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  Various Tropical Fish for sale

Description: The Fish Barn Aquatic Store

Licensed to buy and sell fish:
Alan Ball
License number:LI/13/0656/PETS

Nationwide Delivery Available 18.00
Guaranteed Next Day Delivery
By 13.00
For Scotland please enquire.
We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 10.00~17.00
Wednesday 10.00~17.00
Thursday 10.00~19.00 LATE NIGHT SHOPPING
Friday 10.00~17.00
Saturday 10.00~17.00
Sunday 10:00 ~ 16:30

General Tropical fish / Wild caught species / South American species


Bamboo shrimp 8.50 3/22.00
Japonica Shrimp 3.50 each

Fire red Shrimp 3.50 each
Black Shrimp 3.50 each
Pinocchio Shrimp 3.50 each

Assassin Snails 3.50 each

Male SHOW GRADE Half-moon Betta 34.00 each
Male Half-moon Plakat Betta 18.00
Male Dragon Plakat Betta 14.00
Female Betta 4.00 each


Assorted Male Guppies 2.00 each
Assorted Female Guppies 2.00 each
Male Red Platinum Guppies 2.75 each
Wild Colombian Guppies 2.00 each
Wild type Bristol 2010 Guppies 1.00 each (FEW)

Platys 2.00 each

Orange Mickey Mouse platys 2.00 each
Bumblebee Platys 2.75
Tiger Platys 2.75
Tampico Variatus Platies 12.00 each 3/33.00

Swordtails 2.50 each
Koi Swordtails 5.50 each

Green Sailfin Mollies 3.50 each
Golddust Mollies 2.75 each

Black Neon Tetra 2.00 each
Wild January Tetra 2.50 each
Wild Crystal Mountain Tetra 6.50 each
Wild Green Neon Tetra 1.80 each
Diamond Tetra 4.50 each
Congo Tetra 4.50 each
Neon Tetra 1.50 each
Ember Tetra 1.80 each
Bleheri Rummynose Tetra 2.00 each
Rare Hyphessobrycon hexastichos 18.00 each
Rare Wild Hyphessobrycon melanostichos (Blue ribbon tetra) 12.00 each
Gold Tetra 1.80 each
Hemigrammus sp. Orange Peru 5.00 6/24.00
JUMBO Cardinal Tetra 2.00 each
RARE Hyphessobrycon Burning red Eyes 12.00 each 3/33.00
Albino Rummynose Tetra 3.00 each

Coral Red Pencilfish 12.00 3/33.00

Marbled Hatchetfish 3.50 each
Pygmy Hatchetfish 4.00

Harlequin rasbora 2.00 each
Galaxy Rasbora / CPD 4.00 each

Torpedo Barbs 9.00 3/24.00
Cobalt Tiger Barbs 3.50 each
Green Tiger Barbs 2.75 each
Rosy Barbs 2.75 each

Fire red Boesmani Rainbowfish 7.00 3/21.00


Gold Gourami 5.50 each
Opaline Gourami 5.50 each
Pearl Gourami 5.50 each

Wild LDA31 Mustard spot Pleco 28.00 each
LDA144 Blue eyed lemon Bristlenose 11.00 3/30.00
Wild Bristlenose 8.00 3/21.00
Wild Clown Pleco 12.00 each
Wild L002 Tiger pleco 24.00
Wild L027 Rio Tapajos 12cm 80.00 each (One only)
Wild L075 Sabaji Pleco 24.00 (One Only)
Wild L102 Inspector Pleco 42.00 each
Wild L128 Blue Phantom Pleco 45.00 each
L147 Pleco 30.00 each
Wild L178 Lasciancistrus sp. Red Tail 18.00 each
F1 L182 Starlight Ancistrus 12.00 each
F1 L199 Hypancistrus Sp. 12.00 each
Wild L200 Green Phantom 34.00 each
L201 Inspector Pleco 28.00 each


Wild Corydoras adolfoi 13.00 each
Wild Brochis splendens 5.00 3/12.00
Wild Corydoras kanei 6.50 3/16.50
Wild Corydoras similis 8.00 3/21.00
Wild Corydoras elegans 5.50 each
Wild Corydoras simulatus 6.50 3/16.50

Wild Corydoras hastatus 2.50 each
Wild Corydoras seussi 32.00 each
Corydoras weitzmani 8.50 3/22.50
Corydoras sterbae 7.50 3/20.00
Scleromystax barbatus 12.00 3/33.00
Wild Corydoras nattereri 12.00 3/33.00
Wild Corydoras virginae 12.00 3/33.00
Corydoras trilineatus 4.50 each
Corydoras paleatus 4.50 each

Brachyrhamdia meesi 6.50 3/16.50
Midnight catfish 9.00 3/24.00
Otocinclus 2.20 each
Banjo Catfish 5.00 each

Dwarf Chain Loach 8.00 3/21.00

Horse Face Loaches 4.50 each
Kuhli loach 2.50 each
Clown Loach 10.00 3/27.00

Siamese flying fox 2.00 each

Badis Badis 2.50 each

Rare Wild Enigmatichromis lucanusi 20.00 female

Retroculus lapidifer 18.00 x1
Wild Retroculus xinguensis 42.00 each 3/123.00

Rare Wild Mesoheros ornatum 32.00 each

10" Heros Sp. Casiquiare (Venezuela) 65.00 (Stunning)

Geophagus brasiliensis 8.00 each 3/21.00
Geophagus winemilleri 12.00 3/33.00
Large Geophagus winemilleri 20.00 3/57.00

True Red Terror (Small) 12.00 3/33.00

Wild Pelvicachromis sacrimontis 5.00 each

Koi Angelfish 6.50 3/16.50
Golden Nugget Angelfish 24.00 3/69.00


Silver Pigeon blood 10cm 42.00 each
Pigeon Blood blue 10cm 45.00 (x1 only)
Snakeskin blue 10cm 42.00 (x1 only)
Solid x Snakeskin 10cm 42.00 each
Solid Turquoise 10cm 42.00 each
Solid fire red 10cm 55.00 each
Alenquer 10cm 38.00 each
Marlboro 8cm 32.00 each

Wild Apistogramma hongsloi 11.00 3/30.00
Wild Apistogrammoides pulcallpaensis 7.00 3/15.00
Wild Apistogramma iniridae 7.50 each
Wild Apistogramma sp. Pebas 11.00 3/30.00
Wild Apistogramma steindachneri females 14.00
Apistogramma Cacatoides Double red 15.00 per pair
Apistogramma macamasteri 18.00 per pair
Apistogramma nijsseni 20.00 per pair
Apistogramma panduro 18.00 per pair

Gold Rams 6.50 each
German blue Rams 6.00 each

We are also able to take requests on fish, however we do NOT order in fish that get too large for aquariums. If there are any fish that you are trying to find, we'll see if we are able to obtain them for you.

We are now on Facebook! Click on the link below to take you to our Facebook page and keep updated with our current stock and our due deliveries of fish

Hope to hear from you soon
Best Regards,
The Fish Barn

Contact Information
Advertiser: Alan
Telephone: 01293 320492
Town: Crawley
County: Sussex
Web Link: ...
Web Link:

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