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1wanted large fire eel :Wanted large fire eel must be 18"+ just lost my 3ft beast and missing the little character. Sensible prices paid only pref within an hr of s ...28/03/17
2tropical fish equipment :Hi tropical filters and equipent for sale.or would swap for small to medium setup.contact me on 0780308591227/03/17
3Filament Barbs - Free :I have a group of 9 (or 10) filament barbs, mostly adult, free for rehoming. They have previously bred, I only want to rehome them as I wan ...22/03/17
4L155 (Adonis) & L114 for sale :The L155 is approx 8 inches (9 with tail extensions) and the L114 is approx 3 inches. Both are in excellent healthy condition. Collection on ...19/03/17
5ALTUM ANGELS WANTED :Hi Looking for real Altum angels if anyone can help please? Sorry, not the Peruvian or any others, must be the real thing and will need pic ...19/03/17
6Various spa frags and larger pieces :We a reducing our tank size and have loads of frags and colony's available at sensible prices. Collection from ba14 07980 87307718/03/17
7Fluval Vicenza 180 :For sale used Fluval Vicenza 180 tank and cabinet ,no lid or light . Cabinet has got some water damage (please view photos ) Aquarium dim ...16/03/17
8tropical fish equipment :Hi all aload of small tropicalfish internal filters and equipment for sale.or swap for a small tropical fishtank setup.contact me on 0780308 ...11/03/17
9tropical fish equipment :Hi all aload of small tropicalfish internal filters and equipment for sale.or swap for a small tropical fishtank setup.contact me on 0780308 ...11/03/17
10Tanganyika cichlids :Neolamprologus brichardi fry for sale £2 each. Is around 20 of them. They are 2cm, around 3months old.15/02/17
11WANTED:American Cichlids :Hi I am looking for American cichlids for my large aquarium! Jack Dempsey, convict, fire mouth, red spot severum...... Message me with what ...25/01/17
12Tropical fish display rock :I have a load of display rock for sale not used anymore £3017/01/17
13x 4 Zebra loachs for sale :hi, I have 4 Zebra loachs for sale or swap for tropical community fish ( no plant eaters or plecs etc) Cardinal tera's,harliquins, plat ...17/01/17
146x 54w t5 overtank light unit wiltshire :A 4' iQuatics tank mounted 6x54w T5 light unit was on a Juwel Rio and corals grown well. Has 2 power sockets, one does 2 tubes one does 4. H ...17/01/17
15Juwel Rio 180 & full set up :Juwel Rio 180 fish tank & stand Stand and tank are in black Stand has dual cupboard storage 180litre tank Juwel 3D background Ju ...16/01/17
16acrylic tank custom made by Neptune 1300m H x 660m L x 330 W :tank is a 3cm thick acrylic custom made tank by Neptune costing £1500 size is 1300m H x 660m L x 330 W has some minor scratches common with ...15/01/17
17jardine arowana 10inch :Lovely australian arrow for sale £9014/01/17
18Ghost Knife fish :I have for sale 1x knife fish around 16cms £30 collection only selling cos need to reduce stock in my tanks,Liden Swindon07/01/17
19water movers :Hi all after swapping these eheim sream on water mover for a 3ft set up text me on 0780308591207/01/17
20sump pumps :Hi all after swapping these 3 brandnew eheim sump pumps.for 3ft setup 07803085912 text me07/01/17
21Ameca splendens (Butterfly splitfin) :Rare tropical Ameca splendens (Butterfly splitfin) juveniles for sale 75p each and £5 for full grown adults pairs . all about this species h ...02/01/17
22fluval filters :Hi anybody interested in do a swap for these fliters.i am after a t a 3ft setup 07803085912 text me25/12/16
23Goldfish rescue - Free to a good home :Our pond pump has leaked and emptied most of the water from our pond. There are? 5-10 goldfish in there in need of rescue. If necessary, we ...07/12/16
24Mayan Cichlid Wanted :I am looking for a very bad tempered Mayan cichlid! I used to have one many years ago that I called Uncle Fester! He would lunge out of the ...28/11/16
26Juwel Rio 180 tank and cabinet :I am selling my Juwel Rio 180 tank with matching cabinet. The tank is less than 6 months old, I purchased it brand new from complete aquatic ...23/10/16
27Marine reef tank set up, fish and corals for sale :Fluvial Reef M90 135 lite Aquarium and cabinet for sale. Comes complete with Fluval Sea Marine & Reef Performance LED Lighting, which emi ...23/10/16
28Fish tank aquarium plus fish :Hi I am selling my nd aquatics tank is two years old no scratches measurement are 63x28x24(Length x Height x Width comes with coral sand o ...22/10/16
29Marine Live Rock £50 :For sale is about 15 kilos of live rock. Some corals attatched to the rock, there are mushrooms, some coloured polyps and a couple of differ ...19/10/16
302 synodontis free to big tank :i have one feather fin synodontis and one unidentified. i no longer have any cichlids and the feather fin bullies or eats anything i put in ...13/10/16
322 clown loaches £8 as moving :hi two small clown loaches that need to go as moving soon and also my 160litre tank+cabinet+aquamanta canister filter is listed under tanks ...27/09/16
34TMC V2 Refractometer :TMC V2 Refractometer excellent condition £2504/09/16
35Aquarium :Betta life space marine aquarium Cube with bespoke sliding door and solid frame. Also included tank,cabinet,wier box and pipe work sump ...29/08/16
36T bars cichlid :for sale i have this nice sized T bar selling due to buying a smaller set up open to offers two available.13/08/16
37rio 300 tank and cabinet plus co2 and external filter & uv £300 :I have for sale a 18 month old rio 300 tank and cabinet in walnut, the tank is 350 liters and comes with a jbl external cristalprofi greenli ...10/08/16
38tropical fish equipment :hi all loads of brand new and second hand tropical equipment filters lights treatments foods heaters gravel glass tanks sump pumps ...10/08/16
396 x 2ft fish tanks with dividers and lids :6x 24x18x15 fishtanks with built in glass dividers and glass lids.racking not included. £80 for all 6, or £15 each tanks will come with sp ...10/08/16
40fishtanks :hi all 4x 48x20x20 inch fishtanks for sale already drilled.some pipe work.in good condition.there is a sump but needs cleaning.£120 job lot ...10/08/16
41Golden cobra snakhead - £50 :Golden cobra snakehead approx 10 inches very aggressive and highly active. Would like to swap for peacock bass or piranha or would sell for ...09/08/16
42TMC signatures :I have 2 tmc signatures for sale both 60 x 45 x 30 with all equipment, tmc 400 tiles brackets with 2 way controller, Jul e701, Hydor 200w ex ...01/08/16
43pond treatments :hi all £10 for all 3 text me on 0780308591230/07/16
44treatments :hi all for sale jbl treatments not needed anymore £10 joblot text me on 0780308591230/07/16
45filters :hi all for sale 20 to 25 brand new small filters for sale text me on 0780308591229/07/16
46false corals :hi all i have about 10 or 12 false corals for sale job lot £30 text me on 07803085912 if collected to night £2028/07/16
47lighting led :hi all some brand new led lights for sale led air curtain £10 led clip on light £12 text me on 07803085912.also i have alot of second han ...28/07/16
48bog wood :hi all job lot of bog wood bargain price £50 job lot if collected to night tomorrow at the latest text me on 0780308591228/07/16
49tropical fish equipment :hi all i have loads of brand new and second hand equipment for sale text me on 07803085912 for details28/07/16
50Coldwater fish and setup looking for new home :Hi, we have 3 large coldwater fish, black moor, Oranda and Fantail all about 5-6" long that need a good home. These can be free to a good h ...24/07/16
51treatments :hi all for sale £20 for all 4 text me on 07803085912 for other stuff i have for sale17/07/16
52treatments :hi all these treatments for sale job lot £12 text me on 0780308591217/07/16
53light units :hi all for sale brand new and second hand light units for sale.text me on 0780308591217/07/16
54filters and pumps :hiall fish equipments all brand new fluval u3 intrnal filter £25 fluval mini internal filter £12 fluval u1 internal filter £18 eheim ...16/07/16
55Vertex SR360 300mm :Vertex SR360 300mm with Tank Mount in excellent condition - £20006/07/16
56Vertex AlphaKone 170 Skimmer :Following the break down of my reef tank, I have for sale my Vertex AlphaKone 170 Skimmer, which comes with a Red Dragon 1000 pump. This ...06/07/16
57fishtanks :hi all for sale 4x48x20x24 predrilled fishtanks for sale.each tank has a glass devider plus pipe work,sump to go with them for free if you b ...02/07/16
58bog wood :hi all i have job lot of bog wood for sale no longer needed text me on 0780308591202/07/16
59small internal filters :hi all i have 20 to 30 haiyang small internal filters brand new forsale text me on 0780308591202/07/16
604 x 4ft fish tanks :4x 48x20x20 fishtanks with glass divider.pre drilled for sump £30each, or all 4 for £110 also 4ft sump free if you buy the 4 tanks above.som ...30/06/16
61community fish breeder :cherry shrimps 75p guppies £1 brown bristlenose £1.50 ramshore snails £1.00 swindon please text 0739155678123/06/16
62fishtank equipent :hi all i have loads of stuff for sale some brand new and some second hand.fluval internal. filters sponges,heaters.light units,food. graval, ...20/06/16
63Fish need a home :We've inherited a pond on the purchase of our new home. There are 10 fish. Large gold fish of all different colours. They need a home asap. ...19/06/16
64Male blue headed wrasse :Male blue headed wrasse 3 inches long £25 also Starcks damsel £5 0785437085705/06/16
65fish tanks and live rock :http://www.juwel-aquarium.co.uk/Products/Aquariums/Rio-Line/Rio-125-UK-black.html#!juwel-000000000000007570 hi we have three tanks a juwel r ...25/05/16
66live rock :Due to a leak ,we have many pieces of live rock from a fish and rock only setup,3yr old very clean large pieces £5.00 kg25/05/16
67Male guppy - free to good home :I am going travelling in three weeks time, and so am regretfully having to rehome my fish. My male guppy has lived happily with tetra tank m ...20/05/16
68live rock and fish tanks :Some large pieces of live rock £7.50 each still running in tank We have two 4ft x 18 £100 each A Eheim 40"offers as no lights14/05/16
69Custom built fishtank mint condition £220 ono :I have a custom built fishtank for sale. I had it made in January and have only had it filled about 2 months. It's 3 foot long by 2 foot h ...12/05/16
70Free to good home 1 older Chinese Algae Eater :This is the last fish from my Rio 300 tank that has now been sold. Just like it to go to a good home so I can clear down and move the tan ...11/05/16
71Free Guppie Fry :We have approximately 6 Guppie Fry available FREE if anyone would be interested. obviously you would need to collected them from us and we ...10/05/16
7220 Super red bristlenose :I have 20 maybe more sub adult super red bristlenose from 3 different spawning pairs. I'm looking for £200 Ono for all of them. They are ju ...25/04/16
73fish tanks 2 x 4ft :2 glass fishtanks for sale 1x 48x15x15 1x48x12x12 No leaks £30 for the pair.there is also a 48x15x15 with cracked glass base free20/04/16
74bog wood :Job lot bog wood for sale, mixed sizes 07936694186 £80 or nearest offer20/04/16
754x2x2 Tank and Cabinet. Full setup, lots of extras with Malawi Cichlids :Main tank: Nd Aquatics 4x2x2 aquarium 1cm glass with cover glass, light oak cabinet and hood, just over a year old. Eheim†2075†&†2080†fi ...10/04/16
76Malawi Cichlids in full setup, lots of extras :Livestock: Matraclima Aurora likoma TB 2 Metraclima Zebra TB 2 Alunacara Red Shoulder peacock TB 1 Metraclima Kawanga gold F2 4 (2 male ...10/04/16
77 Blue Throat Triggerfish Wanted :Anyone able to get Blue Throat Triggerfish at a decent price. Looking for a male and female pair. Preferably small in size. Thanks, Leon.09/04/16
78Tropical set up complete :Great chance to own a custom built tank,it's with deep regret I have to sell but hopefully someone can love it as much as I have. It's 5 1 ...03/04/16
79Yellow labs free to collector :Approximately 12 to 14 yellow labs free to a good home varying in size roughly 1" to 7"02/04/16
803ft fish tank with filter, lighting, decor, etc with wild discus :For sale 3ft fish tank External filter with built in uv Heaters , sand , decor , lighting The tank comes fully setup contains 3 youn ...28/03/16
81Discus aquarium wild discus full setup :For sale 3 X wild discus 2 X young discus In a 3ft fish tank External filter with built in uv 1k of frozen food Heaters , sand , ...28/03/16
827x2x2 tank free to collector :Nd tank 7x2x2 with homemade cabinet no cover glasses or hood but tank is only few years old and is in very good condition with no scratches ...16/03/16
83SYNODONTIS PETRICOLA x 2 £30 :Changing my tank so have these two for sale. No photos as they are too quick to get a shot. £3003/03/16
84Severums / XL Clown Loaches / Chocolate Cichlid in Chippenham Wilts :Fantastic quality fish for sale, please see ebay links21/02/16
85Large tropical aquarium :Complete aquarium with cupboard accessories and fish13/02/16
86Redsea 650 S in white £1800 :Decided to close down my main display tank to concentrate on my breeding projects. Tank is in very good condition, included in the sale is ...21/01/16
87various passive fish for sale :For sale male and female young guppies various colours £1 each, 2 young female pineapple swords £1.50 each, 2 young female platy £1.50 each, ...16/01/16
88Juwel 3.0 Protein Skimmer :I bought this skimmer 4 months ago and it is doing a brilliant job in my 4ft Marine Tank. Sadly due to not having the time I am changing my ...08/01/16
89Live rock, Corlas, Anemones plus Marine Equipment for sale :Hi all I have around 15Kg of live rock for sale some with different corals on(Zoa, Pulsing Xenia and Green & Purple mushroom). I also have ...08/01/16
90TMC 5000 Filter :The TMC 5000 is an awesome filter system I had this running 27 chic lid tanks, including 3 7foot community tanks plus 16 breeding tanks. Thi ...27/12/15
91kapampa frontosa cichlids :I have for sale 1 large kapampa about 8inch and four smaller ones 4-5 inches looking for 150.00 for all of them collection from melksham05/11/15
92Joblot-Fish-Tank-Roots-Rocks-Decorations :For sale joblot of fish tank decorations , 2x Large roots / trunk fish tank decorations, 1x small ceramic boat, 1x small pipes, 1x big pile ...29/10/15
93Joblot of plastic plants 13 pieces :For sale a big lot of plastic plants for fish tank , all in very good condition , 13 in total more than enough to decorate 2 big fish tanks. ...29/10/15
946 Foot Aquarium with cabinet and accesories :6 foot tank with mahogany cabinet. Including filters, lighting, slate, bog wood and an assortment of fish including angel fish. £350 ONO25/10/15
952XT8 Lighting unit with spares bulbs :For sale 2xT8 lighting unit , perfect working condition , comes with 4 bulbs, 2Xwhite, 1xblue and 1Xpink 30 inch long Collection from Warmin ...17/10/15
96leopard pleco :I keep getting messed around with people buying this pleco. It is now the last fish in my tank which I need to clear before I move so... if ...16/10/15
97L450 :Hi l450 for sale these are £15 each or £10 for 10 or more. There just over an inch size very nice fish.12/10/15
98Fish Tank :48l tank with cool blue moon and bright white lights with bogwwod new plants and pebbles27/08/15
99Looking for large predators :I have recently acquired an 8 foot tank after a few years out of Fishkeeping, currently running two fluval fx6 filters and has sand substrat ...24/08/15
100complete tropical set up 100l tank with external eden filter. :100l bow fronted tank complete with white and blue lights, heater, eheim air stone, external Eden filter, gravel, slate rocks, nets, fish an ...18/08/15
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