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150l K1 micro Used 45 / swap :As above, used, but only is tank setup so not dirty at all 45collection only May swap for a DC pump14/12/17
2Marine Aquarium - Fluval M90 :Bargain at 140 the following are included in the sale Tank and Stand - All in good nick considering age of tank only issue is the hin ...15/11/17
3RBTA on live rock :Healthy RBTA on nice piece of live rock. 45 - collection only15/11/17
4Distichodus sexrascuatus :Hi I have a Distichodus sexrascuatus fish free to a good home Roughly 18 months old and pretty big Bucket and net needed Toddington ...13/11/17
5for sale up and running marine tank 500 :Selling due to move. Bespoke complete Marine tank. Includes 40kg living rock 10 bubble topped anenomie Power heads Heater LED lig ...04/11/17
6Large red finned giant gourami 30cm ACCEPT 25 PAID 100 FOR HIM :Selling cheap as getting bullied. Paid good money as he has blue in his scales. Shy fish gets on with my parrots and severums. Realis ...14/10/17
717 CM LARGE GREEN & RED SEVERUM ACCEPT 20 PAID 75 FOR HIM :Lovely friendly fish, selling due to size, again would need 5ft and good filtration,oxygen. Nice green reddish fins. REDUCED AS NEED S ...14/10/17
8LARGE RED FINNED GIANT GOURAMI SHY FISH :Lovely 30 cm red finned giant gourami, he is being bullied. Reluctant sale paid 100 but will sell for 50. Lovely red fins, black, silver ...11/10/17
9TORQUOISE SEVERUM :Lovely large 18 cm shy severum, mixes well with other parrots, oscars, severums. He has been bullied by my Gourami. I Bought him as a ba ...11/10/17
10Aquael Econoline 70 aquarium and stand :Aquael Econoline aquarium and stand. Comes complete with APS 1400 external filter. Heater is included and air pump. Comes with some ocean ro ...29/09/17
11Juwel Rio 180 50 :Juwel Rio 180 litre fish tank Fluval U4 Filtration System Heater 4 Ornaments 1 x Large Pleco 2 x Cichlids The only thing that needs re ...27/09/17
12shrimps :wanted anyone got any good quality shrimp for sale within 50 miles of bedford, please tel richie 0797474153904/08/17
13sterbai cats x19 adult fish breeding group :For sale a group of19 sterbai cats adult specimens. 90 for the group. Call Andy on 0797382867015/07/17
14l178 red tail ancistrus :For sale 4 red tail ancistrus ,full grown. 120 for the four. Call Andy on 0797382867015/07/17
15Community fish breeding project appeal for bedford charity :Bedford based charity looking for sponsors or donations for fitting out our new fishroom! We currently have a system, but wish to upgrade ...13/07/17
16Jewel trigon 190L 3D background :Excellent condition custom made by aquamania Really looks stunning only selling due to tank upgrade. NB this is only the 3D backgroun ...07/07/17
17Just arrived, high quality Super red and Panda Goldhead XB Blue Wild Supreme :Just arrived, high quality Super red and Panda Goldhead XB Blue Wild Supreme. Already trained on Hikari Floating pellets,8 inches. Intere ...20/06/17
18Fish keeping bits - FREE - Luton :I'm looking at rehoming some fish keeping bits, such as leads, filter medium, suction cups, tubing, odds and sods. Worth a rummage for a ...12/06/17
198 Red bellied piranha 8-10 inches :8 adult red bellied piranha for rehome only moving on to close tank down approx 4 years old. All healthy and fed on pellets or frozen Fish. ...06/05/17
20Tanks, stands, filter, heaters etc., free to collector :One stand for four foot tanks, two four foot tanks, two stands for two foot tanks, three two foot tanks. Comes with lids, heaters, air pumps ...05/05/17
21Flash sale space needed :Guppies trio's for 1.50 (1 male 2x female) Pineapple swordatils 1.50 a pair. Malawi Cichlids white and blue striped 1.50 each, We need ...25/04/17
224ft lighting :Used on my 6ft, in great working order Comes with its box 8021/04/17
236 X 2 X 18 :Will need to be collected Comes with various items No fish included,now empty ready for collection. 300 O. N. O21/04/17
24Guppies, Platies, Malawi Cichlids and Swordtails for sale. :Bedford based charity. Good quality fish, all bred by our students. Guppies (black bodied red tailed males and half black females) 1 ...18/04/17
25Marine sump :Marine sump 36x15x15 nearly new excellent condition 4014/04/17
26Frontosa Burundi group for sale :Reluctantly I'm looking to move on my group of Burundi. There is eight in total and are now getting to big for the tank. They have breed thr ...09/03/17
27fluval fresh f90 fish tank and cabinet :for sale used fluval fish tank 35"l x 18"h x14w and cabinet, including fluval 206 external filter , and LED lighting, good condition slight ...03/03/17
28live rock 2 per kilo & equipment for sale. :50 kilo of mature live rock. Just closed down my 600lt marine tank. Items for sale. Deltec APH525 skimmer with DCS 600...PLUS Eheim p ...22/02/17
29Defect blue base cross back arowana :For sale 14" blue base crossback the fish has only one eye and only 1 barbel apart from that it is an extremely healthy and stunning fish fe ...10/02/17
3030cm common plecostomous pleco 20 :20 Bedfordshire This is a large fish, 30cm. They are lovely to watch and care for. I was falsely told he'd be happy in my tank his whole ...09/02/17
31Zebra gold kawanga, msobo magunga :For sale Metraclima Kawanga gold F1 3 (1m, 2OB female) 6 inch-30 Metraclima Msobo Magunga F1 4 females 4inch-2009/02/17
32Tank Closure Bedford :I have the following for sale due to shutting down my 6ft tank. 4 Large Tinfoil Barbs, 2 Medium Silver Sharks 1 Male german super red B ...06/02/17
33Red sea reef 250 :Full set up Deltec skimmer Ai hydra lights Tmc reactor Vector uv Ehime return pump Maxspect wave maker Dosing pump Fluvel heat ...03/02/17
34Destination Aquatics :We have now moved to Bedford. You can find us at Telford Way, Cambridge road, Bedford MK42 0PQ. Stocking a wide range of tropical fish ...15/01/17
35ai hydra 52 hd wifi smartphone controlled led lighting unit :Al Hydra 52 HD White The Al Hydra 52 HD in white is part of the HD series the newest innovation in the Al Hydra line. The extraordinary ...14/01/17
36snake neck turtle :Anybody knows if you can get snake neck turtle in UK? And where possibly.09/01/17
37Ocean Runner 2500 Return Pump (AquaMedic) :Ocean Runner 2500 Return Pump Too powerful for the tank I have, used but in great condition and perfect working order. Great pump 30 ...02/01/17
38Red Sea Max S400 for sale :Selling S400 due to size, 3 years old. Couple of minor scratches not noticeable caused by guys cleaning. Black cabinet and does not have or ...12/12/16
39Various Items ATi Dimmable , Doser, Deltec Zeolite Reactor etc :TMC Easi-Dose 3 Channel Doser (Boxed) 100 Bubble Magnus Mini Reactor - 30 Deltec ZA509 Zeolite Reactor ( http://www.theaquariumsolution. ...23/11/16
40Various Items ATi Dimmable , Doser, Deltec Zeolite Reactor etc :TMC Easi-Dose 3 Channel Doser (Boxed) 100 Bubble Magnus Mini Reactor - 30 Deltec ZA509 Zeolite Reactor ( http://www.theaquariumsolution. ...23/11/16
41Juwel HiLite T5 895mm Blue Tubes x 2 :I have 2 T5 895mm Blue tubes bought for my marine aquarium but never used. These are still in the original boxes. They should be in perfect ...10/11/16
42Vectron UV 400 :Vectron UV 400 Ultraviolet Water Steriliser Perfect working order. 20 for quick sale Collection from LU2 area08/11/16
432 x adult silver dollars - Free - Luton :Got 2 x silver dollars for a good home Let me know when you can collect. Many thanks Sally05/11/16
44Jardini Arowana :Beautiful Pearl arowana. Approx 14-16 inch in length. Lovely markings. 10019/10/16
45Jaguar cichlid :For sale 9inch jaguar cichlid stunning fish selling as its out grown tank 40 Luton collection only contact Lee 0790305336904/10/16
46Giraffe Cat Fish 10 inch+ :Feeds on anything 5029/09/16
47Pair Of Oscars :Beautiful pair of Oscars 8029/09/16
48Red Tail Catfish :RTC feeds on anything 15" - 20" 60 Ono17/09/16
49Stingray for sale :All eating mussels one month old baby stingrays for sale sorry but you have to collect25/08/16
50Tropheus duboisis :Tropheus maswa from 1.5cm .3 Txt 0747483152017/08/16
51Zebra Pleco Hypancistrus Zebra, L046, L98, L173 :Pleco L046 AND OTHERS WHOLESALES PRICES We breed and export good quality aquarium fishes of various sizes and types We also have a wide vari ...13/08/16
52koi :three good koi for sale approx 16/18 inchesto big for pond stan luton 01582 65222612/08/16
53koi :getting to big for my pond threekoi carp between 16/18 inches 100 pounds12/08/16
54Molly Miller Blenny wanted :Looking for a outlet within reasonable distance of Sandy, Beds to purchase a Molly Miller blenny. Thanks11/08/16
55Giraffe Cat Fiah 8 inch :Very healthy 4024/07/16
56spotted gar x3. 9inches :I am selling three spotted gar. these fish are healthy and feeding well. 9 inches long. 30 each or 75 for the three. I can WhatsApp pi ...24/07/16
57Tropheus maswa :Tropheus duboisis 3 each .2-4 cm07/07/16
58Cheato Algae - Refugium Marine Sump - 5 Posted - Jug size amount :Cheato in my sump is growing out of control, Jug size amount 5 posted (Paypal) or collection07/07/16
59Tropheus duboisis :Tropheus maswa grup of 20 . Or more .from 3 .24/06/16
60Fish List :Tropical Stocklist Black Ghost knife Fish 8" Fire Eel x2 15-16" Fire Eel x1 18-20" Albino Silver Arowana (Beautiful) 10" Rhombo Bar ...01/06/16
61The sleep room (SPH16-747) :Now that we�re offering snug sofas alongside our bedroom things we thought we�d change our name to Loaf. Four letters. ...24/04/16
62Thai silk flowerhorn :Got a male Thai silk flower horn for sale comes with a 4ft tank with a kamfa male and a Midas divided off complete set up 4x12x15 fish tank ...10/04/16
63Stock List :Pentazona barb Golden Barb Tiger barb Cherry barb White cloud L/Fin Dwarf gourami Ancistrus orange and black LDA16 Long Fin Titanic ...26/03/16
64Malawi Cichlids in 330L Clearseal tank 54x24x16 White and Equipment For Sale :Sizes of fish are approximate. Happy to take reasonable offers on equipment and tank. Please text or e-mail. The tank is coming up to a y ...22/03/16
65330L Clearseal tank 54x24x16 White, Malawi Cichlids and Equipment For Sale :Happy to take reasonable offers on equipment and tank. Please text or e-mail. The tank is coming up to a year old and measures 54x24x16 ( ...21/03/16
66Malawi Cichlids in 330L Clearseal tank 54x24x16 White and Equipment For Sale :Fish: (SOLD) Met. Msobo 1m/3f, mix of F1 bloodlines 3"+ - 20 Met. Estherae 1m/4f, 4 various size females plus a small (1.5") blotched ...21/03/16
67Blue zoas :Zoas with blue center & orange fringe. 15 collection from Bedford02/03/16
68RED SEA S-500 WANTED. :Can collect. Red sea S-500 or 400. Thank you 0792728334326/02/16
69SEAHORSES WANTED. :I'm searching for seahorses. Any. Ideally male and female. Thank you.23/02/16
70Living rock :Approx 40kg of living rock available 130, happy to split21/02/16
71Eheim 2080 :For sale eheim 2080 with media and all pipes and connectors 150 please txt or call on 0796016355508/02/16
72erectus seahorses :wanted erectus seahorses within 50 miles of Bedford thanks02/02/16
73fancy goldfish.high grade panda &tricolour orandas :for sale . I have nine orandas ,they are either pandas,or tricolours. they have superb bodies and head growth. these fish are top drawer! ...16/01/16
74Marine aquarium :Due to lack of time I'm reluctantly selling the following equipment from my marine set-up - want 700 for the lot or make me offer for indi ...30/12/15
75Common plecs and Kissing Gourami - Free :2 common plecos and 4 adult kissing Gourami for rehoming. The plecs are around 6 inches long. Currently housed with community fish (corrys, ...28/12/15
76Aquarium Tank Marine Reef Fish Tank and Cabinet :Beautiful Marine Aquarium Selling due to upgrading to a larger tank This sale is for Tank and Cabinet only NON of its contents or ...26/12/15
77For sale :Aquriam 260lts 58 galls plus external filter,protein skimmer T41 light and remote control all fit nicely in cabinet only 12 weeks old I have ...19/12/15
78Marine fish, soft corals, live rock, in Marine set up for sale :Juwel Rio 125 with fluval external filter, wavemaker. tunze skimmer, aquaray LED,heater, live and life rock, live sand and a few corals, toa ...17/12/15
792 x common plecs - Luton :Looking to rehome 2 x common plecs. They're both around 6-7inches & eating well. Currently in a community tank & playing well with ...17/12/15
80Crenicichla Sp Atabapu Red :Beautiful Bonded pair of Pikes. Around 11" long. These are special. POA. Contact us on 01908 23043515/12/15
81Angle fish breeding pair :Hi selling my breeding pair of angle fish she is caring at the min so if ur quick the girl is 3 and a half inches long the boy an inch bigge ...29/11/15
82400lt half-moon aquarium 4ft8 inches H x 4ft W x 2ft D tank only :300 Tank with cabinet only Very rare 400lt half-moon aquarium with cabinet. As you can see from the photos the tanks in great clean condi ...18/11/15
83Assasin snails :50p each collection only aprox 40 available.18/11/15
84fancy goldfish ryukin,broad tail/short tail :for sale three ryukin ,they are in lovely condition. large specimens. nice deep bodied fish.strong colour. 55.00 each or all three for ...12/11/15
85Apistogramma panduro :Female Panduros, good condition, reading for breeding. 5 each.11/11/15
862mx60x60cm aquarium for sale :i have a 2mx60x60cm aquarium for sale, nice big glass tank few scratches etc, cant fit it in my new house so it has to go, it is currently i ...08/11/15
87Marine Tank closure - REDUCED :Due to personal circumstances I have had to close down my 4' x 2' x 2' Marine aquarium. As such I have the below dry goods for sale. Thi ...04/11/15
88Young dalmation molly fish :I have approx 30 Dalmatian molly fish available for sale. 1 each or 3 for 5 All fish are highly cared for and are fully of health and e ...26/10/15
89Free community fish required for Bedford Charity :We are currently looking for donations of free community fish for our Charity based in Bedford re-engaging young people using the medium of ...07/10/15
90Hydor Koralia_ 3200 l/hr circulation pump :This unit is in perfect working order and had been used in a salt water tank for approximately 3 months so has some "crusty bits". Tank n ...29/09/15
91Large pieces of Slate :I have 6 flat pieces of slate that I used to cover the back of my 5ft tank, they have drilled holes to be able to connect them all together. ...20/09/15
92Large pieces of Bogwood :I have 6 large pieces of Bogwood for sale. Each of them over 40cm long and one of them 50cm tall. All very decorative and made the tank lo ...20/09/15
93hilari turtle :baby hilari turtle. must have a separate tank with no fish or other turtles. this species is active, so a 4 or 5 foot tank will eventual ...07/09/15
94selection of cichlids and 4ft tank free for collection in bedford :must be collected today or tomorrow due to tank strip down which is also free to collector (tank and lid with light only) 4ft jewel fully us ...28/08/15
95LARGE vieja synspilum & vieja argentea for sale :Both fish are around 12", beautiful and healthy fish. Am selling as they are the largest fish in my tank and are rather aggressive, scaring ...02/07/15
96JBL M2000 CO2 (refillable) Cylinder (Purchased July-2014) :Hello, I have a used (for 9ish month), virtually new refillable JBL CO2 cylinder for sale - 2kg capacity (empty) Manufactured 10/2013 ...23/05/15
97Malawi Mbuna - Luton :All of the fish are fed on high quality Flake and Pellet (New Era), Frozen and fresh foods. Our Latest breeds and stock levels are ...19/05/15
98Rift Lake Cichlids - Mbuna (LUTON) :All of the fish are fed on high quality Flake and Pellet (New Era), Frozen and fresh foods. Our Latest breeds and stock levels are ...19/05/15
99#4 butterfly koi top quality hand picked. 7/8 inches long :for sale a butterfly koi top quality fish hand selected. see photos. any questions call andy on 07973828670. I live near the jap koi co i ...11/05/15
100#3 butterfly koi top quality hand picked. 7/8 inches long :for sale a butterfly koi top quality fish ,hand selected. check photos. any questions call andy on 07973828670. I live near the jap koi c ...11/05/15
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