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1Fish tank for sale 4 foot. :I have for immediate sale a fluval Roma 240 litre tank in black with matching cabinet. It comes with heater, fluval 306 external filter and ...21/05/17
2GROUP OF MYLEUS SP. BLACKBERRY LAMAX 3 £200 ono - approx 6-7 inches total size - ... :I Have a small group of 4 of the extreamly rare silver doller type - Myleus sp. Blackberry ( lamax 3 ). Approx 6-7" total length . Tw ...21/05/17
3Discus Ceramic Spawning/Breeding Cone :I bought this Discus cone amongst a job lot of various aquatic items - looks unused. Height 7.5 inches. £10 (no offers please). Text or ...20/05/17
4XL & L size Bog wood pieces for aquarium or vivariums :2 pieces of XL and L size beautiful bogwood to decorate aquariums or vivariums with lots of nooks and crannies. Have to be seen with the nak ...20/05/17
5New Fluval FX5/FX6 Ribbed Hosing 4 metres :For both FX5 and FX6 canister filters. Had this a while now from new, but never used. Great as a spare if not initially needed. £16 (no ...20/05/17
6Various Koi for sale :Various koi for sale due to closing down pond and moving house. Most are 15"+ so make sure your pond is suitable, starting from £80 per fi ...20/05/17
7Opthalmotilapia :Opthalmotilapia ventralis mpimbwe trio 1 male 2 female £30 stockton on tees18/05/17
8for sale red shrimp :I have red shrimp for sale £1 each bring something to put them in....you will not be disappointed with them....18/05/17
9for sale Malawi s mbuna :3 inch to adult fish £4 collection only bring cash and there yours all blue in colour can do deals on digger amounts bought you will not be ...18/05/17
10fish tank for sale :it is bare tank 12 inch wide 18 inch high 24 inch long its been fixed in two corners but is water tight hence price £1518/05/17
11now 100w heater :07950 236338 £1513/05/17
12now 100w heater :‭‭07950 236338 £1513/05/17
13Aqua One ProSkim G220 Protein Skimmer. :Aqua One ProSkim G220 Protein Skimmer. From Aqua one reef 275 fully working. Simple accurated control, allows adjustment to quicker output ...13/05/17
14discus breading tank :for sale Teesside erea 2 discus breading cube 18 by 18 very good condition an heavy not cheap one come with sponge filter,breading cone ,top ...08/05/17
15Aqua reef 275 and cabinet for sale :£600 ono Aqua reef 275 and cabinet complete marine setup. Bubble magus protein skimmer,eheim compact + 300 return pump, two wave maker powe ...07/05/17
16for sale two foot tank :bare tank 24 long 12 wide by 12 high £15 clear seal im in middlesbrough05/05/17
17lethrinops marginatus red fin young :about 1.25/1.75inch long well reared good healthy young fish 5 for £10.quality fish04/05/17
18L number plecos tetras and more :UPDATED LIVESTOCK LIST - 03/05/17 updated, TROPICAL AMAZONAS AQUATICS - 5* Rated from over 130 reviews!!!!! ------------------------ ...04/05/17
19Would like a Pacu around 10" Near to Middlesbrough :Hi I live in the Middlesbrough Area and would like a large Pacu.03/05/17
20Breeding pair of discus :Here I have my breeding pair of discus I would like to swop for another pair and try a new strain they were purchased from Steven punchard s ...26/04/17
21Aqua medic ocean runner pump and sump £45 :AQUA MEDIC OCEANRUNNER 3500 This in my opinion one of the the best designed water return pumps .This pump can be used for marine and tropic ...26/04/17
22Aqua manta aquarium filter £45 :Aqua manta EFX300 cannister filter has great flow and water intake with good bacterial and chemical efficiency this filter comes with pipes ...26/04/17
23Various plecs, cichlids, cory, fish for sale :For sale Hartlepool 3 inch L271 Plecs £25 each m and f left £45 the 2 2 inch Common Plecs £2.50 each 3 inch Blood red parrots £10 eac ...25/04/17
24l46 :2 male zebra pleco,s 1 wild caught 1 tank bred,approx 3 inch in size £120 each,, pick up only teesville middlesbrough20/04/17
25220 litre barrel and 1 sheet egg crate :A couple of items for sale: 220 litre orange barrel with screw top lid. This was used to transport olives, I've washed it and was going ...19/04/17
263 tank breeding rack with HMF system :Breeding rack with HMF system I built this rack as a breeding system for Mbuna. I no longer keep them so it’s up for sale. The frame ...19/04/17
27Baby bristlenose :Baby bristlenose about an inch healthy fish unrelated parents £1 each collection from saltburn16/04/17
28Severums cichlids xl red spot ,rotkeil and spotted :I have for sale some severums from my personal collectio 12 inch Rotkeil £50 12 inch Red spot £50 8 inch Spotted £3013/04/17
296 inch Pictus cats :I have 3 6 inch Pictus cats £15 each 2 for £4013/04/17
305 to 6 inch clown loach :Hi I have a group of 4 x 5 to 6 inch clown loach £25 each13/04/17
31wanted :aqua one nano 30 reqd must be excellent condition and fully working and reasonably priced oak cabinet would be a bonus12/04/17
32Rena 6 and half foot tank 79 inch long :Hi I am selling my Rena 6.5 foot tank with stand also has lighting I am offering 2 options Tank stand and lights £300 Above plus FX5 ex ...11/04/17
33ATI T5 Light Unit £120 :I have for sale ATI 8x80W Dimmable. Fully working but has a Fault. Basically, one channel dims 1-100% and back down to 1% but wont turn off ...04/04/17
344ft Marine Aquarium & Stand for Sale :A 48” x 24” x 24” Braced Sebray Aquarium and cover glasses Weir in left hand corner, single drilled hole for Durso pipe to sump Sump 36” x ...03/04/17
35wanted true altum angels :altum angels wanted,,going away from l46 plecos into angels,,01/04/17
36Cichlids and communual fish :For sale Hartlepool 3 inch L271 Plecs £30 each trio left £75 3 inch L080 £5 each 6 inch Jaguar Cichlid £12.50 4 inch Vieja Cichlid ...01/04/17
37Malawi haps placidochromis phenochilous :1f 3m phenochilous larger male about 5inch proven breeders young can be seen £6030/03/17
38Opthamotilapia ventralis :Breeding pr comes with one of there young , comes from aquatreff £2530/03/17
39Wanted Jacod RW8 and auto top up. :Looking for a Jacod RW8 wavemaker and a auto top up system, something like a Tunze, TMC or something similar. Let me know what you have. ...28/03/17
40Various sized Marine Cabbage Coral frags/corals :Pricing starts from £10 to £30. These frags / corals have all been taken from the mains corals in the tank. Please message me for furt ...26/03/17
41Marine tank equipment-lights, skimmer, pumps, wave makers, salt etc :TMC reef-skim 1000 DC pump excellent condition with box £200 Jebao 6000 DC return pump excellent condition £60 Jebao RW-15 wave maker ...24/03/17
426x2x2 marine optiwhite tank, sump and cabinet :6x2x2 fish tank in walnut wood colour with optiwhite front panel. Excellent condition glass, a few tiny scratches right at the bottom of th ...24/03/17
43FEMALE BORLEYI :I am after some female BORLEYI within the next week or so, can you text, ring or email me with any details . Thank you15/03/17
44WANTED sulphur head peacocks :Wiling to travel for the right price, wanting 1 male and approx 6 females hoping for about 4/5" , thank you for reading14/03/17
45Wanted real reef rock :Wanted real reef rock or Fiji purple rock get in touch if you have any12/03/17
46Wanted Bristlenose :Wanted Lemon Bristlenose ideally a pair. I already have normal/brown and Super Reds looking for different types. What is available. If y ...10/03/17
47Red Mushrooms with Blue Spots on live rock :Blue Spotted Mushrooms on live rock, easy to keep soft corals which will multiply quickly in your tank if you have good water conditions. ...01/03/17
48Kigoma frontosa 7 inches £30 :A beautiful kigoma 7 striped frontosa25/02/17
493 foot tank with filter hood etc :Comes with condensation tray grow light etc £4024/02/17
50Aquel 100 cm tank with lid etc :100 CM tank with hood light. Heater. Etc 8024/02/17
514 foot tank with filters rocks heater etc :Comes with condensation tray heater 2 internal filters with spray bars. Without fish 70 with wrought iron stand. With over 20 malawis large ...24/02/17
52JADE EYE CICHLIDS (Cryptoheros spiliru) :My ten year old son Dan has breed his Jade eye pair . Fry are now 16 weeks and bet 2 and 3 cm about twenty left their bands are beautiful ...24/02/17
53Candy Basslet :For Sale: Candy Basslet (Or trade for corals) I splurged on a Candy Basslet a few months ago, but I think I would like to move toward inclu ...20/02/17
545ft Tropical Tank Shutdown :Please see photo for extensive list of livestock and equipment available. All for sale due to conversion to marine...MUST GO! Sensible offe ...18/02/17
55Lethrinops and phenochilous young :Lethrinops marginatus redfin young and placidochromis phenochilous about 1.25in good quality young healthy fish collect only £10 for 518/02/17
56Juwel Rio 125 for sale :Nice tank in beech £10016/02/17
57Aquarium and cabinet :I'm under pressure from my family to either do something with the tank or get rid as we've moved into a new home. I don't have the money to ...15/02/17
58Over 20 malawis for sale :Am selling over 20 malawis sizes ranging from 1 inch up to 5 inches.12/02/17
59Plecs and tropical fish :For sale Hartlepool, 3 Inch L399 Hypacictrus only £25 just 1 left 2 inch L333 Hypancistrus Black & Gold £10 each 3 inch L333 Hypanc ...14/01/17
60Trigon 350 :Trigon 350 litre corner aquarium. Beautiful piece of furniture. Fully equipped and stocked with Parrot fish, sharks, tin foil barbs, red l ...10/01/17
61L333 :4 l333.2 male 2 female.4 inch.£70.28/12/16
62Plecs :2 male 2 female.l333.4 inch.plus 2 younger ones at 2 inch.£20 each.or take all six £80.5 l002 adults.2 male 3 female..4 inch.£80.2 l036 fema ...18/12/16
63Plec L numbers and tropical fish :Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; Delivery available please ask. 5 inch L200 Green phantom plec £30 each 4-5 inch ...02/12/16
64Having a clear out. Stockton. :Before buying new, ask if we have it......, small tanks, heaters, air pumps, loads of different pipe work and fittings, bends etc, filter pa ...17/11/16
65T8 starters and tubes. Stockton :Selling as just not needed anymore. Single 35-49 watt. Double 79 watt. Bought new and still as new, never been messed about with. Only us ...17/11/16
66Tropical Cichlids for sale :Cichlids for sale. Closing my tank down and need to find them a new home. Mix of ages. All for £12016/11/16
67Fish, cory and plecs :Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; 4 inch Silver Dollars £4 each 2 inch Silver Dollars £2 each 1.5 inch Guinacara ...11/11/16
68Rena 600 6.9ft tank :Rena600 fish tank . Full set up Includes a 6 month old fx6 filter plus .heater and pumpire. Has a full community of various fish . Grav ...24/10/16
6930x12x15 inch tank :fish tank size is 30 x 12 x 15 inch complete with air pump,under gravel filter,hood and working light,heater. water tight has a few scratche ...17/10/16
70For sale tropheus chipimbi :Tropheus chipimbi (red moliro) Size 2 to 4 inch Price £4 to £6 Middlesbrough24/09/16
71Malawi,haps and peacocks :Thining out some of my big fish but do have a lot of young ones as well Protomelus Tanzania x5 1 x male 5inch 4 x females 4 inch plu ...17/09/16
72Interpet 48 ltr fishbox aquarium :NOW SOLD Interpet "fishbox" 48 ltr aquarium Inc Twin lights 100w heater Filter 1x bag unused sand Exvellent condition £30 (SOLD)17/09/16
73Plecs L400, L260, L060, L080, L333, L398 :For sale they are back plecs as below PLEASE DONT JUST ASK FOR FEMALES. 3 INCH PLUS L400 £30 EACH 2.5 INCH PLUS L260 £25 EACH 3 ...10/09/16
74.NOW SOLD..THANKS..Bargain £225 4ft x 2 x 2 Marine Tank, Stand, Sump Plus Extras :Buyer had to pull out due to un-foreseen personal issues Selling My 4x 2 x 2 with stand in beech effect. it comes with a 3 section sump ...26/08/16
75Various fish and cichlids for sale :Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; 1.5 inch Eliotti Cichlids females £2.50 each 3 inch jack dempsey £3 each 1 inch ...19/08/16
76Fire eels :5x fire eels for sale, £20 each, open to reasonable offers. Fish are around 11" each and eating well Collection only from Great Ayto ...18/08/16
77Various Malawi fish for sale :All £5 each as I need to move them on they are mainly fully grown coloured up male or adults. 1x Membe Deep Male 1x Frontosa (3 years ol ...02/08/16
78Breeding Group of Yellow Labs :This is a sale for all seven of my yellow labs they breed and I've raised loads of young off them. Some are quite big and some are smaller t ...02/08/16
79pond filter :i have for sale a oase biotec 10 pump fed gravity return filter oase bitron 25 uvc clarifier 6 spare foams for filter 2 x brand new 25w ...17/07/16
80BLUE ZEBRAS MALAWI FISH FOR SALE :Malawi fish for sale all blue zebras all in good health and eating fine all over 1 inch in size some are over 2 inch. The bigger fish in the ...04/07/16
81NOW SOLD H2 Ocean Media Reactor Plus Extras :Up for sale is my h2 ocean reactor. brilliant bit of kit very easy to maintain and shifts some water if required.. As new condition with ...03/07/16
82young L plecs for sale :i have several species of young L plecs for sale L333 1"-1.5" £10 each or 5 for £40 Peckoltia sp. rio tocantins 1"-2" ...01/07/16
83Fluval roma 200, tank and stand ( 200L tank ) :For sale fluval roma 200, tank stand and light unit, £60 ono ( 200L tank ) tank is located in skelton27/06/16
84LIVE ROCK for sale middlesbrough :Mature live rock for sale been in my tank for a year , only selling due to tank closure. all in salt water with heater and power head while ...20/06/16
85free to good home :I have to close my marine tank down due to having to get home improvements done I have 1 Coral Beauty 5 blue Dansels 1 white Goby 1 cleaner ...17/06/16
86Parachromis louisellei :Parachromis louisellei f1 lake Nicaragua Stunning specimen 9" eating well on anything £60. Norton stockton16/06/16
87Mexican cichlids :Veija species Forsale stockton 9-10" coatzacoalcos 10-11" fenestratus Antigua 10" synspilum golden Belize 7-8" ...16/06/16
886ft dsuny :i have for sale a 3month old Dsuny leds marine light which has 2 power supplies and the control unit it has built in WIFI and is programmabl ...09/06/16
89Various malawi :Having a clear out, loads of Malawi 3 to 4 inch. £4 each can only put Agee pics up loads of females holding ,just haven't got the room,best ...05/06/16
90Bristlenose plecos for sale :I have a number of Bristlenose plecos for sale ranging 2"-5" in length (5cm - 13cm) £3.00 each or 4 for £10.00. Located within Middlesb ...04/06/16
91Malawi :Aqua one cube 650s 220 litre aquarium with over 50kg of rock Mixture of Malawi cichlids including damsoni, jalo reef, venustus, alunoca ...26/05/16
92Protomelus tanzania :Protomelus Tanzanias 1 male 6 inches 4 females 4 inches and more 2 females are currently holding Only selling to make room for other fi ...23/05/16
93For sale , various cichlids :Turn up and make me an offer , Norton ....18/05/16
94Steveni tiger :Thinking this group out So there's pairs and just males These are 5 inches And are breaking £10 a male17/05/16
95Protomelus Tanzania :Protomelus tanzania Offers on these In Middlesbourgh,just freeing a tank for another project 1 male 6 inches 4 females between 4 to 5 i ...17/05/16
963ft cube wanting to swap for smaller marine aquarium :Hi I have a very strong 3ft cube 12 mmil glass with sump an sum pipe work this is water tight and wud b a great peice to any aquatic life t ...11/05/16
97Malawi fry and adults for sale :Yellow labs 1 inch -£2 Yellow labs 1.5-2 inch .£3 or 6 for £15 Red zebras 1.5 inch .£3 or 6 for £15 Demonsoni 1.5 inch .£3.50 or 5 for £1 ...10/05/16
98Marine tank 6x2x2 full set up or break down :Yellow tang Foxface Sailfin tang Bi coloured angel Royal gramma Maroon clown All fish are various prices and are quite large so not s ...09/05/16
996x2x2 full marine set up or break down :Due to owner giving up. For sale is a 6ft marine tank. Can be sold as a full set up including fish, or happy to break it down and sell separ ...09/05/16
100Quality marine books for sale £25 the lot :Selling my marine books list below these are cracking books some like the coastal fishes of Australia is often overlooked for those that kno ...02/05/16
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