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1Genuine Tropical fish food :Hi, we are a family based business situated in Leicester. As fish breeders we know how important it is to feed your fish a quality food eith ...09/04/12
2Sergeant Major Damsel :2/2.5" Sergeant Major Damsel for sale for £15. In great condition and feeding very well.06/04/12
3Yellow Tang :2.5" Yellow tang for sale for £25. In great condition and feeding very well.06/04/12
4Regal Tang :4/5" Regal tang for sale for £30. In great condition and feeding very well.06/04/12
5Hammer coral SOLD :for sale a beautiful hammer coral (4/5 head) picture on request or view £25 , pick up only LE14 3YR06/04/12
6Spotted Face Eruptions :Only 5 left, 6"+ fish. Starting to pair off. Big & round. From are recent import £150 Nice Markings! Photos uploaded soon from my fishroom.03/04/12
7wavemaker :as above wavemaking sockets that runs upto 4 korelias £25 like new condition03/04/12
9Nerite Snails Cheapest in uk :hi ihave a fair few nerite snails that i am selling i have the following variations Zebra Nerites Tiger Nerites Onion Spotted Nerit ...30/03/12
10marina 160 with rock fish and equipment :Hi this tank is only as gud as new ony 3 weeks old it comes with fluval 405 filter a q1 air pump4 air stones 50 kg of oceon rock a heater an ...29/03/12
11120 fish pod :Hi I have a 120 liter fish pod its it great condition only had it 4 month sadly have to sell due to moving house its got a black gloss match ...29/03/12
12Juwel 240 tank/cabinet sold sold :As above in good used condition (Black cabinet) T8 light unit included , £100 ono external filter £30 extra.27/03/12
13juwel aquarium fish tanks :Selling my Juwel tank 100x50x40cm comes with 2 gravel, ornament filter and new light unit in box, ALL THAT IS SEEN IN PICTURES IS INCLUDE ...27/03/12
14D&D refractometer £15 POSTED SOLD :FOR SALE IN GOOD CONDITION £15 POSTED23/03/12
15Corals / fish for sale :A lovely collection of hard and soft corals , electric blue damsel ( foc ) regal tang £25 , pick up only .picture of torch coral22/03/12
16Tunze Power Heads with controler :I have 2x Tunze 6100 Powerheads with magnets for sale with the new 7096 controler £300 ono new 0791940862920/03/12
17Deltec 20w UV £80 :I have a Deltec 20w UV for sale £80 plus P+P contact steve 0791940862920/03/12
18RED Dragon 5000 £0ffers :Red dragon pumps are widely regarded as THE BEST aquarium pump due to reliability,silent,energy efficient,long lasting and they can be used ...20/03/12
19Arcadia 3x150MH :I have a Arcadia 3x150 MH for sale £100 contact Steve07919408629.20/03/12
20fully stocked 220 ltr tank n stand (see ad) £200 :aqualantis 220 ltr tank n stand comes complete with 2 external filters heater air pump etc in fact its up and running also comes with a good ...15/03/12
21selection of tropical fish for sale as 1 job lot :3 small oscars (4") 1 large oscar (9") 3 plecs (common approx 6-7") 1 robertsoni cichlid (7") 1 synodontis (6") 1 ...15/03/12
22750 ltr (approx) tank for sale £150 :APPROX 750 LTRS AND MEASURE'S 65 INCH WIDE 50 INCH HIGH 18 INCH DEEP Just the tank stand and hood inc lights are in this sale the pic is ...15/03/12
23FREE Electric blue damsel :As above Free to a good home 2"13/03/12
24Wanted Marine fish :I'm looking for clown fish and inverts, fair prices .12/03/12
25SOLD- Deltec ts 1250 skimmer :Used deltec ts 1250 in very good working condition, Just need a new sponge. Looking for £130 O.N.O12/03/12
26malawi chiclids :I have got A breeding trio of malawi trophiops 2 metraclima greshakei 1 male red cheek 2male membee deeps 1 electric blue johanni and 3 yell ...12/03/12
27fish tank and fish :hi i am selling my fish and fish tank tha tank is a 6ft by2 by2 stand and lid in need of a new lid 2 ligths 1 heater 1 tetra air pump 1 powe ...09/03/12
28calcium reactor and cylinder (full ) sold :As above complete £70 pick up only LE14 3YR09/03/12
29marine /tropical item list :co2 calcium reactor £600 wall bracket for halide T5 unit £20 various other pumps maxi jets etc £1 ...06/03/12
30Bubble nac 5A skimmer only a month old so as new SOLD :For sale a bubble nac5A skimmer complete with pump etc £60 postage £10 .05/03/12
313ft/4ft glass tank wanted cheap as possible :Looking for either a 3ft or 4ft tank. All i want is the glass tank not needing hood or stand as i am building my own stand. Dont want to spe ...04/03/12
32arcadia light :new arcadia aquarium light £1504/03/12
33juwel aquarium :Selling my Juwel tank 100x50x40cm comes with gravel, filter and new light unit (needs a bulb). £70 Contact Information Advertiser: g ...04/03/12
35Reef beam 120 LED light for sale :Reefbeam 120 Led light for sale - only a couple of months old, selling due to too powerful for our system £250 ovno 07964 74694128/02/12
36WANTED TMC aquaray aquabeam 500 :TMC aquaray aquabeam 500. Cash waiting.27/02/12
37Cherry shrimp :Cherry shrimp 50p each can do deals on bigger amounts. feeding on genchen biomax shrimp food, Shirakura Foods and a bloodworm flake. C ...27/02/12
38regal tang :For sale a lovely regal tang around 3 inches , £30 pick up only LE14 3YR27/02/12
392 Goldfish and 1 shbumkin for sale £2 each :Hi as above says fish for sale £2 each bin in my pond for 3 years never had any problems with them. They are about 3-4 inch. pleas get in to ...25/02/12
40Apple snail food :hello you are buying 1x 50g bag of apple snail food that will feed 20 adult snails for over 1 months (will need freezing to keep fresh) I ha ...24/02/12
41Reefbeam 120 for sale :Reefbeam 120 LED light for sale under 4 months old selling due to too powerfull for our system - £250 Leics 0796474694123/02/12
42Reefbeam 120 for sale :Reefbeam 120 LED marine light 4 months old changing due to too powerfull for our system. £250 please call 07964746941 - Leicestershire22/02/12
43large pond fish for sale :hello, i have for sale 1 x large ghost carp for sale 3 x large carp for sale all ...21/02/12
44Liverock and livestock NOW IN PLEASE ASK FOR LIST :5 x mushroom corals on liverock blues and browns , yellow polup on rock , lovely pulse coral , £15 each , huge pulse coral 100s of heads on ...14/02/12
45Compact sieve wanted Leicester :After a compact sieve. No silly prices pleas.14/02/12
46Vecton v2 200 nano UV New shape sold :As above in very good condition , hardly used , £20 or £25 posted . sold12/02/12
47Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" :Hi there after some Labidochromis sp. "Hongi" preferably around the Leicester area. Prefer a trio if possible. Let me know what ...10/02/12
48Mixed Cichlids :I have 2 male Pseudotropheus Elongatus Usisya. Looking for £5.00 each for them or both for £9.00. I have a adult male Aulonocara Kandeens ...10/02/12
49Corys Rare :i have for sale the following corys . available for delivery upto 20th december 2011 cory loxozonus L £3.99 each Cory acutus C24 £13.9 ...09/02/12
50Corys for sale CLEARANCE :Corydoras Acutus £2.99 Corydoras Melanistus £3.50 Corydoras Delphax £3.00 Corydoras Loxozonus £3.50 Corydoras Ambiacus XL £5.99 Corydor ...09/02/12
51Quality Bred Bettas :Hi, am just gauging interest really I have my 1st successful just turned 4 months old, just wondered if there would be interest in my latest ...09/02/12
52cockatoo double red dwarf cichlids :i am looking for a male and 2/3 female cockatoo dwarf cichlids for a new tank i have set up08/02/12
53TRIGON 190 With cabinet :i have a perfect condition trigon 190 corner aquarium would deliver for reasonable offer or willing to have it collected comes with the cab ...06/02/12
54WANTED: VISION 450 or similar :im willing to pay for a vision 450 or trade it and part cash i have a trigon 190 corner with cabinet im willing to travel if needed unless u ...05/02/12
55Giant Gourami quick sale needed, offers :I have to sell my beautiful giant gourami. He's about 2ft long now and growing well, must go to a good home and into a large tank. Genuine r ...05/02/12
56Red tail x tiger shovel nose catfish, quick sale required, offers :I have to sell my gorgeous red tail x tiger shovel nose catfish. He's about 2ft long now and growing well, must go to a good home and into a ...05/02/12
57Silver Arowana, quick sale required, offers :I have for sale my beautiful arowana. He's feeding well on all sorts of foods and is about 8-10" long but growing very fast. Genuine reason ...05/02/12
58Super Red Melon :Very nice velvet red colour, selected from one top breeder, and bred here. I'll take better photos once sorted out a new DSLR Photos ta ...02/02/12
59Reef master skimmer gift £10 :For sale a used reef master skimmer , no idea how this very large skimmer works but i guess it will need a ocean runner ph pin wheel pump to ...01/02/12
60red sea pink pompom frags £10 each :As above , thinning out my pom pom coral (Gone mad) some of my regulars have seen it, £10 per frag , get it going and you would be doing the ...01/02/12
61Argonite live sand :for sale nearly full bag of Argonite live sand , cost £28.99 (very fine ) asking £12 , pick up only.01/02/12
62 4ft tank/stand wanted :Looking for a 4ft stand and tank , prepared to pay up to £150 or perhaps more dependant on looking at the tank. Ideally within 50 miles of ...29/01/12
63Pseudotropheus sp. "Elongatus Usisya" :I have for sale 3 x Pseudotropheus sp. "Elongatus Usisya" adults. Believe they are 1 male and 2 females (i think) Looking f ...28/01/12
64Kribs, Shrimps, Bristlenose and a Plec :I am thinning out my tanks to make way for babies so have the following fish for sale. 1 x Pakistani Loach ( I believe this is what it is ...28/01/12
65Betta T5 SOLD :For sale a betta 6 x 24 watt Ts unit in very good condition , (6 new bulbs plus 2 spare ) no hanging brackets! cost new £249 asking £80 , pi ...28/01/12
66Metal halide unit 2ft x 1ft bargain £60 SOLD :For sale a 150watt single metal halide unit plus 24watt T5s twin , german make come s complete with spare halide bulb and brand new T5 bulbs ...28/01/12
67Aqua one corner fishtank (lovely tank) marine or tropical. :As above in beech , lovely condition , very large corner tank , picture on request, complete with lid and lights,poss external filter, avail ...25/01/12
68Mixed fish for sale :I am thinning out my tanks to make way for babies so have the following fish for sale. 1 x Common Plec about 4-5 inch £10.00 Appx 10 Alb ...21/01/12
69Mixed fish for sale :I am thinning out my tanks to make way for babies so have the following fish for sale. 1 x Common Plec about 4-5 inch £10.00 Appx 10 Alb ...21/01/12
70wanted guppy fish :will take in any unwanted guppy fish, any colour, any size, any gender...20/01/12
71Baby bristlenose plecs... 50p each :70 black baby bristlenose pleco fish - 0.5cm in length - 50p each... please call on 07868031599 if interested...20/01/12
72Arcadia series 4 halide unit now only £65 like new SOLD :As above for sale very good unmarked condition complete with hanging wires , twin T5s 150 watt halide plus built in timers , £70 pick up onl ...16/01/12
73all pond solutions external filter :external filter 1000L/H for aquariums up to 400L 9w uv clarification self priming system multi layer filtration - ceramic rings, bio ...15/01/12
74cichlid fry leicester :assorted malawi cichlids ready now all between 3 and 6cm yellow labs £2 aulonocara sp blue neon £3 and £5 depending on size ps ...12/01/12
75Tilapia Buttikoferi 8 - 9 inches :I have a beautiful Tilapia Buttikoferi for sale. Not sure about the gender, it is between 8 – 9 inches. It feeds and eats very well. Beautif ...10/01/12
76Tilapia Buttikoferi 8 - 9 inches :I have a beautiful Tilapia Buttikoferi for sale. Not sure about the gender, it is between 8 – 9 inches. It feeds and eats very well. Beautif ...10/01/12
77LED psu s for sale singles and twin SOLD :2 x single psu 's @£10 each posted.1 x Twin @£15 posted. upgraded to 8 way psu these now for sale , very good condition. ALL NOW SOLD10/01/12
78cat fish :synodontis catfish large group for sale £120 or nearest offer this fish are riftlake cat fish and they are quit large, for details contact ...08/01/12
79various marine equipment and aquarium OPEN TO OFFERS DROP ME A TEXT :3by2 by2 aquarium and sump £240 with extras deltec ts1250 protein skimmer £95 D&D DC750 ciller £155 korallin co2 reactor with 3 co2 bottl ...07/01/12
80arcadia twin 250w halides with antics :come with 14k blv bulbs £13507/01/12
81korallin calcium reactor :comes with 3 co2 bottles solonoid and gauges also tub and a half of arm media07/01/12
82D&D DC-750 CHILLER :as title great bit of kit for keeoing temperature down £15507/01/12
83DELTEC TS 1250 PROTEIN SKIMMER :great skimmer £9507/01/12
84Complete Marine Aquarium £300 cash BARGIN :Aquaone tank (20x20x24), cabinet and custom built sump. 2 aquaray aquabeam 500 led's and twin T8's.1 week old Seneye reef and 3 months of ex ...03/01/12
85Regal tang £30 SOLD :As above 5 inch regal , healthy and eating well, pick up only £3002/01/12
86Sun Coral 28 heads SOLD :For sale beautiful sun coral dont have a reef system at home which this would be ideal for , need quick sale so offers asap please , pick ...02/01/12
87Tunze 9006 skimmer SOLD :For sale a tunze 9006 skimmer in very good used condition , fantastic skimmer serve me well for around a year , cost new £200 looking for ar ...31/12/11
88Chiclid :6" very pretty chiclid. £ 30.28/12/11
89Breeding Chiclid :Breeding pair. Want to re stock tank. £30 ono. Delivery in locality or pick up required. Pic shows female28/12/11
90Pleco 6" :Pleco 6". tank clear out. Delivery in locality or pick up. £3028/12/11
91Tunze doc skimmer MODEL 9002 NOW SOLD :For sale Tunze doc skimmer BOXED WITH MANUEL , can post ,£60 PLUS POSTAGE £5 COST £106 NEW (YEAR OLD) sold17/12/11
92Vieja bifasciatus for sale or swap :9-10" vieja bifasciatus for sale not getting on with tankmates £40 or will swap pickup only from LE2 i have a polybox and bags15/12/11
93Cherry shrimp x15 for £10 Leicester :Many available. nice red coulours. Full adults, no babies or young. Possibly throw a few pregnant females if you want. Collection only f ...13/12/11
95Deltec 600 skimmer NOW SOLD thanks for all the interest :For sale deltec 600 skimmer (bees knees) very good condition great skimmer offers around £70 , postage £10 .01/12/11
96TetraTec IN1000 Plus, Fish Tank Internal Filter :Fantastic Working Order! TetraTec IN1000 Plus, Fish Tank Internal Filter. Fantastic Working Order! - The Tetra IN 1000 plus is a useful int ...27/11/11
97Young Kribensis :I have alot of young Kribensis for sale, about 2.5 months old at the moment, must have about 60 of them. Way to many for my needs, so lookin ...27/11/11
98Breeding pair of oscars for sale :One male Tiger oscar around 10 inch one female Velvet Red oscar also around 10 inch spawn once every few weeks selling due to them ta ...26/11/11
99T5 light unit 4ft T5 HO PRO SOLD :For sale a 4ft T5 unit very good condition £80 complete with tank brackets, four lights , pick up only24/11/11
100WANTED - King Kamfa Or Similar Flowerhorn :Hi would like a king kamfa male or a similar in the new year, if you are selling one or have offspring please get in touch23/11/11
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