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  UPDATED: Living World (Canterbury) Current Stock - 14/03/17

UPDATED: Living World (Canterbury) Current Stock - 14/03/17

UPDATED: Living World (Canterbury) Current Stock - 14/03/17

UPDATED: Living World (Canterbury) Current Stock - 14/03/17

Description: Living World Canterbury Stock List: 14/03/2017

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DELIVERY AVAILABLE throughout England, Wales and Southern Scotland.

*We are currently experiencing an issue with messages not coming through from this site - if we do not respond, please try again or call us at the shop!

Murray Cod
Australian Black Bass

Tetras, Barbs, Livebearers etc
Apollo Sharks
Assorted Danios
Black Neons
Cherry Barbs
Clown Barbs
Congos SM
Congos L
Female Guppies
Ember Tetras
Glowlight Rosy Barb
Normans Lampeyes
Red Tail Hemiodus
Rummy nose
Silver Tip Tetras
Swordtail (Lyretail)
Tinfoil Barbs
Twin Bar Tinfoils
Torpedo Barbs
Wild Red Hooks
Yellowtail Congo Tetras

Angels Small
Angels Medium
Apistogramma cacatuoides
Assorted Discus
Assorted Malawis
Black Belts
Blue Acara
Blue Rams
Chocolate Cichlids Wild
Discus (Tap Water)
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey
Electric Blue Rams
Gold Ram
Green Severum
Rainbow Cichlids
Red Spot Severum
Rivulatus Cichlid
Silver Cichlids
Tropheus sp. Chiwa
Tropheus sp. Kasanga
Tropheus sp. Red Band
Yellow Labs

Anaspidoglanis macrostoma
Apure Jelly Catfish
Black Lancer
Brachyplatystoma capapretum
Brochis splendens
Bumblebee Jelly Catfish (Rarely offered)
Chaca chaca
Chrysichthys ornatus
Cory. adolfoi
Cory. agassizi (XL)
Cory. amandajanea (NICE)
Cory. aeneus (Bronze)
Cory. aeneus (Bronze Albino)
Cory. concolor
Cory. davidsandsi
Cory. julii Wild
Cory. melanotaenia
Cory. schwartzi (XL)
Cory. sterbai XL
Cory. sterbai Albino
Dora Spotted
Dora Striped
Eel Tailed Banjo Catfish
Jaguar Catfish
Leiarius marmoratus
Lima Shovelnose
Mouse Catfish
Pimelodus ornatus
Sperata aor
Synodontis angelicus
Synodontis brichardi
Synodontis decorus
Synodontis flavitaeniatus
Synodontis granulosus
Synodontis multipunctatus
Synodontis polli "WHITE"
Synodontis schoutedeni
Tigrinus Catfish
Twig Catfish
Unknown “Marbled” Whiptails

Adonis plecos
Gold Ancistrus
L018 Gold Nugget
L024 Redfin Cactus 5” & 7”
L026 Niveato Pleco
L027 Tapajos Royal
L029 Galaxy Pleco
L034 Medusa
L037 Honeycomb
L059 “Rio Ucayali”
L067 Pseudancistrus asurini
L081 Gold Nugget
L095 Orange Cheek
L104 Clown
L106 Orange Seam
L127 Peckoltia lujani
L128 Blue Phantom
L129 Colombian Zebra
L133 Scobinancistrus sp.
L134 Leopard Frog
L144 Blue Eyed Gold
L147 Ancistomus sp.
L182 Starlight
L200 Green Phantom
L201 Inspector
L201 Contradens
L204 Flash
L260 Queen Arabesque
L263 Leporacanthicus sp.
L264 Sultan
L333 Yellow King Tiger
L340 Mega Clown
L401 Rio Curua
L418 Gold Trim Royal
LDA001 Gold Stripe
LDA031 Mustard Spot
Leporacanthicus heterodon
Rusty Pleco

Botias/Sharks etc
Clown Loach
Gold Weather Loach
Kuhli Loach
Leptobotia tientaienensis
Pygmy Chain Loach
Zebra Loach

Blue (Kutubu) (L)
Boesemani (L)
Boesemani (SM)
Lake Tebera (L)
Pigeon Blood (L)
Red (L)
Parkinson’s Rainbow

Assorted Male Bettas
Blue Dwarf Gourami
Moonlight Gourami
Orange Thick Lip Gouramis
Pearl Gouramis


Aba aba
Australian Red Pearl Arowana
Channa stewarti
Clown Knife
Datnioides microlepis
Datnioides polota
Distichodus lussoso
Fire Eels
Gulper catfish
Leopard Snakehead
Leporinus arcus
Leporinus fasciatus
Leporinus friderici
Marbled Gobies
Polypterus retropinnis
Polypterus senegalus
Red Bay Snook
Red Snakehead
Rope Fish
Tyretrack Eels 8-10"
Vittatus Tigerfish 5"
Wimple Knife fish
Redtail x TSN hybrids
Xingu Bass
Vampire Tetra
Wild Ocellaris Bass
Wimple Knife Fish

Amano Shrimp
Assorted Neos
Blue Bolt
Red Pinto
Black Pinto

If you don't see what you're looking for, please PM. We have much much more available!

Contact Information
Advertiser: Neil
Telephone: 01227376963
Town: Canterbury
County: Kent
Web Link:
Web Link:

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