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  Maidenhead Aquatics @ Shirley Fresh Stocklist-Community Oddballs, Rainbowfish and Freshwater Gobies

Description: Here as our current stock list over here at Maidenhead aquatics Shirley. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Emails may get overlooked as they get sent to our junk folder so please telephone or contact us via Facebook.
0121 733 1090

Miscellaneous and Oddballs:
Burmese Archerfish (True Freshwater)
Stiphodon Elegans
Stiphodon Ornatus
Threadfin funky Goby (Massive!)
Rhinogobius duospilous
Rhinogobius guirinus
Rhinogobius rubromaculatus
Bumblebee Goby
Pygmy Pufferfish
Amazon pufferfish
Black Ghost Knifefish
Albino Senegal Bichir
Red tail Shark
Siamese algae eaters
Peacock Gudgeon
Empire Gudgeon
Flying Fox
Betta albimarginata (White seam Betta)
Red Back paradise fish
Black Chin Livebearer
Black Toraja Goby
Betta Pugnax
Ameca splendens
Marbled Hatchet
Blackwing Hatchet
Giant Hatchet
Blue Dace Killifish
Taiwan Bitterling
Rosy Bitterling
Red Shiner
Rainbow Shiner
Mackerel Barb
Pygmy Swordtails
Micropoceilia bifurca
Teddy tiger (Neoheterandria elegans) Only a few

Fancy Fighter:
We carry a wide selection of fancy fighters.


Green phantom l200
L160 Spiny Monster
Flash plec l204
Bristlenose Plec
Albino Bristlenose Plec
Albino Longfin Bristlenose Plec
Clown Plec
Snowball Plec L102
Spotted orange seam Plec L106
Bulldog Plec
Snowball Plec LDA 33
Gold stripe Panaque LDA 01
Queen Arabesque L260
Rusty Plec L077
Leopard Frog Pleco L134
Common Whiptail
Red Whiptail
Marbled Whiptail
Crying Whiptail
Pinocchio Whiptail
Ottocinclus Catfish
Robocop otocinclus
Giant otocinclus (Hypoptopoma gulare)
Albino Adonis Plec
L049 Magnum Plec
L257 Tigris plec
Blue Phantom Plec L128


Elegans Cory
Napo Cory
Grren Gold Cory
Slate Cory
Panda Cory
Skunk Cory
False Julii Cory
Sterba's Cory
Peppered Cory
Bronze Cory
Duplicarus Cory (Very nice size)
Albino Bronze
Orange Cory
Salt and Pepper Cory
Pygmy Cory
Hastatus Cory
Fairy Cory
False Cory (Apsidoras)
Synodontis Eupterus (featherfin catfish)
Glass Catfish
Banjo Catfish
Porthole Catfish
Dwarf Anchor Catfish
Debauwi catfish
Orange Banded hillstream catfish
Pimelodus Pictus
Shadow Catfish
Spotted Talking Catfish
South American Bumblebee Jelly catfish
Upside synodontis
Zebra Synodontis
Fisher Wood Cat


Clown Loach
Dwarf Chain Loach
Silver stripped Loach
Hillstream loach
Reticulated Hillstream Loach
Weather Loach
Gold Weather Loach
Horseface Loach
Kuhli loach
Green Lizard Loach
Sumo Loach


Tiger Barb
Gold Tiger
Green Tiger
Odessa Barb
Pentazona barb
Cherry Barb
Denisoni Barb
Noen Rosy barb
Checkered Barb
Filament Barb
Black Ruby Barb
Massive Rohani Barbs

Tetra and Pencilfish:

Red Phantom Tetra
Blue Emperor Tetra
Penguin Tetra
Neon Tetra
Black Widow Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Glowlight Tetra
Black Neon Tetra
Rathbun's Tetra
X-ray tetra
Buenos Aires Tetra
Congo Tetra
Blue Sheen Alestes Tetra
Ember Tetra
Lemon Tetra
Rummynose Tetra
Serpae Tetra
Colombian Tetra
Emperor Tetra
Ruby Tetra
Bloodfin Tetra (Temperate)
Bloodfin Tetra Tropical
Spotted Splash Tetra
ZigZag Splash Tetra
Blue Red Peru tetra
Bleeding Blue Tetra (Wild caught Peru)
Gold Tetra
Ruby Tetra
Golden Pencil
Dwarf Pencilfish
Sailfin Tetra
Black Morpho Tetra

Rasbora and Danio:

Two spot Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora
Glowlight Rasbora (Hengli)
Copper Harlequin
Neon green Rasbora
Galaxy Rasbora
White cloud mountain minnows
Gold White cloud mountain minnows
Glowlight Danio
Pearl Danio
Zebra Danio
Giant Danio
Leopard Danio
Gold Zebra Danio
Orange finned Danio
Emerald Dwarf Rasbora

Blue Gourami
Gold Gourami
Golden Honey Gourami
Pearl Gourami
Moonlight Gourami
Red robin Gourami
Thick Lipped Gourami
Samurai Gourami


Parkinsoni Rainbowfish
Threadfin Rainbowfish
Red Rainbowfish
Boesmani Rainbowfish ‘Lake Aitinjo’
Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish
Blue Rainbow
Wapoga River Rainbow (Chilatherina alleni)
Oyster Crrek Rainbowfish (M. doublayi)
Splendid Rainbowfish
Yellow Rainbowfish
Forktail Rainbowfish
Gertrude’s Blue Eye Rainbowfish
Western Rainbow fish
Celebes Rainbowfish
Goyder River Rainbowfish
Madagascan Rainbowfish
Sunset Rainbowfish (M. parva)
Running River Rainbowfish (M. sp. Running River)
Aru IV Spotted Blue Eye

Killifish :

American Flagfish
Golden Wonder Panchax
Garnderi Killifish
Firemouth Panchax
Javanese Ricefish


Red Neck Severum
Green Severum
Blue eye Cichlid (hybrid)
Midas Cichlid F2
Threadfin Acara
Bandit Cichlid
Electric Blue acara
Festive Cichlid
Egyptian Mouthbrooder
Gold Ram
Electric Blue Ram
Red Breast Acara
Bolivian Ram
African butterfly Cichlid
Apistogramma Agassizi Flame
Apistogramma baenschi
Apsitgramma cacatoides Double Red
Koi Angel
Zebra Angel
Cobalt Angelfish
Platinum Angelfish
Red Marble Angelfish
Checkerboard Cichlid
Jewel Cichlid
Oscars ‘Tiger’

African Cichlid:

Yellow Peacock
Red Zebra
Yellows Labs
Cobalt Zebra
Sweden Hongi Red Top
Hongi Redtop LAbs
Rusty cichlid
White Tail Acei
Blue Hap
Lions Cove Mbuna
Aulonacara Sp. Dragon
Protomelas Red Empress
Aulonacara Blue Orchid
Aulonacara turquoise
Williamsi Blue Lips


Black Spotted Sulawesi Snail
Nerite Snails
Sulawesi snails
Assorted neocaridina shrimp
Cherry shrimp
XL Bamboo Shrimp
Blue Cameroon Shrimp
Amano Shrimp


Guppy - 11 various varieties
Platy – 11 various varieties including variatus platy
Swordtail- 7 varieties
Mollies – 6 Varieties
Black Chin Livebeaarers
Pygmy Swordtails
Micropoceilia bifurca
Teddy tiger (Neoheterandria elegans) Only a few
Red Scarlet Guppy
Blue Endler Guppy
Scarlet Endler Guppy

Contact Information
Advertiser: Maidenhead Shirley
Telephone: 0121 7331090
Town: shirley
County: West Midlands

Advert stats: [Added or updated:17/03/18 Views: 486]

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