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Aquarist Classifieds : View Member Profile & Adverts
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1Stingrays AAA grade White Pearl 8inch. : Hi . For sale top grade white pearl male . Active and healthy fish . Please WhatsApp me if you interested . Pellets trained. Price 280 Thanks full details18/12/17Yes
2Royal Knife Fish 10inch : Healthy and werry active royal knife fish . I have two for sale . Price 65 each . Please WhatsApp me if any questions Thank you full details11/12/17Yes
3Stingrays AAA grade White Pearl 9-10inch. Males : Hi. For sale available 3 males white pearls , they are all AAA grade . Eating prawns, mussels and just starting eat pellets. Any questions please text me or WhatsApp Price 350 ... full details09/12/17Yes
4Stingray Black Diamond Male 7 inch : Hi . For sale one of my bd males . Size 7 inch . Eating prawns, mussels , whitebates and pellets. Any questions please text me or WhatsApp Price 780 full details09/12/17Yes
5Stingray Black Diamond Male 7-8inch : Hi . For sale one of my bd males . Great looking fish. Eating prawns, mussels and whitebates. Any questions please text me or WhatsApp. Price 850 full details09/12/17Yes
6Black Diamond Female 7inch sold : For sale one of my bd female . Eating well, pellets trained. Please WhatsApp me for contact. Price 730 full details27/11/17Yes
7Arowana 24k golden head crossback 11-12 inch : Hi . For sale my 24k golden head crossback Arowana.no drop eye, healthy fish. Eating morio worms and, prawns . Any questions please text me or WhatsApp. Price 550 full details15/11/17Yes
8Datnioides Tiger Fish 11inch : Great looking fish . Stable. Eating pellets, mussels and prawn. 150 . full details19/10/17Yes
9Golden Dorado 8 inch 60 : Hi. For sale my golden dorado. Seling because i want change my setup little bit. Eating pellets, morio worms, prawns. Please call me if interested. Thanks . full details29/09/17Yes
10Wanted Dat tiger fish : Hi . Im looking for dat tiger fish . If you have some size 6 inch or bigger please call me 07738764941.thanks full details23/09/17Yes
11BD stingray high quality Female 7 inch : Pure bd female . Size about 7 -8 inch. Eating prawns .white bites.pellets . Price 850 For more photos or vid please text me or WhatsApp. full details16/09/17Yes
12Fish Tank 200liters with lid and lights 70 : Hi. For sale it's my tank 200 litres. Dimension 100x40x50cm . Good condition full details09/09/17Yes
13Stingray Black Diamond Male 9 inch : Hi. For sale 9inch male , full of spots , all solid. Eating prawns, pellets, mussels. Price 900 ONO full details07/09/17Yes
14Stingrays AAA grade White Pearl male 6 inch 250 : Stunning 6inch male white pearl. Eating prawns, pellets, blood worms. Price 250 full details03/09/17Yes
15Silver Arowana about 18inch for sale or swap for other predators : Great condition. Any questions please text me or WhatsApp. full details18/08/17No
16Stingray BD Leo male 11 inch : Great condition, pellets trained. Price 420 . full details17/08/17Yes
17Silver Arowana about 18inch for sale or swap for other predators : Hi, for sale my silver arowana, eating prawns , mussels, morio worms. For sale or swap for dat tiger or azul bass . Price 100 full details16/08/17Yes
18Stingray Black Diamond Male 9 inch 850 : Good size bd male. Eat white bites, Hikari pellets. Any questions please text me or WhatsApp. Price 850 full details11/08/17Yes
19Parrot fish 6 inch : For sale my parrot fish . About 6inch . Pricec 25 full details21/07/17Yes
20Red sewerum 5 - 6inch : For sale two of my red severums. One slightly deformed. Price 20 for both. Have to go together. full details21/07/17Yes
21Red sewerum 5 - 6inch 15 : For sale red severums. Eating prawns , pellets , blood worms. More photo please contact me. Thanks full details11/05/17Yes
22Severums pair heros Notatus : For sale pair of severums heroes notatus . Male about 8inch . Female 6inch . Price 60 full details11/05/17Yes
23White Pearl Male Stingray 6inch 200 : For sale white pearl male pup . About 6-7inch . Pellets trained. Please WhatsApp me if any questions. full details09/05/17Yes
24wanted 7 x 3 x 2 ft fish tank or bigger : Looking for fish tank 7 x 4 x 2 ft . Cash waiting full details23/04/17No
25Stingray white pear AAA gradel Male 250 Sold : Eat prawns, mealworms, mussels, pellets trained. For more questions please text me. Thanks. Kris full details03/04/17Yes
26Stingray white pear AAA gradel Female 5inch 300 Sold : Eat prawns, mealworms, mussels, pellets trained. For more questions please text me. Thanks. Kris full details03/04/17Yes
27Stingrays White Pearl AAA grade pups 5 inch Pair 480 : For sale pair of white pearls pups 5inch . Eating prawns and blood worms pellets trained .Price 480 for a pair .Thanks full details26/03/17Yes
28parrot fish 20 : For sale 4 inch parrot fish. Price 20. For more info phone me or whatsapp full details24/03/17Yes
29BD stingray big spots Male 6 inch SOLD : Eat prawns and blood worms. Wery active. More photos or vid please text me or contact on whatsapp.price 670 Thanks full details28/02/17Yes
30BD stingray Male 7 inch SOLD : Eating prawn and blood worms. More info please text me or whatsapp. Price 650 full details11/02/17Yes
31BD female 7 inch SOLD : Eating prawn. Blood worms and pellets.more info please text me or whatsapp. Price 850 full details11/02/17Yes
32BD Stingrays Pair about 10inch SOLD : Very healthy active rays eats well on prawns muscles white bait and sinking pellets. Not related. I can send photos of the parents .Price 2200 full details05/01/17Yes
33Misisipi Map Turtle male 10inch . FREE to good home : misisipi map turtle 10 inch long about 3 years old . Eat same stuff what eat my fish . full details10/08/16Yes
34fluval 104 for sale 25 : For sale fluval 104 with media inside. Great condition. full details29/06/16Yes
35Malawi cichlids fry : Hi . For sale about 80 cichlids . Ich 1.5cm . 40 for all of them full details29/06/16Yes
36wanted male bdxleo 10-11 inch : Hi I'm looking for male bdxleo for my female. Size no bigger than 11 inch. Thanks full details16/06/16No
37stingray henlei female 10-11 inch for sale 350 : For sale henlei stingray eat frozen food and pellets. Great condition. Only seriously offer please. Please whatsapp if any questions full details22/05/16Yes
38Golden Severum 4-5 inch 7 each or 60 for 10 : Hi. For sale 10 severums . feeding great on anything that gos in the tank.great looking fish . 7 each or 60 for all full details05/05/16Yes
39looking for female motoro stingray : Hi.i looking for female motor ray.contact me please.thanks full details09/10/15No
40Royal Knifefish (chitala blanci ) for sale 120 or swap for ray : About 6 years old , 40 cm long , rare fish.for sale or swap for female ray.colect only full details06/10/15Yes
41Red sea max s 500 : I have for sale my red Sea max s 500 .purchased new November 2014 .this tank was only been used for 4 months and only had fish in,no corals therefore only the led moonlights been u ... full details11/09/15Yes
42Peacock bass mono 14inch for sale 70 or swap for arowana : Great condition , nice big bass . Text me full details25/01/15No
43Peacock Bass 14 inch for sale or swap for arowana : Any one interest text me full details09/01/15Yes
44Red Sea C-Skim 1800 protein skimmer 250 : For sale red sea c- skim 1800. The skimmer has only been used for 5 days , was included with a brand new red sea max 500 . Suitable for 1800 ltr aquarium.new cost 314 . I can post ... full details10/12/14No
45Tiger shovelnose catfish 14 inch 40 colect from Dagenham,London : Beautiful fish, fin perfect, feeds on prawns mussels and pellets,i can send photos .colect from dagenham, Londom full details06/12/14No
46Silver Arowana wanted size 18-24inch : Hi I'm looking for silver arowana size between 18-24inch . No far then one hour driving fron cb11 . Text me 07738764941 . I'm use whatsapp full details01/12/14No
47Fire eel 14 inch 30 : For sale 14inch fire eel 30 full details25/09/14Yes
48Fish for sale, knife fish , megladoras irwini cat, : Some of my fish for sale . 1ft knife fish 3" , megladoras irvini 6inch 20 full details24/09/14No
49Fire eel about 12inch 30 : For sale my fire eel , nice fish , eat prawns , mussels. Text me 07738764941 full details24/09/14No
50Megladoras irwini 8 inch 20 : For sale megladoras irwini catfish ,about 8inch.20 full details13/09/14Yes
51vampire fish for sale 7-8 inch. two for 60 : For sale two vampire fish , great condition , text me 07738764941 full details04/06/14Yes
52jardini arowana 8inch for sale or swap SOLD : Hi. I have jardini arowana 8 inch . For sale or swap for peacock bass.price 80 full details14/05/14Yes
53datnoid tiger fish 3,5 inch for sale or swap SOLD : for sale 3,5inch datnoid tiger ,great condition ,to small for my tank;(make my offer .07738764941 full details14/05/14Yes
54senegal bichir SOLD : Senegal Bichir 8 inch long for sale.great condition .any questions call me 07738764941 .look on my other adverts full details14/05/14Yes
55High Quality large Japanese koi for sale : I am closing down my pond and going back to marines so I have 6 Japanese Koi for sale mixed variety. I ask 400 Pound for the lot, they have to go together. I have had them for the ... full details12/04/14Yes
56parrot fish two for sale 20pounds : parrot fish for sale ,great condition eat well ,one blue and one orange full details17/03/14Yes
57golden cobra snakehead two for 60pound : i selling two of my golden cobra snakehead about 7inches long, feed well on pretty much anything, i have kept them with other fish. text my on 07738764941 full details14/03/14Yes
58peacock bass three for 50 : i have for sale three peacock bass 2-3 inch long full details17/02/14Yes
59chana pleuro 30pounds : for sale my chana pleuro about 11inch long .07738764941 full details15/02/14Yes
60Channa pleurophthalma 11inch 40 pound : For sale Channa pleurophthalma 11inch ,very healthy and active, eat mussels and prawns. lovely fish. buyer to bring own box.the video is from may 2013.my number 07738764941 full details27/11/13Yes
61Chrysichthys ornatus catfish 7 inch : for sale my Chrysichthys ornatus about 7 inch. 20 pound . 07738764941 colect from cb11 full details27/11/13Yes
62pangasius catfish 7 inch : pangasius catfish for sale about 7 inch ask 10 pound colect from cb11 . 07738764941. full details27/11/13Yes
63megladoras irwini 5inch 60pound : for sale my megladoras irwini 5 inch great condition .07738764941 full details07/11/13Yes
64giant snakehead red line : for sale my giant snakehead aprox 12 inch .make me an offer. full details17/11/12Yes
65Red Belly Pacu for sale or swap : Red Belly Pacu for sale or swap 6 inch,pls call me 07738764941 , full details06/09/12Yes


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