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Telephone: 07943 212057

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Aquarist Classifieds : View Member Profile & Adverts
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1Yellow and White Sterlets 22-24 inches : I have a few very large and meaty 22-24" yellow and white sterlets. They are 90 each including delivery. 07943 212057 full details06/03/18Yes
2Stellatus 15-20 inches : I have some 20" stellatus 80 each with free delivery. Discount on larger orders. full details31/12/17No
333-35 inches Long Nose Sturgeon : I have 33-35" long nose sturgeon that are 100 each with free delivery. full details31/12/17Yes
4Doitsu Tiger Koi 4-8 inches. : I have 4-6\" 4 and 6-8\" 7 doitsu tiger koi. They are being held in outside in river water @ 9degrees and have previously been in -5degrees so are happy in the cold weather. full details27/07/17No
5White Tip Sterlets 5-10 inches , Diamond Sturgeon 8-10 inches : I have White Tip Sterlets, 5-6" @ 6 each, 6-8 @ 8 each and 8-10" @ 11 each. Diamond sturgeon, 6-8" @ 9 each, 8-10" 13 each. All fish very strong and meaty, with very bri ... full details23/07/17No
62-4 inches Mirror/Common Carp : I have a few thousand 2-4" carp available. 2-3" are 50p each minimum order 100, 3-4" are 1 minimum order 50. Delivery available. full details23/07/17No
74 inches -9 inches Green Grass Carp available. : I have various sizes of Green Grass Carp from 4"-9". Prices start at 2 each. These are ideal for clearing up and unwanted weed in your pond. Delivery available for 17. full details11/07/17No
8Diamond Sturgeon 5-18 inches : I have 8-18" diamond sturgeon available. 8-10" 14 12-15" are 25 15-18" are 50 Delivery available for 17 or free delivery on orders 120 or over. full details08/05/17Yes
96-8 inches Huso Huso (Beluga Sturgeon not hybrids) : I have plenty of 6-8" huso huso at 15 each. Discount if having 5 or more. They are being held outside in coldwater. They need regular feeding and grow very fast. They grow very bi ... full details13/06/15No
10Large Platinum Ghosts : I have 4 large platinum ghost carp that weigh a total of 31lb. Sensible offers welcome and I can deliver. full details25/11/14No
118-10" Blue Sterlets : I have a few rare blue sterlets sized 8-10". They are 10 each or 5 for 40. Delivery available for 17. full details13/09/14Yes
123-4 inches Selected Koi Carp : I have a few hundred 3-4" koi carp. They are being held in outside water and are happy in coldwater. They are 1.50 each. Delivery available for 17 full details21/04/14Yes
1312 inches Green Grass Carp : I have a 15 x 12" Green Grass Carp @ 20 each which are ideal for clearing up and unwanted weed in your pond, especially at this time of year. Delivery available for 17. Discou ... full details09/04/14No
14I have 8-10 inches Albino Sterlets (sturgeon) for sale : I have some 8-10" Albino Sterlets available for 25 Delivery available for 20. 07943 212057 full details24/02/14Yes
154-5 inches , 5-6 inches and 6-8 inches Long Nose Sturgeon (Baeri) : I have Long Nose Sturgeon as follows: 4-5" 4 5-6" 6 6-8" 8 I also have bigger sizes and can do better prices for larger orders. Delivery available for 20. full details21/01/14No
164-6 inches Mirror Carp, Green & Gold Tench. Also stickleback available. : I have plenty of 4-6" Green & Gold Tench @ 2.50 and 4-6" Mirrors for 1.50 each. Cheaper i you have more. Also Stickleback, Gudgeon, Bream and Sturgeon available. Delivery a ... full details23/10/13No
1710-12 inches Diamond Sturgeon : I have plenty of very bright and healthy diamond sturgeon 10-12" 15 each. Delivery can be arranged for 15 full details13/10/13Yes
182" Mirror Carp for sale : I have plenty of 2" mirror carp for sale @ 50p each, minimum order 50. Delivery can be arranged. full details05/08/13Yes
1915 inches Sterlets : I have lots of 15-18" sterlets, that are very strong meaty fish with excellent markings. 35 each Delivery available for 20 full details07/01/13Yes
20Grass Carp and Gudgeon : I have green and albino grass carp for sale @ 3-4" which are 3 each and Gudgeon @ 4-5" which are 3.50 each. Fish can be sent by overnight courier or collected. full details28/12/12No
214-6 inches Crucian Carp : I have plenty of 4-5" and 5-6" Crucian Carp @ 2.50 and 4.00 Delivery available for 20 or collection welcome. full details28/12/12No
22Rainbow Dace 7-8cm for sale (Red Shiners) : I have 7-8cm Rainbow Dace for sale. 7-8cm 5 each Delivery available for 20. full details16/12/12No
2312-14 inches Stellatus : I have lots of 12-14" excellent looking and very meaty stellatus. They are being held in outside riverwater and have been brought up on sturgeon pellets. 40 each full details05/08/12Yes
24Diamond Sturgeon 12 inches : I have plenty of 12" diamonds. They are strong meaty fish with bright markings. 20 each full details05/08/12No
25Brook Lampreys : I have about 30 brook lampreys from 4-7". Any sensible offers welcome full details18/07/12No
265-6" White Tip Sterlet : I have 5-6" White Tip Sterlets 6 each. Very strong fish and feeding on sturgeon pellets. Delivery available for 20 full details16/07/12No
27A Grade Koi, - delivery available : I have 7-8" @ 15each, 6-7" @ 10each and 8-10" @ 30each A Grade Koi. These are being held in outside riverwater (about 9 degrees) and have been tested against KHV. full details22/04/11Yes
28Large Green Tench : I have green tench 8-12", they are strong healthy fish being held in outside riverwater. Any sensible offers are welcome. full details17/02/11Yes
29EnglishKoi @ 6 inches : I have hundreds of 6" English koi mainly oghons and shusuis. Any sensible offers welcome. full details17/02/11Yes
30Bubble Bead Filter (BB1.5) : I have 2 outstanding bubble bead filters (BB1.5) for sale. I have used allsorts of filters over the years and found the bubble bead filter to be the best by a long way for and keep ... full details21/01/11No
31Coldwater Fish Available : I have all types of coldwater fish available at competitive prices that can be delivered to your door. Sturgeon, Sterlet, Stellatus, Albino, Carp, Grass Carp, Ghosts, Koi, Bream, R ... full details21/01/11No
32All types of sturgeon for sale : I have thousands of Sturgeon in all types and sizes. I have Belugas, Longnose, Sterlets and Albinos ranging fron 5-35" Please email me any questions or sensible offers. Fish ... full details21/01/11Yes
33Red/Yellow/White/Pink Lillies : I have about 600 barerooted lillies in yellow, white, red or pink. I also have 1 litre baskets to plant them in if needed. Any sensible offers welcome for single or multiple lil ... full details28/07/10No
345-7 inch Albino Sterlets. : I have a thousand Albno Sterlets, 5-6" @ 15 each or 10 each if having 8 or more. 6-7" 25 each or 20 each if having 4 or more and 20 delivery. These are being held in outsi ... full details28/07/10Yes
3512-14 inches Doitsu Tiger Koi : I have 12-14" Doitsu Tiger Koi @ 60 each or 50 each for 3 or more. 20 for delivery. These are being held in outside riverwater (about 9 degrees) and have been tested agai ... full details07/07/10Yes
36Hand Picked Koi : I have 6-7" @ 10 each and 7-8" @ 16 each Hand Picked Koi. 20 for delivery. These are being held in outside riverwater (about 9 degrees) and have been tested agai ... full details19/06/10Yes
37Gold and Brown Trout : I have a few hundred gold and brown trout @ 3-4". THey are 2 each or 1.50 if having 20 or more. Delivery 20 for the first box and 7 per box thereafter. full details29/05/10No


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