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1. THE ALL NEW ANGEL AQUATICS - BIRMINGHAM - QUALITY FISH & CORALS AT GREAT - HARD : Just landed, a lovely mix of hard corals, including torch corals, orange hammer coral, goniopora, cataphyllia, plates corals plus lots more...we also have some lovely soft corals in at the moment, large finger corals, mushrooms...all with some great deals in store. Here at the Angel Aquatics we ...24/06/12
2. LEICESTERS CENTRE OF AQUATIC EXCELLENCE CLEARWATER AQUTICS : Welcome to Clearwater Aquatics, Leicesters leading Aquatic Superstore. We have recently refurbished our Marine section, enabling us to house more than 600 Corals at all times, more than 250 Marine Fish and hundreds of Snails Shrimps and Crabs. We stock a wide variety of Coral, including LPS, SP ...22/09/12
3. Malawi Cichlid Centre Aylesbury Buckinghamshire : Hi my name is Gary and I have been keeping and breeding these fish for 10 years now, I now have a purpose built fish house and currently have 20 tanks and expanding, my aim is to supply you with good quality fish at very affordable prices and also offer advice on how to keep them at their best. ...28/11/12
4. Discus For The Discerning.com now re open after another sucessful trip to Malays : October 2012 : Another sucessful trip with discus from Malaysia, out of quarantine and looking excellant. Albino Pearl Diamonds 5 inch 100 Rose Reds 3 inch 30 Galaxy turquoise 3 inch 30 Tiger turquoise 5 inch 65 Ghost Red 6 inch 80 Red Alenquers 6 inch 60 Penang Eruptions 3 inch onwar ...01/03/13
5. Award Winning Corban Discus : Currently many UK and Asian bred fish available for sale, conveniently located just off J31, M1 in South Yorkshire. Inspected and licensed to sell fish. Oxygen and bags / polyboxes will be provided as required. Currently over 500 fish for sale in our custom built fish house and breeding facilit ...25/11/13
6. Reefstore online shopping for the marine reef enthusiast : Reefstore offering a massive selection of equipment and supplies for the reef marine enthusiast. Prices are low and customer service is high. Reefstore supply a nice selection of marine reef aquarium equipment, live sand, live rock, live rock rubble, reef salts, water care and test kit equipment ...17/01/14
7. Reefphyto Live Food For Your Marine Aquarium : Live Copepods Rotifers and other Marine Foods delivered to your door. About Us Reefphyto Ltd is now an established company providing a reliable source of quality Live Phytoplankton, Rotifers, Copepods (Zooplankton) all cultured and grown at our premises in the UK. Reefphyto was founded in 2 ...19/05/14
8. Koi Zone For All Your Koi & Pond Supplies : Koi Zone are retailers of The Qube - Koi Pond Filters Koi Zone\'s aim is to sell Healthy High Grade Japanese koi and a full range of pond related products such as pond filters, all fittings for pond construction at very affordable prices. Koi Zone accept Secure online payments via paypal thro ...10/09/14
9. Synthetic Reefing - Complete Reef Care Without The Expense : Let your reef flourish with our system of value for money supplements. Based upon the methods first developed in Holland this Dutch technique is sure to make your reefing a more enjoyable and successful experience. The method is simple to follow and strives to reduce maintenance and testing r ...13/11/14
10. New Marine Fish Stock at Jessy Aquarium : Live marine stock update: Clown Trigger 129.99 Scarlet / Flame Hawkfish 55.99 Royal Gamma (large) 31.00 Royal Gamma (small) 22.00 Lemon Peel 46.99 Pilot fish 45.50 Clarkii Clownfish 33.00 Regal Tang 28.99 Neon Blue Goby 15.00 4-Stripe Damselfish / Blacktail Humbug 5.50 Blue ...09/02/15
11. Romsey World Of Water: Tropical Aquatic Event 2015 : Hey Guys! Our annual aquatic event is back! Saturday 28th February 9am -5pm and Sunday 1st March 10am -4pm! The must see event for all tropical, freshwater and marine fish keepers! Free goodie bags avaliable to all customers while stocks last and a chance to enter our raffle : Total prizes ...20/02/15
12. Sixhills Aquatics , Grimsby. NEW STOCK IN weekly : CHECKOUT OUR youtube MAY 2014 shop tour Grimsby's best kept fishy secret. runner up in the PFK readers poll Yorks and Humber region retailer of the year 2011.Top 40 shops PFK 2014 CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE TO SEE SOME OF OUR NEW TROPICAL AND MARINE STOCK. shop owner Alan Hodgson who has 28+ ye ...14/04/15
13. Wibsey Marines: Over 250 Stocked Marine Fish Bradford (West Yorkshire) : We are Family run home business located in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Unbeatable prices on Marine fish, Corals, LED Lighting, Dry goods, Top Brands at discounted prices. Whatever you want we can supply at unbeatable prices - Check our site pre-order online from our massive inventory or check our ...27/04/15
14. Tanksalot doncaster. .. discus. ..discus. .discus. . : Wild heckles 125 Punchards reds 6 inch 90 Punchards reds 4 inch 40 Checkerboard pigeon 3 inch 25 Blue diamond 2 1/2 inch 25 2 inch discus............ colours coming through yellow diamond 22 Solid reds 22 White butterfly 18 Brilli ...11/05/15
16. DL Discus SOLE UK Importers Of Some Of The Highest Quality Discus Not Only In Th : We are proud to announce that we are stocking some of the highest quality discus available in the UK. Imported direct from our good friend Lawrence Soon of Lucky Tropical Fish Farm in Malaysia, we are the sole UK importers from Lucky Tropical Fish Farm. With our monthly shipments, we are bringin ...23/06/15
17. june 2015 MARINE AQUARIUM SPECIALS AT FERRYBRIDGE AQUATICS YORKSHIRE WHILE STOCK : NEW CORAL ROOM NOW OP KENTMARINE 94L AQUARIUM AND CABINENT 295 we stock aqua reef range of aquarium red sea fluvial sea and loads of others we match prices on all are aquariums in our purpose built show room take away today25/06/15
18. DISCUS FOR THE DISCERNING.COM .OPEN .Now back from another discus shopping trip : We are importers of the best Malaysian Discus and travel frequently to the discus farms in Malaysia selecting the best. My trips has taken me to more farms than I can dream of.For commercial reasons I cannot list every farm that I have been to but certainly majority of the farms from Penang to K ...03/07/15
19. Cichlids Catfish Piranha : The following fishes currently available : 04/07/2015 Cichlids Acaronia nassa Amphilophus citrinellum Andinoacara aequinoctalis Apistogramma cacatuoides Apistogramma hongsloi Cichla ocellaris Cryptoheros cutteri Cyphotilapia frontosa Cyrtocara moorii Geophagus altifrons Geophagus a ...04/07/15
20. Northants Discus The UK s sole supplier of Ricky Lim Discus : Northants Discus are Sole distributors of premium Discus from Ricky Lim, Ricky has some of the best Malaysian bred Discus available throughout the industry today. We are dedicated to supplying the best quality discus to everyone from Hobbyists to those who attend shows. Any questions, please fe ...21/07/15
21. $$ STOCK & PRICE LIST UPDATED 22nd JULY $$ DURHAM DISCUS 2013 and 2014 AWARD WIN ... : Durham Discus. Often imitated, but never bettered in the North East of England. The North East's leading Discus Specialist. Current Stock and prices. (All listed Discus are in our tanks and available now) WE ALWAYS STATE OUR PRICES UPFRONT, SOME SELLERS DONT, SO BE AWARE. 2.5 - 3" Discus. ...22/07/15
22. LAST CHANCE CLOSING DOWN ALL MUST GO TANKS AND EQUIPMENT CLEARANCE : HI WE ARE CLEARING ALL OUR TANKS AND EQUIPMENT on hols after 20th aug 15X18X18 CUBES 20 EAx2SOLD 18X18X18 CUBES 25 EASOLD 18X20X20 CUBES 25 EA sold 36X15X18 TANKS 24X12X18 TANKS 36X12X18 TANKS 36X15X18 TANKS 30X12X15 TANKS 30X12X18 TANKS 72X15X18 TANK with stainless steel stand ...31/07/15
23. Tonys African Cichlids - Most diverse range of qualityUK bred Malawi Cichlids De : Disclaimer - All photos are OUR photos of OUR fish taken by US. :) The most diverse range of Malawi Cichlids in the UK which have been bred in our water. This makes them robust, hardy and easy to settle in. It makes the colour amazing, the vitality top notch and overall exceptional fish. Please ...02/08/15
24. Coxwell Aquatics Stock List....Updated 11 August 2015 : At Coxwell Aquatics we offer a courier service for all our livestock throughout the warmer months. UK Mainland delivery at 20 includes poly box and heat packs, please contact our aquatics department for more information Tel:01235 519502 E-mail: team@coxwellaquatics.co.uk All our livestoc ...11/08/15
25. ANGEL AQUATICS - Specialists in marine & tropical fish & inverts : Here at Angel Aquatics we pride ourselves on great customer service, good quality products at competive prices. We carry a large selection of corals from high colour zoanthids, sps frags & colonies, and lps. We also have a good selection of quality fish and dry goods to suit all your aquatic needs. ...17/08/15
26. ~ AQUARIUM MANUFACTURERS IN UK~ Marine & Tropical Fish Tanks Direct To The Publi : ND Aquatics Ltd, manufacturers of high quality Fish Tanks , are able to offer you a full range of Tropical and Marine Aquariums at realistic prices you can afford. Whether you need a standard or bespoke size, we can offer you a great solution. Our aquariums are manufactured from Pilkington fl ...18/08/15
27. Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. : I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids plus many other species of fish inc Discus. I have the following fish available for sale. Delivery only via APC @ 25 per box, a second box delivered at the same time is only 10. ######## Ta ...25/08/15
28. Swansea Discus : Young discus available from 2 and half ins - super red maps , red turqs, fine line green snake skins brill turqs etc Ichi Ban discus(Grand Champions at Aqauarma 2013) now available. Breeding pair - red turqs mosaics 155.00 and Penang Eryption male x female high bodied red spotted Red River Pigeon ...27/08/15
29. Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a goo : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids and have a pet license. The fish have all been quarantined ready for your tank. There are not many of each so y ...29/08/15
30. THE DISCUS SPECIALISTS DISCUS SUMMER SALE NOW UNDERWAY, BIG REDUCTIONS, MANY STR : ALL UK BRED NO IMPORTS. Many strains including some rare, from reds to yellows to blues many to choose from. Tap water hardened, Communty fish not too difficult to keep. UK delivery available or Pick up Sutton on Sea. PM for more details or call 07434 670415 or visit the website on the link below ...29/08/15
31. Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany : Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenstadl,Mal-ta-vi,Aquahaus and aquatreff. Delivery service available with apc. 24 per box, max 9 small fish or 6 large fi ...29/08/15
32. Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer : ***New Wild Caught Stock*** Stock list updated see below. Current Stock List Malawi 1.Aulonocara baenschi Benga Yellow 4-5cm 10.50ea T 2.Aulonocara jacobfriebergi "Mamelela Yellow" 30.00ea W 3.Aulonocara jacobfriebergi Eureka Red 5-6cm 12.50ea T 4.Aulonocara sp.'lwanda' Hai Reef 30 ...29/08/15

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