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  Various Tropical Fish for sale

Description: The Fish Barn Aquatic Store

Nationwide Delivery Available 16.00
Guaranteed Next Day Delivery
By 13.00
For Scotland please enquire.
We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice.
Licensed to buy and sell fish.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 10.00~17.00
Wednesday 10.00~17.00
Thursday 10.00~19.00 LATE NIGHT SHOPPING
Friday 10.00~17.00
Saturday 10.00~17.00

We now sell a good range of fish foods tried and tested by us at The Fish Barn that doesn't cloud the water. Also available are water treatments, external filters, sponge filters, heaters and a range of fish tanks.

General Tropical fish / Wild caught species / South American species

Orange Shrimp Large 3.99
Bloody Mary Shrimp 4.00
Orange Rilli Shrimp 6.99

SSS grade Red Crystal shrimp 7.50 each
Snow white mix Shrimp 4.99 each
Blue bolt Shrimp 9.00 each

Assassin snails 2.49

Orange Male Fighter 10.00
Dumbo Male 15.00
Super Delta Male 10.00
Halfmoon Male Fighter 12.00


Male Guppy 2.00 each
Female Guppies 1.50
Scarlet Endler Guppy 2.00 each
Blue Endler Guppy 2.00 each
Wild type True Endler Guppies 3.50 per pair

Illyodon Xantusi juveniles 2.00 each

Platys 2.00 each


Wild Bucktooth Tetra (Group sale) x13 60.00 Usually 6.50 each

Wild African long fin Tetra 3.50 each
Wild red eyed African Tetra 7.00 each 3/18.00
Wild Hemigrammus Mimus 4.50 each
Wild Hemigrammus Stictus 3.50 each
Wild Hyphessobrycon Robertsi 2.00 each
Wild White tip Bentosi Tetra 3.50 each
Wild Red-Blue Peru Tetra 3.50 each
Wild Cardinal Tetra 1.10 each
Wild Green Neon Tetra 1.80 each
Wild Ruby Tetra 1.50 each
Emperor Tetra 2.00 each
Glowlight Tetra 1.60 each
Rummynose Tetra 2.00 each
Albino Rummynose Tetra 3.00 each
Flame Tetra 1.70 each
Kitty Tetra 2.20 each
Colombian Red Fin Tetra 2.50
Lemon Tetra 2.00
Tucanoichthys Tucano 9.50 each 3/26.00
Wild Colombian red line glass fish (similar to Xenogoniates Bondi) 10.00 or 3/27.00

Wild Marbled Hatchetfish 2.50 each

Wild Nannostomus Marginatus 3.00 each

Boraras Maculata 1.60
Boraras Brigittae 1.60
Emerald eye Rasbora 1.75 each
Green Kubota Rasbora 1.75 each
Harlequin Rasbora 1.50
Espei Rasbora 1.50 each

Foerschicthys Flavipinnis 1.50 each

White cloud mountain Minnow 1.00
Zebra Danio 1.60 each
Gold Zebra Danio 1.50

Peacock Gobies 6.00 each 3/15.00

Australe gold Killifish 12.00 per pair
Fundulopanchax Amieti 12.00 per pair


Celebes Rainbowfish 3.50 each
Pseudomugil Signifer 4.00
Splendida Rainbowfish 6.50 each 3/16.50

Pentazona/ five banded Barb 2.00 each

Pekoltia brevis 18.00
Standard Bristlenose 4.00
Bulldog Pleco 10.00 each
Wild LDA01 Gold Stripe Panaque 22.00 each
LDA144 Blue eye lemon bristlenose 10.00
Wild L007 Vampire Pleco 4.5-5.5" 55.00
Wild L18 Golden Nugget 38.00
F1 L046 Zebra Plecos 100 each
Wild L066 King Tiger Pleco 45.00
Wild L075 Sabaji Pleco 30.00
F1 L199 Hypancistrus 12.00 each
Wild L206 Panaque Sp. 25.00

Wild Brochis Multiradiatus 20.00 (One left)
Wild Corydoras Schwartzi 5.00 each 3/12.00
Wild Corydoras Reynoldsi 8.00 each 3/21.00
Corydoras Black Venezuelan 7.00 each 3/18.00
Coydoras Sterbae 6.50 each 3/16.50
Corydoras Panda 4.00 each
Wild Corydoras Hastatus 3.00
Wild Corydoras Habrosus 3.00
Wild Corydoras Melanotaenia 4.50
Wild Corydoras CW115 12.00 each 3/33.00
Corydoras CW010 Gold Laser 25.00 each 3/70.00
Corydoras CW023 Red stripe Cory 15.00 3/42.00
Corydoras Gossei 14.00 each 3/39.00
Corydoras Oiapoquensis 14.00 each 3/39.00

Wild Tatia Musaica 38.00 each
WIld Tatia Perugiae (Honeycomb Catfish) 8.00 each 3/21.00
L10A Red Whiptail 10.00
Wild Banjo Catfish 5.00 each3/12.00
Pimelodus Gracilis 9.00 each
Limia Shovelnose Catfish 30.00 each (2 only)
6-8 Wild Sturisoma Barbatum 30.00 each

Wild Otocinclus Affinis 2.00each

Clown Loach 6.50 each 3/16.50


Koi Angels 12.00 each 4/42.00
Platinum Angels 12.00 each 4/42.00
Silver Angelfish 12.50 each 4/45.00
F1 Rio Nanay Angelfish 18.00 each 3/50.00

Assorted Discus 3.5" 45.00 each

3.5-4" Electric blue Acara 15.00 each (2 only)
8-10" Chocolate Cichlids 25.00 each 3/70.00 (3 only)
Cryptoheros Cutteri 8.00 each 2/14.00
(True) 2-3 Parachromis Dovii 12.00 each 3/33.00
Thoricthys Ellioti 7.00 each 3/18.00

Wild Apistogramma Rio Iniridae 12.00 per pair
Wild Apistogramma Gephyra 15.00 per pair
Apistogramma Rio Mamore 10.00 ( Female only)
Apistogramma Macmasteri Red face 15.00 per pair
Apistogramma Nijsseni 20.00 per pair

Dwarf Jewel Cichlid (Anomalochromis Thomasi) 3.50 each

Nannacara Aureocephalus 22.00 per pair
Nannacara Anomala 10.00 per pair

Wild Rams (Colombian) 4.00 each
German blue Rams 5.00 each
Electric blue Rams 8.50 each

Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Nigerian Red 20.00 per pair

Thysochromis Ansorgii 8.00 each

We are also able to take requests on fish, however we do NOT order in fish that get too large for aquariums. If there are any fish that you are trying to find, we'll see if we are able to obtain them for you.

We are now on Facebook! Click on the link below to take you to our Facebook page and keep updated with our current stock and our due deliveries of fish

Hope to hear from you soon
Best Regards,
The Fish Barn

Contact Information
Advertiser: Alan
Telephone: 01293 320492
Town: Crawley
County: Sussex
Web Link: ...
Web Link:

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