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1Lake Victoria cichlids wanted :Wanted get intouch cash waiting16/03/14
2Red empress female wanted + yellow belly Albert female :Females wanted16/03/14
3300 litre aquarium with 60+ Malawi & Lake Vic Cichlids :For sale is my 300 litre aqarium with great mix of Malawi and Vics creating a peaceful community. I would like 350 for the setup please. ...15/03/14
4Four firemouth cichlids for sale 15 :Hi I have a group of four 2" maybe bigger collection from plymouth please email or text15/03/14
5FOR SALE: Various Cichlids (Malawi + Lake Vic) :4-5 plecs of varying sizes - Large 15, Medium 10 1 cray fish (pictured) - 35 The fish in the large tank I'm asking 12 each, buy 5 ge ...14/03/14
6Zebra obliquiden Mbuna :Hello all, I currently have some young zebra obliquiden mbuna for sale. They have been bred by me and are very healthy beautiful fish and ...14/03/14
7Parrot fish 15 silver large silver dollar pair 15 :Nice parrot fish 15 and silver dollar pair 1513/03/14
8Dovii ( wolf cichlid) 3.75 :I have over 200 of these around 1inch + mark can post for 19.99 a box13/03/14
9Wanted rena 6.6 cabinet :Looking for a cabinet for a rena aqualife 600 6ft 6 due to one piece damaged on my current one Many thanks12/03/14
10Bogwood filter sponges and equipment :Hi I'm selling to large pieces of big wood 25 A fluval U2 10 A 50w heater 5 Pack of filter sponges set course medium and fine 12" ...12/03/14
11Red emporess pair :Red empress breeding pair 8-12cm mAle coloured up nice11/03/14
12Silver dollars 15 :Large Pair of silver dollars08/03/14
13Live Tubifex Culture Kits - Grow Your Own ENDLESS Supply of Tubifex :Tubifex Culture Kit 11.99 Including 1st Class Postage A great and favoured live food for all aquarium fish. This culture kit co ...08/03/14
14Live White Worm Starter Cultures - Grow Your Own ENDLESS Supply of White Worms :Live White Worm Starter Culture 3.49 Including 1st Class Postage A great and favoured live food for all aquarium fish. Culturin ...08/03/14
15Live Gammarus Culture Kits - Grow Your Own ENDLESS Supply of Gammarus :Gammarus Shrimp Culture Kit 11.99 Including 1st Class Postage A great and favoured live food for all aquarium fish. This cultur ...08/03/14
16Live White Worm Culture Kits - Grow Your Own ENDLESS Supply of White Worms :Live White Worm Culture Kit 12.99 Including 1st Class Postage A great and favoured live food for all aquarium fish. Culturing S ...08/03/14
17Live Daphnia & Tubifex Culture Kits - Grow Your Own ENDLESS Supply of Daphni ... :Daphnia & Tubifex Culture Kit 12.99 including 1st Class Postage A great and favoured live food for all aquarium fish. This ...08/03/14
18Live Daphnia Culture Kits - Grow Your Own ENDLESS Supply of Daphnia :Daphnia Culture Kits 9.99 including 1st class postage A great and favoured live food for all aquarium fish. This culture kit co ...08/03/14
19FLUVAL SPEC 19 litre TANK FOR SALE SOUTH DEVON 35Pd. :One year old Fluval Spec tank in White with LEd light. Including Aqua One 25W heater and pump. All in very good condition and working,no le ...04/03/14
20Full mature nano setup :Hi I have a d&d nano cube with uprated return pump heater tmc nano skimmer brand new t5 bulbs and blue strip led night lights all on the st ...01/03/14
212mollys male female pearl gourami 2 small clown loach blue rams male female :Make me an offer or what you got to swap aquarium wise heaters filters etc text me what you got need gone by Tuesday28/02/14
22Mopani bog wood heavy peices :7 peices dome really big and heavy 150 ono or swap for nice tank or ocean rock28/02/14
23Roma 240 with sump and custom built LED lights 200 :I am selling my set up due to moving so I need to get rid asap. Contents A Roma 240 aquarium and stand worth almost 500 Custom buil ...25/02/14
24Biorb aquarium and stand - 30 :A lovely Perspex aquarium needs replacement light, pump fittings. (can pick up on ebay)Ideal for kids room/small apartments etc.25/02/14
25Red Cherry Shrimp - 1 each or 15 for 10 :Young red cherry shrimp, lovely red colour, from shrimp-only tank, 1-1.5cm in size, some females already saddled Got about 30 of them ...24/02/14
26orca boyu tl-450 marine tank :Fully functioning nano marine tank for sale (has built in skimmer heater return pump bio balls filtration etc), has a live sand bed and ret ...24/02/14
27Wanted jaguar catfish :I am looking for a comple of jaguar catfish in the plymouth area so if not near me can you ship23/02/14
28Lmjmmarines marine fish :Lots of fish at low prices Hi I have new fish weekly so ring or text me for stock if you are after something in particular just ask I am ...21/02/14
2915" Fahaka Puffer Fish :15" Fahaka Puffer. 50ono Axminster Devon.19/02/14
30Heaters fluval U2 and air pump :Hi selling a couple of bits Fluval U2 filter needs a couple of suckers 2 x heaters 50w 1 x air pump After 20 collected from plymou ...18/02/14
31Thai silk female cichlid :Hi I'm selling my Thai silk female she is stunning and can handle her self in any tank Would swap for other cichlids just give me a text o ...15/02/14
32Aquarium racks :John Allen tank racks wanted preferably blue ones pm with what you got they must be commercial not home made!14/02/14
33corals for sale dartmouth :Cauliflower coral 2 medium sized heads with blue mushrooms 35 Green stripe mudhrooms palm size 25 Red mushrooms 10ish heads 25 07803 ...13/02/14
34Fluval 240 Roma wanting to exchange for corner tank :Hi, I bought just after Christmas a new Fluval Roma 240 tank with inter grated filter. It's beautiful and near enough perfect for us. We ne ...09/02/14
35WANTED large acrylic fish tank :Acrylic fish tank wanted. Based in the southwest, I will collect from almost anywhere. Prefer good used condition. Must be at least 800 lit ...08/02/14
36Fluval G6 for sale :I have a fluval g6 for sale used comes with bits to set up it has 3 x pre filters and g nodes media and comes with nitrate phosphate ab ...07/02/14
37Aqua oak cube. :For sale I have my aqua oak tank and stand, with filter and heater for only 300 Ono the tank and stand are in perfect condition and will on ...06/02/14
38Candy Caine wrasse 30 :Lovely fish don't touch corals at all but love snails and shrimps so would be better in a fish only tank.. He's about 5inches long lovely fi ...05/02/14
39Mature Malawis for sale :Mature Malawis 50 the lot or will sell separately 2 x Zebra Melanchromis 8 each Yellow Lab 6 Lombardoi 6 2 x Yellow tail Aciechromi ...04/02/14
40Check out the Sunday night listing corals critters livefoods live rock copepods, ... :Check out the Sunday night listing page good mix of corals,critters, and live food can post any where in the uk mix of zoas,soft corals ...02/02/14
41mail order corals 10% off at jbsmarines sps lps zoas soft corals and live foods ... :JBS MARINES ONLINE SHOP FOR THE NEXT 2 WEEKS 10% OFF IS AVAILABLE ON EVERY ITEM IN THE ONLINE SHOP VOUCHER CODE : copepods ENTER TH ...02/02/14
424ft rena t8 light unit :Hi i have a spare t8 light unit from my 4ft rena tank no bulbs just the unit 15 please from Plymouth02/02/14
43Vecton V2 400 :Hi I have a Vecton V2 400 that I no longer need asking 30 collected from plymouth01/02/14
44aquaone mg1000 50 :I have a aquaone mg1000 for sale 2x150w 4x t5 bulbs. The halide bulbs are fine. Need 4 t5 bulbs as only used it for halides as had LED's ...28/01/14
45Bubble magus c3.5 80 :Due to upgrading to the NAC7. Have my BM c3.5 for sale. Excellent condition. Upgraded air pipe to a longer flexipipe as had attached to a ai ...28/01/14
46marine frags and rock :People eater colony 30/40 heads Green star polyp 2inch long 1 inch wide Green polyp 10/15 heads 30 20kg of live rock 4kg Can arrang ...27/01/14
47Wanna swap my Big external filter :Hi is anyone in the plymouth area interested in swapping filters I have a Aquaone Aquis 2450 uvc with the tank im picking up but its too big ...25/01/14
48400 tmc uv 40 :Excellent a condition won't fit in me new tank so would be willing to swap for a 300 if anyone has one if not 40 thanks24/01/14
49Live rock for sale :Hi I am selling live rock as I have to much good quality live rock 4.00 Kilo24/01/14
50Aqua one 10000 wavemakers 80 :Hi I'm selling my aqua one wave makers they are controllable excellent condition only 3 months old only selling as I have upgraded bigger ta ...24/01/14
51CLOWN TRIGGER :Wanted Clown Triggerfish 5 inches or above. Looking for a brightly coloured healthy fish. Devon or near county. Phil (01803) 40968620/01/14
52Fluval Osaka 155 Inc. Tank, Stand, Lights. :For sale is our Osaka 155ltr tank. In good condition, comes with matching stand. Two sets of light fitments. Comes with new spare T5 li ...18/01/14
53marine fish tank :large six sided marine tank only selling due to husbands health two lovely fish very tame live rock buyer must collect this tank is a ...18/01/14
54Can anyone help supply anything in the list below :Hi can anyone help supply any of the following. decent size interesting bog wood for centre piece of 30" high tank 20/25l water c ...15/01/14
55Wanted Super red Bristlenose or lemon bristlenose :Hello is anyone selling any red or lemon bristle nose of any size please email me14/01/14
562+toadstools :Have 2 toadstools for sale small one $10 medium $1513/01/14
57marine fish :Hi I have a yellow watchman goby $15 and a large 6inch jade wrasse $10 and a pin cushion urchin $1013/01/14
58marine setup 20" cube 300 ono :decided to upgrade my tank so here is my 20" cube up for grabs I built the stand myself (thuis is what I do for a living so its not a ...12/01/14
59corals fish inverts for sale :loads of corals for sale sps -orange setosa -acro -montie -huge plana -hystrix lots more lps -hammer -green hammer -green f ...12/01/14
60Wanted Dwarf Snakeheads :Hi i'm after dwarf snakeheads does anyone have any they would like to sell in the devon/cornwall area or willing to post11/01/14
61Swap? :I have a Half Moon Angel fish that is a tad too big for my setup. Has striking blue edge. Anyone have anything to swap? Looking for a suitab ...10/01/14
62Looking for interesting Bogwood :Hi does anyone in the plymouth area have any bogwood they wanna get rid of im after decent size email or text please09/01/14
63Baensch Aquarium Atlas 3 :Hi there I'm selling my copy of this book it's going on Amazon for over 30 it's a great book and it's in perfect condition over 1100 pages ...07/01/14
64Dans Discus Homebred Discus in Devon :Hi for sale are uk Homebred Discus, approx 2" nose to tip of tail, born,bred and kept in HMA filtered water only, Temp 29 degree ...06/01/14
65S O L D 16 inches -17 inches Red tail Catfish swap anything considered :Hi I'm getting rid of my redtail catfish as he as outgrown my tank and he needs a larger tank. He only has one eye but warn born like this s ...06/01/14
66Wanted 3ft - 4ft tank and stand :Hi im getting back into fishkeeping and am after a 3-4 ft tank setup something that looks half decent as its a main tank about 100-180, so ...06/01/14
67Rainbow snakehead :Rainbow snakehead for sale 5-6 inches long In perfect health in Exeter 15 o.n.o Call 07825380236 pictures on request05/01/14
68oscar :Oscar for sale or swop . Around 7 inch . Needs rehoming today .04/01/14
694ft fish tank for sale :I am selling my 4ft tank which is approximately 145 litres, is 48" long, 12" wide and 15" deep (not including the stand). It has been used f ...04/01/14
70looking for a external filter :Hi looking for a external filter with uv light for my 4ft Marine tank ? Mob: 07969613577 Sam Devon, Crediton02/01/14
71380ltr marine fish tank :Here we have my 380ltr marine fish tank for sale. It comes with sump, weir, protein skimmer and r.o top up system. Excellent condition...ove ...30/12/13
72120ltr marine fish tank with external filter, skimmer and U.V :Here we have my marine fish tank for sale. It is in good condition but does not come with a stand. The light unit comprises of 3 x T8 bulbs, ...28/12/13
73hexagonal marine fish tank with weir and pump :Here we have my hexagonal fish tank. It has been re-furbished to a good condition and is completely water tight. Has been re-sanded and varn ...28/12/13
74Homebred Checkerboard Pigeon Discus young 2 inches in Devon :Hi for sale are Homebred Checkerboard Pigeon Discus, approx 2" nose to tip of tail, born,bred and kept in HMA filtered water only, ...27/12/13
75convicts :large convicts at breeding size good condition ring for details collection only11/12/13
77shutting down tank cychlids for sale :i have some various cichlids for sale due to shutting tank down ,i have a 5 inch dubosi 10 pounds, 7 inch blue dolphin 10pounds also have 2 ...11/12/13
78fluval 305 like new 30pounds :comes with all pipes and media like new pick up from torquay email me lmjmmarines@hotmail.co.uk08/12/13
79Several Kg of Cured Live Rock for Marine Aquarium - Everything must go :Cured Marine Live Rock Variety of sizes & shapes Ideal for mounting coral, use with biological filtration, substrate or for refu ...04/12/13
80rare zoas for sale marine corals for reef tanks :we have lots of zoas for sale , this is a site run by hobbyists who collect zoas , we grow these zoas in our frag tanks . we have collecte ...02/12/13
81Frags hard and soft corals prices from 5 in paignton :Various Hard and soft corals for sale including Aqropora, montipora, zoa's,mushrooms,finger corals and toad stools. Various sizes from 5. ...01/12/13
82For Sale 5 Very Large Koi Carp, some smaller ones and filter. :I am getting rid of a pond so all fish need to go. There are 5 very large Koi carp, 4 of them over a foot and a half long. Two white, the ot ...27/11/13
83Bi-colour angel for sale 30 Ono :Nice bi-coloured angel for sale. 3-4 inches nice health fish24/11/13
84Wanted, corals/frags :Hi guys I am interested in buying any corals/ frags.... especially looking for (bright mushrooms)(ricordea) but all is welcome in my tank... ...23/11/13
85juwel vision 260 fishtank and cabinet :Great condition, comes with cabinet, Have various other equipment for sale. 07906997938 please ring this number 125 quid Thanks for looking. ...20/11/13
86aqua one 1200 external filter :Good condition works perfect 30 quid 07906997938 please ring this number Have other equipment Item in Newton abbot, devon20/11/13
87Roma 90 Aquarium with a Roma 206 external filters plus more :This Roma 90 aquarium is in excellent condition as nearly new and comes with the following: The Roma 206 external filter and spray bar, 2 x ...20/11/13
88flowerhorn for sale :About 9inch red male flowerhorn for sale for 200 ono.19/11/13
89jbsmarines sunday night bargain coral frag night :hi jbsmarines sunday night bargain coral night at www.jbsmarines.co.uk‏ EACH SUNDAY NIGHT WE WILL BE LISTING A NEW PAGE OF CORALS ...17/11/13
90Aqua One fish tank for sale :For Sale I have a Aqua ONE Aqua Nano 40, it is a 55litre fish tank, with filter media and heater also includes a TMC Aquaray mini 500 light ...17/11/13
91rare zoas uk we have lots of zoas frags and fragging equipment for sale :we are rare zoas uk , this is a site run by hobbyists who collect zoas , we grow these zoas in our frag tanks . we have collected them from ...15/11/13
93bulk marine livefoods we can supply to the trade or hobbists large volumes copep ... :hi we grow a lot of live foods and can supply the following on a bulk basis if any one is interested these can be brought for resale b ...13/11/13
94marine aquarium moonlight kit complete with fixing kit good to see your corals a ... :large 48 led moonlight kit 12volt includes fixing kit reef tank 22 posted royal mail if you would like to order one email us at t ...13/11/13
95A superduper swap :D :Hello, I have a large tank, stand, lid, and external filter, currently housing fancy goldfish. Not a year old yet in fab condition. It is 5 ...13/11/13
96Parachromis dovii breeding pair :Parachromis dovii breeding pair for sale male is 15 inches female around 6-7 inches spawn every 3-4 weeks need a quick sale so 60 Ono12/11/13
97looking for full marine set up :Full marine set wanted10/11/13
98Looking for full marine setup :Looking to restart a marine setup.. so looking for a full setup in the devon area.10/11/13
992 x Sailfin Pleco :1 is approx. 6/7 inches 1 is approx. 4/5 inches 20 for the pair10/11/13
1007 x Angel fish :4 large 3 medium 40 for the lot10/11/13
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