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1Marine Tank Setup : Dorset :Approx 100cm Aqua Oak + sump Marine Tank 18 months old. Royal Gramma, 2x Clown Goby, Yellow Goby, 2x Cardinals, Flame Firefish, HiFin Goby & ...18/07/18
2Frontosas for sale :2 x adult male Burundi Frontosas for sale 6/7 inches in size 40 for both,or swap for oscars.18/07/18
327ltr fry tank :Hi I'm selling my tank I use for fry. It's 16"-10"-10" Brilliant little filter with spray bar Background and net Heater and play sand ...15/07/18
4Wanted adult yellow labs. :Looking for a group of labs that are adult over 2 inches in size. Will buy for cash or swop for 2 male Frontosas 5/6 inches in size.13/07/18
5Hikari Friend Quality Koi Food :SALE Hikari Friend Quality Koi Food Medium or Large pellets 10Kg RRP 59.99 Now 29.99 4Kg RRP 39.99 Now 14.99 300 grams @ Just 4.00 ...13/07/18
64 ft Jewlel Vision Bow front tank for sale.nOW 150.00 :I have a 4ft Jewel vision with Hood and stand As in picyure butin Black Finish for sale very good condition Recently repaired .with Light a ...13/07/18
7Pond Goldfish Koi & Lillies for sale. :We have for sale some stunning Extra Large Koi Type in bright colours 12" From 25.00 - 39.00. 25.00each 8" @ 12.00. X L Goldfish Price ...13/07/18
8Frontosa and other Tangs for sale. :Wild Caught Tropheus Moori Pemba 3" @ 25.00 each. 4 FOR 90.00 Wild caught Tropheus Mollero 3" @ 25.00 each 6 FOR 130.00 F1 Frontosa BU ...30/06/18
9Massive Sale on Malawi Cichlids. :We still have too many fish .So Here is a bargain you don,t want to miss.Young Malawi.yellow labs,Red top Zebras ,Red Zebras Lombardi ,Fulle ...30/06/18
10Wild Caught Tropheus Just in. :We have Just recieved our new shipment of Wild caught Tropheus Moori Molero & Fire cracker They are all in great heath feeding well and all ...30/06/18
11Corals.zoas.frags. :I have some of my zoas for sale most are 10pp.i also have some purple discoma mushrooms for sale.can collect or can post for a charge of 8 ...10/06/18
12Over 100 adult Malawi Cichlids now only 10.00 each. :We are Clearing out loads of malawi Cichlids . (BUT FOR A FEW EXCEPTIONS.) We are offering a 40% reduction on all of our Malawi cichlid st ...09/06/18
132 new Matoro Stingray and Some new rare Tropicals. :1 x 8"Female Royal Matoro Sting Ray .195.00.1 x 10" Pearl Matoro Stingray @ 195.00 or the 2 for 350.00. 5 X 4"-5" Uaru.s @ 25.00 ea .7 ...09/06/18
14Killie fish now Available. :We currently have 9 types of Killies in stock. Aphyosimeon Bivitatum @ 15.00 pair e Aphyosimeon Striatum @ 15.00 per pair. Apheosimeon ...01/06/18
15Zebra Pleco L46 9 adults for sale 4f &5m :9 L46 (2w/c and 7F1) all between 2.5-3.5inches 3 red line torpedo barb (2inch) MTC signature 900 tank, sump and cabnet. Pumps, heaters ...31/05/18
16Large Aquarium clear out. :We are clearing out a large selection of our used and new Aquariums.Just arrived Virtually new 2 mtre LONG X 60cm WIDE X 60 CM TALL includi ...28/05/18
17Tropheus Moori Molero For Sale. :8 Wild Caught Tropheus Moori Molero for sale 24.00 each Or all 8 for 160.00. Also 10 Juvenile Of above 2"-3" 10.00 EACH Delivery arrang ...28/05/18
18indonesian datnoid ( siamese tiger fish ) STILL AVAILABLE :I have a Datnoid (siamese tiger fish) for sale ,its roughly 6 inches. Healthy and eating well on hikari pellets and prawns . will also eat ...20/05/18
194 inches & 6 inches Flower Horn Cichlids for sale :I have some very colorful Flower Horn Cichlids for sale from 34.00 4"- 67.00 for the 6" . Tel 01202 720120 Pictures by request.Also Just ...12/05/18
20Large Oak Aquarium :Large aquarium (1.1metre x 60cm x60cm)in beautiful, solid oak cabinet. 2 years old. Excellent condition. Plus 5 band LED light, 2 Fluval in ...02/05/18
21Trigon Corner tanks for sale :We have in stock a good condition a Jewell Trigon 190 ltrs with Stand & Lights in Beech (Not the one in the picture ) Now Reduced to 195.00 ...20/04/18
22Clearance sale of second hand Aquariums stand and equipment . :We have a number of good Quality second hand and self made Aquariums for sale. JUST IN 5 ft x 24" x 12" tank on a cherry wood finish stand ...20/04/18
24Large assortment of Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale . :Opthalmatilapia VentralisPair @ 45.00. Neolamprilogus Caudopunctatus @ 18.00 ea. Lamprologus Leulupi @ 8.00 ea. Neolamprilogus Multifasci ...04/04/18
25Specialist Malawi Cichlid flake, UK delivery :After some requests from customers that have moved away we're beginning to ship our Malawi Cichlid flake across the country. We use paypal ...04/04/18
26Selection of cichlids for sale :Got a selection of cichlids for sale around 20+ adults and 20+ fry adults 5 to 10 each and fry are 2 each Adults Bumblebee male Bu ...24/03/18
271 x 3ft setup and 1 x 2ft set up :Got a 3ft gloss white with stand set up with around 20+ Malawi, rock, sand built in blue and white light working fine comes with heater, ex ...24/03/18
28Discus in Bournemouth :Strong , healthy Discus from Bournemouth's specialist fish & Reptile Shop. Pigeon Bloods, Super Pigeons, Marlboro reds, Heckles, , White Fac ...20/03/18
29Twin 8ft x 18 inch x 18 inch subdivided shop tanks for sale. :We are selling off our Marine display aquarium System. they consist of 2 8ft x 18" x 18" Tanks divided into 4 all drilled and with taps fo ...13/03/18
30T M C Cetralised Filtration System for sale. :We are sellinng off our centralised filter system. 2 x 8ft tanks each divided into 4 tanks with pipework and tap feed and overflow returns t ...13/03/18
31WANTED: 3 or 4ft aquariums :Looking for tanks only, must be 3 or 4ft. Will consider 5ft. Thanks very much12/03/18
32Large 10 mm glass Tanks for sale. :I have several large tanks for sale all with built on hoods and some with wooden cabinets .(1) VERY GOOD CONDITION 5 ft X 2ft x 1 ft ...28/02/18
33FREE CARP :Under 10 Carp in pond. Need to go as I am filling the pond in. Various colours and sizes.19/02/18
34Golden cichlid fry :Golden cichlid fry for sale approx 25 1 or just under eating well looking for 2 each or open to offers on the lot thanks for reading19/02/18
35Mpanga cichlid fry :Mpanga cichlid fry for sale eating well 1/2 in size approx 25 of them looking for 2 each pic is of dad (blue)19/02/18
368 x 2 x 30\ Fish Tank plus light oak cabinet lots of extras 900 ono :8' Fish tank and cabinet plus fish malawis everything else 2x fluval fx5,hydra stream3 new not used,ultra violet vecton3,industrial air pump ...16/02/18
37Odoe pike :12 inch Odoe pike lovely fish healthy eating anything just closing down tank. Wont let me add pics if you are interested txt me and Ill se ...15/02/18
38Albino irredecent shark :Excellent condition eats pretty much anything. Very pretty fish 10 wont let me add pics if you interested txt me and Ill send pics.15/02/18
39LF L134, L183, L071/181/249 pleco :After a lot of research had a change of heart seeking the zebra plecos. I am after the following, preferably with fish courier unless cl ...03/02/18
40Giant Gourami and other unusual fish now in stock. :We have got a Giant Gourami 16" 95.00 Plus a few 12" Plecos 25.00 Syno's Multipunctatus 25.00 Loads of Others All at our Store in Bo ...03/02/18
41Pest asterina starfish and brittle starfish wanted :Looking for 30-100 pest asterina starfish. If you have too much over grown in your tank and happy to post please kindly let me know. Many th ...14/01/18
42Fishcove Aquatics in Dorset :Nano, Betta and aquascaping specialist. Big selection of aquascaping products including plants from both Tropica and Aquadip. Nice sel ...11/01/18
43South and central Cichlids @ Fishcove Aquatics :Black Belt Cichlid (cichlasoma maculicauda) 9.50 Chocolate Cichlid (cichlasoma temporale) 9.95 Red spotted Severum 22 Keyhole Cichlid ...11/01/18
44Dragons Blood & Aulonacaras Just in. :We have Just had a new Consignment of Aulonacaras and Haps including The new Dragons Blood ,Scianachromus Frieri Nimbachromus Venustus Otaph ...09/12/17
45Wolf cichlid :7-8inch wolf cichlid for sale. Poole dorset. Offers welcome.16/11/17
46For Sale - 18 inches BlueBase Golden Crossback Arowana :For sale is one of my Asian Arowana, it's a BlueBase Golden Crossback in incredible condition, a real bar of gold. The pictures below show t ...09/11/17
47Large, shallow coral frag tank. 6ft(L) x 2.5ft(W) x 14 inches (H) :The back is painted black, has wier fitted and has been drilled ready for a sump. No leaks, just need the space for a new project. This list ...14/10/17
48L183 Starlight Ancistrus :I'm selling my last L183 ancistrus as I'm closing down my aquarium. Ideally they should be housed in a soft water environment but I are not ...09/10/17
49Live Rock :We have a lot of Live Rock for sale, 5 per kilo or a deal on large amount there is a lot! Bournemouth area 0120289210106/09/17
50Marine Aquarium chiller %00 ltre capacity. :I have for sale a hllea 500 ltre water chiller for sale . Unused and still Boxed. with full manufacturers Guarantee. 350.00.Ideal for nativ ...19/08/17
51Discus Adult blue scorpion snakeskin :Could any experienced discus keeper do with one of these in the Dorset/Dorchester area. Got one that's not doing too good, being bullied by ...19/08/17
52Profilux 3.1ex :Have for sale in excellent condition Profilux 3.1ex Two ph ports one conductivity one redox humidity port one temp port Call or text f ...10/08/17
53full marine set up :i am selling my whole set up which includes 6ft long x 30"deep x 24" front too back tank made by nd aquatics and cabinet in silve ...04/08/17
54Marine fish, Corals, Inverts in full marine set up :marine fish: a breeding pair of clarki clown fish (lay every fortnight without fail) a regal tang a niger trigger a indian sailfin tang ...04/08/17
55Various tropical fish including some catfish :Closing down our tropical tank as we are growing koi and need to use this tank to transfer our koi to. There are a few more but they like to ...08/07/17
56Black Rose Shrimp - Not easy to get hold of. :Unfortunately having to shut down my Black Rose Shrimp tank. Easy to care for and even easier to breed. High grade, 99% of them are pure b ...29/06/17
57Spare Promin Aquatic Plant supplements for sale. :Hi there, I have for sale 2 500ml bottles of Promin plant supplements. In which I used to use on my planted tank. 1 Promin pro plant fo ...05/06/17
58marine fish & live rock etc in 2 complete marine aquariums, led light, sumps :100kgs live rock, loads of fish: Blue throat trigger, Picasso Trigger, large snowflake moray, sailfin angel, 2ft engineering goby, blue ch ...29/05/17
592 complete marine aquariums, led light, sumps, fish & live rock etc :Hi I am selling my custom built 4ftx26"x26" that has a sump fitted on back, 4ft fluval led, aprx 100gs live rock, loads of fish, and a Betta ...29/05/17
60Specialist Cichlid Food & More :We have in stock our much cherished Malawi Cichlid flake that we have been using for years to feed all of our own fish. We import this direc ...09/05/17
62Group of 5 Piranha,s Reduced for Quick sale. :I have got 5 x 5"-6" Red Belly Piranha's Price 25.00 each or 5 for 100.00 Buyer must collect as very difficult to ship Poly box can be pro ...07/05/17
63Classic Leopoldi Stingray (Potamotrygon) 350 Ono. :For sale Male Leopoldi Stingray, approximately 9" disk. Nice and healthy feeding on a range of foods. Collection from Poole Dorset onl ...23/04/17
64job lot Fish tanks and Fish bits :I have for sale 2 x 90 litre one was used for marine and has filtration at the rear with a an added skimmer would make a good hospital tank ...22/04/17
65wanted large fish tank :Wanted large tank stand lights ect I live in poole i can travel Cash waiting call anytime 07464 67940617/04/17
66For sale - well established pond of koi and all accessories :Well established pond, 12 years, 4000 litre pond full of 24 various sized koi, 16-30 inch including 2 large chargoi that feed from hand, a ...09/04/17
67Up & Over Chamber Filter - Good Condition - For Sale :For sale Up and over chamber filter, good condition. 100 or nearest offer. Collection from Poole, Dorset Delivery can be arranged. Cal ...04/04/17
68Fluval A3965 T5 Aquarium lighting and 4 x T5 bulbs :Fluval A3965 T5 Aquarium lighting system. Only been operated for six weeks from new. It retails with the bulbs at over 150, so is a rea ...03/04/17
69MALAWIS IN POOLE DORSET DEVON WILTSHIRE HAMPSHIRE :I have the following Malawis for sale. AULONOCARA. Chilumba pairs 7cm-11cm Maleri pairs 7cm-11cm Maulana pairs 8cm-11cm Maylandi Eccels ...28/03/17
70Two ai hydra had 52s :In mint condition only used for 6 months by far the best lights on the market cost 1100 pound bargain at 650 pound Ono 0773897045910/03/17
71Black & White Clown Fish :I have a Black and white clown fish for sale unfortunately lost the other 20.0010/03/17
72Coral frags bargain :I have about 100 frags available fully grown out ready too go at bargain prices Many zoas softies star polyps Duncan's frog spawns hammers ...01/03/17
73Coral frags bargain :I have about 100 frags available fully grown out ready too go at bargain prices Many zoas softies star polyps Duncan's frog spawns hammers ...26/02/17
74L046 Zebra Plecos for sale. :Home bred L046. 35mm+ 70 each 25 -30mm 50 each Collection only from Bridport. I also have some cheap Discus for sale, please call 0777 ...13/02/17
752x angel fish for sale or swap :2 x angel fish for sale or swap, no longer want them as im going for more guppies and tetras in my tank, looking for 10 ONO for the pair or ...28/01/17
76Fluval Osaka 260 for sale 200 :Fluval Osaka 260 Full set up for sale, currently set up as a tetra community tank. It has 5 Lemon Tetras, 7 Rummy Nose Tetras, 2 Black Neons ...28/01/17
77True red terror :Stunning male true red terror. Offers please. These are beautiful cichlids. Little aggressive for what were wanting. Missus wants a communit ...23/01/17
78Tropical red tailed catfish :I have a tropical red tailed catfish for sale, 35 he is 16-18inches, very active and friendly. Collection only. For any questions please te ...17/01/17
79tropheus :i am selling a complete breeding set up of tropheus imported from Burundi these were in the last shipment form brichard imported last july. ...15/01/17
80Tilapia Buttikoferi :Wanted a Tilapia Buttikoferi I'm based in Bournemouth please call 07972 90660930/12/16
81XL L014 Sunshine/Goldie Pleco for sale 70 :Extra Large L014 Sunshine pleco for sale. This is a hard to get hold of very slow growing species, that comes with a big price tag, so an ab ...30/12/16
8212-16 inch giraffe catfish for sale :im thinking of selling my giraffe catfish as I'm changing my stock , hes about 12 to 16 inches feeds really well on pretty much anything. I ...15/12/16
83For sale 4ft bow tank juwel 50 ono :For sale juwel 4ft bow fronted fish tank . Comes with working lights internal filter ocean rock and sand . 50 ono . Make me a reasonable u ...13/12/16
84Im looking for a wild group of tropheus :Message me what you are sellingand where you come from . I live in bournemouth dorset 07464 67940611/12/16
85Wanted Tropheus ilangi :Im after some ilangi messaged me what u got for sale . 07464 67940611/12/16
86Petrachromus Trewavasae.Adults now in stock. :We have just taken delivery of a group of Petrachromus Trewavasae they are between 4" & 5" Long and are for sale @ 35.00 each.Tel 01202 ...02/12/16
87Greenwoodachromus Bellcrossi.Adult pair for sale. :Very rare oppertunity to Purchase this very rare Tanganyikan Cichlid.We have for sale an adult pair of these fishes for sale @ 79.00 for th ...25/11/16
88Loads of new Haps just in . :We have just recieved a huge shipment of new Aulonacaras including Scienachromis Frieri ,Red Flush ,Orange Blotch,and German Reds.Also Prota ...25/11/16
89Greenwoodochromis bellocrossi-CICHLID -ADULT PAIR-6inch plus-Tanganyikan :For sale an adult pair of Greenwoodochromis Bellocrossi. Deepwater fish from Lake Tanganyika..Great with Frontosas! Rarely seen in the ...21/11/16
90Maxspect Gyre XF 130 (marine pump) :Used in good condition, with all spares and parts it came with includin box. Excellent pump just not needed. 110 ONO, posted for 9.99 P ...13/11/16
91Couple of clown loaches in Dorchester :Anybody who already has a group of these want a couple of extras. Getting too big for my tank, will let go to someone who already has a g ...11/11/16
92Various tropical fish :Uaru (5-6") 25 Clown knife fish (8") 45 Arowana (8-9") 30 2 x Polypterus Senegalus 20 Each 2 X Plecos one approx 12" and the other a ...04/10/16
93Discus Keepers in Dorset :Hi, Just wondered if there were nay other discus keepers in dorset, eager to touch base with anyone else who is keeping discus locally to sh ...26/09/16
94WANTED TANGANYIKAN CICHLIDS :Message what you have.... Bournemouth & surrounding areas...14/09/16
95Specialists in Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids - Bournemouth :New shipments every week of European bred F1 & F2 cichlids. 5000 litres of Rift Valley tanks. Adults, Juveniles and Breeding Pairs available ...13/09/16
96Red Empress and other large Haps for sale. :We have over 50 large Haplochromines that have just arrived from a private collection including Red Empress Aulonacaras Blue dolphin and Ven ...13/09/16
97Wanted Pom Pom goldfish :Anyone have any Pom Pom goldfish for sale please let me know. Will pay good money for quality fish. Look forward to hearing from you. M ...20/08/16
98Quality Goldfish for sale, NE Dorset. :A dozen 3-4" home-bred 3year olds for sale. 2-50 each. Also 6" spawn-mature male 10. Free delivery in the Verwood area. E-mail N ...27/07/16
99Living Rock - Mature :Approx 20-25Kg good quality living rock c/w small patches of pulsing Xenia, a few green polyps, All ready for collection from Shaftesbur ...13/07/16
100New Reef Fish & Coral Foods UK :Aqua Core produce a range of specialist fish foods & aquarium accessories. Please take a look at our growing range including several ...28/06/16
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