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1TETRAS - BARBS FROM £0.80P :Cherry Barb Red £1.00 Harleguin rasbor £1.00 Rathbun's Bloodfin £2.00 Emperor Tetra £1.50 Rummy-nose tetra £1.50 Cardinal ...13/11/18
2African Butterfly Cichlid( THOMASI ) :African Butterfly Cichlid Very peaceful for a cichlid, but is territorial when spawning. Donít be tempted to keep it with very vigorous sp ...13/11/18
3Peru Altum Albino Angels XL :ANGELS Pterophyllum scalare Peru Altum Albino XL Collection only swansea sa113/11/18
4Red fin golden Asian arowana :13Ē red fin golden Asian arowana comes with the certificate of authenticity and microchip number, reason for selling a bit too boisterous fo ...08/11/18
5Large x7 Panda uaru ferdendezepi :Decided to trim down the panda collection a bit for other projects so selling one of my groups of x7 pandas they are 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches ...07/11/18
6Marbled angelfish :5 black marbled angelfish 2 inch plus 15 pound05/11/18
7Blue acara wanted :Blue acara wanted or breeding pair cash awaits have to be barry or Cardiff area thanks05/11/18
8RAMS _ Ramirezi :Ramirezi electric Blue £6.50 Ramirezi Gold £4.50 Ramirezi German £4.50 COLLECTION SWANSEA SA131/10/18
9Corydoras from £2.50 :Corydoras schultzei Gold Flash £3.00 Corydoras panda £3.00 Corydoras paleatus Gold £2.50 Corydoras aeneus Gold £2 ...31/10/18
10bristle nose catfish :I have a few bristle nose catfish for sale both light and dark colours , from 1cm to 3cm young , growing well max growth 6 inches , £2 per f ...26/10/18
11frozen food :Bloodworm 100gr Blist. Tropical quintet 100gr Blist. £1.60 EACH collection only swansea sa122/10/18
12WANTED CICHLIDS - CONVICTS / CONVICT FISH :Wanted convicts over 1.5" for large 7ft tank. Ideally I am after a breeding pair. Failing that, if you have several fish I would also be ...19/10/18
13WANTED - VERY BEST PRICES PAID FOR KOI, GOLDFISH, ORFE & POND EQUIPMENT :VERY VERY Best prices paid - Cash Cash awaits. I'm looking to purchase around a large number of koi ranging from 5" - 30"+. I am also l ...19/10/18
14WANTED - NEXUS POND EQUIPMENT- FILTERS, UVS, PUMPS, VATS ETC :Wanted - NEXUS pond equipment, water pumps, air pumps etc considered as long as it is in working order. Bay filter, Nexus filters, box filt ...19/10/18
15Sturisoma Panamense Royal whiptail catfish :Tank bred royal whiptail catfish for sale Size 1inch to 2.5 inch 2,5cm to 6.5 cm https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/species.php?spe ...15/10/18
16good home offered for any unwanted koi, pond fish. :I have a 100x60x10 foot natural clay pond which I am stocking. I will collect any unwanted pond fish and give them a forever home. Any size ...07/10/18
17Pelvicachromis subocellatus (matadi) pairs :Pelvicachromis subocellatus (matadi) young pairs for sale all very healthy fish they are ranging in size from 2.5-3.cm £10 per pair any ...07/10/18
20anubius plant on wood :anubius plant on wood is 12 inch long and plant is about 18 inch tall and still growing 20 pounds21/09/18
22Salvini cichlids for sale. Delivery available :We have 8 salvini cichlids for sale around 9-10cm. Starting to colour and looking impressive. They are £12 each. Delivery is £16 uk only ...30/08/18
23Flagtails for sale. Delivery available :Hi I have 3 flagtails for sale ( semaprochilodus taeniurus ). They are are 6-7cm and £15 each. Can do the theee for £40. All feeding ...30/08/18
24young malawi,s :Ive got for sale Labidochromis chisumulae Labeotropheus trewavasae Manda labidochromis perlmutt Tropheops tiger olives nimbochr ...16/08/18
25FLAGTAIL SOLD :FLAGTAIL 6-7approx healthy selling other tank mates are aggressive collection Newport. Can provide large bag for transport may swap inbox wh ...04/08/18
26Wanted :Im loooking for super red plecos and red spotted severums message me with picures and price06/07/18
27Fibre ocean rock/ ocean / tuffa rocks. :5 large PCs of imitation fibreglass ocean rocks costing £25 each from Maidenhead aqatics,plus 6 pcs of real ocean/ tuffa rock used as base c ...04/07/18
28Aquarium tank :4' Tank for sale no lid just glass top £2004/07/18
29Silver Dollars :Shoal of l2 Silver Dollar for sale 4-5 inches. Great tank filler very striking £30.04/07/18
30Large marine fish :Various large marine fish for sale 8 to 10 inch stars and stripes puffer £75 6 to 8 inch porcupine puffer £60 6 to 8 inch volitan lion f ...02/07/18
315 medium-sized Koi Carp for sale to another pond owner in Cardiff or the Vale of ... :Please bring your own container for collection. Apparent good condition. £500 total cost.17/06/18
32Mars Aqua 300w LED light £100 ono :As new condition, only taken out of box to check if all working. Retails at around £150.00 but will sell for £100.00 ono. Please contact me ...15/06/18
33Wanted plecos :Wanted breeding pairs or groups off plecos email me what u got13/06/18
34Breeding pair Rainbow cichlids :Breeding pair off rainbow cichlids healthy fish eating well13/06/18
35Plecos :Breeding group off 4 super red bristelnose plecos 2m 2f looking for £60 Group off 3 l264 saltun pleco 2m 1f £10013/06/18
36REDUCED - 4 Placidochromis Phenochilus Tanzania :4 Placidochromis Phenochilus Tanzania, 3 males and 1 female, males are between 5-6 inches and the female about 4 inch. The dominant male doe ...07/06/18
37full tropical fish tank set up :full tropical fish tank set up comes with filter heater and gravel and background 2 silver sharks 1 pleco and 1 Malawi all for 200 pound ca ...29/05/18
38large lung fish :African lung fish 22-24" eating like a pig happily living with large cichlids £60 collection only from Blackwood NP12 0PE www.furandfins.c ...14/05/18
39Groups of plecos wanted. :I'm after breeding groups of pleco's.or singles. Let me know what you have.cheers.12/05/18
40Male and female midas for sale :Hi. I have for sale a large male midas citrinelus and a smaller female pair.you will need a large tank. £50 for the two. No offers.12/05/18
41Tropheus price drop. Need gone. :Shutting down fish house so priced to sell. Wild groups Tropheus kapembwe. Ratio 5/13 Group of 18. £250 Tropheus chituta bay. Ra ...10/05/18
42IVANACARA ADOKETA AND KROBIA XINGUENSIS :Hi i have the following for sale. Ivancara adoketa (zebra acara)very rare One young pair only £65. Krobia xinguensis young adults. ...02/05/18
43L183 STARLIGHT AND GOLD NUGGETS FOR SALE :Hi i have for sale 4 male 5 female L183 STARLIGHT Wild adults £100 PAIR OR £400 THE GROUP. GOLD NUGGETS X 6 10CM-12CM £25 EACH ...02/05/18
44XL CARDINAL TETRA AND XL CONGO TETRA :Hi i have for sale Cardinal tetra xl around 20 £2.00 each Congo tetra xl around 12 £5.00 each. Pick up south wales bridgend02/05/18
45Melanochromis Auratus :4 healthy juvenile fish 1 male 3 female although they re young so could change. They are feeding well and very active. £25 for all 402/05/18
46Wanted turtles :Wanted turtles looking for pink belly side neck, or any other rare species of turtle. Any help appreciated Thanks23/04/18
47dats :looking for 2 large dats if anybody selling any i can be contacted on 01685 878078 thanks20/04/18
48Breeding pair of wild caught severum :Brought these from a jeff rapps order 18months ago, got fry from them aswell. But sadly not getting on with my other sevs whilst breeding. S ...13/04/18
49Umbee :Approx 8 inch female umbee £3013/04/18
50Jewel Vision 450 :Tank and stand in dark wood colour, comes with 2 spare bulbs Heater and internal filter, asking £225. That's a steal, scratches on glass he ...13/04/18
51Queen trigger wanted :Queen trigger wanted, any size considered.13/04/18
52Wanted young Angel fish :looking for young angel fish, preferably in Port Talbot, South wales area. please no inflated prices. willing to consider adult fish. tha ...31/03/18
53Wanted Bala sharks :Wanted Bala sharks anything considered up to about 6-7 inch Port Talbot area31/03/18
54Wanted - Casco / John Allen racks :I'm looking for 3 or 4 4ft Casco / John Allan racks as per the photo. I'm in South Wales, but will travel to collect the right tanks. Will ...22/03/18
55flowerhorn :here is eric my flowerhorn.hes about 7-8 inches and to those who know of the breed a hell of a character.im asking £120 for him which is a b ...19/03/18
56Wanted :Wanted Sohal tang, Clown trigger, Emperor angel17/03/18
57Wanted large marine fish :What you got, bigger the better12/03/18
58Wanted Golden puffer :Wanted Golden puffer, any size I have £250 to spend12/03/18
59SPECIAL OFFER FOR QUICK SALE 260L Marine tank equipment fish, rocks, ect :Really easy to care for - all in £500. Paid £6,000 for it COLLECTION ONLY!!!! Marine saltwater tank 260 litre Jewel fish tank 3 bags ...11/03/18
60Cichlasoma bocourti :Possibly male stunning colours Around 6 inch Can WhatsApp or email pics first to see will purchase £20 These can be quite rare lovely ...07/03/18
61Florida gar wanted :If anyone has a gar a decent size for sale/swap willing to travel please let me know thanks in advance could also consider swap07/03/18
62Oddballs :Hoplias malabaricus 11 inch £45 One eyed clown knife fish 12 inch £2507/03/18
63Cabinet :Wanted 5x2x2 cabinet in oak or light beech [email protected]07/03/18
64Wanted guinea fowl puffer :Wanted Guinea fowl puffer05/03/18
65Terrapins :I have 2 young terrapins they are about 4 inch from head to tail. Iím looking for £40 for them.04/03/18
66Wanted evolution aqua tank 1200/1500 :Wanted and had to be in excellent condition evolution aqua 1200 or possibly 1500 tank. Thanks04/03/18
67Triggers :Wanted Trigger fish big or small28/02/18
68Wanted marine fish :Looking for any marine fish, big or small Reef safe or not, what have you got?25/02/18
69Oddball wanted :a gar around 10 inch willing to travel thanks in advance hope someone could help found a payara just looking for a gar23/02/18
70Red tail payara :6 inch looking for around 120 which is the price I payed offers or swaps etc Jardini, gar, small ray or a unusual bass what you got unuauals ...23/02/18
71koi carp 3 to 4 inch :stunning koi carp with good body shape good pattern and strong colous £5.50 each can deliver for cost of fuel21/02/18
72Cabinet :Wanted 5x2x2 cabinet any except black21/02/18
73Dwarf cichlids :Looking for dwarf cichlids20/02/18
74Skimmer :Red Sea c-skim 1800 excellent condition with pump £150 ono19/02/18
75Skimmer :Deltec mce 30019/02/18
766x2x2 tank plus DOVII :tank is in good condition loads of use. comes with a 300W heater and three internals and decore pair of dovii's i have had these si ...16/02/18
77pair of Dovii s + 6ft tank :pair of dovii's i have had these since they were 2" long. about 5 years. male is about 16" female 10". they breed regular eat massiv ...16/02/18
78Background :Three fibreglass backgrounds for sale £20 each or £50 for the three16/02/18
79Sell up :After a long winter of contemplation Iíve reluctantly put my pond Koi and equipment up for sale ,multibay filter,shower filter all pumps ,uv ...16/02/18
80MARINE FISH @@ selling separate @@ :For sale are my marine fish,due to health reasons. I have spent thousands on equipment and my hobby over the last 5 years and Iím gutted to ...14/02/18
81Aquarium Rock :Approx 30KG of aquarium brown lava rock £25-0013/02/18
8225kg bucket tropic Marin bio actif reef salt. :For sale £70 bucket of tropic Marin bio actif...£50 buys it or spend an extra £20-£30 trying to find it elsewhere. Thanks09/02/18
83Neon Tetras :Med / Large size. Sold in larger quantities. 100 for £55 Oakdale, Blackwood area02/02/18
84Wanted FX4 or FX6 :looking for good condition fluval Fx4 or Fx6 with media. Can collect locally cash waiting. thanks02/02/18
85Rena twin light unit :rena twin light units, 4x juwel daylight bulbs also included.all in good working condition.30/01/18
86silver pangasius catfish £40 to good home. :I have a very healthy silver pangasius catfish that I would like to re-home. It is approximately 14 inches long. Anyone interested must be a ...30/01/18
87Pet panchax :Hiya I've 4 beautiful golden wonder panchax 3female 1male looking for a new tank and owner I want to keep small fish again and these predato ...22/01/18
88WANTED 4x2x2 tank and hood :cash waiting, text 07971308926 as I rarely check emails.17/01/18
89Wanted :Clown trigger, Emporer Angel, Marine rays, what you got?????15/01/18
90Wanted marine fish :Wanted marine fish, large fish out grown your tank Will take all sizes and all types15/01/18
91Dead live rock, suitable for freshwater and saltwater :Have joblot with lovely pieces of dead live rock, suitable for freshwater and saltwater. Approx 12-14 kilos. Please make me an offer13/01/18
92WANTED Australian red claw crayfish :Wanted male Australian red claw crayfish11/01/18
93Looking for some L046 to join my other 7 :Looking for some L046 to join the rest of my group looking for people near by or willing to travel for the right fish no time wasters please02/01/18
94Eheim Professional 2 external filter :Comes with eheim filter unit built into pipework, has a new impeller, for tanks upto 720litres, heater cost £50 on its own Only asking £10024/12/17
95Superfish Home 80 Aquarium - as good as new in white - bargain :Superfish Home 80 Aquarium in white. 80 litres. As good as new. Very very recent purchase from Maidenhead Aquatics. No receipt as such a ...11/12/17
96wanted ROB MORTIMER MOUNTAIN ASH :Can Anyone plz get hold of rob ND ask him to contact me please on 07398227894 thanks rich04/12/17
97Home Bred Super Red Bristlenose Plecs :Super Red Bristlenose for sale. Around 1" in size. £7 each. Collection only. Call or text 0784747690425/11/17
98Aquarium complete set up for sale :Bargain! Need gone asap! 3 foot aquarium with lights and unit and external filter for sale plus heater. Only 4 months old. Hyugo kamishi. O ...12/11/17
99Fluval 4ft fish tank :Fluval 4ft fish tank with cabinet and with fluval 405 filter in good condition... £150 ono30/10/17
100Beautiful 350l tank worth over £650 :Marine fish tank 350 litres including dump Luminaire 1200 lighting Bubblemagus 5 protein skimmer Return pump Tcm reef circulation pu ...30/10/17
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