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1---MUST GO ASAP---NOW 38 for a quick sale PROVEN BREEDING PAIR OF GEOPHAGUS SP.RED HEAD TAPAJOS(5-6 inches) in Leeds : Very placid shoaling fish. Will not touch even neon tetras. Recommended groups are minimum of 3 fish unless paired. Pictures are of actual fish for sale you can buy them ... full details22/09/19Yes
20.5inch(2 cm) GEOPHAGUS SP.RED HEAD TAPAJOS x 12---ono 35 for lot in Leeds : Pick only from LS16. Parents to view(picture attached) More growing on. Contact me via mobile is best option atm as not often on internet. full details22/09/19Yes
3Proven breeding pair of Kribensis(Pelvicachromis pulcher) red Cichlid in Leeds- 10 for quick sale : Proven breeding pair for sale. Youngsters to view. Must go asap as changing into new project. 10 for them. Easiest way to contact me is via mobile 07894712156 Pick up ... full details22/09/19Yes
4MUST GO ASAP---L231 Hypostomus sp -- 4-5 inch pair --ono 40 or make me an offer in Leeds : Very rare L-number Hypostomus. Excellent breeding project must go asap. Pick up only from LS16 full details20/08/19Yes
5ALL SOLD--30 for a lot--Catfish (3 Hoplo,2 x Mystus, 3 x Microglanis-dwarf bumblebee catfish)sale in Leeds : All must go asap 3 x Microglanis iheringi (dwarf true bumblebee catfish) 3 inch(these are fully grown) 20 3 x Hoplo catfish(1m/2f)3.5 inch 15 2 x Mystus bimaculatus (dwa ... full details09/07/19Yes
6SOLD---Koi Angelfish female (4 inch) for sale in Leeds : Single Angelfish female Pick up only from LS16 Text me if interested full details09/07/19Yes
7BARGAIN-Open to offers-all must go-SALE--Geophagus,Angelfish South American Cichlids collection for sale in Leeds : Moving to new project. All below must go asap (please note that pictures and video clip are of actual fish for sale) Can send YouTube video link on request as can't upload for s ... full details28/06/19Yes
8NOW SOLD---Excellent shoaling fish with big Cichlids---3 x Silver Dollar Tetras (2 x 4 inch/1 x 3 inch)--40 or make me an offer for all 3 in Leeds : We are moving to new project and selling most of our fish. Those 3 must go asap. Excellent with big fish. Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver within 10 miles radius from my h ... full details25/06/19Yes
9NOW SOLD---L002 Panaquolus sp(Tiger Peckoltia) 3 inch reverse trio(2 males/1 female) ono 40 or make me an offer in Leeds : Genuine sale: Trio of my L002 Tiger Peckoltia (2 males/1 female). Moving to different project now so want them to go asap. Pictures are of actual fish for sale. Looking 40 ... full details09/05/19Yes
10NOW SOLD-5 x 2 inch-Heros sp Rotkeil(Red Shoulder Severum) in Leeds-ono 50 or make me an offer : Genuine sale: Here is for sale youngsters from my proven breeding pair of F1 Red Shoulder Severums. They currently 2 inches but growing fast. Moving to new project so looking g ... full details09/05/19Yes
11NOW SOLD---Very rare sexed trio(1m/2f) of L399 Hypancistrus (4-5 inches)---ono 55 or make me an offer in Leeds : Currently for sale: Young trio of very rare Hypancistrus L399(1 male/2 females) Excellent condition. Very active during the day. Will make great breeding project. Looking o ... full details07/05/19Yes
12NOW SOLD---80 Litres(18 Gallons) Bow Fronted 63cm Aquarium with Hood--Leeds--ono 35 or make me an offer(must go anyway) : Here is for sale used(but in good condition) water tied 80 litres Bow Fronted Aquarium with hood(incl light which is in working condition). Aquarium spec: Approx 80 litres(18 ... full details06/05/19Yes
13Hoplosternum Catfishes(1 male/2 females) 3.5 inch ono 25 Im Leeds : Genuine sale: Here is for sale trio of Hoplosternum Catfishes. 1 male and 2 females at 3.5 inch will be excellent breeding project. Looking ono 25 for them. Pick up from ... full details01/05/19Yes
1430 x 0.5 inch(1.5 cm) Ancistrus sp (common bristlenose) 3 ach or 3 x 8 or 5 for 14 in Leeds : Breed in my fish room, very healthy, growing well. Pick up only from LS16 full details26/04/19Yes
15NOW SOLD-Heros sp Rio Tapajos(red cheek Severums) breeding pair in Leeds--ono 45 or make me an offer : Genuine sale due to moving to new project Here is for sale breeding pair(youngsters to view) of Red cheek Severum(Heros Rio Tapajos) F1. Male 6 inches/Female 5 inches Laid egg ... full details22/02/19Yes
16NOW SOLD---2 x Pterygoplichthys josemelianus plecostomus-7 inches---25---for sale in Leeds : NOW SOLD Sailfin plec 7 inches 20 and 5 inches 15 or both for 25 Will swap, let me know what you have They are together with Geophagus and Severums feeding well on ... full details21/01/19Yes
17NOW SOLD-7-8 inches Sorubim lima(Duckbill shovel nose catfish) and 4 inches Yellow Acara(A.matae)for sale in Leeds--ono 50 for both or make me an offer : Currently for sale as tank getting to crowdy excellent condition Sorubim lima Duckbill shovel nose catfish 40 and Yellow Acara(Aequidens mate) 25. Both fish are wild caught. ... full details21/01/19Yes
18ALL SOLD--10 x Corydoras catfish breeding groups(arcuatus,sterbae-breeders,elegans) for sale-40 for a lot--Leeds : Currently for sale: 3 x Corydoras arcuatus 5 each or 3 for 12 4 x Corydoras elegans 5 each or 4 for 18 3 x Corydoras sterbae 10 each or 3 for 25(proven breeding trio ... full details17/01/19Yes
19NOW SOLD---4 x 3.5 inch Satanoperca jurupari 12 each or 40 for all 4 in Leeds : Currently for sale 4 Satanoperca jurupari as tank getting to crowdy. Also I\'m moving towards breeding projects and don\'t have enough tanks to fit them in. Excellent condition. ... full details20/11/18Yes
20NOW SOLD--1.5 years old breeding pair Geophagus pindare(4-6inch) x 2---ono 45for both or make me an offer--Leeds : Currently for sale: 2 x Geophagus pindare(excellent breeding project)-must go as tank getting to crowdy. Will make an excellent breeding project.Already laid eggs twice. E ... full details18/11/18Yes
21ALL SOLD---Geophagus abalios and Severum cichlids for sale---NOW 30 for all 3---Leeds(see attached video clips) : Hi All Currently for sale or will EXCHANGE for: FIREMOUTH ELIOTTI AUREUS SORUBIM LILA BLUE ACRA CICHLA DISCUS Geophagus abalios x 2(5 inch and 3 inch)---20 for ... full details03/06/18Yes
22ALL SOLD---20 for 4 x Festivum cichlid(Mesonauta insignis) 3-3.5 inch(incl.breeding pair)-ono 30 or make me an offer-Leeds : Hi All WILL EXCHANGE FOR: FIREMOUTH ELIOTTI AUREUS SORUBIM LILA L NUMBER PLECS BLUE ACARA DISCUS CICHLA Currently for sale 4 x Festivum cichlid(including young bree ... full details03/06/18Yes
23NOW SOLD---Angel fish(P.scalare) wild type 2 proven breeding pairs in Leeds-- ono 60 for both : Hi All I'm currently selling 2 proven breeding pairs of Angel fish as I'm running out of space in my tank. Both breed already twice. Looking 35 each pair or 60 for both or m ... full details27/02/18Yes
24Peacock Bass(Cichla sp.) & Duckbill catfish(Sorubim lima) wanted in Leeds : Hi All I'm realy interested in above. Prefer younger fish. Let me know what you have or if you seen them anywhere. I'm based in Leeds West Yorkshire. My contact number ... full details17/01/18No
253 x 3-4 inch Pike Cichlid (Crenicichla sveni), 1 x 4 inch Synodontis catfish, 2 x Angelfish-Leeds : Fish tank clearance. Fish to go. Great eaters. 3 x 3-4 inches Pike Cichlid(CRENICICHLA SVENI) 8 each for all 3 for 20 Synodontis sp. 10 2 x Zebra Angelfish(2.5 inc ... full details23/10/17Yes
26Young Discus wanted in Leeds--let me know what you have : I'm after young discus. Willing to travel within Yorkshire. Text me on below number,if you have them for sale. Thanks for looking Tom full details30/07/17No
27ALL SOLD---PICK & MIX--- 5 each or 10 for 40---NEW PICTURES---2 Altolamprologus/1 N.brichardi/2 Placidochromis electra,Alunocara(1m/4f)-WILL SWAP FOR SOUTH AMERICANS---Leeds--MUST GO ASAP : Great fish for sale.Excellent eaters.Bloat/disease free.12 months old. -1 x Altolamprologus calvus 3.5 inches 5 -1 x Altolamprologus compresiceps Gold head Kantalamba 2 inches ... full details23/07/17Yes
281 x Nimbochromis livingstoni(3 inch)+SOLD 1 Alunocara Red dragon(3.5 inch)+SOLD 10 Alunocara jacobfreibergi(1.5 inch)-Leeds-20 for them 12 fish (all rest in advert reserved) : After long consideration due to work commitments I have made decision to sell my collection :( Please see below: SOLD 10 x Alunocara Jacobfreiberi 1-2 inch 2 each or 10 for ... full details09/06/17Yes
2950 x 2-4cm Alunocara jacobfreibergi for sale in Leeds : Currently for sale young Alunocara jacobfreibergi. Very healthy,eating well. Parents to view if required . Please see attached picture of father of youngsters for sale. 1 Fish ... full details16/05/17Yes
30BARGAIN--6 X 4 inch Opthalmotilapia nasuta inches tiger inches --ono 80 or make an offer---Leeds : Currently for sale breeding group of Opthalmotilapia nasuta \"tiger\". 15 each or 6 for 80 or make me an offer. Bare in mind they are shoaling fish, so best kept in groups. T ... full details18/06/16Yes
31NOW REDUCED---OPEN TO OFFERS---Collection of very rare Lake Tanganyka cichlids for sale in Leeds : Hi All After long consideration and due to work commitments I have decided to sell my current collection of beatifull cichlids Few of them are proven breeders.Rest has been sel ... full details18/06/16Yes
32Lamprologus ocellatus (pair), Lamprologus similis (female), uknown Synodontis in Leeds : Lamprologus ocellatus pair 25 Lamprologus similis female 5 Unknown Synodontis (4") 5 All fish are currently together. Prefer them to all go at once.If u want all price is ... full details28/12/15Yes
33NOW SOLD---8 x Enantiopius (Xenotilapia)melanogenys (3-4 cm)--6 each or 8 for 45 OR MAKE AN OFFER--Leeds : Hi All Currently for sale: Enantiopius melanogenys 1 inch from my own breeding group which be seen if required Very rare Tanyganikan fish yet most outstanding in my opinio ... full details16/11/15No
34NOW SOLD--MUST GO ASAP---JUWEL LIDO WITH BEECH STAND--ONO 50 OR MAKE AN OFFER---LEEDS : Here is for sale my Juwel Lido.Water tight with stand and hood (light unit is not working).Very nice fish tank.Selling due to space required in the house. Easiest way to contac ... full details16/11/15Yes
35NOW SOLD-Red flame back Cichlids (Lake victoria basin)breeding pair+4 growouts(2 inch) : Here is for sale my 6 red flame backs. Proven breeders.Looking ono 30 for this group. Pictures form internet. Pick up only form LS16 easiest way to contact me is v ... full details08/11/15Yes
37Xiphophorus alvarezi (pair)+Xiphophorus variatus (wild caught)--35 for both pairs (semiadult) : For sale 2 pairs od above. Healthy fish. Pictures on request. Pick up from Leeds. Easiest way to contact me is via my mobile. 07894712156 Thank you for looking. ... full details16/10/15No
38Fluval Roma 120 with beech stand and heater--Leeds--full setup--ono 100(OR MAKE ME AN OFFER) : Here is fo sale my 3 year old fish tank.eveything in top condition. No leaks or cracks.upgradinf now so need to sell asap. That's 120 litres/26 galls tank . It's exactly same sh ... full details10/10/15No
39Red flame backs (breeding pair)+Ctenochromis horei(male), Ctenochromis macrops, L.trtracanthus in Leeds : 3 inch proven breeding pair Red flame backs (lake Victoria basin)30(younhsters to see) 2.5 inch Ctenochromis horei young male ono 10 Calochromis macrops x 2 (3 inches)-10 ... full details24/09/15No
40NOW SOLD---15 x 2 cm for 20--- NEOLAMPROLOGUS TETRACANTHUS --Leeds : Great opportunity to get yourself a young group of Neolamprologus tetracanthus. Great parents, very protective.these are omnivores I used to kept them with Tropheus so they us ... full details16/08/15No
41NOW SOLD---BARGAIN--- 6 for a 5 fish (2 inches) or 20 for all 20---(L.trewavasae Lion Cove)---Leeds : One of my tanks is getting packed,so some of my fish have to go. So far I have for sale Please note these are small fish so probably required their own growing tank.Excellent o ... full details16/08/15Yes
42NOW SOLD-WILL SWAP FOR XENOTILAPIA / OPTHALMOTILAPIA -NOW WITH YOU TUBE VIDEO LINK---Flamebacks, Tropheus, Neolamprologus,Labeotropheus for sale in Leeds : I have idea of a new project so im selling most of fish from my display tank . It\'s a great collection of a tanyganikan, malawi and victorian fish I\'m moving to sand shifters and ... full details16/08/15No
43NOW SOLD---3.5-4 inch Petrochromis orthognatus Ikola x 6--80 for a lot--Leeds--pick up : My tank getting so crowdy these has to go.looking ono 80 for this group. pick up only from LS16. Easiest way to contact me is via mobile 07894712156. Thanks for looking. ... full details16/05/15No
44WANTED IN LEEDS - Petrochromis moshi yelow & Erythmodus cyanostictus : As above.Let me know what you have. I have few fish I can swap as well. Easiest way to contact me is via my mobile 07894712156. Thank you for looking. Tom full details24/04/15No
45Various Rocky Cichlids from Lake Tanyganika-Leeds-Pick up : Currently for sale: 4-5 inch Neolamprologus tetracanthus (2f/1m) approx 40 2-2.5 inch Lamprologus multifasciatus male 5 2-2.5 inch Neolamprologus hecqui 10 pair Pictures ... full details24/04/15No
46NOW SOLD-Lethrinops sp.breeding group (2 m/3f)--approx 3.5 inch--Leeds--ono 70-will swap for tanyganikan cichlids : Breeding group for sale. Currently wirh Tropheus. Feeding on spirulina flakes. Picture of interenet. I have pictures of actual fish for sale on request. Can't upload them for ... full details28/03/15Yes
47NOW REDUCED PRICE-MAKE ME AN OFFER-Tropheus(Murago/Kachese Red)/Petrochromis(orthoghnatus Ikola) for sale in Leeds : Unfortunately I have to reduced size of current tank so all below has to go. Easiest way to contact me is via below mobile number 07894712156. Pick up only Tropheus brichrd ... full details28/03/15No
482 Males Cyprichromis leptosoma approx 4 inches-Leeds : im changing one of my tanks so these are for sale. Very healthy,excellent eaters. Impresive when they move as a shoal. Incredible to watch. 2 males(4 inch) 20 for both ... full details11/03/15Yes
49NOW SOLD----10 x Tropheus duboisi (3-4inches)--Leeds : Here is for sale group of my Tropheus duboisi. Fish are approx 16 months old. Top condition.theses already breed twice. I do not post so pick up only I'm afraid from LS16. ... full details23/11/14Yes
50NOW SOLD---PROVEN BREEDING GROUP--15 x TROPHEUS BULU POINT/CHERRY SPOT (4.5-3.5 INCH+)---250 fot of 15 fish OR MAKE AN OFFER---LEEDS : I'm currently selling Proven breeding group sold over 50 fry from them in the past 4 months asking 250 for a lot of 15 fish OR MAKE AN OFFER if you have any que ... full details22/11/14Yes
51NOW SOLD---16 x F1 Tropheus Kasanga Red Rainbow(approx 3 inches)--Leeds---200 for all 16 : Here is for sale my group of Kasanga Red Rainbows. Fish are approx 14 months old and are F1.offspring of WC parents form Mike Rifts They are in top condition. I do not post so ... full details18/11/14No
52NOW RENOW SOLD---Breeding pair of Bristlenoses (Ancistrus sp.)--ono 40- or make me an offer---Leeds : Male approx 4 inches Female 3+inches looking ono 40 or make me an offer Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver within Leeds (1 mile-1) Please see my other fish for sale. Easi ... full details22/08/14No
53ENDING ON EBAY TONIGHT---11 x Geophagus parnaibae 1 inch+--Leeds---5 each or 11 for 25 : pictures of my own stock :) Here is for sale 14 x Geophagus parnaibae 1 inch+(2 pictures of youngsters attached) 3 each or 11 for 25 Those are youngsters of parents I ha ... full details05/04/14Yes
54NOW SOLD---Aqua-One-Horizon-60-fish-tank-and-stand.comes with light,2 glass sliders, heater---Leeds---ono 80 : CURRENTLY ON EBAY PLEASE SEE BELOW LINK Here is for sale our ex marine setup aquarium very good condition(aquarium) good condition(stand)---please note that stand has sligh ... full details22/03/14Yes
5520 pairs of Pure strain YELLOW TIGER ( ENDLER) GUPP---LEEDS--price is 2 a pair : I have for sale pure strain of Yellow Tiger " Endler" Guppy. These are variant which I have been breeding for a past 12 months. There is no other colour variant in them. The reason ... full details18/12/13Yes
5620 for 3-4 kg---GRAB A BARGAIN---QUICK SALE---Leeds : I have currently available: 3-4kg of live rock---20 for a lot(SMALL LIVE ROCK,BIGGEST ONES ARE NO BIGGER THAN AN CRICKIET BALL) more to follow views welcome on ... full details07/11/13Yes
57QUICK SALE---1 x 4 inch Chana bleheri,4 x Croaking gourami,6 x Spalshing Tetra--Leeds : As above: Chana bleheri(dwarf snakehead)---approx. 4 inch ---ono 15 4 x 2.5 inch Croaking Gourami(breeding group) ---8 6 x Splashing Tetra---3 inch---10 or make me a ... full details27/10/13Yes


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