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1YOUNG HOME BRED DISCUS SCOTLAND :Young discus from 1.5"- 4.5" Cobalts,Reds,and Red Dragon pigeons,wormed and feeding on flake,prima and B/Heart mixture,reared in tap water P ...02/07/18
2YOUNG ADULT DISCUS (SCOTLAND) :A selection of home bred Red Discus all app 7- 18 mths old,and some showing signs of wanting to breed app 5"- 7" pick up only no postage and ...02/07/18
3Microfauna Freshwater Mix - FREE P&P :Microfauna Freshwater Mix You will get 50ml containing a mix of Daphnia Ostracods Ciliates Paramecium & Other Microscopics Perfec ...19/06/18
4Grindal Worm Starter Culture - FREE P&P :Grindal worms are very easy to keep and breed, and make an excellent food for small to medium fish. A typical harvest will contain larger an ...19/06/18
5Scottish bred corys :I have cory panda,duplicarius,venezualanus,metae,sterbai for sale all at a good size. not many duplicarius left. Last 10 duplicarius 40. ...16/06/18
6Scottish L66 and L201s for sale. :I have for sale L66 and L201s for sale 10 each.These bred by my self not tiny little fish.pickup only16/06/18
7Scottish bred bristlenose for sale :Lots of bristlenose for sale mostly albino but a few brown all sizes although mostly around the 2" mark From 3 each also a few pairs.Also ...16/06/18
8Juvenile Discus :Available Various strains of small discus 3" from 20, "These are not home bred discus" all imported direct from Asia , and of the highest q ...09/05/18
9Tropheous :Hi looking for a group of tropheous for a display tank can collect preferably in scotland area but can travel further Thanks Jim 07729 ...23/04/18
10Assorted bristlenose in Scotland :I have lots of brown,albino bristlenose for sale not tiny little fish well started 5cm 3 each.Plus lots of large males 5 each all bred by ...04/11/17
11Allpond solutions aquarium and cabinet :Approximately 300 litre allpond solutions aquarium and cabinet with overhead filter external filter light 3D background02/11/17
12Hyalella Azteca - FREE P&P :Hyalella azteca are a freshwater amphipod which live near the sediment surface, burrowing in sediment and also scavenging on the leaf litter ...05/10/17
13Discus For Sale Scotland :I have for sale my entire discus collection, in total 12 fish. The size of the fish range from 5 to 7 inches and there are at least 2 pairs ...26/09/16
14Wanted large American cichlids anything considered Glasgow area :Wanted large American cichlids anything considered. let me know what you have and how much your looking for Glasgow and surrounding area.22/09/16
15Two fan tail goldfish free to a good home - Glasgow Area :I inherited two goldfish from a friend when she moved back to New Zealand last year. Unfortunately I do not have time to look after them pro ...10/08/16
16Killifish for sale in Scotland :I have clown killifish and gardneri killifish,both male and females for sale 2 each,pick up from gourock,Scotland ,thanks Gerry23/02/16
175 adult Kribensis cichlids -Paisley :5 adult kribensis cichlids, 3 females and 2 males, tank bred. Fish are in a well established, disease-free tank. 2.00 each. Must collect Sa ...09/01/16
18L183 :Proven wild caught pair White seam starlight bristlenose 70 pick up Greenock15/10/15
19discus for sale must go asp :super red velvets 3 inch 15 super red cuipeua 3 inch 20 or in bundles will give good deals need gone asp as due to refit in fish room ...07/08/15
20fish tanks and equipment for sale :have for sale fish tanks and lots of tank equipment pumps filters heaters water treatments and lots of high grade food i have givin up the ...24/07/15
212x Angels :2 silvery/blue Angels for sale. Think their Ken blues or something not 100% sure. 1 large 1 medium 10 for both.24/06/15
222x Angels :2 silvery/blue Angels for sale. Think their Ken blues or something not 100% sure. 1 large 1 medium 10 for both.23/06/15
23stripped & albino convict cichlids :Stripped and albino convict cichlids for sale around 2-4cm 50p each deals on multiple23/06/15
24male and female guppies for sale :Hi there, I have male and female sub-adult and juvenile guppies for sale at 50p each.07/06/15
25current stocklist :current stocklist available for collection from fishrooms in linwood, renfrewshire. delivery available 13.50 per box LIVEBEARERS ASS ...05/06/15
26WANTED F1 TRUE ALTUM ANGLE FISH :Hi, does anyone know anywhere that get f1 true Altum angles in anymore? I remember seeing them a few years back on a discus advert. Any a ...09/04/15
27Eheim Proffesional 2224 external filter - SOLD - :Includes sponge & ceramic rings. Needs hoses. 45 Ono pick up Greenock.15/03/15
28Ultraviolet steriliser - Vecton V2 400 :35 ono pick up Greenock28/02/15
30Red Sea max 250 :I'm selling my Red Sea max 250 in black for 550. My tank is 16months old. It's in really good condition! Selling due to moving house19/11/14
31F1 L46 Zebra Pleco For Sale (All sold ) :All sold! They are: 1.5" to 2" in size, 1.5 years in age and all from the same parents. Postage is available through Royal Mail Specia ...18/10/14
32INTERPET FISHBOX 40 :Ideal as a first fish tank. 48 litre comes with heater fluval u1 filter lights sand Moving abroad so need to sell. 25 ovno ...04/07/14
33JEWEL 110 LITRE AQUARIUM :110 litre aquarium in excellent condition. Comes with Stock filter stock heater decorations light tubes bogwood sand Moving abroa ...04/07/14
3445 GALLON MARINE AQUARIUM :Aqua 1 Marine Tank and Wooden Cabinet, 45 Gallon Comes with loads of extras. Dual Strip lighting (Reef) Live Rock Sand External Filte ...04/07/14
35have a 4ft 6x 54w ATI t5 light unit for sale 6(1 month old t5s was over 100 com ... :the fans dont work part from that brill light unit only selling as getting a 6ft tank21/06/14
36Twin aquaray fiji blue with double psu 80 pick up linwood :had for 6months only used for 2hrs a night21/06/14
37Live Rock - Glasgow - Wanted :Looking for up to 80kg of live rock within one hours drive of Glasgow. Cash waiting01/06/14
38betta ocellata :hi, betta ocellata juveniles for sale. approx 2.5 inches long. 5.00 each. collection from linwood renfrewshire the pics is from the inte ...13/05/14
39for sale in Scotland,betta & killifish :I have some home bred fish for sale male hmpk 4 male plakat 2 crowntail 2 veil tail 2 can match up with females gardneri killifish ...17/04/14
40fish tank 400 :63x28x24 ND Aquatics fish tank just over 550 litres huge deep tank, with the tank you will get a 2000 external filter, a 1200 fluval interna ...06/02/14
41FISH WANTED :am after some fish for my tank anything at all considerd cichlids catfish plecs etc please get in touch with what youve got thanks TEXT ...21/12/13
42CICHLIDS FOR SWAP :3 Marble Ocars all around 2" in size, 2 Jaguar Cichlids both around 2", 1 T Bar Cichlid 2", 2 Keyhole Cichlids both 1-2" ...21/12/13
43Paroon Shark wanted :Paroon Shark wanted for my large tank, cant get them in the shops just now!16/12/13
44fish tank :6th 20th 20th looking for swap for 4th 18 inch 18 inch my tank is in perfect condition but unable to set up as floor is not strong enough ca ...07/12/13
45Angels :I have a pair of angels for sale and a Singapore blue male angel for sale open to offers on them all. If interested contact Brian on 074 ...27/11/13
46Otocinclus affinis breeding group (Gone). :Breeding group of Otocinclus affinis.10/11/13
47Fish for sale in Scotland :I have 2xbreeding pairs of gardneri killifish , 5 pr Galaxy rasbora 2 each Endlers 1 each 1x pair fighting fish 3 Breeding group of ...26/10/13
48Live rock and corals or frags :Looking for some corals or frags also live rock i have upgraded my tank and looking to fill the gaps. <((><13/10/13
49WTB rams :Hi Im looking for 4-6 rams (german, bolivian, electric blue) in Glasgow. Thanks17/09/13
50WTB ADA Aqua Soil Powder Amazonia (3 Litre) :Hi, I would like to buy ADA Aqua Soil Powder Amazonia (3 Litre) (Glasgow area) Thanks17/09/13
51american cihlids :I am selling my cihlids as I am changing my fish I have pair of oscars pair of blue jackdemsis pair of jewels pair of convicts pair of acara ...20/08/13
52Arcadia 2x150 watt light 3 ft :Hi all I have for sale is a 3 foot 2x 150 watt light with 2 blue t5 tubes also this unit is just Over a year old works well apart from the t ...15/07/13
53royal plec :Large royal plec female offers no time wastes call or text 0784912698504/07/13
54Endler Males for sale :Pure breed male Endler's. Never mixed with Guppies.1.50 each. Collection only. Contact me by e-mail or phone. I have 20 adults and 10 which ...02/07/13
55Breeding Group Of L174 hypancistrus (Sold.) :Breeding group of seven adult L174 hypancistrus for sale. Sold.01/07/13
56american cihlids :Breeding pair of jaguar cichlids between 8 and 10 inch looking for 25 pound for them call 0784912698523/06/13
57L134 - Peckoltia Compta Fry (All Sold ) :L134 fry for sale, 1.5" in size and unsexable. All Sold.22/06/13
58Orange face tang :Selling an orange face tang too big for my tank now, he's 9" very peaceful beautiful fish makes the perect show fish for your tank , ve ...13/06/13
59Four Adult WC L260 Queen Arabesque (Sold). :Four adult WC Queen Arabesque for sale. Sold.11/05/13
60pond pumps :Bermuda 4000 bnib 40rrp 120 .more sizes + pumps available please don't hesitate 2 contact me for prices. ..grab a bargain06/05/13
61Angelfish :Lovely angelfish 1-2 inch 1 grab a bargain 4 in shop06/05/13
62Severums :Gold & heroes Severus half inch to 2 inch 50p-206/05/13
63Seven F1 L174 hypancistrus (Sold). :Seven F1 L174 hypancistrus. Around 2" in size and approx 2 years old. Sold.02/05/13
64Livebearers :Loads of livebearers 1 each discount on multiple buy.24/04/13
66bristle nose plec :looking for large group of young bristle or breeding group trio etc06/04/13
67Fish tank for sale :Tank and stand heater for sale stand has a little nick not noticeable with tank on it needs to go asap 100 ono needs to go. contact Bria ...24/03/13
68Discus :15 Hi I have for sale 3-4" blue Turks & blue diamonds for sale tank bred top water ph 7 temp 28 call Jim 07843138872 .24/03/13
69WANTED Malawi Mbuna Groups (GLASGOW) :Hi, I'm looking for a nice group of Mbuna for a breeding project. Ideall between 5 and 8 fish of around 2.5 inch in size or larger. Anythin ...24/02/13
704ft tank and stand tropical set up :4 foot by 2 foot by 18 inches , tropical set up with dark wood stand Older tank with few scratches etc ... Tank has been used for discus an ...12/02/13
71Breeding Trio Of L134 (Sold). :Breeding trio of L134 for sale, one Male & two Females. Sold.11/02/13
72Pair of kribs for sale :1 pair of breeding kribs for sale 10 Contact Brian 0744606161310/02/13
73Tank for sale :2 foot full set up only gravel required 60 Ono needs to go ASAP. Contact Brian on 0744606161310/02/13
74Marine set up glasgow area. :Juwel trigon 190ltr in black with sump in base. 30kg+ of mature live rock,3x corals-kenyan tree,green polyps,mushrooms. 2x fish algae eatin ...29/01/13
75NEW AQUA MEDIC BLENNY AQUARIUM :Aquarium and lights ONLY....still in box never used. 3 x led sunspots 14000k 21019/01/13
76Aqua mediv blenny aquarium and lights NEW :Blenny aquarium 80l in box never seen water plus aquasun spot fix led lighting x3 14000k. This is only the tank and lights the skimmer and n ...18/01/13
77Malawi Cichlid Mbuna For Sale :Pseudotropheus Lombardoi juves for sale. 1.5 inches in size, 5 for 20. Cloured up so easily sexed. Image 1 shows Adult male (orange) and ...16/01/13
78Malawi Haps - GLASGOW :2 Female Fossochromis Rostratus for sale. 4 inch in size 2516/01/13
79Red eye red Moscow :Looking for red eye red Moscows or black Moscow14/01/13
80Corydoras weitzmani (All Sold ) :Corydoras weitzmani for sale. All sold.06/12/12
81L340 / LDA19 (All Sold ) :Group of L340/LDA19 for sale. All sold.06/12/12
82Barbs :Looking for black ruby barbs.05/12/12
83Aquaone Regency 120 Hood :Up for sale is an Aquaone Regency 120 hood. The hood is made of plastic unlike the earlier batches of the aquaone regency hood were made of ...25/11/12
84L333 Hypancistrus Fry (All Sold) :L333 Hypancistrus fry for sale. All Sold.24/11/12
85Adult Male L333 (Now Sold) :Spare adult male L333 for sale. Sold.24/11/12
86L333 Hypancistrus Fry (All Sold ) :L333 Hypancistrus fry for sale. All sold.24/11/12
87L201 Hypancistrus Fry (All Sold) :L201 Hypancistrus fry for sale. All Sold.24/11/12
88L134 - Peckoltia Compta Fry (All Sold). :L134 (Peckoltia compta) fry for sale. All sold.24/11/12
89L400 Hypancistrus Fry (All Sold) :L400 Hypancistrus fry for sale. All Sold.24/11/12
90L46 Zebra Plec Fry (All Sold) :Zebra plec fry for sale. All sold.24/11/12
91Trio Of Adult L134 (Sold). :Trio of adult L134 for sale, 1 Male & 2 Females. Sold.24/11/12
92Zebra Plec Fry (All sold) :Zebra plec fry for sale. All sold.24/11/12
93Breeding group of five L201s. (All Sold) :Breeding group of five L201s for sale. All Sold.24/11/12
94Zebra Plec Fry (All Sold ) :Zebra plec fry for sale. All Sold.24/11/12
95RED DRAGONS (Scotland) :Here we have some home bred Red Dragons bred in tap water PH7 Temp 30c app 3-4+" all healthy and feeding well on prima,flake,and any frozen ...27/10/12
96Tetra Bits complete 375g :Brand new unopened Tetra Bits Complete for those prized discus. Full of vitamins and essential nutrients proven to strengthen diesease resis ...23/10/12
97Saki Hikari fancy Goldfish diet. :Top quality goldfish food just like new 200g packet with resealable zip, used no more than 20g dated 2014 as expiry date. Ebay shop charges ...23/10/12
98fish for sale :young malawis(red zebra)2-3" 2pound each adult malawis(red zebra)5-6" 4pound each panda angel fish 1-2" 1 pound each simease fighters ...11/10/12
99BREEDING PAIR OF CLOWNFISH (PAISLEY/GLASGOW) :Looking for a true mated pair Cash waiting and must be able to deliver as no transport(unless your close) PA59HF Thanks (emails go str ...07/10/12
100Ocean Rock Wanted :Hi I am looking for Ocean Rock and Coral sand, but must be cheap or free. Please get in touch if you can spare these. Thank you24/09/12
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