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1[SOLD] £15 - 23Lx18Hx13W inches Fish4Fun tank with stand (broken inbuilt light) ... :Here is a fully cleaned fish tank that have been washed and sterilized with boiling hot water (no fish odour); I am clearing my fish room as ...19/11/18
2[SOLD] £25 - 42Lx17.5Hx12W inches fish tank with hood (inbuilt light) w/accessor ... :Here is a fish tank which have been washed and unused for over 5 years. Thus, it has no fish odour. I will give it a good rinse before cash ...19/11/18
3[SOLD] £1 for 2 doublesided waterproof wallpaper for your fish tank [SOLD] :I have two waterproof wallpaper that I no longer use and is just laying in the storage room doing no good, hence why I am selling it. As ...19/11/18
4Marine Livestock and Aquarium for Sale :£1000 worth of corals, fish and live rock. Red Sea reefer 350 for sale. complete set up, equipment; sump with auto top up, brand new skimm ...19/11/18
5Marine Aquarium for Sale :Red Sea reefer 350 for sale. complete set up, over £1000 worth of corals, fish and live rock. equipment; sump with auto top up, brand new sk ...19/11/18
6” MBU Puffer “ :MBU puffer fish for sale 2 years old 12” long nice fish to big for my tank £30019/11/18
7LDA016 Ancistris Calico Breeding Females :from breeding colony. Red and Black Marbled, 10-11 cm incl. tail. Collection only from NorthWest London. £20 each18/11/18
8Ancistrus LDA016 Calico Plecs :Red and Black marbled Ancistrus Calico young, 4-5cm (inc tail) from breeding colony, £5 pair; £10/5. Black Bar Endlers, purebred, breedi ...18/11/18
9Rainbow cichlid pair :Lovely rainbow cichlid pair, fully grown and very healthy. £15 for the pair which is a great price seeing as that’s what they are usually so ...18/11/18
10Polynemus information. :After any information regarding keeping and especially feeding Polynemus.18/11/18
11Hydor koralia smart wave :For sale hydor koralia smart wave pump collection only Greenford £3018/11/18
12Midas cichlids for sale (London) :Selling 4 midas cichlids ranging from 5"-7" Collection only from East London £30 for all 418/11/18
13Fluval fx5 filter :Fluval fx5 filter complete with media and hoses17/11/18
14Juwel Rio 300 :Juwel fish tank for sale 4 foot long black with cabinet/ stand £15017/11/18
15Bristlenose catfish and 4 glowlight tetras need new home :Moving house and clearing my planted tank. I am looking for a new home for my adult male bristlenose catfish and 4 glowlight tetras. Hap ...16/11/18
16Lemon bristlenose plecos :I have a number of lemon Bristlenose Plecos about 3 cm long good colour £4 each or 4 for £15 ring 07790107174 thanks16/11/18
17Calico Plecos :Hi I have some young calico Plecos about 2and a half cm for sale £3 each ring 07790107174 thanks16/11/18
186ft fish tank and sump :Hi there I have for sale a 6ft x 50cm x 94cm that is just the fish tank and now the fish tank and stand 174cm high and I have the sump tank ...16/11/18
19Frontosa Black Widows & Syno Petricola :Selling up due to upcoming move. Following for Sale: 13 x Frontosa Black Widows (Czech Imports via Aquabeek 7 months ago) Size: 3-3+" R ...16/11/18
20Angels :Last pair of angels up for sale they are a pair of blue marbles they laid twice but not had any young come through Iam sure the they will br ...16/11/18
21Wild Odessa Barbs, Pethia padamya x5 :Wild Caught Odessa Barbs, Pethia Padamya Small, bright and active fish Very healthy and active Currently living in a community tank £2 ...14/11/18
22Fly river turtle for sale, South London :Approximately 15 inch carapace. Collect from South London. £500. Text (between 9 and 9 only please). 0796812156814/11/18
23Gold fish for free :Hi Gold fish medium size for free to a good home collection from w7 3hu13/11/18
24For Sale :Hi, I got for sale Pangasus £30, Fire Eel £130, , Grey Giant Gourami £40, 2x True Parrots, Bourcotti, Large Jaguar, Showelnose £50. All need ...12/11/18
25WILD DISCUS :Looking for some wild discus, any strain considered (no f1's). Cash and tank waiting for the right fish with my existing group of wilds. Pl ...12/11/18
26Blue zebra malawi and golden juwel autarus malawi mbuna for sale :Golden juwel auratus malawi mbuna fish for sale Which are the yellow black and white ones in the pictures 3.5 to 4.5inch Blue zebra mal ...10/11/18
27Barred Midas For Sale :6.5" Female Barred Midas for SALE. A lively and exciting fish. Selling due to closing down of tank. A real bargain. £9.9908/11/18
28Barred Midas For Sale :9" Male Barred Midas for SALE. A lively and exciting fish. Selling due to closing down of tank. A real bargain. £13.9908/11/18
29Jin chu kai Tvr ranchu :20 AVAILABLE FROM £50 EACH07/11/18
30Ranchu,Nishibi Japanese line ranchux2 available :A couple of nice young ranchu available ,you can pick these up in Norfolk,lovely fish and wen growth will start in a few months,£30 each07/11/18
31Fish needing a forever tank :After subsidence issues with my basement floor I'm having to re-home the following: 3 large Corydoras £4ea - 2 pepper/1 albino 1 Panda ...06/11/18
3212 inches Australian Jardini Arowana :Healthy Australian Jardini arowana for sale. £300 Also selling tank if interested.06/11/18
33Wild caught Mono Argentus :I have 10 WC Mono Argentus Collection only from east London £15 each Size 3 inch in size 0794740895005/11/18
34SYNODONTIS petricola catfish f1 :I have for sale 20 f1 dwaf petrocola catfish 1 to 2 inch £10 each collection only from east London, bow 0794740895005/11/18
35F1 tropheus linangu yellow :I have 8 F1 tropheus linangu yellow. Very rare, 4 to 5 cm in size Collection only from east London E3 4ba area. Picture of adult tro ...05/11/18
36Used Fluval FX5 - £1 :I have a retired and somewhat rickety Fluval Fx5 to give away. It's missing some non-essential plastic attachment bits, and I think the engi ...05/11/18
38Juwel Vision 260 with new hood fixtures and lighting. :Decommissioning my Juwel 260 community tank due to it being too heavy for my basement floor (it's subsiding). This tank will be fully decomm ...04/11/18
39Super red Plecos :I have a trio of super red long fin bristlenose Plecos for sale £90 and a pair £60 ring 07790107174 thanks03/11/18
40Protemelas Taeniolatus (Red Empress) :Hi I have A number of Red Empress youngs growing very well on spectrum and Malawi flake. Sizes at the moment are 6-8 cms. Stunning father a ...02/11/18
41Tropheus Dubosi maswa juveniles and synodontis petricola in North London N22 :Hi, I have a lot tropheus Dubosi juveniles growing and doing really well, that are bred by myself, and I have the parents here to show. Belo ...02/11/18
42Coral Rock and Ocean Rock - over 60kg - Small and Large pieces :Cleared out a 12ft Marine tank and have alot of coral and ocean rock. Collection is in North London29/10/18
433D BACKGROUNDS for any aquarium size - NOT FOAM , no silicone required SLIDE INS ... :Aqua-maniac.com is specialising in aquarium 3d decorations like 3d Rocks and 3d Backgrounds. We sell also matching rock ornaments, roots, s ...28/10/18
44Aquarium Rocks for cichlids and tropical fish tank - empty inside :Aquarium Rocks are produced from poly-resin which is safe for all aquatic life.. The rocks are empty inside and have holes. Your fish can ...28/10/18
45Juwel Rio 180 made to fit 3D Rock background for 89,99 :We do 3D aquarium backgrounds to fit all Juwel aquariums. You can get a full length background to fit your Juwel aquarium if you've removed ...28/10/18
46Green Phantom Pleco :I have a green phantom for sale. Collection only from east London E3 4ba 8 to 10 In size £70 0794740895027/10/18
47L66 forsale or swap for predator :a breeding group of 4 adult king tiger 3-4 inch with a few juvenile forsale £120 ono26/10/18
48forsale or swap for predator :4 xl silver shark around 10 inch offers 2 L260 3-4 inch £40 ono prefers tiger datnoids26/10/18
49Various TROPICAL FISH CHEAP :Moonlight, pearl Gourami £7 each Serpae Tetra £2.50 each Red Swordtail £2 each Platinum Angel £5 Peppered, albino Corydoras £4 each Zeb ...26/10/18
50Free 10 Buttrerfly koi fish :Hi,i have 10 butterfly koi fish which is nearly 15 cm each ... They are so big for my tank now.. Any interest, please contact with me to se ...25/10/18
51Breeding group Paracyprichromis (Nigripinnis Blue Neon) :5 Wild caught and 7 F1 Price £80...No offers! Contact: 07794563543 Collection: London24/10/18
52Tropheus Kalemie ( only 5 left ). Will let these go for £50 :Tropheus Kalemie F1 full size! 2 males and 3 females Contact 0779456354324/10/18
53Aquarium Backgrounds REAL 3D FOR ANY AQUARIUM or Viv :Aqua-maniac.com is specializing in aquarium 3d decorations like 3d Rocks and 3d Backgrounds, roots and other decor.. We do any sizes of ...16/10/18
547 inches Kamfa Malau Flowerhorn Fish -£120 :7" Young Flowerhorn Male flowerhorn, around 7+ inches in size, lovely fish and will grow big...healthy and eats a varied diet of pellets, ...11/10/18
55LOOKING TO DOWNSIZE TANK? - Aquarium Swap - London :I have a 60 litre Jewel aquarium currently used for 2 goldfish, looking to upsize to approx 100 litre. Anyone interested please let me kn ...11/10/18
56Marine corals, fishes and live rock for sale :Fishes include xl yellow tang, xl pink tail trigger, pair of common clownfish, 5 chromis and bangai cardinal. Variety of soft and LPS corals ...10/10/18
572 reef plates and fiji rock for sale, offers over £130 :The plate in the pic is over 20 kilos and the the smaller one is about 4 kilos, the live rock is a couple of pieces of about 5 kilos. I will ...10/10/18
58Aquarium cabinet for sale, £40 ono :The fish is a good size, has full colour and is compatible with most marine fishes. If interested text 07881098638. Open to sensible offers. ...10/10/18
59Champsochromis caeruleus :Hi I have around 10 champsochromis caeruleus left, bred by myself, their growing and feeding very well. They are 6cm+ £11e Have pictures ...08/10/18
60Buy melanochromis auratus or parallelus :I am looking for young melanochromis auratus or melanochromis parallelus. I am located in South London but don’t mind traveling outside m25 ...06/10/18
61African Arowana :African Arowana black in size 20"-22" healthy fish, eat pellets, mussels. Not aggressive, collection from east London, for more info please ...06/10/18
62Golden Dorado 15” :Hi! Have golden dorado, healthy fish, eat mussels, prawns, pellets. £100, collection from east London For more information please call 07428 ...06/10/18
63Peacock bass 15” :Peacock bass eating everything, healthy fish, reason for sale, want change fishes in my tank. £100,collection from east London 07428746200 M ...06/10/18
64FLOWERHORN PAIR AAA GRADE :Selling my beautiful SRD flowerhorn breeding pair. They have successfully produced 2 batches of fry so far. The male and female are both abs ...06/10/18
6525ltr Water Drums :I have 5 X 25ltr water drums complete with lids/caps for sale. Been stored in the shed for the past few months as I no longer need them. ...06/10/18
66Big silver dollars and Bala sharks :Due to moving home I’m having to shut down my 1000 litre tank.the following are for sale or will consider swaps for l-Plecos 4 xl silver s ...05/10/18
67fluval fish tank/ NO STAND :Fluval fish tank, in good used condition, comes with a working internal ehiem filter, magnet glass cleaner Ehiem Heater and a small airpump. ...05/10/18
68Silver Arowana :Silver Arowana for sale,she’s about 50cm long.Got drop eye (right) she’s too big for my tank .Contact me if you need more information collec ...30/09/18
693 Silver Dollar (free) :I'm moving house in a few weeks and I am changing a few things with my aquarium setup when I go. Approx 4" and growing quickly Colle ...30/09/18
70For Sale - Metraclima Msobo Males x 2 -Super Red Hongi Females x 2 :The Mosobo have identified themselves with darkened fins and a fading yellow - the other male has now converted to full blue and is still de ...29/09/18
715inch fresh water green scat and black barred midas. :Green scat £20, in an excellent condition loves interacting takes food from hand very playfull. 9inch black barred midas also in an excellen ...28/09/18
72Phractolaemus ansorgii wanted :Looking for the above species, please text if available. 07968 12156828/09/18
73Malawi cichlids Peacocks and Haps :Malawi cichlids Peacocks and Haps big size betwin 6-7inch I can make a deal for more fish pick up from Tooting Bec 07702881553 Samuel pri ...26/09/18
74Filament Barbs for sale :Filament Barbs for sale. Assorted sizes. Some over 4 inches long. In excellent health, from a low stocked, large, heavily planted tank. Must ...26/09/18
75EHEIM Eheim media & Pipes 16/22mm :I have some more Genuine Eheim Media in stock. Substrat Pro £5 per 1L bag Also have the standard black pipes 16/22mm. These are all the pi ...25/09/18
76 5 FOOT AQUARIUM AND STAND FOR SALE IN LONDON :Hello, I’m selling my 5 foot aquarium as i need the space. The aquarium is 100% water tight and ready to be used. This tank was used for a p ...23/09/18
776Ft (Brand New Unused wrapped in original package) ND AQUATICS Custom built fish ... :Description: This is a Custom built tank cabinet & hood. I bought this tank and within a few days I changed my mind to have bigger tank 7F ...18/09/18
78whole set up for sale £120 :selling whole set up with lots of extras..4ft tank with 7 fishes (parrot fish, rose queens,sysns, flowerhorn hybride.t.c) all still very you ...16/09/18
79EF-1000 aLL POND SOLUTIONS EXTERNAL FILTER £30 :EXTERNAL EF pond Solutions filter.It is quality used and has a built in UV bulb.I never used it however you can buy it online for £5.I have ...15/09/18
806Ft (Brand New Unused wrapped in original package) ND AQUATICS Custom built fish ... :This is a Custom built tank cabinet & hood. I bought this tank and within a few days I changed my mind to have bigger tank 7Ft long.the se ...14/09/18
81Jikin,top quality :x8 available,£120 each no hagglers,ready to spawn,can do a deal for allYou can see more if you log on to London ranchu on facebook,11/09/18
82Phractolaemus ansorgii wanted :Looking for the above species, please text if available. 07968 12156811/09/18
83Cleithracara maronii / Keyhole cichlid :I offer a young male maronii cichlid for sale for £10. He is 6 cm at length.09/09/18
84Laetacara curviceps / Dwarf flag cichlid / Aequidens curviceps :I offer young curviceps for sale for £10 each. They are 5-6 cm at length.09/09/18
85Quality ranchu available :Quality ranchu available09/09/18
86LAST CHANCE, EVERYTHING NEEDS TO GO NOW. PLEASE SEE ADVERT BELOW :Due to circumstances everything needs to go now. NO TIME TO WASTE. Please see advert below. Ibby 07886347745 text first, no voice mail ...09/09/18
87LAST CHANCE, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP BARGAINS: 4 ft RENA TANKS , EHIEM, FLUVAL, RENA C ... :EVERYTHING NEEDS TO GO NOW.QUICK SALE.MAKE AN OFFER. EVERYTHING CHEAP If tanks are brought, a cheap deal can be done with the filters tha ...09/09/18
889 adult Uaru :9 adult uaru for sale. Bought them to breed but no longer have the time to dedicate to them. Great specimens. Great deal at these sizes.08/09/18
89Beautiful Koi fish size 5 inches to 16 inches and all equipment ill health force ... :All the fish are jap bread i have had some of the fish for 10 years or more,the size of the fish range from 6 inches to 17 inches as i have ...08/09/18
90Huge flower horn very rare fish :Huge flower horn for sale rare fish as flower horn go he the nicest one I've seen and there not alot about huge dome very healthy big fish ...08/09/18
916Ft (Brand New Unused wrapped in original package) ND AQUATICS Custom built fish ... :Length 72inch X Hight 30inch XDepth 24INCH.with optiwhite front glass panel and custom built cabinetwith detachable door's. comes with 4 sli ...05/09/18
92Red Tiger Oscar :Red Tiger Oscar around 7-8 inches available for pick up. Please text me for any more enquiries.05/09/18
934 FOOT RENA FISH TANKS, £100 and 150 :I have three 4feet Rena fish tanks. £100 for without lights and £150 with lights. Southgate London N14 Thanks Ibby05/09/18
94Biolux NV 20x-1280x Microscope :MINT CONDITION Has been used only 4 times Microscope for beginners advanced user, with USB camera Magnification 20x-1280x Incident ...03/09/18
95tropheus murago yellow F1 :I have 7 F1 tropheus murago yellow for sale Collection only from east London E3 Size 2 to 3 inch £15 each 0794740895003/09/18
96Aquarium fish tank AQUAEL :Aquarium cube 30x60x30 cm Very good condition PRICE £15 Collection ONLY London UB5.03/09/18
97Oxydator mini increase O2 in aquariums :Oxydator mini increase O2 in aquariums I am waiting for reasonable offer Collection ONLY London UB5.03/09/18
98Tropheus bamba f1 £12.50 each :I have some f1 tropheus Orange bamba for sale collection only from east london 2 inch 0794740895031/08/18
99Tanganyikan Black Pearl Calvus, gold head F1 :Altolamprologus calvus Black pectoral 1 to 2 inch Gold head 1 to 2 inch £10 each collection only from east lon ...31/08/18
100Fresh water 5inch Red scat, and 9Inc black barred midas chiclid. :This is a sell for 5inch redscat£30 ,and a 9 inch black barred midas £25 wet pet, the take food from hand, loves interacting with humans. ...31/08/18
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