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122 inches Female Kujaku Koi :Very healthy and in great condition. 22" maybe a little more and chunky. Collection from Southport 125 ono More Koi for sale, p ...22/07/19
220 inches Asagi Koi :Very healthy and in great condition. Pics do not do the fish justice. Only selling as I need to thin the numbers down in my pond. ...22/07/19
32 XL Orange Parrot fish for sale :7-8 Inc in size. Very healthy and in good condition. Nice looking fish, but not for me. Collection from Southport town centre. ...22/07/19
425L Water Carrier :3x 25L water carriers - 4 each or 10 for all 3 Perfect for water changes or collection of RO/HMA water These have only ever had water in ...22/07/19
5Goliath Tiger Fish Wanted :Ideally3"-6"in length fish must have no deformaties North West area preferred22/07/19
6WANTED PROBARBUS Labea Major Or JULLIENS Barb :Common name thicklipped barb very large tank waiting thanks for looking.22/07/19
7Golden Pangassius catfish for sale :Fish is 7" long and in perfect health and condition any offers considered collection only22/07/19
8Marine fish tank :4x2x2 marine fish tank on grey cabinet with sump in bottom including all lall equipment skimmer reacter return pump lights everything you ne ...22/07/19
9nls cichlid pellets 500g :NEW LIFE SPECTRUM CICHLID FORMULA 500g 1MM SINKING PELLET MALAWI TANK FISH FOOD. bought for 23.00.selling for less than half price 10 onl ...21/07/19
10sera air pump :sera air pump type 550r.very clean working condition 10 only21/07/19
11fluval 4 plus filters :qty 4 fluval 4 plus filters.3 working 1 faulty.all have impellers and foams.3 have the venturi part. 35 for all 421/07/19
12Tropheus Moorii Golden Kazumba :I have for sale 30+ Tropheus Golden Kazumba F2 Fry ranging from 2" to small by different parents. All feeding well and naturally released b ...21/07/19
13High Quality Showa/Sanke :20" in size. Very healthy and in great condition. Pictures do not do this fish justice. Genuine reason for sale, just need to thin ...19/07/19
14Two 12-13 inches koi for sale :1 x Maruten Kohahu (Tancho) Nidan Kohaku (two step) 1 x Lemon Kujaku with a nice scale pattern. Very good condition and health. F ...19/07/19
15KOI cherished registration number for sale. :KOI 5579 is the number for sale. Now on retention so easily swapped to your car. (must be after 1984) Genuine enquiries only. 750 ...19/07/19
16WANTED Red Bishop Tropheus :Hi I am looking for some adult Red Bishop Tropheus to add to my breeding group. Please message me on 07759234559. Thanks. Lee.19/07/19
1713-14 megladoras uranoscopus bargain :Up for sale is my other meg catfish hes around 13-14 and is brilliant with large or small fish, eats just about anything Ill accept 70 f ...18/07/19
1822 megladoras uranoscopus cheap :Up for sale is this monster of a fish hes roughly 21-22 By far the biggest Ive ever seen and is very rare for this size The last one ...18/07/19
191 x true aligator gar 8-9 inch 65 :I have 1 aligator gar left for sale It is 8-9'' feeding on floating pellets and whitebait i would like 65 Any questions or pictures ...18/07/19
20Breeding colony of neolamprologus multifasciatus :Hi unfortunately due to relocation I have my prolific breeding colony for sale i think there are 2 males and 5 females with at least 5 ...18/07/19
21American Cichlids for sale :Time to thin out the tank which means some fish need to move on. For sale I have as follows: x2 Gold Severum 15 EACH! x1 Rotkeil Se ...18/07/19
22Brooding tanks or Show tanks :Suitable for brooding Malawi females, or show display,16"x8"x9" approx complete with Lid & Heater just 8 each. Collect only from Fleetwood ...17/07/19
23Temensis Peacock Bass 20 inches + 50 :50 Not a shy bass keeps away from big fish but Keeps trying to eat my smaller fish so needs to go. No Offers No time wasters Co ...16/07/19
24Channa diplogramma Indian snakehead :Channa diplogramma (Indian snakehead) 18 inch plus eats all allsorts and has always been kept with other fish without any problems beautiful ...14/07/19
25Fish tank :26 inches long 14 deep and 18 high 2012/07/19
26Fluval filters :Various fluval internal filters cheap 2 ,3 and 4 will do a good deal on the lot12/07/19
272 ft fish tank :2 ft tank 1512/07/19
28WANTED Vittatus, brevis, and Goliath tiger fish :Im wanting any of the African tiger fish species smaller the better, looking to buy a group Contact me on 0793556496411/07/19
29Synodontis Longirostris :About 8 inches maybe a bit larger ,rare in the hobby 10010/07/19
30Free albino giant gourami 19 inches :Got a giant gourami 2days ago and not getting on with my giant gourami. So need it gone soon as. Before it dies. Yes it free to good home.09/07/19
31Fish tank :6x2x18 depth on red mahogany cabinet good solid tank please note this is pick up only 100 can provide all equipment at extra cost please ri ...09/07/19
32Oscar fish :We are selling our Oscar as it came with the tank that we bought. We have decided that we want to have smaller ones in instead of just one f ...08/07/19
33Longfin Lemon Bristlenoses + Albino Corys + Blue leopard ramshorn snails :Longfin lemon bristlenose 4-5cm 10 Shortfin lemon bristlenose 8 for 20 Albino cory's 6 for 10 Blue leopard ramshorns snail's 12 ...07/07/19
34Red Sea 350 :Red Sea 350 in good condition in black to include light gravel rocks heater sump pipe work return pump auto to up plenty of other thing Ro m ...07/07/19
35Fluval fx6 130 :Up for sale is my fluval fx6 8 months old 130 Contact me on 0793556496407/07/19
36Ehiem full set up 275 :Ehiem full set up to include everything to get started white sand rocks corals heater external filter cabinet in white beautiful when set u ...07/07/19
37Practical Fishkeeping mags :Every copy (except March 2005) including bonus Xmas specials from January 2002 to December 2013 of this excellent magazine, hundreds of tips ...07/07/19
38Reef Lobster :I've got a reef lobster from a tank breakdown that I need to re-home. It unfortunately lost one of its claws during transport (no idea how ...07/07/19
39EVOLUTION AQUA EAREEFPRO 1200S :EVOLUTION AQUA EAREEFPRO 1200S (EA REEF PRO 1200 just tank with stand and sump return pump heater great condition pickup please PICKUP ONLY ...05/07/19
40All predatory fish wanted :Im willing to buy or collect any predatory fish which are close to blackpool, no cichlids or red tail catfish Thank you Contact me on 07 ...04/07/19
41PEARL GOURAMI tropical fish :pearl gouramis approx. 2.5 inch 4 opaline gouramis 3 tel john 07738 636 62604/07/19
42REDLINE TORPEDO BARBS :REDLINE TORPEDO BARBS approx. 2.5 to 3 inches in perfect health stunning fish when adults 5 each TEL JOHN 07738 636 62604/07/19
43tropical fish silver sharks,redtail & rainbow sharks :im selling silver sharks , red tail black sharks & rainbow sharks 2 to 3 inch 3 each tel 07738 636 62604/07/19
44filter :fluval fx6 filter in great condition with media pick up only blackpool selling as i now have sumped tank and dont use it 12504/07/19
45Evergrow 5012 :WANTED... Evergrow it5012 marine light03/07/19
46Male Geophagus Altifrons :Stunning male Geophagus Altifrons, 6 to 7 inches Possible swop ?. 25.00 or near offer .02/07/19
47Angel fish :Young angel fish approx 50 p size 1.50 each29/06/19
482 ft tank and stand :2 ft tank with stand will take another tank underneath 2029/06/19
49WANTED - SUPER RED LONGFIN BRISTLENOSE MALE & FEMALE :I am after a pair of super red longfin bristlenose if anyone has any for sale, can collect local to Blackpool or if anyone is willing to pos ...25/06/19
50Predator fish for sale :Temensis bass trio [email protected] 1 @12 150 for the trio 11/12 clownknife 30 13 cobra snakehead 40 More pictures on request24/06/19
516ft Aqua one tank, full setup 250ono :Hi I am selling my setup, circumstances forces sale: Tank and accessories 250 Please note these tanks retailed at nearly 1000 at one ti ...22/06/19
52TETRAS TROPICAL FISH :im selling off a load of tetras ive got neons , black neons , glowlight tetras , silver tip tetras x-ray tetras & cherry barbs all 1 ea ...21/06/19
53pimelodus pictus catfish :pimelodus pictus catfish approx. 3 inch stunning fish grow to approx. 6 to 7 inch 10 each any questions tel john 07738 636 62621/06/19
54Fish tank in wigan :18 x 8 x 9 inch tank set ups 25 each i have 221/06/19
554-5 foot aquarium wanted :Hi 4-5 foot aquarium wanted Preston area If selling please get in touch19/06/19
56Zebra loach :Five zebra loach approx 1.5" excellent condition from an healthy tank. 1015/06/19
57Golden sucking loach :Golden sucking loach approx 4" excellent condition from an healthy tank. 1015/06/19
58Mahecola barbs :Four mahecola barbs approx 3" excellent condition from an healthy tank. 1515/06/19
59Vecton V2 300 :Vecton v2 UVB steriliser - this version has now been discontinued, but all parts are available still and it is smaller but more powerful wat ...12/06/19
60ProAquatic Imports - Live fish imports. Consolidation & Trans shipping into UK.. :ProAquatic Live fish imports. Consolidation & Trans shipping into UK.. We are committed to supplying you with the best and healthiest pro ...07/06/19
61Discus full set up for sale or swaps :I have a discus tank for sale 350. 8x discus plus 12ish cardinal 1x beautiful snowball play, 30+bn place approx 12 cores. plus various oth ...04/06/19
62Rainbow shark :Rainbow shark approx 4" in excellent condition from an health tank. 702/06/19
63Angel fish :Silver angel fish with black bars. Excellent condition from an healthy tank. 502/06/19
64Hoplo catfish :Hoplo catfish approx 3.5" excellent t condition from an healthy tank. 1502/06/19
65Dwarf gouramis :Two dwarf gouramis Male and female. The Male is cobalt blue. Excellent condition from an healthy tank. 802/06/19
66Torpedo barbs :Four torpedo barbs approximately 2.5" excellent condition from a healthy tank. 2002/06/19
67Pearl gouramis :Two 0ear gouramis approx 3.5" excellent condition from an healthy tank. 1002/06/19
68Congo tetras :Five Congo tetras ( one albino ) approx 3" Excellent condition from an healthy tank. 2502/06/19
69Blastomussa coral frag for sale :This is a extremely large type of blastomussa coral (LPS) It has a bright green Fluorescent ring in the centre with a sort green outer ski ...01/06/19
70Blastomussa coral frag for sale :This is a rare lps coral ,its red with a bright green centre,it has 1 head and two babies ,this coral is grown on a frag plug and is 20mm ...01/06/19
71Chalice (lps)Coral frag for sale :I have a stunning golden eye red chalice for sale it is 2in wide with over 20 eyes on it .it is a lovely coral and the eyes really pop with ...01/06/19
72Male SRD Flowerhorn :Male SRD flowerhorn he is about 5-6 inch feeding well selling due to not having the adequate space for him looking for 75ono PLEASE ONLY ...29/05/19
73Juwel Trigon 190 tank and stand :For sale as it with Fish and Plants is my Juwel Trigon 190. I've moved on to marine now and just lost interest in freshwater. Fish inclu ...27/05/19
74Common plec :Common plec for sale 6inch ish 3027/05/19
75Juwel 180 bow front :Juwel bow front 180 tank full set up lights heater fluval 3 and large external filter gravel lava rock and plastic plants heater etc Would ...24/05/19
76REGAL TANG (sought after yellow belied variant of dory) :Stunning fish, in excellent health and has a very cheeky yet dumb character. She/he is around 5.5 in length, please note a 2 regal are ...23/05/19
77Selling coral frag :I have a bounce mushroom coral for sale This mushroom has a teal base with green/blue bubbles all over it ,this is a rare coral and it is ...20/05/19
78Selling coral frag :I have a large 3in rhodactus mushroom for sale ,it is orange with a bright orange skirt and a teal centre.it is on a pice of live rock and i ...20/05/19
79Selling coral frag :Recordea Yuma for sale .This mushroom is bright orange with with bumps all over it . It is 3in wide when it is full expanded and it is on a ...19/05/19
80Wanted Nicaraguan cichlids :Hi all wanted Nicaraguan cichlids manchester area Willing to travel for right fish Please contact Gary 0792029087919/05/19
81 wanted piranha :red bellied piranha fish. wanting around 8 of them and must be juveniles. blackpool19/05/19
82Large Koi Pond For Sale :1600 gall rigid Koi pond. 9ft diameter and 4ft deep so ideal size for koi. Cost 600 originally - in as new condition.13/05/19
83Aquarium for sale :6 month old aquarium in solid oak cabinet for sale with fish as well. cost 800 when new( last year), good filter pump, 100cm x 50cm x 40cm. ...10/05/19
84Gold laser :I have a number of gold laser corydorus young about 3 months old 4 each09/05/19
85Plating orange and green monti :Hi, I have plenty of orange and green plating monti frags for sale. 10 per frag all of which will be no less than 3 inches in size. ...08/05/19
86Polypterus for sale :Congicus around 15 inch 2 x laps 15 and 10 inch Weeksii 18 inch Ornate 18 inch 60 EACH WHATSAPP 07940991647 Pick up only07/05/19
87bristlenose plecs for sale :around 40 bristlenose available , mostly around 1 long, 6-8 weeks old there are some albino ones amongst the standard colouration ...06/05/19
88Led light x 2 :Led everglow. 150 each light. With remote. All fittings. 2 ft long each. Cost me 300 each . Only 12 month old. Iv closed tank down. Preston ...03/05/19
89Rehoming - free :I have 3 beautiful fish that have outgrown their tanks. I have a 5" Shubunkin, a 3" Calico Oranda and a 3" Black Moor. I have ...02/05/19
90Fluval Roma 200 LED :One year old Fluval LED Roma 200 with stand in black. In VERY good condition. Dry sale with Fluval U4 internal filter, Fluval 200w heater an ...01/05/19
91Community Fish :Hi i have a few community fish for sale 3 x neon tetra 2 x male endler guppies 2 x young male guppies not coloured up yet. 1 x young p ...29/04/19
92WANTED: BIG GOLDFISH - Oldham / Manchester Area :I have a 5000 litre pond with excellent filtration and oxygenation. Looking to add some gold fish to it, but rather than buy from the chain ...28/04/19
93Clown knife :Big clown knife for sale ( around 20 inch ) 40 Pick up only WhatsApp 0794099164728/04/19
94Marine tank :5ft evolution aqua tank with sump and white gloss cabinet 450 ono. Skelmersdale. Lancs 07462 075 62727/04/19
95Juwel 180 vision :With external filter Led lights Accessories Sand27/04/19
96tank :rena 600 aquarium free to collector tank only no lights no stand or lids 100 percent water tight lots of scratches front and back call rick ...27/04/19
97fish :8 inch red belly pacu free to collector I'm in burnley call rick 07507680491 thanks collection only27/04/19
98Large Tank For Sale :Tank measuring 1.83 metres long x 60 cm high x 46 cm depth for sale @ 100. Offers also invited for strong home made wooden stand for this ...26/04/19
99malawi cichlid fry :hi ive a load of home bred Malawi cichlid fry approx. 1 inch to sell on these will need a grow out tank due to size they are 1.50 each or ...26/04/19
100Heater joblot x 13 :Fluval 100w x 1 200w x 1 300w x 3 Eheim 125w x 1 200w x 1 Eheim Brand new in box 200w x 1 300w x 1 Aqua one 100w x 1 200 ...24/04/19
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