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Description: Message me your orders for collection or delivery this week:

24 FISH FOR 20 (Any mix of fish for 20 whilst stocks last)

Assorted mollies
Assorted Platies
Assorted Swordtails
Flame tetra
Glowlight tetra
Purple emperor tetra
Neon tetra
Zebra danio
Pearl danio
Assorted female guppy
Assorted male guppy
Harlequin rasbora
Green tiger barbs
Rummynose 2cm
Tiger barb
Black ruby barb
Cherry barb
Buenos aires tetra
Lemon Tetra
Serpae Tetra


Mosiquito rasbora 2


Checker barb 2


Dwarf gourami (pairs) 5


Ellioti cichlid 5cm 5
Black belt cichlid 10cm 15
Vieja regani cichlid 10cm 15
Jaguar cichlid 5 cm 5
Cichlasoma ornatum 10
Red devil cichlid 5-6cm 6
Red Pike cichlid 30cm 150
Kribensis 2 each
Assorted angelfish 3
Electriuc blue acara 3
Small firemouth cichlid 2
Parachromis La Ceiba 8 inches approx 30
Parachromis motaguensis 6 inches approx 25


Green tiger loach 8


Bronze corydoras 2
Megladoras irwini catfish 9cm 10
Spotted talking catfish 5cm 10
Jaguar catfish 12-13cm 50
Hassar orestis / Black-top Mouse Catfish 20
False Jaguar catfish 6-7cm 15
Duopalatinus malarmo catfish 12-15cm 20
Albino corydoras 3


L200 Hi-Fin green phantopleco 25
L200 Green phantom pleco 25
L090c Papa Panaque Pleco 7-8cm 20
L190 panaque pleco 6cm 20
L128 Blue phantom pleco 5cm 25
L129 columbian zebra pleco 7-8cm 25
L129 columbian zebra pleco 5-6cm 20
L201 inspector pleco 5-6cm 20
L104 Clown Pleco 5 (great for small community tanks)
L183 Starlight ancistrus pleco 8-9cm 30
L097 Polka-dot cactus pleco 16-18cm 120
L095 orange cheek pleco 26-28cm 200 (STUNNING)


Fire eel 12-13cm 20
Zebra spiney eel 7-10cm 10
Red fin eel 7-8cm 10
Tire track eel 14cm 15
Polypterus endlicherii / Saddled Bichir 10-12cm 20 each
Polyterus delhezi / Armoured Bichir 15cm 20 each
Silver arowana 10cm 25
Wolf fish 10cm 40


White tip sterlets 12inch 35
Black diamond sturgeon 10-12inch 35
Assorted koi A grade 12cm 10

Please note all sizes are approximately sized!!!!

Collection Rochester or delivery / UK shipping can be arranged

Contact Information
Advertiser: chris
Telephone: 07954090507
Town: Rochester
County: Kent

Advert stats: [Added or updated:16/05/18 Views: 152]

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