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1Cichla Kelberi (peacock bass) 7 inches :Cichla Kelberi (peacock bass) for sale he's 7" and eats most thing you offer him! amazing fish and very active. £30 Other ads with fish for ...19/07/18
2geophagus sveni ONLY 2 LEFT £10 each £15 FOR BOTH GET THEM NOW BEFORE THE LAST 2 ... :I have ten geophagus sveni for sale. the breeding pair can be seen. roughly 2-2.5 inch looking for £10 a fish open to offers. have seen thes ...19/07/18
3PRICE REDCUTION Golden Gourami :4inch golden Gourami for sale. these tend to max out at 6inch so still got a little bit of growing to do but it's looking stunning and growi ...19/07/18
4Adult discus :I have decided to sell my discus as I want to keep Malawi peacocks. Two red alequer around 5.5 inch Two blue snake skins at 6-6.5 inch ...19/07/18
5Home bred Scarlet Endlers Lifebearers and mixed colour :Home bred mixed colour adult Endlers, great colours and photos don't do them justice. Perfect fish for a small tank and great for beginners. ...19/07/18
6Tanganyika Cichlids - Tank Bred And Wilds :We are going to a well known cichlid supplier in Germany at the end of this month. Please contact as soon as possible to express interest ...18/07/18
7Haps, Peacocks, Mbuna & Wilds :We are going to a well known malawi cichlid supplier in Germany at the end of the month. Please contact as soon as possible to express in ...18/07/18
8wanted bristlenose nottinghan :wanted any bristlenose in the nottingham area thanks Ben18/07/18
9Giardinus metallicus Black Chin Livebearers Wanted :I am after males of the above fish to join my group of Black Chins which seem to only produce females at the moment and I am struggling for ...17/07/18
10Fahaka Puffer :It is with great sadness I have my Fahaka Pufferfish (tetraodon Lineatus) for sale. Approx 7 inches. Loves clams and mussels in ...16/07/18
11Big Tank & Equipment Sale :As a result of moving I am closing down my tanks and therefore selling them and equipment on. The following items I have the original ...16/07/18
12Buccochromis Lepturus Green 18cm :Buccochromis Lepturus Green For Sale 2 Males 18cm Stunning big fish We have other large haps for sale please contact for more informa ...16/07/18
13Aquael Bow fronted Aquarium £100 ono :Aquael Bow fronted Aquarium,cabinet and hood. 100cm x 48cm x 30cm (40 X 19 X 12) black Water tight and in reasonable condition,lighting is ...16/07/18
14WANTED Geophagus young or Fry :As above I am after some strain of Geophagus to grow on in my 5` tank. Any type considered with cash waiting. Nottingham/Derby area prefer ...13/07/18
15Geophagus Altifrons wanted :Anyone got any Altifrons they are looking to sell. Nottingham area ideally but will travel to collect the right fish. Cash waiting.13/07/18
16Marble motoro stingrays :For sale Male marble motoro pup bred by me feeding well on muscle white bait and pellets £200 please pm me for more info pattern comes o ...13/07/18
17Mini Marble motoro male stingray pup :Hi I have a Mini Marble motoro stingray pup for sale, male born 26/03/2018, he is eating hikari massivore/carnivore. parents can be seen in ...11/07/18
18Breeding Trio of lemon bristlenose 7-8cm £70 :Breeding Trio of lemon bristlenose 7-8cm 1 male, 2 fenale. Spawn every 2-3 weeks, the only reason for sale I is that I've bred these that ma ...08/07/18
19Orphek Atlantik v4 and v4 compacts now available UK stock :Cnidaria are pleased to announce we now have UK stock of the best reef led available today ... the Orphek Atlantik v4 and v4 comapct. Con ...07/07/18
20Silver arowana for sale 9 inches :9" silver arowana for sale. has got a slight drop eye on left eye which he has had since I bought him.this can be seen on the photo. had the ...07/07/18
21PRICE REDUCTION Baby Convict for sale :4 convicts at 1.5inch £3each 10 convicts half inch £1.50 each parents have just been sold so these are last of fry Other ads with fish fo ...07/07/18
22Black Pearl Calvus Cichlid :We currently have some Black Pearl Calvus in stock. They are about 4-5cm. £7.50 each Collection only or local delivery for a small ...02/07/18
23Germany Trip - Malawi & Tanganyika :We are planning a trip to Germany towards the end of July where we will be visiting two suppliers. We are advertising early and taking pr ...01/07/18
24Male Nimbochromis Fusco 5-6 Inches :Nimbochromis Fusco male 5-6 inches for sale. Coloured up.30/06/18
25Malawi Haps All Sizes :Malawi Haps for sale. All fish below are tank bred with newest stock listed first: Placidochromis Milomo VC10 Male 14cm Protomelas ...28/06/18
26Aulonocara Peacocks :I have for sale a selection of Aulonacara peacocks 10 in total o.t.o Good size5-7 cms Excellent colours Feeding well Video availabl ...28/06/18
27Heros liberifer sp. Atabapo red spotted mouth brooding severum x4 :4 x h. liberifer. In good health. Peaceful but robust. Feeding well. can't upload pics here for some reason, but can text pics. Extensiv ...28/06/18
28Various south American fish :Uaru amphiacanthoides around 4" x4 £50 Heros liberifer around 5" x4 (red spotted mouth brooding severum) Crenicichla compressiceps female ...28/06/18
29Lonely crenicichla compressiceps, male wanted :I am down to one female c compressive (smallest dwarf pike cichlid). I am interested in finding her a male or moving her on. If anyone wants ...28/06/18
30Jack Dempsey :Breeding pair of jack Dempsey for sale. Collection nottinghamshire27/06/18
31Aaa venizualan marble motoro stingray female :Aaa grade venizualan marble motoro female pup around 8 months old 6-7” feeding well beautiful pattern coming out 250 Ono26/06/18
32Juwel Rio 125 with black cabinet £90 :Black Juwel Rio 125 litre tank 50 x 81 x 36cm. Stand 73cm high. Complete set up with heater, pump, filter. Extras include gravel, dogw ...17/06/18
33Uaru amphiacanthoides x4 :Group of 4 uaru, around 4" . Peaceful, healthy robust fish, great characters. £50. Also available 4 x heros liberifer sp atabapo £60 and 1 x ...15/06/18
34Malawi Mbuna Cichlids :Mixed group of mbuna cichlids. £3 each or £5 for large ones. Loads to choose from including Yellow Tail Acei White Tail Acei Pse ...14/06/18
35Aristochromis Christyi :Aristochromis Christyi for sale approximately 5-7cm. £10 each.14/06/18
36Wanting pearl stingray :Looking for female mature pearl stingrays please what’s app me photos price££ and size to 07738682294 or hybrid cheers13/06/18
37Betta Marine Aquarium & sump :Betta reef tank + white cabinet + sump with all pipe work tank 68 x 55 x 58cm (LxWxH ) sump 63 x 38 x 40cm cabinet 71.5 x 57 x 84cm cabinet ...13/06/18
38Placidochromis Giseli 14cm Males :Placidochromis Giseli's For Sale 4 Males 14cm Stunning fish We have other large haps for sale please contact for more information. ...28/05/18
39Jebao DC Pump Model DC 2000 SPARES. :Jebao DC Pump Model DC 2000 SPARES. Excellent condition. Picture available upon request. Included: Power adapter (fully working), ...21/05/18
40Cyprochromis leptosoma mplungu For Sale :Cyprochromis leptosoma mplungu 5 males £30 Also Breeding pair of Steatocranus casuarius (lump head) £25 Steatocranus casuarius fry 3 cm £ ...13/05/18
41For Sale :Breeding pair of Steatocranus casuarius (lump head) £25 Steatocranus casuarius fry 3 cm £2.00 each Albino/red bristlenose 4-6 cm £3.50 each ...13/05/18
42WANTED OPTHALMOTILAPIA NASUTA GOLD :Adult male OPTHALMOTILAPIA NASUTA GOLD w/c or t/b or alternatively does any want to buy 2 w/c females, great colour.12/05/18
43Malawi Fish - Haps, Peacocks, Mbuna :Malawi Fish for sale: Haps: Nimbochromis Fusco Males 16-18cm Exochromis Anagenys 12-14cm Tyrannochromis Macrostoma 16-18cm Fryeri I ...10/05/18
44Eheim 1260 return pump £50 :Eheim 1260 return pump08/05/18
455ft tank with stand and decore £120 :5ft tank with stand and decore .08/05/18
46Various tanks from £10 :various tanks starting from £10 upwards Others available without pics08/05/18
47L46 zebra pleco and corydoras adolfoi wanted :I’m looking to buy a group of zebra plecos and corydoras adolfoi local to worksop Nottinghamshire who has them.07/05/18
48snail eating loaches :4 snail eating loaches £5 each04/05/18
49Bristlenose :Red, yellow and albino bristlenose £5 each04/05/18
50Clown Loach :Clown leach £504/05/18
51Ph digital meter and salinity meter :As the title says I have a digital ph meter and also a salinity meter with spare battery’s and also the calibration fluids Both boxed and ...04/05/18
52Fluval 305 filter :Fluval 305 canister filter in full working order Will just need another clean and fresh media in to be up and running 30.00 so grab a barg ...04/05/18
53Jebao wavemaker :Wavemaker for sale in full working order Great water movement with different settings Can even be turned off for feeding Grab a bargin 3 ...04/05/18
54Adult Tropheus Duboisi :Looking to sell a group of 5 tropheus duboisi. They have bred since keeping them. Open to sensible offers.26/04/18
55Arcadia systems le aquarium 900 (370 litres) :Brand new unused aquarium tank with stand and sump included. Ideal for tropical or marine fish. these retail at around £1000. Looking for £5 ...25/04/18
56Cichlids :1Tropheus Brichardi £8, breeding pair Caraleus plus 1 fry £15, 3 red zebra £5 each, 1 rusty £3, 5 unidentified Mbuna hence £3 each.22/04/18
57Maxspet razor 420r marine lighting :As the advert says Maxspet razor lighting with hanging kit and also the wide angle lenses installed In excellent condition so grab a bargi ...21/04/18
58Angels :Young adult Angel fish Around 2inch body size Silver/kos £3 each15/04/18
59Robin Hood Aquarists Autumn Auction 2018 :Robin Hood Aquarists are holding their Autumn Auction on Sunday 16th September 2018 at the usual venue of the Highbank Community Centre, Far ...09/04/18
60Sump / Refugium 10w LED light. £15. :Sump / Refugium 10w LED light. New and boxed, perfect for refugium, caulerpa, chaeto etc. Pictures available upon request. £15 ...31/03/18
61CPR AQUANTIC SOCK-IT 4 inches SOCK HOLDER. £10 :CPR AQUANTIC SOCK-IT 4" SOCK HOLDER. NEW AND BOXED. £10 Includes sock holder, bracket with fittings, inlet tube, and nylon filter soc ...31/03/18
622x Metric 25mm Non Return Valve Aquarium PVC Fitting. £15. :Metric 25mm Non Return Valve Aquarium PVC Fitting. 2 x 25mm Non Return Valves. Brand new premium plumbing part. Surplus to require ...31/03/18
637x 54watt narva/osram blue t5 tubes all brand new £100 posted or collected from ... :as per title24/03/18
64JEWEL LIDO 120 IN EXCELLENT CONDITION FOR SWOPS :Just wondering if anyone would be interested in swopping my Jewel lido 120 in excellent condition.Im after something abit bigger and with ca ...21/03/18
65Pacu :Decided to sell/swap/trade x3 of my Pacu Anyone intrested Make sure you have the room Big box for collection Bulwell nottingham ng6 ...18/03/18
66Aquadyne 1.1B £400 :Here you have what is acknowledged to be one of the original and the best bead filters.This filter is the most efficient and maintenance fre ...18/03/18
67Arcadia series 4 light :The Series 4 Pendant represents an evolution in the design of aquarium pendant lighting. The spectral output of the lamp has been tailored ...14/03/18
68Red head synspillum :.3 red head synspillum around 4inch open to sensible offers or swaps for l number plecs13/03/18
69Tropical fish stock list :***livestock list*** * FRIDAY 9th March 2018 * +++new arrivals+++ BLUE FRONTOSA £14.99 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ~~~ ANGELS blue angels £ ...11/03/18
70Fluval LED light and WIFI control :Size 48" to 60" 4ft-5ft tanks it fits. Pro full spectrum LED, Plant and fresh 2.0. I also have the WIFI controller that I bought Cos ...11/03/18
71Wanted l number plecs :Cash waiting08/03/18
728 Glass Fish Tanks For Sale :Selling 8 glass fish tanks. All are 24 x 12 x 12 Perfect for a fish room, starter fish tank and fry. Excellent condition as have only ...04/03/18
73Good quality L046 zebra pleco :We are a breeder of tropical Aquarium live fish,wholesale and retail supplier. We have available good quality L046 zebra pleco and other var ...26/02/18
744ft Fish Tanks £40 :I am looking to sell 4 4ft fish tanks. £40 each. These have been used for about 3 months. Reason for sale due to upgrade in size.19/02/18
75wanted breeding pairs supre eds and L144 fin and shourt fin :I can only pick up if Nottingham area but happy to pay for delivery or postage19/02/18
76Oak Wood Aquarium :Hi Folks I have a 2foot cube tank on an Oak Wood stand with an oak wood hood for sale. The reason for sale is that I wanted a bigger oak ...15/02/18
77Aquarium tropical cold water marine :Juwel rio 240 for sale with walnut stand £200 ONO. Tank is now empty and comes with heater, juwel internal filter with upgraded pump, juwel ...13/02/18
78Super red bristlenose Mansfield :I have 2 short fin super red bristlenose males for sale, 9cm very active and feeding well, £15 each or may swap for juveniles / females to s ...31/01/18
79very large tank would be ideal marine tank also got lighting for marine at extra ... :Large tank stand is solid wood tank needs a clean and the start needs a little bit more sanding down as someone did paint it but I sanded mo ...30/01/18
80metal Halide Light Unit :Aqua Medic Ocean Light 2x150 Slimline over tank metal halide light unit, not sure how old the bulbs are in this pendant as I bought it us ...29/01/18
817x2x2 setup with bar :7x2x2 Light power head heater air pump All in great order tank still used so can be seen full. Bare tank £250 no offers full bar build inc ...24/01/18
8218" red tail cat :Very healthy very friendly around 14mnth old £5022/01/18
83Apple Snails :Hi i have another bunch of baby apple snails ready, they are about the size of a pea to a marble, can ship etc please ask for a quote over 2 ...20/01/18
84Tropheus Duboisi & Calvus :I have 4 tropheus duboisi fry that I'm currently growing on a bit and will be available in about 2-3 weeks. They are about an inch at the mi ...15/01/18
85Aurustus babies for sale :Baby aurustus for sale 50p each collection only nottingham aspley ng8 5qt14/01/18
86New Aquariums And Custom Aquariums - Discount Available :We are expanding our fish house and will be ordering fish tanks in bulk soon. Our supplier offers bulk discount and was seeing if anyone ...10/01/18
87Discus now in stock :3" and 4" Discus now in stock. Assorted colours. Feeding well on dry granules.09/01/18
88Fish for sale, whole tank closing down :Getting out of the game. Unfortunately I'm struggling to keep on top of the maintenance due to lack of time and a bad back! 3 large angel f ...03/01/18
89motoro stingrays :adult pair motoro stingrays male 10"disk female 14"disk eating well great condition sale due to ill health hense price£400 for pair collect ...26/12/17
90fish wanted :wanted community fish wot you have thanks for reading23/12/17
91Red Frontosa Group & Catfish For Sale :I have for sale 4 Red frontosas and 2 Burundi Frontosa. Frontosas to be sold all as a group of 6. Dominant red frontosa male about 7.5-8 ...22/12/17
92Red Frontosa Group 4-8 inches & Catfish For Sale :I have for sale 4 Red frontosas and 2 Burundi Frontosa. Frontosas to be sold all as a group of 6. Dominant red frontosa male about 7.5-8 ...22/12/17
93Oscar For Sale :Looking to rehome my Oscar. Approximately 3-4 inches. £10 ONO.10/12/17
94Fx6 filter :Fx6 filter good media 150.00 all complete plus manual08/12/17
95Tropical fish 10 / 11 inch clown loach and 4 5/6 inches great bunch :Beautiful clown loach bunch 5 fish ones huge 140 pound for all 5 text or call 0774598553205/12/17
96Serrasalmus maculatus :Serrasalmus maculatus golden piranha around 4-5” £45 Ono03/12/17
97Dovii pair :I am selling a pair of Dovii’s. Male and Female. Brought a tank from a family friend and don’t want the larger fish in the tank. They have p ...25/11/17
98L181 bristlenose for sale :2X L181 male and female For sale 55.00 Details please phone 0782847008522/11/17
99essox lucius (pike) needed 4-5 inch looking for a baby :looking to buy a baby pike please get in touch if possible20/11/17
10013 inch jaguar fish stunning fish :13 inch jaguar fish for sale gtreat fish gets on with all my fish 50 pound16/11/17
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