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1Black and white tegu :Looking to rehome my tegu. Looking for £250 but will expect slightly less. Over a ft long!16/03/18
2Looking for marine fish :Hi looking for marine fish near dagenham thxs13/03/18
3Full Tank Contents :For Sale are the contents of my marine tank (excluding equipment)that has been running for 2 years. Regrettable sale due to house moving and ...11/03/18
4New finally cycled 4ft marine :Hi looking for frags in Basildon area to try and build up my tank thanks08/03/18
5Florida Gar 16 inch :Hi . For sale my florida gar . Size 16 inch . Eat ewerythink. Please WhatsApp me if any questions. Thanks .08/03/18
6BD x P14 Stingray male :Hi . For sale my bdxp14 male . Size 7 inch . Pellets trained. 290£ Thanks18/03/18
7dorado, silver arowana, azul bass :looking to sell or swap maybe a stingray ? All eating and healthy. BIG tanks only dorado £80 silver arowana £30 slight tail bent and drop ...04/03/18
82 females..around 7 inches :1 orange checkerboard and one red/blue turquoise. Both females. Very peaceful and sociable and will hand hand, not shy. Only 2 left. £100 fo ...10/03/18
9Reef Octopus Regal 200sss skimmer :Wts my reed octopus 200sss skimmer ,good working conditions,collection from colchester 180£ ono04/03/18
10Tinkers butterfly :I have a tinkers butterfly for sale Had it for over a year and eats anything and everything The fish is in great condition and of good col ...03/03/18
11TetraTec APS400 Air Pump :I have 4x 8 month old tetratec APS400. 4 for £50 3 for £40 2 for 25 1 for £15 collection only rainham Essex area 0748233607118/03/18
12Half banded pike cichlid, crenicichla geayi. from colombia :hi people got some of these guys for sale soon ranging from about 5-7 inches 7 in total priced at £29.95 link to our facebook pag ...01/03/18
13Stingray Black Diamond Female size 7 inch :Hi . For sale male bd , size 7 inch . Pellets trained. Price 450£ Please WhatsApp me if any questions or find my on Facebook My group n ...28/02/18
14Young Silver Pigeon Discus Breeding pair :Stendker Silver Pigeon Breeding Pair. Very young pair, both about 4" at the moment and growing fast. Selling as they have paired up in my ...26/02/18
15Stingray P14 Female 7 inch :Hi . For sale my p14 pup female . Size 7 inch . Pellets trained. Price 250£ Please WhatsApp me if any questions Thanks08/03/18
16Elecro Aquatic Pond heater - attaches to your pump/filter :For Sale Elecro Aquatic Pond Heater Used on my Koi pond, sets the minimum temperature for the pond, works very well, best product on t ...24/02/18
17Bog Wood from Malawi tropical tank For Sale also good for pond :Bargain buy Large and small pieces of bog wood, some interesting sections of wood with tunnels, arches and one very large piece. Perfect ...24/02/18
18Ocean Rock from Malawi tropical tank For Sale also good for pond :Bargain buy Ocean rock of all shapes and sizes, all hand picked interesting pieces with arches and holes for the fish to swim through, cr ...24/02/18
19Freshwater Aquarium Fish tank :Juwel 180 L bow front aquarium fish tank with stand Stand comes with two doors to inner shelves to house your equipment Fluval 306 externa ...23/02/18
20Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Female 9inch :For sale black diamond female. Size 9-10inch. Great condition, amazing looking fish . Please WhatsApp me if any questions Thanks23/02/18
21Angel fish for sale £12 each :If you buy more than 5 = £10. Thanks23/02/18
224" Discus for sale £45 :Female Discus for quick sale23/02/18
23Bubble magus curve 7 protein skimmer :Hi, Here I have for sale my bubble magus curve 7 which is in good condition and around 4 years old £90.00 Collection only Braintr ...23/02/18
24Florida Gar 15inch :Hib. For sale my 15 inch florida gar . Good size , healthy fish. Price 140£22/02/18
25Flu all 1000 profile aquarium with cabinet :Tank water itchy cabinet needs some minor tlc 33 inch’s long 19 inch’s wise 24 deep used up until 2 days ago has bought an upgrade will need ...21/02/18
26Golden jaguar cichlid :8 inch male golden jaguar cichlid. Beautiful fish looking for £60 30 mins from Cambridge and 30 mins from London Sg9 postcode. 0756830245121/02/18
27Arowana Batik :Hi . For sale my Arowana Batik . Really rare fish to find . Perfect condition, no drop eye. Price 1900£21/02/18
28Arowana Universal blue 18 inch :Hi . For sale my universal blue aro . Eating prawns, mussels and morio worms . Have one eye drop , other than that perfect condition. Pric ...18/03/18
29Royal Knife Fish 13 inch :For sale royal knife fish , size about 13 inch . Price 50£ Please WhatsApp me if any questions. Thanks.20/02/18
30Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Female 8-9inch SOLD :Hi . I have for sale that top quality female black diamond size 8-9inch. Healthy and excellent looking fish . Please WhatsApp me if any ques ...17/02/18
31BD x P14 Stingray male :Hi . For sale bd x p14 male . Size 9 inch . Pellets trained. Price 350£ Please join my group on Facebook. More stingrays there ...04/02/18
32T5 lights & Light Unit :Juwel t5 light unit and 2 bulbs. Unit used for 1 day and bulbs unused and still boxed. Cost £140 2weeks ago. Looking for £110 but open to se ...15/02/18
33Stingray Black Diamond male 7 inch :7 inch male bd . Pellets trained. Price 550£ Please WhatsApp me if any questions. Thanks04/02/18
34BD x P14 Stingray male Sold :Hi . For sale bd x p14 male . Size 9 inch . Pellets trained. Price 290£ Please join my group on Facebook. More stingrays there ...21/02/18
35Stingray P14 Female 7 inch :Hi . For sale 7 inch female p14 . Pellets trained. Price 290£ Please join my group on Facebook Top Stingrays UK More stingrays ...20/02/18
36Vulture Catfish for sale :We have a 14" Vulture Catfish for sale Reasonable offer accepted Collection from London NW4 0776525414113/02/18
37Male Scribble angelfish £320. In non copper system. :About 4 inches size. Cash only. Collection only.12/02/18
38Achilles tang £365. In non copper system. :About 4 inches size. Eats everything, included pellets, nori, frozen. Cash only. Collection only.12/02/18
39Cross hatch trigger £600. In non copper system. :About 6 inches size. Cash only. Collection only.12/02/18
40Adult Goldflake angelfish £675. In non copper system. :About 6 inches size. Cash on only. Collection only.31/01/18
41Brand New Juwel T5 Light Unit :Brand new Juwel t5 light unit. Only used for a day as seal went on tank. Fits Rio 240, Rio 300 and Vision 260 . Also comes wit 2 led tubes t ...13/02/18
42Tropical fish for sale. I have 5 wiolf fish for sale going cheap :I have a costrican dovi 14 inch Male. And4 other wolf fish for sale two. 07852769593. Contact is to be made via what’s app only10/02/18
43FREE Green bird wrasse :I have a lovely Green bird wrasse that im giving away for free iv had it about a year, it about 6" long. Im letting it go because im changi ...09/02/18
44SWAP - my 72x30x24 complet with nyos 220 skimmer, 3 x hydra 52 wifi FOR RedSea 5 ... :SORRY ABOUT THE PHOTOS wont let me change orientation and its not letting me add anymore. plz message me i can send some others to you. - ...08/02/18
452 adult parrots fish :2 adult parrots fish about 7-8 inches £40 for the pair06/02/18
462 adult parrots fish :2 adult parrots fish about 7-8 inches £40 for the pair05/02/18
476x2x2 with fluval fx5 :6x2x2 with fx5 light unit heater and wave marker the tank is still up abs running so there no leaks £300 Ono 0746365707505/02/18
48Red Sea Max E260 Complete Setup plus extras :An excellent used (6 months old) full marine aquarium setup, including Eheim professional 3 external filter, Eheim UV filter and 2 x wave ma ...02/02/18
492 Yellow Tangs :Been in captivity for approx 1 year, approx 4 inches in size £45 each or both for £8002/02/18
50Ea Reef 1500S Reef Ready Tank reduced :Eareef 1500s(Gloss White+low iron glass)Used Cabinet is mint not a scratch, theres a tiny chip on the top of the side glass that isnt not ...18/02/18
51Thorichthys Maculipinnis/Thorichthys Ellioti/Ellioti Cichlid :Look no further for a peaceful community freshwater fish, the Ellioti cichlid is what offers that. I have raised fry from birth and all hea ...31/01/18
52Wolf chiclid costrican blue. Beautiful stunning fish. £100 :He is my favourite fish. Due to person reasons. I’ve decided to give him up. Good home only.30/01/18
53Albino Giant Gourami £30 :I have an albino giant gourami for sale it's a bit bigger than an iPhone 6! Lovely fish even colour fin perfect! £30 Collection only30/01/18
54BD x P14 Stingray male pup 7 inch :Great looking male bdxp14 . Pellets trained. Please WhatsApp me if any questions. 290£ More photos and vid on my Facebook group ...18/02/18
55Stingray P14 Female 6-7 inch pup :Hi . For sale one of P14 pups . Size 6-7 inch . Pellets trained. Please WhatsApp my for more photos or vid . Please join my group on Face ...08/02/18
56Stingrays AAA grade White Pearl Female SOLD :Hi . For sale white pearl female size 6-7inch . Pellets trained. She's really nice fish . If you need more photos of vid please contact me. ...29/01/18
57Stingray Black Diamond super hybrid 6 inch male :Hi . For sale that good looking male with loots of spots spread in really nice way . Pellets trained. Please contact me if any questions.26/01/18
58Asian arowana bbxb :Regrettably I’m putting my bbxb up for sale its from Sing Arowana and outstanding quality. It’s about 14inch Maybe slightly larger and still ...24/01/18
598ft tank and base :8’ long x 15” deep x 29"tall fish tank glass approx 8-10mm thick, with base, hood needs replacing . Pick up only. Will need approx 8 poeple ...19/03/18
60Lighting :6 foot long aquarium light with 3 metal halide bulbs and 2 grolux fluorescent tubes,all working perfectly,big piece of kit with reflectors a ...28/01/18
61Complete marine set up, everything must go :I have a 6ft 6 marine set up with queen and flame angel, 4 clowns and red shrimp. Live rock, skimmer, internal and external filter plus powe ...21/01/18
62Reef Octopus Skimmer XP 3000 int :Super Reef Octopus SRO XP 3000 protein skimmer, Used and in great condition. The skimmer is in use currently and will be decomissioned when ...19/01/18
63Red Tiger Mota - Male plus jaguar cichlids :I have for sale a 5 inch red tiger mota, along with a 5 inch jaguar cichlid normal morph and a 6 inch golden jaguar cichlid short body. ...17/01/18
64Silver Arowana from Indonesia :hi guys we have some silver arowana now ready for sale feeding on river shrimp, crickets, NT labs predator pellets and hikari food stick ...01/03/18
659ft x 3 x 2 aquarium... Read description :Looking to sell my 9x3x2 £300ono Bought this tank off somebody 3 to 4years ago. He had repaired a crack in the back glass. It has been repa ...16/01/18
66Large Dorado silver arowana and azul :I have for sale a 1ft Dorado that lives with other predator fish £100ono. Most don't get along with others.... 2ft+ silver arowana unfort ...16/01/18
67Stingray P14 Female 6 inch pup :Hi . For sale one of my p14 female pup . Size 6-7inch . Pellets trained. Just start getting darker. Any question please call me or WhatsApp. ...27/01/18
68Albino pacus :Albino pacus x4 6 inch £30 each Collection only please txt due to work commitments16/03/18
69Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Female 9inch SOLD :Hi . For sale high quality pure bd big spots female . Size 9 inch. Any questions please text me or WhatsApp.09/01/18
70Stingrays AAA grade White Pearl male 10inch SOLD :Top quality white pearl male in good size 10inch . Pellets trained. Healthy fish. Please WhatsApp me if any questions or email. Thanks12/01/18
71Arowana 24k golden head crossback 12inch Sold :Hi . For sale my 24k golden head crossback Arowana. Healthy fish , eating morio worms and prawns . Perfect condition. No drop eye.05/01/18
72Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Female 9inch :Hi. For sale beautiful big spots black diamond female , size 8-9inch. Eating prawns, mussels, pellets. Please WhatsApp me if any questions04/01/18
73Aquarium Maintenance Services (Fish Tank Matt) :Welcome to Fish Tank Matt, I offer an array of aquarium services in the local Essex area, including: - initial tank and filter setup ...14/03/18
74Full setup 5x2x2 sumped tank on metal stand :I'm selling my fish tank as I no longer have time for the hobby. It's a full 5x2x2 tank with left hand corner weir. Has 2 drains and 1 retur ...03/01/18
75Pulse frags :Various size pulse frag all 5.00 each 0747084633502/01/18
76Nice size Kenya tree frag :Kenya tree frag medium size opens up grows quick 10.00 pounds tel 0747084633502/01/18
77Bamboo cat shark :Bamboo cat shark eating well hatched 12 weeks ago eating dead food etc squid prawns selling due to closing down tank 50 pounds Ono telephone ...02/01/18
78Looking for a cheaper 5ft aquarium. :Rio 400 was knocked and the glass broke over the holidays. Looking for a tank with same/similar dimensions to use or to strip and repair ...01/01/18
79Eheim aquarium and eheim filter newham London :Eheim mp aquarium 100 cm long Comes with cabinet and lid and lights All in good condition Also comes with eheim external filter Price ...11/01/18
80GHL Profilux II - £50 (£60 posted) :GHL Profilux 2 in new condition, only powered up for demo purposes. Running Firmware 5.17. Suitable for fresh and marine aquariums. Wi ...01/01/18
81WANTED: GHL Profilux plugbar :Looking for either 6 or 4 socket GHL plugbar. Please get in touch. Thanks.31/12/17
82TMC grobeam 1500 LED tike plus controller - £100 ono :In excellent condition - pretty much new. Comes with controller and power supply. £100 Ono Can post for additional £10 otherwise coll ...01/01/18
83Stingray White Diamont male SOLD :Hi . I have for sale white diamond male pup , size 6 inch . Healthy and werry active fish . Please contact my by WhatsApp. Thank you27/01/18
84Arowana 24k golden head crossback 11-12 inch . 450£ :Hi . For sale my 24k golden head crossback Arowana. Healthy fish , eating morio worms and prawns . Perfect condition. No drop eye. Price 45 ...02/01/18
85Lemon Fin Barbs x 3 FOR SALE :Hello I have 3 x Lemon Fin Barbs for sale! They are around 3inch just over! Lovely thick healthy active fish always active throughout the ta ...26/01/18
86Closing tank :Shutting down my tank. Tank not included. Getting rid of three 2kg pieces of live rock and three fish dwarf purple and yellow angel an algae ...27/12/17
87Tropheus Duboisi :Hi guys and girls Got some Tropheus Duboisi for sale from a recent Taiwan shipment. About 18 in total, Bit bigger than an inch in size. ...01/03/18
8824K crossback arowana :For sale. 24K crossback arowana - around 9”-10” in size. Originally from Planet Arowana, sourced from Bintong farm. Was about 7” when ...26/12/17
89Over 20 kilos of ocean rock newham newham :Come from a Malawi setup in clean condition collection from Beckton east London 35 pounds11/01/18
90Stingray P14 Female 6 inch :For sale one of my p14 pups . 6 inch female . Eating prawns, mussels, pellets. Healthy fish. Any questions please text me or WhatsApp Pri ...10/01/18
91Stingray Black Diamond TI female Big Spots :Hi. For sale beautiful big spots black diamond female , size 8-9inch. Eating prawns, mussels, pellets. Please WhatsApp me if any questions. ...03/01/18
92Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Female 8inch SOLD :Hi . For sale that beautiful female . Nice size 8 inch and growing quick. Eating prawns, pellets ,mussels. Please WhatsApp me if any que ...28/12/17
93Stingrays AAA grade White Pearl female 6inch :Hi . For sale white pearl female .size 6 inch. Eating prawns, pellets. Please WhatsApp me for more information. Price 250£ Thanks17/12/17
94Aqua Medic FLUIDISED SAND FILTER FB 5000 MARINE REEF TANK EQUIPMENT :AQUA MEDIC FB5000 SAND FILTER Cost £900 WILL SELL FOR £400 CASH ON COLLECTION Fluidized bed sand filter for biological filtratio ...19/12/17
95Aqua Medic Turboflotor 5000 Twin Skimmer :AQUA MEDIC TURBOFLOTOR 5000 TWIN SKIMMER Only used for 6 months then stored. Flushed out before being stored and needle wheel removed ...19/12/17
96bogwood :I have three pieces of bogwood i have connected together, however they can be separated. £30 Collection only from rainham Essex area 074 ...18/03/18
97Stingrays AAA grade White Pearl 8inch. SOLD :Hi . For sale top grade white pearl male . Active and healthy fish . Please WhatsApp me if you interested . Pellets trained. Price 280£ T ...12/01/18
98Royal Knife Fish :Healthy and werry active royal knife fish . I have two for sale , size 10-11 inch. Price 45£ each . Please WhatsApp me if any questions ...16/01/18
99Large cube tank - just add water & fish - Colchester, Essex :Wanting to see if there is any interest in my current tank. - large 400litre ‘cube’ 790mm x 700mm x 760mm (length x width x depth) - ste ...10/12/17
100Essex Discus Fish Ltd :Coming Soon!! Come visit us at ..... www.essexdiscus.co.uk https://twitter.com/essexdiscus https://www.facebook.com/essex.discus.910/12/17
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