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1Ecotech radion gen 2 and vortech mp60 wireless for sale : Have for sale a radion gen 2 which is three years old in very good condition has been run at 65% comes complete with everything however I don't have the original box as we have rec ... full details10/07/16Yes
2Ecotech radion gen 2 xr30w with hanging kits : Have for sale two gen 2 radion xr30w with wide angle lenses in excellent condition Come with premium hanging kits These are 2 years old and in perfect working order Looki ... full details12/05/15Yes
3Marine Magic Triple dosing pump : Have for sale a marine magic 3 channel dosing pump in excellent condition used for around a year selling as no longer required only ever used the first two pump so third is brand n ... full details23/06/14Yes
4Stunning 28x28x30 inch cube tank : Have for sale a stunning clear seal 28x28x30 cube in excellent condition is only 8 months old currently downgrading This is 10 mm glass with a double base, and opti white front g ... full details03/07/13Yes
5WANTED ARCADIA WALL BRACKETS : As above looking for Arcadia wall brackets either in silver or black to hang my lighting unit Thanks Alex full details30/06/13No
6Corals for sale : Have a few Sps for sale as I am looking to keep mainly lps now Have pocilipora coral this is two pieces the main part left and a large frag top right am looking for 30 for the ... full details26/05/13No
7Arcadia Silver Wall brackets : For sale are a pair of silver arcadia wall brackets in excellent condition to hold any led, t5 unit or halide light. 25 posted or 20 collected from newton Abbot in Devon full details20/11/12Yes
8Green Montipora plating : For sale i have a green plating montipora this has been in my tank for a year or so and was bought off a fellow reefer I am sellig this as i am changing tanks and dont have the r ... full details15/11/12Yes
9Aquarays MMS rails, Korali 2 and Metal Halide : Metal Halide in black i bought this for 55 a few weeks back but a change of plans means i dont need it i think its a arcadia single black halide 150w has a 14k bulb with it it doe ... full details23/11/11Yes
10Koralia 2 powerhead : As above have a boxed Koralia 2 in excellent condition the only flaw is I have broken the ceramic shaft which is 3 off eBay so grab a bargain as will do the pump for 12 posted if ... full details21/11/11No
11Orca 450 Tank : I Have a orca 450 tank for sale comes with return pump, new skimmer, and heater is in very good condition the only thing is the fan needs replacing in the hood which will be 6.99 ... full details06/07/10No
12Corals and fish for sale : Corals for sale in newton abbot devon am willing to post them 7.95 delivery for two corals or 12 delivery for more! prices should be on all the pics am open to offers though full details08/09/09Yes
13Protein Skimmers for Sale : Have two Skimmer for sale one is an aquamedic blue turbofloater 1000 in sump or hang on is in excellent condition comes complete with pump. rrp of these is about 110 looking for ... full details04/06/09No
14Skimmer, Return Pump and eheim pumps : Have a aquamedic turbofloater sl that sits in the sump, it is complete and in excellent condition comes with optional bio ball tower that can be used if needed or required. It is o ... full details03/02/09No
15Aquamedic Turbofloater 1000 : Have a turbofloater 1000 with the tower filter and pump. this is in very good condition, and is complete and ready to use, complete with bio balls, filter boxes, eheim needle wheel ... full details19/12/08No
16ro unit : Have for sale a 75gpd ro unit it was used once to test i have flushed it regularly and kept the filters wet, it is a 4 stage reactor with di resin, it comes with gauges and self pi ... full details13/08/08No
17arcadia series 3 halide 250w with actinics : I am selling my 250w halide unit as no longer require it, it has a brand new 250w bulb from coralvue 10k and two brand new actinic bulbs have receipts to prove from aquatics-online ... full details10/08/08No
18ro unit 50gallon per day 4 stage bargain : have for sale a new ro unit from ro man rrp of 90 for this unit comes with new filters and di aswell as pressure gauges and other fittings looking for 45 and postage postage w ... full details30/07/08No
19Small tropical tank and bits : Have a small 18 x 10 x 12 tank for sale brand new 8 Have a 20inch overtank luminaire complete with three t5 bulbs excellent for plant growth rrp 39.99 looking for 20 A1 grad ... full details22/07/08No
20Juwel delta fish tank, sump and stand : have a juwel delta tank for sale with sump the tank is drilled and all the pipework is included the pipework alone set me back 70 so grab a bargain its in good condition and no re ... full details20/07/08Yes
21two 150w bulbs for sale : have a marine lux 150w double ended 10k bulb used for a day for sale cost 38 looking for 22.50 and a arcadia 14k 150 double ended bulb for sale used for three weeks looking fo ... full details20/07/08No
22few bits : Newjet 2300 pump rrp 49 looking for 25 plus 3 postage Phosphatefilter from aquamedic and pump rrp 60 looking for 30 plus 5 p&p 8 or15w tmc UV unit not sure what one ... full details01/07/08No
23skimmer, return pump and phosphate reactor for sale : Have a MC500 skimmer for sale in good condition has been used for about 8 months now 65 plus p&p shouldnt be more than 10 And A newjet 2300 return pump brilliant return n ... full details19/06/08No
24Wanted Juwel Lido 120 : looking for a lido 120 dont mind what colour needs to be good condition within two hours drive of devon so wiltshire westcountry cornwall fine Alex full details14/06/08No
25overflow box : Have a Schuran overflow box surplus to requirements looking for 40 including p&p so grab a bargain i think its up to 2400lph and it is in good condition and easy to fit on the ... full details10/05/08No
26aquamedic oceanlight 150 : Have an aquamedic oceanlight 150w for sale unit is in excellent condition and comes with hanging wires looking for 60 and 10p&p the cheapest online is 150 so grab a bargain ... full details14/04/08Yes
27Schuran Overflow Box : Have a schuran overflow box for sale in good condition easy to use, connects your tank to your sump, rrp on these is about 75 looking for 35 and 6 postage. Alex full details10/04/08No
28Pulsing Xenia back for sale : I would like to apologise to people who have requested some in the past but i ran out of this stuff so fast, anyway its back for sale as its has grown super fast I have a large ... full details19/03/08Yes
29V2 1000 Skimmer : I have a nearly new V2 1000 skimmer complete with pump i used it for about a week and then downgraded so it is too big for my nano tank as you may guess Bought it for 140 but lo ... full details03/03/08No
30Rio 180 for sale : Hi All Have a rio180 for sale it was used for marine fish it is in good condition but needs a little clean it comes with the dark wood stand and a sump no hood is provided as i ... full details04/02/08No
31Red Sea Prizm Skimmer : About 6 months old for sale am looking for 40 that includes postage and packaging open to offers though full details02/03/07No
32tropical fish for sale in Devon : 23 neon tetras @ 50p each or 15 for 5 3 black phantom tetras @ 50p each 7 silvertip tetras for 4 4 otos @ 75p each finally breeding pair of golden rams for 5 All fish in ... full details01/03/07No
33Equipment for sale : 1500lph powerhead 10 900lph power head 7 External filter eheim 2227 60 if you require any pictures feel free to email back full details26/02/07No
34Bargain prices for Tropical equipment : Two new Interpet PF2 internal filters for sale these retail at 22.99 each im looking for 7 each inc p and p these are superb internal filters and together can filter tanks up to ... full details26/02/07No
35Lotsof equipment for sale : Two new Interpet PF2 internal filters for sale these retail at 22.99 each im looking for 10 each inc p and p these are superb internal filters and together can filter tanks up to ... full details24/02/07No
36Acrylic tank : Does anybody have an acrylic tank that is around 30x12x18 as i need one for my sump it doesnt have to be clean it can be scratched just cant leak so if you have one in the devon ar ... full details24/02/07No
37Red Sea Prizm Deluxe Skimmer for sale : Looking for around 60 for this item in very good condition about 6 months old and its rrp is in excess of 180 if you are interested email me at across895@hotmail.com delivery wil ... full details24/02/07No
38Coral frags for sale Pulsing Xenia Lovely!! : I have some pulsing coral frags for sale im looking for 6 per frag, they consist of around 20 - 30 heads and will spread extremely fast so are ideal for low and high lighting mari ... full details22/02/07Yes
39lots of equipment for sale : Firstly have a Red Sea Prizm Delux for sale in excellent condition only 2 months old and is all clean and ready to use these retail at well over 150 i am looking for about 45 for ... full details02/12/06No
40Lots of Equipment for sale will post! : Firstly have a Red Sea Prizm Delux for sale in excellent condition only 2 months old and is all clean and ready to use these retail at well over 150 i am looking for about 45 for ... full details01/12/06No
41Yellow tang for sale in Devon : I have a lovely yellow tang for sale looking for a quick sale so he is up for sale at 16 need to sell due to getting rid of my tank so would like him to be collected before wednes ... full details26/11/06Yes
42LIve Sand for Sale in Devon : I have tonnes of live sand for sale im looking for 2 a kg of it its crawling with copepods cerith snails etc it has been in my tank 3 years so is available to purchase now please ... full details25/11/06No
43wanted smallish external filter : Hi everyone does anybody have a smallish external filter that they are trying to sell as im after one for my 30gallon let me know please i am in newton abbot but will pay postage a ... full details29/01/06No
44discus still for sale in devon : Due to time wasters previously ie people did not turn up!! I have a pair of discus for sale as i dont have the time and attention these fish need i was seeing if anyone was interes ... full details28/01/06Yes
45Pair of Discus for sale still : Due to time wasters previously ie people did not turn up!! I have a pair of discus for sale as i dont have the time and attention these fish need i was seeing if anyone was interes ... full details06/01/06Yes
46tunze 6060 : Does anybody have one of these that they are willing to sell at a decent price please email me at across895@hotmail.com full details03/01/06No
47Boxer Shrimp for sale!! Devon : Hi everyone i have a healthy boxer shrimp for sale he is eating well and has a healthy set of claws :) looking for around 7 if possible for him Please email me at across895@hotm ... full details01/01/06No
4810kg of Liverock for sale ( fully cured) : I have 10kg of premium grade A fiji live rock for sale at 4.50 a kg or 40 for the lot has been in a small 20gallon reef tank for about 5 months now and has alot of coraline alage ... full details02/06/05No
49Marine Fish : Lots of new marine fish will be arriving at Something Fishy? in Newton Abbot most things from Tangs Angels Blennies Gobies Clowns will be in stock so make sure you pop in to have a ... full details09/04/05No
50Rekord 120 for sale : Rekord 120 for sale ( tank stand heater filter and strutcterd background) sand sustrate and bogwood and ornaments 80 or 90 with the fish i have which are 1 pearl gourami 12 ... full details09/04/05Yes
51Complete set up for Sale : I have a rekord 120 tank and stand for sale! It has strutctured background already fitted, the tank is only about 4 months old! and it will come complete with two pieces of bogwoo ... full details27/03/05Yes


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