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I have been keeping fish since I was a child and Guppies were my first fish that I bred and sold back to my local fish shop for food and accessories.
My hobby has continued to expand and although I have kept and bred several species I now maintain a fish room in my house where I am focussed on breeding different strains of Guppies. I have setup my room so there is a water change system and the fish are kept in the cleanest and freshest water.
I have previously imported stock from Thailand and other breeders in the UK to ensure that my lines have a diverse but true breeding gene pool, ensuring my fish are healthy and strong.

I do not run my fishroom as a business, it is a hobby that I am privileged to be able to offer stock from my lines to others that have the same admiration for Guppies.
I feed my fish a combination of flake food, home grown live Daphnia and Microworms along with Decapsulated Brine Shrimp eggs and some frozen foods so these are healthy and strong fish with a varied diet
They are kept in medium-hard water (Kh 6 Gh 12) at a temperature of 23-25 Deg C

All photo's used in my listings are of my own fish, taken by myself. This does not excuse the quality, but it does mean you get a good representation of the fish, as they are not 'stock' photos

My Photo Gallery:

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Telephone: 0123456789
Facebook: My Facebook page

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Aquarist Classifieds : View Member Profile & Adverts
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1Pure Strain Guppies & Endlers : . I have pairs of the following strains available for local collection or shipping within the UK. All fish are bred by myself. Red Grass HTD Guppy Blue Grass HTD Guppy Wild G ... full details08/11/17Yes
2Live Food Starter Cultures - Grindal - Springtail - Scuds - Blackworm : . Black Worm Grindal Worm Micro Worm Walter Worm Banana Worm Daphnia Hyalella Azteca Ostracods Paramecium Infusoria Vinegar Eels Springtails Peanut Beetles - ARRI ... full details08/11/17Yes
3Live Aquatic Plants - Carpeting & Aquascaping : . Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba" Micranthemum "Monte carlo" Isoetes Hemianthus micranthemoides "Pearl Grass" Najas guadalupensis "Guppy Grass" Lysimachia nummularia gloss ... full details08/11/17Yes
4Daphnia Starter Culture - FREE P&P : These are not the bags that are sealed somewhere abroad and shipped for several days before arriving with the seller and then more days as they post them to you. This is a starter ... full details13/10/17Yes
5Live Californian Blackworm Cultures (Lumbriculus variegatus) - FREE P&P : Live blackworms rank among the best food that you can feed to your fish. Not only are they rich in protein and nutrients, but they can survive for an indefinite periods of time in ... full details10/10/17Yes
6Paramecium Cultures - FREE P&P : Paramecium are small one celled (unicellular) living organisms that can move, digest food, and reproduce. They belong to the kingdom of Protista, which is a group of similar living ... full details10/10/17Yes
7Grindal Worm Starter Culture - FREE P&P : Grindal worms are very easy to keep and breed, and make an excellent food for small to medium fish. A typical harvest will contain larger and smaller worms suitable for even tiny f ... full details09/10/17Yes
8Salvinia Floating Plants - FREE P&P : Salvinia is a free floating plant that does not attach to the soil, but instead remains floating on the surface of a body of water. Unlike other similar floating plants, Salvin ... full details09/10/17Yes
9Hyalella Azteca - FREE P&P : Hyalella azteca are a freshwater amphipod which live near the sediment surface, burrowing in sediment and also scavenging on the leaf litter, algae, and detritus material on the se ... full details05/10/17Yes
10Micranthemum Monte Carlo - FREE P&P : Micranthemum ‘Monte Carlo’ is a foreground carpeting plant with fast growing branches when the optimal requirements are met. With use of good light, CO2 and soil rich in micro ele ... full details05/10/17Yes
11Microfauna Freshwater Mix - FREE P&P : Microfauna Freshwater Mix You will get 50ml containing a mix of Daphnia Ostracods Ciliates Paramecium & Other Microscopics Perfect for starting your own live food cultur ... full details26/09/17Yes
12Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba - FREE P&P : Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' is one of the world’s smallest plants with leaves only a few mm in size. It is relatively new to the hobby, but one of the most popular carpeting ... full details26/09/17Yes


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