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1Eheim2128 thermo pro ll filter :All media inc ,extra bag of bio balls un used,fine polishing wool,all pipe work,temp gauge,all working,is slightly hard to prime so could do ...28/03/17
2Fish tank for sale :This is a beautiful tank with incredible charm to it. Note - The Front and the bottom of the tank is Glass. The sides an dthe back are ma ...26/03/17
3WANTED CICHLIDS - CONVICTS / CONVICT FISH :Wanted convicts over 1.5" for large 7ft tank. Ideally I am after a breeding pair. Failing that, if you have several fish I would also be ...26/03/17
4WANTED - VERY BEST PRICES PAID FOR KOI, GOLDFISH, ORFE & POND EQUIPMENT :VERY VERY Best prices paid - Cash Cash awaits. I'm looking to purchase around a large number of koi ranging from 5" - 30"+. I am also l ...25/03/17
5WANTED - BICHIR / Polypterus :Wanted - Bichir / Polypterus. Any size, qty of fihh and variety considered for a large 7ft x 2.5ft x 2ft display tank. Must be free or rea ...25/03/17
6large gar :for sale 14 inch florida gar 90 pound re-listed due to timewaster22/03/17
7Wild Tropheus and f1 tropheus for sale :New kitchen and house renovation forces sale. Wild Tropheus red rainbow 28 each or 1000 for the group of 40. 1/2 ratio. Wild Tropheu ...20/03/17
8Aqua one 275 litre tank and sump :Aqua one 275 litre tank and sump hood and t5 unit return pump and skimmer all pipe work 2wave makers sump light cleaning magnet 5 fish and c ...19/03/17
9Calico Oranda Fry For Sale. :I have approx. 220 fry that are 8 weeks old,they look more like 10-12 weeks all have coloured up. These have been selected out of approx. a ...19/03/17
10malawi young :pullmut young for sale inch+ in size 3ea19/03/17
11good home offered for any unwanted koi, pond fish. :I have a 100x60x10 foot natural clay pond which I am stocking. I will collect any unwanted pond fish and give them a forever home. Any size ...16/03/17
13Placidochromis phenochilus lupingu f1 group for sale. :Hi i have a young adult group of f1 placidochromis phenochilus lupingu for sale. 3 male 4 female. Amazing condition males just starting t ...10/03/17
14Fish tank for sale :Used Fish Tank in good condition Size - Length - 60 cm Height - 40 cm Wight - 30 cm Tank comes with - 3D Background (used) LE ...08/03/17
15WANTED - POND EQUIPMENT- FILTERS, UVS, PUMPS, VATS ETC :Wanted - Any type of pond equipment considered as long as it is in working order. Bay filter, Nexus filters, box filters, Bakki shower, tri ...05/03/17
16Full marine tank set up for sale :Beta tank in excellent condition. Tank size 5foot X 2 foot X 2 foot. 5ft high with cabinet. Cabinet has 5 section sump. Total capacity 600 l ...05/03/17
17Aquarium Decorative Rock :2 Used Aquarium Rocks. Very beautiful grey and pink rocks. These are stunning pieces of rocks with crystal effects. Price - 10 Col ...04/03/17
18Rainbow shiners & White clouds :6 x Rainbow shiners & 5 x White Cloud Mountain Minnows for sale, colourful, healthy fish, bought in Dec , changing my set up only reason fo ...27/02/17
19Various African Mbuna Cardiff :For sale quality Malawi Mbuna species, the list below is what is currently available Pseudotropheus saulosi TB from F2, Pseudotropheus ...26/02/17
20108x33x26 tank and sump :9 feet tank for sale Mp40 x2 Mp10 x2 Skimmer x2 Calcium reactor Reactors x4 All marine fish and rock and coral 250025/02/17
21marine fish and rock and coral in 108x33x26 tank and sump :all fish and rock and coral in a 9 feet tank for sale Mp40 x2 Mp10 x2 Skimmer x2 Calcium reactor Reactors x4 250025/02/17
22Eretmodus kigoma orange f1 :Hi I have some eretmodus kigoma orange f1 for sale. From my wild pair. Around 1" in size. 6.00 each Picture of the parent's ...24/02/17
234ft & 6ft Bare Tanks Available :I have 2 4ft x 18w x 20h tanks 120e Both on stand at extra cost. I have 6ft x 17w x 20h drilled for sump. 160. Call me on 075355310 ...24/02/17
24Tropheus murago Tanzania f1 :I have for sale the last of the tropheus murago Tanzania f1. 15 pcs 25 each or 325 the group. Pick up Bridgend south Wales Ca ...23/02/17
25Ocean rock :Looking for ocean rock21/02/17
26FREE TANK :hi all ive got a tank to get rid of it comes with lights but its not water tight hence why its free20/02/17
27plec :large plec around 12in 15 ono20/02/17
28large sharks :large sharks x5 picture is of biggest 1 will need a big tank open to offers20/02/17
29large pacu FREE :large pacu free to good home need gone asap20/02/17
30Bulk fish food (best price) :Hi Guys I have the following foods available 1KG bags 12.50 FREE P&P. Colour Tropical Flake . Colour sinking granuals. Algae Wafers (sm ...18/02/17
31Clown knife fish :healthy fish not getting along with other tank mates. looking for 25 nice colour.between 10 to 12 inch long.15/02/17
32Cichlids for sale :Tropical Fish for sale Location Ely Cardiff Satanoperca jurapari Cichlid x4 (yellow finned variant ) 20 Biotodoma cupido Cichlid x5 25 ...14/02/17
33Tropical Fish for sale :Tropical Fish for sale Location Ely Cardiff Satanoperca jurapari Cichlid x4 (yellow finned variant ) 20 Biotodoma cupido Cichlid x5 25 ...14/02/17
34wanted external filter :After external filter can collect it thanks 0745639469712/02/17
35wanted :hi all im looking for angel fish07/02/17
36Electric / Metallic Blue Acara Juveniles :Electric / Metallic Blue Acara Juveniles Around 1"+ in size. Feeding on Flake, Pellets and a variety of frozen food. Around 3 month old. ...05/02/17
37Angelfish Juveniles :Angelfish Juveniles Mixed Koi / Zebra parentage. Around 1" in size. Feeding on Flake, daphnia and brine shrimp. Around 3 month old. 1 ...05/02/17
38carpintis cichlids. :carpintis cichlids.wanted must be proven pair or will settle for some juvinilles cash awaits thanks04/02/17
39dats and clown loaches :about 25 dats and 25 clown loach for sale dats from 3 to 8 inch clowns 4 to 9 please call aberdare 01685 878078 for details03/02/17
40Fluval Internal Skimmer :Unfortunately I am shutting down my Marine Aquarium due to a lack of time since starting my own business. Skimmer is in good working orde ...02/02/17
41Top Marine Fish Keeping Books :Ive got a collections of Marine Fish keeping and Coral/inverts. There is 10 books in total they are as follows: Algae: A problem solve ...02/02/17
42Fluval CP3 Powerhead :I'm shutting my marine tank down and got this powerhead for sale. Its the Fluval Sea CP3. Suitable for 200l tanks with a 2800lph. Work ...02/02/17
43Tropheus Tanzania murago,kapembwe,chituta f1 for sale :Hi some tropheus i have available. Tropheus Tanzania murago f1 25 each Tropheus kapembwe f1 12 each Tropheus chituta bay f1 12 ...02/02/17
44V2 Auto Top-up Unit (Still in box) :I'm shutting down my tank and I've got a few pieces of kit to sell. There is a V2 Auto top-up unit that has never been used. Its still i ...01/02/17
457 inches red bae snook 30 :Very healthy fish an well kept,eats just about anything mild aggression fish. Swansea Wales mobile number 0755306191331/01/17
4612" arrowana :Nice healthy fish 4531/01/17
476" flagtail :Healthy fish fin perfect 4031/01/17
48Wanted Breeding pleco pairs :Im after breeding pairs or groups off plecs like L201 L397 L134 Ect ect30/01/17
49WANTED long fin bristlenose pleco :im after some adult male/female long fin Bristlenose pleco cash waiting30/01/17
50fluval 306 50 pounds :just under 6 mth old fluval 306 also has the spray bar also comes with all media and extra afragrog too 50 pounds ono also internal filter 2 ...25/01/17
51Live rock :I'm shutting down my marine tank due to lack of time. So I have approx 10kg of live rock for sale. Its full of copepods since its been r ...20/01/17
528"persai :Healthy fin perfect fish 40 no offers19/01/17
53Zebra plec L046 l46 :Breeding group of 16 adults + lots of fry, not sure of male to female ratio but there is always a male on eggs, comes with a 190 ltr tank + ...19/01/17
54Dennerle scapers light. 24w brand new :Bought and now unwanted. Brand new in box. Cost 70 Open to a sensible offer? Newport south Wales 0775831453519/01/17
55wanted angelfish pairs if poss :wanting angelfish about 10 in all all colours would prefer couple of breeding pairs cash awaits thanks16/01/17
563 x 2 x 2 tank and cupboard :3 x 2 x 2 ...75 gallon tank and bespoke cabinet barry bridgend cardiff caerphilly swansea area15/01/17
57large ship wreck wanted :hi all im looking for a large ship wreck for my 5ft tank15/01/17
58Tropheus for sale. :Hi i have the following Tropheus for sale. Pick up Bridgend South Wales Email [email protected] for pics. Fast reply text/c ...11/01/17
59L174 :Breeding group of 3 males + 2 females 3 r wild caught 90002/01/17
60Live Rock Wanted please :Looking for live 10-15kg must not have any pests. Please let me know on 0790726537701/01/17
61Rio mag umbee pair :For sale is a stunning breeding pair of rio mag blue umbees. Male approximately 18 inch female approximately 12 inch they come with a brood ...31/12/16
62Frags Wanted Xenia :Hi any 1 in or near Bridgend south wales have any frags for me to start out nothing expensive Xenia would be nice Thanks in advance And ...30/12/16
63Rio mag umbee fry :Hi all I've got a brood of rio mag blue umbee fry for sale. Please contact Darren on 07900938399 for more information. Cheers Darren21/12/16
64L014 sunshine/goldie pleco :Scobinancistrus aurearus 22-25cm new import from Brazil, 125 pictures to follow collection only Blackwood20/12/16
65Pearl arowana :9" pearl arowana eating very well happily in with large Central American 120 collection only blackwood19/12/16
66swarovski crystal fluval roma for sale or swop(middle tank) :hi there here you have fluval roma 4ft im looking to down grade for sale or swop swarovski crystal im lkn for fluval roma 125 this is ...13/12/16
678-9 inches black rhom piranha :Very "interactive" large healthy black rhom, eating well, imported by myself this year from Belem Brazil 85 collection only11/12/16
68Live rock, live corals, marine fish, in Marine cube complete aquarium :Complete Marine Fish tank for Sale 750 all in. Included in the sale is 30 to 40 kilo of live rock. Ive set all these up as towers on ree ...06/12/16
69Marine cube complete aquarium :Complete Marine Fish tank for Sale 750 all in. NOTE. not looking to break down at this time, so please dont make contact asking how much ...06/12/16
70Jaguar Catfish 35 :This fish is quite rare...... you don't see many about only selling as i want to free up space. about three inches. The video is of thi ...28/11/16
71Adonis Plecostamus 50 or swap :I have one of these for sale.. it's about 8 inches in length.. just getting a bit big for my tank.. will show himself all the time comes t ...28/11/16
72Breeding clown fish wanted :I am looking for a breeding pair of clowns fish. I am also open to offers on other breeding pairs. Distance not really a problem as can alwa ...23/11/16
73Breeding clown fish wanted :I am looking for a breeding pair of clowns fish. I am also open to offers on other breeding pairs. Distance not really a problem as can alwa ...23/11/16
74Aqua One AquaReef 300 fish tank white gloss complete setup :Selling my fish tank set up due to house building work and to upgrade my setup! I have had this tank for 2 years and can honestly say it's t ...08/11/16
75coral rock and coral sand 130 BARGAIN :i have for sale about 100 kilos of coral rock and about 100 kilos of coral sand it might b more I know they both go for about 1 a kilo but ...04/11/16
76WANTED BRISTLE NOSE PLECS :Looking for 5 bristle nose plecs. Must be in South Wales.03/11/16
77Tropheus kapembwe f1 (purple rainbow) :I have for sale some f1 tropheus kapembwe ( purple rainbow) from my wild caught group 2 sizes available 1.5"-2" 10 each or 10 for 80 (1 ...03/11/16
78Tropheus golden kiriza and red phoenix :Hi I have some tropheus golden kiriza and red phoenix for sale. Around 1"- 1.5" 15 each or can do groups of 12 for 120 Around 25 of eac ...03/11/16
79Ocean Rock :I have a large amount of Ocean Rock for sale Aprox 300Kg. open to reasonable offer's24/10/16
80Wild caught tropheus and f1 tropheus for sale :Hi I am moving away from tropheus so got some stunning fish up for sale. All have been in the UK for around 9 months All wild groups br ...12/10/16
81Cant get pics to upload wu email Juwel 5ft aquarium in beech and stand lights or ... :5ft aquarium lights and lid in tact slight damage to one handle brace bas have become unclipped but easily replaced beautiful tank comes wit ...08/10/16
82Tropheus kapembwe f1 (purple rainbow) :I have for sale some f1 tropheus kapembwe ( purple rainbow) from my wild caught group 2 sizes available 1.5"-2" 10 each or 10 ...04/10/16
83Bargain Buy at 75 (Reduced Price) :Fluval Roma 200 litre Aquarium. Measurements are: 100 cm x 40 cm x 56 cm. In full working order with internal pump, filter, heater and f ...01/10/16
84flowerhorn :Hello I'm looking for a male flowerhorn to breed with my female kkp, must be 4 inch plus please but the bigger the better. if you have 1 f ...29/09/16
85Ornaments 10 :Three aquarium ornaments.. . as new , just don't need them now. all plastic and all about five to six inches in length.13/09/16
86Tank Hood 5 :Tank Hood . . Height 3" 7.6cm Depth 12" 30.48cm Length 31.5" 80cm Has a light fitted to it with spare tube. slight mark on the top h ...12/09/16
87Cheap corals :Need to clear my tank corals from 5 to 10 pounds. Green grass polyps 10.00 Small hammer sps branch coral 5.00 Zooanthids on live rock M ...10/09/16
88Marine Fish for sale :I have for sale a medium standard clown fish. Regal tang . One chromis Any reasonable offer will be be accepted. Closing tank Down ...08/09/16
8953 practical fishkeeping mags :Hi all I have for.sale 53 copies of practical fish keeping. Some from as far back as 2008 up to.last year. A couple have some cover damage ...28/08/16
90Wanted Otopharynx Lithobates, Aulonocara Red top Lwanda cichlids Male only :hi ive been searching for an otopharynx Lithobates and a aulonocara red top lwanda for a long time, can anyone help? if so please email me o ...28/08/16
91Maisoni Reef Cichlid Male :I have a male maisoni reef cichlid, around 5" big 25 ono28/08/16
92tropheus for sale. :Hi I have for sale the following. F1 tropheus kapembwe (purple rainbow) 2cm-3cm 8 each or 5 each for 20 or more. F1 tropheus kasaka ...24/08/16
934ft rena fish tank :Hi for sale is my stunning 4ft fish tank with external Fillter brand new lights everything you need just add water 250ono thanks for looking19/08/16
944ft and 5ft tanks for sale :I have for sale the following 2 5x2x2 tanks these were custom made heavey duty quality tank 125 each these are like new only used for 3 ...19/08/16
95Rio mag umbee fry :For sale full brood of the beautiful rio mag blue umbee fry. Contact Darren for pics prices more info etc 0790093839918/08/16
96I will foster your fish if you cannot look after them anymore :I have 7 tanks going and they are all large I have one six footer then I have 3 bid hexagon tanks and I've got all sorts of fish here so th ...17/08/16
9713-14 inch long pleco :13-14 inch pleco for sale or swap for other fish or even a fish tank. This pleco cost 50 about 18 months ago and has grown considerably sin ...16/08/16
98red sea max 250 :selling my rsm 250 250ltr comes with upgraded full spectrum led lighting new skimmer pump under 6 months old return pump under 6 months old. ...13/08/16
99Extra large unusual pot :Hi all here I've got a very large unusual chimney pot for sale. Bought last year from Llanelli salvage for 120 will accept 90 or ovno. ...09/08/16
100SOLD Wild caught tropheus murago Tanzania SOLD :NOW SOLD I have a group of around 42-45 wild caught tropheus murago Tanzania. Imported in January 2015. Ratio is 1/2 selling as need space t ...05/08/16
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