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1     (Total: 67 adverts.)
1Breeding group of synodontis lucipinnis, various cichlids and ocean rock :Possibly up for sale are my group of 15 synodontis lucipinnis (this is a breeding group of 8 and grown up offspring) this is a rare opportun ...16/12/17
2Tanganyikan cichlids, synodontis (breeding group) and ocean rock :A group of neolamprologus brichardi (this includes a breeding pair) A group of cyprichromis leptosoma (again this includes a breeding pair) ...16/12/17
3L numbers :Looking for L numbers scotland [email protected]16/11/17
4African Harlequin Shark - labeo variegatus - approx 8" :Healthy 8" Harlequin Shark, in excellent condition and pretty friendly. Tank mates include Golden Mahseer/Tor barbs, red fin and ruby s ...13/11/17
5LARGE Acanthodoras/Agamyxis Talking Catfish :Group of mature, very fat bellied catfish all in excellent condition. 2 x spinosissimus (both approx 6") 20ea 1 x cataphractus (ap ...13/11/17
6Can you rehome our Pimelodus Pictus Catfish? :I have a Catfish Pictus that needs a new home as is getting to big for our aquarium. Size approx 4". Free to good home. Dumfries, South West ...20/04/17
7Sucking Loach :Hi, would anyone like a sucking loach? Free to good home. About 4" long. Dumfries, South West Scotland.20/04/17
8L numbers :Does any one have any unusuall l numbers for sale who are willing to post i already have a good selection looking for some colourful ones go ...09/05/15
9Aulonocara Red Rubin Fry For Sale :Rubin Red fry for sale. Parents are excellent quality. Pics available on request. About 1cm at the moment. 4 for 5. Collection in Galloway ...02/03/15
10l144 lemon long fin :i am looking for a male blue eyed lemon long fin i can swap 2 female super reds for the male or cash if you like i am in dumfries can trav ...28/02/15
11Giving up due to 2nd tank leak :5" discus, 4" discus 5" clown loaches large parrot fish large bristle nose plec golden nugget plec angel fish plates and tetr ...10/08/14
12Coral For sale :im shutting my tank down and selling my coral off cheap or the tank with full heavy modded set up. 350!!!!!!!!! tank - TMC micro-hab ...19/07/14
13190 litre Jewel Aquarium with stand :Brilliant tank and stand. 190ltr .Internal light is no longer working and had to be removed but a replacement part can be bought direct from ...21/01/14
14Tetradon Lineatus aka Fahaka puffer free to good home :have a lovely 7 inch fahaka puffer. He's about a year old and has beautiful markings. Currently in a 250l tank but will require at least a 4 ...31/12/13
15Marine Tank, fish, corals and equipment for sale. Scotland :Trigon 190 corner tank, stand and light unit with white and blue marine T8 tubes. Original Arcadia 150W metal halide pendant. Eheim prof ...06/10/13
16Marine Tank, fish, corals and equipment for sale. Scotland :Trigon 190 corner tank, stand and light unit with white and blue marine T8 tubes. Original Arcadia 150W metal halide pendant. Eheim profes ...06/10/13
17Marine set up :*fish and some of the Rock and coral in photo are not included* 323l fluval profile 1200 aquarium 15kg of live rock 10kg of other rock ...06/10/13
18malawi cichlids :mixed collection of malawis for sale 20+ vary in size from 5inches to one inch,hongis,zebras,peacocks free to first person to contact me08/09/13
19orca/boyu TL 450 nano marine FULL SET UP 300 :Hey, due to an upgrade im selling my tank ive started out with. The tank is 6 months old! It is in brand new order with everything included. ...29/07/13
20WANTED: Black Ghost Knife Fish :I want a Black Ghost Knife Fish about 5" - 7" long. Message me with offers15/05/13
21Nano cube D-D HQI 28g full setup for sale :18 months old complete setup with minor signs of use,28USg tank volume ,Single 150 Watt HQI /14K Four Nite-Vu LEDs with Separate Power cord ...23/03/13
22False Jaguar Cat - Liosomadoras morrowi :4" Healthy cat. 10 email rather than phone http://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/liosomadoras-morrowi/06/02/13
23Stunning Large Leiarus Pictus - Marbled Cat :Almost fully grown at 20", only 3yrs old, hand feeding, great character, living in large community of mixed fish. Open to offers. email ra ...06/02/13
24Red Tail & Red Fin x 7 sharks :Group of sharks for sale. All in fab condition. 3 Red Tails, smallest 4", largest 6". 3 Red Fins, similar to above One oddball, SharkXF ...25/01/13
25Large Blue Acaras Breeding Pair :lovely pair of Blue Acara's around 5" Have laid but in mixed community and lose eggs. 7.50 for the pair. email rather than phone25/01/13
26Stunning pair of Solid Red Midas cichlid - Red Devils, Citrinellum :I spent many years to find what I would class as the perfect red devil. Deep solid orange from tip to tail nice nut on head, both around 9" ...25/01/13
27Rare Tor Barbs Mahseer Neolissochilus Stracheyi :For sale, 2 rare Tors, stunning fish. 1 x 12" & 1 x 8". They are displaying to each other a fair bit but cannot confirm they are a pair. ...25/01/13
28fish tanks :wanted a big tank 7x2x2 8x2x2 7x3x2 8x3x2 anything around this size thanks01/01/13
29fish going cheap royal plec :large royal panaque 8 - 9" l190 royal plec 50 8 - 9" l330 royal plec 50 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261046193982?ssPageName=STRK:ME ...15/06/12
302.5ft fish tank for sale :hello im seling tday my smal 2.5ft fish tank +stand+light unit can add my fluval 2 but need new sponges loking for 100 ono tank is empty now ...21/04/12
31tiger oscars and parrot fish :hello have for sale 2 tiger oscars aprox 12-14cm and 3 parrot fish 2 orange 9-11cm 1 red 5-6cm only reson im seling it my wife want marine s ...13/04/12
32large bala :For sale is one medium - large bala shark. Measures around 8 - 9 inches long, approx 2" deep. He is a very healthy active shark that can be ...29/01/12
33jewel rio 400 for sale :black 400ltr 2 external filters heater over 60 fish big varity of catfish sevruims barbs plecs clown loches bala sharks angels rainbows bum ...14/12/11
34Small angel breeding set up :Fish house with Fluval external filter, running, no leaks, three 36/15/16 glass tanks divided to give 6 breeding cubes 18/15/16, 2x 36/15/15 ...18/10/11
35various items and fish for sale :for sale: Equipment * small piece of drift wood - 5 * small roman ornament - 5 * Arcadia light - 20 * fluval E s ...03/10/11
36Panaque for sale :Panaque L027. around 7 Inches. will come with bog wood. need this as part of its diet. beautiful fish 70 ono dumfries area, dumfrie ...13/09/11
37red sea max 250 with loads of extras :having to give up the hobby as we are expecting baby number two and im just not going to have the time so everything must go first u ...28/07/11
38Wanted - Adult/Sub Adult Bristlenose - Gretna :Looking for several adult or sub adult Bristlenose plecs, ideally wanting Albino but will accept brown or marbled. Can collect from an ac ...12/07/11
39JUWEL VISION 450 BOW FRONT TANK WITH STAND AND ACC 380 pounds :I have a vision 450 bow front tank for sale. I will straight away accept an offer of 380 pounds and consider all others. Thank you Please s ...22/03/11
40Glass Tanks For Sale :hi I have 6 3ft by 15" high and 12" wide 60.00each 3 4ft by 15"high and 12" wide 80.00each. for sale all with unde ...22/02/11
41WANTED Fluval 304 filter canister :Hi,does anyone have a bottom section for a fluval 304 external filter, mine has broke only the part where the catch grips, I can collect fro ...20/12/10
42BARGAIN AQUARIUMS SCOTLAND :Aquariums for sale in Scotland: 120cmx40cmx60cm 216l, with cabinet 130 80cmx35cmx45cm 106l, with cabinet 110 80cmx35cmx40cm 92l, w ...14/11/10
43FILTERS, HEATERS, + MORE :I have a large quantity of accessories. All in good condition- 3 fluval 3 filters and some media pads 2 300 watt fluval heaters (less than ...14/11/10
44Large Fluval filters- SOLD :1x fluval 405 with media. great condition- good as new. ONLY 60! 1x fluval 305 with media, UNUSED! ONLY 50! Offers will be considered.Gr ...16/08/10
45Ghost koi rehoming :Due to house move I have 3 large ghost koi approx 12-15 ins which need a good home. I have had these fish for around 10 years. I also have a ...29/07/10
46Rainbow shark :1 rainbow shark, around 4-5cm long only had it a few weeks but he has a hatred for yellow coloured fish, fine with reds, blacks you name it ...24/07/10
47Gold Tiger Barb needs home :1 Gold Tiger Barb, Male, needs to go to home with tiger barb shoal as he is by himself. had him from aroung 1cm now he is about 3cm. his oth ...24/07/10
48oscars wanted between 4 and 8 inchs cash waiting willing to pick up within 50 mi ... :oscars wanted call 0787752041209/07/10
49Wanted Clown Loach :Can anyone help im looking for Clown loach about 5 or 6inch to add to my shole of 9 in a 5ft well established tank i live in Annan Dumfrissh ...12/05/10
502 Ornate bichirs - 14 inches long :2 x ornate bichirs, both approximately 14 inchs long. They are in very good health. I have had them for 4 years now and am very sad to have ...17/01/10
51AWESOME SHRIMP - Tiger, Bumblebee, Velvet Blue, Sakura inches Super Red inches a ... :I have these shrimp available for sale: Tiger Shrimp - 2.50 Bumblebee Shrimp - 1.75 Velvet Blue Shrimp - 2.25 Sakura "Super Red" ...26/08/09
52SAKURA " SUPER RED" SHRIMPS - RARE - 2.75 ea :Hello, As you can see, these are awesome shrimp, very different from normal bland cherry shrimps and very active. The photos have not bee ...06/08/09
53FW SHRIMP Sakura super red, bumblebee, velvet blue & cherries :Hello, As you can see, these are awesome shrimp, very different from normal bland cherry shrimps and very active. I have taken these phot ...26/07/09
54Velvet blue, Sakura and Bumblebee shrimp :Hello, As you can see, these are awesome shrimp, very different from normal bland cherry shrimps and very active. The photos have not bee ...25/07/09
55SAKURA " SUPER RED" SHRIMPS - RARE - 2.50 ea :Hello, As you can see, these are awesome shrimp, very different from normal bland cherry shrimps and very active. The photos have not bee ...14/07/09
56SHRIMPS - Golden Sunset, Samui Royal Blue, Cherry and Amano Shrimp :Hello, I am selling the following freshwater shrimp; Golden Sunset Shrimp- 2.50 each Cherry Shrimp (currently 10 for 20 auction)- ...07/06/09
57UNWANTED REEF FISH' INVERTS OR CORAL :Good home waiting for any reef fish' inverts' coral or anything else that might end up going down the toilet. Will collect if not to far aw ...13/03/09
58GOOD HOME WAITING :Good home waiting for any reef fish'inverts,coral or anything else that might end up down the toilet. If you no longer want them please get ...13/03/09
59Rio 180 FULL MARINE SETUP :Rio 180 aquarium and stand. 20kg of live rock, 2 clownfish, 1 starfish, 2 humbug damsels, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 regal tang, 2 hermit crabs. ...11/03/09
60koran angel bi-colour angel eastriggs scotland :hi got several fish that need to go this week as i'm moving house shortly koran angel 15 sold bicolour angel 15 sold tomato Clow ...09/02/09
62fish free to good home :i have 3 synodontis catfish free to good home, 2 2-3 inches and 1 at 7-9 inches pick up only or can deliver in dumfrieshire at cost of petro ...12/11/07
63Pair of Oscars Wanted :I can offer a caring home to a pair of Oscars, preferably a breeding pair. I have one pair of Tigers, who are very happy and doing well, bu ...15/12/06
64Courier required - Bristol - Carlisle :Hi I'm looking for a courier that can do a pick-up and delivery from Bristol to carlisle. Any quotes or info would be greatly appreciat ...13/06/05
65Black Aquatic Silicone :Hi I'm looking for some Black Aquatic silicone, but I am having difficulty locating it in the UK. If anyone know swherer I could purchase s ...18/01/05
66guppies :I would like to buy guppies preferably females but would appreciate a few males.they must be reasonably priced or free am willing to travel ...30/08/04
67WANTED - Female Zebra Plecos- Swap for Fry or Male :I am currently trying to get hold of some more female zebra plecos. I have 2 breeding colonies and between 50 - 60 fry ranging from 1 month ...26/05/04

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