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1looking for tropical fish. :hello i am looking to get some tropical fish. either for cheap or for free. to be honest id take any one you may be selling or rehomin ...22/11/12
2x5 large red bellied piranha :hi, for sale or swap 5, 8/10 inch red bellied piranha all wild caught,eating well seem very healthy,i,m after flowerhorn,dovi, peacock bass, ...21/11/12
3Two SailFin Plecs for sale :Two large Sail Fin plecs for sale. They are around 10.5 inches long and good stocky bodies. They will need a decent sized tank (have bee ...13/11/12
4Fish Tank for sale :90 litre tank for sale 12 fish included (3 plecos, 1 angel, 3 harleyquinns, 1 orange molly, 2 cat, 2 wee pleco) fluval filter and heater inc ...10/11/12
5RARE PIG-NOSED TURTLE(FLY RIVER TURTLE FOR SALE :Hi I have a pig nosed turtle for sale. These are now not imported and very rare. I've had mine around 11 years and got her before the ban Sh ...10/11/12
6albino snakeskin (rare) pair :im selling my very rare pair of albino snakeskins, proven pair bought from chens discus 250 number: 0785057954030/10/12
7Looking for fish/coral/critters :Hi I'm looking to stock my marine tank. If you have anything surplus to requirements and don't want silly money give me a ring on 07412 1 ...29/10/12
8Red Tail Catfish 30 ono (Edinburgh) :Selling my 16" RTC as i have 2 and they have recently started fighting with each other. only looking for 30 as im not wanting to make ...08/10/12
9Wanted LARGE cichlids :hi i am interested in any large cichlids. please get in touch if your selling i have money waiting. I am especially interested in doviis, mi ...24/09/12
10Axolotls for sale, Leucistic, Mature 6 inches 20e EH165HR :Axolotls for sale. (not "Tropical Fish" but no section for "Amphibians") Fully (tank) mature, around 6". Do not require a heater, room tempe ...13/09/12
11Frontosas x 5 :Selling 5 Frontosas, three really big and two medium, lovely fish.09/09/12
12Large malawi :Compressisips Male 6" female 6" 30 07525164625 Tony06/09/12
13Pearl gourami Trichopodus leerii :Free to good home, buyer must pick up. Above 3 inches and I believe it is a female. The fish doesn't fit into my future setup.04/09/12
14proven breeding pair of checkerboard discus :selling my proven pair of checkerboard discus, changing around my current stock 140 shaun 0755704861226/08/12
15Neolamprologus Brichardi Colony :Hello, I currently have a Neolamprologus Brichardi Colony for sale! There are around 12-15 fish available and the colony contains 4 breed ...07/08/12
164ft tank with stand :hi there i have a 4 ft fish tank with stand for sale dimentions are 4ft long 18 inches high 1ft wide has 2 fluval 4 plus filte ...19/07/12
17assorted malawi cichlids :hi i have a number of malawi cichlids im letting go of priced separately or as a lot 6 each or 100 the lot around 30 in total 4 do ...19/07/12
18rainbows :hi all i am currently looking for a shoal of blue lacustrus rainbows for my 6x2x2 setup many thanks andy14/07/12
19RENA COR 50W CABLE :Good condition 22 including postage22/06/12
20JBL GRANOMIX :I have 10 115g/250ml packs of JBL Granomix for sale. 2 with clic dispenser 7.90 each and 8 without 7 each. All 10 for 68. I will post at ...22/06/12
21SEVERUM, Green, Healthy, 2-3 inches , 5e, EH8 9EJ :Heros Severus, peaceful South American cichlid available. Please research first, lots of info out there, Size around 2-3". Newington, EDINB ...30/05/12
22java fern and other plants for sale. :hi. I have few plants for sale from my aquariums. Plants are healthy, I dont use any CO2 or chemical stuff in my tanks. -java fern microsor ...10/05/12
23Breeding pair of angels, also some convict fry :Hi I'm looking to re home my angels. The male is a large black lace and the female is a smaller silver angel with standard black bars. T ...30/04/12
24WANTED :Hi, im looking for corydora catfish if anyone has any to sell.18/04/12
25tropehus duboisi F1 kigomas :im selling my group of 15 tropehus duboisi they cost me 200 so your getting them very cheap! they were all bought from (mikes rift) ...17/04/12
26Fish Tank too much work? LS Pet Services are here to help :A fish tank can be a beautiful addition to any home yet there is no denying they can be a lot of work! Setting up the tank, cleaning out, w ...16/04/12
27Aulonocara Usisya :Hello, I am Looking To Swap A Gorgeous Male Aulonocara Usisya For A Female, If You Can Help Me Out Please Let Me Know, Thanks12/04/12
28Brichardi :I have A Colony Of Brichardi Cichlids for Sale (Fairy Cichlids) Around 12 fish Good Colony Size with 3 Proven Pairs and A Fourth On The Wa ...11/04/12
29fish clear out :selling my tropheus duboisi F1's group of 16 all bought from mike at mikes rift 180 group of 6 brachardi's inc pair 30 convict young ...09/04/12
30diamond rhom ang big pacu :hi, i have a healthy 6/7 inch diamond rhom piranha for sale or swap, and a 15/16 inch pacu for sale or swap they are in seperate tanks, pira ...07/04/12
31Various Tanks and Equipment :Hi i have for sale- 48x12x12 new tank 25 24x18x12 20 Hood 10 18x10x10 tank with lid 15 10" cube 10 3 x 80W Flora Sets Mercury ...14/03/12
32100L Juwel setup with complete kit :Hey, I have a fish tank that could be used either as tropical or marine. The current setup is tropical. It's a complete setup which would ...11/03/12
33Marine nano complete setup :You are looking at a complete set of everything needed to start a marine nano aquarium. Perfect for a new hobbyist, or perhaps as a quaranti ...05/03/12
34Super Red Arowana :Red Asian Arowana for sale. Good quality, good health, feeding well and great personality. This fish is A+ quality and it is 8 inches. It co ...15/02/12
35wanted-breeding pair of bn pleco :I have found myself with a new and empty tank and have decided id love to give breeding bristlenose plecs a go. Not sure on what type. S ...01/02/12
36Melanochromis Auratus Breeding Trio :3x Melanochromis Auratus F1 Cichlids for sale ,contact me for more info! (Trio)21/01/12
37Yellow Lab Breeding Pair :2x F2 Yellow labs for sale, contact me for more info! -Cheers21/01/12
387 discus for sale :due to moving house im selling my discus currently have: 2x albino red covers (very rare) 40each red melon (stunning colours) 30 5 ...21/12/11
397 discus for sale :due to moving out im selling my discus for sale are : 2x albino red covers (very rare) 40 each 1 red melon (stunning colour) 30 ...21/12/11
40selling up 7x discus for sale :hey i currently have 7 discus for sale 2xalbino red covers 45each 5"blue diamond 35 4"brilliant turq 35 red melon 30 pi ...18/12/11
41discus set up for sale :hey guys unfortunatly due to moving out i am selling my complete set up! jewel trigon 190litre (1 year old ) 2 month old external filter ...14/12/11
42chiclids wanted :Hey I'm looking for malawi cichlids Anything considered (pairs preferably) I'm in the scottish borders so near by if possible!02/12/11
43Looking for Female Flavus :Hi - Looking for one or more female flavus please email me with what you got, cheers (probably need to be couriered)15/11/11
44elephant nose fish :hi i am looking to re home my elephant nose fish. beautiful looking fish in perfect help just doesnt fit in with what i want to be doing wit ...11/11/11
45WANTED 3 ft tank :hi there im looking for a 3 ft tank with lights, no stand needed would be good if it came with a filer and heater though Im in Edinburgh ...07/11/11
46WANTED - Corydoras Davidsandsi (EDINBURGH) Willing to travel :I am after a small group of Corydoras Davidsandsi it doesnt matter if they are adult or juvis. Im willing to travel a sensible distance o ...05/11/11
47Jewlel 450 Bow fronted marine fish tank :This is a beautiful fully set up (for approximately 4 years )marine tank. It has fish, live rock, corals and many more extras included in t ...03/11/11
48Large Catfish for sale :Couple of 18" Redtail Catfish 75 each 3 Footlong Clarius Catfish 25 each 2 Common Plecs (1 10" other 15") 20/25 each ...17/10/11
495 oscar fish :i am selling 5 oscar tiger fish 20 each or swap for siklines. ronnie 07985664150 thanks17/10/11
50180ltr full setup :The tank is a fluval 1000mm x 400 x 450 180 litre with a light glo lid with 2 bulbs (1blue and 1 white) with stand and all equipment 1x f ...03/10/11
51marine tank for sale plus rock/accessories :26" cube clearseal tank 240l plus sump 350 Bowini halide white and blue light canopy 100 Tunze 6055 nanostream 20 Elite 300w h ...29/09/11
52Vecton UV25 Steriliser :Vecton UV25 Steriliser, bulb still going strong. 23 (+ 6 p&p if required)26/09/11
53New Jet NJ800 Pump :New Jet NJ800 Pump (Hardly used since new and boxed with all attachments) 15 (+ 2 p&p if required)26/09/11
54Crenchila saxatilis - 10, collection only Edinburgh, EH10 :Love this fish, really beautiful speckles and impressively large mouth. I have had him (I say "him", not sure though) since he was 3", howev ...19/09/11
55Heaters For Sale :Resun 50W - 5 Aqua One 55W - 7 Can be delivered for 2.50 each18/09/11
56Arcadia Series 3 (2x 150w) in Black :This unit is a Black Arcadia Series 3 (2x 150w plus 2x 39w T8's) in very good working condition. Cosmetically it could do with a clean to ge ...07/09/11
57Aquariums and Vivarium :I am downsizing my pets (I seem to have spread a bit far - overflowing into the the kitchen) so I have decided this is how I will downsize b ...06/08/11
58Tropical fish for sale (Edinburgh) :Tropical fish for sale due to changing my setup for cichlids in the future. 1. Blue Ram (2 inches) SOLD 2. Male Krib ( ...17/07/11
592x large koi :I have two stunning koi looking for a new home. 20" orange &black ogon & a 24" chagoi, both loved being hand feed and are ...09/07/11
606 foot aquarium :6 foot by 15inch wide and 24inch high fish tank with light fitting and various equipment Hood and cabinet also included 10007/07/11
61Kribensis fry free to good home.. :6-8 month old Kribensis fry ready for re-homing. (Mostly male I believe) Free of charge but please research before contacting. (Or feel f ...19/06/11
62Black fish tank stand :I have a black fish tank stand for sale, 10.00 Edinburgh. Buyer collects.03/06/11
632 small tanks :First tank is half hexagonal second is square. 10.00 ono for both tanks. Edinburgh, Buyer collects.03/06/11
64Large lion fish and dog face puffer for sale :Hi I've got for sale 2 x lion fish(volitans) for sale, one is about 10",other 8" 30 for bigger,25 for smaller, i've got as well d ...19/05/11
65fighting fish female :looking for female fighting fish to breed off and willing to pay also intrested in any tetras for my 2nd tank.13/05/11
66New Home wanted for Large Common Pleco :Hi, I have a large common pleco, we called Georgette, but dont know if male or female. Anyway, we would like him to go to another home. ...05/04/11
67Arcadia luminaire 80cm T5 :Edinburgh area. I have a luminaire that I used on a 3ft marine tank. This can be hung over a tank (hanging kits easily bought elsewhere) or ...12/03/11
68Marine Orca tl450 :Edinburgh area. I have for sale a marine Boyu tl450 which is about 3 years old. This comes with stand and has been used as a quarantine ta ...12/03/11
69Aqua Medic - Aquastarlight (2x150W,13000K) :In Excellent Condition and perfect working order The Aquastarlight from Aqua Medic is basic halide system that is very thin and sleek, av ...26/02/11
70looking for coral frags for sale in edinburgh area :Hi i am looking for anyone that is selling cheep coral frags close to my area no matter what they are or size please email thanks cameron16/02/11
71Pond Koi, Goldfish and all types Tropical Fish Rehomed. :If you are looking to re-home any of your beloved fish or maybe had the 'flapping of tiny fins'! or just plain overcrowding - I take any un ...11/02/11
725x2x2 tank :Wanted 5x2x2 tank & base01/02/11
735/6ft tank wanted. :5ft/6ft tank required, cabinet a bonus but not essential. Please contact on Lee Meadows 07843591513 lee.peter.meadows@gmail.com20/12/10
74catfish :Walago leeri 30cm on sale for 4013/11/10
75Wanted: Shallow aquarium (old frag tank?) :Hi, I'm after a shallow aquarium, something in the region of 36"x12"x36" would be perfect, but I'm reasonably flexible on the exact dimensio ...10/09/10
76Free to good suitable Home :6 tropical fish free to good suitable home. 4 x pictus catfish (4-6 inches) 2 x bala (Silver) shark (6 inches) Genuine reason for re ...05/09/10
77Fluval Roma 90 for Sale plus all equipment :A perfect fluval roma 90, no damage and only 3 months old. Need to get rid of rather quickly as I am going to university and will have no ro ...25/08/10
78fish tank :WANTED 72x24x24fish tank&base 60x24x24fish tank&base can pay 150for 72inch can pay 100for 60inch thanks f.g.01/08/10
79Marine Set Up for Sale :Marine Tank 1.5m x 0.65m 0.6m with 3ft sump tank, Aqualight x2, deltec AP600 skimmer,Korallia circulation units x 3, heater etc Living Rock ...01/08/10
826x1x1 tank for sale, edinburgh southside :As title, drilled for sump, but hole is easily patched with aquarium silicone and a piece of glass. 30, buyer to pick up. thanks, ...22/07/10
83marine tank :i am selling up my tank it is a 4ft x15x20 with sump 400 pounds worth of live rock 2 x giesemann twin d&d razor lights giving you 4 ...17/06/10
85Breeding pair of severums :I have an adult breeding pair of Severums for sale. They are very experienced parents, spawn very regularly and I have had a lot of fun pass ...02/06/10
86bamboo shark :hi i have a 15in brownbanded bamboo shark for sale or swop for zebra moray shark was hached in my tank on 31 july 2009 doing great eats very ...01/06/10
87fish tank and cabinet for sale :i have a fluval 31inch tank and beech cabinet for sale due to getting a new one i am selling this tank complete with filter heater and grav ...31/05/10
88Tropical fish for sale (Moving from Edinburgh to Essex this w/e) :As in the title im moving down south this w/e so i'm looking to get rid of my fish. The fish are as follows 2 tetras, 2 guppies, 2 clown loa ...19/05/10
89Male Kribensis, Free to good home :Male kribensis about 3", kept in community tank and it quite placid for a krib, needs 150l+30/04/10
9018" Snakehead For Sale :18" Channa Micropeltes in excellent condition 100.00 (No Offers, Thanks) Please email dementions and pictures of tank where you inten ...26/03/10
91Wanted: Tropical fish Edinburgh :As image shows, I've recently (2 mths) started and aquarium and was wondering if anyone had surplus fish in an overcrowding tank they wanted ...22/03/10
92Aqua One 65 litres including livestock :Fully established tank for over a year. All stock in great health and includes African Dwarf Frogs Endlers Sukari Super Red Shrimp ( ...14/02/10
93female oranda :FEMALE red oranda wanted for breeding, fare price paid or would swap for male im based in Edinburgh but will travel10/01/10
94DOUBLE OCTAGANOL AQUARIUM WITH EHEIM ECCO FILTER FOR SALE 140 :Stunning double octaganol 86 litre aquarium complete with Eheim Ecco 2231 external filter, air pump, lights, gravel, all tubes and decoratio ...29/11/09
95Free Guppies :I have about 9 Black Phantom Guppies (at least one pregnant female) and a number of babies free to a good home as my tank is getting crowded ...11/11/09
98Five foot aquarium cabinet and hood :Good quality handmade mahogany vaneer aqaurium cabinet and hood for sale. Not supplied with tank. Buyer to collect. I am looking for 50 and ...27/07/09
99shipping boxes :polysteryne boxes used boxes main purpose for shipping fish live rock could be used for frozen goods 3 differnt sizes small medium large ...02/06/09
100Kribensis Tropical Fish For Sale :4 months old kribensis cichlids for sale 1.00 each about 2" big come from a clean fish tank with good water conditions,selling due to ...24/05/09
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