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166 inches x 30 inches x 22 inches - ND Aquatics Aquarium. High Gloss. :Stunning high gloss black tank for sale. 66" x 30" x 22". This tank is just over 2 years old. Still in great condition. There are a few ...19/10/17
3Wanted 5ft fish tank I have a 6ft fish tank to swap if wanted :Near andover Hampshire19/10/17
44ft marine tank 200 Ono if gone this weekend :For sale 4ft marine tank comes with sump and stand (needs a little tlc)plus return pump also includes overhead led light unit, return pump 2 ...19/10/17
5Aquareef 300 :Aqua reef 300 black tank and cabinet with sump. There are a few marks on the glass un noticeable when full. There is a T5 light fitting whic ...18/10/17
6V2 Luminaire 900 :This is now surplus to my needs. The LED light units are fantastic an includes a remote controll to set a huge range of lighting scenes. ...18/10/17
7free koi carp rescue and advice for free :koi carp rescue free of charge i cover 100 mile radius and i will take any unwanted or ill fish and place them in an fully equiped quarinti ...18/10/17
8Koi carp rescue service :Free koi carp rescue service based in the south any problem no matter how big or small I'm here to help problem with your pond or fish or si ...18/10/17
9razorback musk turtle (free to a good home) :razorback musk turtle around 6 inches and about 3 years old. must go to a good home! text me for more info and pics, needs a new home asa ...18/10/17
103 rio nanay angelfish for sale :3 rio nanay anglefish for sale. All in good health and around 6 inches. would like to sell as a group. text me for more info and pics etc ...18/10/17
11Xenia/Green Star Polyps on large rock :Good size green centred star polyp 25 Stripping down my coral tank so grab yourself a bargain. Collection Only -RG2718/10/17
12Small Red Bubble Tip NEM for sale :Approx 5" across and great red/green colouration, originally from a split. Price 30 Collection Only18/10/17
13Nannacara Anomala Blue :Nannacara Anomala Blue Order online for national delivery and fast dispatch. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]18/10/17
14Oscars :2 large oscars possible breeding pair have laid eggs twice 25.0017/10/17
15L128 Blue Phantom Plecos :L128 Blue Phantom Plecos in stock. Size: Approx. 6-7cms More L-Numbers in stock Order online for national delivery and fast Dispatch. fr ...17/10/17
16Halide :Aqua one halide MG-600 with spare bulbs16/10/17
17Eheim 2128 Professional 2 External filter - 60 :For sale fully working Eheim 2128 Professional 2 External filter, selling as no needed anymore: Filter, 3x baskets, inlet, outlet and some ...16/10/17
18EHEIM EXTERNAL FILTER LARGE PORTSMOUTH :I have two large Eheiim filters. Ther are the older ones but work perfectly. I have repelled the impeller shaft on one and have a spare for ...16/10/17
19Welsh slate cave 6 :This cave is made out of Welsh slate from a well know supplier. It comprises two sides made out of 4/5 small pieces stuck together and a sl ...16/10/17
20Interpet black cabinet for Aquarium Excellent condition. 20 :This is only 10 months old and is in excellent condition apart from slight colour change on top where a small tank stood. The area measures ...16/10/17
21Biohome Ultimate 480gms 6 in Waterlooville :I have 480gms of Biohome Ultimate which has been used for 18 months in a shrimp tank (RCS). This media is virtually indestructable and looks ...16/10/17
229 x Corydoras Davidsandsi for sale :Breeding group of 9 Adult Corydoras Davidsandsi These are for collection only From Fordingbridge Hampshire I will not post them. 35 no ...14/10/17
23Motoro hybrid female Ray 16 inch disc 225or swap smaller Ray or large clown loa ... :Have a large female Motoro hybrid female very big girl 16 inch very active and healthy she is full mature ready to breed feeds on any foods ...14/10/17
24TRUE WILD CAUGHT ORINOCO ALTUM ANGELS PORTSMOUTH :I have four wild caught Adult Orinoco Altums for sale. I have had these for two years and 8 months and they were at least six months old wh ...14/10/17
25Cyphotilapia frontosa :Baby Cyphotilapia frontosa. Captive bred baby frontosa for sale Huge online selection of fish for sale. Buy fish online and have them del ...13/10/17
26Golden Spot Goby Stiphodon ornatus :Golden Spot Goby Stiphodon ornatus. A very nice unusual goby. Nationwide delivery, fast dispatch Many other unusual species in stock. f ...12/10/17
27Captive bred marble motoro pup 200 :I have for sale a couple pairs of marble motoro pups along with a lone male. these have been bred by myself using a pair that have very diff ...12/10/17
28Blue Lobster Cherax quadricarinatus :Blue Lobster Cherax quadricarinatus in stock 6-7cms. Order online for fast dispatch and nationwide delivery. freshwateraquatics.co.uk f ...11/10/17
29Super Blue Emperor Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri) :Super Blue Emperor Tetra. A lovely solid blue emperor tetra. This fish has been selectively bred from the standard Inpaichthys kerri to prod ...10/10/17
30Gold Lazer Corydoras Peru Gold Cory :Wild caught gold lazers in stock. 15 each. National Delivery. Fast Dispatch. Rare Fish to Beginner Fish freshwateraquatics.co.uk fresh ...09/10/17
31Marine fish, Live rock in Full set up :4ft fish tank lights skimmer filter pump fish live rock.30009/10/17
324ft Marine fish tank (Full set up ) :4ft fish tank lights skimmer filter pump fish live rock.30009/10/17
33Various Corals for Sale - Bubble, Leather, Mushrooms BT NEM..... :Stripping down and selling all my corals so grab your self a bargain; Green Bubble Coral (Plerogyra sinus) - 50 Giant Toadstool / Lea ...09/10/17
344ft juwel Rio :240ltr juwel Rio in dark wood with stand. Tank and stand in very good condition. Tank comes with light unit in full working order Juwel ...08/10/17
35VENEZUELA BLACK CORY :Tank bred Venezuelan black cory / corydoras. In Stock. Fast Dispatch. www.freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]07/10/17
36Angelfish :Hi! I have an about 4 inch sized angelfish for sale for 20! Only collection please thanks!05/10/17
37Nigerian Red Kribensis PAIRS :Pairs of Nigerian Red Kribensis. Lovely fish. Fast Dispatch Nationwide Delivery freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]03/10/17
38Red Bellied Pirhanna Stunning x 10 - 10cm (approx) :Selling an established shoal a 10 Red Bellied Piranha all around the 10cm size. 60.00 These have grown together since fry and get on ...03/10/17
39WANTED - Highfin/Longfin / Lyretail Mollies, Swordtails. :Any Long finned Mollies, Swords, Plattys, Danios etc considered. Havant, Hampshire. Bungy02/10/17
40Ancistrus Bristlenose L144 for sale - 1 each -Havant :I have for sale approx 50 young/sub adult Brown Bristlenoses available 2" to 3". 1 each. Flexible on price depending on numbers. ...02/10/17
41Juwel Rio 400 with Pangea background :Tank with black cabinet/stand; H 1330, W 1510 D 510mm, glass has very few and only minor scratches; internal filter/powerhead in situ; light ...30/09/17
42Kuhli Loach, Pangio kuhlii :Banded kuhli loach in stock. Huge online selection of fish for delivery. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]29/09/17
43WANTED TANK RACKS SHOP DISPLAY JOHN ALLEN , CASCO :Looking for multiple aquarium tank racks CASCO , JOHN ALLEN prefer systematised sets with sumps. Need 2 sets. 07707629857 THANK YOU28/09/17
44Aphyosemion amieti Pairs, Killi Fish :Pairs of Aphyosemion amieti in stock. Next day delivery freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]28/09/17
4512 inches - 14 inches male midas cichlid 60 swap for jardini :Looking to swap my stunning 12-14 inch male Midas for another large cichlid or jardini arowana, he eats and feeds well27/09/17
46AAA Grade Super Red Dragon King KoK Flowerhorn swap for Asian arowana or 350 :Here for sale I have my male super red dragon flowerhorn king kok aaa grade, stunning fish on top condition in no rush to sell as I know how ...27/09/17
47Male Super red Texas 11"/12" stunning fish looking to swap or 280 :Here I have my male 12" super red Texas stunning fish with stunning colour, very rare cichlid in this high quality. May swap for Asian ...27/09/17
48Cheap Deals on Neon Tetra Bundles :15 x Neon Tetra @ 10.50 25 x Neon tetra @ 17.25 Next Day Nationwide Delivery freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]27/09/17
49Red Lizard Catfish, Red Whiptails, Rineloricaria sp :Tank Bred Red Whiptails In stock. Next Day Nationwide Delivery freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]26/09/17
50Crystal Bee Shrimp Caridina cantonensis sp :Crystal Bee Shrimp Caridina cantonensis sp in stock. freshwateraquatics.co.uk Next Day Delivery [email protected]25/09/17
51Wanted - Acei Tanzanian Black/ Itungi :Hi, can't seem to find these anywhere. I'm looking for the black bodied yellow tail please not white tail. Interested in a group of adults o ...24/09/17
55Silver Tuxedo Male Guppies / Guppy Nationwide Delivery :Silver Tux Male Guppies. A very nice and unusually coloured guppy. A white silver head and body going to a dark blue tail. freshwateraquat ...22/09/17
56Large talking catfish 7" :Full size talking catfish, breaking down system and he is the fish in the tank. He'll need a decent sized tank to relocate into. They also n ...21/09/17
57Malawi Mbuna juveniles for sale lots of choice only 4 each :Pseudotropheus Elongatus neon spot 1 inch Metriaclima Msobo Mgunga 3 inch only 3 males Pseudotropheus Saulosi 2 inch SOLD Pseudotropheus ...20/09/17
58Blue Panda Guppy / Guppies in stock :Blue Panda Guppies in stock. www.freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected] Nationwide Delivery20/09/17
59Complete 4ft malawi set up with loads of extras :Selling my malawi set up which is 4ft have around 20 or just under fish different types of malawi and Victorian cichlids plus 3 bristlenose ...18/09/17
60Malawis & Victorians in Complete 4ft malawi set up :20 or so fish different types of malawi and Victorian cichlids plus 3 bristlenose plecs Selling my malawi set up which is 4ft has; many r ...18/09/17
61Pygmy corydoras and Habrosus corydoras in stock / cory :Pygmy corydoras, Corydoras pygmaeus and habrosus corydoras (salt and pepper cory) in stock. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected] ...18/09/17
62Baby Red Belly Piranha :Baby Red Belly Piranha 3cms 5 each. Nationwide next day delivery. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]15/09/17
63Baby Orange Parrot Cichlids 2.50 each (2-3cms) :Baby parrot cichlids. 2-3cms in size. Still showing their juvenile colouration. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]14/09/17
64OASE BIOTEC 30 POND FILTER - 325 ovno :The Biotec 30 has been designed for larger ponds especially with koi stock. It has a sludge drain for the removal of solids. It is a multi-z ...12/09/17
65SUPERFISH POND ECO PLUS 20000 PUMP - 125.00 ono :This is a powerful sturdy pump from SuperFish designed to handle solid particles up to 8mm in size making it ideal for water features and fi ...12/09/17
66Oil Cat Centromochlus perugiae (tatia) :Wild caught Centromochlus perugiae Oil cats. Lovely little fish. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]12/09/17
67Zebra oto. Otocinclus cocama. :Wild caught zebra otocinclus. Otocinclus affinis and giant otos also in stock. freshwateraquatics.co.uk. [email protected]11/09/17
68Black Moor :I have a long bodied telescope black moor available. I am prepared to give him away to someone who can offer him a good home. Never had any ...09/09/17
69Large Bogwood Driftwood pieces FOR SALE MUST GO :I have two very large aquarium display pieces of Bogwood and driftwood for sale. The bogwood is just under 30" long and the driftwood around ...09/09/17
70Various bits :I have some items left after tank shut down: 1 Mariglow Aqua One led unit, blue and white led's only. Has legs to fit a 3 foot tank or wi ...07/09/17
71Moscow White Male Guppies / Guppy Poecilia reticulata :Moscow White male guppies. Pure white Moscow guppy. Sorry no females and very limited stock. Moscow Blue and Green also in stock. Please vis ...06/09/17
72Wild Caught Colomesus / Amazon Puffers :Wild caught Collomesus asellus. Freshwater Amazon Puffer. Please visit my online shop for a huge range of tropical fish. freshwateraquatics. ...06/09/17
73Clown Knife fish :XXL Clown Knife fish for sale its around 20" in size large tank needed and it eats smaller fish, 2506/09/17
74American cichlids :Moving to marine. Most fish for sale some will be staying in my 5ft. 2x ebjd male and female 3 synspillum 2 black belts 1 arge ...05/09/17
75FRESHWATER PUFFERS WANTED :Hi guys, I'd like to buy some freshwater puffers ideally some of the less common species, so no dwarf puffers or amazon puffers please. Cont ...04/09/17
76Various corals living rock :Green hammerhead coral.frogsporn coral. Finger leather coral.flowerpot coral. 150 kg living rock offers02/09/17
77Coral frags :I have a few frags for sale collection from Basingstoke or can post 12 poly box heat pack next day before 1pm 07921030551 Reverse space ...01/09/17
78Live Rock :Just shut down my tank and have a bin full of live rock, with a heater and powerhead in to keep the rock live. Looking for 3.50 per kg. Or ...01/09/17
79Koi carp fry :Koi carp fry from high quality Japanese stock. 50p each.Minimum order 5 (our random selection only) Mixed varieties.Collection only, Farnbo ...01/09/17
80Marine aquarium various :Filter holder and 3 socks. 15.00 Aqua medic multi reactor size M boxed with pump. 30.00 Aqua one auto top up boxed used for 2 days. 30.00 ...19/08/17
81Koi pond equipment for sale :Nexus 300 plus lid and retro fitted Eazy 300 with 300 water polisher and back wash kit plus K1 all for 650 Buyer to collects from Eastligh ...15/08/17
82Leopard frog plec (L134) :I have 4 wild caught and 1 tank bred leopard frog plecs for sale, all are large fish. Theres 2 males and 3 females. Want to sell these as a ...13/08/17
83LARGE QUARANTINE/HOLDING TANK WITH LID - 275 :This is a very sturdy one piece GRP tank made by Dewey Waters, who manufacture high quality commercial storage tanks. It comes complete with ...04/08/17
84Snakehead breeders :I know this is a long shot but a few years ago I used to buy snakehead from a breeder named Rob.. Think he was from Newcastle used to know h ...03/08/17
85Looking for Albino Wells catfish :Will pay excess of 300+ for large fish over 25". Anything smaller let me know your price. Email me please.03/08/17
86Corals :Two Echinopora lamellosa frags 10 and 15 and a large piece of red montipora 20 and various sizes of green montipora collection Basingsto ...24/07/17
87VELDA GIANT BIOFILL XL FILTER (USED) + PUMP/UV/AIR PUMP (NEW) - 325 :The Giant Biofill XL is a cross-flow filter with removable cassettes. Two are filled with Japanese Matting and the end cassette is filled wi ...22/07/17
88Full marine tank set up including fish and coral and LED lights :Full marine fish tank set up and livestock including fish corals and rock led lights pumps skimmers etc lights are ai prime lights that can ...22/07/17
898 inch silver arrowana 50 :silver arowana growing fast and eating well beautiful fish shame to see him go only selling because of moving to asia. any questions p ...19/07/17
90WANTED Blue gene jack dempseys :WANTED. Blue gene jack dempseys in Hampshire /Dorset areas Please contact 0771263891716/07/17
91Aquamedic small fish boxes :Aqua Medic 40211 Fish Box 12,0 x 16,5 x 17,5 cm I have 27. These boxes can be systematised easily. Great for small fish breeding ...07/07/17
92Large custom built fish tank redtail catfish arrowana :For sale Large custom built fish tank 6ft x 2ft x 30inch tall Complete with cabinet and hood.stands roughly 5ft tall,approx 850 litres Fi ...03/07/17
93Large custom built fish tank redtail catfish arrowana :For sale 300 Large custom built fish tank 6ft x 2ft x 30inch tall Complete with cabinet and hood.stands roughly 5ft tall,approx 850 litre ...02/07/17
94Tanganyikan Cichlids :Young breeding pair of adult Julidochromis Transcriptus 8 Young adult Neolamprologus Brichardi 3.50 All fish are healthy with nice c ...01/07/17
95Geophagus :6x geophagus for sale approx 4-6 inches 50 or near offer30/06/17
96Fluval Profile Fish Tank :Tank for sale due to house move Great condition at present running a 5 month old FX6 with receipt. 325 with FX6 150 Just the tank ...29/06/17
97Aquarium clear out :Hi Unfortunately we have taken the decision to shut down our aquarium. We would like our remaining fish to go to a good home. We have: ...28/06/17
98Juwel Rio 400 Setup in Black :Jewel Rio 400 Black Tank and Stand For Sale Unfortunately I need to sell my setup as the tank is too big for where it is in the house. ...18/06/17
99Rena 6ft x 2ft x 2ft tank and stand set up :Tank stand lid t5 lighting unit rena external filter Pick up only gosport very heavy 450 Picture was when set up Viewing is welcom ...16/06/17
100225L Fish Tank and Filter etc. :225L fish tank for sale, comes with filter which cost 100 by itself. Also heater and bits which were in the tank before. Been a fantastic t ...14/06/17
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