19.95 Reflectin ... ...
181.giant snakehead, channa micropletes. ..cheshire. 29/03/15 Yes
Hi there I have 2 red line, giant snakehead for sale,one around 12 inch ,,other around 10 inch. .Both in great condition eating well prawns,mussels,etc...selling to outgrowing tank,,.50 pounds each.
182.Juwel Vision 260 + Fish 27/03/15 Yes
I am selling:- A 4ft x 22inches x 17inches Juwel Vision 260 (Hood is not complete, but the flaps can be bought for £22 online). Comes with : Juwel 4ft dual light unit Juwel internal box filter 300W Heater 4 way air pump (with all pipes and large airstones and bubbling skeleton) Around 7... ...
183.Predators wanted 24/03/15 No
Hi im looking for some preds. Giant snakehead, Spotted gar, Clown knife fish, wolf fish, bichirs, tiger fish. What have you got? [email protected]
184.discus in South Wales - Quality discus fish 15/03/15 Yes
Swansea Discus, breeder, hobbyist, young fish from £8.00 and green snakeskins,red spotted leopard snakeskins, blue diamond snakeskins, leopards,brilliants etc.plus breeding pairs available . Overnight delivery £15.00 nation-wide. Contact information: Swansea Discus (Byron) 01792 879758
185.Discus Hobbiest. Based in Wales 15/03/15 Yes
Excellent quality discus -wild heckels in stock Fish from £8.00 2ins, german red turqs,varieties include red spotted leopards, , red melons,blue diamond pidgeons red spotted snakeskins, green snakeskins, plus others and breeding pairs.Delivery £15.00, ring 01792 879758 Nation-wide delive... ...
186.Dwarf Snakeheads (Channa Orientalis) 6 inch £6 each 13/03/15 Yes
I have two Dwarf Snakeheads (Channa Orientalis) 6" left - £6 each
187.golden cobra snakehead (aurantimaculata) for sale or swap 07/03/15 Yes
As above around 12 inch for sale Looking for around £50 or possible swap for other preds pics don't do this fish justice currently living with an Oscar plecs and polypterus with no problems
188.Discus Breeding Pairs and Other Discus for sale 05/03/15 Yes
High Quality Discus imported from ASIA Sizes are between 4.5/6.75 inches *Couple 1 - 6.5inch Male Red /Orange & 5 inch checkerboard - Proven pair, breeding regularly. High quality, unnoticeable and minimal peppering fish . £200 (Also have another gorgeous red checkerboard that breeds with ... ...
189.dwarf snakehead wanted 22/02/15 No
hi has anyone got for sale any dwarf snakeheads in the Durham area if so let me no thanks jon
190.Dwarf rainbow snakehead 17/02/15 No
Dwarf rainbow snakehead for sale, female, approximately 5 inches, eating prawns, lovely colours, £40 ono
191.Blue snakehead 17/02/15 No
Blue snakehead for sale, approximately 7 inches, lovely colours, eating prawns currently. £40 ono
192.Peacock snakehead 15/02/15 No
I have my peacock snake head needs a new home grate fish interactive eats well about 9 inches 30quid ono
193.Juvenial pigeon blood x snakeskin pigeon discus 10/02/15 Yes
Hi all up for grabs are juvenial pigeon blood discus excellent quality thriving in nottingham tap water, and growing like weeds on beefheart blackworm and whiteworm, parents are top quality fish, viewing welcome and buyers are welcome to hand select there own fish, located in nottingham aspley area ... ...
194.Sold 07/02/15 No
For sale mixed guppies mainly yellow /snake NOT PURE COULOR but pretty 50p each pick up Near peterlee 07770913584.
195.snakehead golden cobra 04/02/15 Yes
snakehead and plecko with tank heater marina filter stand and hooded light for sale 100 ono
196.Big fish little money 01/02/15 Yes
Hi All, I am selling my young discus, mum is a blue snakeskin and dad is a blue diamond with some albino in him. They have some fantastic colour coming throw now they are 4.5 to 5 inches, kept in HMA water feeding on a mixed diet of beefheart+ brime shrip and other dry foods. I have 9 fish in tot... ...
197.channa stewartii snakehead male 7 inch 27/01/15 No
Reluctant sale of my stunning male stewartii, only selling as he is too aggressive for my female and don't have the tank space to keep him. Collection only tx for quick reply. 07946340801 send pics on request
198.Silver arowana, Mottled catfish, x2 Channa lucius 15/01/15 No
Hi all i have the following fish for sale Silver Arowana around 9/10" £55 Mottled Catfish around 5" £10 x2 Channa Lucius (forest snakehead) around 3" £30 for both Or will swap for decent sized spotted gar, channa micropeltes or green,red spot severum. 07788714584 Thanks
199.golden cobra snakehead for sale 29/12/14 No
As above he is around 10 inch very colourful £50 also have a small tiger Oscar if anyone's interested
200.Red Snakeheads 28/12/14 Yes
I have one Red Snakeheads for sale at £10. Currently measures 8". See River Monsters: Red Snakeheads for a good look at the species. Call 07950 334465 for any further info.
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