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  Best live rock on the market- Biorock shop

Best live rock on the market- Biorock shop

Best live rock on the market- Biorock shop

Best live rock on the market- Biorock shop

Best live rock on the market- Biorock shop

Best live rock on the market- Biorock shop

Description: Biorock shop

Live rock specialists:

Buy the best liverock on the market for the professional look in your home and commercial aquariums. Our live rock is the highest quality rock on the market and can transform your marine aquarium into a natural biotope. With our engineered natural rock, once your tank parameters have stabilized, you can begin to stock right away! As our rock already contains the bacteria and microfauna. No increase in phosphates or nitrates from “dies off”. By buying our live rock you are directly saving marine habitats worldwide.

About us

Biomarine is a company that has been setup by scientists with two key motives:

1. To provide the best quality live rock on the market, enabling marine fish and reef keepers to provide optimum biological filtration and to recreate natural habitats.

2. To help the conservation of natural marine environments which are sadly being destroyed by many industries including the aquarium trade.

Over the past few decades, live rock has usually been harvested directly from the ocean in places like Indonesia, Fiji and the Philippines by locals and packaged for marine wholesalers across the globe. This is beginning to have an impact on natural environments. Fish and corals are often disturbed and sometimes damaged in the process. There is also a huge carbon foot print in this process by shipping these rocks via airfreight across the globe.

This process in no longer necessary! Here at Biorock shop we have introduced methods to recreate natural live rock specifically for the marine fish trade. Our rock is not only the same quality as natural live rock, it is better! But how can aquacultured rock be better than natural rock?

Our live rock has the same chemical composition as natural live rock calcium carbonate; however it is not made by the skeletons of coral animals that use the calcium in ocean water to build their stoney skeletons. Our rock is made from natural calcium carbonate but has not come from a marine environment. Once our rock arrives at our facility it is seeded with bacteria that break down the fish waste into nitrate. Our rocks are engineered to hold bacteria colonies which can handle a bio-load of ammonia concentration of 5ppm and can break this down rapidly in to the much less toxic nitrate. This level is more than 5 times the lethal toxicity to fish and a thousand times more than natural reef levels. Our rock is also teaming with animals found in natural liverock such as copepod, starfish sponges. We also seed our tanks with a variety of coraline algae species to give the rocks beautiful colouration and a natural reef effect. We use specialist equipment to ensure that all of our bacteria, algae and animal cultures are abundant and healthy which enables our rock to be alive with no “die-off” when they arrive, as the shock to these organisms is hugely reduced.

In our laboratory, our tanks are introduced with various species of coralline algae for natural coloration of liverock, we keep these liverocks under specialist lighting in order to encourage healthy growth of our coralline algae giving your aquarium the naturalist environment that you are looking for. There are no biological or chemical differences between our liverock and the liverock cultivated from the ocean.

Our systems are laboratory tested periodically for heavy metals, ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, phosphates and silica to ensure that the parameters are always at their optimum for your aquarium.

Don't waste your money liverock just because it may look colourful with coralline algae. This algae usually dies unless it it has the exact parameters of where it was cultivated from. Our engineered rock is seeded with coralline algae that will grow in your tank conditions and will rapidly colonise your rock once stabilised. The biggest job of your rock is convert harmful ammonia into less harmful nitrates. This is why our rock is unique.

So why buy rock from us?

• Aquacultured rock saves marine habitats

• Beautiful colouration and shapes for marine aquascape

• Porous large surface area for bacteria cultures. Less dense meaning more rock for your money.

• Living rock with algae and critters

• No “new tank syndrome”

• Can withstand larger bioloads

• No unwanted pests introduced into aquariums

• No “die-off” from shock of long-distance shipping

• Rocks can be had picked

• PH buffering effects are the same as natural live rock

• Ethically sourced rock from sustainable provenance

All our rock is packaged to ensure that it is alive when it arrives with you and will be sent out on a next day delivery courier service.

Any questions please ask.

live marine biorock

Live marine biorock. Prices are per Kg with a minimum order of 5kg

Cost: £10



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Town: London
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