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1Need a tank between 70L-100L - Ayrshire :Need a new tank to upgrade, just want the tank without any tropical fish please. Can collect. Looking for a reasonable price on this - spe ...05/08/12
2Aquarium Fish tank and cabinate Fluval Osaka 260 :Hi, I am selling my Fluval Osaka 260 Tank with stand Has been used for marine fish but is perfect for all kinds of fish keeping Comes with ...03/08/12
3Need these gone asap 80ono for 18 malawis :got 18 malawi cichlids here and need them gone soon 80ono cheers. Im in irvine19/06/12
4Discus ( Scotland ) :Hi I have two breeding pair of Discus for sale 1x pair of checkerboards 1 pair of turqs 60 pounds a pair. thanks for looking at my adver ...06/06/12
5wanted :looking for tropical fish can you help24/05/12
6wanted fish :looking for tropical fish can you help24/05/12
7uaru fish wanted :hi there uaru fish wanted any size thanks ronnie25/04/12
8jewel 190 corner tank and stand :innternal filter,heater,air pump and stones, ocean rock and coral sand 20007/03/12
9Oscar WANTED :looking for an oscar at least 5" tiger or albino, thanks08/02/12
10Large Plec For Sale or Swap :Large Plec in great condition around 10 inches want to sell or swap for smaller Plec or Catfish or any tropical fish considered.12/01/12
113ft tropical set & fish - Kilmarnock, Ayrshire Scotland :Selling my 3ft tank - full tropical set up with 2 black marble angels (breeding pair), 8 buenos aires tetras & 7 bronze corydoras. Fully ...07/12/11
12pond fish :hi are you closing down your pond if so give me a call all pond fish will be given a good home we have over 20 years experience in pond keep ...30/11/11
14LARGE BOW FRONTED TANK 4 FEET OR OVER WANTED. :I am currently in the market for a larger tank and I am looking for a 4 foot or 5 foot bow fronted model complete with stand. I will travel ...31/10/11
15JUWEL 190 CORNER TANK WITH BEECH WOOD STAND. :As stated I have a Juwel 190 Corner Tank complete with stand in good condition. The tank has the original Juwel internal filter and a few bi ...31/10/11
16Plane Wreck Aquarium Ornament . :XL WW2 Thunderbolt Plane Wreck Aquarium Ornament L63cm x W30cm x H25cm Excellent condition and the fish love swimming around it. Pr ...30/10/11
17Eheim Wave 4ft Tank. :48" x 21" x 15" at left hand side and 18" at the right hand side due to the unique S shaped front glass.. Tank sits o ...30/10/11
182 talking catfish :one 6 inch one 4/5 inch looking to sell them as moving on to other types of fish and tank too small for them now have never shown any sign o ...26/10/11
19Wanted mbuna cichlids :hello im looking to add to my small collection of mbuna cichlids i would like to get a few more yellow labs and Pseudotropheus saulosi i ...17/10/11
20Juwel Vision 180 bow front aquarium & Stand in beach finish :I have for sale my stunning Juwel Vision 180litre bow front aquarium Comes complete with Fluval U4 Filter System and spare filter pads Nat ...16/10/11
21Juwel rio 180 :Juwel rio 180 for sale in excellent condontion with external filter, for picture email [email protected]16/09/11
22Juwel Rio 300 :WANTED, juwel rio 300 in beech preferably with an fx5 filter16/09/11
23HEALTHY FISH AND TANK FOR SALE :For Sale : Eight healthy fish and 35 litre tank! Comes with filter, gravel and bridge feature! Can also come with stand if wanted at no ex ...09/09/11
24Roma Fluval 240 tank and cabinet :Roma 240 tank and cabinet with fluval 305 under tank filter fluval tronic heater and flurescents.....comes with gravel, ornimants and stone ...19/08/11
25Juwel Rio 240 BLACK NEW :Juwel Rio 240 Tank in black **NO Cabinet or fish just tank for sale** Dimensions Tank : 121cm x 41cm x 55cm i have a brand new rio 240 ...09/08/11
26juwel rio 400 tank :brand new rio 400 in beech with t5 lights,filter and pump kit 152cm **tank only** brand new - still in box 375 0758001306409/08/11
27CORYDORAS wanted :hi looking for any CORYDORAS catfish and guppies good price paid03/08/11
28corys :hi looking for any CORYDORAS catfish and guppies good price paid03/08/11
29tank and fish for sale scotland :180 jewel bow front tank 300w heater 40 juvi fish coral sand tuffa rock air pump powerhead lots of spares 13019/07/11
30WANTED JUWEL RIO 300 IN BEECH. :I am starting a new freshwater aquarium and am looking to purchase a Juwel Rio 300 in Beech, could anyone looking to sell one please let me ...21/06/11
31FOR SALE Juwel Vision 450 Beech with stand and accessories :THE PICTURE DOES NOT DO THIS TANK JUSTICE! You are viewing a Vision 450 bow fronted fish tank. It comes with all accessories. You will ne ...09/06/11
32Aquarium fish Ayrshire :Looking for non agressive fish, guppies, swordtails, fry? ect. Call 0786381060609/05/11
33flowerhorn :wanted a female flowerhorn about 5/6 inch or if i cant find one willing to sell my male flowerhorn he is 6 inch .22/04/11
34cleartides n150 nitrate reactor :Wanted. Cleartides n150 nirate reactor for an experiment-does not need the medium,so if you are one of the many who have one in their shed p ...13/04/11
353 tropical fish for sale ayr :i have 2 angelfish for sale, the wild type, grey/orange with black stripes down their side, both around 5-7inche tall. feeding well. 4 each ...05/04/11
36malawi fish for sale scotland :dialeptos at 2in 2.50 per fish mpanga at 2in 2.50 per fish26/03/11
37large plecs and talking catfish for sale :3 large albino plecs 8 to 12 inch... 3 sailfin plecs again 8 to 12 inch ... 1 sailfin 6 inch .....2 striped talking catfish 6 inch and 3 inc ...20/03/11
39Aqua medic shorty 5000 skimmer 200 :When you need monster skimming and you have only the space under your stand to play with, the Turboflotor 5000 Shorty skimmers deliver drama ...12/03/11
40malawi fish for sale scotland :dialeptos elongatus mpanga these fish are 2in the parents are fish bought from tony 2.50 per fish23/12/10
41tuffa rock for sale scotland :20 large pieces of tuffa rock 3014/12/10
42Electric blue jack dempsey :5 n a half 6 inch EBJD. Perfect condition not aggresive with other cichlids. Must be colected from Ayrshire. Reasonable offers only. thanks ...30/11/10
43Young Kribensis Fry, Ayrshire :I have around 20 5-6 week old Kribensis fry for sale at 1 per fish. Fry are around 10mm at the moment and readily feed on Tetra Prima, T ...26/11/10
44Wanted: 100L+ Aquarium :Looking for aquarium 100L+ in, or near, Ayrshire. Please e-mail me if you have one for sale, thanks.21/11/10
45AQUARIUM BOYU ORCA TL450 WANTED :Hi, I am looking for a Orca Tl450 or similar.Please call 07407730484 or text and I will get back asap,Thanks17/10/10
46wanted breeding pair of angels :wanted breeding pair of angel top cash paid .......09/10/10
47angels :looking for breeding pairs of angels top cash paid tel 0129446877005/10/10
48Live Rock :20KG of Premium Cured Indonesian Live Rock This was purchased in december last year however now breaking down a marine tank. Indonesia ...03/06/10
49Live Rock :20KG of Premium Cured Indonesian Live Rock This was purchased in december last year however now breaking down a marine tank. Indonesia ...03/06/10
50Wanted bow front fish tank 4ft SCOTLAND :Looking for a 4ft aquarium pref Fluval Vicenza but consider others eg Juwel Vision, Rena etc. in the dark wood please. Full set up. Filter ...02/05/10
517ft Tank and Custom Cabinet :Stunning tank and hand crafted cabinet in rustic style of reclaimed timber. 84"x24"x26" Corner weir, drilled and plumbed. Sump 60"x18"x20" O ...28/02/10
52deltec mce 600 :deltec mce 600 protein skimmer for marine fish tank.....26/02/10
53aqua start 500. 65ltr :hi i have an aqua start 500 for sale (65ltrs). it is 16months old and comes with stand,gravel,filters(ugf,&small internal filter)heater ...08/02/10
55live rock :Wanted in Ayrshire Hi folks looking for about 15 kilo of live rock and any other start up equipment (sand salt test kit & nitrobac) any he ...18/01/10
56metal halides :Hi there i have two 150W metal halides The first is an Aquamedic 150 which has a 10Kbulb fitted approx 1 month ago. The light unit is in ...01/12/09
57fish tank :wanted large fish tank.reasonable price please. ayrshire.13/10/09
58juwel rekord 120 with stand and fish :we have a rekord 120 with stand black in colour, comes with heater, hagen fluval u3 filter, bog woods, hiding dens, backing paper, gravel an ...01/10/09
59ZEBRA PLECOS L46 WANTED :Hi Im looking for young or adult plecs, I have one just now who is all alone, and needs a couple of wee friends. Cash Waiting. Would pref ...18/07/09
60RED SEA MAX :I have decided to sell my plug and play system which is in black with matching stand. It is ready to add water and live rock and you would b ...13/05/09
61resun dms 400 48 litre nano marine tank & accessories :hi i have for sale my resun dms400 nano marine tank, it is a 48 litre with built in skimmer, filter & pump, also included is heater, some sa ...24/02/09
62bog wood :VARIOUS PIECES OF BOGWOOD for sale all sizes meduim size 5 large 1024/02/09
63for sale :hi i have got a 3ft fish tank in unit full set up for sale 40.0020/02/09
645 Discus and Tank For Sale :Eheim "Wave" 4ft long curved front tank and cabinet - with Eheim external filter (under 12 months old) and all other equipment and accessori ...13/11/08
6530"x12" hood with built in light :hi there, i am looking for a hood for my sons fishtank. fish tank size 30"x12", it must have an inbuilt light and be in good wor ...13/11/08
67fish tank for sale :corner unit fish tank, stand and hood with accessories ie - pump, log ornament. All new, never used. One Hundred and Twenty Pounds.12/10/08
68WANTED Arcadia series 3 or 4 halide light :Wanted arcadia series 3 or 4 single 150w halide complete with actinics and timers. Would consider 250w.Would pay postage. Thanks07/09/08
69Carp and Goldfish free to good home :I have inherited a pond with 3 large ghost carp, 12 large goldfish and 3 tench. I am clearing the garden and need to remove the pond. Th ...29/06/08
70trigon 350 with sump and reef 500 :trigon 350 black ash good condition .it has its own filter .i have converted the trigon so you can use a sump .i have a reef 500 in the sum ...16/04/08
71complete jewel aquarium :four foot system(48x20x15) with built in heater,light, brand new pump and stone effect backdrop,absolute bargain at 90 !!!!!11/04/08
72Shop display unit for sale :This display consists of: *Malawi Tank - 48x18x12 Various Malawis including - yellow labs, elongatus chewere(WC), socolofi, lombardoi, joh ...10/04/08
73FOR SALE :One Tropical Fire Eel approx 12 inches long. Age about 2 years ( Do not put with small fish)08/03/08
74Seabray Polished Cherry Wood Veneer Cabinet Aquarium :Seabray's 36"x15"x18" Aquarium Beautiful & Ideal Sized piece of furniture Additional Eheim ECCO External Filter, Sub ...20/02/08
75baby gold or yellow piranhas :has anybody got and baby gold or yellow piranhas for sale email or phone cheers11/02/08
76Fish For Sale Or Swap :Hi There I Have 2x Male Guppy, 1x Female Guppy, 2x Male Tuxedo Swordtails and 3 Kissing Gouramis Open to offers for sale or swap col ...17/10/07
77Tank for Sale :Juwel Rio 180 comploete with fish, spare filter pads, cabinet, medication eg white spot safe water etc. Spare bulbs, filter head, air pump, ...05/10/07
78Wanted breeding pair clownfish :I am looking for a pair of clownfish I have a tank all ready and matured. I would particularly like proven pair who have already bred. Willi ...13/05/07
79angels :wanted breeding pair angelfish top cash paid .....16/04/07
80fish for sale :2 silver dollars 4" 2 silver sharks 7" 2 pimlodella catfish 5" any offers08/03/07
81discus :6 discus for sale or swap 3 / 5 / inches any offers21/01/07
8240" x 22" x 20" 10mm glass Tank For Sale :I am selling this tank which is drilled in rear corners or can be blocked as i have stopped breeding fish now,This would be ideal for someon ...25/11/06
8348x21x15 10mm bow front tank with external filter :bow front tank about meter half long with fluval external filter and full tank set up west coast of scotland 150 no offers or tank alone ...10/07/06
8448x21x15 10mm bow front tank with external filter :bow front tank about meter half long with fluval external filter and full tank set up west coast of scotland 150 no offers or tank alone ...01/06/06
85bow front tank and external filter :bow front tank about meter half long with fluval external filter and full tank set up west coast of scotland 150 no offers or tank alone ...28/05/06
86dwarf ciclids Central Scotland :pr agassizi double red 7.00 pr caucatoidies 7.00 pr Nanacara anomola 7.00 pr taeniolatus niger red 10.00 female taen ...25/04/06
87Malawis Central Scotland :young johanni, fuelleborni, C. moori pair estherae pair zebra mpanga group white top afra female venustus female D. compresiceps adult ...25/04/06
8812 healthy discus :for sale 12 healthy discus feeding great 3 to 4 inch sell as a lot or may separate good offer takes the lot they are german reds .....17/04/06
89wanted albino corys :has anyone out there got albino corys for sale males will pay good price for them many thanks alan.....08/03/06
90gouraimes / for sale 50p each :i have got youg gouriames blues / gold / 3 spots / 50p each or may swap for other fish09/02/06
91wanted breeding tanks and equipment :wanted breeding tanks and equipment must be in good condition live in scotland cash waiting many thanks for looking as i am just starting ba ...02/11/05
92Angel Fish Wanted :I am looking for adult angel fish, prefably females, any colours, and also veiltails, but will consider younger fish too. prices must be rea ...28/10/05
93angels / gouraimes / wanted :hi looking for a breeding pair of angels anywere in scotland top cash paid thanks for looking ....16/10/05
94pearl gourami female wanted :hi there is there anyone in scotland got any pearl gourami female for sale i have got two males looking for a female can anyone help many th ...27/09/05
95help me :famale pearl gourami wanted for breeding can anyone help........alan12/09/05
96angels / gouraimes / wanted :wanted breeding pairs of angels any amount cash waiting just starting back up again many thanks for looking ....16/08/05
97Sacem Winds 4000 Pump :4000 Litre/hour pump ideal for larger system or pond. Still boxed 20 plus p + p. Email [email protected]23/07/05
98bristlenose plec :looking for a few bristlenose plecs around about the glasgow area at a resonable price19/06/05
99java moss :hi is there anyone out there looking for java moss i have some for sale they come in 25grams if intrested let me know04/06/05
100Tanganyikans Central Scotland :breeding group multifasiatus (plus shells) 20.00 breeding group olivaceous - approx 15 fish 20.0001/05/05
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