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I am a hobbyist living in Bridgwater Somerset, and have been into the fishkeeping hobby for many years. I like to have a change every year or so in the fish I keep, so have tried and enjoyed keeping lots of fish types.

I got into keeping fancy goldfish, the real show quality ones. Got a lot of joy from keeping them in a 6x2x2 indoors. Before that I was keeping Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, great fun. And prior to them I kept marines in the 6x2x2.

I got itchy feet and at the start of 2009 set up a 250 Red Sea Max aquarium (brilliant) for marines - fish and inverts. So these are great fun to keep, especially the inverts with so many fascinating types. Some failures and successes. The wife loves them, so hey - keep the missus happy and many things fall nicely into place.

After a house move, with more room, this allowed me to have a made to measure 9ft aquarium, 2ft wide and high. One side has a weir to hold the filtration gear. Filtration is only a 3ft trickle tower with alfagrog rock.

As of October 2013 I am running it as a marine tank. A few hardy corals. Lots of great mini maxis. Shrimps and hermit crabs. 2 blue lined nudibranch slugs to keep the flatworms at bay. Fish include; flasher wrasse, yellow tang, powder blue, sailfin tang (big fat pig), 2 blue regals, 2 scarlet hawks, 2 common clowns, 2 yellow goatfish, clown tang, 2 pyjama cardinals, dottyback, emporor angel in juvi colours, and thats about it.

UPDATE: As of January 2014, it was time to move on from marines, so I reverted to a group of my favourite fish; Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids. So I got some stunning frontosa, plus an assortment of others from these 2 lakes. I do have a passion for Aulonocara peacocks, and that is where I am currently. I am trying to establish an improved line of firefish dragonbloods. I have some STUNNING albino group that I am conditioning, to hopefully get them breeding. It would be great to introduce these to UK hobbyists.

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Telephone: 01278 653 953

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1KKP Red Parrot Cichlids : I have some healthy chunky red parrot cichlids, various sizes up to 6 inches. Beauties, stunning specimen fish, but need tank space so looking for new homes. For sale at 10 each ... full details28/02/18Yes
2Wanted - Tiger Shovelnose Cat : Looking for a tiger shovelnose catfish in the somerset area, or may pay fuel costs if further away. Got plenty of tank space. Thanks. TA5 2HG. full details19/02/18No
3Very rare specimen white Flowerhorn : Have a gorgeous and eye catching pearl white flowerhorn for sale. Almost platinum colouration. Really rare to see one like this. Gorgeous cherry red eyes. Currently around 6 - 7 i ... full details16/02/18Yes
4TUNZE DOC PROTEIN SKIMMER 9410 : SOLD SOLD SOLD Got a used TUNZE DOC PROTEIN SKIMMER 9410 for sale. Needs a thorough clean, but working OK. Any interest? Collection only. Sell for around 250. 50 will be OK ... full details28/12/17Yes
5Shoal of brichardi daffodils : SOLD SOLD SOLD Have a small shoal of fairy cichlids: brichardi daffodil. Superb yellow sheen, babies several ages, around x20. Superb long fin extensions. If you have these, the ... full details28/12/17No
6KKP Parrot cichlids Large : Need to make room. I have a shoal of LARGE king kong parrot cichlids for sale. Great deep orange colour, stunning, friendly and full of charactere. They are 5 inches plus. Coll ... full details27/12/17No
7Huge specimen Red Texas Cichlid : Got a very special huge 10 inch red texas cichlid for sale. Very interactive pet fish. For sale on ebay (link below). Collection only. Huge chunky fish. Peaceful fish, even with sm ... full details05/10/17Yes
8Wanted Clown Trigger : I am looking for a clown trigger in the Somerset area. I have a large 9ft tank, so plenty of swimming room. full details15/09/17No
9Malawi Cichlids - on ebay. : Due to thinning out stocks, I have some adult sized Mbuna Malawi cichlids, about about 15 of them, mostly zebra and afra types, for peanuts on ebay ... link below. Collection only ... full details02/09/17No
10Fish room ideas : If any of you guys have a fish house or fish shed, where how the aquarium looks is not important, but function comes first, and you just need to hold volumes of water to keep and r ... full details12/06/17Yes
11FREE mbuna Malawi Cichlids : Got some free Mbuna Malawi Cichlids FREE to good home, need to thin out constantly breeding stock. Mainly pink zebras and yellow labs and powder blue zebras / afras. Collecti ... full details24/05/17Yes
12RAIN2 Algae Scrubber : SOLD SOLD SOLD For sake a used Santa Monica RAIN2 algae scrubber. Easy to mount and run. Full high spec with 4 GEM red lights of perfect spectrum to grow algae. Find out more ... full details14/05/17Yes
134 Tinfoil barbs - see ebay : I have a shoal of 4 tinfoil barbs about 4 inches long. Clean and healthy. Absolutely, COLLECTION ONLY. For sale from 0.01 on Ebay (link below) full details19/04/17Yes
14FREE Mbuna tank fillers : I will soon be stripping down my Malawis tank and will have some free mixed mbunas (zebra, afra, auratus, etc), plus a few parrot cichlids. So if you want some, please let me kn ... full details17/04/17No
15Marine hair algae wanted please : Anyone got any marine hair algae they can send me? I need to seed my algae scrubber (a new RAIN2 from Santa Monica set up today). Many thanks. Can send you a S.A.E to post it ... full details20/03/17No
16EcoTech Radion XR30w Pro G3 : NOW LISTED ON EBAY STARTING 1 (link below) Seeing if there is any interest in my little used EcoTech Radion XR30w Pro G3, which typically retail new at 499. Also comes with t ... full details29/01/17Yes
17Looking for Tufa rock : I have looked everywhere, and tufa rock seems to be off the market. I am looking for large peices for giving some structure to my malawis tank. I prefer tufa than base rock, as ... full details25/08/16No
18About 12 Adult Malaw Cichlids - free to good homes. : GONE TO GOOD HOME - THANKS FOR LOOKING Just having a clear out. So have about 12 adult Malaw Cichlids free to good home. Auratus, Zebra types, one OB peacock which is carrying. ... full details24/08/16No
19Plec free to good home. : Approx 5 inches, nice patterning, common plec, good caretaker, free to good home. full details22/08/16No
20Anyone tried the Theiling Rollermat ? : I have finally ordered my Theiling Rollermat after thinking about it for weeks. This will be for my marine fish-only tank. I often use filter socks, but get fed up of the regular ... full details22/03/16Yes
21Equipment Review : Hi, I have just set up my marine aquarium and have been trying some of the latest equipment. So, a chance to spread the word on some great gear now available on the market. JBL ... full details15/07/15Yes


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