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1Juwell Rio 400 Tank & Cabinet :Im selling my Juwell Rio 400, this is complete with the cabinet, Heater, built in juwell Box Flter, paid £600 for this 10 months ago will ac ...06/09/09
2cleaner shrimps £7.50 0r 10 for £65 :good size cleaner shrimps £7.50 each or 10 for £65 can deliver or post06/09/09
3WANTED:- Young adult female Koi Angel :Hi Im on the look out for a young female koi angel to hopfully pair up with one of my 2 males. I live in the north west so looking for ...05/09/09
4tropheus bemba SOLD SOLD :19 tropheus bemba F1 from 2-3.5inchs excellent group... for pics send me your mobile number as i dont no how to upload pics email,call ...04/09/09
5Fluval Edge Designer Tank :This tank is a few months old, comes with a heater, decor and 2 dwarf puffers if wanted, happy to sell without the puffers even though they ...01/09/09
6Biorb 60L + ilite £75 only a few months old :This is just the tank and the Intelligent Ilite, which simulates sunrise daytime sunset and moonlight, its a few months old so in great con ...01/09/09
7cleaner shrimps £7.50 0r 10 for £65 :cleaner shrimps £7.50 or 10 for £65 boxer shrimps £8 can deliver collection welcome29/08/09
8Live rock £5 per kg :approx 60 kg available, aptasia and algae free. Used as a filtration and so little coraline algae growth due to not being illuminated. lovel ...26/08/09
9Boyu/Orca TL550 Nano - 128litre - Like New :This tank is a perfect starter tank for Marine fish keeping, it holds approximately 128 litres of water, and all the equipment is hidden in ...25/08/09
10fluval 4feet fish tank n stand :comes with heater n filter, lights n lid, no fish or stones etc as im putting them i new tank.... will swap 4 coner fish tank or 200pounds, ...23/08/09
112 Red Bellied Pirahnas £5.00 Each :Hello, I am selling 2 Red bellied pirahnas for £5 each, they are 3 inches and are lovely, healthy specimens. First to see will buy. Than ...15/08/09
12350l COMPLETE MARINE SET UP , LIVERPOOL :i have to sell my new tank due to house move, ive spent over £2k the last few months buying everything from new. Tank-corner bowfront on sta ...10/08/09
13for sale :Hi we have a large selection of chicilids that we need to re home, this includes 2 8 inch frontosas and 4 inch dubosi there are 6 medium ...03/08/09
14florida rics, mettalic mushrooms from £8 to £18, cleaner shrimps only £7.50 :cleaners £7.50, hermits £1.50, florida rics £8 email for full stocklist28/07/09
15Various high quality equipment for sale :Getting rid of my fishtank setup and have the followig for sale (all about 5 months old- so excellent condition). You can take them all as a ...22/07/09
16Does anyone have small sturgeons for sale near liverpool :Hi,I am looking to buy some small sturgeons but cannot find anyone local..i know there was someone in st helens who had an ad last year on e ...16/07/09
17any pond fry for sale - liverpool area :hi was wondering if anyone has any pond fish fry for sale and or small sturgeons please, please reply with details and price. thanks kerr ...16/07/09
18Rena Aqualife 120x60x40 Aquarium :I am selling my 288 litre fish tank. It is a Rena Aqualife model. It stands at 120 cm wide 60 tall and 40 depth. I am selling as i have to m ...13/07/09
19FULL MARINE TANK AND CONTENTS WILL SPLIT :have approx 80k live rock 6 pound a kilo, had this rock for years and is teaming with life large regal tang 25 (very large) large yellow t ...13/07/09
20Pond fish given a good home :Any ponds closing down in the Merseyside area I will come and remove the fish to a good home.I have been a pondkeeper for over twenty years ...10/07/09
21regal tangs £18, cleaner shrimps £7.50 :small regal tangs £18, cleaner shrimps £7.50 collection preferred but can deliver10/07/09
22cleaner shrimps £7.50 , algae and scooter blennys £9,regal tangs £19 :cleaner shrimps £7.50, algae blennys £9 small regal tangs £19 delivery available to anywhere in u.k mainland08/07/09
23Cheap Prices On All Aquarium Reverse Osmosis Systems :With the launch of our newly designed site, we have dropped the prices of our aquatic reverse osmosis systems. 36gpd Compact systems to 2 ...06/07/09
24lemon goniporas £25, frogspawn coral £25, delivery available :large goniporas and frogspawn corals £2501/07/09
25Whole sale Supplier of Tropical and deep sea fish ... :Here is a list of fish that we can provide . They are prices for large whole sale orderes only...Please get in touch if you are interested. ...26/06/09
26Clown Loach Wtd :Hi im looking for some Clown Loach as i have thousands of Malaysian Trumpet Snail in my tank, i know i can just remove them, but i think som ...25/06/09
27looking for free or cheap koi can you help :i have just finshed my pond its 3000 gal and have run low on mony. have you got any pond fish whitch i could have25/06/09
28Whole sale Supplier of Tropical and deep sea fish ... :Here is a list of fish that we can provide . They are prices for large whole sale orderes only...Please get in touch if you are interested. ...23/06/09
29cleaner shrimps £7.50 , large bubble tip anemones £15, common clowns £9 :also nassarius snails 6 for £10 turbos 8 for £10, common clowns £9 delivery available21/06/09
30jewel vision 450 :hi all, i have a stunning jewel tank for sale with assorted discus fish this tank really is a bargain considering the fish alone are prob ...18/06/09
31red and blue leg hermits £2, turbos,£1.50,nassaruis sand snails £2 :red leg hermits £2 blue legs £2 turbo snails £1.50 nassarius sand snails £2 cleaner shrimps £7.50 or 10 for £69 can courier large amoun ...16/06/09
32cleaner shrimps £7.50 , algae and scooter blennys £9 :also corals including, goniporas,torches,brain corals, all £2516/06/09
33cleaner shrimps £7.50 , algae and scooter blennys £9, small regal tangs £17 :cleaner shrimps £7.50, algae and scooter blennys £8.50, bubble tip anemones £15 all colours small regal tangs £18 (from wednesday 17th) ca ...15/06/09
34cleaner shrimps £7.50 , algae and scooter blennys £9 :cleaner shrimps £7.50 , algae blennys £9 scooter £9, common clowns £10, coral beautys £18 turbos 10 for £10, hermits £1.75 can deliver fo ...01/06/09
35redsea max 25 kg salt £38, tetra 20kg £38 :delivery available31/05/09
36cleaner shrimps £7.50 , algae and scooter blennys £9 :cleaners £7.50, algae and scooter blennys £9 hermits £1.50, turbos £1 can deliver for £2231/05/09
37Clown Fish Wanted or Poss others :Hi im new to this whole fish thing, ive had some luck over the last year with my fish, but unfortunatkey lost most of them to white spot abo ...28/05/09
38true peppermint shrimps only £7.50 :peppermints £7.50, cleaner shrimps £7.50 algaeblennys £9.50 bubble tip anemones £15 courier to anywere in uk mainland only £1721/05/09
397 inch koi for sale :i have 1 koi left its 7 inches and its now to big for my pond its red and white £30 o787967122617/05/09
402 Red Belly Piranhas(Images)Too be gone by 2morrow!!!!(Click web Links) :I have 2 red belly piranhas and my lfs is ment 2 be buying them 2morrow morning, if anybody is interested by 2nyte give me a ring. They are ...14/05/09
41Serrasalmus Maculatus Piranha 6 :I have a serrasalmus Maculatus piranha for sale, He is very yellow in colour and around 6" I am askin £50 for this piranha12/05/09
42dog face puffers £18 each plus delivery :4 dog face puffers £18 each prefer collection but possible delivery12/05/09
43very cheap corals and inverts :green torch corals £20 creams £20 large goniporas mixed colours £22 cleaner shrimps £7.50 bubble tip anemones £15 mantis shrimps, hermi ...11/05/09
444 foot tank and stand - full setup with fish :I am selling my 4ft setup due to financial reasons! This is a fully established setup that has been setup for 2+ years and well looked afte ...09/05/09
45Wanted Large Resin Tree Stump With Roots :hello please contact me if you have the above I will collect, wanted to form centre piece of a juwel 260, must be hollow to allow fish to sw ...29/04/09
46Victorian, Red fin hap44 Juveniles 20+ :Batch of lovely young Red Fin hap44. both male and female, already colouring up. Also little Sunspot Brevis juvililes, Tanganyikan shell d ...29/04/09
47cleaner shrimps £8.50 each, bubble tip anemones £17 :medium size cleaners £8.50 bubble tip large nems £17 2 large peacock mantis shrimps £20 each delivery from £10 - £2225/04/09
482 Red Belly Piranha For Sale :Hello there i am selling my 2 Red Belly Piranhas due to tank space. One is around the 7" mark and the other around the 6" . I would rather ...22/04/09
49Kribs :have some kribs to give away if anybody interested ,different sizes , need to bring own container .19/04/09
50Orange Belly Turtle £30 :Winston is an orange belly turtle with a black marking of a love heart on his belly. He is friendly and doesnt bite. HE is quite shy at firs ...14/04/09
51Orange Belly Turtle £30 :Winston is an orange belly turtle with a black marking of a love heart on his belly. He is friendly and doesnt bite. HE is quite shy at firs ...14/04/09
52Fluval Vicenza 260 with Cabinet (BRAND NEW IN BOX) :Hagen Fluval 260 bow front tank with light oak cabinet, still in the box. Equipment included with tank: Fluval 305 external filter (t ...12/04/09
53stack aquarium or racks :i am looking for stack aquariums or rack if possible i dont need a huge set up just something simple10/04/09
54snakeheads wanted :prefer nw.06/04/09
55Wanted an aqua one 620T or tank with at least 70cm 29inch height :Hi i'm looking for a marine tank, pref matured but not that fussed. If it has been used for tropical, that doesnt matter either. I need a ...02/04/09
56large selection of tropical fish for sale :1x albino plec 4" , 1 large angel fish , 3x clown loaches 3-4", 1x red rainbow 3-4", 1x neon rainbow 3" , 2x torpedo barbs 4" , 1x spotted c ...17/03/09
57glass tanks needed :hi has anyone got any tanks for sale cheap as i need lots of them as i have just gone into breeding rodents and i am short of tanks need as ...16/03/09
58wanted cheap coral frags :cheap low light coral frags wanted in liverpool and the surrounding areas. especially kenya tree coral (Capnella sp.). mushrooms, ricordea, ...23/02/09
59for sale 4 1/2ft fish tank full set up inc fish&clams :beautiful tank 4&1/2 ft x 2ft x 2ft on a chunky wooden stand with cupboards, wooden lid (1of the openings has swolen ),light, 2 heaters, dua ...20/02/09
605" Bule Turk Female for sale :Hi my lovely Bule Turk is sadly up for sale because all of my other discus have paired off and she's sadly without a partner. so unless som ...12/02/09
61Wanted Discus in Merseyside area :I am interested in buying some discus in or around the Merseyside area.Will collect and must be reasonably priced.Would prefer 'Blues'.10/02/09
64true peppermint shrimps £7.50 each or 5 for £32 :available 11th february true peppermint shrimps, email to reserve £7,50 each or 5 for £32 email or visit www.petspantryandexotics.co.uk30/01/09
65Endlers :Wanted, a large breeding colony of true endlers, preferably tigers, peacocks, spotted, if nothing else then blackbar but preferably anything ...27/01/09
66Venezia 190 Corner Aquarium & Cabinet :Venezia 190 Corner Aquarium & Cabinet Fluval Venezia 190 Corner Aquarium & Cabinet This innovative aquarium has a unique pre-drilled ...22/01/09
67Complete Marine tank for sale (Merseyside) :I'm placing my much-loved marine aquarium, with all the accessories and contents up for sale. If you are considering moving to marines, this ...11/01/09
6890-100 litre tank 20.00 for a quick sale with all equip :90 litre fish tank,complete with a trio 3000 filter,light.fish tank hood, air pump,and gravel.the tank is in superb condition,with no scratc ...03/01/09
69WANTED 3ft Arcadia Luminaire T5 :Looking for a 3ft Arcadia overtank light T5 in good order(or exchange for a 4ft Arcadia with 4 new tubes 2white and 2 blue) within reasonabl ...27/12/08
70NOW SOLD 27"REDTAIL CATFISH AND 21" TIGER SHOVELNOSE CAT :Hi All I have to part with my 27" Redtail Catfish and my 21" Tiger shovelnose catfish(Very very Sad to see them go) I have had both of th ...23/12/08
71arcadia series 3 (4ft version) :Just about to downsize my current tank so i'm having to sell my current lighting because its just to big for my next tank arcadia series ...03/12/08
724ft Marine Tank drilled with sump (merseyside) :Tank is a Juwel Rio 240 which has been drilled and has a custom sump built within the sump and is all pumped in... Sent over £350 doing all ...30/11/08
73Puffer Fish Wanted :I'm looking for a tropical puffer fish to live in its own tank. I don't mind what size or species, althought I have been looking at the gold ...31/10/08
74wanted any old fish equipment :has anyone got fish equipment they want rid of even if its pond stuff. i can possible collect from most areas in the north west mainly in st ...30/10/08
76red leg and blue hermit crabs £2 each :red and blue leg hermits £2 red starfish £6 nassy sand snails £1.50 clown triggers £40 large bubble anemones £15 turbos £1.75 large alg ...30/10/08
77Tank Breakdown Merseyside/Lancashire PR8 :Have the follow available after breaking down my marine system : Equipment now available....... equip. 2 250w electronic dimmable l ...25/10/08
784 foot rena aqualife tank and extras :i have this tank for sale in fantastic condition only 7 months old, custom built its the rena aqualife, dimentions are 4 foot by 2 foot high ...19/10/08
804 foot rena aqualife tank and extras :i have this tank for sale in fantastic condition only 7 months old, custom built its the rena aqualife, dimentions are 4 foot by 2 foot high ...16/10/08
81Today's Fishkeeper magazine - March 2005 :Excellent Condition. Topics: Tank Troubleshooting, Paradise Fish, Beat algae in your tank – bristlenose plecs, New Cichlids out of africa – ...03/10/08
82algae blennys,watchman gobies,scooter blennies, :algae blennys £8.scooters £8, watchmans£8 huge blue spot ray £4522/09/08
833ft tank for sale, plus many extras :3ft tank plus hood and light (needs sealing around the top) and the following: internal filter,external air pump, 2 heaters, control box an ...21/09/08
84blue spotted ray,cleaner shrimps,algae blennys,watchman gobies :blue spotted ray £30.cleaner shrimps(large)£8.50 algae blennys £9,collection from merseyside plenty more corals and fish in stock now!!!!17/09/08
85cheapest inverts , fish,soft and hard corals arriving 17th september :corals,inverts,fish arriving wednesday 17th september check website tonight for availability www.petspantryandexotics.co.uk16/09/08
86Aquarium - Evasion 120xl - Silver - 262ltr - With Cabinet :The Evasion 120 XL is a beautifully constructed, glass aquarium with aluminium trim, complete with two flourescent, rail mounted lights with ...09/09/08
87LumenArc 3 Halide kits - Save an extra 5% off - plus more!! :Save even more today!! We are doing an extra 5% off our lumen arc kits when you buy two or more This is for a limited period. Pl ...09/09/08
88Lumen Arc Kits - Save Another 5% when you buy 2 or more! :Save even more today!! We are doing an extra 5% off our lumen arc kits when you buy two or more This is for a limited period. Pleas ...05/09/08
89small tropical fish tank with complete set up needed any replies greatfully reci ... :i need a small, tropical fish tank with complete set up (heater,light,filter)either for free or for a reasonable price. willing to pay no mo ...05/09/08
90Marine Lighting - Extra 5% off Lumen Arc 3 kits - and more!!! :Save even more today!! We are doing an extra 5% off our lumen arc kits when you buy two or more This is for a limited period. Pleas ...04/09/08
91coral beautys,yellow tangs,cleaner wrasse :coral beautys £18, yellow tangs £18 cleaner wrasse £11,plenty of new corals in from £17.50-£23.50,watchman gobies £9, algae and scooter ble ...03/09/08
92Aquarium Lighting - Save Even More :Dedicated lighting store for lighting products... Bosslighting has a huge range of aquarium lighting all in stock for next day delivery! ...30/08/08
93Marine & Freshwater lighting units and lamps :Dedicated lighting store for lighting products... Bosslighting has a huge range of aquarium lighting all in stock for next day delivery! ...30/08/08
94Aquatic lighting products :Quality hydroponic, aquatic and outdoor lighting products and accessories, many brand names at great reasonable prices, with next day delive ...30/08/08
95brain coral, watchman gobies, algae blennys, snowflake eels :collection tomorrow brain corals £30, algae blennys £8 watchman gobies £9, snowflake eels £22, jade torch coral(large)£2227/08/08
96bubble anemones,soft tree anemones and many more :bubble anemones(physobrachia douglasi)£15 white carpet anemone(stoichactes kenti)£20 many more available camel shrimps£6 coloured mantis ...17/08/08
97angels, basslets, blennies, butterflies, clownfish, gobies, damsels,groupers,tan ... :arriving on tuesday 26th august for collections on wednesday 27th, minimum order £65 ,order no later than wednesday the 20th! email with r ...16/08/08
98orders for 20th august,inverts and fish :sexy shrimps £7.50, cleaners £7,algae blennys £8.50, bicolour angels £15.75, watchman gobys £14 yellow tangs(medium)£15.tube worm mixed col ...15/08/08
992.5ft Aquarium £30 ono :this tank is 2.5ftx18"x12". Good condition. No hood or stand, tank only. £30 ono Collection from Upton,Wirral only. Can't post this item, ...14/08/08
1004ft fish tank with hood, heater and filter :Hi, I have a 4ft aquarium for sale with hood (but no light), internal filter and a heater. measures 4ft x 12" x 15". Used but in ...14/08/08
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