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1ND 7x2x2 Fish Tank & Stand. Full Set Up :Tank & stand made by ND aquatics size 7 0 x 20 x 20 tank is in good condition plus FX6 external filter, lights Good around condition 650 ...14/09/19
2Very large Crown Loaches for sale :I have x6 very large Crown Loaches for sale 450 ono if you want to see some photos please let me know I am selling due to Ill health14/09/19
3Pond pump :I have a 4 month old jebao xoe 3500 very very quiet, powerful little pump and only 14watts so very cheap to run. 35 Collection only r ...14/09/19
4Central and south American cichlids update :Parachromis dovii f1 costa rican 3 inch Mix of males females 25 each Honduran blue managuense 5 inch x 2 males 30 each Honduran blu ...14/09/19
5Predatory fish and tankbusters :Black pirahna 3 inch 75 2x ripsaw catfish 10 inch 70 each Red belly pacu 3inch 15 each Red tail cat x2 6 inch 45 each Boulan ...14/09/19
63 foot fish tank with Plecko :A 3ft by 1 ft Fish tank with all accessories including heater, pump, filter and lighting all ready. Also included is a small tank with no ac ...13/09/19
72 pairs of zebra plecs l46 l046 - 4 fish wc 420 :2 pairs of wc zebra plecs, only selling due to moving . One pair approx 2 inches , 2nd pair 1.5 inch each Feeding well and coming out wi ...13/09/19
8Black Diamond & Asian Arowana & tanks :Female Black Diamond: 1st female - 14inches - 600 (breeding size) 2nd female - 10inches -400 Red Tail Golden Asian Arowana - 16inches ...12/09/19
9Sailfin tang for sale :Hes About 4.5 to 5 inches long, feeds very well on a mixture of flakes,pellets,sea weed and frozen foods. Hes in great condition and in goo ...12/09/19
10Wanted tropical community fish :Anybody closing their tank down and getting rid of their fish in Shoeburyness ? Looking for fish like Discus,Angels,Guppies,Plattiies,Coryd ...11/09/19
11clarotes laticepts catfish :for sale an 16 inch clarotes laticepts catfish ive had it about 5 years .its fit and heathly . been housed in a 7x2x2 since it was about 3 ...11/09/19
12Stingray Black Diamond Female Hybrid :For sale high quality black Diamond hybrid Female Size 8 inch . Eating prawns and whitebates Price 850 Part exchange for other predator ...10/09/19
13Solid Oak fish tank with sump :I have for sale a Oak fish tank with stand and sump a return pump and a tmc300 uv for 30009/09/19
14reef reactor :from big reef set up includes pump have two but selling individual 50 collection essex or london09/09/19
155ft light pendant t5 bulbs :4 t5 bulbs Good condition London or essex 15009/09/19
16wavemaker large :full digital control top spec from a huge marine set up no offers essex or london 5009/09/19
17Black Diamond Pair Of Pups 1300 :Hi . For sale high end black Diamond pups. Eating prawns and whitebates Female on the left . Price 1300 for a pair Please check my ...08/09/19
18Stingrays Black Diamond Best quality best prices :Hi . On the vid i add you can see high end black Diamond pups . Sizes from 5 - 6 inch Prices from 550-950 To see more available stin ...08/09/19
19Bd hybrid female 19inch plus :Unfortunately Im having to let go of my big females This girl is 19inch plus disk size and is a proven breeder She eats absolutely ever ...08/09/19
20Arapaima Gigas 2 left :Hi . For sale Arapaima Gigas Size 13 inch Eating prawns . Pellets . Whitebates . They start showing red colour on the tails Price 250 ...07/09/19
21Iridescent cat shark, Electric blue Texas cichlid, Royal Panaque fakhara puffer :2 large immaculate iridescent cat sharks 8-9 inches and still growing eating very well on prawn shrimp bloodworm 60 pair. Electric blue ...07/09/19
22Zebra plec pair :Wc pair 1.5 inch available due to moving an closing tank down 35004/09/19
23Channa stewartii snakehead fry - 10 for 25 :1-2 inch fry available feeding on flake and pellets Photo of parent . 10 for 25 Bonded pair also available (parents)03/09/19
24Royal Nhamunda Discus fish - 7/8inch - BEAUTIFUL :Stunning fish - have to many fish now so will give up discus. Brought from Chens Discus 5 months ago.03/09/19
25Red tail Payara vampire tetra :I have a few of these for sale all feeding on prawn or whitebait very aggressively lovely looking specimens ranging from 5-7 inch 90each or ...02/09/19
26Short body alligator gar :With regret Im putting my short body gator gar up for sale I believe this the only short bodys in the UK and as they are banned for import ...02/09/19
27Atlantic Tarpon :10 inch plus tarpon fish for sale eats all defrost 120 Contact for more info 0757265021902/09/19
28Fry - I will buy any fry or young fish. :Based in Essex02/09/19
29Pair of Silver Arrowana 150 :Pair of Silver Arrowanas, looked after really well in very good condition. Both have a drop eye on their left, front barbells are in perfect ...30/08/19
30Breeding pair of Angelfish :They breed regularly, but all eggs get eaten after a few days. Probably by the other fish in the tank eg loaches, barbs. In this tank I ...30/08/19
31MOTORO STINGRAY FOR SWAP FOR AN ASIAN AROWANA :Hi, I have a 10 inch disc motoro stingray that Id like to swap for an Asian arowana (6-10 inches). Im based in wickford, Essex28/08/19
32Large 10inch common pleco FREE :Large common pleco Pick up cm6 essex Roughly 10inch long26/08/19
33fish tank quck sale 750 :tank stand and sump only nd aquatics made 6ft x 2.5 x2.5 white gloss panels may not suit ur postioning 4 glass lids blue back ground ...26/08/19
34Black Diamond Male :For sale high quality black Diamond Male Size 7 inch . Eating prawns and whitebates Price 850 Part exchange for other predators availab ...26/08/19
35Mini marble motoro pup :Hi . For sale mini marble motoro . Size 6 inch Eating prawns and whitebates Price 260. Onemale available Please look at my other a ...25/08/19
36LARGE FISH TANKS AND OTHER EQUIPMENTS FOR SALE :Due to my ill health,i regret having to quit my hobby.I have been keeping MARINE fish for the ten years.At present I have sold all my fish a ...24/08/19
37Regal jumping spiders :Phidippus Regius various sizes available and used to being held23/08/19
38Scobina Stingray Pups :Hi . For sale scobina pups . One male and 3 females available . Price 350 each Vid available to see on my Facebook group Top Stingrays ...22/08/19
39Arowana Super Red :For sale high grade super red arowana Perfect condition Size 8-9 inch Price 1100. Part swap for other predators available Delivery ca ...22/08/19
40Red Rainbow Fish for sale x 6 / Boesmani x 3 / Clown Loaches x 5 :Hi all, I have a school of 6 red rainbow fish, looking to sell all 6. They are around 3" to 4.5" long, bright red colouration, eat pretty ...20/08/19
41Pleco for sale :L091 three beacon pleco x2 80 pair L201 snowball pleco x2 40 pair sold L066 king tiger pleco x2 50 pair sold L018 gold nugget pleco ...20/08/19
428 Torpedo barbs for sale :8 Torpedo barbs for sale All around 4+ inches 80 for all open to offers Message for more pictures20/08/19
43450 vision juwel :Juwel 450 vision tank, stand and light unit. Has two light unit but only one works. 250 Ono Please text me if I dont answer your call20/08/19
44TMC Commercial UV Steriliser 330w 200 :This is all in good condition was fully working when removed does need some new bulbs are change all of them at once so you know they are al ...18/08/19
45Hi blow 80 litre air pump koi / fish pond 70 :This hi blow 80 litre air pump is in good working order Can post if needed Any questions please contact me18/08/19
46Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 550 SOLD :Hi . For sale black Diamond TI female . Eating prawns mussels and whitebates . Price 550 Delivery can be arranged . Please look at my ...17/08/19
47Black Diamond Male 450 :For sale black Diamond Male Eating prawns and whitebates Size 8 inch Price 450 Delivery can be arranged Check my other adverts Or joi ...17/08/19
48Jack Dempsey Pair :I have 2 Jack Dempseys 1 male around 8 inches and 1 female around 6inches. Both have become aggressive towards the rest of the tank as I bel ...16/08/19
49cheap lily corms ready to pot up 5 or 3 for £10 :lily corm sulphur yellow flowers with speckled leaves. Ready to pot up many buds/leaves ready to grow on. large corms each will grow eventu ...16/08/19
50lily corms ready to pot up 5 or 3 for 10 :lily corm sulphur yellow flowers with speckled leaves. Ready to pot up many buds/leaves ready to grow on. large corms each will grow eventu ...16/08/19
51wanted 20,000L adjustable flow pump pondexpert /superfish/evolution :wanted adjustable flow pump for dry use cover not required. reasonably priced please local to chigwell. please phone greg on 0795238215016/08/19
52Top Stingrays UK :Top Stingrays UK are a top supplier of freshwater stingrays Currently there are many highest quality black diamond stingrays for sale ...11/08/19
53Fluval 240 fish tank for sale 130 :Hi got one fish tank for sale . The tank size 4ftx18x18 . Come wit light and heater and filter. Still good condition. Pick up only thanks10/08/19
549 flagtail for sale 130 :Hi all Have one flagtail for sale hes nice colour high fin . Healthy . .looking for new home . Pick up only . Thanks10/08/19
55Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 750 :Hi . For sale high quality black Diamond female . Eating prawns mussels and whitebates . Price 750. Delivery can be arranged . Please ...09/08/19
56African Pike, Datnoid, Tinfoil Barbs, Albino Senegal Bichir and Albino Rainbow S ... :Hi, I have the following for sale as I'm taking a break from the hobby. Hepsetus Odoe (African Pike) - approx 9" - 70 IT Datnoid, Sta ...08/08/19
57Ripsaw catfish 100 :Gentle giant. 2ft Ripsaw catfish. Needs big tank or indoor pond. 100. You will need to bring your own large polly or plastic box . Pick ...07/08/19
58Mixed cichlids :Mixed cichlids 1-2 5 or 5 for 20 2+ 7 or 4 for 20 Bengas 3 10 OBs 1-2 5 or 5 for 20 OBs 2+ 10 All have or are star ...06/08/19
59Mixed cichlids :Benga 10 Mixed 1-2 5 or 5 for 20 Mixed 2+ 7 for 4 for 20 OBs 1-2 5 or 5 for 20 OBs 2+ males 1006/08/19
60Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 500 :Hi . For sale black Diamond female Size 6 inch Price 500 Part exchange available Delivery can be arranged Please check my other adv ...04/08/19
61Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 550 :Hi . For sale black Diamond female . Nice long spots . Eating prawns mussels and whitebates . Price 550 Delivery can be arranged . P ...03/08/19
62Stingray Black Diamond x p14 hybrid Female 490 :Hi . For sale uk breed bd x p14 female hybrid . Size of the disc 7 inch Price 490 Delivery can be arranged Please have a look on my o ...02/08/19
63Stingray Black Diamond Female 480 :For sale 7 inch disc size Eating prawns and whitebates Price 480 Delivery can be arranged To see more available stingrays please joi ...01/08/19
64Stingray Black Diamond Female 950 SOLD :Hi . For sale high quality black Diamond female . Eating prawns mussels and whitebates . Price 950 Delivery can be arranged . Please l ...29/07/19
65Channa Barca . 3 available :Hi . For sale young channa barca . Rare snakehead and the most beautiful from all other snakeheads . Size 6-7 inch Eating whitebates an ...28/07/19
66Marine tank clear out :I am emptying my tank and going back to tropical as i dont have enough time to look after marine. This sale is for 2x clown fish, 2x green c ...28/07/19
67LARGE FISH REQUIRED CASH /DONATE -TANK FOR LIFE :2000 ltr tank waiting if your fish has outgrown your tank and your looking for a forever home for you large pet. please get in contact i ...28/07/19
6811 Cichlids for Sale in Romford :I have some great Mbuna and other Malawi Cichlids for sale all getting on great growing nicely, young adults with a mix of male and female. ...24/07/19
69Mixed cichlids :Mixed cichlids 1-2 5 or 5 for 20 Collection Sundays after 3pm24/07/19
70Benga cichlid :10 each Lovely colours Collection Sundays after 3pm24/07/19
71Male Platy to give away :Hey I received a Platy but do not have the means to take good care of it. It is in a 2 litre tank without filter but I am changing 50% of th ...24/07/19
72Baby Bristlenose Catfish :Many baby Bristlenose catfish for sale at different sizes. Great for keeping your tank clean and suitable for any size tank 2 each22/07/19
73Red tiger jaguar moto :I have 1x 7-8" male and 2x 6-7" females, collection only rainham Essex area. 50 for all 3 or 25 each21/07/19
74Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 450 SOLD :Hi . For sale Black Diamond Female Pup Size 7 inch Eating prawns ,mussels and whitebates Price 450. Part swap available Delivery can ...21/07/19
75Boesemani Stingrays Pair SOLD :Hi . For sale a pair of boesemani stingrays . Size 9-10 inch . Price 2000 for a pair Part swap available. Please have a look on my ot ...21/07/19
76Florida Gar :Hi . For sale two Florida Gars . Size 13-14 inch Price 150 each Or both for 25017/07/19
77Pure bd pair :Im selling a pair of black diamond rays. The male is just over 5 inch and the female is just over 6 inch. They come from different blood lin ...17/07/19
78Andrew Sohs Pro-more and Pro-growth :Pro-more heightens the spawning urge in fish Increases the numbers of eggs and quality of the milt Helps boosting the immunity and resist ...16/07/19
79Marine Equipment for Sale :I have two sets of NEPTUNE DOS AND DDR UNITs for Sale all four boxes still in their original wrapping, boxed and unused 480 for one set o ...15/07/19
80Radion G4 Pro with RMS tank mount :Selling my Radion G4 Pro as I've decided to take a differnt route with my lighting, manufactured July 18, I bought the light in October bran ...15/07/19
81Albino Pearl Male Stingray Freshwater SOLD :Hi . For sale Albino Pearl Male . Size 10 inch. He is nearly ready to breed . Price 1800 More photos and vid on my Facebook group Top ...15/07/19
82Fish Tank Matt - Aquarium Maintenance Services (Essex) :Welcome to Fish Tank Matt, I offer an array of mobile aquarium services in the local Essex area, including: - initial tank and filter ...15/07/19
83Free to a good home :a pair of danios, one female, one male, leopard danios i believe, free to a good home. pickup from rm143sp contact gareth13/07/19
84Mini Marble Female Pup Stingray :Hi . For sale mini marble motoro males . 2 available . Size 5-6 inch Price 260 each Please have a look on my other adverts or join my ...13/07/19
85Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 450 Freshwater :For sale 7 inch disc size female . Eating prawns and whitebates Price 450 Delivery can be arranged To see more available stingrays ple ...12/07/19
86Koi pond :FOR SALE. HOLDING TANK/POND. 10x5x3ft. 260 HARWICH. BUYER COLLECTS.11/07/19
87Guppies for sale :Have approx 30 baby guppies for sale 50p each size 1cm+. Collection grays thurrock.09/07/19
88Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 480 :For sale black Diamond female . Eating prawns , mussels and whitebates Price 480 Please check my other adverts Or join my Facebook g ...07/07/19
89banded cat shark :hatched 3 weeks ago eating frozen squid sale due to tank closure.want 45 phone 07366016430 location great yarmouth05/07/19
90salt 10kilo :new bag of 10 kilo salt think its iaquatic brand reef pro salt want 20 pounds im in great yarmouth phone 0736601643005/07/19
91Wanted :Anyone in Southend area closing down their tank and getting rid of fish or live plants ? After java fern or potted hardy plants. Let me kn ...29/06/19
92Red Tail Payara :Hi . For sale red tail payara Size 8 inch Eating prawns and whitebates Price 110 .29/06/19
93Atlantic Tarpon :For sale Atlantic Tarpon Fish Size 15 inch 11029/06/19
94Black Diamond Male Freshwater Stingray :Hi . For sale big spots black Diamond stingray . Size 7 inch . Eating prawns mussels and whitebates . Price 1000. Part swap for other ...27/06/19
95Live Rock Mature aprox 25k 3 per kilo marine tank breakdown fiji SOLD SOLD SOLD ... :SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi i have approximately 25kilo of live rock for sale at 3 per kilo . Some really nice pieces few large and some lovely ...25/06/19
96Pleco - 30cm - Beautiful - offers :With a heavy heart I am looking to move on my Pleco. Need a very large tank.23/06/19
97Breading pair of 5/6inch yellow severums - 60 :Breading pair of severums for sale. Laid eggs countless times. 0771229424523/06/19
98Chargoi and Karishigoi Koi Carp for sale :Jumbo stock, 18 months old - chargoi and karishigoi all over 16. Pond clearance. View by appointment. Wickford. Prices on application (reas ...23/06/19
99Fancy Delta Tail Guppies :***BUY 5 GET 1 FREE*** ------------------------------------------ Lovely looking guppies that really stand out nicely. Females also availa ...19/06/19
100African cichlids for sale newham east London :Various cichlids file sale contact for details Blue dolphins 2 inch Burtoni 2 inch Greshaki Male 7 inch Yellow lab 6 inch Smal ...19/06/19
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