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  6ft Marine aquarium and Livestock

6ft Marine aquarium and Livestock

6ft Marine aquarium and Livestock

Description: Hi, I am closing down my marine tank as I don't have time to take care of it any more due to having a baby my time is elsewhere. What I am selling is everything as a job lot I am not willing to break it up and sell individually (Please don't ask, I've had several already) as I have not got time to do it. Below is a list of what I have to offer. I am asking for 1200.

1x 6ft x 2ft x 1.5ft tank and cabinet (please note this tank was bought 2nd hand and is badly scratched, the cabinet has seen better days too)

1x 60l hospital tank and cabinet used a couple times so as new.

1x TMC Ilumenair 1200 led light with remote.

2x Fluval Aquasky 12W LED lights both with remotes.

1x Fluval 206 canister filter.

1x Fluval FX6 canister filter

1x TMC V2ectron 600 UV sterilizer

1x TMC V2ectron 120 Nano UV sterilizer

2x 25W UVC bulbs

1x unopened 10KG coral sand another 20kg in tank

1x Wavemaker gang lead suitable for 4 50W wave pumps

1x TMC V2 refractometer

4x Wavemakers

2x 200W Heaters

2x air pumps (1 Tetra Tec silent)

1x Blagdon PS5 power unit (not tested)

2x Digital Thermometers

1x TMC Magnet cleaner

1x Fluval FX6 gravel vac

1x JBL Tropic Marin test kit with refills

1x Hagen carry case test kit

1x Salifert Iodine test kit

1x Salifert Strontonium test kit

Lots of spare filter media: filter floss activated carbon, Zeolite, ceramic rings, polyfilter, small amount of phosphate remover.

3x JBL Artemio Sal 230g

1x Crab cuisine

1x Gluscose Powder

1x D-D AquaScape

1x Easyreefs Masstick 42

Seaweed sheets and Clips

1x 7 stage Reverse Osmosis filtration system

1x D-D TDS reader

spare ro filters

5L+ of DI Resin

3x 25l RO Drums

1x 10l Ro Drum



1x Seachem Coral Disinfectant

1x Microbe-Lift Calcium 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift NITE-out II 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Zoo-Plus 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Xtreme 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Iodide & Bromide 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Artemiss 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Complete 473ml

2x Microbe-Lift All in one 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Magnesium 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Elements 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Phos-Out 4 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Herbtana 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift 20kg bucket of salt


1x Microbe-Lift Coralline 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Aqua Balance 473ml

2x Microbe-Lift Substrate Cleaner 473ml

1x Microbe-Lift Garlic Spray

1x Microbe-Lift KH-Booster


1x Microbe-Lift Iodide & Bromide

1x Microbe-Lift Vitaminos

1x Microbe-Lift All in One

1x Microbe-Lift Coral Active

2x Microbe-Lift Phyto Plus

1x Microbe-Lift Zoo-Plus

1x Vitalis Frozen food enrichment

1x NT Labs Parazoryne


1x Microbe-Lift Thera-P

1x Microbe-Lift Special Blend

1x Microbe-Lift Xtreme

1x Microbe-Lift Artemiss

1x Microbe-Lift Herbtana

1x Microbe-Lift Nite out II

1x Microbe-Lift Phos Out4


2x Large Yellow Tang

1x Medium Sailfin Tang

2x Medium black and white Clownfish

2x medium Bangaii Cardinals

3X Pyjama Cardinals

6x Green Chromis

1x Exquiste Wrasse

1x Green Mandarin

3x large red firefish

1x Siamese Blenny

2x large red fire shrimp

1x medium blue tuxedo sea urchin

2x Large turbo snails

10x+ Naussruss snails

20x+ Stomella snails

150kg+ live rock

1x green zoa garden

3x zoa frags (4+ heads)

1x lobophyllia 2 heads large

1x hammerhead 10+ heads

1x small blue mushroom

1x pulsing xenia frag

2x 1kg frozen food slabs

1x large tub marine flake food

15+ live Copepod bags

1x Live bag phytoplankton + several small bags

I'm sure I've missed several things from this list. please feel free to offer me very sensible prices if interested I have invested a lot of time and money in this build and it still isn't finished but I no have the time to compete so I'm hoping someone will be just as dedicated as I to take this on. But please note I won't be splitting this system up for individual parts this is a job lot sale and the individual must have a large van to collect and must bring friends to help carry. Any offers I deem not worthy enough will be dismissed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

P.S I will add a photo of the tank tomorrow when I can take a pic whilst the light is on full and all the fish have come out to feed.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Craig Glover
Telephone: 07794841755
Town: Heanor
County: Derbyshire

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