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1Large Pacu, Red Tailed Catfish, Oscar and Pleco for SALE REDUCED : Will sell the four fish for 40 pounds or swap for african chiclids/external filter/light unit. Need the fish gone ASAP Thanks, Kai full details31/12/13No
2Large: Pacu, Red Tail Catfish, Red tiger Oscar & Pleco CHEAP : Selling all four for only 50 or will accept reasonable offers, reason for sale is that I need the tank emptied for ordered African chiclids. Also for sale are large pieces of bogw ... full details30/12/13No
3Need gone ASAP Cheap : I have one large 16" + pacu also a red tail catfish 19"+ and a red tiger oscar which I would like to sell or swap for malawis, fileration and/or light unit. If you want t ... full details26/12/13No
4Large oddballs for sale/swap , Sussex : I have one large 16" + pacu also a red tail catfish 19"+ and a red tiger oscar which I would like to sell or swap for smaller chichlids or malawis. If you want to buy the ... full details25/12/13No
5LOTS OF ROCKS FOR SALE : I have for sale large lava rock x2, Two large pieces of ocean rock, many smaller pieces of ocean rock, two coconut shelled cave-like features, and some other misc rocks. Give m ... full details19/09/13Yes
6LARGE TROPICAL FISH WANTED : I'm looking for various large tropical fish for my 560ltr aquarium which is currently a home for a 16" Pacu and 10" oscar, money waiting and can possibly collect if local ... full details24/08/13No
7Community fish wanted : Wanted: rams, corys, angle fish, dwarf cichlids, chocolate gourami, honey gourami, dwarf gourami, all types of tetra! If you have any of these or simmilar fish please contact me. ... full details09/04/13No
8Selling nice 13" pacu cheap : Need the tank emptied ASAP, so will swap the paci for tropical community fish or sell it for 15. Will accept offers and consider swaps! Thanks Kai full details09/04/13No
9Need large pacu gone ASAP (Cheap ) : Selling large pacu open to offers or swaps for small cichlids/community fish or bogwood. Can email pics! Thanks, Kai full details05/04/13No
10Selling beautiful red tiger Oscar : Will accept 7 for the fish or swap for dwarf cichlids or other small community fish! Can email pics! Thanks Kai full details05/04/13No
11Buying dwarf cichlids and community fish : Need dwarf cichlids, small community fish and small catfish full details04/04/13No
12Selling Large Pacu and red tiger oscar : Need them both gone ASAP so can sell them cheap. Or will swap for bogwood, small community fishes, etc. Thanks, Kai full details04/04/13No
13Selling Large pacu and oscar (Need gone ASAP) : Need them gone asap, so will swap them for either small tropical fish, discus, community fish, etc or offer on both fish. Can email pics, Thanks, Kai full details02/04/13No
14Selling or swapping my large 15" Pacu : Selling a healthy large 15" red bellied pacu, feeds on vegtables, shrimps, bloodworms, pellets, algea wafers. Can email pics, consider swap for other tropical fishes. Thank ... full details02/04/13No
15Selling stunning convict x zonatum cichlid : I have one last convict x zonatum cichlid hybrid for 10, offers or swaps considered. Can send pics by email. Thanks, Kai full details01/04/13No
16Buying catfish, barbs, Jewel cichlid other fishes- : Buying tropical fish sizes 5"+ Money waiting. Thanks, Kai full details01/04/13No
17Buying external filters : Buying external filter for my 500ltr full details01/04/13No
18Selling lots of rock : Selling lava rock, ocean rock, which would be great for Malawis etc. Also selling 2 prices of slate. Can send pics. Swaps for tropical fish considered. full details31/03/13No
19Buying cheap external filters : I need external filters as mine are starting to leak full details25/03/13No
20Providing a home for most unwanted fish. : I have a large 550ltr aquarium an am willing to provide a home for any unwanted fish. YouTube video is of the fish in my tank being fed. Thanks Kai full details24/03/13No
21Buying knife fish. : Paying or can consider swapping for any knife fish. Thanks, Kai full details21/03/13No
22Looking for large amounts of tropical fish planting and bogwood. : Tropical freshwater plants and bogwood wanted, Thanks, Kai full details19/03/13No
23Looking for large bogwood to swap for my rocks. : I have various lava rocks (large) and ocean rocks along with some others which look great in a cichlid or community setup. Will swap for bogwood pieces. email only please. Tha ... full details19/03/13No
24Looking for large cichlids. : Email me if you have any large cichlids for sale. Thanks, Kai full details19/03/13No
25Swapping various large rocks for bogwood/drift wood. : I have various sized ocean rock, slate, large lava rocks etc and am willing to swap for bogwood or oscar fish. Thanks, Kai full details14/03/13No
26Looking for oscar fish. : Looking for a large decently sized oscar for my 500 ltr tank. Cash waiting! Contact by email only please. Thanks, Kai full details14/03/13No
27Selling/swapping various aquarum equipment : I have one large hallide light uit with both blue and white lighting. This unit fits onto my 500 ltr aquarium and is in good working condition. I also have another large light u ... full details12/03/13No
28Tropical Fish rehoming : Providing a home for any unwanted tropical fish. I have a large 600ltr tank that has oscars in it already so any large or semi-aggressive fish would be ideal to live in this tank. ... full details10/03/13No
29Wanted: oddballs, catfish and various others : I'm looking for any oddballs. I'm interested in knife fish, catfish, giant gouramis, eels, snakeheads, etc. Willing to pay or swap. Email only at the moment please, Kai full details07/03/13No
30Wanted various types of tropical fish, money waiting... : Buying silver dollars, oscars, catfish, pacu, piranhas, large cichlids, catfish, eels, snakeheads and other large fish. Also providing a home to any large or aggressive fish in ... full details03/03/13No
31Buying large tropical fish and oddballs. : I am currently in need of some large tropical fish, preferably fish like red bellied piranhas, oscars, snakeheads, spotted gar, knife-fish and catfish. Email or text only please ... full details24/02/13No
32Wanted: cold saltwater fish and inverts, also anemonies etc. : Have setup what is known as a rare choice of aquarium to keep. My coldwater fish tank contains: Anemones, sea plants, rocks, mussels, crab, goby's most of which obtained from roc ... full details25/08/12No
33500ltr African cichlid setup for sale : I am selling my 500ltr Malawi and Tangs, which includes: -7x C.frontosa breeding group -2x yellow labs - 1x blue alunacara -2x peacock alunacara -2x red zebras -1x blue dolph ... full details14/08/12No
34Buying (or swapping for) Freshwater Puffers : I am currently buying all puffers including Nile puffers, mbu's, green spotted puffers etc. Will swap your puffers for my malawis, including zebras and alunacaras, or tangyinikan ... full details14/07/12No
35Buying Malawis and tanganyikans : Will pay for any Malawis and tanganyikans to add to my 600 ltr africain cichlid tank. I may swap. I can travel I'll if distance is resonable full details11/04/12No
36Buying female alunacara (peacock cichlid) : Will pay as I am trying to breed alunacara and am thin on females. Don't hesitate to contact me. Can travel. full details11/04/12No
37Selling Electric blue lobsters(Cray fish) 34 left : selling many electric blue lobsters for tropical freshwater environment will swap for malawis and tanganyicans. offers accepted. Might deliver if local. Dont hesitate to contact ... full details21/03/12No
382 pure japanease kois for sale : 2 excellent pure japanease kois for sale cheap due to pond breakdown. now kois put in a temporary tank and need quick sale. will take offers. dont hesitate to contact me. full details21/03/12Yes
39Selling Stunning Hybrids Cheap : Convict x Zonatums for sale, Cheap for clearance. Need all gone by next weekend, can send pics if needed. Or will swap. Don't hesitate to contact me. full details17/02/12No
40Malawis and Tanganykans Wanted : Will buy or rehome any malawis and tanganykans in Sussex. Don't hesitate to contact me. full details17/02/12No
41Selling various cichlids, Cheap for quick sale : Selling cichlids included green terror, severums, hybrids ect. Please contact me for further information, will swap for Africain cichlids full details13/02/12No
42Buying Marine setup : Paying for marine setups full details29/01/12No
43Going Marine. Wtd marine items : Items Wanted Are: Marine setups Marine fish and invertabrates Mature Water RO Water Small Light Unit Small Internal Filter Live Rock Live Sand Sea Salt Wave Maker/Power ... full details29/01/12No
44SWAPPING PURE JAP KOIS FOR MARINE EQUIPMENT : I have two stunning pure japanease koi's. One white and red the other silver/White/gold. I will take money offers or anything for marine fish. I am currently after corals, sand, sa ... full details22/01/12No
45BUYING CORALS AND MATURE MARINE WATER : Buying all corals and live rock. Also in need of mature salt water and marine sand along with any other marine equipment. Dont hesitate to contact me. Thanks full details22/01/12No
46Selling/Swapping a jewel tanks light unit : Selling/swapping a nice jewel tank light unit. Don't know too much about it but it is worth quite abit. It has two lamps obe is a natural colour the other is a purple mood light. ... full details15/01/12No
47My American cichlids for your Africain cichlids : I have several americain cichlids such as green terrors, hybrids, green sev, ect. I am willin to start a Africain cichlid only tank. Dont hesitate to contact me. Thanks full details15/01/12No
48YOUR ROCKS FOR MY FISH : Giving up around 20 convict x zonatum hybrids for some nice rock as I am going to mbuna now. Don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks. full details15/01/12No
50SMALL TANK NEEDED (NANO SIZE) : Will pay if needed and can collect. Dont hesitate to contact me full details06/01/12No
51Buying Marine Equipment. : Items Wanted Are: Mature Water RO Water Small Light Unit Small Internal Filter Live Rock Live Sand Sea Salt Wave Maker/Power head Hydrometer Small Heater full details06/01/12No
52WANTED: MARINE STUFF : I want to start a marine setup, I would like to buy; a nice small nano type tank Small fish RO water Live rock Rock Marine sand Invertabrates Marine salt Other marine ... full details06/01/12No
53Swapping to pure Japanese kois for Cichlids : Description: Hi! I have two pure Japanese koi's, both showing excellent colour but I want to keep another tropical tank. A change in interest has lead me to swapping these amazin ... full details03/01/12No
54Swapping 2 pure Japanese koi for tropical fish : Hi! I have two pure Japanese koi's, both showing excellent colour but I want to keep another tropical tank. A change in interest has lead me to swapping these amazing fish. ... full details03/01/12No
55Buying Africain cichlid fry, juveniles and adults : Will pay for or accept any Africain cichlids!! Will collect or pay for postage, I would prefer fry as they would be cheaper. Don't hesitate to contact me. Happy new year! full details01/01/12No
56WANTED: All Africain cichlids, : I am looking to dill my new 600ltr aquarium, the fish I am looking for are Mbunas, malawis, tanganykans, Haps, ect. I will buy tank bred but prefer wild F1-F2. I am looking for fr ... full details28/12/11No
5712" silver Arrowana for sale or swap : 12" beautiful arrowana, showing some pink/pearl marking on its body and fins. Sale due to fast growth and overpopulated tank. Will accept swaps for cichlids or cash. Offers we ... full details25/12/11No
58Selling various cichlids and tropicals : 1x Silver arrowana 12" pearl fin tips 1x frontasa 2-3" 12x 3-12" convict x zonatum hybrids 1x 7" sailfin pleco 1x 5" blue acara 1x 5" blue Moor ... full details25/12/11No
59 BUYING ALL CICHLIDS : Im in desperate need of cichlids, please don't hesitate I text or email me if you have some. I will pay if the price is reasonable and I can trade if you see anything in my tanks y ... full details24/12/11No
60selling, swapping and buying chiclids : Buying oddballs and large.chiclids. Selling: Rainbow chiclids Convict and zonatum hybreds Angel fish Big blue gourami Some others Accepting money, other.chiclids, or equ ... full details04/12/11No
61Selling 2 large and beautiful pure Japanese Kois : One is white and gold with abit of.silver, other is the classic red.and white. Open to offers, can deliver. I can email photos if needed full details04/12/11No
62GIANT gourami for sale : Giant gourami for sale, at around 10"+ has a yellow patch on it's forehead revealing a slight hump. The gourami is pearl coloured and has about 3 darker shades of pink on it' ... full details01/11/11No
63REHOMING ALL TROPICAL FISH : I currently have afew tropical aquariums set up and they all have natural environments set for different groups/colonies of fish. I will rehome all fish from chiclids to tetras ( n ... full details31/10/11No
64BUYING AND REHOMING CHICLIDS : I am currently rehoming all chiclids in my 500ltr tank. The fish that I wish to buy are: Frontasa chiclids Flowerhorn chiclids Jaguar chiclids Dolphin chiclid ... full details31/10/11No


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