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Telephone: 07506713953

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1Sand Sifters : Enantiopus Melanogenys Kilesa 1 male 2 female 6-8cm 60 Xenotilapia flavipinnis Red Royal Kekesa 2 pair 5-6cm 40a pair + 2 tubes flake 30 or all for 150 pick up Hartlepoo ... full details26/03/19No
2SOLD AIR PUMP : FOR SALE HIBLOW HP 200 120 IF GONE BY XMAS pick up Hartlepool full details16/12/18Yes
3WANTED : looking for Enantiopus melanogenys Kilesa, Paracyprichromis nigrip. blue neon, Xenotilapia flavipinnis full details22/11/18No
4WILD TROPHEUS FOR SALE : TROPHEUS KASANGA red rainbow I HAVE A BREEDING GROUP 19 WILD KESANGA ( RED RAINBOW ) RATIO IS 5M 14FM 400 if interested message me or ... full details14/11/18No
5TANKS FOR SALE : Tanks Fore Sale ALL SOLD 4ft L x 18W x24" H 10mm Glass 340 Liters 75 gallons It comes with Heater & STC-1000 Temperature Controller thermostat which will ru ... full details12/11/18No
65ft TANKS FOR SALE : FISH TANKS FOR SALE SOLD 2 5ftx18"x18" tanks 70 each OR WITH 2 heater with stc-1000 thermostat 2 internal filter 2 sponge filters ... full details25/09/18No
8Tropheus Chikonde : I have F1 Chikonde fry off my Wild group 7.50 each or 20 for 130 4-5cm pick up Hartlepool. Message me if interested or phone 07506713953...videos available on request... full details12/09/18No
9F1 Tropheus Malasa ( yellow rainbow ) : I have F1 Malasa fry off my Wild group 7.50 each or 20 for 130 4-5.5cm pick up Hartlepool message me if interested or phone 07506713953 The photos are of the Adults...videos avai ... full details12/09/18Yes
10Sera Flora & Tropical Spirulina Super Forte 36% Flake For Sale : 200g Bags PICK UP HARTLEPOOL Sera Flora 7.50 Tropical Spirulina Super Forte 36% 11.50 Sera Flora 140g & Super Forte 60g mix 9 DELIVERED Sera Flora 10 Tropical Spi ... full details22/02/18No
11TROPHEUS MPULUNGU : I have 6 F1 Mpulungu 3-4cm from my Wild group 40 pick up Hartlepool... full details21/01/18No
12TROPHEUS : 12 F1 Golden Kazumbe 7cm - 9cm for sale brought up together from fry in a 48x 18x 18 140 pick up Hartlepool message me or phone 07506713953.delivery might be possible in january ... full details09/01/18No
13Cyprichromis : For Sale F2 Cyprichromis Leptosoma Mpulungu 19 fry 3.5cm 1.50 each 4.5cm 2 each or will do a deal on groups .pick up Hartlepool Tel. 07506713953 whats app or email me for vide ... full details23/12/17No
14Tanganyikans - Enantiopus melanogenys kilesa : FOR SALE 4 lamprologus ocellatus gold 2 adults 2 juvenile with 8 shells 10 A breeding group of F1 Cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu 2 males 2 females all females holding 35 or ... full details07/10/17No
15FOR SALE I have a pair of Wild Peppermint Bristlenose : FOR SALE I have a pair of Wild Peppermint Bristlenose 6cm & 9cm 30 pick up Hartlepool email me for photos or i can send them on whatsapp... full details27/06/17No
16for sale OCEANRUNNER OR2500 30 : OCEANRUNNER OR2500 nearly new only used it in a sump for a couple of months pick up only hartlepool tel.07506713953... full details24/05/17No
17PUMP FOR SALE : Jebao FTP Eco energy saving low wattage filter pump 10000 L/ph As new only used for water changes 30.PICK UP ONLY HARTLEPOOL tel.07506713953... full details24/05/17No
18TROPHEUS : I AM LOOKING FOR TROPHEUS NKONDE TROPHEUS MUSANGA OR TROPHEUS MALASA WILD OR F1 or anything similar please message me or call 07506713953 thanks Dave... full details31/03/17No
19FOR SALE xenotilapia bathyphilus kekese 5 : I HAVE 21 XENO'S LEFT AND CAN TAKE THEM AS FAR DOWN AS WOODALL SERVICES SHEFFIELD FOR 10.30AM ON SATURDAY FOR 100 From F1 7 - 8cm 5 each pick up only HARTLEPOOL. full details25/11/16Yes
20Fish Tank NEED GONE A.S.A.P MAKE ME AN OFFER SOLD : 36"x18"x30" with weir & pipe work and sump 10mm glass there is a stand it just needs finishing at the sides.. full details24/11/16Yes
214ft Tanks SOLD : I have 4 48"x15"x18" bare tanks for sale 40 each or 50 with two K1 sponge filters or 180 for all 4 with filters or swap for 2 60x18x18 I ALSO HAVE A 45 1/2"X 14" X 18" 35 ... full details29/10/16Yes
22TANKS : I am looking for (2) 5ft x 18in x18in tanks let me know what you have please or will swap for (3) 48in X 15in X 18in ... full details26/10/16No
23Tropheus Ulwile & Tropheus Ikola SOLD : I have 2 groups of Tropheus for sale 19 Tropheus brichardi ulwile - F1 120 14 tropheus moorii ikola - F2 80 will take 160 fore both groups, can kee ... full details23/10/16No
24IKOLA : Tropheus Ikola group of 14 4-5cm 90 pick up Hartlepool the fish have been feed on Tetra Phyll and Sera Flora mix 100g bag FREE 80 IF GONE THIS WEEK.. full details22/10/16No
25Tropheus Brichardi Ulwile for sale : 19 F1 Tropheus Brichardi Ulwile 6.5 to 8cm 140 pick up Hartlepool the fish have been feed on Tetra Phyll and Sera Flora mix 200g bag FREE 120 IF GONE THIS WEEK.. full details10/10/16No
26Tropheus : Tropheus Rutunga SOLD 18/19 F1 6cm - 8cm 80 pick up Hartlepool phone or text me on 07506713953... photos with e-mail or whats app.. full details29/08/16No
27Tropheus Mpulungu SOLD : FOR SALE 14 LSB Tropheus Mpulungu 5-6.5cm 150. pick up only..ts26 good healthy fish, been brought up on sera flora vegetable with spirulina... full details16/06/16No
28SOLD Tropheus Ikola 16 F1 For Sale MAKE ME AN OFFER NEED GONE BEFORE SUNDAY : breeding group of 16 F1 Ikola 4.5"-5" 200 ONO pick up only..I might be open to a swap let me know what you got full details04/04/16No
29Tropheus Ikola : 140 ono. 14 Tropheus Ikola F1 5-7cm pick up only. hartlepool, good healthy fish, been brought up on sera flora vegetable with spirulina found fry in the tank today full details24/02/16No
30Tropheus Bemba Orange : Group of 20 F1 4.5 - 6.5cm pick up only hartlepool 170 good healthy fish, been brought up on sera flora vegetable with spirulina SOLD full details24/02/16No
31TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE : Breeding group of 10 + 1 young Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Blue Neon 7 - 9cm male / female ! At a guess at least 4 males 120 pick up only ts26 full details06/11/15No
32TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE : SOLD 7 f1 Xenotilapia Bathyphilus Kekese 8 - 10cm possibly 3 males 2 females holding the rest unsure 100 pick up only ts26 SOLD full details14/10/15No
33TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE : FOR SALE 9 Cyprichromis Leptosoma Jumbo Sibwesa 6 - 8cm possibly 3/4 males, 2 females holding 80 pick up only ts26 8ll full details14/10/15No
34Xenotilapia for sale : FOR SALE 4 Xenotilapia Flavipinnis Cape Nangu 5-8cm 40 pick up only hartlepool ts26 pm me if interested full details11/09/15No
35Altolamprologus Compressiceps Sumbu : group of 4 Altolamprologus Compressiceps Sumbu Shell with shells (7), [email protected] [email protected] 30 pick up Hartlepool TS26. possibly 2 pair purchase them all at 2-3cm full details08/09/15No
36Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Blue Neon : Young breeding group of 10 Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis Blue Neon 6-9cm 150 pick up only, Hartlepool TS26 full details08/09/15No
37TANGANYIKANS FOR SALE : FOR SALE Ectodus Descampsii group of 9 45 Cyprichromis Microlepidotus Kasai group of 7 40 pick up only ts26 8ll Tel. 07506713953 full details06/08/15No
38170 if gone this week FISH TANK FOR SALE : FOR SALE FISH TANK WITH SUMP AND PIPE WORK 10MM GLASS WITH GLASS COVERS 200 ono TANK 36"L X 18"W X 30"H 318 litre SUMP 30"L X 12"W X 15"H 88 litre LED LIGHTS 300W HEATER ... full details06/08/15Yes
39fish tanks : I AM LOOKING FOR 2 TANKS 60in X 18in X 18in (just tanks ) phone 07972306254 cash waiting . full details10/05/15No
40Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale : SOLD 80 ONO IF GONE THIS WEEK Triglachromis Otostigma ( WILD ) Trio 9cm Julidochromis Ornatus Yellow 5 4-5cm Chalinochromis sp. Ndobhoi 4 4-7cm Neolamprologus Caudopunctat ... full details03/04/15Yes
41CORAL SAND FOR SALE : 28KG CORAL SAND 1-2mm 15 pick up only hartlepool TS26 8LL full details28/03/15No
42F1 TROPHEUS ILANGI : F1 Ilangi juveniles about 30 4-7cm pick up only Hartlepool 270 full details10/03/15Yes
43TROPHEUS FOR SALE : f1 ilangi juveniles about 30 4-7cm pick up only Hartlepool 270 full details06/03/15No
44FOR SALE Tropheus : for sale 17+1 young F1 Tropheus Brichardi Bulombora 6-7cm 170 pick up only Hartlepool TS26 full details04/02/15No
45Tropheus Lufubu FOR SALE : FORE SALE F1 Tropheus Lufubu , Group of 17 8cm+ 250 Pick up only from Hartlepool TS26 8LL Originally from DENMARK full details29/01/15No
46FOR SALE Tropheus Lufubu : FORE SALE F1 Tropheus Lufubu , Group of 17 8cm+ 250 Pick up only from Hartlepool TS26 8LL Originally from DENMARK full details29/01/15No


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